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Title: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 03, 2008, 11:33:38 PM
the past two weeks had been very busy as Gai had been seeing to the overflowing resource problems and looking into this Dr. Remming the DC officer mentioned.

several mechs had been sealed up for lack of use and others had been sent away by request of different individuals and several personnel had opted to leave at the end of the campaign

-present -
/AGGF main base/
/secondary MS hanger/

Hey Astonage!

Astonage: "what do you need, Gai?

I need to know how the MS sealing is going, for the record

Astonage: "well enough all we have left is the Lancelot and Gawain"

Thanks keep it up.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on June 04, 2008, 10:22:55 AM
Two weeks have passed since the last official mission and Sakura has been working with Mao industries adjusting the next generation PTs.

   -Mao Industries-
      -Prototype Hangar-
Ryoto: How's the feedback on it?

Rio: I'm getting a little disoriented how about you Sakura?

It's nothing I can't handle.

-Rio suddenly develops a migraine

Rio: I think I need to stop...

Ryoto it's your call.

Ryoto: Shut it down for now we will fine tune it and try again later.

-Meeting Room-

Ring: So the problem is?

Ryoto: We're still having trouble adjusting the Dual Sync system we devolped from the Fury mechs. The possible problem is that it can only be piloted by high power TKers and New Types.

The problem with that theory is that I'm not that powerful of a newtype and Rio is in the same boat as me in terms of TK ability.

Ring: So Phoenix is on hold until we resolve this problem. What about the upgrades to the Schutzwald, and the Wildrauptier?

 Ryoto: The Schutzwald's armor has been increased by 50% and the Twin Beam Cannon has been replaced with the Impact Cannons used on the gane class ships. As a result of the new cannons a more powerful generator was installed decreasing it's speed.

Ring: That shouldn't be a problem since it was made for long range combat and the Rauptier?

Ryoto: The armor has be replaced with a stronger lighter material often used in Gundams and smaller cannons with rapid-fire ability have been added to the fixed armaments for more hit and run situations. However we are at a loss as to what equipment to use for normal use.

Rio: Couldn't we add a Ripper-class weapon and a G-rail gun?

Ryoto: It could work... I'll run it by Dr. Hamill.

Ring: This meeting is adjourned... Sakura stay a moment.

What do you want to know?

Ring: When do you plan to return to the AGGF?

Shortly after the Phoenix is complete and operational. I plan on testing it since it's supposed to be given to the ATX's new members. When is they to arrive at Langley anyway?

Ring: Within a week which is why we are trying to finish the Phoenix as soon as possible. They need this machine since the Alt is still missing and Sanger is MIA.

I'm going to get some rest before the next round of tests.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 04, 2008, 12:25:30 PM
Sir, the investigation of the Neo-Shevat attack, which I have been doing in my spare time, has come up with nothing. Do you know of any orginizations that would benefit from Neo-Shevat's destruction?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 04, 2008, 12:39:04 PM
\AGGF main base\

No but I bet it has something to do with this Dr. Remming and maybe the Blue Wings as well

I wish we knew where Derek was..
(The AGGF had still received no word from Derek or any info from Talis whose contact info was in the Shuttles computer)

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Chaostic on June 05, 2008, 10:51:15 PM
Three days ago the twins returned to there dimensionwith a tearful good bye.

Two days ago Chaostic and two others left for Tesla Leicht Institute.

[USA: Tesla Leicht Institute: R&D]

Chaostic: Thank you, so hows the construction going?

Tech: As well as could be expected considering we only have half the body

Chaostic:And this was discovered underneath a research facility that belonged to the EOTI Institute

Tech: yes

Chaostic: and that it's design is similar to a unit that was spotted during Operation SRW

Tech: yes

Jonathan: Interesting isn't it

Chaostic: Ah! Jon is this what you called us about?

Jonathan: Unfortunately no...

Chaostic: Oh let's talk about this in your office...

*three hours later Chaostic walks out of Jonathan Kazahara's office*

Chaostic: Subaru what are you doing here?

Subaru: Ah ha hello Chaostic I could ask you the same question.

*Chaostic smirks*

Chaostic: I asked you first.

Subaru: Thats... true, ok I'll tell you....

Chaostic: Really a third Gear unit older then Dendoh and Ogre, truly amazing.

Subaru: Not only that it seems to a higher performance level  then either of them if we learn enough...

Chaostic: ...You'll be able to upgrade Ogre and Dendoh.

Subaru: Exactly!

Chaostic: I guess its my turn eh? Well we're just here to do a favor for Kazahara and Master Rishu.

Subaru: Thats all? So then what about this rumor I heard about the AGGF going to war with the earth.

Chaostic: Just a rumor.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on June 06, 2008, 09:52:02 AM
*Tyria has been doing mostly nothing at the base during the past days, enjoying the Derek free time to do questionable (but non-EOT) experiments on the lab, without anyone finding out.

Hey, did you guys see all the crap that the Titans are publishing about us over the net? There are all sort of rumours varying from us declaring war on earth to joining hands with Neo Zeon and some misterious 3rd group from the space colonies in order to kill all the rest of eathnoid mankind!
Also, I have been poking around that insanity inducing virus, I have a real bad feeling about it, specially on beign more efective on low-g born. The thing just screams of Titans or another anti-spacenoid group...

(Ooc:I am not sure if we have Plant here, but I am assuming we have, but they are like in the Alpha series, where they are just living peacefully in their corner and mostly unheard of.)

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 06, 2008, 02:01:24 PM
Tyria, do you know how it would affect someone like me? I'm from Solaris and, while it isn't a space colony, it is very weird with how its gravity works. Would it affect me or not?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 06, 2008, 07:23:54 PM
/AGGF main Base/
/Mess hall/

*Gai enters and gets a tray of food before sitting, then out of the corner of his eye he notices a television tuned to an international news station...reporting from... Macross City*

Reporter: "... the EA continues to put pressure on UNS to surrender control of the colony fleets and turn over the criminals to their custody..."

*Suddenly images of Max and Millia replace the reporter as she continues*

Reporter: "...the Commander of the 37th colonization fleet  and his wife both assisted the AGGF in it's play for control during the Aerogater threat..."

This isn't good.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on June 06, 2008, 07:44:55 PM
No, this isn't. But what can we do?

Best I can come up with is frame the Titans for something inexcusable for Earthlings and Spacenoids alike. But how could we expose them and get them kicked out of the Earth Alliance with a minimum of evidence against us?

Curious. Curious indeed.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on June 07, 2008, 06:42:40 AM
Hmn...I could do some tests, Andrew, pass by the lab and give me a blood sample for me to test, I was about to begin testing how it acts on the different blood samples of earthnoids and spacenoids. Also, I don't know, but do you solarian people have any kind of genetic engineering? I wanted a sample of that to see how the virus reacts too.

Shit...did you guys just see that propaganda where we were attacking that THE POWER extraction base with Neo Zeon!? I am not sure, but that image of Derek's mech shaking hands with Sazabi is sure to atract a lot of negative atention...
What's next, they will gas a colony and them paint our logo on their mechs!?

Wonder if we should start our own propaganda division know, no defence at all makes us look all the more guilty...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 07, 2008, 11:34:51 AM
I'll stop by  the lab later. I pulled kitchen duty for the next couple of days, so I'll be a little busy.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 07, 2008, 02:41:41 PM
/AGGF main base/

we have a small problem with launching propaganda the Titans have control over the media.

I want to know what Jaybee thinks of this

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on June 08, 2008, 06:11:33 AM
Well...we could so some small transmissions or put things on the net, it may not be alive for much time, much at least is something. If we can make that a really convincent propaganda, we may even get some simpathyzers.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 08, 2008, 01:59:02 PM
*entering the lab*

Tyria, I'm here. I'm ready when you are to start the tests.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 09, 2008, 10:17:11 PM
/AGGF Main Base/

things have just gone sour; first the Titans have declared their intent regarding UNS.  They intent to take Macross city by force. in five days.

in addition they intend to take care of us soon after...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 10, 2008, 12:46:51 AM
-Present, AGGF base. Lounge.
*Jaybee walks in*

God DAMN that was a lot of paperwork!
I think I'm finally through with it.
I can't believe Britai shovelled ALL OF IT onto me.

At least restoring the colonial maps was easy enough. Once we reopened the Galactic Network link, it was just a matter of entering the right passcodes and we downloaded maps from everyone else. Hooray for BitTorrent!

Obviously, I'll be fighting the Titans.
I'd call in some favors, but I can't bring in anything the UNS can't order back themselves.
And with all the chaos in the galaxy lately, I don''t think we can raise a significant fighting force any time soon.
I wouldn't expect anything more than the VF-11s we saw back at the moon during operation SRW. They're qualified, sure. But they can't hold the city forever.

There's a bunch of Ghost drones too, but they aren't programmed for independent combat. You can use them to beef up a squadron, but you can't just throw them out there and tell them to fight.
These are the old-school silicon-brain ones, not the infamous neural-chip prototype from Project Supernova. Don't worry about them going crazy on us... though to be honest, I wouldn't mind the X-9 right now. The thing was damn good in a fight.

Oh, yeah... I found a little time between paper mountains for some good ol' infilitration and sabotage. The results should be of interest to everyone here.

*Jaybee holds up a disk, and twirls it in his fingers*

I hold in my hands the last remaining copy of the Big Zam Kai plans in the galaxy.
Without this disk, producing a new BeeZeeKay would be difficult. Not impossible, mind you. Just difficult.

*Jaybee suddenly clenches his fist, shattering the disk*

Between this and the fact that we were dropping them like flies, I think we've seen the last of THAT monstrosity.
Word on the street is the Titans consider the entire thing a giant train-wreck, so I doubt they'll expend the resources to rebuild it.

Hang on a sec... that beep means I need to check this.
*Jaybee starts reading aloud*
Jay, be advised that The Titans are developing a new SEED-based mobile weapon. Codenamed Destroy Gundam. They could potentially deploy the prototype it in combat during the Macross City assault, if the kinks are smoothed out. Agents are working to ensure it stays kinked. Specs are as follows...
*Jaybee skims the specs, then curses*
Come ON! Can't we EVER catch a break? I finally nail one super-weapon down, and they birth another one that's almost exactly the same!

"What, you think you can't drop one more inefficient, over-engineered super-weapon? That's not the Jaybee I know."

It's not that I don't think we CAN, it's that I'm sick of HAVING TO. Finding and exploiting the weak points is dangerous work.
Now explain to me again why you're still making my life difficult, Shara.

"Because this is where the action is. You know as well as I do that all the paperwork was filled out before the Focker left. I'm officially reassigned to the Sol system defensive fleet."

I still say that's bullshit. The REAL action's out in the colonies right now. Where you were originally assigned.

"It's the only answer you're getting, so live with it."


So, chief...  do we have a plan? Or are we just gonna drop into the fray with all guns blazing?
I'm not averse to the idea, but the Titans have numerical superiority.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on June 10, 2008, 07:24:40 AM
All right, Andrew, already got your blood samples and exposed them to the virus, the results should be out by the evening.

Jaybee, if the enemy is using a MS, you could aways fly fast and droop a crapload of missiles on the cockpit area, as far as I know, they still didn't find a effective anti-live ammo protection.

I also have been working on doing some shot ilegal broadcasts and spreading rumours on the network. As far as I know, it's better than nothing. And also, I think doing very detained images of Titans techs doing fake images about us should spread at least some small doubt if nothing else.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on June 10, 2008, 07:45:09 AM
-Mao Industries-
   -Communications Room-

Commander Gai, I've just recieved word about the forthcoming attack on Macross City. If need be I can send Kina to help out since I'll still have the V2 here just in case. In addition to the projects that I have been assisting with, Mao has recently completed the Docking Platform for Dinah giving Kina fold capabilities and a few attacks able to sink a fleet. If you need anything just send me a message.

Sakura out.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 11, 2008, 05:36:41 PM
/AGGF main base/

well things aren't looking good; the titan's numerical advantage is staggering  it looks like plan E might be our only option here

Javbee, I need to know, is the old mass driver in Macross city still working?

also can the civilian population be evacuated from the city?

(OOC::Sakura the Dinah can already "fold" on it's own as it did in XS 2)

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 11, 2008, 10:04:16 PM
Jaybee, if the enemy is using a MS, you could aways fly fast and droop a crapload of missiles on the cockpit area, as far as I know, they still didn't find a effective anti-live ammo protection.
It's SEED tech. They have phase shit armor, which is quite effective against bullets and missiles.

On the upside... phase shift is weak against beam weaponry.
If we can get a pilot in the Double-Zeta, we might can convince them the Destroy is a dead-end.
That's assuming it makes it to the battle. I'm hoping the saboteurs can keep it down.

(OoC: Mainly, the BZK/Destroy bit was just to get rid of a custom enemy mech and replace it with a standard equivalent. Makes for a cleaner thread. There's no pressure to start rolling Destroys out right off the bat.)

Javbee, I need to know, is the old mass driver in Macross city still working?

also can the civilian population be evacuated from the city?
The mass driver? That just might work.
It's not capable of sending a package to Luna anymore, but it should still be functional.
We'll have to get someone to start it warming up ASAP. It'll take 48 hours before it's ready to fire if everything goes smoothly. I'll get you a connection and you can start coordinating things.

I don't think we can get everyone out of the city, especially not with the Titans surrounding it. But the Macross is back in Macross Lake, and it's still a viable emergency shelter.
If need be, we could even set another city up inside it, though I certainly hope things don't come to that.  What would we call it? New Old Macross City? Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

The UNS has destroids deployed around the city limits. That oughta buy us some time. They got a bad rap after Space War 1, but they're in their element here.
Most mobile suits are largely ground-based. If they start taking to the air, the Defenders will bring most designs back down faster than you can say "lousy aerodynamics."
Minovsky scattering may interfere with missile targeting, but... against a force that large, spray and pray is pretty effective.

Once they enter close-quarters combat, though, they're screwed. The Spartans are the only things down there built for melee, and they're not going to last long against beam sabers.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 11, 2008, 11:00:06 PM
to be honest Jaybee we may need to abandon Macross City

right now things are 20 to 1 against UNS; those aren't bad odds to us but to UNS it would be a massacre.

the Metatron and Akagane can exit the atmosphere on their own (or with a simple booster) but the Duragreiz would need the aid of the mass driver. I have a place where we can go but the civilians are another matter.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 12, 2008, 12:26:29 AM
*Jaybee sighs*
I'd really hate to see that happen. The Titans care much for history, and they'll probably smash the hell out of the place.
No one really appreciates how much we lost in the zentradi attack. They only think in terms of people and resources, not the cultural and historical damage. Macross City is the oldest city on the planet. Hell, in all of human space.

But we can get the civilians out in the Macross. It'll be a cold day in Hell before one of those Titan dogs sets foot in THERE.
*Jaybee cracks his knuckles*
I'll see to that myself if I have to.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 12, 2008, 01:28:16 AM
JayBee, I'll back you up, if I need to. I've been to Macross City myself a few times, and, I must say, I like seeing the sights and learning the history.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 12, 2008, 01:36:02 AM
I don't like it personally, but as long as the Macross survives that history won't be lost

I just don't see anyway to win this time as we're facing several thousand units with the weakest being Barzams.

tell me Jaybee is there a colony world that UNS could use as a new base of operations?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on June 12, 2008, 05:12:33 AM
Well, that just means you'll have to fly fast and skewer the pilot with a beam saber them...good, less ammo waste.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 12, 2008, 05:25:23 AM
/AGGF main Base/
/Briefing room/

Tyria, have you seen how many guns that thing has?

and don't forget about the positron reflectors...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on June 12, 2008, 07:46:44 AM
-AGGF Base-

*Dinah with Docking Platform flies in and lands

Astonage: What the?

Kina: Could you tell Commander Gai that Sakura-sama sent me to help out. She said that with my docking platform I can use X-BUSTER POWERED which is ten times more powerful than X-BUSTER.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on June 12, 2008, 07:53:03 AM
Yeah, but even so, it's mostly long range weapons to hit strong and slow targets.

Besides, Jaybee is a great pilot, if someone can pull that out, it's him.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 12, 2008, 10:45:22 PM
I appreciate the vote of confidence, Tyria.
But it's not something I'm eager to test if I can avoid it.

Worst-case scenario, I suppose I could...
*Jaybee winces*
Never mind. I'm getting headaches just THINKING about trying that stunt I pulled on my double.

Anyways, worst-case scenario, the UN would pull out to New Eden. I think they'd prefer the oldest colony, barring extenuating circumstances.
Personally, I think they should relocate to Camanis if they intend to move. It's a lot easier to defend.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on June 13, 2008, 08:33:10 AM
Hmn...did we keep track on the moves of Neo Zeon, maybe they will show up to help too. After all, the Titans WILL BE attacking space colonists it's the perfect chance for them to gather support.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 13, 2008, 11:52:02 AM
/AGGFmain base/
/briefing room/

the titans won't follow them outside the earth sphere while we're still here which I intend us to be.

 the Iron seven should be leaving soon as well so we should contact Max about this; Jaybee send this *indicates a disk* to the moon and UNS by secure channels.

if they agree we should be set.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 13, 2008, 11:20:21 PM
You got it.
*fires up UNS encryption protocols, begins uploading*

I'm gonna head out for a bit on my Blowsperior.
Yes, I finally got it repainted. It's black with red trim now. Not exactly factory-original anymore, but...

If anyone needs me, you know what frequency to use.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 14, 2008, 12:13:08 AM
Hey, Tyria. What were your findings in the experement using the virus and my blood?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on June 14, 2008, 06:24:09 AM
Oh, sorry for that. Was busy trying to counter at least some of the Titans propaganda that I totally forgot to tell you (managed to spread some fake and real videos of Titans screwing up that got some people begin to wonder).

Well, the results were interesting to say the least...for regular earthnoids, while the virus has low chances of contagion, it's development was very slow and easy countered. Now, for spacenoids, the results were a bit more alarming. The effects are stronger than on a regular earthnoid, but the contation is far easier and it's development is way faster. Even so, if found on at least mid-level infection it can be treated easily. Now Andrew's case is what got me thinking. The virus is VERY EASY to contract and the effects would be strong AND develop fast. For all I could see, while his blood has that same slight mutation thanks to gravitational abnormality, that's a virus that would cause huge damages to people whose body was genetically manipulated, the prospect for a treatment is really dark...note that I believe not all manipulations act as "catalyst" to the virus, but I don't have proper samples to confirm it this thesis.
The main question is, why would anyone do a virus that mainly acts on spacenoids and specially ones that suffered genetic manipulation?

BTW, Commander Gai, I already told Doc of my findings and he said everybody is to report to the med ward in the next three days maximum for a blood exam, spacenoids and genetic engineered people take priority.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 14, 2008, 01:28:07 PM
Maybe someone had some artificial newtypes get loose and wants to clean up their mess?
Or they have a beef with the zentradi. They're close enough to human to be considered basically the same species, but very clearly genetically altered.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on June 14, 2008, 05:04:54 PM
Hmn...didn't test on zentradi blood, but from what I could see, you may have risen a good point.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 14, 2008, 07:09:15 PM
/AGGF main base/
/Briefing room/

well I guess we need to go ahead and head out, the attack will start late tomorrow.

we're abandoning the base so take everything with us.

most of the sealed machines and supplies will go on ahead of us and our ships will head to Macross city.

as far as combat strategy during this operation; keep the titans busy till we can get off the ground and headed to space the rest is up to good judgment

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on June 14, 2008, 09:50:54 PM
I have half a mind to drop a colony on those bastards, but then I wouldn't be much better than them. So I guess an abandoned space hulk will have to do when I get the chance.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 15, 2008, 01:39:15 AM
*Standing up*

I've been doing some thinking about this, and I've been wondering: "Could this be a trap?". It just strikes me as this.

Think about it, this is a group which is going to be vastly concerned about its image worldwide. Destroying an entire city, which is massively well known, just to "arrest" two people who helped save the Earth from enemy invasion, multiple times over. That just reeks of stupidity from a political standpoint.

*Sits down*
This is just in part playing devil's advocate. I just wanted to bring the possibility up because no one else seemed likely to.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 15, 2008, 01:40:11 AM
Ummm, that's a big negative on the orbital debris bomb, Ianator. Anything big enough to be useful's gonna cause serious long-term environmental issues.

I took the time to leave a few "presents" for the Titans while I was out, though.
Nothing TOO fancy, just some anti-mech mines between them and Macross City. ... With little robot legs to relocate themselves if the Titans don't go near enough to them. They're downright ADORABLE until they vaporize your mech's leg.
I suppose I shoulda taken the Blitz out and caused a REAL fuss. But I wasn't feeling that daring, for a change.

Still no sign of the Destroy, so I guess we lucked out. It'd be pretty damn hard to sneak something like that through Alaska.

I'm gonna head down to the hanger and help prep the Huckebein.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on June 15, 2008, 02:48:30 AM
Yeah, yeah. I just got a little carried away. Come to think of it, I'd like to take the lifeless shell of the first Destroy Gundam we scrap and drop it right on top of a major Titans base. That'd sate my need for smashing for a good while.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 15, 2008, 03:35:39 AM
It'd also send them a strong message about how we view super weapons.

I approve of this plan.
Our first Destroy shall be salvaged and returned to the Titans. Postage payable on delivery.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 15, 2008, 03:50:13 AM
I nominate we fill it with HoDs before we drop it on them

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on June 15, 2008, 05:57:34 AM
I second that. All we need to choose is the right song to get on their nerves.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 15, 2008, 06:13:29 AM
how bout this one


Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 16, 2008, 01:12:24 PM

Tomorrow is the day of the attack I hope everyone is ready because we're leaving in an hour

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on June 16, 2008, 01:38:17 PM
/AGGF Main Base/
/Hangar Bay/

This is Ianator. I got the Strike duo and Skygraspers hooked up with Striker Packs and T-Link receptors so I can basically pilot all of them and R-3 Powered at the same time. It shouldn't be too hard to do it, but I'll try not to get too adventurous.

I'm ready to move out whenever.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 16, 2008, 08:28:59 PM
I'm ready when everyone else is. Make sure the R-1 and the G-Sword are ready to use.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 16, 2008, 09:46:13 PM
*Jaybee finishes polishing the Huckey.*

I'm ready. Tweaked the fang slasher a little bit. It's connected to the T-Link system now, which should increase it's accuracy and power. Heck, it's got some homing capacity now.

I still miss the chakram shooter from the Mark 2, but whatcha gonna do?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 17, 2008, 09:48:57 PM
*Jaybee looks around the field, his Huckebein's sensors looking for other AGGF units, or a luckless Titan in danger of discovering his hiding place*

I suppose it's good that I don't see anyone.
Means we have the element of surprise. But I'm ready to jump these shits NOW.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 17, 2008, 09:52:45 PM
/Macross City/

this is odd; why was getting in so easy?

More importantly why aren't they attacking they have a huge numerical advantage.

*a com panel beeps*

Alright I'll send him.

Jaybee they want you to head over to the Macross, on foot, they said to tell you "Messiah"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 17, 2008, 11:10:42 PM
Roger that. I REALLY hope that codeword doesn't mean what it meant last time I checked, or things are gonna get ugly fast.

The Huckebein slips quietly past some Titans, passing within a dozen yards of them.


Where are the destroid teams? I should have visual on the defensive line by now...

"Not even a buffet? I'm doing the galaxy a favor by blasting this place."

Jaybee slams the throttle forward on his Huckebein, then jerks hard ont ehs ticks and mashes the foot pedals all at once. His mech sprints forward, then spins 90 degrees and digs it's feet in, sliding around the corner as asphalt sprays up and stabilizer rockets fire. As he comes around, he sees a purple mech pointing a gun at an anachronistic building, one the sensors show having multiple life signs in it/


Time seems to slow as Jaybee reacts. The Huckebein's arm begins to raise the gravity rifle, while Jay's thumb slides across the stick to activate the head vulcans. But the Titan unit is already in piosition. The Act Zaku's  beam rifle will rip through the hexagonal red doors of the NyanNyan resturaunt before the Huckebein can do anything. Just like it has several other buildings on this street. Smoke curls through the street about 30 feet behind the Zaku.
Jay starts to realize this is going to be little more than a vengeance kill. The Zaku's trigger finger begins to tighten. A particle beam rips out.

And the Zaku flies 20 feet through the air before it explodes.

"Tank 12 to base. Area secured. I've found our guest. Lieutenant McQuade, I'm here to escort you the rest of the way. "

A Tomahawk ( steps out of the smoke, heat pouring from the tip of the particle cannon on it's right arm. The Huckebein lowers it's gravity rifle, then gestures to the wreckage of the Zaku.

What's going on here? You guys just letting the Titans waltz across innocent civilians?

"The main Titan force seems to have stopped near the city limits. Apparently they believe we laid a minefield for them. They tried to do an overflight with a Messala to scout things out, but a Defender team convinced them it was a bad idea. We're not totally sure where he crashed. This guy was leading a half-dozen scout mechs in. They sent them around to enter away from the main force. I don't think they were very happy about being landmine detectors. My team was sent out once they started firing on buildings."

Okay. So where's the REST of the destroids? Aren't you guys supposed to have a defensive line?

"That's what we needed to talk to you about. If you'll come with me,  please. "

There's still civilians out here!

"Those should be the last of them. There's an escape hatch under the NyanNyan. There's an emergency shelter as well as a tunnel system connecting the emergency shelters and the Macross.  It's a long-established evacuation zone. Now will you PLEASE head this way?"

The Tomahawk waves a particle cannon in the direction of Macross Lake.

Well, it doesn't seem like I've got much choice, really. Not if I want any answers. Let's go.

The two mecha walk towards the center of the city, and the space fortress resting there.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 18, 2008, 05:29:54 AM

Why are they waiting? if we were fed false info wouldn't they attack earlier to prevent us from preparing.

Give me the status on the Duragreiz. 

Operator: "It's hooked up to the mass driver and ready to launch."

and the Metatron?

Operator: "the boosters are attached and ready to go."

and this ship can use the Overboost to go on it's own right?

Jamil: "Yes, we'll only need about 30 seconds warning.

we're all ready then I just hope they haven't figured out what we're planning.

Operator: "I don't think so their transmissions seem to say that they're waiting for something to arrive before they attack...  Wait... I've got something on long range radar about 3 hours out looks like two large transports. "

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 18, 2008, 03:08:25 PM
/Macross city/
/Titan Line/

three transports landed and began deploying their cargo. Several small Purple units came from the center transport and two gigantic Black units shaped like Big Zams exited the side transports

there to meet them was a titan officer in a specialized Gaplain.

Vincent leader: "Commander Yazan The Vincents ( and Destroys are ready for action"

Yazan: "very good begin the attack sent the Hizacks and Vicents first and follow them with Ashimars and Destroys.'


Looks like things are starting ready my 008X, I'm going out.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on June 18, 2008, 05:10:56 PM
Hm hmm... looks like the party's about to begin.

*A large number of GINN heavy blades spear about half of the first Hizack group through their backs; many more are cut down by fire from the R-3 and its Striker cohorts.*

Too easy! C'mon, you damn Yankees! A routine field test could challenge my T-Link Remote System harder than this!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 18, 2008, 08:45:31 PM
*Following after Ianator, picking off what he missed*

Come on R-1, here we go.

*Following behind at a suitable distance is the G-Sword*

I need to keep this from getting too damaged.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 18, 2008, 10:47:42 PM
Meanwhile, back at the Macross...

"And that's the plan. We shou-*KABOOM!* SHIT!"

Status report!

"The Titans are attacking! "
Thanks. I guessed that much.
How long until everyone's evacuated to the ship?

"About 2 hours. But if they start laying down fire, we might not be able to launch. And there's some awfully big guns in the back.

I was really hoping those things would stay down. Ah well.
Arm the pinpoint barrier for now. And get the defensive weaponry online ASAP.

Let's go, people! All units, move out! Let's show 'em that we're more than just a pretty logo and a big ship!

VF teams, your priority is any airbornes. Feel free to blast some groundpounders if you get bored.
Monsters, Defenders, defense line B. You know the drill.
Tomahawks, Phalanxes, line A. Burn anything you see coming.
Spartans, we're headed to the front!
"This is mad-"
DON'T say it. It's not funny.

Let's go!

Mechs swarm out of the Macross and rush out towards the main Titan force, the Monsters leaving shattered pavement in the wake of their incredible mass. The VF-11 teams launch into the air and quickly break off and begin attacking. As the force passes line B, the part of the force slows down. The first cannon blast rips through the air like a clap of thunder, the recoil staggering the incredibly huge Monster. The Defenders angle their guns up, and start scanning the skies.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 19, 2008, 03:16:31 PM
The Huckebein, now mired in the front-line combat, somersaults up and back to get free of a handful of goons. It stops spinning in mid-air and throws the Fang Slasher, which ricochets off of 4 enemies before coming back. As the Huckey lands, a Spartan ducks under a sloppy beam saber slash, then steps forward and uppercuts the Titan holding the sword.

Nice one, Fist-7.

"Likewise, Vanisher-1. When are they gonna add that toy of yours to the destroids?"

You know the UN doesn't spend money on anything that isn't transformable. I heard it's being considered for the VF-25's GBP armor, though.

"Bah. Fighter jocks get all the fun stuff."

A loud hum can be heard, then a large particle beam lances out towards the Macross. A green barrier disk darts across the surface, then reverses as it overshoots. It barely makes it in time to catch the beam, which splashes off the disk.

Crap, the Destroys have taken the field. And it looks like they don't want us leaving.
All Monsters, load sabot rounds! Target the Destroys!

Trace missiles, full-burst! Forward spread!
The Huckebein unloads a swarm of missiles in front of it, opening a path towards the Destroy. The black mech's gravity rifle comes up.

And I'll see about doing some in-close damage.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 19, 2008, 04:00:56 PM
The Destroys' Positron reflectors activate rendering even the powerful Monster's shells useless. then one of theme sweeps the line with it's Positron cannons scrapping several Monsters and turning the equivalent of a city block into rubble.

damn it Get those Destroids away from the Destroys. 

The 008X speeds toward the second Destroy evading the hail of fire from it's myriad of beam weapons and draws it's Fang Slasher.


the thrown Fang slasher reveals that Beam sabers have been attached to each wing creating a whirling disk of energy.  Although the boomerang is not enough to destroy the black MS it does beak though the shield and leave a deep gash along the right side of it's top before returning.

I'll handle this one you guys watch out for those Vincents.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on June 19, 2008, 04:51:37 PM
As one of the Destroy Gundams brings its great beam cannons to bear, its barrels are cut off by a Sword Grasper. A Launcher Grasper circles closely, using its side-mounted gatling gun to remove the circle-mounted plasma cannons while two Strike Gundams fly underneath and cut its legs off with their solid blades. Finally, the R-3 Powered spears the Destroy's head with the T-Link Laser Cannon just as the giant mass makes contact with the ground. The cannon fires, making the mass of metal expand like a juice box, and every structural weak point explodes with flame.

Hey guys, have you located the command unit yet? I've got a present for him!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 19, 2008, 07:16:44 PM
Jaybee's Huckey ducks a beam saber, punches the luckless goon swinging it in the face, then steps into the clearing around the second Destroy.

Hey, chief... the Monsters are a good ways back.  Believe me, I know better than to send an artillery piece in for melee. Spartan units are the only ones in close.

The Huckebein spins to the left, then back to the right, dodging a pair of close-range beams

Not that it does a hell of a lot of good with these monstrosities here. They've got a gun for every situation. It's kill or be killed.

Another thunderclap rips through the air. 4 shells from a Monster hammer against the Destroy's incredible defenses. The phase shift armor flickers briefly before coming back up to full color. A round from the Macross' anti-mecha turrets slams into the top shell, and the phase shift flickers again, recoloring more slowly.
And that's what I was waiting for! Eat graviton!

The Huckebein levels the graviton rifle in a 2-handed grip, then fires a 3-shot burst into the Destroy's right hip, fusing the mechanism. Leaping out of the way of a counter-missile, it snaps the fang slasher into a pair of beam emitters on the circumference.

It's immobilized! Fire at will!

Destroid teams, start falling back. If you can't make it home in 20 minutes, head for sector 27. We'll give you a ride out of here.
VF teams, stick around until Gunsight One starts moving.

*Over an encrypted channel*
Chief, the Macross is gonna head for the moon, now that the big guns are gone and she can lift safely. Final lift preparations should take a half-hour.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 19, 2008, 08:58:27 PM
Very well everyone hold the line for 25  minutes and then fall back to the Akagane.  Bright, Merrue take the Duragreiz and Metatron ahead and wait at orbital point 0668-42,.get going!

the 008x uses it's Beam Fang to slice down several Hizaks.

and watch out for those Vincents, they're up to something.

an AsshImar tries to attack the 008X from above but is thwarted as Gai dashes sideways and pulls out his Graviton rifle before firing almost point blank into the Asshimar's face.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 19, 2008, 10:06:27 PM
Looks like all the destroids made it to the Macross.

A handful of VF-11s and a crimson VF-22 blast a group of Asshimars

You make some new friends, Shara?

"If you can't fly, I'll have to find someone who can."

Then I guess I'll have to take the Stampede next time. Just to keep you entertained.

In the meantime...
Jaybee flips the Huckey's tesla drive to full power, and takes to the skies. On the way up, he shoots  a Zaku in the head and kicks off an Asshimar.

This better?

"What took you so long?"

I was coordinating with the destroid teams. Someone had to do it, and they DID ask for me.

The Huckey's head vulcans rip through another Asshimar.

Shame we have to leave the city. I expect it's just temporary. No way the UN is gonna give this spot up for good.
Unless the Titans level it. Which'd be pretty stupid on their part.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 19, 2008, 11:09:35 PM
*Heading towards the Akagane*

I can't believe that my prediction was partially right.

I can, however, believe that the Titans are going to try to spin this to show that we were the aggressors in this fight, and use it to push the terrorist image further.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 19, 2008, 11:55:16 PM
They can spin this.
The Huckebein gestures towards it's hip joint area, then extends a single finger in the direction of the main Titan force.

Primus, I hope that makes it onto the newscast.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on June 20, 2008, 12:04:28 AM
Wow, Jay. Just... wow.

Anyways, I'm on my way back. Somebody tell Astonnage to make some room in the hangar!

The R-3 Powered, Strike Noir, IWSP Strike, and Sword Grasper are holding up the trimmed remnants of a Destroy Gundam, hefting them back to the Akagane.

Whew... man, this thing's heavy!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on June 20, 2008, 06:50:13 AM
-Mao Industries-
  -Meeting Room-

Ring: So the Phoenix is finished?

For the most part yes, the only thing we can't fully test is the attack systems we built based upon the new pilots data.

Ryoto: That's because the system has to be operated by them for it's usage. It's a failsafe so that no one other than the designated pilots can use it's full power.

Ring: According to this data, you increased the Phoenix's speed and gave it stronger armor without increasing the weight much.

Ryoto: The speed increase was for Bird Mode giving it better intercept time and the change in armor allows it to enter and leave the atmosphere by it's self.

Ryoto: The Wildraubier and Schutzwald have been refitted and according to the plans we had discussed.

Ring: That's good to know. I was worried that we would have to seal them since they would be outdated compared to the newer machines becoming available.

Ring: All of you will have a few days off for your hard work. I know that everyone has been working around the clock to get the Phoenix ready for the ATX team. I will not be surprised if the Titans start accusing other groups of terrorism or something similar after the B.S. that they've said about the AGGF and Iron-7.

We will just have to wait and see. I hope that the titans don't find out about Mai considering if they do it will be a major problem.

Ring: That's something that worries me because the SRX team is already under much scrutiny thanks to what Ingram did. They don't need that type of problem. This meeting is adjourned.

*People leave the room leaving Ring and Sakura

Ring: So what have you heard about the Macross situation?

From what we've gathered, the Macross has lifted and is heading towards the Moon along with the AGGF. I'll have to talk it over with Commander Gai but, this finger pointing is a little odd.

Ring: There has to be more to this than accusing Macross and the AGGF of terrorism. We have to keep our eyes open for anything stupid that the Titans might do.


Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 20, 2008, 09:15:44 AM
Jay we're ready when you guys are.

Jaml prepare the overboost

Jamil: "already done"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on June 20, 2008, 02:08:36 PM
R-3, my escorts and the "package" are all secure. Let's blow this joint!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Chaostic on June 20, 2008, 05:35:49 PM

Subaru: You sure this is going to work?

Chaostic: Of course not even our own mothers cold see through these disguises, the microfibers... 

???: I don't need to know how they work just that they do so, lets just make our delivery and meet up with the others ok.

Chaostic: Alright most of the staff here is under TEAR's payroll so don't worry so much me and Arwyn done this million times

{one hour later}

Guard1: Talk Luise!

Chaostic: I told you I know nothing about that I'm just going to the moon for my sisters birthday!

*Guard punches Chaostic*

Chaostic: Barbarian!

*hit again*

Chaostic: Bastard I'll not tell you dogs anything!

Guard2: Leave us I'll make him talk.

Guard3: *grins* take all the time you need we're going to get some lunch

Guard2: bring me back the usual

*other guards leave*

Guard: Ok I've deactivated  the bugs you can talk freely boss.

*Chaostic is untied from the chair*

Chaostic: Ahhh! If I knew your friend hit that hard I would have someone else wear this disguise...ow *rubs jaw*

Guard: Sorry about that sir, but everything was as planed.

Chaostic: Then I'll get changed and we'll interagate the real Luise a bit before they get back


Chaostic: Hey hey you there can you help me I'm lost

Guard1: um sure

Guard3: There a bathroom over there *points* and the main thermal is that way.

Chaostic: Thanks mister!


Subaru: This is civilian transport Meiers 04 requesting permission to land we have a package for Mao Industries.

Technician: Roger that please proceed to landing bay three.

Arwyn: Oh and inform Ring that Arwyn Dorstein would like to see her.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 20, 2008, 06:27:38 PM
/Low earth orbit/

Alright we've made and it looks like the titans still don't have control over the space fleets

very well, Merrue, Bright you remember those instructions I gave you before we left?

Merrue: "yes."
Bright: "roger."

good carry them out, the Akagane and Macross will head for the moon we'll meet you 'there' later

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 20, 2008, 09:40:58 PM
Jaybee looks out the window as Earth grows smaller and smaller. A holoview broadcast is running in the background, playing the latest Titans propaganda. He sighs, and gestures to the offending device..

This is bullshit, and I think everyone knows it.
Honestly, they're claiming they HAD to attack because the UN wasn't looking out for the Earth? And they even claim the UN was neglecting Macross City and letting historical landmarks fall into disrepair?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but which side was blowing up buildings and firing on the Macross?

At least they don't have quite the same stranglehold on lunar media as the terrestrial one.

Anyways... The Macross is gonna have to land on the Moon to take on supplies. She's not stocked for interstellar travel right now, especially not with a large civilian population.

We're also gonna make arrangements for any civilians that want to stay in the Sol system. I expect most of them would rather remain with the Macross than head back to a Titan-dominated Earth, but I can see a lot of them stopping at Luna.

And while her fold drives WERE replaced during the 2012 refit, they need a good tune-up.
It may be a while before they jump to Eden.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 20, 2008, 10:07:20 PM
well it could be worse

we got the civilians out and the Macross herself is going to do one of the things we originally intended with her, leave the solar system.

right now I'm a bit worried about Ianator; controlling that many bit systems has got to put some real strain on the guy, if his head isn't hurting now it will be soon.

Gai turns to see the Huckebein Mk III on tv firing it's rifle then, by some editing, destroying the the Nyan Nyan before switching back to Jaybee's gesturing.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 20, 2008, 11:12:41 PM
THE HELL?!?!?!

That's it, lemme at 'em!

Jaybee starts stalking to the hanger.

I SAVED that damned restaurant!
They went and leveled it AFTER WE LEFT?!?!?!?! Just out of fucking SPITE?!?!?! Then blame it on ME?!?!?!?!


Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 21, 2008, 12:19:47 AM
Gai continues to watch as mixed clips of the 008Xfiring it's rifle, taken from that asshimar kill, and blasting a monument

sorry Jaybee just wait; we'll give them some payback soon enough

as Gai says this Doctored footage of the Strikes and the R-3 Hauling indistinct boxes is show as a reported speaks

Reporter: "and they looted the destroyed city as the exhausted Titan's watched helpless to stop their mad rampage.  In a final act of thievery and vandalism the AGGF, with the help of thier UNS allies, stole the SDF-1 Macross, one of Mankind's greatest symbols of exploration"

this is put to footage of the SD-1 absent the Akagane removed from the image.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 21, 2008, 12:48:00 AM
And once again, my predictions come true. My Newtype gift is almost completely useless except to predict the obvious.

*getting up to leave the room*

I need to make a call to some old friends, see if they know the truth. It's not something I want to do, but I hope Ramsus and the Elementals are willing to talk.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 21, 2008, 02:17:56 AM
Jaybee is on a call with some UN and UNS guys

So... there's NOTHING we can do about this?

"Sorry, Mister McQuiade. We hate it as much as you, but we don't have the resources to go pumping a massive anti-propaganda campaign."

This is total bullshit!

"Inded it is. But... that's the way it is. Rest assured, we'll get them back when the time comes."

"Actually, I think some of your coworkers are working on that already."

Yeah, I know some were working in the Titans establishment... was that a giant penis in the propaganda reel just now?

" Yes, well... *ahem* you and your men could stand to be a little more, shall we say, MATURE? in the future. But I think that was just a test shot. It's juvenile and harmless enough that the Titans will probably brush it aside if they manage to trace it. "

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 21, 2008, 09:49:36 PM
the Akagane and Macross are nearing the moon.  things on earth have remained unchanged as Titan propaganda has continued to spread. earths public opinoin of the AGGF and UNS has been swayed by this propaganda, however since the Space fleets are still not in Titan control the Colonies have been mostly unaffected by this propaganda.

Mao has agreed to house the Macross along with the Iron 7 which is still under repair in a private dock on the moon.  The two ships will be at this dock for another week before taking off to reestablish UNS as NUNS on the colony planet of Eden

meanwhile Jaybee and Gai were called before a UNS officer who wished to remain anonymous

/near L1/
/Elevator F6/

I wonder what this is about and who called us here?

any thoughts, Jaybee?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 22, 2008, 12:19:50 AM
Not a clue. I hope it involves a reaction missile and a Titan officer's rectum, though. I would find that a VERY satisfying assignment.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 22, 2008, 02:56:57 PM
/elevator F6/

I guess we'll see.

The elevator came to a stop and Gai and Jaybee headed for the room they were told to go to earlier.  upon entering an old face greeted them, it was the retired admiral Global

Admiral good to meet you again; if you don't mind I think we should get straight to the point.

Global: "Very well them, as you know we are lea ving the earth sphere for a while at least and we'll have no say in the matter directly.  so, in order to deal with this we are going to appoint Jaybee as our corespondent for the earth sphere.  in addition..."

Global tapped a hologram generator on his desk and shematics for a new VF appeared

Global: "we'd like to give you a preproduction model VF-25 with it's standard packs.  any objections Captain Mcquiade?"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 23, 2008, 12:13:14 AM
Jaybee blinks for a moment, then salutes.
None at all, sir.

Umm, do I call you sir?

"Just Bruno will do. I'm retired, after all. Just an old man who's well-connected."

All right, si... Bru... yeah, I can't do that, mister Global.

The former fleet admiral, Macross captain, SW1 hero, and living legend smiles knowingly.
"Mister Global will work too. Anyways, take a look at the specs and tell me what you think."

Well, sir... I mean that in the raised-to-respect-my-elders way and not the superior officer way...
We're calling it the Messiah?

"It's.... a long story. Just go with it."

I think I'll go with just the model number, no offense. I'm not very religious, but I'm not about to start flying Jesus Christ into battle.

"Understandable. Any comments about the actual hardware?"

It's a bit scrawny in battroid mode, but that's more of an aesthetic concern than a functional one.

Jaybee grabs a PDA and taps a few sections on the display panel. Then he whistles.
That's an impressive plane you've got there.
It has a knife... reinforced with barrier technology?  Nice addition, though I think it's a little late.
The armor package is variable? Sweet!

EX-Gear cockpit system? What's that... oh, my...
it seems I've been out of the loop for a little bit.

"No, we've just only rolled it out in the newest colony fleets. It's taking it's time to cascade down, and the Phantoms have some, shall we say, specialized hardware that seems to work better in the right hands anyways, so your unit was never a priority for the upgrades."

Especially since survivability after ejection for a Phantoms op isn't going to be very high with or without powered armor, right?

"Well... *ahem* there is that, too."

No offense taken. I'm just surprised I missed the EX-Gear news totally. I've always been fond of powered armor.

I had my doubts that the 171 really needed replacing this early into it's life span, but after reading a bit...
I'll be glad to put this baby through her paces. Honored, even.

"That's good to hear. We'll have it transferred over to one of your ships as soon as possible."

By the way... how are the civilians taking the news?

"Well, they aren't happy about leaving the Earth, but even fewer want to live on an Earth under Titan rule. It's a large part of why many of them were in Macross City to start with.  Eden is about to experience a bit of a population boom."

Jaybee grins.

Make sure they know this is a temporary move. The Titans have just crossed one line too many.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 23, 2008, 11:28:30 PM
*Finishing up the call*

-and make sure you keep me posted. I'll talk to later, Domina.

*Ending call.*

To this day, she scares me.

I have a few friends who are staying on Earth who will help keep an eye on the situation.  What's the next plan?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 23, 2008, 11:50:26 PM
well first thing we'll spend a day or two at Mao and pick up Sakura and Chaostic then were going somewhere I can't discuss till later

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on June 24, 2008, 11:14:15 PM
Oh man, you guys. You can have some strange dreams when your brain's drained from extended TK usage. I just woke up from my Gekiganger V fantasy. I was Joe.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 24, 2008, 11:20:34 PM
It sounds about as strange as the dreams after the double dose of Rosesols after a particularly draining day.

Revolutionary Girl Utena,  anyone?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 25, 2008, 04:09:10 AM
My reality is strange enough. I view dreams as an escape from it.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 25, 2008, 02:43:03 PM

to tell the truth I've had some rather odd ones too; the first time I overexerted my self I had one about Space Trains, admittedly it was an awesome dream but odd nonetheless.

and I could mention I once worked with a guy who said he had a dream about being a frog who built Gunpla.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 26, 2008, 01:23:08 AM
Sir, you and JayBee were giving indications that we have a mission coming up soon. Are you willing to give the particulars?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 26, 2008, 02:06:36 AM
well It could be a while (read: possible timeskip) before we see any real Action

once we Picck up Chaostic and Sakura and go to "that place" we'll have to wait on some friends before we make a move.

that is unless-

an alarm begins to blare

unless we run into a titan controlled space fleet

Jamil (over the intercom) "Attention Incoming fleet identified as hostile.  3 Alexandria class 9 Salamis Kai class.  Mobile suits are launching; 50 confirmed."

Gai walks over to a panel and contacts the Bridge

What types have they got

Jamil: "by the looks of things these guys are all vets most of them have Serpents ( but nine have GN-X's and theres a large Mobile armor emitting gold GN particles ("

well you heard him folks, Jaybee I think we should handle this without the Macross tell them to go ahead.

AGGF launch!

(OOC: these guys are vets so fighting them is alot harder than most of the enemies we fought before_

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 26, 2008, 02:36:42 AM

Jaybee pauses, already in the middle of pulling his new EX-Gear out of the locker and strapping it on. He flicks a nearby comm switch.

Attention, UN forces. We can handle these monkeys. You guys have enough to worry about.
Besides, I've got some combat tests to run.

Jaybee grins, straps his suit on, and clomps over to the hanger crew.

Can you mount the packs yet?

"Well, we've got the equipment set up, barely, but... we haven't got any missiles that'll fit the new launchers on the armored modules yet. "

Figures... How about the super packs?

"THOSE we can do. Hey! Get the booster units on the new bird! She's gonna leave the nest in style, eh?"

Somethin' like that. 

Wait... do we have ANY missiles that'll fit this baby?

"Ahhh, I'm afraid not. Just the new gunpod and the integrated weapons."

Ah well. Too late for regrets.
Let's get this party started.

Jaybee leaps high into the air with the aid of his power suit, does a backflip, misses the cockpit, and fires the backpack booster to recover, landing on the ladder conveniently hanging off the side of the VF's cockpit.

You saw nothing, you got that?

"Sir, I haven't the slightest clue what you could be referring to."

You're a good man.

Jaybee runs through the final system checks.

All systems green.

VF-25 taking off!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 26, 2008, 03:20:12 AM
This is Andrew.

R-1, Launch!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on June 26, 2008, 02:21:38 PM
Weapon select: twin M95 Machine Guns.

R-3 Powered, Launch!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 26, 2008, 03:01:47 PM
Huckebein 008X, launch!!

Gai rocketed out of the Akagane and headed towards the enemy serpenmts.  As he aproached he fire his Gravaton rifle.  surprisingly the serpent he had aimed at halfheartedly managed to dodge   

as I thought they are part of the Titan's Wraith unit. 

Gai followed his halfhearted shot with another as he closed the distance. this one hit a different Serpent but only destroyed it's left arm.  Gai followed this with short bursts of Vulcan fire which managed to hit a few of them.  by this time he was in melee range and drw his beam saber with his left hand.

you really shouldn't maintain a formation when someone gets this close...

Gai suddenly flew sideways and fired his rifle though a straight line of units taking out four before the group split up and retaliated.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Chaostic on June 26, 2008, 04:39:57 PM

"damn computer status!"

propulsion offline

weapons offline

communications offline

life support online

"in other words dead in the water."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 26, 2008, 05:49:32 PM
One of those beetle-shaped things is coming for me. I guess it has a death wish.

Jaybee keys Information High. Then starts twitching controls in time with the music, disturbing his flight just enough to throw off the enemy's aim. Then he slams the throttle forward, and puts some space between him and his opponent.

Ya know, if we were in an atmosphere, this'd be no contest.
Of course, if we were in an atmosphere, I couldn't do this.

Jaybee cuts the throttle, then flips his plane around so he's flying backwards, the 1/6 gravity of the moon slowly robbing him of altitude.  He starts firing, and the Alvatore dodges. Then he slams the throttle forward again, dashes behind it, flips to GERWALK to shed speed, then spins around and starts firing as e folds back to fighter. The enemy deftly dodges.

Damn, he's good.  And he doesn't seem happy about me being on his six instead of vice versa.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 26, 2008, 06:22:41 PM
Aserpent was dashing backwards firing at the 008 as Gai closed in.  Gai dashed to the side as both missiles and Gatling fire poured out of the Serpent; Gai then dashes towards the serpent and cut it's Gatling arm off at the elbow.  He follows this with a fierce slash through the torso.

and ten.

a loud beeping comes from a radar circuit in the cockpit

looks like a civilian shuttle just wondered into the area, it's engines seem to be out and it's not transmitting an ID.  Akagane move to shield it I'll see if I can find out why it's here.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on June 26, 2008, 08:41:46 PM
R-3 spins around one of the Serpents, creating a literal cage of high-explosive bullets from its M95s and head vulcans, preventing it from moving anywhere but back. The cage closes in on the mobile doll, slowly rending the otherwise superior armor to pieces.

Man, that thing took way too much of my ammo to bring down. Maybe one of those mobile armors would blow up quicker...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 26, 2008, 10:26:21 PM
Shots zip by the VF-25. One gglances off the wing, dangerously close to the super pack.

Grrr... I'm getting really sick of this guy...

Jaybee slams the throttle to full, starts to fly over the offending Alvatore, then transforms to battroid mode and drops on top of it. Drawing the knife from his shield, he stabs downwards into the engine, and boosts away as it explodes.

More than one way to skin a cat.

The mobile armor's taken care of.
Now then, on to more productive tasks...

The battroid dives toward a Serpent, gunpod ready.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 26, 2008, 11:12:33 PM
Ianator, BK, Variable formation.

Akagane, get the G-Sword on the launch catapult and wait for my signal.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 26, 2008, 11:36:51 PM
the wreck of the Golden mobile Armor drifts by as Jaybee rushes the nearby Serpent.  A covering flips up to reveal a golden MS ( which begins to fire at Jaybee

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on June 27, 2008, 12:24:54 AM
Roger that! I think I know what you have in mind, and I like it.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 27, 2008, 01:18:57 AM
Jaybee aborts his dive at the Serpent as he spins to the side.

You're not done yet? Have it your way, then.

The two machines dance across the sky, beams flashing between them.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 27, 2008, 03:05:11 AM
*After SRX has formed*

Akagane, launch the G-Sword.

*G-Sword is launched,  SRX moves towards golden MS*

Let's hope this works.

*Activates Remote system.*
*The G-Sword transforms. The sword is then grabbed by the SRX and proceeds to cleave the golden MS in half*

It worked? I'm impressed. We need to practice with this a little more, though.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 27, 2008, 03:14:51 AM
Yeah, really...
You nearly chopped my gunpod in half.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 27, 2008, 03:31:05 AM
Gai stopped about 20 meters from the shuttle

getting closer could be real trouble

the 008X raised it's left hand and fired a small probe from the back of the pointer finger

even if their standard com ciruits are out I should be able to talk to them through skin talk.

the probe connected to the shuttle's hull and began relaying data through it's surface

attention unknown shuttle; this is Sume Gai of the AGGF, if you can hear me respond..

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 27, 2008, 02:13:26 PM
Yeah, really...
You nearly chopped my gunpod in half.

Sorry about that, JayBee. I didn't see you until after the attack.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 27, 2008, 09:34:07 PM
No worries. You DID miss.

Now then.... let's get those GN-Xes out of the air.

Jaybee twitches a control, and the music shifts from Info High to Time To Come.

Hmmm, that's more appropriate for the Huckey, really...

And another twitch brings up Shao Pai Lon.

Whoa... didn't realize I had this one.
Seems appropriate somehow...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 27, 2008, 10:10:48 PM
realizing they are the last of thier group besides the ships the GN-Xs from up and start firing (

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 28, 2008, 12:12:16 AM
Are these guys seriously trying to DEATH BLOSSOM us? Without the proper hardware?
I'm insulted. For so-called aces, they aren't very impressive.

Jaybee flips to battroid, opens the throttle, dances through the laser hailstorm, and reverses thrust right in the center of the formation.

Yeah, shoot me now. I DARE you. I DOUBLE-DOG-DARE you.
Never mind, I'll go first.

The VF-25 blasts one mech as it starts to turn around, roasts a second with it's head lasers an instant later, then drops the empty gunpod and knifes a third. It boosts free as the remaining GN-Xes actually start getting their weapons turned around. He shakes his head in wonder.

Honestly... spray and pray?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 29, 2008, 12:36:21 AM
Jaybee does a few quick maneuvers in fighter mode, drops in behind the last GN-X, and fires a particle beam.
Is that all of them?

They put up a pretty good fight, blind-fire episode or not.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 29, 2008, 01:20:28 AM
Gai returns from unsuccessfully trying  to contact the shuttle

well there are still the ships.... but I think Andrew should use them as practice

and why don't you put the 25 through the rest of it's paces

once we're through here I'm goin to recover that shuttle.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on June 29, 2008, 02:29:12 AM
I think the trial by fire's pretty much proven the little white dragon's got fangs.

I'm almost out of reaction mass in the super packs. Gonna head back, unmount them, and see how it handles naked.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on June 29, 2008, 02:38:59 AM
SRX, you heard the man. Let's take care of the enemy ships.

*Transforms G-Sword into sword mode*

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on June 29, 2008, 05:39:54 AM
T-Link system, contact!

...Have I ever told you guys how much I love taking out capital ships? 'Cuz I really do.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 29, 2008, 08:44:16 PM
with the ships being slashed to ribbons Gai returned his attention to the shuttle

It could easily be a bomb. in which case bringing it back to the ship could prove a bad Idea.

if we were to blow it up it might prove a trap for propaganda.  The same holds true for letting it drift. ..

I was able to determine that the Life support system is still working.  but I can't tell if there is anyone alive in there...

definitely a difficult conundrum...

(OOC: Chaostic I'm waiting on you...)

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Chaostic on June 30, 2008, 08:04:09 AM
(ooc: Ack sorry)

Chaostic(in disguise) : ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz huh wha ahhhhh! Thanks guys, you saved my life! To tell the truth I was on my way to the moon when I got caught in a meteor shower. The damage knocked out most of the ships systems

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on June 30, 2008, 09:46:48 AM

good thing you floated to where I could see you.

tell me did the flight recorder data survive? I heard rumors of a weapon called the Storm Cannon and that shower might not have been accidental.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on June 30, 2008, 10:16:32 PM
-Mao Industries-

*Sakura is looking over the V2 with all three packs fully integrated with each other

I didn't realize that the Funnel Assault Buster pack would slow it down so much. Even with the improvement in the twin Minovsky drive thrusters I haven't been able to break even yet.

*Ryoto walks in

Ryoto, I need your opinion about a plan that I have involving the V2.

Ryoto: You already have it loaded to the gills, what else do you need?

I want to add two more Minovsky drive thrusters to boost the preformance and give me more options in combat.

Ryoto: The main problem with that is there's no room for anything else due to the FAB pack. To add more thrusters we would have to rebuild the V2. I don't think you want to do that do you?

No, it's too much trouble and takes too long. I just would like it to preform similar to it's original design of high mobility without sacrificing it's firepower.

Ryoto: It's a trade-off that most aces have to make when customizing their machine. I understand why you are customizing the V2 instead of Exia and Dinah.

Both of them are complete and unable to be modified. I want to be able to adapt to any role considering what the Titans are doing may just be a omen of things to come because Kina sent me a message saying that she's picked up several readings of dimensional jumps into our universe.

Ryoto: I assume the Miss Ring and your commander have been informed?

I had Kina inform Commander Gai and I told Ring what I could but, we have to deal with the Titans first.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Dsvaun on July 01, 2008, 12:02:58 AM
ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz....Establishing contact
Two video files recieved from Dsvaun
Note from sender:  I have sent two video recordings to the AGGF, both will open at a set time to ensure that the message is not intercepted and viewed before the AGGF are able to view it.  These video files contain information that may be CRITICAL to our very survival.  I will not discuss the contents of the videos before they open themselves.  I will make a note about the first video.  TYRIA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

(OoC:This is just my attempt to make a transition back into this forum.  The continuing posts will be essential to my backstory, though it may not be obvious at first(Give it some time, I'll build it up).  As for the Tyria sucks comment, I'm just kidding, but I'll make it clear in my next posting)

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on July 01, 2008, 01:22:49 AM
Jaybee steps out from behind the VF-25
Sakura, I think you may be going overboard in the mods.

If you ask me, you should focus on versatility in the hanger.
Mount the expansion packs you need immediately before you launch, and ONLY the packs you need. You don't need to carry the buster cannon into every battle, so... don't carry the buster cannon into every battle.

The Victory series is adopting an approach that's served UN Spacey well for many years.
A base V2 or variable fighter is a serviceable mech in a wide variety of situations. But by adding external "packs" you can tune it for more specialized roles.

On a VF you can often adjust the base weapons loadout too, but mobile suits don't seem to keep the same array of weaponry in stock. I'd look into getting some spare guns for your V2.
Beam rifles are all well and good, but get some rapid fire weapons. An old Zaku machinegun may not have quite the same flair, but it's a lot more useful against a fast-moving target. Single-shot rifles have their limits, regardless of how powerful they are.

And Ryoto, you should know better than to say you can't add thrusters to external packs. Especially not when there's a super-equipped  VF parked 2 bays down.
I don't think it's the solution here, though. The V2 has plenty of verniers, and it would need some pretty beefy thrust upgrades to be worth it. If you add enough engine to be really useful, you'll increase the hit area a lot.
And I don't think you'll see the kind of gains the VF-1 got out of it, since the V2 already HAS pretty significant thrust.

So we're back at my original recommendation. Quit trying to carry every gun you own to every fight.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on July 01, 2008, 03:52:08 AM
*wormhole opens and a ruined Gespenst Mk-II appears*
It has been far too long...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Chaostic on July 01, 2008, 05:16:47 AM
good news Sakura a Assault Funnel pack is viable unlike you FAB modal. Your main problem was that the buster unit and the funnel unit were incompatible.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 01, 2008, 05:26:36 AM
/Mao Private dock/

it has been several hours since the Akagane (space noah class with Shirogane type bow)  docked and supplies and personnel have been shuffling through the at a rapid pace

Well you did return; good to see you Chris.  for the sake of simplicity I won't ask where you've been.  I supose I should bring you up to speed?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on July 01, 2008, 09:59:56 AM
Jaybee, Chaostic thanks for your help and now that I think about it I was approaching the V2 all wrong. I'm going to dig up some old weaponry from a couple of places that I know of before we leave shouldn't take long.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Dsvaun on July 01, 2008, 01:15:56 PM
Time Release activated.
Playing video: TYRIA SUCKS

(STATIC).....zzllo.....hello, this thing working?  Damn it, shouldn't have trusted that kid that sold me the camera.  Never buy anything secondhand from side o-oh cra.zzzzzzz

Ahem...This Dsvaun formerly of the AGGF.  As of this recording I am...ah hell I don't know, somewhere between the moon and Earth.  I've spent most of my time going between old uninhabited, but functional colonies making cash through  jobs and salvaging such.  I will discuss my reasons for leaving at a later time, however, I have more pressing issues to discuss.  A while ago I came across the wreckage of a few battleships drifting.  They were completely wrecked, but I decided to explore on the off chance that there salvagable parts in them.  I am currently in the the bridge of one of the ships and pulled it's last battle from the records.  The details of which are disturbing.
See attachment: BAD HARO

....Congratulations Tyria, your experiments have created an abomination which the logs call:Psycho Haro.  As if the size wasn't bad enough, it showed the ability to shower an entire ship with miniture black Haros, which then proceded to blast it into pieces.  My guess is that when we went to Jupiter, one of the multiplying Haros piggyback and somehow drifted into space.  With some asteroids and enough time, this is probably what resulted.  Just being in here give me the creeps.  Now that I think about it, I've been getting this feeling since I entered the area.  I don't know what the hell it... (Suddenly, a giant gundam shows up in front of the bridge).  FUCK!!!!
SHIT, my suit. !!!!!! The camera! I have to  get Nu to send it.  Crap If I don't make it I just want you guys to know I blame Tyria for all of this, and also..

Second video to be released.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on July 02, 2008, 12:30:48 AM
Please, if you will.
I also have an encoded message from Icarus, they asked me to give it you.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on July 02, 2008, 06:37:07 AM
Well...that was...unexpected...wonder if Derek got eaten by one of those...

Anyway, once again, I deny any and all blame.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 02, 2008, 12:17:32 PM
very well Chris.I think I'll start after we beat the Aerogaters.

things looked to be settling down some but as it turns out the titans were busy taking control of th EF   they started to pressure UNS and  launched propaganda campaigns against the AGGF. it all came to a head a few days ago when they attacked Macross city with overwhelming numbers

Our only option was to retreat, so, we and the Macross left earth for Mao. on the way we encountered one of the few Titan controlled space fleets and took it out.   right now we're waiting for Mao to finish the checks before the Macross and Iron 7 take off for Eden.  unfortunately OUR destination after they leave is classified.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Dsvaun on July 02, 2008, 01:05:24 PM
Video update
Checking time
Conditions satifactory, Playing video 2

zzzzz....ugh, hello?  This message i.......... AGGF.  Since I am unsure of the co........e situation I will send these recordings  to Mao Industries on the moon.  Ap.......... two hours ago, I came across the wreckage of a group of t........ that had been attacked by what is now dubbed the Psycho Haro.  I went to and during my investigation I was attacked by a MS that can only be described as a Psycho Gundam, however it was........................rap, the camera got damaged during the attack.  I managed to make it to Nu, but even with the HW.................pletely defeated.  At first I didn't understand why I left myself, I just felt like I needed to, but I .....I remember now.  Nu is essentially crippled and my no.....iut was comprimised in the attack.  I'm dead in the water.  I'll try to figure out something but if nothing comes up, I ju.......ay that it was an honor serving in the AGGF.  Oh and Tyria, I don't bla.........his but you still suck.
(Recording end)
I'm actually fine now guys.  I've got a long story to tell,but first I need to take care of some business.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Chaostic on July 02, 2008, 06:36:37 PM

I'm going to AX See ya in a few days

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 04, 2008, 05:31:27 AM

I guess, we should be getting ready to head out soon. let's see the repairs and modifications to our UNS friends should be finished within the next five hours and we'll leave at the same time they do.

Gai downs a drink

it's somewhat sad that Derek's still off somewhere; Haruka could sure fix a mean drink and I'm sure we'd have good use for the rest of the Blue Wings.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on July 04, 2008, 12:27:51 PM
*Chris gets nervous* Hey, guys.... I have an announcement.
*He removes contact lens revealing red eyes* On my little, uh, trip through subspace, I encountered a race known as the Radam. If you don't have the intel, they're a vicious race of alien that seeks to control everything. Their leaders are known as the Tekkaman, humanoids that are way stronger than they look. I... went through the Radamizing process.... they took me, shoved me into one of their plants, and went through the painful transformation into a Tekkaman, and if not for the brave pilot of the Gespenst I flew back here on, I would be completely under Radam control.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on July 04, 2008, 02:23:25 PM
Good to know you made it back with your mind intact.

Next step: Join the superhuman pilot club and support group. There's a signup sheet over there.
Which reminds me, I don't think I ever signed up after my cybernetics came back online.
Jaybee walks over and scrawls his signature on the paper.

Never hurts to have it written down somewhere that your body isn't stock anymore and needs special care.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on July 04, 2008, 04:15:47 PM
*signs name on paper*

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 04, 2008, 05:27:08 PM
Would I count with my Ether abilities? Not many left with them.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on July 04, 2008, 06:35:35 PM
Andrew, I think almost all of the AGGF fits into the superhuman category except for a few that haven't had anything done to them.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on July 04, 2008, 08:10:12 PM
Yeah, but seriously, how many of you can do this?


*transforms into a Blade-Evil cross*
Beat that!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 04, 2008, 08:35:02 PM
Howe bout this then.


the black head piece (that matches the armor Gai wears) appears out of nowhere and a green eyepiece covers the left eye.


Gai draws a katana with a black handle and blue blade,

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 04, 2008, 08:44:49 PM
*Draws personal katana*

Want to see something cool?


*Katana changes into metal war fans*

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on July 04, 2008, 09:11:07 PM
*Voltekkas open up*
I'm a very sore loser....

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 04, 2008, 09:39:10 PM
I just hope Tyria doesn't have some kind of Haro power armor or anything

regardless we're leaving soon,  there will be a briefing in 18 hours if you want to help rip the Titans a new one you'll be there.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on July 05, 2008, 03:55:11 AM
That's some pretty beefy armor you got there, Chris. I think I'm gonna avoid picking a fight.

Jaybee slaps ChrisABlair on the back, then initiates a computer connection and shuts the Voltekkas back down.

Besides, cracking firewalls is so much more fun.

Y'all have fun sparring. I've got a few calls to make and a new mech to tune.
We should be seeing some improvements in the Titan propaganda stream soon., I'm told. It seems their media server is, unfortunately, a tad glitchy. Some unedited clips are probably gonna get loaded accidentally any minute now.

Jaybee flips on a holoset, just in time to see another Titan-edited clip...
Aww, c'mon... is that really the best editing these guys can do? It's a sequence of obvious cut/splices. There's NO visual continuity. We didn't even HAVE the Alteisen at Macross City!

...and then a clip of a titan-paint GM stepping on some civilians huddled on the sidewalk.
Ouch. They didn't play around with picking the source footage.

Shouldn't be seeing too many of these. The code driving it is designed to be fairly intermittent. Keeps them from just pulling everything down immediately.
And it's embedded well enough that it genuinely looks like a simple glitch n the media server. Well, a large collection of glitches. They're gonna have FUN trying to fix them all.

But it's enough to make people stop and think.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on July 05, 2008, 05:45:10 AM
Now that you said, I don't have a powered Haro-baseated armor but it's a nice idea, thank you! I was getting bored with nothing mad to research on!

If anyone needs me, I'll be on the lab needing guinea pigs!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 05, 2008, 05:06:55 PM
/Briefing room/

the crew and Pilots had asssembled for the scheduled briefing a few minutes early.  Gai entered a minute later and after taking a head count, began

Good to see everyone is here so I'll go ahead and get started.  Lights please.

the lights were cut of and a projector was cut on revealing  the Image of a cylindrical colony.  However this one was clearly different than most.  it was shorter and if one looked closely they would see it was armed for combat.  In addition the colony had a large space port made for warships

this is the War colony and storage facility "Valhalla" it is from here we will begin our counter attack.  This place is not on any map and completely unknown to the outside world.  Inside is an advanced military research facility and the weapon that will be key to our victory.  Valhalla is hidden by debris from the OYW and, just recently, Mirage Colloid technology.

after this is said an image of the exact same place without Valhalla replaces the original

Specific attack plans will be given later, for now,  all I can say is we plan to destroy the Titans space HQ which is currently located on the new space battle ship Libra, and the earth HQ in Canada simultaneously.

Sides of Libra and the Titan HQ in Canada replace the empty space on cue one after the other.

the tentative name of this operation is "Operation Tsunami"

Any Questions?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on July 05, 2008, 05:56:02 PM
Just one, sir. When do we start?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 05, 2008, 06:35:02 PM
well to be honest I'm not sure yet.  the weapon may not be ready and even if it is I'll need two pilots for it.

in addition we need to make sure the Titans have a bad name before we start so there will be several small missions to gather the Data we need for that.

but for now it looks like two weeks till we start the operation.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 05, 2008, 08:31:32 PM
What is the weapon?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 05, 2008, 09:34:15 PM
well I'm told it's a two part weapon powered by two Degeneracy Generators.  but beyond that I'm not allowed to say

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 06, 2008, 12:02:28 AM
Ianator, BK, I want you to meet me in the simulator. We need to practice technique with the G-Sword and the R-Gun.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on July 06, 2008, 12:33:16 AM
Well, we've got the first seeds of anti-propaganda out there.

Did we ever drop that Destroy carcass on them, or did it get left behind in our escape?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on July 06, 2008, 01:12:54 AM
Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure we still have it. I've been readying a drop pod so I can show it off during the Titans' next live conference showing off their "might."

Andrew, I'll be in there shortly. Just need to make sure this thing can't get shot at by any interceptor systems until it does its job.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Chaostic on July 07, 2008, 02:12:18 AM
Chaostic: Propaganda already started.

*Turns on TV*

Reporter: Just just in, Internationale Terrorist Luise Ptardaivan was recently captured.

Reporter: Luise clamming to be A member the the UNS elite counter-insurgency group the Titans. We now take you live to the scene...

Luise: I was Just fallowing orders I swear! Please! I don't want to die! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....


Tech: Boss we lost visual but audio fine thank to our new enhancements.

Luise: Ah! What are you doing here sir?


Luise: Gah...

Transmission lost

Reporter: Juicy... What we're back!? Er.. um...

*turns off tv*

(ooc: yay I have a copy of W now)

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 07, 2008, 02:11:32 PM
You do realize that that is an old trick. We have no way of telling if Ptardaivan is in fact dead.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Chaostic on July 07, 2008, 08:36:33 PM
by the way Chris welcome back and welcome to the club, I like to run a analysis on your Tekkaman form but I'll need the docs help

(speaking of Tekkaman I liked how SRW W handles Miyuki's illness)

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on July 07, 2008, 10:48:45 PM
(OoC to Chaostic: Yeah, I thought it was nifty too.)
Heh. Tekkaman Null will dispatch any and all enemies in his path! But that may just be my hot-blooded... ness.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 08, 2008, 10:35:20 AM
Do we have to worry about losing you to madness if you stay in Tekkaman form too long?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on July 08, 2008, 12:14:23 PM
No. But be lucky if I remember anything at all within a year. I've gone the whole process.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 09, 2008, 11:15:08 AM
Ianator, do you think we have the G-Sword down, yet?  We also need to practice our hand to hand combat outside our machines.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 09, 2008, 04:24:59 PM

Sanger's Over-sized Sword Sense was telling him someone really needed improvement.

Sanger: "FOOL, use the momentum from the sword in your maneuvers or you machine will crash into something"

/L1 Debris field/

Gai watched as debris that dated back as far as the One Year War floated by.  the Akagane was traveling a 'corridor' of empty space which no one would have known was there unless they were told about it.

Reduce speed, and broadcast via laser in direction Z-R-75 "Mine eyes have seen the glory"

it was done and a few moments later a colony, Valhalla, materialized out of empty space.  Visible in the open ports sat the Metatron, the Duragreiz and the Arc Gurren.  The Akagane proceeded to dock in a forth port. Gai asked for the Com and made an announcement to all hands

Attention we have just arrived at Valhalla. we will have a general meeting tomorrow afternoon to reveal remaining details about Operation Tsunami.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on July 09, 2008, 04:53:42 PM
I think we just need a couple of adjustments in our maneuvers to take advantage of the G-Sword's momentum; other than that, I'd say we've got it down. Personal hand-to-hand, though, I'm a little rust at, so the training will be most welcome.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 09, 2008, 06:19:42 PM
Alright, give me a few minutes to change the settings for the simulator. Do you have any weapon requests/preferences?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on July 09, 2008, 06:48:24 PM
Hmm... well, I've always had a thing for two-handed weapons, but I don't think two-handed beam swords are all that practical for personal combat. I think just a laser rapier will do.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 10, 2008, 11:22:39 AM
*Some time has passed*

You're better than I expected. Let's take this up a couple of notches.

*Switches katana to war fans*

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on July 10, 2008, 12:34:36 PM
Yeah, I guess flying the R-3 Powered is like training with weights strapped to your limbs - take them off, and you can do anything for a little while.

War fans, eh? You learn something new every day. Time to learn how Banjou does it!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 10, 2008, 01:10:34 PM
In a couple of hours, after we take a break, I want to do some out-of-mech team training. We need to keep our bodies up as much as our piloting skills.

We have some good settings, I think.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on July 11, 2008, 08:24:38 PM
Good idea. I need my human form to be in great shape so I don't always have to rely on Tekkaman form.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 13, 2008, 06:31:25 PM
I'm feeling better about my chances in and out of my PT.

How about everyone else who did the training?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 13, 2008, 06:58:28 PM
/briefing auditorium/

Good to see you all made it on time.  now that we are safely aboard Valhalla I am ready to give full details on Operation Tsunami.  As mentioned before. the operation will be a simultaneous attack on both the titans earth and space command centers. 

However before the Operation we'll need to put pieces in place to both change public opinion about us and the Titans as well as remove certain threats to the operation.  as such there are four missions that must be completed.

Mission 1: Destruction of super weapon, Storm Gun. (3 pilots)

as confirmed by data from Chaostic's shuttle the Titans are constructing a giant meteor cannon.  Such a device could destroy entire fleets and would give the Titans complete control of inter colony transportation; it must be destroyed.  A team of ten Huckebein Mk II Ms will join the volunteers and the Duragreiz tho destroy this weapon and retrieve the data for propaganda reasons.

Mission 2:  Infiltration of Research Colony Agorion (2 Pilots)

This colony has been officially declared as a medical research Colony however I'm almost certain that's a lie.  I need two people to infiltrate and gather data including video footage of Titan research going on there.

Mission 3: Destruction of Titan's ground based Wraith Squad (3 Pilots)

The Titans have fromed a new elite unit called the Wraith Squadron; Their skills could prove a hindrance in Operation Tsunami.  Three pilots and twenty mass produced Huckebeins will attack during their weekly training exercise and destroy the Squad..

Mission 4: scouting of Canadian HQ (2 Pilots)

Basic scouting mission to ascertain details for operation Tsunami.

I'll go into further details when we have volunteers.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on July 13, 2008, 09:02:36 PM
... I'll take care of the 'medical' colony. I just have this feeling I should be there.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on July 13, 2008, 09:38:41 PM
That "Storm Gun" looks like a juicy target for SRX. What do you think, Andrew?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 13, 2008, 09:53:33 PM
I think you're right, Ianator.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Chaostic on July 14, 2008, 02:40:22 AM
I'll head to the medical colony as well this might be interesting

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on July 14, 2008, 06:01:15 AM
I'm interested in taking on Wraith Squad.
Heard that it seens the Titans may have acquired some Aura Battlers from gods knows where and that they may be deployed to a elite battalion.
I still miss my Seilbine-Kai...I want to meet up with any Aura Battler that I can salvage.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on July 14, 2008, 04:26:35 PM
I'll take the third mission "Wraith Squad"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Chaostic on July 15, 2008, 02:41:59 AM
ok so far

Mission 1: Destruction of super weapon, Storm Gun. (Andrew, Basterd King & Ianator)

as confirmed by data from Chaostic's shuttle the Titans are constructing a giant meteor cannon.  Such a device could destroy entire fleets and would give the Titans complete control of inter colony transportation; it must be destroyed.  A team of ten Huckebein Mk II Ms will join the volunteers and the Duragreiz tho destroy this weapon and retrieve the data for propaganda reasons.

Mission 2:  Infiltration of Research Colony Agorion (Chaostic & ChrisABlair)

This colony has been officially declared as a medical research Colony however I'm almost certain that's a lie.  I need two people to infiltrate and gather data including video footage of Titan research going on there.

Mission 3: Destruction of Titan's ground based Wraith Squad (Sakura77, Tyria + ???)

The Titans have fromed a new elite unit called the Wraith Squadron; Their skills could prove a hindrance in Operation Tsunami.  Three pilots and twenty mass produced Huckebeins will attack during their weekly training exercise and destroy the Squad..

Mission 4: scouting of Canadian HQ (??? + ???)

Basic scouting mission to ascertain details for operation Tsunami.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on July 16, 2008, 02:10:13 AM
Hmmm... put me down for recon in Canada.
I'll take the Blitz Gundam for that one.

BTW, the "glitchy" propaganda player is still glitching. Given the intermittent and subtle nature of the glitches, it hasn't had a HUGE effect. It's got people questioning exactly what's going on, though.

We have a content injection mechanism up now, though they'll probably have the server offline within 2 minutes of us going live.
And I doubt the existing codebase will be brought back online afterwards. So it better be a quick and effective vid.
I'd save this, and time it for maximum impact.

Here's the codes for the backdoor, chief.
Jaybee flips a datachip to Sume Gai

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 16, 2008, 06:49:19 AM
then I guess I'll go with Jaybee and Doc has volunteered to fill that last spot.  I'll take the Exia with me. 

With that settled I'll hand ot the rest of details for the combat missions.

Mission 1:

the guard on the Storm gun isn't too big but we have A GN Flag and 15 or so GN-X. In addition the main force is made of experimental mobile dolls 20 Virgo II's

Mission 3:

The wraith Squadron has grown quickly and is a mix of several MS.  the Standard unit is an Overflag but expect to have at least ten special units. They also have five Dunbines and a Bilbine with them.   their total numbers are about 30.

I'll leave planing up to leaders in each unit.  Thats Andrew for team one, Chaostic in team two, Sakura in team three, and myself in team four.

I hope you all are ready cause we're heading out tomorrow

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on July 17, 2008, 05:58:39 AM they have a Bilbine, it would be great if we managed to get our hands on it, or at least that Aura Converter it has, since it's the most hard piece of hardware to build.

(OoC:I will be away to a anime convention on another city, so I will only be able to acess internet after some 3 or 4 days)

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Chaostic on July 18, 2008, 04:07:14 PM
Chris and I are lunching in Mica.

We have but one thing to say to the other teams before we leave "Good luck and Godspeed"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 18, 2008, 04:16:05 PM
The SRX team is getting ready to leave on the Akagane. Any extra intel?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on July 18, 2008, 04:20:27 PM
Kina and I are leaving now. I'll buy everyone a couple rounds after this is over.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 18, 2008, 04:29:20 PM

several ships begin to leave, the Diuragriez on it's way to destroy the Storm Gun; the Akagane for earth to destroy the Wraith sqiuadren; Mica to scout the medical colony and a shuttle to scout the Canadian HQ.

good luck every one.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on July 18, 2008, 10:23:35 PM
*checks all gear* I'm ready for this. I just have this feeling something in this op will go wrong.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on July 18, 2008, 10:52:08 PM
Something always goes wrong. That's why it's so dad-blasted fun!

R-3 Powered is prepped and ready. Also, looks like you got the wrong ship, Captain Andrew...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Chaostic on July 18, 2008, 11:20:28 PM
yeah I know thats why we're using Mica worst case scenario he can extract us forcefully 

Mica: Pilot registration complete welcome aboard uncle Chris.


ok Mica will now respond to your commands now man in the case you cover is blown, signal Mica for support

If you can avoid tek-setting after all they don't know your a tekkaman yet

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 19, 2008, 04:03:04 AM
Whoops. At least we left with the correct ship.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on July 19, 2008, 09:12:17 AM
Okay. I'll do my best.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 19, 2008, 07:38:59 PM
/en route to earth/

Well the Storm Gun team should start their attack soon.  then the medical colony team, next the Wraith team and finally us.  you should get some rest; I'll wake you when we reach the atmospheric interface.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on July 19, 2008, 09:19:34 PM
The Durageiz is about an hour from the location of the Storm Gun. I'm surprised we haven't encountered any Titans patrols yet. It's like... they want us here.

...I think we better park our ship about twenty minutes out and use boosters the rest of the way.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 20, 2008, 02:31:21 AM
I think you're right. Huckebein team, get ready for battle. Have the G-Sword made ready and make sure it can get to us on command.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on July 20, 2008, 02:08:33 PM
Chaostic, I've got our forged papers prepared, it should be easy to infiltrate now.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 20, 2008, 05:02:07 PM
/Storm Gun/

the large device is easily as big as a New Macross class ship;  the main body is a long thick cylinder with boosters and guns attached at appropriate points.  Flying guard is five GN-Xs; they pass to and fro with no hint that they expect company.

/command tower/

a man in the uniform of a rear admiral sits in the command chair of what would appear to be a ships bridge.  his XO approaches him cautiously to make a report

XO: "SIR we've detected what appears to be a warship of unknown class at the very edge of out sensor range."

Admiral: "as expected are our units in position?"

XO: "yes sir the are hidden among fake asteroids asteroids, between us and the ship, running silent and with the GN tau drives covering their location."

Admiral: "good and the Storm Cannon?"

XO: "Loaded and ready to fire... but are you sure about this?"

the XO was clearly unsure of the plan as it meant sacrificing most of their MS compliment. 

Admiral: "of course, in exchange for even one AGGF member command would gladly give up 40 or 50 men; after all their will always be more  And even if they survive the Firing this thing has the best in armor technology, Trans Phase Armor (a kind of PS armor)"

XO: "and what of the ship couldn't it be a threat?"

Admiral: "not likely it's probably a Salamis, with an incompetent captain"

/false Asteroid cluster/
/GN flag cockpit/

Michael didn't get it; his team had been ordered to head out and wait with no real explanation. 

Michael: "I wish that admiral had bothered to tell us why we're just waisting our time out here..."

Micheal was an honest kid, He'd joined the military to provide his little sister with money for her education but things had changed recently, he had found a reason to actually fight.  His personal goals ever since the Aerogater incident were to protect earth and the colonies but he had no Idea what kind of group he'd joined or what kind of monster he was guarding....

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on July 20, 2008, 05:23:26 PM
...Alright, I think we've waited long enough. Huckebein Squadron, keep on your toes - the patrols may be light, but we have no idea how many enemies are waiting for us in the asteroids. Andrew, ready on your command.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 20, 2008, 05:45:50 PM
Get ready on my mark.





Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on July 20, 2008, 06:07:36 PM
All units, attack!!

The entire squadron of ten Huckebeins and three R-Units burst forth from the asteroids around the Storm Gun. Immediately, several GN-X pop out as well, heading straight for the Huckebeins. Within seconds, the immediate area is filled with the lights of battle.

Strike Swords, smite mine foes! BM Select: Twin M95s!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 20, 2008, 06:59:53 PM
/Storm Gun airspace/

Michael and his team of two GN-Xs were ordered into combat as an unknown group entered the area. Micheal spotted the lead unit, a blue, white and red close range type, and made his way to towards it.  He raised his rifle and fired across the path of the unit before opening a radio channel

Michael : "attention Intruder. This is Neo Titan airspace; turn back or you will be fired upon!"

he raised the rifle to emphasize his words.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 20, 2008, 07:32:44 PM
*Responding to Micheal*

Do I look like I can be intimidated by that peashooter? Surrender and you can leave without any problems.

*Closing channel*
*To AGGF mechs*

Let's go. To victory!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 20, 2008, 08:00:44 PM

Michael: "Very well then"

as he says this three Huckebeins charge his team; the GN-Xs become entangled but Michael manages to disable his by shooting it's arms off and then charges at andrew firing three shoots hoping to disable him as well

Michael: "Why are you attacking, this is part of the anti-alien defense network?"

/Storm Gun Control tower/

XO: " one minute to firing"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on July 20, 2008, 08:27:25 PM
Channel Open.

Hey, you. If you'd bothered to take a look at where that gun's pointing, you'd see that it's aimed squarely at something crewed by humans.

R-3 sprays one GN-X with gunfire, catching its thrusters and sending it crashing into a nearby asteroid.

Damn, I'm picking up a major power flux from that thing. Is it about to fire?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 20, 2008, 08:39:37 PM
Form the SRX. Get ready to destroy that thing. Are the cameras rolling?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on July 20, 2008, 08:49:02 PM
Always. Just lemme see if I can...

One of the T-Linked GINN blades streaks towards the cannon, only to bounce off it harmlessly; the impact point inverts in color for a split second.

Well, cramp my style. Phase Shift Armor. Let's trash that thing! G-Sword, launch! T-Link Contact! Variable Formation, engage!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 20, 2008, 09:16:41 PM
Forget the G-Sword. If that thing has Phase Shift armor, the sword will do very little good. We need to fire beams at that thing.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 20, 2008, 09:29:17 PM
/5 minutes ago/

Bright knew that something was off the Virgo IIs were nowhere to be found.

Bright: "move us forward we need to cover the suits"


when the SRX started to combine the Huckebeins formed a defensive wall to prevent the enemy from breaking through.  but Michael by disabling three more units had managed to break through

Michael: "It's only a coincidence that it's pointed at you after all you are the ones who attacked!"

/Command Tower//
XO: ""

Michael had intended to say something else when one of his subordinates called.

Subordinate: "sir the Storm Guns is firing at them AND US what do we-"

Just then the hail of s,mall lrocks chewed through the back of several GN-Xs Including Michaels team mate.

Michael: HOOOOOOOOWAAAAAAAAARD MAAAAAAAAASOOOON!!!!!!!!! (because obviously the teammate's name is Howard Mason)

just then the Duragreiz running full throttle moves between tha remaining MS and the barrage of the Storm Gun the damage is extensive however a steady barrage from AA guns preveent the ship from being totally eliminated. but it's now dead in the "water"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on July 20, 2008, 09:40:07 PM
Son of-oo my head~

Ow... Hey, I made sure we're still in one piece, but the TK Field overloaded - we're half combined, not to mention extremely vulnerable, so I'm aborting the sequence. I think we can trash this thing with our lesser guns first, then bring the survivors back to the ship... or what's left of it.

...Hey, good thing I recorded this. Shows what those blackies are really all about.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 21, 2008, 04:57:56 AM
Huckebein team, get to the survivors. Ianator, I want you with me to check the storm gun's computers after we disable it. I want to see if they have a schematic or overall plan on that thing.  BK, do what you can to help get the Durageiz moving again.

Let's go people.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Chaostic on July 21, 2008, 07:09:51 AM
Having successfully infiltrated the colony Chaostic and ChrisABlair split up only contacting each other via coded messages to and from Mica. Learning that anther organization the two started having that something big was going to happen very soon </I>

My god, this is incredible!

Tech: Yeah I said the same thing dude.

I'm a little overwhelmed could we contuse this over a drink?(did he just say dude)

Tech: Sure I know this great place follow me

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 21, 2008, 06:40:10 PM

Michael was horrified the weapon meant to protect was only being used for destruction

Michael: "This...can'"

Bright having heard the Pilots Cry of disbelieve decided to speak to him personally

Bright:  "but it is. that thing is nothing more than a weapon to control the colonies, If you wanted to fight aliens you should have joined someone else.  all the titans care about is their own power.  When the earth was attacked all the Titans did was hide."

as this conversation goes on the Virgo II's are launched from the Storm Gun to defend it.

Bright: "Everyone we have ten minutes till the storm gun fires again Get moving!"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on July 21, 2008, 10:19:21 PM
Looks like we're gonna have to trash this whole thing! T-Link System, full contact! T-Link Laser Cannon, overcharge!

As R-3 Powered moves towards the muzzle of the Storm Gun, it whips out its cannon. The remaining Strike Swords converge on it, defending it from attack on all sides. The laser cannon's capacitor is charged higher than it was originally meant to as the entire barrel starts to glow a little redder than usual.

Come on... just a little more!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 22, 2008, 10:41:42 PM
/Strom Gun control tower/

Admiral: " get the Virgos to guard us while we reload, theres no way they'll survive a second shot."

XO: "yes sir"

/Storm gun vicinity/

the Virgos form teams of five creating shared shields that provide strong defense.  Michael still didn't know what to think till he saw that the gun was going to fire again

Michael : "NO I won't let you use it on humans again!!"

Michael charges toward the group of Vigos in front of the barrel and using his powerful GN saber cut's thourgh the field and destroys one.


with that Michael instructed the remaining GN-X's to help break through as thier commanders were betraying them.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 22, 2008, 11:42:16 PM
Ianator, cover me. I've got the best shot of getting in there and getting out alive.

If I don't make it, It's been an honor serving with all of you.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on July 23, 2008, 12:53:24 AM
Why go in when you can kill it from here?


Just what I wanted to hear! TK LASER CANNON, FIRE!

A gigantic stream of green energy erupts from the tip of the cannon, only to disappear down the throat of the Storm Gun. If space could carry sound, the gigantic weapon would sound like a soda can being crushed - only it's blowing outward instead. Just as the cannon's ten-second burst draws to a close, the blast rips through the other end of the asteroid into which the Storm Gun was built. R-3 releases its now-white-hot cannon, so as to avoid damage to itself.

There we go. Don' tink dat's gonna give us much promblems no more... Whoo, I's feelin' kinda dizzeh... Jes' gonna... close mah eyes for a... sec...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on July 23, 2008, 05:36:22 PM
Once again, Huckebein team, get any survivors, and that means all of them, to the Durageiz. I need a status report on the Durageiz as well.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 24, 2008, 04:16:16 PM

as things had finally settled down Bright was  receiving damage reports.  playing the shield had cost the Duragriez dearly it's catapult deck was ruined along with many of it's weapons.  thankfully the Bridge, hanger and crew areas had survived mostly intact.  about half of the Huckebeins were destroyed but only two pilots had been killed. 

In addition a GN-X and a GN Flag had surrendered to them.  those pilots were being held, willingly, in the brig for the time being

Bright: "field repairs should get us home; but this ship will a full overhaul before it can head out again, it seems about time for team 3 to start firing""

/earth orbit/

Hey Jaybee we're about to enter the atmosphere so get ready

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on July 24, 2008, 08:55:05 PM
Roger that. Getting Blitz tucked into a drop pod now.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 24, 2008, 09:31:38 PM
/ shuttle/

Gai in his normal suit, which in his case was really just a helmet that connected to his armor. and entered the Exia

I received word that they got the Storm Gun; but the Duragreiz took some nasty hits in the process.  lets hope Team 3 doesn't have any problems.

/near southern California coast/

Citan was suited up and ready as was everyone else.  He waited in the Fenrir for the launch signal which would come soon.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Chaostic on July 27, 2008, 06:10:25 AM
over the past few days the two investigators set by the AGGF contused to gather intel on the experiments within the colony, they where shocked and amazed by what they found. Unfourtntly Chaostic sipped up and was discovered to be a spy during his daring escape(planed by Chris) He took Chris hostage and acquired the the video footage Chris recorded thus far but having a hostage did not stop them firing. Throwing Chris aside Chaostic proceeded to make a break for the extraction point. Suddenly Chaostic's path was blocked with no way out

Chaostic: What the hell!


Chaostic: There venting the atmosphere... wait what!

*a hole was blown in the hull*

Chaostic: shit!

*Chaostic saw a armored being*

Chaostic: (a tekkamen.. no something else I hope Mica gets here soon or I'll be...)

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on July 29, 2008, 07:46:27 PM

Jamil Neate watched as his monitor displayed images of the unsuspecting Wraith unit   he checked the time and rose to his feet

Jamil: "Commence mission immediately   launch all units and then ready the main guns."

(OOC: Sakura, Tyria thats your cue)

/outside Titans earth HQ/

The two pods descended silently and broke open about 50 feet above ground as two suits fired their thrusters to slow their descent

alright Jaybee we can land in that clearing and then head into the base.  I'll go on foot and don't worry I've got a stealth cloak that runs off my G-stone.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on July 31, 2008, 12:02:26 PM
Tyria, Infinty Justice, launching!

All right everybody, let's review the plan. The ship will cover us with support fire, 8 huckbines will stay here to protect it, while me and Sakura split the rest and engage.
Our priority are the aura battlers, if their pilots are anywhere as good as I was with my Seilbine, it will be hell! My force will try to isolate them and pick they out one-by-one! Sakura's will be engaging the rest of the Wraits while we take care of the battler-

*first battery is fired and salve takes down some Wraith units, two Dunbines detach theirselves from the main force high into air*

All right guys, we got our mark, engage!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on August 02, 2008, 01:46:32 AM
Jaybee slips by a patrol mech, pausing long enough to open the cockpit and launch a bug from a shoulder launcher.

Ahhh, Blitz is such a fun ride. Why fight when you can walk right on by?
Well, other than explosions are pretty?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on August 02, 2008, 07:06:52 AM
/*On the battle aganist the Wraiths*\

Sakura:Tyria! We took out about 1/3 of their regular force and one Dunbine! I hope things are going better for you side, because most my Hyuckebine troops are down! Those guys ARE good!

Tyria:I'm worse than you then, managed to take out those two Dunbines I saw first, lost all but 2 Hyuckebines to them i-...wait a moment...damn, there is the Bilbine, it's heading to the ship!

*Bilbine takes down two Hyuckebines that were protecting the ship easilly *

Tyria:Hmn...he's good.

*Infinity Justice flyes at full speed towards the ship, firing deserperatelly at Bilbine so it doesn't get closer to the ship's bridge*

*Bilbine turns to Infinity Justice*

Girl:Oh my, what's the matter, little baby, wanting to get bad to mamma!?

Tyria:That's just an...girl...?

Girl:What the fuck! I'll show you who's the girl when you begin to scream like one, I'll fucking kill ya!! least that got her out of the ship's trail...ahh...just what I needed, an bloodlusty psychotic girl on an Aura Battler...hope things don't go hyper...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on August 02, 2008, 10:26:29 AM
I have about 1/3 of their regular force left and there's only me and one Huckebein left. Who's ever in the Huckie is good. I'm worried about the fact that their commander has not engaged us yet only his troops. Good luck with that Bilbine help us when you are done.

*Slashes apart one Wraith that was in the wrong place at the wrong time*

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on August 02, 2008, 11:47:48 PM
/southern California/
/Wraith training area/

Wraith leader was standing back as his men worked.  if they couldn't survive they didn't deserve to be Wraiths.  his unit ( and his lieutenant's ( stood off to the side waiting to see how things went   

Wraith Leader: "we couldn't have asked for better practice"

Lieutenant: "indeed, should we engage them now, the majority of our people have been beaten"

WL: "no we'll wait for them to come to us"

as if on cue Fenrir charged Wraith leader with a slash which Wraith Leader dodged before drawing his own blade

WL: "well then Lieutenant do as you wish, this one is mine"

Lt: "yes sir!"

with that Wraith Leader and Citan began to duel and the Lieutenant headed off with the intent to engage Sakura

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on August 04, 2008, 03:00:48 PM
*an mildly damaged Infinity Justice is still engaging with an less than mildly damaged Bilbine*

*The Bilbine cuts off IJ's hand, with last beam saber and prepares for the kill*

Tyria:Damn bitch, you are good! If only I still had my Seilbine-Kai...

Girl:What!? So you were an Aura Battler pilot too!? No wonder you kept up with me on that piece of crap. What happened, lost your Aura toy because you are lame? Come on, make it a fun tale and I might let you live to face me again!!

Tyria:*mutters something inteligible*

Girl:Spill it out or I'll skewer in a sec!!



Tyria:...some mutant haros...result of an mad expience of mine have ate it while it was in maintenance when they almost took over our base...

Girl:.........all right, I let you you are an scientist, great, them we shall meet again, the name is Niena, try to bring on an nice Aura Battler with you next time, I am sure those two dunbines you guys already took down can have salvageabe parts! Bye bye!

*the dunbine blow an kiss(!?) and just goes away somewhere*

Tyria:............all right, Captain, prepare an set of beam saber and an riffle for me, I am out of weapons and they still need me to take on the Wraiths!!

Jamil:Roger that, come back.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on August 04, 2008, 06:56:47 PM
*Dinah trades high speed blows with the Guren MK-II neither having an advantage*

Your unit deserves it's title of being elite.

Lt.:The AGGF is quite skilled as well if their pilots are of this caliber.

There are better pilots that me in the AGGF with far more experience.

Lt.:Is that so? I hope I get to meet them. If I were you, I would finish our fight quickly if you want to help out that Huckebein.

The pilot will be able to hold on and I would consider that pilot an ace since she was able to keep up with me. Now enough talk!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on August 04, 2008, 09:32:40 PM
/Wraith team/

Wraith Leader and Citan were embroiled in an intense battle.  while Citan had the upper hand in power Wraith Leader had an advantage in speed.

WL: "you're very good."

Citan: "as are you.  but are this skilled when it comes to Personal combat."

WL: "indeed, but I don't intend to demonstrate"

Wraith leader uses his speed to evade a downward swing and tries to slash at Citan, however Citan makes a quick adjustment moving sideways and shifting his blade into high horizontal slash slash that removes the Red Frame's head.

WL: "Hmph... Fine then We'll settle this another day"

Citan: "so you're just running away?"

WL: " yes; I'm certain that this engagement is little more than preparation for something bigger.  I don't intend to die here as a foot note next time I won't hold back...."

Wraith Leader leaves and calls for reinforcements.  which will arive soon.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on August 05, 2008, 05:59:25 AM
*Tyria watches as many of the remaining Wraiths retreat, while some stay fighting, on the wait for reinforcements*

All right let's see...yeah, we took some bad loses here. This would be an good chance to call in a retreat. Sakura, help and get one of those Dunbine, if you can't carry it all, just cut out the wings where the aura converters are. I will take the others, we should get the hell out of here before the reinforcements come, we are too tired for an more prolongued fight!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on August 10, 2008, 02:26:24 PM
*The Akagane returns home without any incident other than Tyria attempting to build a new aura battler*

I hope the other teams had better luck than we did. Even though we failed, we were able to decrease their numbers by 2/3s but, I don't think we've seen the last of Wraith.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Tyria on August 11, 2008, 05:51:21 AM
Hey! It was not my fault if any of the mechanics tought he could mess around with an Aura Converter on his own without knowing a thing! Thankfully, nothing was damaged other than the said mechanic's ears...I hope to finish my new aura battler is some weeks.

Well, given the skill they had to take on us and still walk out of it, I say every kill counts.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on August 11, 2008, 09:31:20 PM
/Canada HQ/
/officer's quarters/

a man in a Titan's rear admiral's unifofm entered his room and locked hiss door before starting up a computer console.  after logging in something Struck the officer on the back of the head knocking him unconscious.  then powering down the cloak Gai takes over the active console making a copy of certain bit of data onto a USB chip

<over com>Jaybee I think we're done here prepare to leave; I'll meet you at the Exia.

then something caught Gai's attention a certain program on the computer

this could prove useful...

Gai takes a few seconds to upload a remote control progam on the computer and then bury it in the hard drive before leaving

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on August 13, 2008, 09:53:47 PM
Jaybee walks to an idling motorcycle, now a deep glossy black instead of polka-dot, and pulls a small tool out of a saddle bag.
Roger that. Just lemme plant one more toy...
And I'm done. 

He revs the bike and heads back to the Blitz.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on August 13, 2008, 10:30:49 PM
/outside Canadian HQ/

Gai waits by the Exia and Blitz as Jaybee arrives.

We'll have to hurry our ticket out won't wait long.  we need to head southeast from here and we've only got 8 hours.

Gai quickly climbs into the Exia which begins emitting GN particles

we don't need to worry about detection till the sun rises.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on August 15, 2008, 01:18:46 AM
Well, that was fun.
Unusually quiet for one of our operations, but... fun.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on August 18, 2008, 08:56:35 PM
/Valhalla vicinity/

a small shuttle emits the code phrase and heads for the dock.  Inside Gai and Jaybee along with their mechs and data are eager to get back.</I>

Almost there;  It's funny how easy it was to get this shuttle by pretending to work for a transit company  of course I'd imagine your acting at that check point helped too.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on August 19, 2008, 04:55:35 PM
*Jaybee bows*

But of course.

 I'd've PREFERRED to just sneak aboard using some thermoptic cloaks, but... this way makes the ride home a bit more comfy, since we, ya know, have tickets.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Chaostic on August 20, 2008, 09:13:05 AM
(OOC Sorry meant to post this sooner but I kept getting distracted)

After being released by Chaostic, Chris rush to the nearest security checkpoint. playing the role of the traumatized victim he slips past the guards soon he was in what was normally a much more security of the station but thanks to all commotion cause by Chaostic's escape has them diverted elsewhere.


a green and red Tekkaman prepared a army to launch a attack on the station

???: Soon I shale destroy those who interfere with the ???:radomization of the earth and once I'm done with thin station I'll hunt down those interlopers as well as those rebel tekkaman.

(back to Chris)

one hour latter

warning warning where under attack by Radom forces repeat

Random personal: Everyone to the escape pods!

{Chris decides to escape via a nearby extraction point}

???: What do we have here... well is it isn't Cross!

Chris: *glare*

??: you have two choices now surrender or die

I'm sorry to say I have yet to be filled in on how the battle went other then that the green and red tekkaman fought Chris one on one and that titan had no trouble repelling the radom forces once they arrived. We will give a full report once we rendezvous with the fleet.

Chaostic: Mica encrypt & transmit.

Mica: Alright!

Chaostic: By the way good job back there Chris

Chris: ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Choastic: rest well my friend!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on August 23, 2008, 12:47:16 PM
*wakes up* I feel like I've been through the ringer.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Chaostic on August 24, 2008, 04:49:42 AM
I'm glad to see your up Chris the video data you got from the central complex was corrupted in your battle with the tekkaman whatever was going on thats where there main target was there.

that reminds me just what did the tekkaman call himself you recording ended just before the fight started all I got is that you are known as Tekkaman Cross to them

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on August 24, 2008, 04:06:21 PM
Him... *Chris clenches his fists* His name is... Tekkaman Zwei. He was my best friend.... and now my bitter enemy. When I disappeared a long time ago, I rejoined my former unit for a secret mission. It failed miserably, and five of us found ourselves as Tekkamen. I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys earlier.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on August 27, 2008, 01:12:06 PM
(sorry I've been out school and 'a project' I've been working on have eaten my time)

things were almost ready.  the data on Canadian HQ had been processed and reviewed all that was left was the briefing. but first there was the report on the medical colony.

So Chaostic, Chris what did you find over there?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on August 27, 2008, 10:21:13 PM
Shara walsk up and taps Jaybee on the shoulder
"Hey, how come you guys went out and had all the fun and I was stuck here?"

Someone had to mind the fort, so to speak. Besides, my trip wasn't that eventful. The fun part comes later.

"You expect me to believe that? I've heard how your recon missions go."

Only the one!
Masaki, tell her I'm a compet... hey, where IS Masaki?

"He's been missing for 3 days now. Last anyone saw him he said he was going to the restroom."

Jaybee rubs his forehead.
And I WISH that was only the once.

"No kidding. It was right down the hall.  20 feet in a straight line and turn right. The boy amazes me."

I suppose we should send out a search party.

Masaki walks in, a pair of utterly frustrated cats trailing behind him.
"Hey guys! Man, I'm glad to be back. Need me for this search party you're organizing? Who's missing, anyways? "

Jaybee and Shara look at each other, then speak in unison.
Naw, we've got it covered..
"No one's missing. You misheard us."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on August 28, 2008, 11:32:16 AM
I guess I'll give my report on the battle with Wraith

We reduced their numbers to 1/8 of their original size but due to their skill we couldn't eliminate them. Tyria was able to secure the remains of two dubines. Only one Hunkebein survived the assault on Wraith. If Wraith interrupts our next major strike on the Titans they will be undermanned.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Chaostic on August 30, 2008, 03:42:54 PM
Where do we start  at first everything looked normal of course, but all that was needed was a shallow scratch on the dirt of lies to see the flesh of truth beneath. They preform experiments on gene augmentation, cybernetic enhancement, drugs, psychosomatic reenforcement, cloning and Brainwashing technique on a inhuman level!

Here see for yourself *puts the video data on Gai's desk*

Thats everything but the data from the central complex that data was... damage in battle with Tekkaman Zwei you'll have to get the info from Chris.

Also when I was trying to escape there was a attack from this armored being it was about the same size as a Tekkaman but I have know idea what it was

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on August 30, 2008, 05:18:27 PM
The central complex is just what you would expect the Radam to come after; it's an incredible power source in the shape of a building complex. So Zwei probably came to scout out information about our forces. I knew they needed a lot of power for their experiments, but never that much. They also had a lab there, but not even my fake credentials could get me in there. 

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on August 31, 2008, 12:11:04 AM
Gai begins looking over the data on the colony and after a few moments dismisses Chaostic and Chris  after a few hours Gai's voice comes over the intercom

everyone assemble in the block five briefing room in five hours.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on August 31, 2008, 03:40:51 PM
-Block Five-
-Briefing Room-

good to see you all made it lets get down to business. 

As mentioned before this will be a simultaneous strike on both their space and  Canada HQ's

for the space mission I'll need two pilots to control  this; ( we call it the Gunbuster.  it is theoretically the most powerful unit in our arsenal.  sim data is available below. 

enemy numbers is likely to be around 500 in total split between GN-Xs, Taurus and Virgo mobile dolls.  it is recommended you get Libra to fire the main cannon and then enter the barrel to perform the buster collider

Gunbuster sim data (spoilers)

Canada HQ

this mission will be difficult according to our count they have over 2000 units of which about half are Hi-zacks; they also have  200 GN-X's, 400 Virgos, 300 OverFlags and 100 Re-GZ's. in adddition expect the remaining Wraith to show up in Jegan Normal Types ( or custom units

Unfortunately we can't use many of our more powerful weapons like the HTB cannon or the Satellite system for PR reasons but I think we can still win. during this battle we will release all of our collected data on the Titan's misdeeds.  hopefully this will gain us support from EF forces. 

any questions

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on August 31, 2008, 09:37:16 PM
Walking in late, Ianator in tow

Sorry, we're late. Our flight back got delayed after the battle. I did manage to get the gist of what was said, though.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 01, 2008, 02:04:21 AM
Oh my... that's a biiiig mech.
"Buster Home Run" ... I REALLY don't want to know any more about that weapon, do I?

Anyways, I wanna be a part of the Soviet Canuckistan raid.

Shara looks dissapointed.
" Aww, I wanted to see what those Buster Machines could do."

No one's stopping you from signing on.

"But we work so well together."

I have business on Earth, though. I think we still need to return our last shipment from the Superweapon of the Month club, among other things. I'm getting a drop pod ready for it now.

"You CAN'T be serious."

I am DEADLY serious. I want them to know EXACTLY what I think of this constant stream of oversized, overarmored, undereffective engines of destruction. This sucker's being hand-delivered, postage payable out of their hides on delivery.

One of the toys I planted during our last excursion was an emergency landing beacon. I'll send the activation code on the way down, and the thing will guide the package right into their courtyard, where it will shatter open and send Destroy parts rolling out at the feet of their mobilizing forces.

"You're taking an unhealthy amount of pleasure in this, you know?"

What can I say? Their proaganda video's left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on September 02, 2008, 11:04:23 AM
*yawn* Ah, g'morning. Is it finally time to "return to sender"?


Oooh~ pretty robot~

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on September 02, 2008, 11:07:35 AM
I'm going to assume that Dinah's anima awakening attacks are counted as super weapons. If that is the case then the V2 Assault Funnel will see some action.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on September 03, 2008, 11:28:08 AM
the way you use it Sakura It certainly would be

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on September 04, 2008, 06:23:11 PM
Storming out of the kitchen

Who messed with my arrangements? I was going to make a nice meal with dessert until I saw the state of the kitchen. It looks like a tornado went through it.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 05, 2008, 01:48:42 AM
I was hungry. I couldn't find the ketchup.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on September 05, 2008, 02:37:08 AM
I was hungry. I couldn't find the ketchup.

That's just great, JayBee. Instead of making everyone a nice meal and a good dessert, I have to spend the night cleaning up your mess. I hope your happy.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 06, 2008, 12:36:31 AM
I have ketchup. How could I not be?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on September 06, 2008, 01:32:39 AM
JayBee, unless this is overidden by someone higher up ie Commander Gai, I am imposing a punishment.  Effective immedatly, you are getting no rations from this kitchen for a week.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 06, 2008, 02:43:33 AM
Andrew, I can live for weeks in the bar.
And I still have a jug of Kusuha's energy drink... hey, put the knife down!

Jaybee's PDA beeps a few bars from Triangler.

'Scuse me while I check this.

Hey, chief... got a message from the UNS. The guys that infiltrated the propaganda station are doing good work.
Seems there were some people sympathetic to our cause working in the server farm. And the Titans have poor security in certain key respects.

Long story short... when we take over the propaganda stream, we will have it indefinitely. The Titans have no way to shut it down anymore, they just don't know it yet.

I think this turn of events can be sumaraized in one word: MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on September 06, 2008, 03:17:53 AM
Eeexcellent. Hey, anybody know when they're debuting their next oversized mobile weapon?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 07, 2008, 01:08:22 AM
I'll actually be surprised if we don't see another Destroy when we raid Canada. Make sure you pack some heavy artillery, folks.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on September 09, 2008, 01:59:24 PM
so no one wants to pilot the Gunbuster in all it's ungodly overpowered glory?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 09, 2008, 06:04:56 PM
Oh, I DO, don't get me wrong.
I just want to rape Canada more.

Besides, it's a good chance to see how the VF-25 handles in atmosphere. And try out the armor pack.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on September 10, 2008, 12:00:22 AM
so no one wants to pilot the Gunbuster in all it's ungodly overpowered glory?

I'll pilot the part that governs movement, if you don't have any plans for the SRX or something like that.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 10, 2008, 02:52:46 AM
Based on the specs here, that means you get Buster Machine 1.

Make sure you have enough fun for all of us.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on September 10, 2008, 04:19:45 AM
Well, if SRX is sitting this one out, there's no reason for me to not tag along too!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 10, 2008, 07:00:28 PM
And now Buster Machine 2 has a pilot!

Y'all give 'em hell.
Pics or it didn't happen, by the way.

And be VERY gentle with the throttle.
Going by this spec sheet, the Buster Machines have some sort of reactionless drive. They can attain relativistic speeds fairly easily.
Overshooting your target at half the speed of light would be bad.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on September 13, 2008, 03:10:35 AM
Returning from test flight

The last time I went anywhere near that fast was when I was testing an experimental engine at the STC. At least this time I didn't have to bail out because it overheated and blew up.

 I do think I scared Ianator with the Tyria-like laugh, though.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on September 14, 2008, 06:54:39 PM
Well then I guess if there are no questions we can begin the operation.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 15, 2008, 02:16:52 AM
Jaybee stands to the side in the hanger, talking to a mechanic, as the crew scurries about like so many enraged ants, loading ammo and prepping mechs

"I'm not mounting the armored module. End of story."

I need the firepower, and it's not like the specs say you can't do it.

"It doesn't look airworthy to me. And all your control surfaces are covered. I'll give you super packs, but I have my misgivings about those too."

Jaybee sighs
Super will do, I suppose. You got the hardpoint on the left arm mounted, right?

"THAT wasn't a problem. Aerodynamic shroud and all. Even worked a swivel in for the transformation. It always points forward now."

Thanks. That'll help a bunch. How'd you find room?

"Popped the shield off. You weren't gonna be taking hits on it with a gun there anyways, so... anyways, the shroud is armored, so it should be okay, but I wouldn't risk it if I were you."

Good thinking. I shoulda thought of that one myself.

"Well, to be honest, I was just trying to avoid drilling holes in that damned shield. It's harder than a *some nearby equipment creates several loud noises*"

Heh. Fair enough.
Now then... what should we put on our new hardpoint?

"Personally, I'd stick the graviton launcher on it."

They do say great minds think alike.

"One VF-25S Super-G, coming up!"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 17, 2008, 10:08:10 PM
Jaybee flips off a TV in disgust, walks to a comm panel, and smacks a button.
I'm sick of looking at all this crap the Titans have piled up everywhere.
Launch the Return to Sender pod, please.

"With pleasure!"

A large re-entry pod full of mobile armor parts drops out of the orbital debris belt and begins falling towards Canada.

Just one more thing to do...
Initiate Operation Stingray.


Shortly thereafter, in the Titans Canadian base.
Radar Operator: There's a large object entering the atmosphere.
Commander: Just a meteor.
Radar: Actually, it isn't sir. It seems to have ablative shielding.
Communications officer: SIR! Several radio transmitters have just activated all around the base! They seem to be landing beacons!
Commander: WHAT?!?!
Radar: The unidentified object is shifting trajectory! It's homing in on us!
Comm: We're receiving a transmission from the re-entry pod!!

Jaybee's voice comes up on the speakers
*kssh* Dear evildoers of Earth! We here at the Aeon Genesis Guardian Force regret to inform you that we are canceling our subscription to the superweapon of the month club. We have been quite disappointed in the quality of goods received to date, and customer service has been less than helpful in resolving our complaints. Enclosed is our last received package. Sincerely, the AGGF.*kssh*

Commander: Are they...  how can... these are...  is this some kind of JOKE?

Radar: The pod is oriented for our main courtyard. Predicted impact point is... the main hanger!


The pod shatters under the barrage of particle beams, releasing a shower of Destroy parts across the base, impacting like small missiles. The main "saucer" lands edge-on and rolls into the door of the hanger, denting it severely.


Meanwhile, at Titans HQ...

"UN operatives seem to have taken control of our news distribution center, sir... we're attempting to restore control, but the software seems to have been completely compromised, and they've enticed most of our men inside the station to cooperate."

"So just CUT THE POWER. It's not super-dimension phsyics!"

"We, ummm... can't. They have an on-site generator. They're also in a hardened underground bunker The center was designed to resist any terrorist sabotage attempts."

"Do SOMETHING! We can't let this ... this... DISTORTION OF THE TRUTH air unopposed!"

"Distortion? I mean... NEVER MIND! I'LL GET RIGHT ON IT SIR!"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on September 17, 2008, 11:12:58 PM
Hah! Just beautiful.

Do we still have the R-Blade? I've gotten some... inspiration, and I wanted to make some modifications.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on September 18, 2008, 12:09:55 AM
no time for that Ian; in 2 hours the Akagane will descend and you and Andrew will launch in the Gunbuster get ready Titan's here we come.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on September 18, 2008, 01:34:31 AM
Ianator, if you get motion sickness, I'd suggest you prepare now.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on September 18, 2008, 01:41:16 AM
Don't worry about me - I've been between the surface and sky quite a bit before. Now, when shall we depart?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on September 18, 2008, 03:02:58 PM
Get ready to launch when the order is given.

Andrew, in the Buster Machine 1, on standby.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on September 18, 2008, 03:13:34 PM
Oh, already?

Ianator, Buster Machine 2, standing by...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on September 18, 2008, 03:58:38 PM
/low earth orbit/

the crew was incredibly tense as the Akagane descended toward the atmosphere all mechs were prepared to sortie and the order to be launched would soon be given

Everyone begin final checks; Andrew, Ianator; good luck.

With that the Buster machines were released as the Akagane began It's final descent.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on September 18, 2008, 05:11:13 PM
Man, I'm not sure I've ever been the pilot of an honest-to-goodness Super Robot before! I mean, yeah, I've been support in SRX, but...

Also, I've never seen Gunbuster before. Exactly what can this thing do?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on September 18, 2008, 11:51:29 PM
*radio crackle* G'morning guys... That was a long nap. Beginning the operation.

*Raises red crystal in shape of a sword*


*Transforms into Tekkaman form and draws twin swords*

This is Chris. I'm ready to rock.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 19, 2008, 01:12:30 AM
Ianator, you're in for a treat.

Jaybee tosses the specs over.

Even by super robot standards the Gunbuster stands out. In it's combined form, the robot is 200 meters tall.
It has inertial dampers, making it possible to accelerate at rates that would turn many mechs' pilots into so much strawberry jelly. And it has engines that can rapidly press it past 0.9 c. Obviously, you should think long and hard about time dilation and where you're headed before opening the throttle.

It has a wide array of rather powerful weaponry, too. There's a collection of missiles that can be launched from the finger tips in rapid succession, large guided laser arrays in the palms, spiked  electrodes in the hands and feet, a... baseball bat that can be used to direct a focused energy ball... let's not dwell on that one too much...
There's also a VERY large cannon mounted in the head. And by large, I mean it makes the HTB Cannon look like a child's toy.

The firepower you're going to be abusing pretty much defies any sort of comparison, so I'm just gonna throw you some combat sim data so you can see what this thing can do.

A few of teh weapons don't seem to have any available high-res sim combat data, but there's some lower-detail sim data available that demonstrates them.

In short, you guys are riding  a 2-man fleet.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on September 19, 2008, 01:34:53 AM
Whooo-wee. Just remember not to point that big beam at the ground.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 22, 2008, 10:36:32 PM
So.... are we ready to get this party started yet?

Shara: Seriously. I'm gonna lose my edge if I don't get out of the simulators and into a real fight soon.

How 'bout you, Masaki? Itchin' for some action?

Masaki: You better believe it! The more hell we raise, the more likely Shuu is to show up!

Ummm.... that would be kind of a... BAD thing.

Masaki: Hey, you promised to help take him down! You're not backing out, are you?

No, no, don't get me wrong... I fully intend to help you bust his head open once it peaks out of whatever gopher hole he's in, but.... think about it. The LAST thing we need to be doing is going up against Granzone AFTER wading through the Titans' forces. When we fight him, we need to be fresh and fully-loaded, not tired and low on ammo.

Masaki: I guess that makes sense... but...

You're not wrong. If we keep smashing stuff, eventually Shuu IS gonna pop up. I just don't want it to be a surprise when it happens  We need to flush him out, then engage him on OUR terms... Am I still making sense?

Masaki: Yeah... yeah, you are. But I don't have to like it!

Fair enough. I don't particularly care for the unknown element he presents right now, either. I'd much rather know where he was and what he was doing. There's a few other people I have similar concerns about. We'll just have to take them as they come.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on September 22, 2008, 10:47:59 PM
the chaos from a crashing Destroy carcass lasts well over 2 hours but that certainly wasn't enough to hide the approach of a Space Noah class battle ship

AGGF Launch!!

with those words the catapults began ejecting mech after mech towards the Titan base

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 23, 2008, 04:20:27 AM
The theme song from Shao Pai Lon booms out as the VF-25S Super-G roars out of the hanger

"A little flashy today, aren't we?"

You know how I am Shara. I want them to know who sent them on their final journey.

"Then make sure you're the one sending them off. The Crimson Devil is on your tail."

We're using codenames now?"

"Well, I don't have any theme music."

I can fix that...

Jaybee hits a switch, and ... something...  ( starts playing

Up from the depths.... 30 stories high...

"I'm going to kill you."

You always say that.
Nevertheless, some distance might be a good idea... FULL THROTTLE!

The VF25 boosts forward rapidly toward the nearest mobile suits.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on September 23, 2008, 08:12:29 AM
I've been waiting for this!

*The V2 activates the Wings of Light and rockets through a group of Hi-zacks that were too close together shredding them while destroying another group with funnels*

I guess the titans didn't realize that we would be attacking soon.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 23, 2008, 05:41:14 PM
The VF-25 sends out a cloud of missiles that rips into a pack of ten Virgos. As the missiles impact, it switches to battroid mode and follows up with a gatling burst, taking out three with damaged shield emitter pods.

"Is that the best you can do?"

The red VF-22 drops from above, taking the remaining 7 before they can reorient their shields.


The VF-25 spins around, and fires it's head lasers at some incoming missiles, then sends a gunpod burst at whoever fired them.

"Not my fault you can't finish it on your own. Especially with that cannon dangling off your arm."

The VF-25 waves it's left arm in Shara's direction, the graviton launcher looming menacingly.

And if I weren't saving it, I could mow through all the Virgos easily.

The VF-22 snaps to GERWALK mode, decelerates rapidly, and drops behind a Re-GZ that was chasing it. A pair of missiles sends it careening out of control. It ejects from the BWS unit and falls to Earth, firing a beam rifle at it's attacker on the way down.

"Watch where you point that, Megatron. And it doesn't do you any good if you don't fire it."

The VF-25 snaps to GERWALK, dives towards the ground through a volley of missiles and the dozen OverFlags firing them, skates along the ground while firing up at them as they reorient, then boosting up and swapping back to fighter mode as the surviving 4 start hammering the ground near the VF.
If the appropriate target presents itself, you'll be glad I'm not wasting this thing on small fry.

Ten decicreds says I take out more of those GN-Xes than you. Then we hunt down the rest of these OverFlags and remind them what a REAL airplane can do.

"You're on!"

The two VFs dart off towards the 50-unit GN-X team, dodging beam fire as barrier disks flicker across their planes as Information High starts playing. Explosions trace across the sky as the two valks engage their targets.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on September 24, 2008, 07:50:09 AM
the 008X fires it's Graviton Rifle through a line of Hizacks.

I love formation number 34 they make things SO easy sometimes.

Another shot; another line


then  a group of Jegans entered the fray along with a Billbine, a Guren Aerial-type and a Red Frame with flight pack.

looks like the Wraith are here...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on September 24, 2008, 10:52:51 AM
Ianator and I will help stop the Wraiths.

Ianator, let's form Gunbuster.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on September 24, 2008, 11:56:55 AM
My pleasure.

Change! Gun-buster! Switch on!

Oh, wait...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on September 24, 2008, 12:14:21 PM
*Dodges several attacks from the Wraith while responding in kind*

I was wondering when you guys were going to show up. I wonder if Tyria has finished his Aura fighter because I'm sure he would like a rematch.

*Blocks several blasts with the wings of light and destroys the attacker with the VSBRs*

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on September 24, 2008, 11:42:36 PM
*slaps down several opposing fighters*
Too easy.

*Chris looks up just in time to dodge a crimson voltekka*



*Tekkaman Null (aka me, lol) combines his twin swords into a Tek-Lance and swings it towards Tekkaman Zwei, who parries it with his Tek-Blade*

"You're weak, Null!"


*Null kick to Zwei's stomach, yeah!*

"Why side with humans? You are a Radam now. You have a power which could make the very Earth yours!"

Bullcrap! I refuse to join you... YOU MONSTERS!!!

*Voltekkas fire at each other and a major explosion occurs*

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 25, 2008, 04:18:05 AM
Andrew? Ianator?
I thought you two were headed out to space.

Not that I mind the hand, but... why did the rest of us deploy?
Either Buster Machine alone can handle this. Combined, you could probably take the continent totally unopposed.


Maybe I should get the hell out of the way.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on September 25, 2008, 08:06:22 AM
Just one final test to know what we're capible of, but you're probably right about the getting out of the way.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 25, 2008, 02:00:02 PM
The Gunbuster rips through the mobile suits like so much wet toilet paper. Suddenly, something happens!

Hey, what's that rumbling?

Loudspeakers across the base blare out: "Attention Aeon Genesis Guardian Force. We are deeply sorry that you have felt the quality of our Superweapon of the Month offerings has been substandard, and would like to make every attempt to keep you as a customer. While your last two Destroys were riddled with defects, we're satisfied that these new ones are fully-functional and should provide you with the quality you expect from the Titans."

Jaybee grins as he readies the Graviton Launcher.
I thought this might happen.

Several mounds begin forming around the base, then burst open as the Destroys blast open the ceiling above them to secure an exit. As the mechs begin to climbout, Jaybee's grin falls

Wait... how many holes is that?

Shara: I'm counting 6... no, ten.... SEVENTEEN Destroy Gundams!


Twelve of the Destroys lock all weapons on the Gunbuster, aiming up at it's knees. The remaining 5 fan out and begin attacking the rest of the force.

Well, you guys wanted a final test... show us what you can do!

Shara, gimme a hand with this one!

The VF-25 switches to battroid and drops to ground near a crater, hiding behind the rubble.

Right under his nose, so to speak.

[/i]A barrage of smaller weapons pelts the rubble, shattering it as the VF-25 dives to the side.[/i]

Shara: "Jay, that's not safe! Get away from there!"

No! It's weakest down here! Graviton launcher, FIRE!

The VF-25 levels it's left arm at the Destroy's hip assembly, and a surge of gravitons rips out of the cannon as Shara rains fire from above. Then another surge. And a third. The phase shift armor begins flickering,.

The VF-25 draws it's knife and lunges upward, driving it through the unstable armor and into the hip joint, then slashes it across the waist, totally disabling the Destroy's legs, and boosting clear as it topples over.


I'm fine, Shara. Thanks for the concern.

"What the hell were you doing under there?! Are you an IDIOT!"

I was cutting it's legs off. And yes, I am.

They weren't joking about these being tougher than the last pair.
Took half my graviton pulses just to drop one.

Of course, we've got some bigger guns than that now.
Andrew, Ianator! Show them the power of the AGGF's burning heart!
And, you know, it's new grossly-overpowered prototype.

Jay and the VF-25 get the hell out of the way.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on September 25, 2008, 02:48:59 PM
Ianator, what do you think? Start small and work our way up? Or should we just go for total humiliation?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on September 25, 2008, 03:32:16 PM
Andrew, I think total humiliation is in order. Just be careful... Jay's Graviton Launcher should've gone right through that PS Armor, but that obviously wasn't the case. We should make sure they don't have anything else up their sleeves.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on September 25, 2008, 05:00:10 PM
Right, let's start off with a few missiles and see what we're dealing with.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on September 25, 2008, 10:39:04 PM
Fine by me. You control the arms, right? I wanna see how much these things' PS Armor can take.

Yeah, ten of them oughta do it. Locked on...


Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 26, 2008, 12:25:41 AM
Jaybee watches as a barrage of missiles rips craters in the terrain. Four Destroys take direct hits, and are totally vaporized.

That's "starting small"? 

I'm mildly surprised you didn't just stomp on them, really.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on September 26, 2008, 08:28:02 AM
Gai is currently under a Destroy firing the Graviton Rifle upwards and evading various stomps and beams

Please Jaybee don't give them any ideas. 

a shot goes between the leg and the plevic armor; causing internal parts to explode and kill the pilot

that will do.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 26, 2008, 01:42:49 PM
Jaybee notices Masaki battering a Destroy, his Cybaster flitting around and battering it from all sides. He also notices a missile launch that Masak missed.

Masaki! Duck!


The Graviton Launcher spits 2 more shots into the face of a Destroy, barely missing Cybaster's head and taking out a few incoming missiles in the process.


A phoenix crashes into the Destroy, ripping through the armor and detonating inside it. Parts shower the battlefield, ultimately lost in the sea of debris around our heroes.

"What the HELL, Jay?"

A simple thank-you would suffice. You were about to take a missile to the kidneys. Besides, I dropped the phase shift for you.

"Thank you. Think of a LESS dangerous way to help next time."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on September 26, 2008, 04:15:42 PM
*Sakura finishes cutting apart a Destroy when Wraith's 2nd in Command attacks with his Guren*

"I'm going to repay you for my embarrassment before."

I don't have time for you!

"Your MS can't win against these odds."

*two Destroys along with 15 Jegans join the Guren in attacking the V2 causing Sakura to dodge at high speeds*

You shouldn't be so cocky.

*Funnels suddenly destroy 9 of the Jegans while the VSBR are set to penetration and fire at the cockpit of one of the Destroys*

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 27, 2008, 12:22:51 AM
8 Destroys down, 9 to go.
Maybe 9/8, depending on if Sakura's last shot went through. Looks like it did some damage, but I don't think it was a solid kill.

Jaybee checks the situation.
Well, all the remaining Destroys are focusing on Gunbuster. Good call, if somewhat futile.
I'm gonna leave the big stuff to Andrew and Ianator, andGo pick off some of the fodder.

The VF-25 rockets into the sky, spins around, and unleashes a salvo of missiles on any mobile suits that happen to still be standing.

Hey, Shara... who DID kill more of those GN-Xes?

"I think it was 25 for each of us, actually."

Ah. Hey, are there any Overflags left?


Shara: "There WERE... I think Navigatonal Misadventure just finished the last of them."

Masaki: "Hey, I heard that!"

Kuro: "If the shoe fits, meow..."

Dibs on the Astray.
Jaybee keys the global channel.
Hey! You! With the katana! Don't you know the old adage about bringing a knife to a gunfight?
???: "What did you just say?"
I said don't bring a knife to a gunfight!
The VF-25 unleashes a burst from it's gunpod. The Astray blocks with it's shield, then pulls out a beam rifle.
That's more like it.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on September 27, 2008, 01:17:19 AM
Glad you could make it, you ol' grease monkey. Oh, gimme a second...


"So what's with Mister Gunfight?"

You mean Jay? Don't worry 'bout him, he's just a little old-fashioned. The rifle is purely optional, but your sharp pointy thing might not do well against the big ones - Phase Shift and all that...

"Seriously!? I gotta get me one of those!"

Now, now. Take your time. Tell you what... If by the end of this battle, not one of those Destroy Gundams has a working PS unit, I will personally requisition one when we get back to base. Least I can do for the guy who taught me everything I know about machines!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 27, 2008, 02:30:27 AM
What, the Astray's on our side?
And I think that Buster Beam just took out the last of the Destroys.

Jaybee shakes his head.
And to think that thing's got a limiter restricting it to 30% power...

The VF-25 shifts to GERALK and lands near a crater. Jaybee hops out in his EX-Gear, and peers down at the rubble.

Hmmm.... Whatever else used to be in this hanger, it's gone now.

Anyone up for a base invasion?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on September 27, 2008, 08:53:11 PM
Outer Space

Just on the edge of the Earth's atmosphere, a solitary Mobile Suit floats silently, as if contemplating the sight before it. After about thirty seconds, however, the robot turns around to look at the sight behind it. Somewhere around fifty or so machines of various models and origins begin closing in, weapons trained on the single mech. The one Suit sizes them all up for a moment, before calmly raising it's hand up at them and giving the entire force the finger, perfectly silhouetted by the planet behind it. With that gesture, the mech boosts backwards closer into orbit.

Before any of the pursuing mechs can get any closer, gravity takes over.


Titans HQ, Canada

Radar: Another contact!

Commander: What?! Where?!

Radar: It's coming from above, through the atmosphere! It appears to be a single unit, sir!

Commander: Single unit? Is it one of ours?

Radar:....Negative, sir! It appears to be a...a....

Commander: A what?!

Radar: It's a GUNDAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!!!!!!


Inside the freefalling Gundam, a warning of incoming AA fire begins to sound off. The pilot calmly turns the alert off, and smirks to himself.

"And now the fun starts. Hello, Earth! I'm baaaaaaack!"

(Cue Colors


The Gundam, already falling to the ground at an incredible speed, actually boosts forward even faster as it starts dodging the incoming fire. As it gets within 10,000 meters of the ground, the re-entry backpack it has equipped starts firing, to slow the fall. However, as it gets even closer, two "wings" on the backpack, both painted blue to match the item, open up and begin firing jets of their own. At 300 meters from the ground, the falling Gundam suddenly performs a spiral turn as it goes from a falling object to a horizontally flying one, jetting across the entire base and back as it continues to dodge fire from the base and from various Titan mechs still standing. A few shots finally connect with the wings, causing it to start heading downwards towards an entire group of Hi-Zacks starting to open fire. Without any hesitation, the Gundam spins again, this time ejecting the backpack while at the same time opening the black wings covering most of it's body. It falls straight down into the middle of the group of Titans, then stands up and activates the weapon in it's hands. With a single swipe, the beam scythe cuts through the entire group, destroying them instantly. As the Titan machines explode around him, Deathscythe Hell takes the time to strike a badass pose. Within seconds, the pilot's comm channel opens up.

And that was my awesome intro for the day. Hey guys, didja miss me?

(Internet forecast: Much frelling better than it was before. I'm back, you bastards! With 180% more awesome and badass!)

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 27, 2008, 09:03:53 PM
Nice. Bad timing, though.
After the Gunbuster's debut, it's hard to make a good entrance.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on September 27, 2008, 09:06:29 PM
Derek!  Where the hell have you been?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on September 27, 2008, 09:10:59 PM
Catching up with some "old friends". Speaking of, here they come now.

On cue, about fifteen more mechs descend from the sky, all bearing the colors and emblem of Dark Moon. The mech design, however, appears quite familiar. Every single one is driving a Gundam Deathscythe Guilty model.(

"Barona! Don't think you'll get away from us with something as simple as a freefall!"

It was worth a shot. Hey, anyone wanna help me with this?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on September 27, 2008, 09:17:56 PM
Ianator, want to show these mooks the power of the Gunbuster?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on September 27, 2008, 10:52:17 PM
-Space Battleship Libra-

the large battle ship with it's enormous main gun was moving.  on board sat the real Titan commander Jamitov. he had of course received word of the AGGF attack.

XO: "sir are you sure of this you want us to fire on..."

Jamitov: "If the AGGF have taught me one thing it's that you can't be too thorough in eliminating your enemies."

XO: "But Sir you're going to fire on our own"

Jamitov: "Solders suold be ready to die in the line of duty."

Operator: "one hour to firing Position"

-Canada HQ-

the 008X having used a beam saber to down another destroy heads toward another firing it's Graviton Rifle

Nice to see you Derek we'll have time to catch up later.  Andrew I just got word from Bright; you're needed in space I'll mop up the remaining destroys.

with saber in one hand rifle in the other the 008X charges the machine firing at it's joints hittting the shoulder and then the Knee. the Destroy is forced to kneel at which point the 008X throws it's beam saber straight at the cockpit

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 28, 2008, 12:26:40 AM
Huh.... guess one of those Destroys wasn't as destroyed as I thought.

Jaybee walks up to a half-functional HiZack in his EX Gear, and blasts a quick pulse of fire through a shredded armor plate. The HiZack ceases to move.

Now, seriously. They had almost 20 Destroys here. I'm dropping down one of those holes into the base, and make sure there's no other surprises in what's left of this place. I'd pitch in with the new wave of grunts, but my Valk's about out of ammo and  I left Huckey in orbit.

Putting one hand on a crater lip, Jaybee flips over the edge and drops down, firing the engines on the EX Gear's backpack to slow his fall as he swings a light back and forth to check for any hostiles.

Man, it's as dead as Micheal Jackson's career down here. Nothin' but collapsed ceiling and support equipment.
Honestly, they HAD to have a better plan to deploy these things than blowing up the hanger... wait, this doesn't look like it's supposed to BE a hanger.  There's half-complete mechs all over the place. 
It was the final assembly area for a FACTORY. Parts for 3 more Destroys mounted in the assembly bays.
I guess it's too much to hope this was the ONLY Destroy factory...

Any bets on what sort of survivors we'll find in here?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on September 28, 2008, 01:48:47 AM
(Well, I gave the italics a chance. I think I'll stick with astericks.)

Derek: A factory, huh Jay? Fun stuff. I always knew I hated Canada for a reason. Hey, while you're down there, try and find some heavy ordinance for me. I could use just a little bit of SUPPORT here!

*While his intro was badass, Derek's movements since then have been a little subpar, mostly due to the fact that 'Scythe looks like it's been through the wringer a few times over since he took off. If it had a health bar at the moment, it'd probably be around 50%. None of this is helped by the fact that the Dark Moon forces are going straight for him.*

Derek: Man, it's days like this that I miss being able to pull out the Val Kai. No one was ever stupid enough to mess with me in that thi--*Takes a hit from one of the Guilty's scythes and loses his own*--GAAH!! You son of a--

DM Pilot: Give it up, Barona. We'll make it quick if you do!

Derek: Yeah, right. Like I'm just gonna roll over and....*Looks around and realizes he's completely surrounded*.....Well, damn. I guess this WOULD be the right time to surrender, huh.

DM Pilot: Finally getting it, are you? No one can escape the Dark Moon forever. Sooner or later, we WILL get our targets, whether it's you, or your friends. You stopped us from catching the girl at Cerevus, but we'll find her again soon enough. Anything else you want to say before we end this?

Derek:*Glances directly behind the DM Pilot and smirks to himself* Just this. Sucker!

*To their surprise, Derek immediately jumps into the air with everything the Deathscythe is capable of. The reason for it becomes immediately clear as an angry high-speed phoenix rips through the group, decimating almost the entire squad. Cybuster stops right next to 'Scythe as it lands.*

Derek: Hey, Andoh! Much appreciated there, buddy.

Masaki: You look like crap, Derek.

Derek: Thanks, I hadn't noticed. How're things with you guys?

Masaki: Eh, can't complain too much. Those guys friends of yours?

Derek: You could say that. Word of advice, Cybuster. If your enemy is driving a machine based off the one you're in, there might be a chance it can do the same crap you can. Case in point, the Hell Jumpers here.

Masaki: Falling a couple miles out of the sky couldn't shake them off, huh?

Derek: Well, you killed them, so you tell me. By the way, I think you missed a few. *Points at the two survivors*

Masaki: Well, let's fix that. *Pulls out the Zephyr Sword* You in?

Derek: *Casually reaches down and draws the Shishio Blade still at his side* Naturally.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on September 28, 2008, 02:36:03 AM
well there's still plenty of Hizaks around but then again there always seem to be Hizaks... honestly who makes these things and why I mean they're about as durable as gasoline soaked cardboard and they smell even worse.

I guess whoever does make these things must have a pretty good business; I mean we take about about ten every few minutes and the Titans seem to replace them every. single. time.

as this rant was occurring Gai continued to destroy Hizak after Hizak by either Gatling, beam saber or, if they were "lucky", Graviton rifle.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 28, 2008, 03:54:55 AM
Hmmm... Scrap, scrap, scrap... what I wouldn't give for Tony Stark and a cave right now.

Oh, this looks promising... Looks like it was just about ready for deployment when the Hell known as Gunbuster opened up.

No security code on the boot system... let's see what this sucker can do...

"Computer: OK
Supercapacitors: OK
External power source: OK
Phase shift: OK
Weapons pack: OK
Mobility systems: OK
Self-test: OK

Welcome to the GuAIZ Experimental Weapon Testbed. ( "

Experimental, huh? Let's go gather some empirical data.

"Caution: This unit is equipped with several high-drain weapons intended for use in future MS equipped with NeutronJjammer Canceller technology. Capacitor battery is not adequate for weapons and armor energy requirements.  In the event of external power loss, pilots are instructed to return to hanger immediately."

Well, that's pretty lame.  It's an old prototype. I guess the Freedom and Justice were based on this.
Looks like I've got a functional umbilical, and it's got enough reach to have some fun... if there's any fun left to be had out there.

Jaybee boosts back out of the assembly bay. Two beam cannons drop down over his "borrowed" mech's shoulders as he acquires a lock on a Virgo.

Hey, there's a REAL mech left on the field!
Not for long.

The GuAIZ staggers backwards as the third law of motion pushes the beam cannons backwards. The beam slams into the Virgo's shield, splashes against it for a moment, then pierces through, bathing the luckless mobile suit in relativistic particles. It blows up.


Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on September 28, 2008, 10:13:23 AM
So, you gonna take that thing with us or just start a civil deconstruction project on the Titan's dime?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 28, 2008, 11:51:25 PM
Well, I WAS gonna take it, but... it's tethered.
Seriously, why would we want a tethered mech?

Maybe drop back into the hanger and just send some fire down the hallways.
Thinking about it, exploration probably isn't a good idea after all the structural damage we've done.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on September 29, 2008, 08:05:58 AM
We could rebuild it without the tether, it would just take us sometime to  configure the new engine. It's up to you Jay. Also what's the news about the fight in space?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on September 29, 2008, 12:59:23 PM
It looks like they were expecting us to hit their terrestrial HQ all along. Signs point to a single battleship with a massive particle cannon with power approaching that of the Solar Systems used during the One-Year War. Of course, it won't take out the whole country, but they're probably going to pass it off as one of ours. Which'd work pretty well for them, if they didn't have like half their remaining forces between it and us.

Damn, Lowe, you're gonna have a field day up here.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 29, 2008, 03:44:48 PM
Sakura, let's be honest here.
We've got more than enough mechs already, including ones with these weapons, and it'll hardly be a simple modification to convert this thing from supercaps to a fusion powerplant

Jaybee locks the hip-mounted railguns on a HiZack(where are these things coming from?) and fires.

I don't want it.
If I felt the urge to drive this thing on a regular basis, I'd just figure out where in the armory Freedom wound up. Looks better, and it's more nimble.

Jaybee sees a HiZack crawl out of a hole. He walks over, peeks down, and sees a functional assembly unit coughing mechs out at a slow trickle. As he watches, it inserts a computer core into the cockpit area.

Drones! No WONDER they haven't quit yet! Well, I can fix that...

The GuAIZ's beam cannons snap forward. And it's railguns. It grabs the beam rifle off  it's hardpoint and levels that into the hole too. There is an audible click as the machine guns mounted in the mech's backpack prime.

Overkill? Yes. Fun? Better believe it.

And every weapon mounted on the testbed mech erupts at once, bathing the chamber under the crater in flaming death. A secondary explosion sends a power surge back through the base's electrical systems, and gouts of fire and smoke begin belching out of all the other craters on the base. An explosion in one of the few standing buildings sends glass and brick flying across the rubble-strewn battlefield. The GuAIZ stutters and dies. Smoke pours out of the cockpit as Jaybee trips the emergency release. The door jams halfway, and he punches it open with his EX Gear then leaps out, using his EX Gear's jetpack to return to his abandoned VF-25.


One more reason not to refit it to use a fusion reactor: I just fried every component in the suit.

I think it's safe to say we're done at this point. Can someone call our ships down for a lift back to orbit?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on September 29, 2008, 06:29:10 PM
Thought I should say something about it. Once we are back on the ship, drinks are on me.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on September 29, 2008, 11:27:04 PM
Derek: I say we take the thing anyway. If nothing else, we can say that they don't have it anymore, and we do. Besides, we could use what's left of it for spare parts for something. I wouldn't mind giving 'Scythe some phase shit armor right about now.

Masaki: Really? I thought you hated that stuff.

Derek: I do, but it has it's uses. For example...

*As if on cue, Deathscythe's left leg suddenly shudders, and with the sickening sound of snapping metal, breaks off at the knee and falls to the ground uselessly. The rest of the Gundam doesn't even so much as twitch, however.*

Derek:....I coulda probably used some of it when I got jumped by those assholes with the bazookas back near Cerevus City.

Masaki: *Looking down at the busted leg*....Derek, you just--

Derek: I know. The patch job I did on it burned away during re-entry. It was gonna fall off any ol' time.

Masaki: And HOW exactly did you pull off that jump?

Derek: Q-Rau training. Ask Jay about it sometime.

Masaki: Fair enough. Need some help?

Derek: Please.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on September 30, 2008, 12:00:01 AM
honestly with it's PS down we could just blow it to shreds anf that would be so much easier.  Besides we have plenty of left over PS armor, somewhere.

Masaki: "I think I saw some last week."

Really where?

Gai now proceeds to help lift the damaged Deathscythe

Masaki:" somewhere on Valhalla. I could try and find it again"

when we have a few months I might take you up on that

the three set down on the Akagane and placed the Deathscythe in an empty berth

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on September 30, 2008, 06:28:57 PM
The VF-25 lands, and Jaybee hops out, shedding the EX Gear and leaving it in the care of the ground crew. He looks over as the Cybuster's cockpit opens. Masaki steps out, then staggers and leans against the hand rail.

You guys got this under control? I'm gonna go check on Andoh.

Grabbing something out of a nearby case, Jaybee heads up the stairs to Masaki.

Need a hand?

"I'm... fine."

Don't give me that. You're barely upright.
Here, have a drink.

"You tryin' ... to kill me?"

It's just Gatorade. I ran out of Kusuha's stuff last week.
Won't do shit for your prana levels, but...

"Fine... gimme..."

Now c'mon...
Jaybee slips his arm under Masaki's armpit.
Sickbay or quarters?

"I can walk.... just fine."

You can barely STAND, macho man. I'm not gonna leave you to pass out in the hallway. Or, Althena help us, right here on the safety railing. You damn near fell over just now.

"Quarters. Be fine after... a good nap."

All right, then. Once you're back up to snuff, give me a call. I need to talk, but it can wait.


Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on September 30, 2008, 07:57:00 PM
Ah, so this is the Akagane. I never got a chance to look around the thing before I had to take off. And if I remember the layout from when we were hitching a ride with the Kurogane, the lounge/bar should be....this way.

Oh, hey Jay. You wanna go get a couple of drinks with me? I'm not gonna bother Masaki when he looks like that, but I need to get the hell out of the hanger before the maintainance crew gets over to 'Scythe.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on September 30, 2008, 09:10:32 PM
Bartender knows that I am going to pay for everybody's drinks tonight so do whatever you want guys. I'll be in my room if anybody needs me.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on October 01, 2008, 12:26:21 AM

*An injured Chris grabs his transmitter.*

You guys...forget

*He coughs blood, then picks himself up*

I'm... in really bad...shape...

Anyone catch... what happened to Zwei after that Voltekka?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on October 01, 2008, 02:15:14 AM
Derek, you know I'm always up for a round. Let's make Sakura regret her generosity!

And sorry Chris, I missed what happened to the other guy. There was so much stuff flying everywhere that tracking any specific thing was near impossible.
'Scuse me while I find someone to slap for leaving you. We're turning around right now.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on October 01, 2008, 02:49:57 AM
Alright, then. And since I've not had time to talk to the bartender on this ship and set up my "drink menu", plus I'm pretty sure Haruka blew my cover on that one anyway...

Barkeep, one Dr. Pepper, in the biggest size you can give me. I may have been outed on WHAT I drink, but HOW MUCH was never a question.

So, start recapping for me, Jay. What sort of crazy adventures did you guys get into while I was gone?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on October 01, 2008, 04:11:43 AM
Ah, Dr. Pepper... was almost a religion in one of North America's great states, back before Space War 1 rearranged the map.

Yo, barkeep! Gimme the usual. Double-strong.

Let's see... while you were gone, we blew some stuff up.
Then the Titans declared their intent to take over Macross City.
We showed up to help defend the place, and blew some Titans  up. We were forced to withdraw, but held the line long enough that all the civilians could evacuate to the Macross and escape to Luna.

After we ran away from Macross City with our tails between our legs, the Titans blew half the city up and blamed us for it. Fuckers have no respect for history.

We blew some stuff up in response, and to generate some test data for the shiny new VF-25 Admiral Global gave us.
Then we took over the Titans' propaganda station, spun things around to blame the Titans for the destruction of Macross City and everything ELSE they've done, and we blew some stuff up.
Then you showed up as we were wrapping up.

Andrew and Ianator are en route to the last blowing up of stuff we have planned as we speak.

We finally tracked down and eliminated the last set of plans for Big Zam Kai.
Not that it did us any good. You've seen the Destroy Gundams.
Not that it did them any good. You've seen the Gunbuster.

My zentradi stalker is still hanging around helping to blow stuff up.
She managed to get the paperwork in for a transfer to the Sol Defense Fleet, somehow. We're not sure why she didn't go back to calm some of the colonial chaos, given her itchy trigger finger, but... she didn't.

And ChrisABlair is an alien cyborg now.
Jaybee leans in closer, and lowers his voice.
I don't like to think about it, but he may be a sleeper agent for the aliens that tech'ed him up. Keep an eye open.

I probably missed something. I'm sure everyone else will be glad to fill you in.

Suffice it to say, much stuff was blown up.

Edit: Whoops. Got the wrong person as a cyborg. Hittin' the booze too early does that.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on October 01, 2008, 02:05:46 PM
Just as the last "up" leaves JayBee's mouth, the intercom comes alive with communication from the Gunbuster...

Shall we finish this?

"Certainly. SUPER..."



A line of explosions makes its way along the starscape, ending in one colossal blast.

This is Ianator to AGGF Fleet. Mission accomplished, returning to base.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on October 01, 2008, 08:04:06 PM
I see. Sounds like much stuff was blown up indeed. I heard about what happened to Macross. I'm really sorry I wasn't there to help, guys.

My trip wasn't exactly fun either, but I think you guys can figure that out just from looking at 'Scythe. I'm gonna wait till Masaki gets up before I go into any details, though. I....I really wouldn't feel right about keeping this from him.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on October 01, 2008, 09:15:48 PM
Sorry that you couldn't see the awesomeness with what happened. We'll tell you what happened over drinks once everyone has recovered.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on October 04, 2008, 03:36:55 AM
Masaki walks through the door

Yo, Masaki! Over here!

"Heh. figured I'd find you in the bar."

I'm more surprised that you found the bar.

"Shut up. You needed to talk to me?"

Yeah. With all the big uglies lately, I figured we needed to find ways to boost our effective firepower. One idea that came to mind was combination attacks. If you're up to it, Ive got an idea that could warrant investigation in the sim.

"Shouldn't you be discussing this with Shara instead?"

Since when does she drive the Cybuster?

"She doesn't. But don't you think this might piss her off? Just a little?"

I don't recall us ever being paired off.

"I think you two are the only people in the entire galaxy that haven't figured it out yet... whatever. I'm interested in whatever you've come up with, but it's not on my head when she comes for blood."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on October 04, 2008, 01:08:43 PM
(JayBee, I hereby challenge you to an honorable duel of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The prize is Cybuster himself!

...Nah, I'm kidding. But I at least want visitation rights on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and every other weekend.)

Derek: *Waves at Cybuster as he walks up* Yo, Andoh. You look much better, man.

Masaki: *Sits down at the table* Thanks. You look a lot better than I thought you would, honestly.

Derek: *Shrugs* I try. Anyway, now that Masaki's here, who wants me to go into the gritty details of what I did while I was gone?

Kuro: You might as well, meow.

Shiro: Yeah, we know you're gonna tell us anyway, so just go ahead.

Derek: And people wonder why I like you guys. Alright, so....

*Flipping up the keypad on his ARC, Derek messes around with it for a second and pulls up a holographic image of the Earth and the moon. He then points at the blue line travelling up offworld towards Luna.*

Derek: This was my starting route, when I took off with Haruka and Fuyume. Pretty standard stuff, so I won't waste time with further details on it.

Masaki: Huh. I didn't know you could use that hologram thing for stuff other than Fuyume.

Derek: I usually don't, but I've found that visuals help when telling a recap. Now, anyway. *Adjusts the hologram to start zooming in on the moon* Alexis was calling from Cerevis City. I assume you guys all remember that place.

Kuro: Yeah, it's where Mao Industries is based, meow.

Derek: And the talking cat gets the point. *Follows the blue line from the landing point over to the Cerevis marker* Unfortunately....*A red line appears nearby and heads for the same spot*...Dark Moon had the same idea.

Masaki: How many were there?

Derek: Enough that I now owe Irm a favor. Never again will I doubt the usefulness of the Gust Wing. Now, before all this, Alexis had gotten the hell out of town, and Haruka and Fuyume went after her while I was busy taking care of the pursuit force. *Starts following a blue line leading away from Cerevis* 'Scythe was still messed up from the battle at Mao's, so I was really hoping I wouldn't run into any more trouble. Naturally, this was not meant to be.

*An entire circle of red appears around the blue line when it reaches a point out in the middle of nowhere*


Derek: Yeah. That pretty much sums up my reaction, only without the cursing. That was where they showed off the new Deathscythe Guilty models they had, too.

Masaki: So, how'd you get out of that one? You go all badass in the critical moment like you usually do?


Kuro: What's wrong, meow?

Derek:...You're gonna hate me, Andoh.

Masaki: C'mon, we're friends. What could you possibly say that would make me hate yo--

Derek: *Cuts him off* Shu saved me.

*On the hologram, one purple dot suddenly appears on the field, and the red circle is instantly wiped out.*


Derek: At first, I thought he'd just wanted to waste me personally, but all he did was laugh when I called him on it. Shu told me that you guys were planning on storming the Titan's base in Canada, and then he took off. No threats, no cryptic warnings, no nothing. He just saved my ass and then left.


Derek: I'm not gonna pretend that I trust the guy, but the fact is he saved my life. So...

Masaki:....Tch. He probably thinks I owe him one, now. Well, screw that. He shows up, and I'm kicking his ass. So, then what happened?

Derek:...Wait, you're not mad at me?

Masaki: Why would I be? It's not like you hid the fact that he showed up or anything. I might have been pissed if you'd done that, but not if he just rescued you and left. Anyway, go on.

Derek:......Right, totally wasn't expecting that. But hey, works for me. Anyhow, I headed off to Lovell City first, to try and catch up to the girls. Unfortunately, they were in too much of a hurry to disappear to leave me any clues to follow them with. I didn't have anything else to go on, and I knew that more DM punks would be on my tail soon, so I decided to try taking Shu's advice and spacedrop onto Canada. Good thing I did, cause they caught up to me right on the edge of the atmosphere. So I gave them all the bird and dropped. You guys know the rest. *Shuts off the hologram projector*

Masaki: Sounds like a fun trip.

Derek: Yeah, it was surprisingly pleasant for one of my outings.

Masaki: So, I assume you want to go after the girls, huh?

Derek: Yeah, I'm probably gonna call for volunteers for that one when we get back to HQ. In the meantime, more drinking on Sakura's tab!

Masaki: I can get behind that. Barkeep!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on October 04, 2008, 01:33:56 PM

Gai: well Ok then; I'll have whatever you got; it's not like I can get drunk anyway

*by this time the Akagane has left earth orbit and the gunbuster lands on the deck crossing it's arms as it does so*

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on October 04, 2008, 02:48:05 PM
*entering the bar*

Coke and a burger, if it's possible. Ianator should be coming along in a little while.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on October 04, 2008, 02:50:10 PM
Make that two. Medium-rare for the meat, no ice for the drink.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on October 04, 2008, 02:55:31 PM
Ah, I've missed this. So, alright. I heard we've got a new base out here somewhere. Someone give me some details!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on October 04, 2008, 03:21:37 PM
*after recieving order*

Hello delicious.

*cuts burger in half for ease of consumption, and looking at it, sees it is closer to rare than is prefered*

Ianator, would you mind cutting your burger in half for me. I think they gave me your order.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on October 04, 2008, 03:39:26 PM
Oh, you're right. Switcharoo~

Unfortunately, I can't seem to remember much about the place, just that it's a massive space station in the middle of a thick debris field, using Mirage Colloid to keep itself disguised. Never let myself near a window when we're there, just so nobody can drag its location out of me.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on October 04, 2008, 03:56:48 PM
I see.

*Casually fiddles with the ARC for a minute before pulling up a holographic image of the Valhalla in it's entirety*

That the place?

"And you ask US for info. Sheesh."

Hey, it took me a minute to remote hack the Akagane's computer. I'm not fully registered on this ship yet.

"Wait, you just hacked our own ship?"

Well, just the one file. My access codes got me everything else. Hey, it pays to be a high-ranker, huh?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on October 04, 2008, 09:44:47 PM

"Indeed it does Derek; we'll be there shortly and you can take the whole tour yourself '

as Gai said this the Akagane was entering the debris field in which the station waited invisible to the naked eye.. As before a signal was sent which caused the dock to appear.  The Akagane entered; turning and docking between the Metatron and the Duragreitz.

The later has bee refitted into a Nahal Argama class (

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on October 04, 2008, 10:56:22 PM
Well hey, this looks like a pretty nice place. Now, I think I'm gonna have a look around while I have the cha--

*Stops cold when he sees the Nahal Duragreiz*




"Welcome back, Derek."

.....Bright. Nice to see you again. Mind explaining this?

"We had to do some upgrades. Read the mission report on the attack on the Storm Gun."


"Calm down. We survived, even if we did take a direct hit from the cannon."


"Actually, we didn't lose that."

.....We didn't?

"No, it had been removed so the techs could modify it to put in that barrel of yours. It's still being worked on."

So, I just had part of that freakout for absolutely nothing. Okay, I can deal with that. Still, this gross negligence cannot be ignored. Captain, I hereby order you to Brightpunch the men who went with you to destroy the Storm Gun!

"Can it wait until later on? I'm still on duty right now. I really only came out here to show you the refit to the ship, but if you're going to react like this...."

.....Sorry, Bright. It's just been a really stressful trip. Didn't mean to completely lose it on you, there.

*The ARC begins to beep with a comm message*

Eh, hang on. Gotta take this. *Clicks the comm on*

".......Captain......Point.....Delta.....Sixteen.....Orion.....Hurry, please....."

.......Right, well, that makes things easy.

"Was that from Haruka? I didn't recognize those coordinates at all."

Standard cryptology lesson, that one. Don't worry, I know the code. Go get the ship ready. We're taking off in a few.

"Right. Let me know when you're set."

*As Bright walks off, Derek calmly walks over to the PA comm and flips it on*

"Attention, all AGGF and other assorted Vahalla personel. This is Derek Zerus Barona, leader of the mercenary group Blue Wings and ranking second-in-command of the force. If you don't know who I am, just know that I'm one of the guys who makes this place worth hanging around. Pleasantries aside, I'm hereby calling for volunteers from the pilots of our group to come with me on a rescue and recovery operation. The details will be explained along the way, but it's a pretty good bet that the trip will end in a battle somewhere. If anyone's willing to come with, they need to report to the Duragreiz with their respective mechs immediately. Thank you.

*Cuts the PA*

.....Alright. Now, let's see. I need to get 'Scythe moved onto the 'Greiz, and find out where they stashed Shining and Alex....

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on October 04, 2008, 11:13:32 PM
Two things: First, I don't want to be punched or slapped because of something I could not control. Second, I wish to volunteer for your rescue and recovery mission.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on October 04, 2008, 11:20:50 PM
Me too. I was on the Storm Gun mission. I guess you can thank me that the Duragheiz wasn't totally trashed.

So are we taking our new toy, or do I get to flex my TK Muscles some more?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on October 04, 2008, 11:24:28 PM
Leave the Gunbuster. This is a rescue op, not a genocide mission. Besides, I'm not sure we can even FIT that thing into the 'Greiz, upgrades or no.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on October 05, 2008, 12:07:30 AM
I figured. I'll get my Strikes ready. Do we happen to have a Rouge around here, by any chance? I want as many arms as I can handle the control of.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on October 05, 2008, 12:19:13 AM
Hell if I know. I've been gone up till now, remember?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on October 05, 2008, 01:20:46 AM
I'll take the Weltall. Several flashy ethers should be a nice distraction, right?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on October 05, 2008, 01:52:04 AM
Alright, let's see... Lightning Strike, done. Strike Noir, done. Launcher Grasper-1 and Sword Grasper-2... done. Man, I should totally do a color-coded Sentai Team of Strike Gundams!

...Er, sorry. Strike Swords adjusted for extra precision. R-3 Powered TK System... calibration complete. I'm finished over here. When do we leave?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on October 05, 2008, 02:25:53 AM

Ianator I got word from the Doc he says he's worried you're putting far too much mental strain on yourself by trying to control so many things.  So you should tone it down a bit.

Just then the young and somewhat eager Michael approached.

Michael: Er, HI Derek I'm Michael I, um, joined up while you were away.  I guess since you're taking the Duragreiz I'm going with you.  It'll be nice to give the GN Flag Final a test run.

the machine of Which Michael spoke was visible behind him it appeared for the most part to be a standard GN flag ( but it had been painted dark gray and white it also had a GN Lance/rifle ( in it's right hand painted to match

Well looks like you've got a full house so I guess I'll hang back for now.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on October 05, 2008, 05:13:01 AM
Meanwhile, back on Earth, beneath G Island...

Ushiyama: Sir, we've just received a message from the Earth Federation! They... umm, they want to know why we didn't deploy any super mechanoids to Canada. Especially after that black machine showed up.

Hyuuma: They must be REALLY mad if they've already managed to get a complaint through the bureaucracy...

Taiga: Quite. I suppose we SHOULD respond, since they pay the bills.
Taiga stands and thrusts his finger out!
Section seven of the 3G charter states that no member of 3G  will ever betray a friend, for any reason!
He puts his finger back down.

At least, that's the response I'd LIKE to send them, but...

Leo: The Federation's been placing a lot of pressure on us lately to conduct ourselves in a more "professional" manner. Never mind that the G-Stone's power can't be properly harnessed in such a stifling environment. And the AGGF IS officially considered a terrorist organization.

Entouji pokes a few keys at his keyboard, then speaks up while gesturing to the main screen.
Unfortunately, as this record indicates, our mechanoids were all down for maintainence at the time. We were unable to deploy until about 3 hours after the incident ended.

Enryu slams his oil glass down.
That's tellin' 'em!

The slightest hint of a grin tugs at Hyoryu's mouth
Now, now, brother... it's quite distressing that we weren't available during a major incident such as this.

Mikoto:  I think your brother's rubbing off on you, Hyoryu.

Guy: But... wasn't the last maintainence cycle completed about a week before the incident?

Goldymarg: Bah! That new contractor's been sendin' us all kinds of garbage! Gotta inspect every last bolt to make sure they're not putting substandard parts in me!

Hyuuma: He's right. The new lowest-bidder policy the Federation forced on us after the Aerogater war ended has been a disaster. Last month's shipment was so bad we wound up sending almost everything back. Completely useless.
He clenches a fist, shattering the clipboard he's carrying.
And while I can't say with absolute certainty that there were any defective parts in the last GS-Ride tune-up... I can't guarantee that none of them wound up in there, either.

Guy: It'd be really bad if the GS-Ride failed in the middle of a battle.

Hyuuma: Precisely. Better to take everything down and swap the parts out with known good ones than risk a complete failure.

Taiga: In short, the unscheduled maintainence was due to defective components from our new supplier. We humbly apologize for our inability to deploy during a critical battle, and request the Federation reconsider it's current contractor policies, as we cannot currently guarantee operational status without a more reliable supplier.

Ushiyama: Reply sent, sir!

(OoC: Yes, I know the GGG tangent does absolutely nothing for anything. But I had the idea in my head, and it made me smile. I wanted to throw it out there.)

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on October 05, 2008, 08:18:40 AM
(Hey, if it works for you, it works for us.)

Nice to have you aboard, Michael. I'll think up an appropriate yet slightly off-target nickname for you later.

That reminds me. Cybuster, get over here! You're coming with us.

"Do I have a choice in this?"

Not in the least. Now c'mon.

Hey Jay, you wanna come with? There's room for about two more on the boat, in case you wanted to bring Shara along too.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on October 05, 2008, 08:28:20 AM
Derek, I found the Shining in the back and it is now being loaded into the Greiz. If you have some extra room I'll take Dinah and come with.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on October 05, 2008, 01:54:53 PM
Yeah, what the hell. I think we can squeeze you in.

Sheesh, if anyone else volunteers, I might have to commandeer the Metatron for this, too.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on October 05, 2008, 03:31:26 PM
I wouldn't worry about my noggin just yet - it's more the concentration than the actual telekinetic output. Note my performance against a Big Zam Kai versus my TK Laser Overcharge down the Storm Gun's throat. It'll only become a problem if I have to use my squadron and my swords and overdrive the T-Link System.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on October 06, 2008, 12:05:11 AM
I'm good. After me and Masaki's practice session, I just wanna kick back and relax.

Masaki: "Yeah... your timing sucks."

Hey, I'm not the one that cut his partner's mech in two!

"No, you're just the one that turned his mech into a nuclear weapon. Which, while effective, wasn't what we were trying for."

I told you, I misjudged the power draw! That won't happen again!
Whatever. You guys have fun. I've actually got some business of my own to attend to.

And when you get back, someone explain to me why the black hole engine is considered Maximum Danger, and the Tronium engine is good clean fun for the whole family.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on October 06, 2008, 01:50:06 AM
Too bad, but I guess that's how it goes. But you're coming with me for the next one, Jay.

Now, how's our status, Bright?

"Everything's loaded and ready to go. It's all yours."

Alright. Let's get this show on the road, then. Nahal Duragreiz, launch!

*The Duragreiz takes off from the Vahalla dock without incident, making it's way towards the moon*

"By the way, are you sure you got those coordinates right?"

Delta Sixteen Orion. It's a tricky little cypher for the uninitiated, yeah, but once you know what you're working with, it's easy. In Greek numerals, delta's got a value of 4. Sixteen speaks for itself, so no hard thinking needed there.

"That would mean Point 416. Putting that with Orion, that's....out beyond L5? Outside the Earth Sphere?"

That's what I'm hoping they'll think. Orion's another number value, hidden by the fact that people will hear the name and think it's the area to start looking. Seven main stars make up Orion, and three make up the landmark belt. Put them together, you get ten. Add that to our coordinates and give them a lunar designation, and you get....

"Point L4170 on the lunar surface. Near Von Braun."

Exactly. Get us there, pronto. Now, for the rest of ya. Aside from the new kid, you guys all know me, so I'll skip the little details. We're going to go find Haruka and Fuyume, and we can probably expect my Dark Moon pals to show up looking for blood. Any questions beyond that?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on October 06, 2008, 05:23:12 AM
Jaybee heads back to his office, and opens a secure comm channel

Hey, Carol!

"You! Do you have ANY idea how insanely messed-up this request is?"

C'mon, it's a simple prototype history. I just want to know what the thing was built for.

"Yeah, that's what makes it strange. No matter what angle I approach from... everything's classified. Top-level access only."

Well, yeah, I guessed that much. But what'd you find out?

"Nothing. I can't access any of it. I don't have the security clearance."

You're joking. Since when does a Phantom not have highest-level clearance?

"This is ABOVE highest-level. Seriously. Top-level is the actual security class. The existence of the classification itself is classified. That's how insane this whole thing is! And there's some seriously heavy encryption on everything around it. I doubt I could crack it in any reasonable length of time, and I'd need a hell of a reason to start trying. I like having a paycheck."

Thanks for what you've done so far.
 I've got another lead or two I can follow.

"Really? You found out something? What? This situation has me damn curious."

It's not so much a lead as a hunch, really. 

"Ahhhh, THAT kind of lead. Well, tell me if you find anything out."

Mmmm, maybe. That depends on WHAT I find out.

"Spoilsport. Hey, why didn't you ask Mike about this, anyways? He's got the same mechaphilia issue as you do."

And that's precisely why I DIDN'T ask him. I want to keep this bottled up until I know more, and I don't trust him to not start wondering about the mech. YOU didn't ask me for a detailed schematic.

"Yeah. Speaking of which...  I'm no expert, but those numbers seemed kinda large. How accurate was the data you gave me?"

As far as I know, highly accurate.
"What would you POSSIBLY need that much power in a mech for?"

See, this is why I didn't ask Mike.

"Fair enough. How are things with you and Shara?"

Oh, right... I'd almost forgotten you were the reason she showed up here again. I really SHOULD kill you for that.

"Hey, I'm not the one that put in for a transfer to the Sol Defense Fleet. "

I really have better things to do than entertain your delusions. If I find out anything, I'll let you know. Jaybee out.

The comm unit winks off as Jaybee stops to think.

That was certainly unexpected. Nothing in the system, I might've believed. But this? It's like a bad conspiracy theory.
So how deep IS this rabbit hole we've stumbled into?

I guess it's time to follow that hunch.

Jaybee heads to the shuttle hanger and launches in a small runabout with extensive stealth mods.

Next stop... an old friend.

The shuttle reorients, and heads towards Earth.

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Post by: Andrew on October 07, 2008, 06:46:00 PM
-Returning from quarters on Duragriz-

You're sure about that? Alright, I'll give the pertinant information.

-Sending transmition to Valhalla-

Commander Gai, I have just recieved some info on the attack on Neo Shevat. The man who gave the order is a man named Yazan. Do you know anything on him?

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Post by: Sume Gai on October 07, 2008, 11:05:42 PM
-Gai's Office-

Gai received the transmission and took less than a second to pull up the relevant file.  though the man's reputation proceeded him

oh yes; I know him; lots of people know him.  he's one of the Titan's most skilled and feared pilots.   he is noted as not being accounted for during the Neo Titan's downfall.  He'll pilot about anything and is dangerous beyond belief

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Post by: ChrisABlair on October 08, 2008, 12:32:28 AM
Wait... Yazan Gable? I used to be in the academy with him. He's totally ruthless and we can expect to face many... surprises.

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Bright: Derek, we're near the coordinates.

Derek: And?

Bright: Sensors are picking up a battle nearby. Looks like they got here first.

Derek: Dammit. It's never easy with these people. Alright, scramble the flight line. I'm heading out in Shining. *Heads for the door* Let's go, Masaki!

Masaki: Right! Take care of things for us here, will ya Bright?

Bright: Will do. *Hits the PA* Attention all pilots, launch immediately!

Derek: Shining Gundam, launching!

Masaki: Cybuster, launching!

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Well, that was fast. Strike Squadron, launching!

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Post by: Sakura77 on October 08, 2008, 08:08:21 AM
ES Dinah launching!

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Post by: ChrisABlair on October 08, 2008, 08:28:07 AM
I'm still injured from the last battle, so I'll be handling support.

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Post by: Sume Gai on October 08, 2008, 08:29:10 AM
-Duragreiz group-

GN FLAG F! Launching!!

Michael's Flag launched followed by two dark gray GN-X's.  


Well then I guess it's a good thing you're here rather than there Eh? Chris?

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Post by: Andrew on October 08, 2008, 11:33:24 AM
Weltall, launching!

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Post by: JayBee on October 08, 2008, 09:56:01 PM
Jaybee lands somewhere in Europe, under cover of night. After paying a clerk to get his shuttle a private hanger, and a little more to make sure it STAYS private, he drags the Blowsperior out of the cargo hatch and drives off, headlights out.

Damned feddies are everywhere lately. I'm sure I can extract myself from any sort of situation somehow, but I'd rather not tempt fate.

Speak of the devil...
A mech shows up on scanners, and Jaybee pulls over, hiding his motorcycle in some vegetation, then readying his Gallant. Under cover he attaches the shoulder stock and barrel extension, and lies prone under a bush. The gun is off, to avoid giving his location away by the energy signature, but his thumb rests on the power switch.

That's right, keep on walking... don't make me turn this thing on...

A lone Zaku II stops about 20 yards from Jaybee's position, and sweeps the area with it's monoeye. Jaybee's thumb tightens on the power switch, preparing to energize the gun.

Shit... can't believe I left my body armor at home. Silly me thinking I wouldn't need it... 

The Zaku swivels it's eye back forward and resumes it's patrol. Jaybee restrains his sigh of relief until the mech is a comfortable distance away, and once it's out of sight he dismantles the Gallant, puts the rifle parts away, and digs the motorcycle out.

I'm kinda curious if I could actually take a Zaku on foot. But better not to find out.

The rest of the drive is tense, but uneventful. Stopping at a large mansion, Jaybee pushes his bike out of sight. He strips his clothes off, revealing the black jumpsuit underneath.  He trips a switch on his belt and pulls a hood up. The jumpsuit shimmers, and as the hood falls forward, he vanishes into the night.

Hooray for thermoptic suits. Lot safer than my old cloak. Much better battery life, too. And the jumpsuit looks GOOD on me.

Placing a palm on the gate's control panel, Jaybee closes his eyes and concentrates. Data flows back and forth, the security device succumbs, and the latch clacks open. He steps through the gate and closes it again, then moves swiftly towards the door, and into the house, thankful there's no dogs.

Stage 1 complete.

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(And insomnia pays off again. Enjoy.)

*Off some distance from the Duragreiz, a single mech is battling for it's life, and starting to lose. The Fei-Yen stands guard over a damaged transport shuttle, with the wreckage of several black Dark Moon machines within a few meters of itself. Unfortunately, a single look at the Virtuaroid would enable one to tell just how badly damaged it was. Entire sections of armor are either damaged or just plain missing, scorch marks and gouges in most of what's left, and the entire left arm hanging limply at her side, with even the inner skeletal frame showing on parts of the the forearm through what's left of it.

As if that weren't bad enough, they're still completely surrounded by Dark Moon mechs, at least fifty in number of various models. They appear to have developed a policy of coming in one or two at a time, doing a little bit of damage to the already weary machine, and then backing off and letting someone else take over. At the moment, however, they're holding back, probably due to some sick egotistical desire by their commander to let the hopelessness of the situation sink in.*

Fuyume: Hah....hah....Is...that've got....? Derek-sama....would these....odds.....

*In response, the commander unit steps forward. Unlike Garaz Wyvern in the previous encounters with Dark Moon, this one is driving an AMX-004-3 Qubeley Mark II (, naturally painted to match the Dark Moon color scheme of black, black, more black, and red eye cameras. The commander stops directly in front of the Fei-Yen and crosses it's arms menacingly.*

Commander: I have to say, I'm almost impressed with you. Even if you are just Barona's metal doll, you've done fairly well against my men so far. And the Deathscythe Guiltys didn't even make you flinch, either.

Fuyume: You think....those Shinigami-sama copies.....would actually....bother me....? No wonder....Derek-sama....doesn't like you....people....And if you think....I'm just gonna let you....get to Ha-chan....*Takes a deep "breath" and assumes a combat stance with her good arm* ....Then you've got another thing coming!

Commander: Heh. Doll or not, you certainly have spirit. Alright then, I'll take you on.

Haruka:*Over the transport's comm* That won't be necessary.

Fuyume: *Turns towards the shuttle, almost dropping her stance entirely* Ha-chan...? What are you....?

Haruka: You're in no condition to fight any more, Fuyume. I know you want to protect me, but if you fight any further, it's going to get you killed.

Fuyume: But...but....!

Haruka: Let me handle things from here. It'll all work out, you'll see.

Fuyume: I...all right....

Haruka: Attagirl.

Commander:*Laughs as Fuyume backs off* Well, now. She has some sense after all. I was starting to wonder where the old Haruka Nagamoto had gone off to, letting this metal toy fight her battles for her.

Haruka: It's been awhile, Caruzo Nagrasi.  I wasn't aware you'd been discovered as a Newtype since the last time we had a chat.

Caruzo: It's amazing what technology can do in this day and age. With just a few simple proceedures, we can coax out even the barest mote of potential into a full blossom of ability. Like myself, for example. I've gone from being a mere punching bag at the Blue Wings' hands to a commander within the organization, all because they found just a little bit of psychic potential within me. Thanks to that, I've become so much more powerful than you could ever imagine.

Haruka: And yet, you still rely on overwhelming numbers to weaken your opponents before you fight them yourself.

Caruzo: I'm not like that idiot Wyvern, relying on cheap tricks and traps to win my battles. If I have a real advantage in firepower, I'm going to use it. You of all people should understand the concept of intelligent strategy.

Haruka: Yeah, I guess I do. And since we're both intelligent people, we can solve this without resorting to further bloodshed.

Caruzo: What did you have in mind?

Haruka: Let the kid go free, and I'll surrender. You can do whatever you want to me, but leave her out of this.

Fuyume: Ha-chan...!!!

Caruzo: Hmm. I never pegged you as the self-sacrificing type, Nagamoto. You really have fallen in the last two years. But since you're so adamant about letting the doll get out of here alive, I suppose I'll accept your terms....

*Without any warning at all, the Qubeley suddenly launches four funnels, which immediately lock onto the Fei-Yen and fire, piercing the arms and legs completely*


Haruka: FUYUME!!!!!

Caruzo: *Laughs as he dashes forward and grabs the falling Fei-Yen by the head, lifting her off the ground* Except I still owe the little doll here for killing off a few of my men. Sorry Nagamoto, but no deal. *Throws the limp Fei aside and starts laughing maniacally* Did you really think I'd let some trash robot get away from me, after all you've done? You really HAVE gone soft! Is this really what the Blue Wings have been reduced to?

Haruka: Caruzo, you.....!!!!

Caruzo:*Raises his arm at the shuttle, ready to fire* Don't worry. You won't be far behind the tin can here. Goodbye, Haruka Nagamoto!


*A silver highspeed blur comes screaming onto the battlefield, headed straight for and colliding with the Quebley at maximum velocity, sending it flying. At that moment, time seems to slow down as everyone on the battlefield realizes what exactly just knocked the holy shiitakes out of the Dark Moon commander.

It's the Shining Gundam, riding the Cybird like a war mount.*

Derek:*Jumps off the Cybird and immediately moves over to Fuyume* Masaki, keep me covered while I take care of her, will ya?

Masaki:*Transforms back into Cybuster and draws his sword* Already on it. Let's go, you assholes! *Dashes off towards the Dark Moon soldiers*

Derek:*Kneels down and gently lifts up the Fei-Yen a little* Hey, kiddo....can you hear me?

Fuyume: Derek-sama...? Is I...I can't....

Derek: It's me, Fuyume. Don't worry, everything's gonna be okay now. The gang's here with me, and we're gonna beat these guys until they wish they'd never left home, alright?

Fuyume: Everyone' You found them....?

Derek: Yeah, I found them. You did good getting this far, kiddo. Now, just let me take care of the rest.

Fuyume: *Tries to sit up a little, but fails* N-no...I....I can still....

Derek: Try not to move too much. You're a real trooper, but even you need to rest sometime.

Fuyume: Der....Derek-sama....I....

Derek: Yeah...?

Fuyume: *Shudders violently as her leg suddenly shorts out and stops moving entirely*.....I....Am I gonna....die.....?

Derek: No! No, Fuyume, you're gonna be fine. We're gonna get you back to the ship, and we're gonna fix you right up. And then you, me, and Haruka are gonna go find Alexis and Kanzaki and Seiya together, and then we'll.....we'll....

Fuyume:''s all right.....I....

Derek: No, it's not all right. But you're gonna be alright, so just....just don't....

Fuyume:.....I happy....that one time.....

Derek: Huh....?

Fuyume: Remember...Derek-sama....? When you said.....I was...part of

Derek: Yeah....I did say that, didn't I? And I meant it too, so just....

Fuyume: Hearing you say it....made me so happy....that I can....*Shudders violently again as her other leg and right arm go dead*

Derek: Fuyume....!!!

Fuyume: I....don't to be....sad....Derek-sama.....Please don't cry....for me.....

Derek:....Baka....who's.....who's crying?

Fuyume: You're...a terrible liar...when it counts....Derek-sama....

Derek: I know....Rena always used to say the same thing.....

Fuyume: I wish....I'd gotten to meet her.....

Derek: You'd have liked her....and she would have loved you....

Fuyume: Derek-sama....please promise'll make up with her....okay....? As a....last.....

Derek: I.....*Closes his eyes* I can't promise that, Fuyume. I WON'T promise that.

Fuyume: Wh...what....*Shudders again as the Fei-Yen finally starts to shut down*

Derek: Not something like that. Not to you. And not as a graveside oath. You're surviving this.

Fuyume: What....are.....

Derek:Override Code, BWXAK-FEI-1 Fuyume-chan. Immediate transmit to ARC Gauntlet, Priority Code NOW, DAMMIT. Engage.

*With one final shudder, the visor on the Fei-Yen's face shuts off as the mech dies entirely. Gently, the Shining Gundam lays the deactivated mech back down on the ground, but doesn't stand up.*

Derek:*Closes his eyes as he waits for the signal*


Derek:....Rest for now, Fuyume. I'll take care of the guy that did this to you.

*On cue, the Qubeley returns onto the scene, sporting a massive dent in one wing binder but otherwise unharmed.*

Ceruzo: Barona....I should have known you'd be the one behind that shot. So, has the doll finally broken down, yet? I'd been hoping you'd see me rip the thing into pieces, but if you got to see it actually die, that's even better! And now, you'll get to join her!!!

Derek: Ceruzo Negrasi.....You....miserable SCUM!

*Despite the outburst, however, all Shining does is stand up. He doesn't even turn to look at the enemy, just yet.*

Ceruzo: Ooh, am I supposed to be scared? *Launches a pair of funnels*

Derek: *Tilts his head to the side to dodge the incoming shots without even looking* ...You can hurt me, ambush me, make me drop through the atmosphere, fine. I'll heal. But you threaten my friends, hurt them, nearly kill my niece, and you expect to get away with it?! Just who....

*At this point, Shining turns around and, with one motion, draws the Shishio Blade at it's side and slashes both funnels in an instant, before pointing the sword straight that Ceruzo*

Ceruzo: *Backs up as the funnels explode* Wh-what?!


*Cue A Rude Performance (*

Derek: There's only one way to really piss me off, Ceruzo. And congratulations, you just did it! I don't know if being made an artifical NT made you think it'd be alright to mess with people the way you do, but all the Newtype power in the world won't save you now. It's time for a lesson in what happens when you mess with me....*Pulls the blade back into a ready stance and charges*....OR MY FAMILY!!!!

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Meanwhile, back on Earth...

Jaybee paces through the house, taking a cautious but rapid approach to his search. He's sure he wasn't followed, or he wouldn't be here, but that doesn't quiet his nerves, or the questions running through his mind. Questions he should get answers to shortly.He stops at a door, listening for a moment.

This should be the one.

He grabs the door knob, twists it slowly, then steps in as he pulls his hood down. The man in the comm screen looks over and trails off, and taking the cue, the man in the couch turns around.

"And the situation in... it seems you have a guest."

"Indeed I do. Hello, McQuade."

Kridanik. Global.

Global: I think we should resume this discussion later, admiral.

Britai: Indeed. Please behave, Jaybee. Britai out.

Global: So, how's the VF-25 working out for you?

Quite nicely sir, thank you. She's a fine plane, and I'd be glad to fly her any day. But tell the engineers I want some atmosphere-capable armored packs for the next plane.

"Will do. I assume by your... unorthodox... entrance that you came here for more than mere pleasantries. And please turn off that thermoptic suit. I hate talking to disembodied heads."

Jaybee flips the switch, and his jumpsuit-clad body becomes visible again. He drops a PDA on Global's desk as the old hero walks around his couch and comes forward.

Yes, sir. I have some questions I need answered.

Global looks down at the schematics on the PDA.

"Where did you get these?"

They came with the mech.

"Good lord... I knew they were talking about field tests, but I didn't think they were crazy enough to give it to you people!"

I'm as surprised as you. Limiter or not.

"So what do you want to know?"

What this monstrosity is for.
Why the Buster Machines are so classified that just finding a hint of their existence requires maximum security clearance.
Why the black hole engine, which is machina non grata throughout all of human space, has been upgraded so drastically.
"There's no black ho-"
The degeneracy generators use paired singularities. It's a CLEAR derivative of the black hole engine, regardless of the name.
And what sort of threat needs the kind of weapons that require twin degeneracy generators to power in the first place.

"It's not really that special. It's a technology testbed, to test the next generation of anti-fleet weaponry."

Please don't lie to me, sir. It doesn't suit you.
This is overkill for anything but a protodeviln assault, and they're gone... aren't they?
Besides, you'd want a fold generator for anti-zentradi operations. No one wants to wait until they're knocking on your door with particle cannons. In fact, I can't think of ANY reason you wouldn't outfit something this big and powerful with a fold generator.

Global sighs, and trips a switch on his desk. A high-pithced squeal slices into Jaybee's skull, and he screams in agony for a few seconds.

God, my head....

"You're a cyborg? That explains why the alarms didn't go off. My apologies. "

Accepted. Now, wha-
"Sit down, first. And have a drink."
Global pulls a glass of iced tea from a bar in the wall, and passes it over as Jaybee takes a chair..
"Understand this. What I'm about to tell you DOES NOT leave this room. When you pass out that door, you act like you've heard nothing. Not one word goes past it. Not to the Phantoms, not to the AGGF, not to ANYONE."

Yessir. Now, what's the big deal?

"I wasn't lying earlier, though. The Gunbuster IS a testbed. Everything in it is brand-new designs, and work is already underway to miniaturize it and improve the efficiency. We intend to build thousands of miniature Gunbusters, each with the full power of the prototype that, for some unknown reason, is currently in your posession."

A FLEET of Gunbusters? There's no POSSIBLE reason for needing that sort of firepower! Even the protodeviln wouldn't be able to stand up against a handful of these ... things!

"There exists in this galaxy larger threats than the zentradi. Larger than the Balmarians. Larger than a hypothetical fleet of protodeviln. "

Larger than a protodeviln FLEET? I find that hard to buy.

"Are you familiar with Leaf64?"

Vaguely. Yellow dwarf, much like our own sun. Was considered an optimum target for colonization back in the early days. Nothing ever came of it for some reason. Got lost in the shuffle, I thought.

"Leaf64 WAS a yellow dwarf. It isn't anymore. When the followup ships came through a decade later, it was a red dwarf."

In a decade? That's not possible. The jammer doesn't make lies any more believ-
Global throws some honest-to-goodness PAPER documentation down in front of Jaybee, complete with UN security marks, almost impossible to forge.
"Impossible or not, it's what happened. And shortly afterwards, the Megaroad encountered the aliens responsible."

So why the secrecy? We already know about the Megaroad's contact with the Balmarians. And we would've been better prepared if he UN had publicized the threat and built up an army instead of ceding Earth to the Federation and letting the infrastructure decay.

"No, the thing the Balmarians are afraid of, what their massive military is intended to fight. The same thing the protoculture created the Zentradi and EVIL series to combat. This isn't about the UN, or the Earth Federation, or any one group. In point of fact, the Buster Machines are a joint production. The UN ceded Earth to the Federation because our homeworld needed a different form of protection than the colonies."

PROTECTION? They let the entire infrastructure fall into disrepair! They won't even let you fold from within the Sol system!


I'm really not following you.

"The Federation is protecting the Earth by banning fold travel. "
Glboal grabs the documents he pulled out earlier, and flips to a page somewhere in the middle, with pictures of strange-looking spaceships.

What kind of spaceships are these?

"They aren't spaceships. They're lifeforms."

 Some of them are several kilometers long!

"And they home in on fold signatures. The Earth being a major interstellar hub would've lead them right to our doorstep. And they would've done to Sol what they did to Leaf64."

Wha... why... how... this isn't making sense.

"They use stars as nesting grounds, which causes them to rapidly age. They seem to be sentient, and they dislike sharing the galaxy with other species. Once a society develops faster-than-light travel, the space monsters, as they've been dubbed, home in on them and destroy them."

Space monsters? That's the best you can come up with?

"Well, it wasn't supposed to be an official name, but it wound up sticking. The point is, they're big, they're vicious, they're tough, and they're numerous. Back when the zentradi were serving the protoculture, several fleets would join forces to repel space monster attacks on protoculture worlds."

FleetS? With an S?

"Yes. With an S. Once they find a star with intelligent life, they attack in large numbers. Were they to launch an attack on Earth, they could blot out the sky much like the zentradi fleet did."

That's not very impressive.

"But a space monster attack would do it from Pluto's orbit instead of inside Luna's."

Jaybee stares at Global, slack-jawed.

"Billions upon billions of aliens, all bent on destroying a single star system. And God knows how many there are in their 'hive' at the galactic core."

The galactic core... where the Megaroad was headed... let me guess, all we know about the aliens came from the Megaroad.

"Just about. We never hear d about the Balmarians. I suppose that encounter was after contact was lost. Probably a fleet sent to combat the space monsters.
Anyways, the UN, the Federation, and several other groups have been pooling their resources and devoting their best minds to creating anti-space-monster weaponry, ever since they were first discovered. Beam cannons, phase shift armor, thermoptic cloaks, pair-annihilation warheads, ALL of it came out of this research. The Gunbuster is just the culmination of that work, all of the developments in one behemoth."

And the next step is to make it smaller?

"Right. And once we can mass-produce them, we can protect ourselves from these aliens. That's when we can let people know. Not before. The panic would be entirely too great if they knew what sort of enemies were out there right now."

Jaybee blinks repeatedly as he tries to imagine what a battle between Gunbusters and space monsters would look like.

"Do you have any other questions, McQuade?"

None I can think of, sir.

"Feel free to read those documents there. And remember, you tell NO ONE."

Yes. Sir.

Wait... one more question... if this is such a big secret, why entrust a group of mercenaries, rogues, and in general chaos-raisers with the prototype? The AGGF may be fundamentally good, but subtlety isn't one of their strong points.

"That's why I'm telling you any of this. By my thinking, the only possible reason is that they need real-world data NOW, and they couldn't take the time to generate it in a less visible manner."

But why would they need that data? As long as the space monsters don't know where we live, we can take all the time in the galaxy to develop countermea... sures...... Oh.
Jaybee's face falls as he realizes the implications of that statement.

"Right. I fear we may be far shorter on time than anyone thought."


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*Chris slowly stands and proceeds to remove his bandages. He uses his crutches to balance himself*

Damn, I hate being so weak.

*He hits the computer console in front of him.*

It's so boring just sitting around. Maybe I'll bother some of the others.

*He struggles to move as he falls into the arms of a crew member*

Crew Member: Are you okay, sir?

No. You take a voltekka in a high powered suit of bioarmor and see what the results are.

Crew Member: I see. It's too bad you don't remember me, Ensign Christoph Blair, 25th Earth Federation Mobile Forces, 10th division, the 'Crimson Fang'.

No...! You're....

???: That's right. You were a crack pilot in a special forces unit for the Earth Federation, and found yourself in an impossible mission situation. Suddenly, you watch as your teammates slowly fall into despair as the Radam tuck you safely away in tight cacoons. Some of your weaker willed teammates die, others become the warrior class known as Tekkaman. I was one of those pilots, Chris Blair, and now for your traitorous turn against your own kind, you will die!

Jake Finlay, no Tekkaman Deicider! Though I may be injured, I will still fight! Tek-Setter!!!

*Chris drops his crutches as the tek-sets into Tekkaman Null*

Jake: I see you still have fight in you. I wonder why Zwei didn't kill you outright... I guess I'll just have to destroy you myself! TEK-SETTER!!

*The two Tekkamen face each other, weapons bearing on each other*

You'd drag the rest of the crew of the Duragreiz into this?! I never knew you'd stoop so low!

Deicider: The more humans I remove from this universe, the better! Now fight, Null!


*Their weapons crash against each other as the battle ensues*

I won't let you kill them!

Deicider: How admirable, Null. You're just as foolish as the Commander.

What? Is Commander Mizaki still alive?

???: That's right, Chris, or rather, Tekkaman Null. We've been disguising ourselves as crew members on the Duragreiz for as long as you've been here, Jake as your killer, and myself as your guardian. Now, this fight ends here, Finlay. Stand down.

Deicider: Commander... I DON'T TAKE ORDERS FROM YOU ANYMORE!! *He opens his Voltekkas*

Mizaki: It's a shame really. Tek-Setter!!

*Commander Mizaki transforms into Tekkaman Pure, and uses a Psy-Voltekka to completely destroy Deicider*

Mizaki: How ironic for the one called Deicider to die so easily. Now, Chris, follow me.           

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*To Caruzo*

I don't like people who would harm my friends, espically when that friend only fights to protect their family. I may not be Fei, but I can use the Weltall for other moves. I will show what happens to those that would try to do what you did to Fuyume.

*Activates Hyper Mode*

I'll show you my Blazing Edge!

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It seems you guys have the situation under control. But what about all these others? It hardly seems fair. Only sixty-eight of them?

The Strike Noir and Sword Grasper form up on R-3's right, the IWSP Strike and Launcher Grasper on the left.

Haven't you heard of the Law of the Conservation of Ninjitsu? The more of you there are, the faster you all lose. And now, as they say... Let's dance.

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Post by: Sakura77 on October 09, 2008, 04:32:23 PM
*After taking the Fei-Yan and Haruka's damaged shuttle to the Duragreiz Sakura returns and activates the anima system*

You...... Die........

*Suddenly, the Dinah accelerates and rips through 3 Hells without pause and starts taking on 2 more*

There..... won't.....

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Post by: ChrisABlair on October 09, 2008, 04:49:25 PM
*Commander Mizaki of the Crimson Fangs leads Chris to the hanger*

Mizaki: You should be able to stand now. After all, the healing ability of a Tekkaman is incredible.

*Chris stands up by himself, and removes his bandages. There is no bruising.*

Oh, God... isn't that Fei-Yan? ...And Haruka? Oh my God....

Mizaki: We have the power to turn this around. However, vengeance is not the answer. It'll only corrupt yo...

Bullshit! We have no time for this! I need to help the others!

*Chris blasts out into the vastness of space, and though small, rips through many of  the 'Scythes*

FUYUME!!!! *He slices through one*

HARUKA!!! *He slices through another*

No one harms my friends, VOLTEKKAAAAAAA!!! *He cuts a wide swathe in them*

AAAAAAAGH!!!!! *He goes berserk, using his powerful abilities as a Tekkaman to tear them asunder*   

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Post by: Andrew on October 09, 2008, 07:48:59 PM
Sakura, I want you to talk to Dr. Uzuki and me after we finish this sortie.

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Post by: JayBee on October 10, 2008, 02:42:01 AM
Jaybee finishes reading, and pauses for a moment to let it sink in, then turns to Global.

Do you really think we can really win if they attack us, sir?

"By the numbers, probably not. But humanity's proven it's tenacity several times now. Back us into a corner, and we fight that much harder. And if we DO fail, at least we can say we tried."

Fair enough...

"N ow answer ME something... why the HELL did you hack my security system and sneak in under full thermoptic camouflage instead of ringing the doorbell?!?!"

Ummm... I was bored? Caught up in the attitude that got me here.
Didn't want to be caught, and there's an awful lot of security patrols lately.

"Well, with all the chaos SOME people have raised, it's difficult to maintain any sort of functional civilization. "

Hey, the Titans had it coming! Are you seriously suggesting that-
"No, no... they would be some of those people. Just that your methods lack a certain grace."
Global flips on his holovid, which is STILL running anti-propaganda
"Case in point. You're undermining the entire Federation right now, even if it IS just meant to discredit the Titans. "

To be fair, there didn't seem to be any reason to NOT undermine the entire Federation...

"REGARDLESS of the actual situation, destabilizing a government doesn't do anyone any good if you don't have a plan. What are you people learning these days?"

Ummmm.... it seemed like a good idea at the time? I sorta figured the UN would move back in...

"Just go. And as long as you're in on the secret, make yourself useful. Forward the Gunbuster's data to the Buster Project."
Global tosses over a datachip.
"That chip has the information you need to contact them. The sooner they get the data, the sooner they can get to work. I trust you can let yourself out?"

Yes sir. Thank you for telling me, sir.

"You're welcome. I suppose telling ONE more person won't hurt. Now go. I have business to attend to."

Yes sir.

Jaybee pulls his hood up and activates his camouflage.

"That's really not necessary."

But it's FUN!

"Right. Well, good night, then."

The door clicks shut as Jaybee closes it behind him.

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Post by: Derek on October 11, 2008, 12:48:28 AM
~Onboard the Duragreiz~

*Haruka slowly gets out of the busted shuttle, physically unharmed but easily just as distraught as anyone else about what happened to Fuyume. Before she can get too far, however, Astronage closes in.*

Astronage: Thank god you're alright. When we saw what had happened to the Fei-Yen, everyone was certain you'd be in almost as bad a shape.


Astronage: I'm sorry about what happened to Fuyume. I wish there was something we could do about all this. Derek and Andrew are out there fighting that guy now, but even with the two of them, it looks like an even match.

Haruka:......*Looks over and spots something*.....Hey, Astronage....

Astronage: Yeah?

Haruka: *Nods over towards the object she's looking at* Are the adjustments done on that thing?

Astronage: *Looks over*.....Yeah, but we're still not totally--Hey, where are you going?!

Haruka: *Heads off towards the suit* To go pay that bastard back for hurting my niece.

~Duragreiz Bridge~

Bright: Ugh...It's total chaos out there. Someone give me a status report.

Operator: Everyone's fighting out there with all they've got, but enemy strength has only been reduced about 40%. The Dark Moon forces are still hanging on fairly well.

Bright: Even if they don't have the numbers the Titans did, they're still giving us some trouble. I can see why Derek doesn't like fighting them. What about Chris?

Operator: So far, he seems to only be targetting enemy mobile suits.

Bright: Keep an eye on him. If he starts to attack the others, we may need to find some way to disable him.

Operator: Yes sir. *An alarm goes off on the monitor* Wha...? Captain, we have an unauthorized launch from the hangar!

Bright: What?!? Who is it?

Operator: It's the Alex, sir!

Bright: Get me a channel! *Opens a comm* Who's in there?! Identify yourself!

Haruka: *Over the comm* I need to borrow this. You can chew me out later. *Click*

Bright: Haruka?! Wait, what are you--Dammit!

Operator: The Alex is taking off! Should we do something, sir?

Bright:....No. Haruka's not the type to make stupid decisions. She knows what she's doing....I hope.

~Outside, on the battlefield~

*As the battle raged on, one thing was becoming clear. Despite his intentions of bloody revenge, Derek wasn't making any headway against the Dark Moon commander. Between dual wielding beam sabers against the Blue Wings leader and effective use of funnel hax against Andrew, Caruzo was doing a very good job of keeping himself alive.*

Caruzo: *Laughing as he blocks another slash* What's the matter, Blue Wings? You seemed so intent on killing me a moment ago.

Derek: Bastard....!!! *Charges forward with another slash*

Caruzo: Got you.

*As the Shining moves forward, the Qubeley steps back just far enough to make Derek overextend himself on the swing. At the exact instant that he's vulnerable, Caruzo moves back forward, striking with one beam saber to knock the Shishio Blade out of Derek's hands, and the other to go for a kill. Though Barona's reflexive dodge succeeds in preventing his cockpit from getting hit, he can do nothing as Shining's left arm is suddenly severed at the elbow.*

Derek: GAAAAAAH!!!!!! *Holds the busted arm in pain as he moves backwards and crashes to the ground*

Caruzo: Hahahahaha!!! I knew it! I KNEW IT!!! Even the great Blue Wings himself can't stand against me now! This power...MY power....It's unbeatable! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Derek: Ugh.....*Starts to get to his feet* I don't know what's worse, the fact that a scrub like you actually beat me in a swordfight, or that gloating.

Caruzo: Ah, that's right. Monologuing when you're around is dangerous. Alright, I'll get straight to the point. *Raises up a beam saber*

Derek: Okay, the pun was worse.

Caruzo: Witty. I'll put it on your tombstone. Now die!

*As the sword starts to come down, however, a single shot rings out. The Qubeley's entire left hand explodes, destroying the saber as well.*

Caruzo: GAAAH!!!! *Stumbles back a bit, then looks around* Who the hell did that?!?!

*In response, the Alex steps into view, holding a boosted rifle.*

Haruka: I did, you son of a bitch. *Brings the rifle to bear and shoots the Quebeley again in the shoulder*

Caruzo: GAH!!! Nagamoto?!? When in the hell did, of course you'd be angry. You're the one who let me kill that doll in the first place, after all! *Gets shot again* UGHAAA!

Haruka: Yeah, I guess I am. That's my problem to live with. And yours to die with. *Shoots him again in the leg*

Caruzo: Argh! You think so? I think you forgot something!!!

*On command, the remainder of the Qubeley's funnels, along with the ones that had been attacking Andrew, all deploy and begin circling the Alex.*

Caruzo: Are you scared yet, Nagamoto? I'm going to destroy you in exactly the same way I destroyed that little doll of yours! And this time, Barona won't be able to save you!


Caruzo: Are you frozen in fear? Do you realize how foolish you were to ever think you could beat me? Do you, Nagamoto? DO YOU?!?

Haruka:......Sorry, I was busy lighting my cigarette. Were you saying something important?

Caruzo: Wh-what?!

Haruka: Let me tell you something, Caruzo... *Aims and shoots the Qubeley even through the encircling funnels*

Caruzo: GAAH! YOU...!!!!

Haruka: In case you forgot, I'm a Blue Wings too. Just because Derek goes out of his way to protect the rest of us doesn't mean we NEED protecting. Especially not from scum like you.

Caruzo: Grr....You'll regret calling me that, you wench! I'll blow you apart piece by piece! *Fires with his remaining beam launcher*

Haruka: Not happening! *Dodges the shot and brings the rifle up* Targeting system, on! Maximum lock!!

*Inside the Alex, every single funnel on the 360' degree camera suddenly has a crosshairs lock in on it as Haruka effectively turns on a Strike SC. With the cigarette still in her mouth, she smirks a little and tightens her finger on the trigger.*

Haruka: I hope you enjoy this one. I call it the House Special! FIRE!!!!!

*Immediately, the Alex brings the rifle up and begins rapid-firing the funnels straight out of the sky. After the last shot is fired, the rifle is tossed straight up into the air and the gatling guns on the forearms are brought out. Haruka then proceeds to use both gatlings as well as the head vulcans to wipe out the remaining funnels before pulling out a spare clip for the rifle, jumping into the air to catch the gun, tossing the empty clip and fitting in the new one in midair, and landing in a crouching position. Before Caruzo can react, six more shots are unloaded into the Qubeley, one of them blowing away the other hand.*

Caruzo: Ugghaaaa!!!! You....!!!! How could you....?!?!

Haruka: *Aims for the cockpit* Make your last words meaningful.

Caruzo: Grrr...... All units, retreat! *Turns and starts to take off*

Haruka: You think I'm going to just let you run?

*Aiming for Caruzo's back, Haruka prepares to pull the trigger. Just before she does, however, a hand calmly moves in front of the rifle and blocks it*

Derek: Let it go, Haruka.

Haruka: Captain? What are you...?

Derek: Fuyume would be saddened if you stooped to his level, you know. You wouldn't want her to wake up and find out you went and killed someone who was running away, would you?

Haruka: I.....*Puts the rifle down and shakes her head*....No, I guess I wouldn't. Thanks, Derek.

Derek: It's what I do. *Goes and picks up Shining's left arm, stepping over bullet casings as he does so* Sheesh. You got Steel Beowulf playing in there, 004?

Haruka: No, but it WAS tempting....

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Post by: Sakura77 on October 11, 2008, 09:18:41 AM
*Dinah suddenly stops attacking as Dark Moon starts retreating*

retreat?..... return..... to.....shi..p...

*Sakura passes out inside Dinah*

"Sakura-sama!, Sakura-sama!, I have to get her back"

*Kina takes control of Dinah and returns to the Duragreiz*

"Sakura-sama passed out! Can someone take her to Dr. Uzuki!"

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Post by: ChrisABlair on October 11, 2008, 12:41:05 PM
*Tekkaman Null floats silently, then looks back to the Duragreiz*

Something's not right... Guys, I'm feeling a great evil pressure from the direction of the Duragreiz, and another from the direction of Valhalla... Oh, God... They're here... 

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Post by: Sume Gai on October 11, 2008, 05:55:03 PM
(OOC: Chris now is a rather bad time to do a Tekkamon arc; particularly since I know very little about it)

-storage room 5-


fragments of a  crystal land and scatter on the floor.  A man in the uniform of a Valhalla technician looked down in disbelief at the ruined crystal

Funny how without  the Tek Setter, you're no more than human. 

Tech: how did you find me?

Well the fact that your collar emblems are backwards made it rather easy.  Take him away and keep close watch on him.

with that the man was cuffed and guided away

-Langley airspace-

In an unexpected flash of light and energy a strange pink mech ( appears.

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Post by: Derek on October 11, 2008, 07:52:18 PM
~On the Duragreiz~

Derek: *Steps into the Bridge* Hey Bright, we're--*Stops as he realizes he's looking at a crewman holding a hand grenade in one hand and a Tek Setter in the other*.....Fuck.

Crewman: Eh? *Turns to look over at Derek* Stay right where you are, or I'll....

Derek: *Points directly behind the crewman* Look out.

Crewman: *Looks* What are you--

*The crewman never gets to finish the sentence, as he is suddenly impacted in the jaw hard enough that the bone audibly shatters. As he falls to the ground, the crystal falls away and slides across the floor, while the grenade is tossed safely into Barona's awaiting hands. For the split second that the enemy Tekkaman had been destracted, he left himself completely open to the dreaded Brightpunch.*

Derek: *Looks down at the fallen crewman, who isn't moving*......That was like watching poetry in motion. I just watched poetry in motion as it bolted across the room and punched a guy.

Bright: *Rubbing his knuckles* Thanks. He's kept us hostage for the last ten minutes now. I'm glad you came in when you did, since I'm not quite so good with disarming grenades.

Derek: *Casually tips the safety back on and pockets the explosive* Yeah, that would have sucked. Alright, let's take care of this guy, and start working on the cleanup. As soon as everyone's back on board, let's start heading towards Point L1206, in the L1 sector.

Bright: Alright. *Sits back down in his chair as security comes in and removes the crewman* In the meantime, what should we do about that crystal?

Derek: Toss it into a gun barrel somewhere and fire. I don't want to have that thing hanging around when that jerk wakes up.

Bright: *Nods* I agree.

Derek: Oh yeah, and call Vahalla. Tell them we're gonna need some supplies. And my Val Kai. Definately my Val Kai.

Bright: I'll take care of it. Are you going to the bar?

Derek: Yeah, after I go to Security.

Bright: Security? Why there?

Derek: *Grins as he heads for the door* To get the tape of that BEAUTIFUL move of yours. Come on down after you get off shift, and we'll all watch it.

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Post by: Andrew on October 11, 2008, 08:57:39 PM
*Enters the bridge*
*looking around*

 I missed something, didn't I?

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Post by: Ianator on October 11, 2008, 09:32:30 PM
I dunno. Something about the ship being infested with undercover Tekkamen? And one of them getting Bright Punch'd?

...I am so coming with you to watch those security tapes.

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Post by: ChrisABlair on October 11, 2008, 09:58:08 PM
*Chris was in the doctor's office mumbling to himself*
They're here.... Haha, the enemy is here ! And I have the power to rip them apart. RIP THEM APART!!! APART!!! TEARTHEMASUNDER, RENDTHEMTOSHREDS, AGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

*He unconciously transforms into Tekkaman Null and goes berserk*

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Post by: Sume Gai on October 11, 2008, 10:45:54 PM
-medical ward-

as Chris entered Citan stood and as he transformed Citan reached over and picked up a sword.

Citan: "Nurse please take care of things here'

just As Chris finished his transformation He found himself struck with a powerful sword blow that sent him flying.

Citan: "you'd better snap out of it Chris or next time I'll use the edge"

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Post by: Andrew on October 11, 2008, 10:52:15 PM
*Andrew runs into the medical ward brandishing his caster*

Chris, you're my friend. I don't want to use this, not on you.

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Post by: ChrisABlair on October 11, 2008, 11:26:13 PM
My enemy is....

My enemy is.....

Andrew.... Doc.... Help me...

*Tekkaman Null's swords materialize in his hands*

I... don't want to... hurt anyone...

*His Voltekkas open*

What's wrong with me...?
 *He blows a hole through the wall and walks through it*

The... mutual enemy... of both the Radam... and the Humans... They're finally here....

*He steps through the hall knocking everything out of his way*
If I don't stop them here, Earth, my friends and everything I love will be destroyed
*He suddenly stops to look back at his shocked comrades*
I won't...lose.
*He steps into the airlock hangar and jumps into space in time to see the space-time anomaly before him*

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Post by: JayBee on October 12, 2008, 12:48:57 AM
Jaybee's shuttle docks and he steps out of it, then into the corridor.
What the...
He steps back into the hanger, throws on a suit of armor, then docks with his Blowsperior and steps out again, a bit larger, better-armed, and most importantly, better-protected.

Someone wanna tell me what the HELL happened while I was gone? I come back and there's holes in the walls, burn marks all over the place, and Chris is a homicidal space cyborg.

I'd try and hack him back down to Earth, except for that whole hard vacuum thing.
I have no intention of trying to overpower him in a spacewalk. He's fine and dandy with hard vacuum,  but I'm not. And given he's smashing mobile suits by hand, I'm thinkin' I'd better stay out of reach.

This week just keeps getting worse.

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Post by: Andrew on October 12, 2008, 03:30:08 AM
I still don't think that this tops the eldrich horror just yet, nor a few other incidents.

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Post by: Sakura77 on October 12, 2008, 10:29:18 AM
*Inside the medical ward, Sakura's head spins when she tries to sit up causing the nurse to come over*

"What's wrong?"

Head hurts, she must have come out.


A fragmented personality that came about from my father's idea of training. Frankly she's nuts.

"Why did she come out?"

I don't know, but she is similar to me in how she does things except that she has a hairline temper and hates seeing her friends injured.

"Dr. Uzuki would like to do a deeper check but, there's a major security breach going on."

*Sakura confused stares at the nurse*

"Something about Tekkaman and Chris going beserek."

'Chris went insane'

Did you say something?

"No why?"

I swear someone said that Chris went insane.

'It's me, we can talk to each other now'

Oh no....

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Post by: ChrisABlair on October 12, 2008, 01:56:17 PM
*Chris finally stops his rampage and enters the ship*


*He transforms back into his human form and coughs up blood and passes out*

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Post by: Derek on October 12, 2008, 04:08:06 PM
(JayBee, are you on the 'Greiz, or at Vahalla?)

Derek:*On the comm* Just get him to wherever the Doc'll let him stay for now, Bright. And someone make a point of picking up his Tek Setter off him. He can have it back once we figure out just what the bloody hell that was all about.

Bright: Alright. I put in the call to Vahalla, as well. They said they'd send some assistance, but didn't specify what they were sending.

Derek: Then we might get lucky and the whole rest of the AGGF'll join in. Who knows. Alright, let me know if anything else comes up. And don't forget to head down here after your shift's over.

Bright: I'll be there. God knows I could use a drink after today. *Cuts the comm*

Masaki: Man, that whole thing with the Tekkamen just sort of happened out of the blue, huh?

Derek: Yeah, and it sucked.

Masaki: Well, sorry. You guys weren't in the hangar when I got back, so....

Derek: You got lost, I know. I'm not mad about it this time, though.

Masaki: You're not?

Derek: Nah. *Sits down at the bar next to Masaki* Trust me, you're almost as awesome as I am when giant robots are involved, but against a Tekkaman inside the ship, we're both fodder.

Masaki: Yeesh. Better I was out of this one, then.

Derek: Yeah. *Looks over* Hey, Haruka? You sure you don't want me doing this one? You look a little.....

Haruka: *Takes her third shot of whiskey before putting drinks down in front of the two* .....A little what?

Derek:.....Nothing. *Starts drinking his soda quietly*

Masaki:.......God, you guys are depressing today, and I'm not even wasted yet.

Haruka: *Grabs her bottle and shot glass and proceeds to take her fourth shot of whiskey* That's nice of you to say, Masaki. Next time, keep it to yourself.

Derek: Hey, he's right. We're both being depressing as hell. No need to rip his head off for mentioning it.

Haruka: *Takes another shot* Sure, whatever. I'll just do something stupid again and get someone else hurt. That sounds a whole lot better.

Masaki: Hey! That wasn't your fault!

Haruka: Yeah, it was. Even if she'll be okay, it's still my fault that she got hurt. She let down her guard because she trusted ME to handle things with that asshole. Instead, she....


Haruka: *Looks over at Derek* Something funny, Captain?

Derek: Just seeing the parallels, that's all. And how lucky you really are.

Haruka: *Takes another shot* Explain.

Derek: Your mistake resulted in the Fei-Yen being trashed and Fuyume getting hurt, but both are fixable. Hell, Astronage told me that the Fei's already going in regen mode. Fuyume'll be fine with a little rest, and she won't hold any of this against you.

Haruka: Still, how does that make me lucky?

Derek: Because the consequences of your actions will fade soon. *Reaches up and taps the side of his visor* I'm still dealing with mine.


Derek: She's still alive, Haruka. That's the important thing. Everything else after that is trivial.

Haruka:......*Puts the bottle and glass away* I guess you're right. Thanks, Derek.

Derek: Any time.

Masaki: I feel like I missed something important here.

Derek: Yeah, I can see how you would. Hey, let's start setting up the TV. I want to have the video ready for when Bright gets off shift.

Masaki: Sweet. I've gotta see this.

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Post by: JayBee on October 13, 2008, 12:05:30 AM
(I should be on the Durageiz, if I'm not mistaken. They tend to run together, and I've just sort of accepted a plot wormhole connects all base areas. Probably through our bottomless armory.)

Jaybee calms down, sheds his armor, and heads to ye olde watering hole.

Haruka, got another bottle of that whiskey back there? My shuttle's a lot of things, but well-stocked it isn't. I need to get good and wasted. I'll explain when the time is right. Hopefully not for a good long while.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Well, Masaki, it means that I'd probably be decommissioned and thrown in the stockades if I told you. Not that I'm going to sit on it if it becomes important, but right now you don't need to know.

"I'm not sure I care for your attitude."

Tough. It's my ass on the line. You probably don't WANT to know what I know anyways, and it's better for all of us if you never need to. The galaxy is a scary place, it gets scarier every time I turn around, and that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Jaybee grabs the whiskey bottle and takes a long swig.

So... did that patch of ripped-up space collapse, or are we just waiting to see if something pops out?
Not that I mind, really. You can still fight when you're drunk.

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Post by: Sume Gai on October 13, 2008, 12:21:32 AM
-Bar number 3- (that's right the upgrade included two more bars)

Michael: "I think that may have been Chris seeing things either that or some omnipotent being decided it was a plot point better left for later and forcibly retconned it out of existence."

Subordinate 1: "Boss you say the weirdest things when you get drunk."

Subordinate 2: "I dunno sheems Praushible where I'm Shtanding."

Subordinate 1: "man these two just can't hold their liquor"


Thank you all for your courtesy; and I wish you luck with your mission. 

Gai bows and boards the Akagane which soon sets out along with the Metatron and all of the AGGF personnel along with the captured Tekkamon.

Jamil lay in a course for the Duragriez we have little time to waste.

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Post by: Derek on October 13, 2008, 12:23:12 AM
It sort of fell apart about twenty seconds after Chris headed out there. It's wierd, really. Bright said it appeared without any warning, and faded without a trace. I even checked the scan myself. Looked similar to a teleport or fold signature, but JUST not quite.

I'm not worrying about it for now. It was probably nothing.

"Or a foreshadowing of some enemy force starting to appear in the world somewhere, from another dimension or something."

.....Sheesh, Andoh. You throw out some screwy ones when you're blitzed.

"I've only had three so far, shaddap."


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Post by: JayBee on October 13, 2008, 03:33:01 AM
'Nudder dimenshun? Y're jus' hopin' Shu'll show up 'n we gedda arma-whassit.

"Armageddon. And I'm not. And I thought you had a filter that kept you from getting drunk."

Turneded off.

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Post by: Derek on October 13, 2008, 03:26:27 PM
Derek: Alright, everyone ready?

Haruka: Yeah.

Bright: *Holding a drink* Sure.

Masaki: *Slams an empty onto the counter* Play the damn tape!

Derek: *Grins* Alright then! *Starts the tape* Here it comes.......

*As the tape gets to the exact moment of the Brightpunch, the whole bar goes up in cheers*

Masaki: YEAH! WOOO!!!!!

Bright: *Takes a bow* Thank you, thank you.

Derek: Now, let's see it again. In SU-PER SLOW MOTIOOOOOOON!!!!!!

*Cue more cheering from the crowd*

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Post by: Andrew on October 14, 2008, 03:41:35 AM
I can't believe I missed that.

*grumbles* Stupid post battle check-up

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on October 14, 2008, 03:54:50 AM
Now, now... If it wasn't recorded, you couldn't watch it whenever you wanted to.

And it was.

Which means you can.

See, dont'cha feel better already?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on October 14, 2008, 08:44:50 PM
I suppose. I that was pretty cool to watch.

On an unrelated topic, I want to get a group to help me look for something in the armory. When I found the caster I think I saw an Erde Kaiser module in there. If there is, we might be able to summon one of the famed EK units.

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Post by: Sume Gai on October 14, 2008, 09:30:14 PM

*As everyone enjoys their time in the bar two silhouettes appear behind the Duragreiz. The Akagane and the Metatron have joined the AGGF fleet*

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Post by: Derek on October 15, 2008, 01:36:58 AM
(It's not required, but the OC Remix Escape Into The Twilight ( seems fitting for this post.)


*Having finished cleaning up from what has now been dubbed the Brightpunch Party, Haruka wanders the ship searching for Derek, as he had once again managed to slip out quietly while everyone else was enjoying themselves. Entering the hangar, she finally spots him, standing in front of the Fei-Yen and the Deathscythe. As she gets closer, she notes that the Fei-Yen has entered into it's personal self-regeneration mode, curling into a ball and hovering in the air while surrounded by a green aura, and that the repairs to 'Scythe are almost completely finished. As Derek had said before, the wounds caused by the last few battles were recovering.

As she finally closes in on the Blue Wings leader, he seemed to be talking to himself....*

Derek: *Speaking softly, but out loud* See, it's not so bad. Give it another few days and there won't be any problems at all, you know. You'll have to stay inside until then, though. Yes, I'm aware of that. I'm sure he'll be glad to see you, too.

Haruka: Captain?

Derek:*Stops talking and looks behind him* Oh, Haruka. Hey.

Haruka: Who are you.....*Looks up at the Fei-Yen, then back to Derek*.....She's awake?

Derek:*Grins* Just woke up. Say hi to Ha-chan, Fuyume.

*As Derek lifts his arm up, the holoprojector on the ARC activates, as Fuyume appears. The injuries she sustained in the battle, however, are immediately obvious, as she appears to be greatly bandaged up, even covering her right eye, and her left arm is in a cast. The hospital pajamas and bed she's sitting up in add to the image of a tragic little victim of an accident, and the entire image is enough to make one want to cry. Especially since, despite it all, Fuyume smiles immediately after seeing Haruka.*

Fuyume: Ohayo, Ha-chan!


Fuyume: Derek-sama said you took care of things. He said you got the bad guy, like you told me you would.

Haruka: I.....*Stops for a second, and takes a breath*....Yeah, I did. I got him good, too. He won't be messing with us again for awhile.

Fuyume: I knew you could do it, Ha-chan! Derek-sama said--

*Without any warning, Fuyume suddenly shudders and falls forward, clutching her abdomen with her good arm.*

Haruka: Fuyume...!!!

Fuyume: Itai....Don't worry, Ha-chan. It's just a coupla...busted ribs....I'll be okay....really....

Derek: Alright. I think that's enough for now, Fuyume. Be a good girl and get some rest for now, okay?

Fuyume: Okay, Derek-sama....*Lays down on the pillows of the bed* Nighty night....Derek-sama....Ha-chan.....

*Fuyume's eyes close, and the hologram shuts off. Tears begin to stream down Haruka's face as Derek moves towards her. Though she usually holds herself as the dependable one, nothing in the world could stop Haruka from crying into Barona's shoulder for several moments.*

Derek: *Pats her shoulder as she cries* It's okay. Let it all out.

Haruka: *In between involuntary sobs* I'm just so glad....she's alright....she's really alright.....!!!

*After another minute, Haruka finally stops crying and pulls away from Derek, wiping away the tears*

Haruka: *Sniffles a bit*.....Thanks, Derek. I....really needed that.

Derek: Grins* After all the times we cried on your shoulder, it's the least I could do.

Haruka: Comes with being one of the oldest, I suppose. Alright....I'm gonna go do something productive. You should probably head up to the bridge soon. The fleet's formed up, and last I was aware, Bright wasn't answering the phone. Someone needs to go lead the ship.

Derek: Alright. I'll get right on it.

Haruka: *Nods* And Derek....thanks.

*As Haruka turns and leaves, Derek turns back around and looks over at the Fei-Yen, watching as one of it's minorly damaged parts slowly begins to regenerate, bit by bit.*

Derek: Even after that, she still trusts you. For that, you're welcome.'re lucky.

*With that, Barona turns and starts to head for the exit. As he does, however, something falls to the ground, unnoticed.

A single tear.*

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on October 15, 2008, 03:49:37 AM
Meanwhile, back at the bar...

Hey, did I ever tell y'all about the time I-

"Yes. You did."

Man, Shara, you could at least wait until I tell you what story it is.

"You've told some variant of the same story three times already. I doubt this time will be any different. "


"And thank you for turning that filter of your's back on before you started projectile vomiting again. You were looking pretty bad when I came in here."

Yeah, well... party was starting to get underway. Didn't wanna spoil it for anyone. Reminds me... I need to pay someone a visit. 'Scuse me.

Jaybee wanders out of the bar and heads toward sickbay. He stops outside the door and leans against the wall.

Hey, Chris... I don't know what happened earlier, but I whatever's goin' on in that head of your's... I trust you. 
You already know that. I wouldn't be here if I didn't.

He takes a deep breath.

I promise you... if something DOES happen, I'll do everything I can to bring you back to your senses. And if I can't do that ...*he clenches his fist, and sparks arc off it* ... I'll make sure you don't hurt any of your friends. I don't know how, but I will.


Doesn't really count for much if I don't say it to your face, does it?
I'm gettin' soft in my old age...

Don't make me keep that promise, okay?

"You really shouldn't talk to yourself, you know. People start to think you're crazy."

Jaybee loses his balance, recovers, stands up straight, and turns left, all very rapidly.

Doc! What're you doin' out here?!

"Making sure the hall's clear. Parties with this group tend to result in visits to my office, for some reason."

Ummm... how much of my monologue did you hear?


I'd... appreciate it if you... didn't mention it. I'm not... I mean...

"I understand. It's pretty obvious you're troubled. Honestly, an entire squadron of pink elephant mecha could've stomped through the corridor by and you'd've never noticed."

Thanks... I think.

"I've had some experience with situations similar to this before. He's in good hands. I'm a healer of people after all, not just their bodies."

Okay, that... thank you.

"I may not be out there in the heat of combat, but I'm still fighting with you. Don't worry so much. But if the time comes that you have to keep that promise... make sure you do. He'd want that."

I will.

"Good. Now get back to that party. It's not right for you to be moping around while there's people that CAN'T be at the party. I'll make sure they have SOME fun, but I'm a doctor, not a ringmaster."

Jaybee smiles, for the first time since he's come back from Earth.

Healer of people, eh?

"Yes. All of them. Now get out of here. You're jamming the hallway."

Surveying the empty corridor, that could probably fit three mechapachyderms shoulder-to-shoulder, Jaybee grins wider and heads back to the bar. Citan opens teh sickbay door, looks down the corridor, and shakes his head.

"When did the UN start hiring such emo pilots?"


"Then you heard where I told you to stick it, too!"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: ChrisABlair on October 15, 2008, 09:14:54 AM
*Chris struggles to open his eyes*

God, I feel like I was just Brightpunched... did that burst actually do something to my head?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on October 15, 2008, 12:07:04 PM
Chris, I'm glad that you're ok.

If you ever go berserk like that again; if you are truly unable to regain control, I will not hesitate like I did earlier. I will use a #3 on you.

I hope it never comes to that.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on October 16, 2008, 01:07:26 AM
'Ey, Masaki... things seem to be winding down.

"What about it?"

Let's go hit the sim.

"You're not gonna give up on that combo attack, are you?"

Not until we actually DO it. At least once.

"Well, I'm drunk right now."

Little buzzed at best. You've been nursing that drink along all night.

"Dammit, you kept score?"

Kuro, Shiro, wadda ya think?

"Just give in, myau."
"He's not gonna shut up until you do, myau."

Two against one. C'mon.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on October 16, 2008, 06:02:21 AM

So, how's it look out there?

"A lot of debris and asteroids, sir. Is there really something out here, Commander?"

To be honest, I wouldn't know. But I believe Haruka when she says there is, so we get to look through the rubble. Let me know if anything strange shows up.

"Yes, sir. Do you think we should call Captain Bright, sir?"

Not yet. Let him shake off the alcohol, first.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on October 17, 2008, 01:10:48 AM
Meanwhile, back in the sim...
The Huckebein and Cybuster hover above the ground, shards of Destroy pelting off their armor.

"That. Was. AWESOME!"

Glad you approve. Wanna nail some of the cannon fodder I threw in here for fun?

"Yeah, let's-WHOA!"

A red blur materializes in the sim and bursts forward, folding on itself as it travels. A few seocnds later, Shara's VF-22 is standing, a beam saber in either hand, as 4 mobile suits explode.

Nice one. Dug out my beam saber mod?

Shara: "I made one or two of my own, too. WING RIPPER!"

Several beam blades spring out of the back of the battroid, giving it the appearance of skeletal angel's wings... or maybe demon wings, as both feet now have three beam talons hanging off them.

Masaki, in his best Mon Mothma imitation: "Many beam sabers died to bring us these modifications."

VERY nice. You added those to your plane yet?

Shara: "The mechanics are working on it as we speak. I want in on whatever you two are planning."

Masaki: "She's got the style down. And I'd rather she not kill me. The more the merrier, right? "

Oh, she's got the style all right, but does she have the firepower?

Computer, bring up the specs and loadout for Shara's current mech... Hmm, boosted reactor output, but... the guns are stock.
I think I've got an idea.
Bring up the armory inventory. Show high-yield rifles, sorted by firepower. 
Oh, yes. Those should do nicely.

Remove the VF-22's external gunpods. Mount units WZLBR and WZRBR on the gunpod hardpoints.

The VF-22 shimmers, and a pair of large beam rifles replace the mech's gunpods on the skirt armor.

I think you'll like these, Shara. High output, sustained fire, and they can be combined for an absurdly high firepower level... which is exactly what we're going for here.

Shara: "We'll see how it handles. I'm in?"

Yeah. Pull up the sim record, and you can see what we're trying to do. I'll be reconfiguring the battlefield for our new firepower.

Anyone mind a bit of a challenge?

Masaki: "What'd I just say about the more the merrier?"

Shara: "You have to ask?"


Computer. Reconfigure simulation, save new program as PR3Way practice.
Remove Destroy. Replace with Buster Machines 1 and 2. Limiter enabled. Combine.

Add level 7 Mobile Suit swarms here, here, and here.
Jaybee points at various places on the holographic landscape.
Level 5 MS Swarms here and here, and a level 9 swarm here.

Set AI rules. On Gunbuster destruction, all mobile suits begin retreating.


The landscape shifts. A few kilometers off, the Gunbuster stands, arms crossed over it's chest. Between it and the Huckebein, Cybaster, and Sturmvogel sit a few thousand mobile suits of various makes.

Masaki: "THAT would be a challenge. I don't think we have enough ammo between us for that many targets."

We don't need to take them all out. Just the boss.

Map status, please?

Computer: "There are 4257 mobile suits and one Gunbuster, limited, in the battlefield. Difficulty rank: 74. Estimated survival time: 45 seconds."

Shara: "45 seconds for us to clear it? If I didn't know better, I'd think it was hitting on me."

No. 45 seconds until we die. The computer tends to be insulting in it's underestimation of our skill. Save simulation.

Masaki: "Wait, why's there a red flag over the Gunbuster's head? That blinks rather annoyingly?"

Because the computer doesn't think we can handle it. Again, it tends to be insulting. Everyone ready?

Masaki: "What the hell. I'm curious."

Shara: "Ready."

All right. Save map. Begin simulation.

The three mechs split off in different directions as the clouds of mobile suits move into action. The Gunbuster, unable to fire without destroying it's allies, sits still. Explosions litter the sky as the first shots are fired.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on October 17, 2008, 02:00:05 AM
Sitting several simulators over is Ianator, spectating in this great game of war.

Four thousand? What a joke. They'll be bored after the first five hundred. The computer estimates AI Victory in forty-five seconds - I estimate Player Victory in thirty-five minutes with no more than moderate damage, if Miss Shara works those beam weapons right. Stupid computers always think so... four-dimensionally. On the other hand, if I was controlling those MSs...

...Nah. I'll pull that prank tomorrow. Maybe then I can grow back some of my skills as the One-Man Army.

Suddenly, the cloud of MSs disperses from around the three mechs as Gunbuster slowly unfolds its arms.

Oooh. Let the fireworks begin...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on October 17, 2008, 03:00:47 AM
All right, we've got an opening!

The VF-22 fires a quick shot from her right beam rifle at the Gunbuster's face, then drops into fighter mode and opens the throttle, rolling to the side as the Buster Beam comes toward it. Cybuster shifts to Cybird mode and heads through the corridor's edge. The Huckebein is left behind briefly, but shoots a few nearby mechs and uses the explosions to accelerate it. All 3 pilots come out near the Gunbuster, after some very fancy evasion.
I'm thinkin' we should make our own corridor next time instead of waiting for a buster beam.

Masaki: "Agreed. Now, let's do this."
Shara: "Right."

The VF-22 and Huckebein unload missle clouds as Masaki deftly maneuvers close and slashes the Gunbuster repeatedly.

Hey, how far you think we should wear this thing down before we go for the coup de grace?

Shara fires her beam rifles at buster missiles coming from either side.
"Depends... how long do you think you can hold out?"

The Huckebein boosts backwards as a massive fist comes swinging at it, then fires three quick shots from the gravity rifle at the Gunbuster's chest.
Good point.

Formation attack! Now!

The three mechs ready their swords, and... the external sim feed goes out. When it comes back a few minutes later, the Gunbuster is heavily damaged. The VF-22, beam wings deployed, is holding a very large beam rifle angled upward in both hands, with massive heat waves pouring off the barrel. The Huckebein has it's left hand extended towards the Gunbuster, pointing. The Cybaster is behind the Gunbuster, sword drawn.

Masaki: "Well, it's ALMOST dead..."

Almost doesn't count. FANG SLASHER!

The boomerang-like weapon slides through a hole in the armor, bounces around the internal mechanics for a few moments, then wedges in some critical hardware. The BM2's degeneracy generator loses stability...

Masaki: "Ooops? That's a bad sound."
Shara: "What did you do?"

...and the Gunbuster explodes in a massive burst of energy, then quickly reverses direction and implodes, taking most of the mobile suits with it, as well as all 3 sim occupants. The screens go blank, and the sim pods open up.


I think I hit the generator. In a very bad way. Congratulations, you now know what a Vanishing Trooper incident looks like.

Masaki: "But the formation attack works even better with 3 people. And that was the main point, right?"

Shara: "True... and that WAS rather fun... right up until we all got atomized."

Sorry Ianator. You'll have to wait for the grand unveiling like everyone else.  No hard feelings, right?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on October 17, 2008, 03:35:51 AM
*watching from a different observation point*

We have learned something very important. If the Gunbuster ever takes that much damage, everybody else should retreat immediatly.

We should have no more ally casulities than are nessissary.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on October 17, 2008, 04:11:30 AM
I think that was a one-in-a-million shot, honestly.
Just... in a very bad way.

Honestly, if anything is doing that much damage to the Gunbuster, everyone should be well out of the way because that's the kind of firepower that can instantly vaporize  most of our collection.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on October 17, 2008, 07:22:18 AM

you know it might have been better if you waited till I uploaded the data from the Gunuster's actual test flight; rather than the theoretical data.  After all everything indicates the Theoretical values were too low.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on October 17, 2008, 08:38:51 AM
That's a scary thought. It really is. Oh yeah, that reminds me. You wanted to know why the BHE is considered a Bad Idea, but we still have no problems with the Tronium engine, right Jay? I think I have a theory.

*At this point, the hologram projector flares into life and Fuyume appears, still bandaged up and in the hospital bed, and raising her good hand like she's in class*

"Oooh! I know! I know this one!"

Alright, I'll bite. Why is it, Fuyume?

"Because none of them have made an explosion like the one Jay-kun just caused!"

That's...pretty much just what I was about to say, yeah. Thanks, kiddo. Oh yeah, that reminds me. Hey guys, Fuyume's awake. See?


Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Dsvaun on October 17, 2008, 07:28:31 PM
(From somewhere, a transmission)
This is Dsvaun calling the Duragiez.  I request permission to approach and board.  I'm sure I missed alot, but I'm back everybody. 
(Out of the asteroids, a lone light blue mobile suit approches the fleet)

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on October 17, 2008, 07:39:32 PM
This is the Duragreiz, permission granted. 'Vaun, is that you?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Dsvaun on October 17, 2008, 08:20:52 PM
Yep, it's me Derek.  Good to hear your voice.  Let's see if I can drink you under the table now.

(The mobile suit pulls in.  It resembles Nu gundam, but in place of the fin funnels is an Incom system.)

I guess I should explain a few things.  First of all, sorry for ditching you guys before as the Aerogaters showed up.  I had my reasons for leaving, but if I knew something like that was going on I would have stuck around.  Anyway, I'm sure I sent the data on the Psycho Haro, and I'm sure you know that did so well against the new type of Psycho Gundam.  As for the rest.....I'll tell you the details later when I've got a few drinks in me, but the short version is some guys found me.  Nu gundam was wrecked badly, I think that the HWS armor saved me..barely.  The cockpit was almost cracked open in one punch.  A little while later I managed to get my hands on a Mass produced Nu Gundam.  Not exactly like the original, but it's far from being a GM.  I managed to make some connections and hopefully the new machine will come sometime.  Even I don't know what it is, but I've been told it was more fitting for the...condition I'm in.  Like I said, I'll explain more when I get a few drinks in me.  I assume the bar is in the same place.  Oh yeah, what did I miss.  I remember the Titans attacking the Macross at one point but I'm in the dark for everything else after I left.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on October 18, 2008, 02:16:18 AM

you know it might have been better if you waited till I uploaded the data from the Gunuster's actual test flight; rather than the theoretical data.  After all everything indicates the Theoretical values were too low.
That reminds me... I've got some business I need to attend to.
If y'all will excuse me...

Jaybee heads out, stops by the hanger to get a data dump out of the Buster Machines, swings by the cafeteria for a snack, then heads to his quarters and opens up a secure comm channel. A girl in a fast-food uniform answers.

"Hello, Mona's Pizza. What would you like today?"

Depends. What can I get for a 2-megabyte randomized encryption key? Honestly, a 2 meg ENCRYPTION KEY!

The girl seems taken aback briefly, but she quickly recovers.
"Straightforward and to the point. No cloak-and-dagger bullshit.  like you. Hang on one minute."

The comm flickers, then comes back, focused on an eccentric scientist eating a pizza.
"Buster Project. How may I help you?"

Professor Shishioh?!?! YOU'RE part of this?

"Ah, you must be the AGGF liason Global told me about. Of course I'm 'in on it.' 3G's super-mechanoids laid the groundwork for the Buster Machines. Anyways... I believe you have some data for me?"

Uploading it now.

"Hmmm, hmmm... oh, this is excellent! Better than I expected. This puts us back on schedule for the next phase. Thank you!"

Is there anything I need to know? Or is it all Hyper-Omega-Extreme Secret?

"Hmmmph. Sometimes even the big things need to be kept secret. 3G's operations were classified for some time for similar reasons. Global told you just about everything of note. I hope you won't need anything, but... since you people ARE the caretakers of the Buster Machines right now, you should probably have the release code for the limiters. Just in case. Here's the file now."

Thank you.

"Don;'t use them unless you need to. The limiters are there for a reason."

So we don't accidentally decimate the planet we're trying to protect, right?

"Something to that effect, yes. You'll know if you need them. And you really SHOULD order a pizza next time you call. Mona makes some of the best pies in the sector."

That's not just a front?

"Nope. A functional business attracts less attention, for some reason. Shishioh out."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on October 18, 2008, 06:44:01 AM
Sounds like you had a lot of fun, 'Vaun. Right now, we're trying to find Alexis. You know, I mentioned her a few times. She's supposed to be hiding out here in this area somewhere. I'll let someone else recap some of the major stuff, but I oughta mention, since you saw it in the hangar, that Fuyume got seriously beaten up in a recent fight, though she'll be okay.

"Ohayo, Vaun-chan!"

Leave it to Fuyume to look adorable even while severely injured. Anyway, if you feel like going and getting wasted, Haruka's in the bar. Long story short on that one, the Titans leveled Angel and she needed a place to stay. She'll probably set you up. And if you're looking for entertainment beyond alcohol, we've still got a video set up of someone getting Brightpunched.

....Speaking of, that's a page. Gotta get back up to the bridge. Have fun.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on October 18, 2008, 11:54:29 AM

behind jaybee a voice spoke.

"so they told you? I suppose if anyone went to find out it'd be you."

Gai is standing in the door way

"you really should leave the door ajar when making such private calls"

Michael still drunk and breaking the fourth wall wonders in.

Michael  "you know you arrived just in time we just finished a plot arc and started a new one. the last one the AGGF beat up the Neo-titans because we could and that pretty much sums it up."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on October 18, 2008, 02:02:12 PM
Didn't anyone tell you eavesdropping is rude?

Anyways, I didn't get where I am today by ignoring pink elephants in the room.
You build a mech with that much firepower, it's pretty clear you're either completely off your rocker in an evil villain way, or planning for something even bigger to come along. Either way, it's in your best interests to find out which it is.
I think that was why the SRX was designed as a combiner, actually. A couple high-power Mobile Suit-alikes draw a lot less attention than a super robot with an even bigger gun.

You continue to surprise me with how well-connected you are.
I guess that explains why WE got the Gunbuster, though.

Well, the more the merrier, right?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on October 18, 2008, 02:11:22 PM

"mere luck I happened to pass by when you asked for a 2 Megabyte Encryption key. kinda gives it away, just be glad no one else was around.  I guess this raises the number of people on this ship who know the truth to 3." 

Gai turns to leave.

"Thanks for sending the data, leaving Valhalla requires way too much paperwork."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on October 18, 2008, 11:58:08 PM
*over the ship's PA system*

Would the SRX team report to the simulators, I repeat, SRX team to the simulators.

*muffled* What's that?

To the pilot of the red Veritech unit, your lights are on. Pilot of the red Veritech unit, your lights are on.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on October 19, 2008, 12:42:37 AM
Ooh! Happy fun time! So what are we practicing today? Combining? TK drills? Independent combat?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on October 19, 2008, 01:06:19 AM
A little of everything. You can never go wrong with a well rounded training regimin.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on October 19, 2008, 01:49:54 AM
Technically, I asked her what she thought I wanted if I was connecting with a 2 meg encryption key. But the point stands.

I SWEAR I closed that door, locked it, and turned on the privacy field... ah well.

I hope Shara isn't touchy about the V-word.  I'd hate to see the SRX training disrupted by a homicidal meltran.
Maybe I'll go find something to keep her occupied.

Jaybee flips the comm panel
Hey, Shara. Meet me in sim 3. We've got a toy I'd REALLY like to get some practice on.

"The Buster Machines, you mean? I've already made plans."

Aww, c'mon... you can harass Andrew any day. Wouldn't you rather play with a 250-meter harbinger of death?

"You make a compelling argument."

Good. Dibs on BM1.

"In your dreams! You get to lead on the Huckebein Gunner, I'm on top for this one!"

I called dibs! What sort of society do we live in where a man can't call dibs on the biggest and most overpowered mech ever seen in human space?

"I'll fight you for it."

VF-1 duel acceptable?

"Super S. Best two of 3."

Super J.


I'll see you in sim 3. Prepare to lose. Again.

"What did you... I'll make you eat those words! YOU'RE GOING DOWN! DOWN IN FLAMES! AND PIECES! FLAMING PIECES!"

Ahhhh, it's been a while since I've had a good dogfight.
Better hurry and get the sim set to private before word gets out, as it always seems to around here.
Meh, screw it. Betcha there's ALREADY a conga line following Shara.
Jaybee tweaks his aural implants, and hears "I'm gonna kill that bastard!" echoing through the ventilation system.
Yup. Definitely too late to keep this one quiet.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on October 19, 2008, 02:21:57 PM
Newtype FLASH~

Mmmhmmhmm... Secure channel to pod #3 and #4, open.

Andrew, BK, I've got an idea for some fun times. We're about to get some company in the sim room - Jay and Shara seem to be having a little lovers' quarrel. Afterwards, they're going to practice combination attacks against over four thousand mobile suits and Gunbuster at once. I, for one, know that even on its most difficult setting it'll be a cakewalk against the computer.

But, they won't be going against the computer. Training against the sim environment will only get you so far, so we're going to inject some aliveness into this course. You two will be controlling Gunbuster. And I...

Well, let's just say they didn't call me the One-Man Army for nothing.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on October 19, 2008, 02:23:43 PM
Ian, they want to be the ones controlling the Gunbuster in their case. Their fight is over who gets which Buster Machine.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on October 19, 2008, 02:49:47 PM
...Really? I thought for sure they'd want their revenge for having their victory turned into a draw by a technicality.


Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on October 19, 2008, 04:56:04 PM
Alright, back to training.

We are going to simulate a time without our mecha. I will be guarding a point, and I want you to try to get past me.

Set simulation time: 30 minutes.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on October 20, 2008, 12:13:13 AM
Two VF-1s dance through the asteroid belt, lobbing fire at each other. One crimson with black trim, the other violet with white trim. A bright red asteroid floats into view. The crimson VF fires it's last four micromissiles, then dives for the red rock

Oh no you don't!

The purple VF dives after the red one, weaving through the missiles, raining bullets down at the other fighter.


A volley of twelve missiles flies towards the red plane, which ejects it's FAST packs. The missiles lock onto the booster package and explode, while the fighter continues unimpeded.

Impressive. Improvised flares.

"I'm rather proud of that stunt."

A hail of laser fire shatters the red asteroid, and the blood-colored VF shifts to GERWALK, rapidly decelerating as it enters the debris cloud and veers into a ghostly set of FAST packs.  There's a ripple, and the plane's boosters are restored, as well as it's wing-mounted missiles.

Enjoying the Asteroid Belt Char Custom?

"Immensely. Far better than pausing to reset the simulation."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on October 21, 2008, 02:23:43 AM
*To Ianator and BK*

After 5 tries, neither of you could get past me. It's not a tough exercize. All you had to do was get past me. Just one of you. One of you could have distracted me and slipped past me.


I'm going to shower and get a meal. You think about what I said.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Ianator on October 21, 2008, 02:41:10 AM
Man, I coulda sworn I got past you and back in front twice. But then I remember my hands aren't quicker than your eyes... This is why I hate personal combat. It's different in a mech, but on foot I'm just slightly above-average.

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Post by: JayBee on October 21, 2008, 03:06:15 AM
The naked VF painted in the extremely manly shade of purple dives towards a powerup, it's tail fin trailing smoke. It touches it right as the the fully-geared red VF cuts between a pair of asteroids. Tthe damage on Jaybee's plane is repaired, and FAST packs remounted, though one pack is a little lopsided and carries a beam cannon instead of a missile pod.



Jaybee transforms into battroid mode and spins around. A quick hand movement arms all the weapons, and as he locks onto Shara, he fires. She tries to dodge, but the asteroids get int he way. A particle beam removes her mech's left arm, a laser clips the FAST pack over her right shoulder, bullets stitch holes across her mech's chestplate, another particle beam removes the right leg...


And the missiles arrive, atomizing her fighter. Jaybee bursts into laughter.

Did you *chuckle* actually just do the Bodol scream? (

"I'd actually been planning to send you into uncontrollable laughter BEFORE you squeezed the trigger. I was a little slow."

Just a little.

So, two to one?

"Yes. It seems you win. Again..."
A note of annoyance tints Shara's voice, predictably.

Not really. I'm exhausted. Gunbuster can wait for another day.
And that was one of the better dogfights I've had in a while. Thanks.

Shara pauses for a moment.

"You're getting soft. Practice more. I almost beat you this time."

Aww, c'mon... it's a VF-1! Not even a 1X. How much call is there for authentic Valkyrie pilots out there?

Aaaand Shara 's rage comes back...
"You're blaming the mech?!?! I thought you were a better pilot than that. Clearly, I was wrong."

No, it's just th-

"I'm serious. You're getting sloppy, and it's going to get you killed!"

Jaybee blinks
I'm... sorry.

"I'll see you tomorrow. We're going to have a looong practice session. "

Do I get any say?

"No. Even if YOU don't care about your own life, it's my reputation on the line if you get shot down by some rookie in a Zaku."

Right, I forgot about that. Well, I can't reflect poorly on you.
Tomorrow then. Good night.

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Man, I coulda sworn I got past you and back in front twice. But then I remember my hands aren't quicker than your eyes... This is why I hate personal combat. It's different in a mech, but on foot I'm just slightly above-average.

Still, that look on your face was priceless when you thought that you got past my fans and then discovered that I am not limited to two fighting forms.

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Bright: Nothing unusual in this sector. Let's move on to section G-7.

Derek: Aw. You just--

Bright: If you say I sunk your battleship one more time, the next Brightpunch video we watch will be your own.

Derek: Fine, fine. But you just lost The Game.

Bright: *Thinks about it for a second* .....Dammit!

Derek: All joking aside, let's keep looking. She should be around here SOMEWHERE....

Operator: ....Huh? Captain, we're detecting something.

Bright: What is it?

Operator: Looks like some kind of odd reading coming from.....that large asteroid up ahead. The one surrounded by a lot of other debris.

Derek: ......Huh. What kind of odd reading?

Operator: The entire area seems to be in some kind of sensor blackout zone. Nothing we try to scan it with comes back.

Derek: .....

Bright: Think this is it?

Derek: Oh, I know this is it. That's a big enough asteroid to house a shuttle or three, and Haruka's heading out to it.

Bright: Well, as long as you're--Wait, what?

Operator: Captain, the Alex just launched!

Derek: Told ya.

Bright: Well, what should we do? Are you going out after her?

Derek: Not right this second. I'm gonna see where this goes, first. Alexis might not actually be willing to open the doors for a Deathscythe model just yet.

Bright: Then, what ARE we doing?

Derek: Putting the gang on notice, in case we need to scramble. Which is why I'm going down to the hangar, in case I DO need to take off. Keep an eye on things for me.

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-Duragritz Mess Hall-

*sitting down and getting ready to eat a late lunch*

PA: All pilots get to hangar and be on standby for launch

Crap. *To cook* Could you put this in the fridge for later?

Cook: No problem.

*Andrew gets moving towards the hangar*

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*waiting on Deck Gai greets Derek as he enters the hanger.*

Hey Derek, as requested I brought the Val Kai.  I also took the liberty of switching out the R-3 for the Exia.  Astonage says the T-Link System has been pushed too hard and it'll take a while to fix and tune it.

I'll be using the Zeta for right now.

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Hello Kina.

"Are you okay, you were acting strange earlier?"

I'm okay for the most part except that my other personality can speak to me now and I may let her take over ONLY under certain circumstances.

'Party Pooper!'

"Sakura-sama If you say that you are alright then I'll believe you."

Thank you.

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Derek: Thanks, Commander. I'll give it a look once we're done with this.

Masaki: *Walks up to Derek, looks at him for a second, then starts looking in the same direction he is* .....So, we're staring at a bunch of space trash, waiting for....what, exactly?

Derek: An allclear, or an explosion. My money's on the latter.

Masaki: Which is why you just had them repaint the Shishio to match 'Scythe yet again.

Derek: Yup.

Masaki: Alright then. So, how long do we wait?

Derek: Good question. Fuyume, how's she doing out there?

Fuyume: *Appears from the ARC, still looking like an ICU patient* Ha-chan's sending out her Blue Wings ID right now, Derek-sama. Alex-chan should open the door for her in a minute.

Derek: Thank you, Fuyume. *Looks over at Masaki*....What, you never seen an injured girl before?

Masaki: *Staring at Fuyume* I had ALMOST forgotten how much she could change her looks.

Fuyume: *Waves* Hi to you too, Masa-chan!

Masaki: *Waves back* Hey, Fuyume. You doing okay?

Fuyume: *Nods* Uh huh! My self-recovery system says I'll be able to get up and start moving around again within 48 more hours or so!

Masaki: Glad to hear it. We were all really worried about you, after what happened.

Fuyume: *Smiles* Arigatou, Masa-chan. I'm really glad you--*Suddenly stops and begins coughing softly for a minute*


Fuyume: *Finally stops*.....Huh? Is something wrong?

Masaki: *Looks over at Derek* I don't care if she IS an AI or not. That was the cutest cough I've ever heard.

Derek: Yeah, it's yet another fun thing she inherited from Alexis. Try being around her when the flu's going around. I didn't know whether I was gonna get sick from laughing or from the actual germs.

Masaki: Cute coughing, another fine Blue Wings export. Right along with mods for already destructive weapons, witty one-liners, and sixty seven ways to slice and dice your enemies with just one sword.

Derek: Hey, hey. I'm up to seventy, now.

Masaki: My bad. Seventy.

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(In a unusually deep sleep surrounded by enough empty bottles of alcohol to have been able to kill every single bacteria on the ship)
PA:Repeat, all pilots to hanger and standby for launch.

ZZZZ...ugh...five more minutes.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CRAP!  Not going to look good if I'm late for my first fight since I came back.

(Stands up immediately and runs toward the door before getting slapped by the wall), give me sec.
(After getting reacquanted with the walls a few dozen times he manages to make it to his machine)
Ow... nothing like iron to make you forget about your hangover.  Don't worry about me, just lost what little tolerance for alcohol I had for the months I was gone.  It's alot  better than piloting with a few broken limbs.  I won't slow you guys down.

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*In the Hangar*

*To DsVaun*  We still haven't been given the order to launch.

Are you ok? I've seen people go up against a rancar without a mech who've looked better.

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Derek: Jeez, 'Vaun. Going for the Focker impression, huh? Well, whatever floats your--

Fuyume: *Suddenly looks up* Derek-sama, Alex-chan just opened a door and let Ha-chan in!

Derek: Right. And that's our cue. *Starts heading towards 'Scythe*

Masaki: *Heading for Cybuster as well*

PA: Attention pilots! Hostile units have been detected in the vicinity! Scramble!

Masaki: We're WAY too used to this.

Derek: *Shrugs* It's how life goes, I'm afraid. Alright gentlemen, you heard the bridge crew. Let's get moving!

Fuyume: *Salutes* Hai, Derek-sama! But....should I....?

Derek: *Shakes his head as he jumps into 'Scythe* You're riding with me, this time. Plug in.

Fuyume: Hai, Derek-sama. Remote linkup with Shinigami-sama, Ready to go.

Derek: Alright, let's get this party started. Gundam Deathscythe, launching!

Masaki: Cybuster, launching!

~In the field~

Masaki: *Looking around* So, thirty 'Scythe Guilty mechs in groups of five each. Do these guys just not get it?

Derek: On the contrary, I'm worried that they get it perfectly. This debris field makes it almost impossible for the ships to get any closer than they are, which puts us at a disadvantage if someone needs support.

Masaki: Brilliant strategy, but we still outgun them. Anything else?

Derek: No obnoxious commander proclaiming my imminent defeat over the comm.

Masaki: Oh. OH. Well, damn. Think this is just the small fry, then?

Derek: I'd bet money on it. C'mon, let's just play defense for now. If they do have some major trick up their sleeve, I'd rather not be totally out of range to try stopping it.

Masaki; Works for me. You lead.

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-Debris field-

The Zeta and GN Flag Final, now carrying a GN Missile launcher over the left arm, launch seconds after the Cybuster and Deathscythe. Gai approached the scythe and put the Zeta's hand on the shoulder to allow skin talk. 

Hey Derek. this time, try not to make more work for Astonage.  He and his crew worked their butts off to get the scythe in working order.

Gai quickly switched to the AGGF encoded line

Everyone do as Derek suggested play defense till we know what these guys are planning.

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Derek: In my defense, Commander, I DID go through a marathon against these cretins with very few chances to even sleep for longer than three hours, let alone repair my giant robot. *Turns and fires his vulcans at an oncoming set of Guiltys*

Masaki: *Launches Kuro and Shiro at the lead Guilty, who proceed to waste it* Yeah, and you've had a tendancy to get disarmed in every fight since coming back. Almost literally.

Derek: That only happened once!

Masaki: Hey, I said almost. *Turns and stabs through one of the remaining four enemies*

Derek: Har har. *Swings around and scythekills the remaining three* I'll remember you said that, Andoh.

Masaki: *Waves him off* You haven't done anything to me yet, why should I think you'll start?

Derek: You just wait, Cybuster. I'll get my revenge on you eventually. Right now, though....Fuyume, can you tell if any other enemies are approaching?

Fuyume: Scanning.....There they are! Five more Nise-sans, moving in where the last set was positioned!

Masaki: What? *Looks around* But, I don't see them!

Derek: They're based off this bad boy, remember? Stealth units, Andoh. They obviously just haven't revealed themselves yet.

Masaki: So, how in the heck can Fuyume track them?

Fuyume: Shinigami-sama's using an upgraded sensor system that Derek-sama had Astronage-san put in before the big party, so it can detect the special signature that the Nise-sans give off when they hide!

Masaki:...Sensor upgrade?

Derek: Prototype gear, testing it out for another mech. Just go with it, for now.

Masaki:....Right. Well, whatever works. Keep us posted, then.

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A: I'm not drunk, I'm hungover.  A lot of crap has happened and this was the first time drinking in a while.
B:What ever headache I have from the hangover was replaced by the headache of rushing without taking into account the placement of the door.
C: Now I'm launching
(MP Nu Gundam launches)

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Weltall, Launching.

Ether Circuits open!

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First time in a while I've used a single suit by itself...

Ianator, Gundam Exia, launching!

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This is Tekkaman Null. I'm launching.

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Derek: *Buster shields a Guilty in the face and then guts it* And that's fifteen, total.

Masaki: Which

Fuyume: The fifteen hidden Nise-sans are disengaging stealth, Derek-sama! Also detecting another thirty approaching, this time from behind!

Derek: Closer to the ships. Probably meant to scare us a bit, and make us jump.

Masaki: They're still messing around, then. Should we keep waiting them out?

Derek: Something about all this seems really fishy. I say keep playing defense for now.

Masaki: Gotcha.

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Jaybee steps out of the sim. Him and Shara start heading for the door.

Regulds... why regulds?

"What, you can't handle them?"

Do you know how many times I've SEEN a reguld cockpit before today? Once, and that was on the last  SW1 anniversary broadcast of "Do You Remember, Love?"

"You're blaming the mech again."

The door opens and they step into the hallway, still talking.

I can't even READ zentran glyphs! I was guessing what switches did what while you were taking potshots at me!
You're just sore because I flew rings around you when you loaded up the Balls... hey, where is everyone?

Random guy running down the hall: "What are you two doing? There's a pack of mobile suits attacking! "

Oh. That answers that... ladies first?
The two run down the hall, shouting into the intercom.
Prep the VF-25. Load the armored packs.
"Ready the VF-22. And FAST packs."

Hanger crew: "You guys are late."

We were in the sim, and the scramble alert didn't go off.
Possibly because I firewalled most of the external connections. I'm sick of pranksters dropping in on us.

Hanger: "Yeah, that's not really a-HEY! WATCH IT WITH THAT CRANE!- not a good idea."

Right, right...
The two skid around a corner, Shara slaps a panel, and the hanger door opens. She's already snatched a pair of gloves off the rack and pulled them on as Jaybee enters the room.

Shara: "At least we were already in flight suits. No time lost there."
Shara seals her helmet and dashes into the hanger.  Jaybee steps into his EX Gear and follows, then leaps into the air, spinning as he peaks and landing in the Messiah's cockpit with a bit of help from his backpack thrusters. Shara hoists herself into the Sturmvogel a moment later.

VF-25, launching! !

"VF-22, launching!"

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*Facing off against a Deathscythe Guilty*

Let's see if your weak points are where I think they are.

*Looking at the targeting system*

Looks like it.

Crippling Strike!

*Weltall sends a series of attacks at the Guilty's joints and weakpoints in the armor*

Even if that suit survives, it's useless with it's joints locked up.

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Masaki: *Skewers another Guilty* So, that takes care of the second set. Is number three coming up?

Fuyume: Scanning....Incoming Nise-sans! Sixty, another forty as well!

Masaki: They rounded out to a hundred, huh? No sweat.

Derek: That's the idea.

Masaki: Huh?

Derek: These things were never the real force. The grouping, their movements, it's all too simple. I know an AI crowd when I see one.

Masaki: So, all this really was just a warm up, huh? Great. Bring on the real fight, then!

Fuyume: New contacts! Three Peregrine class ships, 12 o'clock!

*On cue, three Peregrines show up and begin launching suits, around two hundred in number. However, they're not Dark Moon....*

Masaki: Is that....the DC emblem?

Derek: DC Remnants? Tch. Leave it to Dark Moon to side with the first group that walks by. It certainly explains where they got about two hundred drone units, at least.

Masaki: Whatever. Let's take 'em out anyway!

Derek: Couldn't agree with you mo--

Fuyume: EEEP!!!! Derek-sama, dodge!

Derek/Masaki: What the--

*Cybuster and Deathscythe both jet out of the way just in time, as a massive beam attack goes flying by, cutting a large line through the debris field.

Masaki: What the hell was that?!?

Derek: That can't be...!!!

????: Hmph. Impressive dodge, Black Wings.

Derek:...Rena. What miserable timing.

Masaki: That's your ex?! Why the hell didn't you tell me she pilots THAT thing?

Derek: Last I was aware, she didn't. I guess someone fixed it up for her.

*Not wasting any time, Blue Luna closes distance from the DC ships at high speed before stopping within range of Derek and Masaki. However, unlike the last few encounters, the suit she's piloting this time is very obviously a Gundam. In fact, aside from the fact that the wing armor on the back has been painted jet black, there's no mistaking the unit for anything other than Wing Zero.*

Rena: Do you like it? Alexis did quite well on the repairs, I'd say.

Derek: I doubt she fixed it with this in mind, though. What's your game this time, Rena?

Rena: Coming from you, that's a laugh. I know what's hidden here, Black Wings. And if you think I'm going to just let you walk in and take it for your own use, you're sadly mistaken.

Derek: Wait, you mean...Of course. THAT'S why it's a place like this!

Masaki: Uh, did I miss something?

Derek: I'll explain later. So, what then, Rena? You came to stop me from taking it?

Rena: By any means necessary, even if I have to destroy it. There's no way I'm letting you set foot near that ship again, after the sins you've committed! That's why I'm using this suit, the embodiment of the Black Wings themselves! You keep trying to run from your past, but it'll be your past that destroys you!

Derek: I see....very well, then. Fuyume, disengage from the Deathscythe.

Fuyume: But....Derek-sama....!!!

Derek: Now. And Masaki, get going.

Masaki: Wait, are you nuts? You want to fight her by yourself?!

Derek: No, I don't. But I'm going to. Now get moving. I'll catch up when I'm done with this.

Masaki: Tch....You better not get yourself killed, you hear me?

*As the Cybuster jets off, the two Gundams move into position and begin staring each other down. For a moment, it seems like that's all they intend on doing, but then the moon comes into view through the giant path through the debris field. At that moment, Derek brings his scythe to bear, while Rena draws a beam sword.*

Rena: The Goddess of the Moon no longer smiles upon you, Black Wings. Prepare to face Luna's final judgement!

*With that opening battlecry, the two Gundams begin to throw down.*

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A hail of missiles unloads into the latest wave of mobile suits as the VF-25 and VF-22 enter firing range.

Looks like we got here just in time, huh?

"Seems that way. Missed the boring part and got here fresh right as the real show started."

I guess Derek has the Wing Zero under control... besides, it looks like that fight's personal.

"Indeed. Care to show some of those Deathscythes why we carry guns?"

With pleasure.

Shara fires the beam rifles slung under her VF, clearing a path, and the two planes dive into the corridor, guns blazing as they shift to battroid mode.

Holy shit! They already mounted those monsters?

"You better believe it. As you humans say... give a girl a fish and she eats for a day. Give her an oversized beam rifle, and she kills every fish in the lake."

Indeed we do. Indeed we do.

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Kina what's that noise?

"The dimensional radar is picking up a mech coming fast!"

*Suddenly a large black mech appears and attacks Dinah damaging it severely*

"You withstood my attack..."

Who are you?

"I wish to destroy any machine that contains an Anima Vessel. That includes yours goodbye."

*Brandishing it's sword the unknown machine rushes forward to deliver a killing blow*

"I can't dodge it!"

'I can!'

*Dinah narrowly dodges the attack and strikes rapidly scoring numerous hits against the unknown machine*

"Interesting, two personalities with completely different fighting skills"

OCC:How do you you italics?

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*Seeing Sakura being attacked*

Sakura, do you need any help?

(ooc: italics are )

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where xxx is the text to be italicized

the Zeta shoots down A Guilty with it's rifle.  In response several dart behind asteroids. 

If you think that'll save you...

as the Bio-Sensor comes to life the Zeta begins to glow a pale green and Gai draws a beam saber

You're mistaken.

the energy from the bio-sensor begins to flow into the Saber causing it to grow in size then the Zeta uses i like a whip to cut though the small asteroids and the Guilty's hidden there

how about those ships?


below one of the Pergrine classes Michael and his two teammates are fighting Lions. they are having a good deal of success.

Subordinate 1: Micheal we'll cover you; make a run on that ship.

Michael: alright

the GN Flag F breaks off and charges the overhead ship.  when in range he launches the 12 missiles mounted on his arm.  They Strike the Ship and begin emitting GN[T] particles.   Soon the ship be gins to bulge as the particles fill it's inner section and finally the ship bursts and explodes into scrap.

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Post by: Dsvaun on October 26, 2008, 10:22:33 PM
(The MP Nu gundam shoots  the beam rifle at the critical points on the Guilty, but misses by inches as it gets closer)
Damn, so much for that.
(brings out the beam saber and brings it down with a slash.  The scythe raises up to block it when the saber goes off just as it is about to hit.  The saber turns back on as the Gundam rushes forward and pierces the cockpit)
Ha!  I like to see an AI beat that!
(the proximity alert goes off)
What?Behind me!!
(A guilty appears from stealth and slashes at the back, grazing the gundam which spins around and takes the head right off)
Damn, should have seen that.
"Hm, I suprised you can see anything"
What!? You!! Where the hell are you.
"Don't worry, I'll show your friends what I can do after I take care of business.  I'd like to see you survive what's coming.  However, your completely powerless to stop it."
Heh, not true.  I can still hear your annoying voice.
(Shoots three shots towards a Guilty that just appeared.  Two shots graze it, the third hits a weak spot disabling it)
You going to show yourself this time or do you have to ambush me again?
"Tch, bastard.  You want to die that badly?  Don't worry.  I'll have my fun another time.  Just try to stay alive until then."
Damn, this is not good.

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Post by: JayBee on October 27, 2008, 03:15:27 AM
The VF-25 dives as Shara unleashes another gout of hellfire from her beam rifles.
Good lord, how many charges do those things hold?

"There's recharge ports on the hard points. As long as I put them away every now and then, there's no limit."

I've created a monster...

Jaybee picks a few convenient targets, and opens fire, the beam cannons on the armored packs swiveling to track their targets. As a few more mobile suits explode, he drops back to fighter mode and boosts off in Dsvaun's direction, guns blazing. As a Guilty swings at the Nu, the -25 shifts to battroid mode and catches the scythe blade on it's knife. A few quick motions later, the Guilty is disarmed, and the Messiah's gunpod ventilates it.

Hey. Looks like you could use a hand over here.

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Post by: Sakura77 on October 27, 2008, 08:02:52 AM
*Dinah and it's opponent continue to fight with neither having an advantage*

I don't care about your reasons for wanting to destroy machines with anima vessels in them but, Kina's in here and both of us won't let you hurt her!

"I thought Dinah would be an easy target since it's original pilot doesn't exist anymore but, I guess I was wrong."

He must be talking about Mary.

'Mary? Don't you mean KOS-MOS'

More or less the same person. Keep on guard since I don't know what he will do next.

"Too bad I can't stay and finish you but, I received new orders to do something else. Try not to die till next time."

*As quickly as it arrived the unknown machine disappears*

You won't get away! what! aaaahhh!

I'm sorry but, I can't let you follow him while Kina barely holding herself together. It's sword was different from most blades even glancing blows did some heavy damage.

'I.... I understand, Kina's more important than fighting him.'

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The Guiltiies, having finally processed the fact that Shara is destroying them by the dozens with all that buster rifle spam, begin teaming up on her. She blasts one from the hip as she returns the rifles to her mech's skirt armor and grabs her beam sabers, raising one just in time to parry a scythe.

"So, you think close combat is my weakness? "

She brings the other saber around, slashing another mech's scythe in two. A flash from the arm-mounted laser, and the drone joins it's weapon in the Great Parts House in the Sky

"A meltrandi warrior doesn't HAVE weaknesses."

Two quick slashes destroy a buster shield, as a spinning kick sends one drone careening into the raised scythe of another.  The explosion destroys both mechs as three Guilties approach from behind...


... and are sliced to ribbons as the battroid's "wings" extend out over it's shoulders, helped a long by a quick spin.

Masaki: "I'd hate to be on her bad side... Hey, what IS it with you people and mods, anyways?

You don't have a mass-production ride. You wouldn't understand.

M: "Try me."

It's about personalizing it. Making it your own. Distinguishing it from the tens of thousands of other nearly-identical machines out there... and occasionally it's about fixing a design weakness that either wasn't noticed, or the fix wasn't 'economically feasable.'

M: "So you're jury-rigging fixes to problems that never should've been there in the first place? That's lame."

But fun. Duck.

M: "Huh?"

The VF-22 flashes by in Fighter mode, wing rippers still extended, rolling to slash a few more drones as it passes over Cybuster's head.

M: "You're all crazy."

S: "You're welcome. And you have to admit, beam saber wings make a mech a lot more distinctive than a splash of paint."

You would know.

S: "Beg your pardon?"
Nothing, Milia.

S: "I'm half-convinced you LIKE getting your ass shot off."

Right, right.

A pair of particle beams from the VF-25 roasts a pair of Guilties coming in on Shara's 6.

Speaking of asses getting shot off... you're welcome.

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Blazing Edge!

*Launches attack taking out several Guilties at once*
*Reading display*

Hyper mode is ending? Crud, I thought that I had a few more minutes. Looks like I'll have to use ether moves for a little while.

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Post by: JayBee on October 28, 2008, 07:44:36 PM

Bah. No missiles, no bullets... as much as I appreciate HAVING lasers and particle beams, I'm still feeling a little naked out here.

Bee arr bee, folks.
Hanger, get the Huckebein ready.

The VF-25 boosts away, blasting another Guilty or three as it heads back home. A few minutes later, another mech enters the battle field with a simple announcement...

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Just because Kina's out of the action doesn't mean I am!

*The V2 parries a scythe with a beam saber while gutting another Guilty*

Unfortunately for you guys I am pissed at the moment so you are my punching bags since the one I am angry at has left.

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*For a minute or two, the Deathscythe and the Wing Zero seem to actually be evenly matched in their duel, but that quickly shifts as the Zero pushes the black Gundam back, and then quickly dashes forward, intent on a killing blow. The 'Scythe dodges to the right as the other Gundam moves past, quickly taking aim and firing it's vulcans. In response, Wing Zero spins around on itself and fires it's own vulcans, completely matching the shots and cancelling them out.*

Derek: Well, that proves it....You're using THAT thing, aren't you?

Rena: The Zero System? Of course I am. What better way to destroy you, than with the weapon you had so much faith in, yourself?

Derek: Baka....!!!! You're so intent on revenge that you'd follow my own path to do it?!?

Rena: So what if I am? *Brings the double buster rifle to bear* At least you won't be around much longer to see it!

Derek: GAH!

*At point blank range, the fact that 'Scythe dodged the buster rifle's attack by any margin would have been a miracle. As is, he loses the buster shield and a little of his left arm's armor from the proximity. In response, Derek swings around and chunks the beam scythe, but the attack is easily deflected and the scythe destroyed as a result.*

Derek: Damn it....!!! Don't you get it?!

Rena: What's there to get? I use this machine, you die, and justice is served.

Derek: Do you really think you can control that power?

Rena: Of course I can!

Derek: I doubt it. The Zero System....that cursed power....With your heart as clouded as it is, that system won't hesitate to destroy you, just like it destroyed me!

Rena: That's because you were weak! I've become stronger than you ever were back then! *Punches forward with the left arm*

Derek:*Catches the shield, holding it* That's right. You ARE stronger. Stronger as a pilot....and stronger as a Newtype. But NOT stronger as a person. If you lose control over that system, there won't be anything left of you when they open that cockpit. If there's anyone left who can.

Rena: What makes you think I'm going to lose control in the first place? *Pulls the buster rifle back up*

*Deathscythe doesn't lose anything in dodging this time, and brings out the Shishio just in time to start another swordfight. The two of them go at it for a few minutes, the sword dueling only broken by the occassional point blank attempt with the buster rifle. Though they look about even, however, that changes when Zero suddenly shoves the rifle right up against 'Scythe's cockpit, but doesn't fire when Derek moves to dodge. Instead, Rena swings around and impacts Zero's shield directly across 'Scythe's head, then turns and goes for a kill. Derek spins to avoid the slash, but can't stop from getting 'Scythe's right wing slashed off.*

Derek: GAH! My stabilizers....what is it with you people and taking out my frelling stabilizers?!?

Rena: What's wrong? I thought you were good at this kind of fighting.

Derek: You're a lot more arrogant than usual. Is that you talking, or is it Zero?

Rena: What does it matter? You're finished, either way!

Derek: You think so? I'm just getting warmed up. Let's see....Ah, perfect. Nothing like the right music to set the mood.

Rena: Hah! You're on the brink of death, and you're worried about what kind of music's playing? You really haven't changed. Well then, don't keep me in suspense. Let's hear your idea of a funeral dirge.

Derek: *The 'Scythe itself shrugs as he turns on the loudspeaker* Alright, since you asked nice. Three, two, one....

*Without any further delay, a song starts playing loud enough to be heard all across the battlefield. Rather than some hard rock or otherwise completely appropriate theme for a fight between giant robots, however,  THIS  ( starts playing.*

Rena: *Noticably taken aback by the choice* Wh-what the....

Derek: Annnnnnd GO!

*'Scythe immediately charges forward, shoulder-ramming Wing Zero before beginning another round of sword slashing fun. Unlike before, however, the music seems to actually be bothering Rena, as Zero's responses don't have quite as much strength or accuracy behind them. Finally, she jets back a bit and brings the buster rifle up again. This time, Derek dodges the shot by a far wider margin, and suddenly bursts forward to deliver a roundhouse kick straight across Zero's midsection. Before Rena can fully recover, the Deathscythe jets back, grabs it's own severed wing as it floats by, and chunks it like a boomerang straight into the other Gundam.*

Rena: AAGH!

Derek: Had enough yet?

Rena: Tch....*Starts checking the battle around them*.....This isn't going as well as I'd hoped....Am I going to lose again, even with this....?

Derek: Everybody loses sometime. It's nothing to be ashamed of, really.

Rena: Shut up! What could you know about losing? You've never....

Derek: That's not true. I lost myself, once. And I lost two of the most important people in my life right afterwards....Rei...and you, too.


Derek: *Moving closer to the Wing Zero as he talks* Words won't ever be able to express the regret I've felt since that day, but I need you to trust me, Rena. Shut down that mobile suit. *Reaches out to her* Please.

Rena:....Is that it?

Derek: What?!

*Wing Zero reaches over and calmly slaps the extended hand away from itself, before swinging back around with a fist aimed at 'Scythe's head. Though the black Gundam dodged easily, Derek found his next move cut short, as Rena calmly brings the buster rifle to bear, right at his face.*

Rena: Trust you? Trust YOU?! After everything you've done?! You would DARE to ask me to take that bloodstained hand of yours, asking me to TRUST you?!? What kind of an idiot do you honestly take me for, Black Wings?!

Derek: Rena, wait! I--

Rena: Shut up. You and I have nothing more to discuss.

Derek: Tch...!!!

Rena: I can see when I've lost the battle, but the war still isn't over. The next time we meet, I WILL destroy you. But before that.... *Swings the buster rifle around, now aiming straight at the asteroid*....I still have my own goal to accomplish.

Derek: What the--Rena, no!

Rena: Feel the helplessness I felt when you killed him, Black Wings! When you killed my brother!!!!

*With that, she fires the rifle and impacts the asteroid directly. For a second, nothing seems to happen, but then a series of explosions begin to occur across the face of the rock, before a massive one engulfs the thing entirely.*


Rena: Do you understand, now? Do you feel my pain? THIS is the fate you've brought upon yourself, Derek Zerus Barona! The Blue Wings would rather destroy themselves than help you any longer!

Derek: You....Do you even realize.....DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU'VE JUST DONE?

Rena: What...?

Derek: I wasn't here for that ship, Rena.....I was here to pick up the people on it!!

Rena: The people on....No! You don't....You don't mean.....

*Suddenly, a large beam shot bursts through the debris of the asteroid, and nearly impacts the Wing Zero.*

Rena: Argh--What the....?

Derek: That's...!!!

Fuyume: Derek-sama, detecting an energy signature from the asteroid dock! It's....!!!

Derek: Aoi...Tsubasa!

*On cue, a battleship which bears a striking resemblance to a  Minerva  ( class ship rises from the destruction, surrounded by a bright blue energy field. Not the full size of a Minerva, it resembles a large blue bird of some kind, much the same way that Derek's Skychaser fighter plane does. As soon as it clears the wreckage, the energy field shuts off and the wings open, finishing the look of a bird in flight.*

Rena: The Aoi Tsubasa.... But was shut down! How did...

Haruka: Sorry to disappoint you, Rena. But some of us aren't ready to die just yet!

*A single shot fires out, straight at the Wing Zero. Even as the Gundam dodges out of the way, several more shots DO connect, knocking the buster rifle away and managing to disable the left arm. The Alex comes flying straight out of the debris and stops within range of the other two Gundams, rifle trained on the Wing Zero.*

Derek: Haruka! Then, that means....

Haruka: We got it started just in time. Another few seconds and the E Field wouldn't have kicked on.

Rena: Haruka....Just what....What do you think you're doing?

Haruka: What's it look like? I'm defending myself after you just tried to KILL me. Don't tell me Zero said the best way to victory was on the bodies of everyone else you care about, too!

Rena: Don't give me that! What are you doing helping HIM?! After everything he's done....

Haruka: It's true...Derek has a lot to answer for, and his two year disappearance doesn't help his credibility any. But you know something? That doesn't mean he isn't trying.

Rena: You don't know, do you? You don't know that he's the one who killed Rei!

Haruka:......In all fairness, Rena.....Neither do you.


Haruka: You were with us, that night. We weren't witnesses to what happened, as much as we'd like to have been. The only person who knows what really happened is right here, and until he decides to tell me the story himself, I'm not going to judge him.

Rena: But...why? Why would you...why would any of you continue to help him?

Haruka: Because I trust him.

Derek: Haruka....

Rena: Trust....that stupid word again....!! Rei trusted him, and look what happened!!

Haruka: It's because Rei trusted him that I'm here, Rena. What about you? Who do you trust?

Rena: I....Hmph. We're done here. All units, retreat now!

*The Wing Zero jets backwards, turns, and starts off for the remaining DC ships.*

Derek: Rena, wait!

Rena: I've realized, Black Wings. The only person I can trust is myself. Not you, not my former comrades, and not this wretched mobile suit. You can have it back!

*As she gets back to the Peregrines, Rena opens the cockpit and gets out of the Wing Zero, getting picked up along the way by one of the other DC mechs returning to the ships. At that point, all the remaining enemies retreat as well.*


Haruka: Don't blame yourself, Derek. You'll get her back next time.

Derek: Do you really think that....?

Haruka: What, I can't be optimistic? C'mon. I'll take you two over to the Tsubasa. Alexis is waiting to see you there. Plus, I doubt you'll want to show your face around Astronage for awhile, after this.

Derek: Yeah. And while I'm thinking about it, someone needs to recover the Zero.

Haruka: I'll get Andoh or someone else to pick that up and bring it over. C'mon, let's go.

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The Huckebein gestures in the direction of the abandoned Wing Zero's with it's gravity rifle.
Personally, I'd advocate stripping the weapons and blasting the thing to smithereens. Nothing good can come of THAT mech.

Anyone hear from 'vaun? I lost track of him somewhere, and couldn't find him after I swapped mechs, but last I saw he wasn't doing so hot.

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I haven't, but going into battle after drinking that much? If he was under my command, he'd be grounded for everyone's safety, especially his own.

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Roy Focker's a hero to many in UN Spacey, and an idol to some, so I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.
Sober, drunk, raging hangover... doesn't matter as long as you can still see straight.

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Derek: I'd really rather no one blow it up, JayBee. I have every reason to be unhappy with Wing Zero as anyone else, but I'm still the most recent person to have claimed ownership of that mech.

Haruka: C'mon, we're here.

~Aoi Tsubasa~

Derek: *Walking through the corridor* You can see the dust on this thing.

Haruka: Well, sorry for not being able to clean it. We WERE in a bit of a hurry.

Derek: That's true. *Stops in front of the door to the Bridge* Well, here we are. Think she'll be happy to see me?

Haruka: That's entirely up to you, you know that.

Derek: Yeah, I know. Still, can't blame a guy for wanting some inside help on this one.

Haruka: And you're not getting any from me. Consider it part of your penance.

Derek: Thanks, Haruka. You always did know just what to say to help twist the knife. *Opens the door and walks in*

*As Derek enters the room, it's single occupant turns from one of the control panels to face him. She stands at about 5'4, with a rather small, petite frame expected of her age. Her outfit consists of a blue denim overalls over a white shortsleeved shirt, pink and white tennis shoes, light blue fingerless gloves with red trim, a pink bag slung over her shoulder, and a blue baseball cap worn backwards on her head. Her hair, the same pink shade as anything Fuyume wears, is worn in a very Duo-esque braid going down to mid-back, and her emerald green eyes are hidden away behind almost comically large glasses. This girl is, of course, Alexis Kitashira, whom Derek has been trying to find this entire time.*

Alexis: Derek-sama...?

Derek: *Waves and grins* Hey, kiddo. You're looking pretty good. Did you get taller, or--

*Without any warning, Alexis quickly runs over to Derek and punches him straight in the stomach.*

Derek: URK--*Doubles over in pain*.....Okay....I guess.....I deserved that.....

Alexis: BAKA!!!!!

*With tears visibly streaming down her face, the girl moves staight past Derek and Haruka and runs off down the corridor.*

Haruka: Less than ten seconds. I think that's a new record for you, Captain.

Derek: Good for me. *Slowly bends back up* Luna, that hurt. Am I going to have to expect this from everyone?

Haruka: Maybe. Oh, by the way, in case you didn't figure it out, she was listening to the comm during your fight with Rena, so she heard just about everything.

Derek: Thanks, 004. I kinda got that. Ugh....*Moves over to the captain's chair and sits down, rubbing where he was punched tenderly*

Haruka:....Are you alright? I didn't think she'd hit you that hard...

Derek:.....How many times, I wonder....?

Haruka: How many times, what?

Derek: How many times have I managed to make the women around me cry?

Haruka: That's a good question, actually.

Derek: Seems like that's all I'm really good at doing, really.

Haruka: Oh, no. You start getting depressingly introspective, and I'LL punch you. Look at it logically, not emotionally. Alexis is a teenager who just saw one of the few decent male figures in her life walk back into it after two years, and you always taught her not to keep feelings like that bottled up inside. Let's face it, Derek. If she DIDN'T just go ahead and punch you, I'd think there was something wrong with HER.

Derek:.....Dammit, Haruka. I got used to being able to sit down and get depressed like this, and you keep ruining it for me with your common sense.

Haruka: It's what I'm good for. Now, as soon as we get this ship connected with the rest of the fleet, you are going to get your ass out of that chair, march straight down to her room, and talk to her, so we can get this out of the way and move on with our lives, got me?

Derek: Yes, mother.

Haruka: I'm still older than you, smartass. I've got no problems whooping you.

Derek: As you've mentioned and proven several times, I get it. I'll go, once we've got the comm and IFF up.

Haruka: Good. It's about time you started really thinking like a leader again, and not just some hot shot pilot with a tragic backstory. Heaven knows there are enough of THOSE out in the world.

Derek: I'll tell Cybuster his archetype's no longer in demand for you. In the meantime, help me out here. It's been two years, and you guys always spent more time working this ship than I ever did.

Haruka: Right. Let's see, the comm controls are over here....

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-New Debris Field-

The Zeta brings the Wing Zero towards the deck of the Mini-Minerva.

and here I was hoping the last of them were gone

somewhat unceremoniously the Zeta places the damaged Zero in an empty berth.

at least here Tyria won't have a chance to mess with it. 

an unwanted mental image of Gigalots using the Zero System flashed through his mind.  Gai shuddered slightly before forcing the idea out of his mind.


Michael and his two team mates set down and make their way to Bar Number 1; where they ordered on the first subordinates urging, something non-alcoholic

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I can't stand Zero myself since my father had one as well. However if Derek needs any parts for Zero that we don't have I can get the remains of my father's Zero

*With this said, the V2 returns to the Duragreiz's hangar and heads towards Kina*

Are you alright Kina?

"I don't feel so good...."

I'm not surprised, if it wasn't for her neither of us would be alive.

"Could you thank her for me? I think I'm going to sleep now."

'I don't deserve her thanks, I was going to continue the fight without considering how badly she was hurt'

'Hindsight is 20/20, what we need to do now is rest up and then find out why someone wants to destroy Kina.'

'He said he was after machines with anima vessels. Are you sure that Kina is the last ES?

'She's the last ES however ES' are not the only machines that can hold anima vessels, gears can also hold them.'

'First we should eat something and then sleep. We can't do anything for Kina if we pass out from hunger and lack of sleep.

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MP Nu Gundam flies into the hanger and the cockpit opens
HEY! Can I get someone over here, the comms are messed up on this thing!

Sorry for not saying anything, I was fighting out there and one of the hits must have hit something because I couldn't hear anything even when the  Zero was trying to shove it's  twin-buster rifle down Derek's throat.
Pauses for a second.
I need to tell you guys something later.  We're up against someone else, someone dangerous, and I didn't get away from my attack completely unscathed.

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(For those who may be wondering: In terms of scale, the Aoi Tsubasa's about 65% or so the size of the original Minerva, with a lot of the internal stuff basically redesigned to accomodate a seven person crew. It CAN crew up to around twenty or thirty or so before space would become an issue, but seven was the original target number. The estimated ten MS limit, however, was kept completely intact, cause my mechanic's awesome like that.

Other such nuggets of info shall be mentioned as they become relevant, but for now, just assume that the shape is about the only real similarity my ship actually has with an actual Minerva.)

Derek: And that's that. We're now on the network. And thanks for dropping off the Wing Zero, Commander. Anyone who wants to go ahead and come get the grand tour is perfectly welcome to do so, by the way.

Haruka: And now that we're done with this....

Derek: Yeah, yeah. I'm going. Luna, I hope Kanz and Seiya aren't so melodramatic about all this. *Gets up and heads for the door*

*Several minutes later, Barona arrives at his destination. Considering the door in front of him is painted completely pink while the rest of the bulkheads are some various shade of blue or metalic, it's fairly obvious that he's in front of Alexis' room.*

Derek: *Takes a deep breath, and knocks on the door* Alexis? Hey, let me in.

Alexis: Go away! I don't wanna see you anymore!

Derek: *Sighs* It's days like this I envy JayBee. All HE had to deal with was a psychotic Meltrandi. *Knocks on the door again* If you don't open this door, I'm going to open it myself!

Alexis: Go ahead and try! I put six new locks on the door while you were gone!

Derek: *Grins* Six, huh? I'm disappointed. I thought you wanted to keep me out. Activate voice recognition code, AT-D, "I told you I was opening this door."

*Several mechanical locking sounds can be heard for a minute inside the door, before it opens completely.*

Derek: I love override access. Alright, you little--WHOA!*Dodges to the side as a large wrench goes flying past his head*

Alexis: Get out, Derek-sama! Get out get out GET OUT!!!!

Derek: No. I'm not going to just walk out of here because you're screaming at me. In fact, I have no intentions of leaving here at all.

Alexis: That didn't stop you from leaving before!

Derek: That...that was....

Alexis: I heard everything. and Rena-chan were trying to kill each other! Just like she said you killed Rei-kun!

Derek: Alexis....

*Before Derek can say another word, Alexis quickly charges straight into him. Unlike the gutpunch from before, however, she seems quite content to pound on him with her fists instead.*

Alexis: Why? Why?! Why did you leave? Why does Rena-chan hate you? Why did she want to use to Zero to hurt you?! Why....why does it hurt so much....?

Derek:.....C'mere, kiddo.

*Barona pulls the girl closer into an embrace similar to the one he shared with Haruka several days prior. In the same manner, all Alexis can do is simply cry into his jacket for several minutes.*

Alexis: I missed you so much.....I missed everyone so much....Even after Ha-chan got me into school again, I never made any new friends....But when I heard you were still around, and Rena-chan came to ask me for Zero....She said she was gonna take it to you, and....

Derek: It's okay, Alex-chan. I'm here, now.

Alexis: She....she tried to kill you with Zero...tried to kill US.....And all those things she said.....about Rei-kun.....I....helped her by giving her Zero.....and.....

Derek: It's okay. Things will work out. I know they will.

Alexis: But....

Derek: Do you trust me, Alexis?

Alexis: Huh....?

Derek: Do you trust me?

Alexis: I...I always trusted you, Derek-sama.

Derek: Then have some faith in me, now of all times. I'll make things work out somehow. You just watch.

Alexis: I......alright.....If you say so, Derek-sama.

Derek: Attagirl. You always were one of the dependable ones. A lot better than Kanz or Seiya, but don't tell 'em I said that.

Alexis: *Giggles a little* I won't, Derek-sama. You can count on me.

Derek: That's my girl. Hey, later on, I'll take you around to the other ships and introduce you to everyone. And you'll get to see some of the cool mechs I've picked up along the way.

Alexis: That sounds like a lot of fun. But.....

Derek: Hmm?

Alexis: Derek-sama, can I ask you a favor?


Alexis: Can I....can I see your face, Derek-sama....?


*Letting go of the girl, Derek takes a step back and removes his visor, then bends down a bit so that he's at eye level with Alexis.*

Alexis:...Derek-sama.....your eyes.....can you even.....can you even see me right now.....?

Derek: Only a vague shadow of movement. But it's you, Alexis. Even if my sight fails completely, I'd never forget what you looked like. You know that.

Alexis: I know that, Derek-sama. But.....still.....*Thinks about it for a second*....I know. I'll make you a new visor.

Derek: You don't have to--

Alexis: If it helps out in even the least, I'd do anything for you. You know that.

Derek:.....Yeah, I guess I do. Thanks, Alexis.

Alexis: Leave the ARC, too. I'll need it.

Derek: Alright, alright. *Takes off the ARC and hands it to her* Anything else you need? My wallet? Jacket? Air horn?

Alexis: No, that'll do it. I'll get working on it right away, Derek-sama. Just take care till then, okay?

Derek: Alright. And, you know, I've said this before, but you don't always have to call me "Sama". Just Derek works fine, too. I don't really deserve an honorific like that, after two years...

Alexis: *Smiles* Even if you were gone for two years, you'll still always be my Derek-sama, Derek-sama.

Derek: Great. I know when I'm beat. *Puts his visor back on as he heads for the door* Let me know when you want to go on that tour, by the way. I think you'd really like a lot of the people I've met over the last two years.

Alexis: I will, Derek-sama. Now go tell Ha-chan we made up so she'll stop trying to listen in on the comm system.

Derek: *Looks up*....Oh, that little sneak. I'm gonna fix her good, for this one! *Heads out the door, closing it behind him*

Alexis: *Watches the door for another minute, before she starts to tear up a little bit again* I'm so came back.....Derek-sama.....

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*in the mess hall*

Can I have my sandwich now? The main crisis has ended for now.

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I need to tell you guys something later.  We're up against someone else, someone dangerous...
Only one? That's a relief.

I gotta go take care of some stuff. Back later.

Jaybee heads off to a nice quiet corner of the ship, where he kicks back as he reviews some data on his virtual HUD.

Yeech. The engineering sims match that combat sim result.
Gunbuster's a walking time bomb. How they overlooked this is beyond me....

Activate privacy field, and initiate hypercomm connection.

The screen on the terminal sitting idle flickers to life, and displays a familiar pizza parlor, filed with activity. After a few moments, someone walks over to the camera.

"Hello, Mona's Pizza. Sorry for the wait  Oh, hi McQuade!"

You all right? Lookin' pretty rough today.

The pizza girl/Buster Project secretary is indeed a bit worn on the edges. Her ponytail is frazzled, and hairs are springing out at several places.

"Yeah, it's been crazy today. Who the hell has a pizza place cater a wedding reception?"

You cater?

"Not really. They just keep ordering more deliveries. We've been running nonstop all day. PIZZA AT A FREAKING WEDDING! Anyways, make it short. I gotta get back to work."

Right, right.
Jaybee presses a few buttons and initiates a secure connection.

"All right, the security key's good, the channel's encrypted, and I hate my job."

Go ahead and patch me through. It'll get better, trust me.

"Next time you better order a pizza. And leave a good tip!"

I could order one now...

"Do and I'll kill you. Patching you through.

The pizza place fades out and the comm opens on a young girl, perhaps twelve, with impossibly large red hair, typing away at a keyboard, blissfully ignorant of the comm station next to her.


"And then we... "

Excuse me?

"Now substitute the... "


"YES! That's it! Now we save this, and..."

Hey, you!

The redhead's hand twitches, and she presses the wrong key. The computer announces "file deleted" in a flat monotone. The girl stares for a moment, twitcing, then spins towards the comm display.


Ahhh.... I think there may be a mistake... is this the Buster Project?

"Ehhh? Who are you?"

Jaybee McQuade, UN Spacey lieutenant and AGGF liason.

"Oh, the new guy. I heard you blackmailed Global into spilling the beans. And threatened him. Hehehehe."

What? No! That's not what... wait... who are YOU?

The girl grins, her smile as bright as a solar flare.

"I'm Washu Fitzgerald Kobayashi! The greatest scientist in the galaxy! You can call me Washu-chan."

Ooookay...  so, Miss Kobayashi.

The girl's smile fades...

"Please, just Washu-chan will be fine."

Miss Washu...

And now she's scowling.
Washu. Chan.


And the smile is back, as bright as ever.

"What can I do for you?"

Are you... really a scientist?

"Best in the galaxy! Specializing in psychodriver research right now, with an emphasis on..."

She starts to babble, and Jaybee interrupts.

Great. Look, I'm concerned about some recent sim experience with the Gunbuster. Lemme send you the files.

Washu opens the combat sim log, and looks them over. Her brow wrinkles as she starts thinking.

"That's not right. Degeneracy generators shouldn't be able to undergo a vanishing event."

That's what I thought, too. I took the liberty of running some engineering simulations, and they confirmed it.

"Well, we'd better take a look at this... "

Washu's hands fly over the keyboard, and soon she's engrossed in the mystery... several minutes pass...

Ummmm... Washu-chan...

"Hang on, I think I've got it... plug the Planck constant in... there's a Tannhauser event here.... and here we... AH-HA! See this?

Washy waves at a computer screen angled away from the comm display, and clearly invisible to anyone on the other side.

Yeah... sure... what's the gist of it?


Jaybee thinks to himself... "That laugh... oh god, she's another Tyria...."

Thaaaat's great... I'm more worried about UNweaponizing the one in the Gunbuster.

"Oh, that. There was a spec change mid-development. Buster Machine 2's power system wasn't properly redesigned. Trivial fix. Do you realize what a weaponized degeneracy core can do?!?!?! The raw power that could be unleashed?"

No, not really. Nothing good can come of it, as far as I'm concerned.
Care to send the fix for BM2 over here, so we can do something about it?

"Bah. No imagination. Here you go. "

Hmmm... it's not very complex, but... it grounds Buster Machine 2 for a while...

A voice echoes through the air vent near Jaybee's head.

???: "Hello... anyone here... help..."

Who...  no... it can't be... excuse me a minute, miss.


Right. Miss Washu-chan. I'll be right back.

Jaybee pries off the vent cover, and starts shouting back. A few minutes later, he's helping Masaki, Kuro, and Shiro out of the AC duct.

What in the .... WHY were you three in the air vents?

Masaki: "I was heading to the sims. I seem to have gotten lost."

Kuro, Shiro... is he serious?

The cats hang their heads in shame.
Kuro: "Afraid so, nyau..."

Washu&Masaki: "YOU!"

Jaybee looks over his shoulder. The comm display is at an angle, almost as if Washu reached through and adjusted the angle so she could see what was going on. Her grin is now as bright as a supernova, and the gleam in her eye is even more dangerous.

Washu: "I KNEW you'd show up again! A genuine magic-user! From another dimension, even! "


The seemingly fearless Cybaster pilot jerks free of Jaybee's grip, kicks the door out, and runs down the hall, Kuro and Shiro chasing after him.

"Wait for us, nyau!"
"Help! Nyau!"

Ummm, what just happened here?

"YES! I KNEW he'd turn up again eventually! My magical research can continue! "

Do you... know him?

"He was my first... okay, ONLY subject for magical research to date! Psychodrivers and newtypes pale before true magic! His navigation ability... it's some sort of high-level teleportation spell, I'm sure of it! And those cats... a projection of his own subconscious, maybe? And he does it all instinctively.... If I could just get him back into my lab..."

Wait... what did you do to him...

"Nothing much... hmm, if I uploaded this computer virus, I could trace the signal, and I'd know exactly where..."


Washu is interrupted as the signal disconnects.

Honestly... what is WRONG with this universe?

Oh well, I've got a fix for the Gunbuster.  Throw it in the sim and make sure it actually works...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on October 31, 2008, 11:50:46 AM
(JayBee, I don't know if I want to buy you a drink or punch you in the face. You never told us you were a Pretty Sammy fan, you sly bastard!)

Derek: *Walks onto the bridge, and stops* I see you used my absence to finally get rid of that "No Smoking" rule we had on this ship, 004.

Haruka: *Takes one more drag, then puts out the cigarette in the ashtray next to her station* I got used to the open air on Earth, so sue me. Glad to see you made up with her, Captain.

Derek: *Sits down in his chair* Yeah, well, I figured she'd be the easiest one out of you lot.

Haruka: Fuyume was a pretty good indication of that, huh? *Notices something as her station beeps* Hmm. Odd.

Derek: What's up?

Haruka: Cybuster just took off. Looks like it's circling around and heading our way.

Derek: Aw, Andoh misses us that badly? Open a comm.

*As soon as Haruka does so, a loud screaming suddenly fills the entire room*


Derek: GAH!!!! Volume control!!!

Haruka: On it! *Lowers the comm volume considerably*


Derek: Andoh, will you shut up?!? Jeez, what the hell!!!

Haruka: Opening the hangar bay. He's headed right for it.

*Seconds later, the Cybuster lands inside the Tsubasa. All goes silent for a moment...*

Masaki: FREEDOM!!!!!

Haruka: *Casually shuts off the comm* Well, now.

Derek: Go see what in Luna's name that was all about. I need to make some calls.

Haruka: Right. Should I get him drunk?

Derek: If need be.

Haruka: Roger that. *Heads out of the room*

Derek:.......*Hits his own comm controls.....Aoi Tsubasa to fleet. Okay, can someone please explain to me what the hell just caused Masaki to come speeding over to my ship like the apocalypse itself was chasing after him? Anyone?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on October 31, 2008, 02:23:10 PM
*On the comm*

I heard him screaming about red haired demons and the like. Why do you ask?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on October 31, 2008, 05:39:28 PM
I've now got this recorded on my comm.


And I'd really like to know why. Where's JayBee? Andoh hangs out with him when he's not NPCing with me, so maybe he has some kind of idea.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on October 31, 2008, 11:55:06 PM
(Derek: Isn't EVERYBODY a fan of Pretty Sammy? I thought it went without saying. :P )

Ah, yeah. I caught the fleetwide. I'm over here on the Durageiz, and I MAY have precipitated Masaki's nervous breakdown, through no fault of my own.

Had a business call to make, and Masaki stumbled in through the AC duct while I was finishing up. Apparently the person-

Masaki: "Demon from Hell."

-on the other end has some, ah... HISTORY with our beloved jade-haired misnavigator.

"You keep her the Hell away from me, Jay, you hear me! Keep her the Hell away!"

Believe me, I don't intend to be letting her anywhere near us. I think she's a looser cannon than Tyria.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on November 01, 2008, 12:11:10 AM
Ah hah. Well, I'd normally just leave things at that and move on with my day, but I think I actually have an idea who you're talking about. But hey, I have to come over to the 'Greiz and get some stuff and the Fei-Yen anyway, so you and I can talk about it in person when I get over there. And you'd BETTER be over there. If I'm right about who we're not mentioning by name, I don't want there to be ANY uncertainties about how or why she was being called while Masaki was within fifty feet of the phone. Especially since I'm more than fully aware of their history with one another, through that "It's a long story" kind of way the world works.

Now, let's see if the old gangplank works. Transporting stuff will be so much easier if I don't need to get a shuttle to do it.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on November 01, 2008, 12:23:49 AM

sounds like I'll need to be there too; Jay Prepare my office this could be a long meeting.


Michael has somehow started drinking alcohol again

Michael: Huh? 

Subordinate 1: what is it?

Michael: well this may sound crazy but it feels like someone is trying to force himself  deeper into a secret plot that no one in game actually knows about. but is extremely obvious to those behind the fourth wall.

Subordinate 1: what the hell man? what the hell?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on November 01, 2008, 02:50:38 AM
Hmmmm.... this could get touchy.

I can tell you, even on an unsecure connection, that Masaki wasn't SUPPOSED to be within 50 feet of he phone. NO ONE was. I take my private calls VERY seriously.
The boy's good at getting lost, and finding trouble.

While I'm not gonna name names lest I traumatize him further, just naming names shouldn't be an issue. It's the WHY of the call that becomes touchy.

Anyways, lemme grab some stuff. We'll need reference materials.
And I've gotta have a chat with someone in engineering...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on November 01, 2008, 08:52:08 AM
Sounds like this is gonna be fun. Okay, mid-space docking complete. Glad to see this thing still works, even if we are fairly hard-pressed to find compatible spots with these ship designs.

"They have to be there somewhere. Otherwise, any kind of supply transfer between battleships would require shuttles, and that's even more unfeasable."

Glad to see you're back, 004. How's Andoh?

"I left him unsupervised with the cats and one of Kanzaki's kegs. He'll be fine for awhile, assuming he doesn't get alcohol poisoning in the process."

Good enough. Okay, go get Alexis and start working on transfering our stuff over from the Duragreiz. If Astronage says he's still working on the Shining, that's fine. Everything else, I want brought over here.

"Right. And what will you be doing in the meantime?"

Getting the full story on just what the hell we're making Cybuster drink to forget. I'll be back later.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: JayBee on November 01, 2008, 02:30:25 PM
Jaybee walks into the office carrying a few PDAs and muttering...
And she said it was a trivial fix...

Hey Derek. Brought some reading material for ya.

Computer, activate the privacy field.

Masaki's terrified to death of a mad scientist. Washu Fitzgerald Kobayashi. Goes by the name of Washu-chan.
I've never met her before today.

I was making a call to Buster Project, the.... organization... that built the Gunbuster. Seeing if we couldn't get that vanishing trooper bug fixed.

Then Masaki wandered in... through the AC duct. He got lost looking for the sim. Seriously.

Everything else... stops at the door. If this starts leaking, my ass is on the line. I'm really not happy keeping it a secret, but I've got a career to think about. If the time comes that everyone needs to know, I'll blow the doors wide open on this, but for now... you're probably gonna have a few nightmares you didn't want.

Now, as for the broader who and why...
Remember when I came back from Earth and got totally shitfaced?

Yeah... that was when I found out about Buster Project.
Apparently, before contact was lost, the Megaroad  discovered-

An alert noise cuts through the room, and the bridge announcer's voice comes on the intercom

"We have a defold in progress at point Zeta-Thirteen. Unidentified ships currently defolding."

Put it onscreen here, please.

A hologram pops up over the desk, and eighteen pink cones can be seen emerging from a rip in space.

The Megaroad discovered THEM! SHIT!
Bridge, open fire! Those aliens are hostile! All pilots, deploy mechs!
Hanger, get the Huckebein ready!

Long story short, these guys hate sharing the universe. And they're here to kill us. Now let's go give 'em a proper human welcome.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sakura77 on November 01, 2008, 02:58:08 PM
This is getting annoying! V2 AF launching!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Sume Gai on November 01, 2008, 05:05:20 PM
(OOC: it's WAY too early Jay...)

We'll have to act quickly for now they will be classified as Aerogater types.  Ready the Gunbuster; I don't care if you can't fix number 2's bug before hand. I'll pilot Number 1.

everyone these things are though so be ready for anything

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Andrew on November 01, 2008, 08:31:08 PM
Get the Kyrios ready for me. I'll be ready soon.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3
Post by: Derek on November 01, 2008, 09:16:49 PM
*Takes a second to skim over the "reading material" as well as the initial scans of the bogeys outside*


I feel like I helped cause this, somehow. Like I opened Pandora's Box or something. Well, screw it. Let's have some fun. I did want to give this thing a shot at some point or another.

Buster Machine 2, ready for launch! Let's show these freaks that the term "overpowered" doesn't apply in this end of the galaxy!