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›› Snoopy Concert

Published by ›› Mitsui Fudosan
Published on ›› May 19th, '95
Platform ›› SNES
Genre ›› Adventure/Puzzle
First Release ›› April 12th, '07
Current Version ›› 1.00
Released on ›› April 12th, '07

Snoopy Concert
About Me

Gideon is an individual in his late 20s currenty living in the western reaches of the Massachusetts wasteland. He works extremely long weekends at a group home so that he can have more uninterrupted time during the week to devote to other things (like romhacking.) When he's not romhacking or playing games, he sings in a choir and writes novels. He also has a love-hate relationship with sleep; contrary to popular opinion, he is not a robot, although sometimes he wouldn't mind not having to stop.

His musical tastes are broad and varied; he'll listen to just about anything provided it isn't rap or country, and even then he can still see why people like some of that stuff. Lately he's been listening to a lot of British indie rock, along with old mainstays like game soundtracks and doujin remixers. He is an avid Discworld reader, as well, having read most or all of Pratchett's library (including unrelated titles, such as The Bromeliad.)

As is evidenced by Aeon Genesis's project list, Gideon often prefers lesser-known titles, and is an active seeker of the proverbial diamonds in the rough. This is not to say that he does not enjoy mainstream games, as he most certainly does - but his tastes are more widely varied than simply Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger. He actively encourages others to look at the lesser-known titles and realize that they are indeed as good as (and sometimes better than) the titles they hold in the highest esteem.