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Title: Video wait, game videos.
Post by: Dsvaun on September 01, 2008, 12:03:18 AM
Just decided to start a new thread.  Any games you guys are looking forward to?  Any old ones we probably don't remember or haven't even heard about?  Does the trailer just look pretty?  Post a video here whether it's a trailer or gameplay footage or whatever.  No Super Robot wars or games from this site.  I'm sure everyone can find some good videos on youtube themselves and we don't need the same game posted twenty times or four different versions of Great Mazinger.  As for the games on this site, I think it's almost self explanatory, I'm sure you can find the translations SOMEWHERE.
Anyway, heres the trailer for Warhammer: Age of Reckoning.
Just thought it looked pretty.

DAMN, just found this when I was looking for the Warhammer video.
I know I said no SRW, but I just found the trailer and HAD to show it.
Alright, it shows the Tri Battle, Select Order, and Tri Formation systems, it's own version of the squad system, Turn A gundam (very nice).  There is a new upgrade stat called rank for weapons.  The bazaar is back by popular demand.  They have the morale events (Majin Power, SEED, Overskill)  See for yourself.