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Title: Removing rom headers on a mac
Post by: tofudragon7 on January 14, 2008, 10:55:38 PM
Yes, I did my homework on this one. I realized that header issues are probably causing issues with ROMs not running, and there are several games for which I can't find a headerless version due to the fact that the name's been mis-/partially translated from Japanese so many different ways it takes fifteen minutes to find a single ROM file. I tried to download SNEStool, only to discover it didn't work on a mac. After some searching, I found that NSRT was the only program that I could find to remove headers on a mac... unfortunately, its website was down. After searching the forums here, I found a download link for NSRT, which several people on these forums have apparently used.

So HERE'S my problem:
NSRT comes with no documentation on how to use itself, and is not even an application. As far as I can tell, it's some sort of terminal file... and while I've been able to open it and run a few functions, my knowledge of Unix is not exactly extensive enough to figure out how to remove the headers from my ROMs. So, does anyone here have some pointers/links to Terminal tutorials?

UPDATE: It appears there used to be a lot of support for stuff like this on macs, and it slowly died away. As far as I can tell, google has cached descriptions of a whole lot of useful utilities that don't exist anymore, such as a port of nsrt into java and several other user interface mods.