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Title: Metal Max (NES) fans - anyone?
Post by: threetimes on September 30, 2008, 06:37:06 AM
I'm thinking about making a walkthrough for MM at GameFAQs since there isn't one and the site has an NES FAQ project which aims to have a FAQ for all NES games. The problem is that the English translation only translates the basic menu options and garbles the rest of the text. With the Japanese version of course everything is fine except I don't read Japanese, and it seems unlikely to get a better translation.

I know the game is basically the same as MMR (I wrote a walkthrough for that) and have checked out MetalManiax which has tons of info, but I wondered if anyone here would be interested in helping me with the translations of the options and stuff. Or maybe writing a FAQ jointly - sharing the credit!

 I'm still only thinking about it, so I might drop the whole idea if it turns out to be too complicated and time consuming, but I'd appreciate any advice about how best to go about such a project, and if anyone is interested then please get in touch - my email is in my profile. Thanks.