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Title: Recca Pure.
Post by: LGB on April 29, 2008, 05:05:32 PM
Most of you may have seen an AGTP patch for a game called Summer Carnival '92 - Recca. It wasn't much, yet I still downloaded it, and Gideon must have had a reason to translate it. (draw attention to the game/hacking practice, maybe?)

Recently, someone by the name of "Sliver X" hacked Recca and unlocked everything possible (putting it all in a nice IPS file); the hard difficulty that's usually unlocked after you beat the Normal game, and the Zanki Attack mode, which is usually unlocked with a button code. This mode is Normal Mode with suicide bullets; it can also be played on hard difficulty.

The IPS patches can be found here. ( Why is there two? "Recca - Pure" is the original Recca Pure titlescreen, but fans (members of shmupsforum) requested the old title; that's the "Recca Pure (Alternate Title Screen)" patch, though the title screen itself is green kanji and not pink. I use the original Recca Pure titlescreen myself. Call me a heretic, I don't care.

Hope this is of some enjoyment.