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›› JoJo´s Bizarre Adventure

Japanese Name ›› JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken
Developed by ›› Winkysoft
Published by ›› Cobra Team
Published on ›› March 5th, '93
Platform ›› SNES
Genre ›› RPG
First Release ›› April 13th, '13
Current Version ›› 1.00
Released on ›› April 13th, '13

JoJo´s Bizarre Adventure
Hourai High - EXTRA

So this is sort of an image dump for before-and-after shots. satsu and I thought it'd be fun to show people just exactly how much the game has changed over the last several months. We've managed some fairly sweeping interface changes to allow for crazy-long item and character names (though you're still only able to enter up to five letters for the hero's name, unfortunately.).

This is the new title screen, designed by the man satsu himself. What follows is a snap of what it looks like in a tile editor. satsu was particularly amused by the "serifs" chickenscratch!

Camp Menu

Here's what the new camp menu interfaces look like. As you can see, we rewired everything so we could fit the longest club names and ranks, item names, skill names, and character names possible on a single line! Doing this was pure hell given the way the game draws a lot of its menus: it copies a string to RAM then has some hardcoded writes to particular spots in the middle of said string. If the string changes at all and the write spots move, the game has a nasty tendency to die in the most hideous, hideous ways! Note also that we've changed the month number display to an actual word, and that character names longer than five letters are automatically truncated/squished into the five-letter space in the quick status windows.

A Few Town Things

First, a shop! You'll notice again that both the shop's menu and the window showing who can use the selected equipment and how it will alter their stats have both been tweaked to allow for super-long name variables. You'll also notice that the Buy/Sell/End menu is now on two lines! The second screenshot pair showcases some translation efforts for selected buildings in towns. Since the game takes place in Japan, it doesn't make sense for all the signs to be in English, so we only translated the ones that are relevant to the story.

Battle System

Here we showcase some alterations to the combat interfaces. Again, plenty of expanded menus and dialog windows. Again, more auto-truncated/squished character names in the interfaces!

Club House, Etc

In Hourai High, your characters join clubs to gain new skills and abilities. You're assigned a rank title when you join, and as you gain experience that rank goes up and you learn new skills! Of course, we had pitifully little space for those names, so of course, we went out of our way to expand 'em. Note again the multi-line Join/View/End menu! The last screenshot pair showcases a minor bit of menu work - the doctors, the phones, the beds, pretty much all of these menus that used to have blank lines between the options are now all single-spaced.

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