In this section, you'll be able to find any of the utilites mentioned within the various articles, plus some others I recommend. This is NOT the be-all and end-all archive of romhacking and related utilities, it's just what I find useful.

Graphics Tools
TileLayer Pro v1.1

For Windows
**** TLP's... well, good. It supports a lot of different graphic formats, you can open multiple files at once and copy between them, and the editing features are simple and easy to use. That said, it's a fairly no-frills program, and what you see is largely what you get. You can't tweak the tile order at all, and as such you can't view a lot of fonts accurately with this.
TileMod 2

**** TMod2 rocks. It's got a ton of viewing features, the ability to open multiple files at once, and it can open and import TrueType fonts. You can even write your own view mode extensions for it if it doesn't support your game (although that isn't exactly an easy thing to do.) On the downside, it's DOS-based, and it doesn't work very well under Windows XP, so I only really use it when I need to import TTFs...
YY-CHR v.97-31

For Windows
**** YY-CHR is actually pretty cool. It's got lots of nifty features, such as loading palettes from savestates and a veritable smorgasbord of viewing options. In fact, it is the only tile editor I've used that can even -approximately- view one game in particular's font. It also supports saving a snapshot (in .bmp format) of the current contents of the viewer pane, which is really nice for kanji identification. Right-click acts as an eyedrop tool, which is a bit of a pain, and there's no direct jump-to-address option, nor is there an option to load more than one file at a time to copy between them, but on the whole it's quite a good program.

Hex Editors
Hexposure v.44

**** Excellent editor. Supports DTE, hex, text, and relative searching, and text is easy to replace. Unfortunately, it does not work under Windows XP, nor does it support table entries that are larger than 8-bit. Check out WinHex32 -- it's Hexposure's spiritual successor.
SNES Edit v.95.014

*** 1/2 This program is actually really good. It can do a ton of stuff, but that's it's biggest problem -- there's so much there that it lacks the basic intuitiveness of programs like WinHex and Hexposure. I want to like it more, but even after using it for two or three days I never really wrapped my head around it. It's got the potential to be fantastic, but only if you really invest yourself in its use.
WinHex32 v.80

For Windows
**** 1/2 WinHex32 is excellent. It's small and stackable, so you can have tons of 'em open at the same time, supports a ton of editing, search, dumping and reinsertion features, and even has a built-in graphics editor (which I've never used, but still.) Only giving it four stars 'cuz the Go To command is currently in the Search menu and not the Edit menu, and there're some bugs (I think.) It's a work in progress. If Bongo` moves Go To back to Edit and fixes any of the issues, it gets its last half-star!