I hate writing introductions to these things.

Basically, this log will hopefully teach you how to use 65816 ASM to bypass decompression routines and use your own pre-decompressed data instead of the original compressed data. This is great if you want to translate a game with a compressed font and don't want to be bothered with writing a decompressor/recompressor pair (or don't know how to.) It's not so great for bigger jobs with numerous various compressed chunks that need to be hacked and reinserted. Use this at your own discretion.

This log uses the SFC game "Eien no Filerna" as the test subject. You'll -need- a copy of ZSNES (preferrably a ZSNES DOS build), LordTech's ASM2Hex assembler, SNES9X LordTech (ideally version 1.37), a tile editor, and a text editor. J2E's Hex2SNES program is also recommended.

The following files are provided with this log:
You can get the latest build of ZSNES at zsnes.com. Do NOT ask me or satsu for an Eien no Filerna ROM image, we will under NO circumstances provide one. When this log finally gets moved over to romhacking.org, if the person who uploads it to RHDO will please remove this sentance and change all of the links to point to the specific files on romhacking.org, except for ASM2Hex, the zip for which may or may not be outdated; the included asm code -will- compile with this version, but it does not like many other versions available.