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Title: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 01, 2008, 10:06:07 PM
(Picking up where we left off)

alright then. Buster Machine 1 launching. 

Derek keep the output of your generator below 85% that should keep it stable. now lets go. 


the two mechs dock into one and landing on the front of the Nahal Duragreiz crosses it's arms

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 01, 2008, 10:10:31 PM
I feel like I ought to be making some kind of epic dual speech right now. But enough screwing around. Let's see....this does that....and that fires these....alright. I think I know enough about this thing now to kick some ass.

Amuro always had the right idea, looking for an instruction manual in the cockpit. You ready, Commander?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 01, 2008, 10:18:17 PM
More than ready.

The Gunbuster 'jumps' from the Duragreiz to a point high 'above' the battle field


the Gunbuster descends from above the two spiked wheels in it's right foot rotating rapidly and then impacts the lead cone before shearing through it and shatering it into pieces.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 01, 2008, 10:36:46 PM
Let's see if I've got this one right....yep. Alright.

Gunbuster to fleet. I suggest falling back. I'm not sure how far the splash damage on this one is gonna go.

Okay! Aiming set, ready.....

Fire! BUSTER BEAM!!!!!

*Watches the beam pierce two of the cones straight through, destroying them*

Niiiiice. *Checks around him* Quick, eight point combo if we swing up and to the left!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 01, 2008, 10:59:05 PM
fair enough

The Gunbuster charges the nearest cone to it's right and punches it in the side.  the fore arm opens and several poles extend from within smashing into the beast[/i]


energy courses through the beast from the arm of the gunbuster and it crumbles into pieces

Hey derek lets try the missiles next.

The arms point at two remaining cones that are about to speed by.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 01, 2008, 11:10:39 PM
Locked on! Let's see what kind of targetting data we can get off this one, shall we?


*Fires the missiles into the cones and laughs as they get turned into swiss cheese before exploding*

I don't think I really understood how awesome this thing is just watching from the sidelines. Okay, kick, collider, beam, missiles. We forgetting anything?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 01, 2008, 11:15:27 PM
well just one; the lasers in the palms.

The last two cones charge the Gunbuster.  which promptly fies above them as they collide

care to give them a shot?

Gunbuster again points the hands at the creatures who have changed direction and are charging from below.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 01, 2008, 11:54:06 PM
Ah, right. Let's give it a go.

Wait for it....wait for it.....NOW!


*The lasers fire, curve, and then slam straight through the remaining cones, obliterating them*

Hah....hah....phew....Man, this thing's a trip. And we didn't even get to use the baseball bat. Ah well. I'm not even sure that thing's working yet. Looked pretty iffy in the spec data to start with.

Anyway, that seems to be the last of them. And glad to see it, too. I'm still not too sure on this thing's energy consumption, but I don't want to risk any more with it for the time being. Especially since there's still that minor possibility of going the way of the Vanishing Trooper. Let's head on back to the ships, shall we?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 02, 2008, 12:09:52 AM
you're right I'm getting some odd readings from your generator reduce power and let's return.

the Gunbuster heads back the earth illuminating it's left side.

Strange I didn't know we were this close to earth..

Suddenly the com from the Duragreiz comes to life. 

Operator: "Commander we've got some odd readings ahead.  looks like a ship and ... a circle of stones? "

what? that should be impossible.

Operator: "we've positively identified the ship as the Hiryu"

oh good then we have nothing to worr-

suddenly several unknown contacts warp in around the AGGF fleet. about 20 plant like monsters and 30 skeleton like ones

WHAT THE HELL? Prep the zeta for launch.  it looks like we've got some new friends.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 02, 2008, 12:34:38 AM
(Insert this part right before Sume Gai's last post. I'm not scrapping it.)

FANG SL- wait, where'd they go? Not even a single bug left?

Jaybee looks at the battlefield full of allies and bits of alien goo, then puts the Fang Slasher away.

Well that was anticlimactic...

Gunbuster should be safe if we leave the limiter in place and don't punch too many holes in it.
Well, as safe as a mech like Gunbuster GETS when it's in our borderline-psychopathic hands.
Better safe than sorry, though.

Now, where's Masaki... oh, I guess that's him slashing randomly and screaming about demons.

Yo, Psybuster! You're stabbing thin air!

"Stay away from me, Satan's right hand!"


"You're in league with the crimson devil! I saw you!"

What, Washu? I've never met her before that call, and hope to never meet her again.

"Lying demonspawn!"

I know you're drunk, but try to think about this logically. When have I EVER appreciated the works of mad scientists?

Masaki's brow furrows.

"Ummmm.... never, that I've seen...."

And when have I viewed your navigational skills as anything more than an opportunity for a cheap shot?

"Hey! That's not very nice!"

But true. And have I ever shown the SLIGHTEST inclination of viewing those cats on your lap as anything other than proof the universe hates logic and reason?

"Ummm.... no...."
"That's mean, nyau!"

So what makes you think I could POSSIBLY be in league with Miss Kobayashi?

"Good point... so... ready for that team attack!"

The Psybaster strikes a menacing pose with it's sword.

No. There's nothing left. You're still stabbing thin air.

"Huh... guess I am... but I'm stabbing THE AIR IN SPACE! And that's pretty damn suspicious right there, isn't it?"

Yes. It is indeed. Thank you for saving us from THE SPACE AIR.

"Y're Welcome. "

Meanwhile, in the shadows! The SPACE SHADOWS!
????: "Hmph. That wasn't AT ALL what I expected. And HE never even fired a shot. Damn worthless decoys... how DID they get a mech like that monstrosity, though? Well, forewarned is forearmed, as they say... "

(And we're back to the FUTURE!)

Huh. Not so anticlimactic after all. FANG SLASHER!

The Huckebein's boomerang ricochets off several skeletons.  Two of them shatter, the rest shift around and head towards the Huckebein, chipped bones and all.

Masaki! Sober up fast!

"Easy for you to say, Mister Roy Focker Is My Personal Hero!"

(OoC: I HAD planned to space things out a good bit. Given the pacing of the Gunbuster anime, there would've been a LONG gap before anything else happened. Easy enough to bookend another story arc with Space Monster chaos.

Also: remind me not to submit a post immediately before I have to leave.

And: yes, I AM intentionally rotating through possible romanizations of Masaki's mech. )

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 02, 2008, 01:11:47 AM
Well, goddamn. Just when we get back and out of the Gunbuster, all hell breaks loose in a completely different direction. Oh well, time to go see about joining in on the fun.

*Tsubasa Hangar*

The hell do you mean, I can't use the Val Kai?!?

"Just like I said, Captain. They had it locked down while we were gone, and a certain someone never bothered to doublecheck and get it unsealed. And given the size and nature of the Valcion design, it's not GOING to be unsealed any time quick. On top of that, since we were in the middle of moving it when this happened, it's now also halfway between both ships and not close enough to either catapult to launch anyway."

Well, then what the hell CAN I use? 'Scythe's busted, Shining's busted, you're using Alex, and don't even THINK about suggesting Wing Zero right now, even if it wasn't beaten up from earlier.

"Think of something. In the meantime, get out of my way so I can take off already! Gundam Alex, launching!"

Dammit Haruka, you're supposed to actually help with these problems! Gah, okay, think. You're a smart guy when you feel inclined to do something. Lesse, what's available for me to drive around here....c'mon, think.....Dammit, stupid Haruka, taking the other mech I drive. I bet she's gonna go straight out there and unload everything she's got into those weird things.....

.......Oh Luna, I am an evil genius at times. Oi, Astronage!

"Derek? What's wrong?"

See that big robot over there? I'm going to go get my giant katana for it. When I come back, I want it unsealed and painted my color. This is a moment of desparation, and we don't have a Gespenst to turn to this time. So get moving!

"On it! But you're still a slave driver!"

Flattery will get you nowhere! Okay, now to go get the Shishio.

~Several minutes later~

Alright, here it is. How long will it take you to finish the paint?

"Took us a minute to find as much blue as you needed, so it'll be another few. I assume you want the Shishio painted too?"


"We'll take care of that, then. You go get into the cockpit and finish with the system checks."

Right. Okay, let's see now.....user preferences.....control shifts.....power modules....."Ammo Low" warning? Turn that OFF. Seriously, who leaves the "Ammo Low" warning on in THIS thing?

"Okay, you're ready to go! Good luck!"

Thanks! Now, let's see if she notices me, when I get out there. Maybe I'll get some classic Excellen-style midbattle commentary for the effort. Or she could just turn around and shoot me. These days, I can't tell with these women anymore.

Whatever. Launching, Alteisen Blue!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 02, 2008, 01:30:14 AM
Nice. I'd almost forgotten we had that.

The Huckebein whips up the gravity rifle and fires a quick burst, shredding a plant monster as Shara fires her buster rifles at another... to minimal effect.

Hey, Shara... just accept that not everything can be vaporized with a suitably large cannon and go change weapons!

"But.... I LIKE my guns..."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Andrew on November 02, 2008, 01:57:25 AM
Kyrios, Launch!

*Draws beam sabre and gets ready for the offencive*

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ianator on November 02, 2008, 02:02:33 AM
Man, and I always ate MY veggies. Maybe they're getting their revenge?

Exia, launching!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 02, 2008, 08:24:01 AM
*While fighting Sakura notices a red and yellow machine systematically destroying the skeleton monsters*

The Phoenix was meant to be in their hands. I need to get some info from them after the battle. Time to get back to work eh?

'you bet!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 02, 2008, 10:42:04 AM
Whoa....whoa! Man, it seemed like a cool idea at the time, but I've never actually tried driving the Alt before. This thing's like a mack truck, and this is coming from a guy who drives a Valcion on his off days. Jeez. Alright, there's a guy. Let's see if I can get this to work. Eat Stake, you bastard!

*Charges forward and Revover Stakes the hell out of one of the skeletons, destroying it completely*

MAN, that is satisfying! If I can figure out how to control this thing, I might consider hanging onto it.

"Maybe you should try talking about poker and using all your ammo on one enemy! It seems to work for Kyosuke."

*Looks over and spots the Weiss floating nearby, waving*

Ah, I was hoping I'd run into you. How's it going, Excellen?

"Oh, same old same old. Chasing down DC, fighting mysterious enemies that show up, dodging taxes. The usual."

Sounds like a blast. Hey, you mind if I hang around you for a bit while I figure this thing out?

"Sure! I'll even help you."

Thanks. Okay, Excellen-sensei, you saw that last attack. What should I be working on?

"You've got most of the movement down okay, but that Stake was really slow. Most of the weapon controls are there in the cockpit with you. Do you have a "Fire All Ammo" button?"

.....Why, yes I do. I assume that's the Trump Card option.

"Yup! Leave that locked for now. Kyosuke always has his finger on that one, but you need to learn to be that crazy, first. Next, start looking for the...."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 02, 2008, 02:50:09 PM
The Huckebein stops firing at a plant monster and waves at the white mech darting around, then dodges an incoming vine.

Hey Excellen! Been a while.

"And hello to you too, Jay! Shara still with you?"

Shara: "Yes."

E: "Ooooh, and you've got yourself a big gun there, too... I' think I'll stay away from Jay, then... unless you don't mind sharing..."

S: "Huh?"

Get your mind out of the gutter, please...

E: "Awww, y're no fun. I need to make sure to drag Bullet with me in the future."


The Huckebein spins away from a plant monster again.

This guy annoying you as much as me, Shara?

S: "Better believe it."

Then let's do something about it. Sabers ready. Formation 7.



The two mechs dive towards the plant monster, slashing repeatedly at high speed. As Jaybee pulls back, Shara arcs high overhead, transforms to GERWALK mode, and dives down on the plant monster, gougin g a chunk out with the beam talons.


The plant monster explodes, then dissipates into nothingness.

That worked quite nicely.



Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Andrew on November 02, 2008, 05:53:14 PM
*Visually a whirlwind of energy and monster parts*

That was my Dragon Dance. Anyone else want a piece of me?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 02, 2008, 08:04:46 PM
*The V2 tries to cuts apart another skeleton monster when the Phoenix blows it up*

It's not nice to steal a kill from one of the people who helped test your machine.

"You should of marked it as your kill slow poke!"

"Please excuse Achmie she's actually a nice girl except that she's psychotic when piloting."

'Did I hear her correctly?'

'I think so....'

A::"Quiet Kaguya!"

K:"If it weren't for her half of our weapons wouldn't be operational!"

A:"I could have figured it out!"

K:"No you couldn't sister!"

A:"We're in the middle of a battle don't call me your sister!"

ENOUGH! Finish your argument after this is over. ALRIGHT?

A & K (fearfully):"Yes Ma'am!"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 03, 2008, 01:58:50 AM
Hey, Excellen... why is it only MY combo attacks that get rebranded by you?

"Because you're the only one that reacts."

Ah, right...

The Durageiz comm officer interrupts.
"Hey, Jay... was THAT the big secret attack you guys've been planning? Because I'm feeling a little underwhelmed here."

No, it wasn't. But you can consider it a preview of coming attractions.  Now shut up before I Bloody Rose your FACE!

"Yes sir, shutting up sir!"

Good man.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Andrew on November 03, 2008, 03:33:40 AM
*As Kyrios is attacked from all side*

Looks like more want to fight me. This is kind of sad.

*Extends beams saber and starts spinning.*

Dragon Dance!

*The spin starts to emit energy and looks like a small tornado, sending the energy crackling, shreading the oncoming enemies*

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 03, 2008, 08:42:26 AM
*Stakes another skeleton while gunning down one of the plants*

You know, I think I'm starting to get the hang of this thing.

*Looks and notices that two more skeletons are charging him*

For example, I now feel confident enough in my ability to do THIS.

*Waiting for the enemies to get close enough, Derek activates the shoulders. The ensuing claymore fire obliterates both with ease.*

SO satisfying.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 03, 2008, 08:09:30 PM
Sure... but you can fly ANYTHING in space. I'd like to see what happens once you're back in a gravity field.

The Huckebein boosts up and rolls backwards as a skeleton lunges. The skeleton crashes into a plant monster instead. The Huckey fires a volley from the gravity rifle while "upside-down", obliterating both monsters.

In fact, I'll pay good money to watch you learning to walk all over again. I've got 250 credits here right now.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 03, 2008, 09:30:14 PM
Alright, I'll take that. Next battle we get into earthside, I'll drive the Alt. And I won't even sim-cheat, either. Two hundred and fifty just to make a relative fool out of myself in a badass mecha is easy money for the likes of me.

*Spins around and drives the stake right through an approaching skeleton's face without firing, then heat horns it into oblivion*

That looks like just about all of them, I think.

"Which means we should be on guard, right Captain?"

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if more showed up. These things....There's something about them I REALLY don't like....

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 03, 2008, 11:40:54 PM
Yeah.... I think there's something bigger out here... watching...

And a voice cuts in from the Durageiz bridge

"Hey, I've got a quest-"
I thought I told you to shut up before I conducted arterial floral arrangement with your face!


Whispers can be heard across the comm channel.

"Hey, will you ask him for me?"
"He's not SERIOUS. Be a man!"
"Are you sure? I think he's crazy enough to really do it!"

And the second voice comes on the line.
"So... we were all kinda wondering... you were shouting about space monsters earlier. How did you know this was coming?"

Honestly, I didn't. I thought the purple cone things were space monsters.

"Uh-huh... they didn't look very monstrous to me. "

Well, I was wrong. Besides, how many space monsters leave mechanical parts behind?

"There WAS 'Menace of the Mechannibals' a few years back, and before that we had-"

It was a rhetorical question. They clearly weren't monsters anyways. Just very large and expensive drones of some sort.

Jaybee wonders to himself just who sent those drones, and what their intent was. His thoughts are interrupted by another voice on the line.

Shara: "He was up all night watching horror movies again is all. You can't take him seriously when he does that."

Hey! Thou woundst mine pride, milady!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 05, 2008, 03:50:49 AM
So... whoever's pulling the strings, it doesn't seem like they're willing to show their face just yet.

I'm goin' back home. Overdue for a shower, and I need a nap.
Maybe later you'll care to tell us what you're doing out here by yourself, Excellen? I doubt you came by for a social call, and you're a bit overdressed for seducing innocent young men.

"Not like there's any innocent ones around here, hmmm. I may have to settle for someone with some experience."

The Weissreitter turns towards the Hucekebein. Somehow, Excellen manages to make it suggestive.

Right. But point that libido somewhere else. Kyosuke is scary when he's jealous.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 05, 2008, 08:55:57 AM
(Blame the production budget for the skip on this one. Besides, we're all well informed enough about SRW to know how Alfimi's entrance goes. Though, it really would have helped if I could have found a video of it in english...)

Well, hey. If you're not interested in her, Jay, that means I'm perfectly free to--

"Do absolutely nothing, Captain. You have your own relationship issues to deal with."

Ah, you're no fun sometimes. And it's not like you wouldn't be welcome to join--Whoa. Ugh....Anyone else just get suddenly get a feeling of impending doom?

"It's...not just you. Look!"

*In the middle of the stone circle,  A big red mother****er  ( appears out of nowhere. The pilot introduces herself as "Einst Alfimi", goes on for a minute in slow, cryptic half-sentences, and then proceeds to start fighting Excellen. For everyone else, though, another fifty or so skeletons and plants show up to play. Fortunately, at this point, the Hiryu catches up as well and launches everyone.*

Son of a--!!!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 05, 2008, 09:36:45 AM
Do these guys have ANY intelligence? I would like some sort of challenge instead of hundreds of grunts

'Will you shut up! I can handle how you act most of the time but, don't give our enemies advice on better ways of killing us.'


'Shut up.'

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 05, 2008, 02:25:17 PM
OOC: Hope you don't mind if I join with a character I use on another forum, but he is a 15 year old pilot who gets drafted into UN SPACY's Galaxy Patrol unit protecting a ship containing an Aviation Museum from raiders and rogue Zentraedi.  He flies the VF-22 since it's the only one with enough lasers to satisfy his need for ranged combat.  He has little skill in hand-to-hand or melee, but he's an excellent shot.!  If I need to post a profile somewhere, just let me know.

Matt Archer was engaging an enemy in a VF-22 borrowed from the Museum Ship he was protecting when he got hit from behind by some debris, and knocked into a space-time anomaly.  Before he knew it, he was at the stone circle, watching various armed forces engage a decidedly alien enemy that looked like a cross between corpses and plants.  He radioed the forces he saw, "Excuse me.  I don't know where I am, but mind if I help you out?  I'm armed to the teeth and you're clearly outnumbered.  I'll help clear some of these corpse-plants outta here, you guys just focus on surviving!"  Matt flew in fighter mode, firing off 14 missiles, all of which hit their separate targets and seemingly doing little damage.  "WHAT?!  Guess they just won't die politely!"  He transformed quickly to battroid mode, all lasers firing at the enemy as fast as he could, causing heavy damage to 2 or 3 targets, followed by bombarding the enemy swarm with a swarm of 40 high-maneuverability missiles.  The explosions made him feel just a bit better about being completely lost.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 05, 2008, 03:43:38 PM
The Huckebein stops about halfway back to the ship.

Oh, god... that crazy girl's givin' me a killer headache...

Shara: Really? I'm not feeling anything.

You're not jacked into a T-Link system, either. She's dumping a ton of psychic energy.

Welcome aboard, Archer. We're not gonna question another set of guns on our side.

(OoC: You're probably gonna wind up being called by your screen name. Can we claim that's your nickname or something?)

Jaybee brings up some music. A long slow buildup begins.
Masaki, Shara... ready to wow them?

M: Thought you'd never ask.
S: Ready. Though you weren't really asking, if you've already got the music up.

Darn right. Let's clear a path to the boss, then go to town.

And the buildup ends and breaks into Super Robot Spirits proper.

S: I'll start our tunnel.

Shara whips out her buster rifles, crosses them over her mech's chest, and swings them out in a large X as she fires, blasting several monsters out of the way. Then she drops to fighter mode and heads toward the hole. A second later the Huckebein passes by.

We're not through yet. TRACE MISSILES! FORWARD BURST!

The Huckey's missiles plow into the skeletons, blasting further through the wall. Then the Cybird flies by.

M: CYFLASH! There's your exit.

And all 3 mechs come out near Alfimi's... mech?

What the hell? Some sorta samurai armor plant monster?

M: Don't ask me. I just blow 'em up.

Right, well...

S: That's what we're here for.

Formation PR!

The Sturmvogel and Huckebein take positions next to the Cybuster. All 3 ready their swords, holding them out in front and crossed, like that cliche 3 Musketeers pose. There's a cheesy record-skipping sound effect, then Super Robot Spirits stops and Ace Attacker Ver. W begins.

Let's go!

The Cybuster boosts up and forward as the VF-22 and Huckey boost to the sides.

M: Feel the disco inferno! DANCING BLADE!

S: I should kill you for that pun. WING RIPPER!

You know it won't do any good, Shara. BLOODY ROSE!

The three mechs rapidly slash the crap out of the Personlicht, gradually turning up the speed, and occasionally passing within a few feet of each other. As they finish Masaki boosts off one way, Jaybee off another, and Shara boosts high overhead, then drops in GERWALK mode, clawing the samurai plant on the way out. In the end, all 3 mechs are standing at points on a triangle around their target.

T-link bind!

Several rings of energy flash out from the Huckebein's left hand and take position around the target, exerting a pressure that holds it immobile for the next step.

All right, let's finish this.

The Huckebein raises it's right hand. A ball of blue energy forms above the T-Link emitter, then begins shaping into a lance.  Shara brings the twin buster rifles together and starts charging. Masaki slashes a pentagram in the air.


As the lance is hurled, it flares up like a dragon. The backwash from the twin buster rifle blows flakes off Shara's wing ripper, resulting in a shower of pink particles pouring off behind her. As the firebird leaves Masaki's pentagram, the Cybird boosts forward and rides inside it, boosting through the 'licht and coming out the other side, depositing him between Shara and Jaybee.


And the blue energy rings collapse, focusing the explosion out to the sides in a pair of flaming wings. At the end, the 'licht is damaged, but not destroyed.

M: Aww, man! We didn't even finish her!

S: Did we miss something?

No.... I think she's just that powerful.

Meanwhile, back on the bridge. Someone whistles long and low.
Helmsman: Okay, THAT was impressive.
Comm officer: Hey, what was the power level on that last attack?

The comm officer and gunner both fall out of their chairs and crash to the ground. They sit up slowly. Bright remains in his chair.

Bright: You two aren't funny.
Comm: Did he just--- but he's still--- how in the---
Gunner: Don't ask. Just get back to work.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 05, 2008, 03:50:30 PM
OOC: Sure, no prob.  We'll have it as his callsign, but I think he'll want to send the mech back to the museum and get in a Super Robot or something with more firepower.

"What's with that red thing?!  My sensors show not just intense fold waves, but other crap that shouldn't even exist!  All soldiers, we have to target that red craft, it's probably the leader!"  With that, Matt locked on to as many targets as he could and launched ALL his missiles at once at the strange red mecha, hoping to disable, or better yet, destroy it.  Suddenly, he heard a female voice in his head.  'Do not interfere!'  The psychic backlash caused him some pain, but he shook it off, transformed to fighter mode, changed back to Battroid once he was in close range, and unloaded his entire gunpod clip into the red mecha.  "Did I get it?"  With that, he had a smug thought: 'Bitch, NOBODY tells me what to do, got it?'

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 05, 2008, 05:11:34 PM
the red machine was indeed damaged but it's wounds quickly begin to heal as if it were some kind of living thing.  then almost without warning Afimi babblers several more nonsensical phrases and  vanishes into the void from which she came

Gai who at the time was engaging a skeleton was surprised to have his opponent disappear as well.

Lefina: "it seems the circle is breaking up."

Alright everyone back to the ships.  Archer correct? if you want we can refill your Valk on the Duragreiz.

Gai indicated the Nahal Argama class vessel in the lead of the four ship formation.

--short timeskip later--
-Duragreiz bridge-

Bright: "so where are we heading now commander"

Earth; the Duragreiz we'll make a breif stop over at coordinates XR3258 in sector 6.

Bright "but that's off the coast of japan why would we head there?"

Because we have to drop something off and it's on the way to our new or rather soon to be base.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Andrew on November 05, 2008, 05:19:11 PM
Your name is Archer, right? I'm Andrew, the leader of the SRX team and pilot of the R-1, Kyrios, and the Weltall. I've also been asked to give you a tour and explain how we work around here.

We'll start with the hangar and the simulators...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: ChrisABlair on November 05, 2008, 06:03:27 PM
*Chris throws up, and is in a catatonic state*


The enemy is near... The enemy was always here....

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Andrew on November 05, 2008, 06:06:20 PM
...And to end this tour, here is the galley and mess hall. Do you have any questions, Mr. Archer?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 05, 2008, 06:56:36 PM
You're ending the tour in the mess hall?
We've got a bar, you should use it.

Thanks for the hand earlier.
Name's Jaybee McQuade, by the way. Lieutenant, UN Spacey. Not that rank means much in this gig.
That Stampede Valk in the hanger's mine, as is the Huckebein Mk III.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 05, 2008, 07:02:50 PM
"Actually, yes, I do.  I was out in the middle of nowhere before getting here, having been conscripted to fly escort for a Museum ship.  I got hit from behind by some debris, blacked out for a few secs, then woke up here.  Even if I stay, that VF-22 belongs to the museum, not to the military.  Any chance we can get it back to them?  If you check the registration, you should be able to send it to their next port-of-call via fold-booster.  In the meantime, I could pilot any mech with plenty of ranged weaponry.  I am a genius, after all.  And as for the bar, are you nuts?!  I'm only 15!  I'm still in school, or would have been were it not for circumstances.  Still, seems like you could use the help, so if you could get me set up in something with plenty of big guns and ranged weapons, I can help you out.  I CAN use melee-oriented mechs as well, but I'm not as good in those, and I'm only licensed for Variable Fighters and a few Variable Bombers.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 05, 2008, 07:21:59 PM
Doesn't matter if you are old enough to drink hang around the bar anyways since most of us are usually there at one point or another.

For a list of mechs you should talk to Commander Gai for that.

My name is Sakura and I used to part of the Far East Brigade. We used to care about rank but now we don't really care. I pilot the V2 and ES Dinah.

I'm going to be in my cabin for a few hours if you need me Jay.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 05, 2008, 07:32:06 PM
Okie- dokie, Sakura. Have a nice rest.

Anyways, my rule has always been if you're old enough to enlist, you're old enough to drink.
15, though?  The new recruits get younger every year...

We can send your VF home. There's a cargo ship departing from Luna next week for New Eden. There's probably some space on it for another fighter. And I doubt they'd mind a Sturmvogel, even as a loaner. I've got some friends at Eden that can make sure it gets where it needs to go.
Sound good to you?

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Post by: Derek on November 05, 2008, 07:33:39 PM
Kid, take my advice. Most of our briefings, discussions, foozeball tournaments, and pretty much everything short of actually going out and fighting happens in the bar. And as Jay over there once said, that's only cause we still haven't figured out how to get a giant robot in here yet.

Name's Derek Zerus Barona, ranking SIC, not that it really matters a whole lot, and leader of the rebuilding mercenary group Blue Wings. This charming woman now taking a place behind the bar is Haruka Nagamoto, also a Blue Wings.

"Charmed. If you're so worried about alcohol, I've got an entire menu of non-alcoholic drinks that'll get you just as plastered."

And Jay, you sir are about to sit down and drink with me and explain where in the hell you came up with such a beautiful combo move like that.

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Post by: Sume Gai on November 05, 2008, 07:46:56 PM
Well I'm afraid we joined BFGs anonymous so...

*everyone in the room is staring awkwardly*

I'm kidding.  so could you handle the Double Zeta (

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Post by: alaras on November 05, 2008, 07:48:34 PM
"For the fighter, I'm sure they'll be glad to have it back, though it was just a ship we were on as part of a field trip.  I actually live, or used to live, on Earth, on a military base, until dad decided to disown me after I got conscripted.  Send it to the ship it's registered to.  I don't care what happens beyond that, but I don't want to be stuck with charges of theft.  Also, I'd rather examine a list of available mechs before I decide on one.  I'm OK in a melee mech, but I need a durable and fast craft armed to the teeth and ready to take down the entire enemy force with strategic use of excessive force."  Realizing for a moment how short he is compared to everyone else, he started to blush, a strong contrast to his wavy blue hair.  "I also could do fairly well with anything prophesied to defeat evil or cause unfathomable destruction, but I think I should test drive each one in the sim to decide which works best."

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Post by: JayBee on November 05, 2008, 07:55:33 PM
Derek, I'll gladly tell you all the sordid details of my tag-team strike. Though I think the story may be a bit duller than you're expecting.

Jaybee grabs the drink and takes a sip.

Mmm, good stuff.

Anyways, it started out as just ripping off the Twin Bird Strike. Hence the music.
Then I decided I was gonna take it a little more literally than some people, and added some bird-themed attacks.

Besides, I needed an excuse to do a T-Link Nebelung Valesti. Dragon, bird... same difference.
Masaki and his Akashic Buster was the obvious choice to carry the theme.

After I got back from that trip to Earth, it wasn't looking quite as impressive, if you know what I mean. Shara wanted a piece of the action and had the mods to match the theme, so... a quick upgrade plan that boosts the power significantly AND gives the crazy meltrandi something to do, kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak. And Phoenix Rising sounds better than Triplet Bird Strike.

"I object to being called crazy! ESPECIALLY by you!"

Fine, get the ANGRY PSYCHOPATH meltrandi something to do.

Shara grins and takes a long drink.

"That's better."

As for the Bloody Rose... I was up all night playing Tales of Destiny. Rutee is awesome.
The name makes more sense if you're stabbing something that bleeds, though.

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Post by: Sume Gai on November 05, 2008, 07:57:45 PM
I thought you said long range...

DML is almost never found on something long ranged.

I think we still have a Grungust type 3 hanging around here though...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 05, 2008, 08:02:38 PM
"I'll think about it. I really do specialize in mid-range combat, but you saw what I can do up close with a gunpod.  I wonder why that girl bothered using telepathy to attack me, though.  But, I digress.  I can use a DML system as well as I can use a gun, but that probably would be of little use right now.  Got any well-balanced Supers, with a combination of attacks, or should I just go to the simulators and knock myself out?"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 05, 2008, 08:23:05 PM
We've got an R-Blade in storage somewhere, as well as a Hyaku Shiki and a bunch of Gundams.

I think the collection here is more or less accurate. Missing a few toys, like that Grungust chief mentioned. And I seem to recall us having a GINN stockpile somewhere, but... you don't want those. Nobody does.

The Wildasterisks and the Giganscudo were returned to their creators.

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Post by: alaras on November 05, 2008, 08:35:35 PM
After reviewing the inventory, Matt found something that tickled his fancy.  "I know it sounds odd, but can I have that Huckebein 008X?  It's got all the agility I need, and enough firepower to satisfy even my need for easily accessible destruction.  If not, I'll take that unused Mk.III instead.  One person does NOT need to be assigned multiple craft at the same time, and if you need me to take a mission in a different craft, I won't object, but I really would prefer a Huckebein or that Valcion Kai."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 05, 2008, 08:39:38 PM
not quite most of those were either sealed or given away (those with the *)

but I guess the 008X is fine; keep in mind it's pretty much the mark III frame around an upgraded Black Hole Engine.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 05, 2008, 08:42:23 PM
Hands off my Val Kai. I still haven't even finished getting it modded into an even GREATER force of horrible destruction than it already is. Besides, with both of my normal Gundams currently being fixed up, I need to have SOMETHING in reserve.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 05, 2008, 08:46:54 PM
"Alright.  Sounds perfect.  Nothing like a Black Hole engine to make an enemy wish he was never born.  I can live without piloting a Valcion, but if that Huckie's ever out of commission, I may consider it or one of the other overpowered mechs."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ianator on November 05, 2008, 09:48:27 PM
Fresh meat, eh?

Name's Ian. I'm the pilot of R-3, along with Andrew in the R-1 and the very hard-to-find Bastard King in R-2. My specialty is the All-Range Attack - once the R-3 Powered's T-Link System is finished with maintainence expect me to remote-control anything and everything that can use Striker Packs. Yes, even the Skygraspers.

Now that I think about it, who has the R-Gun?

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Post by: alaras on November 05, 2008, 09:51:30 PM
"Matt Archer.  I'm the guy who plugged that creepy psychic girl in the red mech.  Maybe you know something bout why she was only targeting the Weissritter?  After all, the creepy girl piloting that mech definitely had SOME sort of psychic-like ability, but we could talk later about that.  I'm piloting the Huckebein 008X for now, since I have to send the 22 back to the museum ship that owns it, way out on another spiral arm."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ianator on November 05, 2008, 10:02:15 PM
Maybe something she said got caught in an extremely improbable wormhole and got heard by that red mech's pilot as an extremely offensive insult? Excellen can be a tad insensitive every once in a while.

(Ha ha hah. Man, I love that book.)

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 05, 2008, 10:13:39 PM
"She used telepathy specifically to tell me not to interfere.  I think there's more to her than we think, and you're trying to cover something up.  Either that, or you don't want to admit your suspicions if you don't know."

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Post by: Sakura77 on November 05, 2008, 10:26:52 PM
*After reaching her room Sakura sets up a call to her family*

Maid:"May I ask who is calling?"

It's me, is anyone free to talk?

Maid:"I'll see please wait."

*A few minutes later Aria and Nadesico show up*

N:"About time you called we were getting worried."

A:"You look tired shouldn't you be resting?"

I'm fine just a little worn out from 3 fights in a row along with Kina getting heavily damaged.

N:"It takes a lot to damage Kina, any idea who attacked you?"

Only idea is that it was a black machine with a large sword.

N:"Never heard of such a machine, we'll try to look into it for you."

A:"You think you can visit?"

No I'm afraid not, we're headed to the far east then I don't know. If possible I'll try to visit but, we just ran into 2 new sets of bad guys and I get the feeling that more are coming.

N:"With Dinah out of action, you might need another machine to use you need one?"

We have enough stuff here that's lying around. If I need something I can grab it. You can't be too picky during battle besides I can't think of anything in particular anyway.

A:"I'm sending you the tapes of my performances that I have done since you left."

Thank you I'll watch them after I get some sleep. Good bye you two.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ianator on November 05, 2008, 10:40:19 PM
Honestly? I really have no idea. Records from the ATX team show they've encountered the organic enemies before, but the red mech's only appeared twice so far.

The pilot, apparently a young girl, spoke to everyone once and seemed to contact Excellen and Kyosuke telepathically the rest of the time. I probably didn't hear during this last battle because I wasn't anywhere near her.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 05, 2008, 11:01:04 PM
"If only Kyosuke and Excellen have been contacted directly, then the two of them must have a common link to her.  I somehow doubt that she'd be random in any way.  I only got one message from her, and I hope she heard my reply!  Next time, I punctuate it with a shot from the Black Hole Gun!  By the way, where are those two?  I need to grill them and see what info they can give me on that mech.  If nothing else, I can always train against them."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 05, 2008, 11:15:21 PM
the 008X doesn't have that anymore but it's got a 4 barrel Black Hole Cluster when docked with it's AM gunner system.

I'll show you how the thing works in a sim later.

and Excellen already left for the moon.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 06, 2008, 12:46:36 AM
After reviewing the inventory, Matt found something that tickled his fancy.  "I know it sounds odd, but can I have that Huckebein 008X?  It's got all the agility I need, and enough firepower to satisfy even my need for easily accessible destruction.  If not, I'll take that unused Mk.III instead.  One person does NOT need to be assigned multiple craft at the same time, and if you need me to take a mission in a different craft, I won't object, but I really would prefer a Huckebein or that Valcion Kai."
Hey! Hands of my Huckey 3! I've already told you it's mine!
I'm fairly laid back about most things, but don't even JOKE about stealing my mech!

We've had problems with this before. I regularly rotate between mecha, and I've had my plans shot when someone jacked my plane out form under me.

I can't say I actually USE the Stampede much, but it's private property. Was a gift from a close friend. One of the few I have. So don't touch it without asking.

And sorry chief. Thought we could get the unsealed mechs out if we needed 'em.
Some day when I'm bored, I'm gonna review our logs and figure out exactly what we still own. I think we lost some stuff in the armory somewhere.

But for now... c'mon Shara, let's hit the sims. Time to go play with the Gunbuster.

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Post by: Derek on November 06, 2008, 02:11:25 AM
~Aoi Tsubasa~

Masaki: *Looking around* You know, this ship looks a lot smaller from the outside.

Derek: Most do. The joys of disproportionate spacial engineering.

Masaki: Thanks for the tour, by the way. Things have been so hectic, I'd totally forgotten about all this.

Derek: Yeah, well, I figured we could both use the unwinding time. Besides, I've been gone from this ship for a long time. I needed to make sure everything was still in place.

*With that, the two of them enter the hangar bay. Of the twelve--count them, twelve--spots available for docked machines, a good few of them are occupied. The Val Kai, Alex, Fei-Yen, and Alt are set up in various spots near the two launch catapults, while the Wing Zero sits in the back next to two other mechs.*

Masaki: This, though. I dunno if I should be impressed or not. A lot of room, sure, but you're using most of it.

Derek: Makes you glad we're still docked with the 'Greiz so we can use their parking space, huh? Astronage's working on Shining and 'Scythe, so they'll be over here once he's done. I might send the Alt back once I'm done earning that easy cash from Jay, but other than that, we're already over half full.

Masaki: Sheesh. Glad we've got the Akagane. I swear, Space Noahs have pocket dimensions on them. They've got your Lion Fs on that thing, D.

Derek: Nice. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to hear that those things weren't just lost to the sands of time.

Masaki: *Looks around* Hmm. Wait, I remember seeing a third catapult from the outside. It's not connected to this hangar?

Derek: *Nods his head up towards a door about halfway down the hangar* Private catapult. The Minerva blueprint had it in as some kind of private hangar, presumably for the best mecha on the ship. I'm not using it right now.

Masaki: Right. So, let's take a look at these things. Did you get the Val Kai unsealed?

Derek: Yeah, about ten minutes after we got back. Typical, huh?

Masaki: Completely. The Alex looks like it's taken a couple shots, but nothing big. The, that thing looks wierd with that paintjob.

Derek: Yeah, I'll admit that. A blue Alt almost seems like we should be expecting it to be evil or something. I'm thinking about a slightly different color scheme before the next fight.

Masaki: Might be smart. And the Fei looks....a lot better. Everything except that arm looks fixed up.

Derek: Yup. That self-regen function works, it seems. Fuyume'll be out and kicking ass with the rest of us by the next fight, I'd wager.

Masaki: Glad to hear it. So, let's take a look at these three down here. *Starts walking down towards the other mechs, stopping in front of Wing Zero* Man. This thing doesn't look messed up at all.

Derek: Alexis probably fixed it up while we were gone. This thing wasn't damaged that badly just from me fighting it.

Masaki: Great. So, what's the theme here, besides blue?

Derek: Arranged chronologically, from first to last.

Masaki: *Looks up at the first one, a VF with a mostly white paintjob, with the wings completely of the standard Derek color* So you really do have a Valk, huh?

Derek: Yup. My old VF-1J. It's how I first got my nickname, too. Back then, Spacey was kinda tightfisted about supplies when it came to mercenary jackals. Ammo, parts, you name it, they usually made you pay for it yourself. I didn't have the money to pay for a full coat of paint, so I just had them paint what they could and make it look decent. You see the result.

Masaki: Your tax dollars at work. So they gave you the name?

Derek: No, actually, there's another story behind that one. The next mission they sent me on was to help root out one of those neverending groups of anti-government terrorists that always seem to exist for the sake of justifying a strong military force. I was pissed off that day and trying to score as many kills as I could so I'd have enough left over to get the rest of the Valk painted. So, I'm on kill number eleven or so, when some guy on the terrorist's side of the radio pipes up, telling everyone to "aim for the one with the blue wings"! Next thing I knew, it was open season on my ass.

Masaki: Ouch. What'd you do?

Derek: Missile spam. I got an easy six or eight more kills before I ran out of ammo and had to get out of there. It turned out all for the best. While they were convinced I was a new UNS ace pilot or a vet of Space War 1 or something, the army managed to blow the hell out of the enemy base. After that, I decided to leave the paint alone and took the Blue Wings motif with me.

Masaki: And the origin story of "Blue Wings" Barona is revealed to the world.

Derek: Yeah, it comes out like that. It's still a pretty decent story.

Masaki: Yup. So, that explains the Valk, but what the hell is THAT thing doing there?

Derek: THAT thing, as you so eloquently described it, is the first Mobile Suit I ever piloted.

Masaki: But it's's a.....

Derek: Yes, I know what it is. Go ahead and say it.

Masaki: It's a blue frickin' GM!

Derek: Yes. It's a blue colored GM. Not a GM II, or a GM Command, but a standard, original One Year War model GM. And it's the first MS I ever used.

Masaki: Wait, wait. You went from a Valkyrie to a GM and considered it an UPGRADE? Explain how that one worked.

Derek: You ever tried keeping a VF fully armed without a major military force backing you? I have, and it's not fun. They at least gave SOME discount for ammo when I was exclusive to them. A mercenary force off doing it's own thing? Pssh. I've been mugged before and still felt less screwed, financially. Long story short, it got to where it actually cost less in the long-term to buy an almost totally wrecked GM from a junk dealer and restore it ourselves than to keep using the 1J. The political climate of the time certainly helped. Spacey was starting on it's way out at this point, and the EFA was moving back towards the "pure" end of the giant robot spectrum with the development of the PTs. Pretty much anything a GM would use could be found on a Gespenst anyway, so it wasn't hard to outfit it at all.

Masaki: Wow. That's some fun trivia, actually. How much of a difference IS there between a GM and a Gespenst, anyway?

Derek: Not as much as you'd think. From base specs, I'd give it to a Gespy in a fight, but even one of the next level GM models could give it a match. Anything Nemo and up could take a Gespenst MkII M easy, Jet Magnum or no. Kinda sad, when you think about it. I give the Gespenst line a lot of crap, but you really do have to suck if you're near-par with a GM in base performance.

Masaki: Oh yeah, I almost forgot you hated GMs. Wait, you hate GMs, but you like this one. What?

Derek: One, it's been modded about as far as we can take it without just tearing it down and building it back up as a GM II. Two, it's the first Suit I ever used. Don't you ever feel sentimental about the first mech you ever piloted?

Masaki: A little, but Jaohm isn't a total piece of crap compared to everything else out there. Cybuster just happens to be that much more badass. But I get your point. So, you drove around in this thing while spreading your own personal brand of chaos throughout the universe?

Derek: Hardly. Like I said, even if it was my first suit, I think GMs are crap. We got ahold of some Nemos after awhile, and I eventually got my hands on a Jegan. None of those are still around, sadly.

Masaki: Right. Alright then, moving on. Wing Zero.

Derek: First Gundam I ever drove. Last suit I piloted before the Blue Wings broke up.

Masaki: Yeah, we heard a lot of that during your fight with Rena. So, how much of all that was true, anyway?

Derek: I'm having Alexis seal this mech and give me the only access code to it, then I'm gonna leave it here and let it rust. That enough of an answer for you?

Masaki: Just about. I won't say anything else about it, then. No need for angst at this point.

Derek: Thank you, Masaki. Now, c'mon. Let's see if we can go find Alexis somewhere. I still need to introduce you two.

Masaki: *Shrugs* Might as well. Let's go.

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Post by: ChrisABlair on November 06, 2008, 03:38:27 AM
*activates remote screen* Hello there. Christoph Allen Blair, Lt JG, UN Spacy, officially a member of the AGGF. Pleasure to meet you. Sorry, can't really visit, I was put in quarantine after my last , ummm.... 'outbreak'. Now here's my rule kid, and listen well. Don't bother me when I'm busy, or you'll get a Voltekka to the face. And no touching my Grungrust Type - III. Unless we left my baby somewhere when I was gone.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 06, 2008, 03:45:06 AM
Meanwhile, Jaybee and Shara are getting settled into the sim, having RE-established who gets Buster Machine 1.

Oh, quit whining. BM2 is a fine machine.

"But it's not the one that's in control once they combine."

Jaybee grins like a madman...

Now let's get this set up... I'm goin' all the way here.
Computer, load Buster Machine 1 unlimited for me and Buster Machine 2 unlimited for Shara. Battlefield consists of one Zentradi fleet.

Computer: Please specify fleet class.

A Fulbtzs-Berrentzs-class flagship with full accompaniment.

Shara: A Fullbtzs-Berrentzs fleet?

Aesthetics, mainly. Never cared for the other style.

"That's not what I mean. One Gunbuster against a main fleet?

It IS a tad unfair...

"You THINK?"

But the system can't render TWO fleets, so it'll have to do.

"I...  but... huh?"

All right. I know you people are watching. At least one of you always is. So listen up.

You've all seen what the Gunbuster can do with a limiter, most of you in person.

Now you get to see what it can do without one.

I gather BM2 will be offline for a week or so while they do the fix on it's power system, so we're holding off for a quiet period before we start. Don't try lifting the limiter until it's been done. It's for our sake as much as your's.

"Hey, is it just me, or do these cockpit systems look familiar?"

They do, don't they... I think... lemme see something. Computer, combine BM1 and BM2.
Yeah, get both of us in the same place and this is DEFINITELY-
"based on the Gunstar cockpit..."

Well, at least we have prior experience. And that was a layout that worked well.

Begin simulation!

As the zentradi ships begin launching mecha, the Gunbuster uncrosses it's arms.

"Highest fleet density is at 12 o'clock. 2 clicks, 30 degrees down."

That's just about optimum, right?


Both of them shout, as they manipulate the controls.

As the Gunbuster drops through the fleet, explosions trail behind it. Mecha of all varieties are swept away like so much dust. Several hundred larger ships rip apart and detonate in the overbuilt machine's wake.

Well, that was a nice way to start the sim.
I'm going for that group at 8 o'clock next.

"Already have locks."


"We've got a strike fleet moving in directly above us!"

Mmmmm... Let's rotate back 90. There's one weapon that no one's- BUSTER SHIELD! tried yet.

"Are you serious?"

No. If I WERE, I'd be using a different weapon.

"I should've guessed. Well, we have a field lock. Take it away."

An energy ball forms in the Gunbuster's left hand as a large pole extends out of the forearm and lands in the right hand.


Energy fields collide as the bat strikes the energy ball, the interference sending a crack through the comm speakers. The energy ball flies out, and annihilates the strike fleet.

"Well, I can't argue with results, but... "
Shara tries to keep from laughing at the image just presented of a quarter-kilometerl mech playing baseball.

So... wanna finish this fast, or keep playing?

"Let's go for the quick kill. I wanna see if you can pull it off. No lock. Do it on manual."

You doubt me, milady?

"No, just having some fun. I think this mech might be bad for my mindset."

Yeah, I'm not sure what I'd do if you started treating combat with the same levity as everyone else around here. Keep it to the sim.
Jaybee takes a deep breath, then shouts as loud as possible.
BUSTER! BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And a purple ray lances out of the head, blowing ships aside as if they were nothing. It lances through the mothership, and a quick jerk of Jaybee's head sends the beam scything upward, cutting it in two. A massive explosion erupts, and he whips the beam to the side to take out another 800 or so ships before they all fold out.

The two pilots sit in silence for a minute or so. Shara speaks first, just barely above a whisper.

"De culture... such power...."

it's one thing to read the raw numbers... watch some flatvid recordings... to actually experience it, though... my god...

"It's incredible. Just... amazing."

For two pilots to have this much power... beautiful and horrifying all at the same time...

"Why would they... what could possibly drive someone to make a machine like this?"

The universe is a little scarier now, isn't it?
Wanna swap seats now?

"I'm not sure I want to drive this at all anymore."

Same here. If we never have to release the limiter, I'll be a happy man.

"You know more than you're saying, don't you?"

It's simple logic, really. Whatever this was built for, there's something out there even scarier. No one builds a weapon like this without a reason.

It's not a lie, but it's not really the truth. Shara starts to press, then looks at her partner and decides to let it slide.

"Right. I think I'm going to hit the shower, then see about tuning my Sturmvogel. I still haven't gotten it optimized after the reactor swap."

See ya later. I'm gonna go hit the firing range. My sidearm's getting a little rusty.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: ChrisABlair on November 06, 2008, 04:02:33 AM
Y'know, commander, perhaps it would be better if I just piloted my Type-3. Not transform into a Tekkaman.... and blow up half the infirmary.... like I did last time. Can I come out out of quarantine please? It's so boring, and the only other patient is a computer AI who barely even talks to me. I get the feeling Fuyume hates me, Der. 

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 06, 2008, 05:09:54 AM
Jaybee ejects a spent energy clip out of his sidearm and inserts a fresh one.

74% on the rifle range? I really AM out of practice.

Jaybee sighs as he waits for the range to reset.

Maybe I'm just distracted. I can't think of a time I've scored below 87 since I got my SAL-9.
After actually USING the Gunbuster... I wish I'd never gone back to Earth. I don't want to know what it was built for.

The range resets, and Jaybee attacks it with a vengeance, venting all his anger, frustration, and terror on the targets.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 06, 2008, 09:25:38 AM
"So that's the power of the Buster Machines, huh?  No wonder they're considered to be among humankind's most powerful weapons.  Still, it's a damn good thing we're using the limiter, or I doubt it'd be as effective in smaller skirmishes.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 06, 2008, 11:09:05 AM
That was a good sleep and watching Aria's performances was relaxing. I should really get her a present the next time I visit her.

*Sakura starts wandering and arrives at the Hangar*

How's Kina doing?

"She's still recuperating from the battle. I don't know how long it will take for her to recover because that blade disrupted the nano-machines that repair her."

Any way to speed things along?

"I have no idea because not many machines use them for repairing purposes. We will just have to wait for her to repair herself."

I was afraid of that. Thanks for the info, I'll leave you to work then.

*that being said Sakura heads to see commander Gai*

I was wondering if Zeta was sealed or not? Kina's going to be out of action for a while and I'd like to be prepared just in case the V2 is unavailable.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 06, 2008, 11:36:02 AM
"I was already offered the Double Zeta, but I turned it down since I'm not a Newtype.  I'm sure you could use that, though.  I'm content with the Huckebein."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 06, 2008, 01:31:54 PM
the Zeta's unsealed; I've been using it for a good bit now but go ahead.  just be warned the bio-sensor is tuned for me so it likely won't respond to you.

We can re-tune it but that would take a bit in this environment best to wait till we reach mainland Asia.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 06, 2008, 02:55:01 PM
"So that's the power of the Buster Machines, huh?  No wonder they're considered to be among humankind's most powerful weapons.  Still, it's a damn good thing we're using the limiter, or I doubt it'd be as effective in smaller skirmishes.
The big thing I'd worry about without the limiter is collateral damage. Not a huge concern in space, but on Earth... we could do some MAJOR damage purely on accident.

Hell, even with the limiter, it can blow multiple Destroys away with a single shot.

Of course, until they get that whole vanishing trooper bug fixed, it's a moot point. Lifting the limiter right now would be tantamount to suicide.

(OoC: Just to bring you up to speed, the Buster Machines were developed in secret. Me, Sume Gai, and Derek are the only 3 AGGF members that know what it was built for.

We're giving it it's first taste of real combat to generate test data, but it's not supposed to be a well-known mech. )

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 06, 2008, 03:12:22 PM
"Of course.  I know I'm not supposed to know those things even exist, and I only do know because I lived on a military base and accessed files on dad's computer that I wasn't really supposed to.  It had data on most of the mechs in your inventory, including the 008X and Gunbuster.  It did NOT, however, say why it was created, though as we all know, the only reason something frightening is made around here is because of something even more frightening already in existence.  Kinda reminds me of how the entire Macross 7 fleet had to rely on Basara and his childishness to save them from the Protodeviln, after their ways failed.  Still, I wouldn't be shocked if we encounter Supervision Army remnants or rogue Varuta troops.  No guarantee that they've been released from their brainwashing, and the Zentrans are still active in plenty of sectors, including the one I was in before weird problems landed me back here.  Oh, and if you don't mind, I'd like to contact my dad when we reach a EFA base, if only to curse him out and let him know that I'm sticking with you guys.  I can also help with maintaining and customizing some of the mechs, and can use anything equipped with a T-link system, and would like to see about having one installed into that Huckebein 008X, if only to help me use that Black Hole Cluster weapon.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 06, 2008, 04:09:25 PM
I'll wait till we reach asia before tuning Zeta. Commander, you are far more powerful than I at Newtype abilities.

By the way has anyone seen Tyria since the two of us attacked the Wraith?

We don't want another Giga-chan incident.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 06, 2008, 04:53:21 PM
so wait Archer do you or do you not have Newtype abilities?
 (OOC: In this universe Psychodrivers and Newtypes are the same for simplicity's sake)

The 008X was designed to be versatile enough to pilot if you aren't but it does have a T-Link installed.  To remote control it's gunner system and several other features.

and I wouldn't worry about Tyria last I saw he was in his quarters.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 06, 2008, 04:59:44 PM
"I was always told that there was a difference between psychodrivers and Newtypes.  If that's not the case, then I suppose I would be a Newtype, even though I've lived most of my life on Earth.  I haven't practiced much with them, but I should be able to use the T-link.  I never managed to use biosensors, psycommus, or other Newtype-specific systems just yet, but that's more likely due to weakness and lack of opportunity."

OOC: Had no way of knowing that Newtypes and Psychodrivers were the same.  Thanks for the memo.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 07, 2008, 02:42:57 AM
UN Spacey is keeping better track of our gear than we do?
That actually concerns me a great deal, especially since no one told me.

If nothing else, someone needs to give Archer's dad a lesson in file security.

I may have to put in a call to my "friends" and see what's going on, though.
I know I haven't been reporting on our activities in great detail.


You think this has anything to do with me sneaking into Global's retirement villa during my little vacation on Earth?
Pretty sure I scorched a bridge or two there...

Or maybe with our little rampage in Canada... that bit of chaos with the Gunbuster probably cheesed off a few people that want their top-secret  mech to stay secret....

Could possibly related to that time we...
You know what? After due consideration, I have to say... if I were UN Spacey brass, I'd be watching us like a hawk  too. Or Federation brass. Or any other group, public or private.

Anyways....  it's probably time for a round of security sweeps.
Especially with the hanger crew. I've seen a lot of new faces over there lately.
I'm pretty sure a few of them came with the Buster Machines, and it's probably time we figured out where their allegiance lies.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 07, 2008, 02:49:19 AM
"It didn't say who had those mechs, just had the names and specs.  Besides, he does practice excellent file security, but I'm the techie who set his computer up for him, and I set up some back doors.  Information is valuable, and I make sure I'm quite wealthy in that department whenever I can.  I didn't have any data on those enemies, though, nor could I really figure out much about anything with too much EOT in it.  Still, don't bother with my dad.  He's a dumbass middle-manager who doesn't know his head from his balls most of the time.  I'd also like to see if we could acquire anything else from TLI, if only to improve our stock of Super Robots and maybe even get more spare parts.  I'd hate to imagine what would happen if we have to give up one of our better mechs simply because we can't fix it."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 07, 2008, 03:18:44 AM
Alright then I think this should be up to date but to be honest I haven't kept full track of everything so it might not be

-those marked with a * are sealed
-those marked with a ~ are commonly used by others

Arc Gurren-Lagann-Gideon Zhi
Gundam Double X – Sume Gai
Dunbine - Tyria
Grungust Type 3 - ChrisABlair
DeathScythe Hell - Derek
R-2 (Powered) - Basterd King
Gundam Exia - Ianator
R-Gun (Powered) - Chaostic
MP Nu Gundam - Dsvaun
VF-25 - JayBee
V2 Gundam - Sakura77

Fei-yen - Fuyume
Cybuster - Masaki
GN Flag F - Michael
GN-X x2 - subordinate 1 & 2
Dinah - Kima
Gundam Alex - haruka
VF 22 custom - Shara

Battle ships:
Duragreiz - Nahal Argama Class - Bright Noa

SPD-1 ~
Z Gundam
Weltall(GSS) ~
ZZ Gundam
Huckebien 008X
Huckebein Mk-III ~
Gundam Kyrios ~

Metatron - Archangel Class - Murrue Ramius

R-3 (Powered) -damaged-
(Sword/Launcher/Aile/IWSP/Noir) StrikeE
Gespenst Mk-II S
Gundam Dynames
Infinite Justice

Akagane - Space Naoh class(shirogane bow) - Jamil Neate

Gundam Virtue*
Hyaku Shiki*
Lion F x5 -remote controled-

Aoi Tsubasa - Downsized Minerva class

Alteisen Nacht
Valsion Kai ~
Shining Gundam -damaged- ~
Wing ZERO*

Extra Gear
Tesla Drive
Boosted Hammer
Graviton launcher
GN arms (type E)

(with Tallis/in space)

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 07, 2008, 06:40:28 AM
"It didn't say who had those mechs, just had the names and specs.  Besides, he does practice excellent file security, but I'm the techie who set his computer up for him, and I set up some back doors.  Information is valuable, and I make sure I'm quite wealthy in that department whenever I can.  I didn't have any data on those enemies, though, nor could I really figure out much about anything with too much EOT in it.  Still, don't bother with my dad.  He's a dumbass middle-manager who doesn't know his head from his balls most of the time.  I'd also like to see if we could acquire anything else from TLI, if only to improve our stock of Super Robots and maybe even get more spare parts.  I'd hate to imagine what would happen if we have to give up one of our better mechs simply because we can't fix it."

Here's the thing... a quote dumbass middle-manager unquote shouldn't have any access to that kind of information to start with.
He's clearly incompetent, but ... he's well-connected if nothing else.

And it's my JOB to worry about security leaks. They put everyone in danger. Some of us more than others.
I think I'd better make that call sooner rather than later. Before this goof gets someone killed.

I'd tell you not to worry about him, but it doesn't sound like there's any love lost between you two.

Jaybee walks off muttering to himself.

What the hell is wrong with the universe?
 Someone with enough security clearance to have knowledge of the Buster Project stores sensitive information on a computer set up and pre-compromised by his mercenary kid? I'm a fucking Phantom and had to drag that information out kicking and screaming, despite the AGGF owning the damned mech!

Primus, grant me strength...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 07, 2008, 08:01:45 AM
(Hey Gai? I made the joke about Alt Blue looking like the Antichrist of Alteisens, but the paintjob is the only real difference from the original. I'd be scared if we had even a copy Alt Nacht, honestly. That thing's a monster by my standards, and Granzon itself holds THAT bar up all by itself.)

Derek: *Heading down one of the corridors of the Tsubasa* Figures. We've tried everywhere else, might as well check the bridge.

Masaki: They're always in the last place you'd look, aren't they? Same with your car keys.

Derek: Of course they're in the last place you look. Everything is. Once you find them, you stop looking.

Masaki: Can't argue with that logic. *Stops at the door* So, we've been everywhere else but here and the private rooms, and I doubt we're going to those.

Derek: If it means anything, I still haven't even been back in my own room since I got back on this ship. Shows how busy we've been.

Masaki: And how much of an insomniac you really are.

Derek: Never underestimate the waking power of large amounts of caffiene and half the galaxy wanting to kill you, Andoh.

Masaki: Duly noted. Can we go in now?

Derek: Oh, right. *Opens the door and walks in* Aha. I knew I'd find you he--*Stops suddenly*

Masaki: Eh? *Moves past him into the bridge* What's wro--*Stops cold*--Oh. My. God.

*Sitting at her station at the console is Alexis, a pink hairbrush in hand. Sitting in a chair next to her, however, is Fuyume. Lifesize, the AI girl looks much better, most of her bandages gone except for the arm cast. She's replaced the drab green hospital pajamas with a more personal set, dull pink with chibi smiling faces of Masaki, the cats, and the entirety of the Blue Wings at this stage, herself included. Her hair, already long enough to reach a good way down even when tied, is now completely let down and hitting the floor. This probably explains the hairbrush in Alexis' hand. Upon realizing the entrance of the two guys, both girls turn, smile, and wave in perfect unison.*

Fuyume/Alexis: Hi, Derek-sama! Hi, Masa-chan!

Derek: *One of his eyes noticably twitches, under his visor* H-hi....girls......

Masaki: *Sweatdrops as he waves back weakly* It's looking at a mirror.....

Derek: *Quietly* Be glad, Andoh. You can walk away from this. I live here. *Coughs loudly to clear his throat* Well, this makes things easy. Masaki, meet Alexis. Alexis, Masaki.

Masaki: *Recovers and waves again* Yo.

Alexis: Nice to meet you, Masa-chan! *Stands up and faces the two, then bows* Thank you for helping Derek-sama all this time. Please, continue to support my Derek-sama in the future.

Derek: Wh-what the heck?! Where did you pick up a line like THAT?!

*Masaki stands there for a minute as his brain processes what he was just asked. And then he completely loses it and falls to the ground, laughing*

Masaki: "My Derek-sama"! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Derek: *Sighs* I hate you sometimes, you know that?

Alexis: *Blinks* Did I say something wrong, Derek-sama?

Derek: *Sighs again* No, you're fine. My problem is with THIS idiot here.

Alexis: *Smiles brightly* Oh, okay!

Masaki: *Starts to get back up, still laughing his ass off* Hahahahahaha.....Oh god, that's priceless. My Derek-sama! She sounds like a housewife! Hahahahahaha!

*At the word "housewife", both girls immediately turn completely red and turn away, giggling to themselves.*

Fuyume: No....I couldn't.....

Alexis: But....with Derek-sama.....maybe....

Derek: Alright, that's it. *Grabs Masaki and puts him in a headlock* I'll send you to the grave, Andoh Masaki!

Masaki: *Struggling, but still laughing* Wait, if you kill me, won't that just leave a mess for your cute little wife to clean up?

Derek: *Tightens his hold with the righteous fury* DIE, ANDOH!!!!

*Masaki continues to laugh even as the grip tightens, until a small SNAP is heard and he suddenly goes limp. Derek immediately lets go, and Andoh falls straight to the ground, motionless.*

Derek:.....Oh crap, I think I actually killed him.

~Several minutes later~

Masaki: *Sitting in a chair wearing a neckbrace, but otherwise unharmed* I regret nothing.

Derek: I almost snapped your neck.

Masaki: Totally worth it, for that reaction.

Fuyume: *Smiles and looks over at Alexis* Aren't they such great friends, Alex-chan?

Alexis: *Nods* Derek-sama's really lucky to have such wonderful friends.

Derek: *Sweatdrops* You two.....*Sighs for a minute, then pushes his visor up like you would a pair of glasses* Alright. Explain this one to me. Last I was aware, Fuyume wasn't able to jump out of the monitors.

Alexis: Oh, this? I installed a holoprojector system all throughout the ship. Now, she can even walk around the Tsubasa!

Masaki: Oh god, she really IS a Lost Universe fan.

Derek: I told you. But at least we don't have to worry about the kitchen blowing up every time someone cooks.

Masaki: Always a plus. So, you're solid now, Fuyume?

Fuyume: Uh huh! I mean, you can still pass through me if I want you to, but this way, I can help out around the ship!

Alexis: *Nods* And since she's still inside the ship, she can help control it at the same time, too. This way, we can always have someone watching the helm when we're all doing stuff.

Fuyume: The Tsubasa-chan's really nice! All I have to do is ask, and it'll do anything!

Derek: I think that's more your command access than anything else, but whatever works.

Masaki: Hey, at least you won't have to give her rides anymore.

Derek: Just around here, though. I doubt the other ships are similarly equipped. Though, that reminds me.

Alexis: *Points over to the ARC, sitting on the console behind her* I've got everything I need off it, so you can have it back.

Derek: *Grabs the ARC and puts it back on* Thanks. Did you put the BWZ file on it?

Alexis: *Nods* Uh huh, and I pulled the other two off, too. You've got enough pieces of it that we can at least start putting a Proto-R version together.

Derek: Good. Take your time on that one.

Masaki: Uh....did I just miss something, here?

Derek: Just some minor foreshadowing regarding a custom mech that won't be even be testable for a good long while, let alone actually finished.

Masaki: Ah. Well, carry on then.

Derek: Thanks.

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Post by: Sakura77 on November 07, 2008, 09:09:45 AM
Derek I don't really want to impose but, I was wondering if Alexis could find a way for Kina to transfer from Dinah to me and back similarly to how you and Fuyume do.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 07, 2008, 09:52:35 AM
Here's the thing... a quote dumbass middle-manager unquote shouldn't have any access to that kind of information to start with.
He's clearly incompetent, but ... he's well-connected if nothing else.

And it's my JOB to worry about security leaks. They put everyone in danger. Some of us more than others.
I think I'd better make that call sooner rather than later. Before this goof gets someone killed.

I'd tell you not to worry about him, but it doesn't sound like there's any love lost between you two.

Jaybee walks off muttering to himself.

What the hell is wrong with the universe?
 Someone with enough security clearance to have knowledge of the Buster Project stores sensitive information on a computer set up and pre-compromised by his mercenary kid? I'm a fucking Phantom and had to drag that information out kicking and screaming, despite the AGGF owning the damned mech!

Primus, grant me strength...

"If it helps any, he had no way of knowing what I did to him.  Even though I called him a middle manager, he was in charge of the base, and you did stop there not too long ago, so it does make sense that he'd have that data.  He had to provide you with fuel and supplies, after all, and that computer was provided by the military as well for official business.  It's really not his fault that he's unable to do more than just the basics on a computer, but it left me an opening and I couldn't help but take it.  Besides, before I left for that trip to the museum, I closed those doors.  Nobody else would be able to compromise him without me letting them.  Besides, I've been compromising him since age 7, when I'd steal his ID to get into the simulators and set some high scores on the top difficulty settings.  Also, it's not like I don't love him, but he disowned me after I walked in on him fucking one of his subordinates and tried to blackmail him.  He didn't take the bait, so I told mom and that was that."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 07, 2008, 02:42:05 PM
No, it really doesn't help.

The fact remains, he's got sensitive information, and he's been compromised. I used to have nightmares about that sort of thing.

I've got a mission that went totally wrong several years back that I still wonder about. They saw us coming lightyears away. Guns opened up as soon as we defolded. We lost a lot of good men on that one. Miracle I made it out in one piece... though after that EMP fried my implants, you could say I didn't.
It's rare enough that someone sees a Phantom coming at all, but to be so well-prepared for the strike...

Jaybee grins.

Not that it did 'em any good.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 07, 2008, 03:46:38 PM
"He still doesn't even know I'm aware of this information.  Still, I don't have access to anything more sensitive than the names of the mechs and general opinions provided by the guys who were taking inventory.  The comment under Buster Machine 1 and 2 was "Mankind's strongest weapons to date".  That's all, but I had no idea why until I saw that simulation.  It was frightening enough with the limiter on, from what little I saw in that fight.  Any other sensitive information I may know that I really shouldn't, such as that there's no difference between a Psychodriver and a Newtype despite strong efforts by UN SPACY and the EFA to convince us otherwise?  If so, warn me now, or otherwise I need a place to crash, and would prefer to find one now.  That kind of combat really takes a lot out of me, and I've been itching to go to sleep for a few hours now."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: ChrisABlair on November 07, 2008, 06:50:10 PM
*Is Blitzed in infirmiry bed*

FUUUUUYUUUUME-CHAAAAAAAAN!!! Why do you hate me so?

*takes another drink*

Why dosh everyone ignore me lately...?
It'sh not like I meant to go bersherk....

F'n stuckup hotshotsh......

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Andrew on November 07, 2008, 07:32:21 PM
*Entering infirmary, grumbling to himself*

How did I wind up drawing medical assistance duty out of the hat? My hands aren't those of healing.

*Seeing Chris*

How are you today, Chris? Feeling any better?

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Post by: JayBee on November 08, 2008, 01:52:09 AM
"He still doesn't even know I'm aware of this information.  Still, I don't have access to anything more sensitive than the names of the mechs and general opinions provided by the guys who were taking inventory.  The comment under Buster Machine 1 and 2 was "Mankind's strongest weapons to date".  That's all, but I had no idea why until I saw that simulation.  It was frightening enough with the limiter on, from what little I saw in that fight.  Any other sensitive information I may know that I really shouldn't, such as that there's no difference between a Psychodriver and a Newtype despite strong efforts by UN SPACY and the EFA to convince us otherwise?  If so, warn me now, or otherwise I need a place to crash, and would prefer to find one now.  That kind of combat really takes a lot out of me, and I've been itching to go to sleep for a few hours now."
You seem to have misunderstood me.

I'm not worried about what you know. I'm worried about how you got it.
If he was practicing proper security, this wouldn't have even come up. But he's not, so it did.

YOU aren't in any trouble... you probably should be, but you're not.

Anyways, there probably won't be any major charges filed.
It sounds like it's just a case of incompetence going undetected. So he loses a bit of security clearance, but keeps his position.
Maybe has to take some classes in security, but I think more officers need those anyways. 

Jaybee goes off and makes a call. A few hours later, he comes back.

Hey, Archer. Turns out your dad was the unsuspecting beneficiary of a clerical error.  Seems there was some sort of mixup, and no one ever realized he was receiving these files.
Sounds like someone just bumped an extra key while changing his security level, and it got missed.
And I am SO glad I'm off playing the role of chaosbringer in a militant group right now instead of back at HQ taking part in a massive security audit.

Sounds like you joined up with just in time too. Shit rolls downhill, as they say. And this shit's rolling fleetwide.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: ChrisABlair on November 08, 2008, 04:18:03 AM
*Entering infirmary, grumbling to himself*

How did I wind up drawing medical assistance duty out of the hat? My hands aren't those of healing.

*Seeing Chris*

How are you today, Chris? Feeling any better?

Thatyu Andy?
Whazzup, you're the firsht to visit me in a while.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 08, 2008, 09:09:09 AM
You seem to have misunderstood me.

I'm not worried about what you know. I'm worried about how you got it.
If he was practicing proper security, this wouldn't have even come up. But he's not, so it did.

YOU aren't in any trouble... you probably should be, but you're not.

Anyways, there probably won't be any major charges filed.
It sounds like it's just a case of incompetence going undetected. So he loses a bit of security clearance, but keeps his position.
Maybe has to take some classes in security, but I think more officers need those anyways. 

Jaybee goes off and makes a call. A few hours later, he comes back.

Hey, Archer. Turns out your dad was the unsuspecting beneficiary of a clerical error.  Seems there was some sort of mixup, and no one ever realized he was receiving these files.
Sounds like someone just bumped an extra key while changing his security level, and it got missed.
And I am SO glad I'm off playing the role of chaosbringer in a militant group right now instead of back at HQ taking part in a massive security audit.

Sounds like you joined up with just in time too. Shit rolls downhill, as they say. And this shit's rolling fleetwide.
"Oh, joy.  The entire fleet has gaping security holes, we're being attacked by corpse-like plants, and I haven't slept in 36 hours.  Do you have ANY available quarters for a guy to sleep in?"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 08, 2008, 10:21:37 AM
~Tsubasa, in the living quarters area~

"Thanks for offering me a guest room, Derek. I still don't feel safe sleeping in the Duragreiz, after what happened with Jay and that psycho demon."

No problem Masaki, we've got a few spares. Besides, I do owe you after nearly breaking your spinal column in half.

"It was still totally worth it after hearing her call you "my Derek-sama"."

And if you repeat that one more time, I'll be sure to snap your neck TWICE, to make up for not doing it right the first time. Got it, Masa-chan?

"Ugh. Don't call me that."

Right. Actually, now that I think about it, you don't seem to have a problem when Fuyume and Alexis do it, but everyone else can back off. How's that one work?

"Well, when someone like Excellen does it, it sounds like she's making fun of you somehow. Fuyume's more like a cute little sister that you just can't say no to, even if you know better. I can see where she gets it from."

Yeah. That's just how those two talk. Gotta love that mixed heritage.

"You have a tendancy to break out in Japanese yourself, every now and then. What's with that?"

My mom was full-blooded, but you'd never know it just looking at me. I mean, blond hair and blue eyes. Not the best signs of asian ancestry.

"I'd make a joke, but you'd probably get me for MY hair."

Yes I would, Emerald Boy. Alright, here's one of the open rooms. Don't mind the lack of decor, we don't really entertain guests that often.

"It's cool. Night, Derek."

Later, Andoh.

*Turns away as the door closes on Masaki before walking down to the room at the end of the hallway and entering a 4-digit code on the door*

Might as well get some sleep of my own, while I can.

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Post by: Andrew on November 08, 2008, 03:58:36 PM
Thatyu Andy?
Whazzup, you're the firsht to visit me in a while.

Be glad I've promised to help people in here or I would put you in traction for the "Andy" remark. Otherwise, I came to check up on you. You're still a friend.

(ooc:I'm serious, don't call me Andy. At all.)

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Post by: Sume Gai on November 08, 2008, 05:15:18 PM
Archer was escorted to some empty quarters.  When he next awoke the four ships were hovering above the pacific ocean.  The majority of the crew had chosen to rest as well including many pilots of the AGGF.


Bright: Commander we'll be there soon 

very good the Duragreiz will soon be docking.

Bright: Where at? we're in the middle of the ocean aren't we?

you'll see when we reach the coordinates.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 08, 2008, 05:40:11 PM
Matt woke up, seeing the ships over an ocean.  Huh, so we're not docking on a land base?  I heard there were a few mobile fortresses still in use, but for us to be going to one, the situation must be pretty dire...  Matt went up to the bar in the hopes of having his questions answered.  "So, can anyone explain to me why it appears that we're going to be docking at a Pacific-based mobile fortress?  The situation has to be pretty dire to warrant it, or else a land base would've probably not only sufficed, but been a wiser choice."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 08, 2008, 09:22:48 PM
Gai was in the mostly empty bar awaiting several others.

sorry kid it's top secret; and no one's getting off here. well several 'things' are but none of us.

If you want I could show you the 008X now.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 09, 2008, 01:28:54 AM
Jaybee wakes up to go to the restroom, and as he takes his first steps....

That feels funny.

Computer, diagnostic on the gravity systems in this room.

"Artificial gravity is offline."

Ahhhh... that's what it is, then.
Wait, we're back to Earth?

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Post by: ChrisABlair on November 09, 2008, 03:15:42 AM
*laughs obnoxiously*

Shorry, I forgot that grindsh your gearsh.

*An infirmary nurse walks up to Chris*

Well, hello beautiful. What bringsh you here?

"I work here, Mr. Blair. You've been drinking too much. I need to sober you up."

Shober? Hows you gonna do that?

"Well, I was thinking of giving you these pills, but since you have such a mouth on you, I'm going to give you an injection instead.

But I hate shotsh.

"Deal, sir."

Andrew, save MEEEEE!!!

"Please excuse me, sir."

*She politely bows and closes the shutters to quarantine.*

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Post by: Andrew on November 09, 2008, 04:12:13 AM
Sorry, Chris. As an orderly my hands are tied. If she needed, I might have to hold you down instead of helping you.

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Post by: alaras on November 09, 2008, 06:50:07 AM
"That would be good, thanks.  We could also take care of calibrating the T-link system.  My output tends to fluctuate wildly if I get emotional, so you'll probably have to tweak the settings to be able to account for that.  Wouldn't want to break it in combat, right?"

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Post by: Sakura77 on November 09, 2008, 11:50:48 AM
The Bio sensor's too high for me, I can barely move it. I think I'll find something else so you can have Zeta back. That way if push comes to shove you can use Zeta.

*Suddenly Sakura stops as she leaves the hangar realizing something*

How long till we reach our final destination Commander? If there is enough time I can collect a gundam I haven't used since I ran away from my father.

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Post by: alaras on November 09, 2008, 12:01:42 PM
"I'm usually only able to use even the T-link in a pinch or when in a state of severe emotional distress.  What makes you think that even my rage would be enough to power the Biosensor?"

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Post by: Sume Gai on November 09, 2008, 07:30:55 PM
-Bar # 1-

I suppose it's possible

our final destination is central Asia. but you'd have to head out right now since i can't allow you to leave if we get too close to the stop over

Come on Archer; lets take care of the 008X

--shortly afterward--

in the virtual world the black and White machine with a Huckebein Mk III frame materializes.

Alright the base frame has all the abilities of the Mk III ( including the Graviton rifle, Fang Slasher, Trace Missiles and the like.

a set of GN-X's appear to demonstrate each of these features on

now the frames.  We'll start with the Gunner.

as if on cue the AM gunner painted to match the 008 launches and docks ( with the mech.

It's got a T-Link Control system for those who can handle it and a Mobile Doll Slave System for those who can't.  the only real change is the replacement of the Ballistic Cannon with the Black Hole Cluster Launcher.  just watch...

a Destroy Gundam appears and the 008X Gunner speeds towards it.  Suddenly from each barrel erupts what appears to be a micro black hole; the four spheres spin and get closer and closer finally impacting each other and the Destroy.  A massive Gravitic anomaly swallows the Destroy and space around it totaling about 90m.

well the last frame is the Boxer

ejecting from the Gunner the 008X docks with what looks like a giant sword becoming the 008X Boxer (

as before most of the systems are the same as the Mk III but they added a very interesting feature to this one. 

Graviton Hell and Heaven!!!

another Destroy appears nearby.  the large Hands open wide and the finger armor retracts revealing tin purple claws and Gravitic emitters on the palms. clasping it's hands together in front of it self the boxer charges at the Destoy a concentrated Gravity field forming around the hands.  The mech impacts the Destroy it's hands smashing deep into the chassis;  around the hands a gravitic field begins to expand and crushes the hapless Destroy into space dust.

that should be about it.

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Post by: Sakura77 on November 09, 2008, 07:39:13 PM
It shouldn't take me too long to retrieve it. Here's the data on the normal version of it:

The version I have is slightly customized along with increased performance. I'll head to our meeting place after I get to where it is. If things change, here's the contact number for my communicator.

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Post by: alaras on November 09, 2008, 08:03:22 PM
-Bar # 1-

I suppose it's possible

our final destination is central Asia. but you'd have to head out right now since i can't allow you to leave if we get too close to the stop over

Come on Archer; lets take care of the 008X

--shortly afterward--

in the virtual world the black and White machine with a Huckebein Mk III frame materializes.

Alright the base frame has all the abilities of the Mk III ( including the Graviton rifle, Fang Slasher, Trace Missiles and the like.

a set of GN-X's appear to demonstrate each of these features on

now the frames.  We'll start with the Gunner.

as if on cue the AM gunner painted to match the 008 launches and docks ( with the mech.

It's got a T-Link Control system for those who can handle it and a Mobile Doll Slave System for those who can't.  the only real change is the replacement of the Ballistic Cannon with the Black Hole Cluster Launcher.  just watch...

a Destroy Gundam appears and the 008X Gunner speeds towards it.  Suddenly from each barrel erupts what appears to be a micro black hole; the four spheres spin and get closer and closer finally impacting each other and the Destroy.  A massive Gravitic anomaly swallows the Destroy and space around it totaling about 90m.

well the last frame is the Boxer

ejecting from the Gunner the 008X docks with what looks like a giant sword becoming the 008X Boxer (

as before most of the systems are the same as the Mk III but they added a very interesting feature to this one. 

Graviton Hell and Heaven!!!

another Destroy appears nearby.  the large Hands open wide and the finger armor retracts revealing tin purple claws and Gravitic emitters on the palms. clasping it's hands together in front of it self the boxer charges at the Destoy a concentrated Gravity field forming around the hands.  The mech impacts the Destroy it's hands smashing deep into the chassis;  around the hands a gravitic field begins to expand and crushes the hapless Destroy into space dust.

that should be about it.
"They borrowed that last attack from that machine called the King of Braves, right?  It looks powerful, but not as strong as the Black Hole Cluster, or even a Ballistic Cannon attack, though no gravity-based attack should EVER be underestimated, I'm sure.  Well, I do have one idea for modifying the Fang Slasher, now that the T-Link's calibrated properly.  If it can be modified to be controlled remotely via the T-Link system, it should be almost impossible for me to miss with it, not to mention I can easily use it that way to attack large clusters of enemies.  It's a bit surprising that nobody's tried it yet, but then again, the Mk. III wasn't actually designed as a Newtype/Psychodriver mech originally, so I suppose they wanted to keep their options open.  That, and it might not be as easy to rig that way as I suggested."

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Post by: Sume Gai on November 09, 2008, 08:14:24 PM
(OOC: It might be best if you don't do large Quotes like that It would have  been obvious what you were talking about without it.)

Well I do owe Doctor Shishio quite a bit after all he's the one who saved me ( after the Gigalot incident. 

and yes people have thought of what you say; take a look at the R-Gun powered it's version of the Fang Slasher is TK controlled but if you're not that practiced in controling TK it'd be better left as is.

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Post by: alaras on November 09, 2008, 08:22:10 PM
"I suppose so.  Besides, the Fang Slasher's already a fairly accurate weapon.  Adding that extra capability would only allow it to be used as more than a mere powered boomerang.  Also, the R-Gun's TK Boomerang is way bigger than the Fang Slasher.  I looked at the specs along with everything else yesterday, and the Fang Slasher is not only smaller, but more efficient in its energy use.  Lining up enemies just right, you could get that coveted chain attack that most people are certain a Huckebein will never have."

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Post by: ChrisABlair on November 09, 2008, 08:33:24 PM
*The nurse makes sure the shutters are closed and turns on the soundproofing, as well as locking the door*

"It's time for your injection, Mr. Blair. It's only gonna hurt a lot."

Wait... thatsh not right...


*The infirmiry nurse transforms into a tekkaman holding a long rapier-ish sword*

"It's a good thing you're drunk, Chris. You could barely recognize me."

Tekkaman Foil... No, Ayaka Tachibana!!
*Chris rips out the IV in his arm*

Ayaka, why would you do this, we're friends?!

"Sober already?"

Who wouldn't be when there's a Tekkaman in front of him!

*She charges him with the foil but is amazed when the bedridden Chris rolls out of the bed and tackles her*


*Chris transforms into Tekkaman Null, and the resulting explosion blows Tekkaman Foil out of the quarantine room*

Tek-Blades!! *Null's twin swords appear in his hands*

"Hehe, good work. I haven't had this much fun in a while! Die, Chris!!!"

Andrew, evacuate the infirmary! I'll hold her here!!

*Their swords cross as Foil laughs maniacally*

"Everyone was so busy, they hadn't noticed the extra nurse in the infirmary. But I guess that's how foolish you humans really are!"

Ayaka, why would you listen to Richard like this? What you are doing is genocide; when the radam finally arrive, all life on Earth will be extinguished! Is this what you want?!

*he kicks her in the stomach to gain distance*

The higher evolution will always succeed, Chris! We're much more powerful than the puny creature know as human. WE ARE TEKKAMAN!! *She stabs him through his stomach*

Perhaps so... but humanity has potential! They need to live and grow as a species! *he punches her several times and pulls himself off the foil. She stands up and blows a hole in the hull, revealing the infirmary to the vacuum of space.*


"Follow me, Chris!  Follow me, and you'll understand everything!"


*they disappear into space*

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Post by: alaras on November 09, 2008, 08:48:32 PM
The alarms sounded throughout the ship.  "Damnit!  What the hell's going on?!"  Matt requested a status report from the ship's computer, which indicated that the infirmary was missing a huge chunk of its wall.  "Hey, Gai!  We've got a problem!  Either Chris lost it, or we were infiltrated!  The infirmary's lost the fourth wall, and I'm not talking theater here!"

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Post by: Sume Gai on November 09, 2008, 08:48:55 PM
(we're not in space anymore...)

Just great how do Tekkaman keep getting in through our checkpoints when we don't land anywhere; I mean, seriously, how?

Doc give me a hand.

the Zeta and the Fenrir launch after the two.

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Post by: alaras on November 09, 2008, 09:17:01 PM
Matt contacted the bridge, "This is Archer, requesting authorization to launch.  Gai might need some backup."  Once authorized, he launches in the 008X, with the Gunner frame equipped.  He doesn't slow down at all until he catches up with Gai and Doc, and says "You know, you really need to try a daily roll call.  It'd fix so many of these messes."

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Post by: Sakura77 on November 09, 2008, 09:50:05 PM
*Sakura reaches an seemingly abandoned warehouse in the middle of no-where*

Never thought I'd be coming back here. Might as well get started.

*After reaching the underground hangar, Sakura turns on the power*

"Voiceprint required to release locks"

Almost forget about this, "Angel of Nature"

"Verifying... accepted unlocking system... New data entry found play?"

I'm the only one who knows about this place so how?

'Let's see who left the message'

Play data entry

"I figured that you wouldn't take Queen with you. I know that I was the crappiest dad in the world. After you left, I hunted you down in secret and found out that you joined the military. Knowing that you would eventually return to use Queen again I stayed here as often as I could to increase it's strength. Our family has many enemies in the closet, I won't ask you to fight them since they're my enemies. If you can, forgive this old soldier for how he treated you because he wanted to make sure that you could protect our family after he was gone. There's a file here with all the upgrades that I made to Queen and something else. Try to keep Nadesico and Aria from the horrors that arise from being soldiers. Goodbye Sakura."

He... He only did what he did to keep Nadesico and Aria from war and protect our family?

'It seems like it. I say make a copy of the journal and take a look at the file he left


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Post by: ChrisABlair on November 09, 2008, 11:36:49 PM
(we're not in space anymore...)
(OoC: Consider it a fever dream, sorry. )

Ayaka, wait!!

"Hmm? Didn't I tell you everything would be revealed if you followed me?"

Shut up! Why is Richard doing this? We were comrades, the Crimson Fang Special Ops!

"That's long over, Chris. This is what the UN Spacy subjected us to. It was simple, really; the objective was to force the evolution of mankind through the creation of Tekkamen. What they didn't know was the pain and terror they subjected us to! You know full well the consequences of tekkamanizing!"

Yes, but that's no reason to take revenge!

"Revenge?" *Ayaka sobs* You think our operation is something so simple as REVENGE?! It's divine retribution!! I can barely stand myself anymore! I'm not human! I've thrown away my life because of these bastards in the government!"

Retribution? No, what you're doing is genocide! We fought so that wouldn't happen! You, Richard, Masahiko, and myself!

"Genocide, is it? Humanity has brought that upon itself. If you'll not join us, Chris, you'll die here!!"



*their battle begins at near impossible speeds, their blades clanging together, and rapid blasts of voltekka collide together, eventually ending with Tekkaman Foil's blade through Chris's stomach again and Chris's right arm torn off.*

"I loved you, Chris. I never wished this upon you, but if you'll side with them, you are our enemy!"

*She pulls the blade from his stomach and watches him fall to the ocean below.*

"Farewell, Chris. I really did love you."
*she jets through the atmosphere and disappears*     

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Post by: JayBee on November 10, 2008, 02:25:00 AM
Geez... I think I liked it better when blood-crazed meltrandi mercenaries were sneaking aboard to knife us... they at least didn't blow holes in the wall.

Shara walks up, and with a voice oozing sarcasm...
"Feeling nostalgic? I can fix that for you if you'd like."

That's okay... hey, did you ever replace that sword I lased in two?

"Like I'm telling you. Damn cheater"

I'm not the one that demanded my attention from the other end of the corridor.

"I wanted a fair duel!"

And I didn't. You probably could've guessed that.

"Bah. No sense of adventure."

I've got plenty of adventure. I just don't care for senseless bloodshed.

Speaking of which...
I'd go ahead and launch, but it looks like the fight's already over.

Hey, when Gai and Archer get back, someone tell 'em that T-Link Fang Slasher mod is HIGHLY feasable. And fun.
I've had it on my Huckey since the evacuation of Macross City.

I'm gonna dig the plans out and pass 'em on to the mechanic bay. Figure we'll probably wanna get that reworked soon.

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Post by: Sume Gai on November 10, 2008, 05:13:56 PM
(Chris I'm assuming you want one of us to save you?)

The Zeta fired it's Verniers and headed straight for the falling Tekkaman; matching the descent and grasping the armored being out of the air before slowing and righting itself.

Alright return to ship and Jaybee I know it's been done before but if Archer over here isn't ready there isn't much point in doing the modification.

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Post by: Sakura77 on November 10, 2008, 07:44:19 PM
Talk about increasing Queen's power.

*Several hours after opening the file, Sakura is still reading what he did*

Armor strength increased by 25%, mobility by 15%, joints reinforced to withstand heavy amounts of combat stress, two extra beam sabers and a claymore?

'Most of that doesn't affect the way we fight but, the Claymore is an interesting addition'

While it pales in comparison to the Shisho blade, it can withstand blows without buckling allowing it to battle mechs such as Exia, Type 3 Grungust, etc.

"Check up complete Queen Gundam at 100%"

Everything is alright with Queen so I am going to shut everything down and take Queen.

'time to go!'

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Post by: JayBee on November 10, 2008, 08:07:03 PM
It's really a trivial mod, Gai. Especially since I have a few fang slashers in the spare parts rack in case I break one.

I figured we may as well get it in now for whenever he IS ready... or has one of those moments of passion that bring out his latent powers.

And Sakura... I'd strongly recommend AGAINST testing that machine's durability to any Grungust-class attacks.
Rule 1 of fighting a super robot is  "don't get hit." 

It may be a mobile fighter instead of a mobile suit, but it's greatest defense is still agility. Even if you CAN survive a Colossal Blade strike, it's not gonna be a good long-term combat plan.
Save the armor for when you're fighting something smaller.

And do me a favor. Hide that thing the next time Ryusei comes over. The boy ain't right, and I'd like to not encourage him.

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Post by: Sakura77 on November 10, 2008, 08:15:05 PM
(OOC: Jay I'm not on the ship, also I meant the durability of the blade not Queen)

*As Sakura is starts heading towards the meeting place, Queen's sensor cables pick up a patrol nearby*

I can't afford getting mixed up with anybody before I return, I'll have to dodge this patrol.

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Post by: Sume Gai on November 10, 2008, 08:20:48 PM
the Mechs land Chris is immediately transfered to the Akagane Isolation ward where no one can get to him with out Doc's permission.

Fine if you can, go ahead and set the TK-Fang up.

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Post by: JayBee on November 10, 2008, 11:25:54 PM
(OOC: Jay I'm not on the ship, also I meant the durability of the blade not Queen)

(OOC: Whoops. My bad. Though... consider that the mech's arms are still taking the force of the impact, if only because it could make for some badass come-back-from-behind combat sequences.)

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Post by: alaras on November 11, 2008, 07:37:28 PM
"To be honest, Gai, that mod wouldn't even require a strong affinity for the T-link system.  It's about as difficult to use as the T-Link Ripper was on the old Gespenst Mk. II Telekinesis Type machines, and I only know about those because I used them before in simulations, and they even come with a mock T-link for that purpose.

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Post by: Derek on November 11, 2008, 08:39:14 PM
~Tsubasa Hangar~

Derek: *Looking up at the Fei-Yen* I gotta say, I'm impressed. Astronage was pretty sure he couldn't do a single thing to speed this up.

Alexis: *Working at a computer hooked up to the equipment surrounding the Fei* Astronage-san doesn't have a lot of experience with Fei-chan, does he?

Derek: Not nearly as much as you do, I suspect.

Alexis: Annnd done! *Hits a button*

*On cue, the last pieces of armor on the Fei's left arm regen together, and the entire mech finally comes out of it's self-regeneration mode.*

Fuyume: *Puts on some pink goggles and buzzsaws off the cast on her arm.* Arigatou, Alex-chan! *Glomps Alexis*

Alexis: *Hugs her back* Happy to help, Fuyume-chan!

Derek: *Clears his throat* As great as it is that the Fei's now back off the damaged mechs list, we now need to make sure it works. You two, start on the basic checklist. We'll test the weaponry when that's done. Alright?

Fuyume/Alexis* Turn and salute* Hai, Derek-sama!

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Post by: Sume Gai on November 13, 2008, 02:57:44 AM
-pacific ocean-
the AGGF fleet hovering low over the clam seas nears it's destination. in the distance a large 'Oil Derrick' can be seen.  What is odd is Crimson particles seem to be spouting from the top of the facility.  Someone has gone out of their way to hide this large balck tower from radar and if the AGGF fleet were flying higher they would see that an optic stealth field was projected to prevent satelites from detecting the place.  The fleet had been ordered to close all windows so that most of the crew couldn't see what was outside.  The Duragreiz moves forward and enters the derrick while the rest of the fleet is ordered to go around.

*over the PA*: "attention no unauthorized personnel are allowed in the hanger for the duration of this stop. Authorized personnel are Sume Gai, Jaybee and Derek Barona.  We thank you for your cooperation."

Gai awaits in the hanger as sever men in blue technicians uniforms enter the hange and begin to prep the Buster machines for transfer.  A short older man soon follows; on rocket skates.

Dr. Shishioh: "thanks for bringing them I hope it wasn't a burden."

not at all Doctor Shishioh thank you for letting us barrow them.

Dr. Shishioh: "I guess we all got something out of it in the end.  and if you don't mind I have something for you personally."

Really; What is it?

Dr. Shishioh: "well we finished building the new machine and I'd like you to test it.  It's called GaoFighGar"

so you didn't succeed in building a new Galeon?

Dr. Shishioh: "no but this should be theoretically equal."

I'll do it.

Dr. Shishioh: "if you'll wait an extra 15 minutes we'll bring it on board when we're done moving the Buster Machines.

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Post by: JayBee on November 13, 2008, 03:25:08 AM
Ooooh, shiny...

You guys rethink the Liner Gao too? We aren't exactly always near a train track...

Wait, that was never an issue, was it? Can someone explain exactly how that worked in the first place?

"Nope. Classified information."

I hate that phrase.
I hate that phrase immeasurably.
Those are my two least favorite words in the entire universe.
Well, okay, I just hate having that phrase directed at me. I don't mind as long as I'm on the right side of the red tape.

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Post by: Sume Gai on November 13, 2008, 03:31:59 AM
Jaybee I thought you knew by; now never ever question how the parts of a super robot get to where they need to be to combine.

they'll be there when you need them.

*Whispering*: besides they can carry the Liner Gso under the Stealth Gao)/i]

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Post by: JayBee on November 13, 2008, 05:03:18 AM
Can't help it. I almost became a scientist instead of a pilot. It's in my nature to question everything.

Jaybee whispers back... "And Stealth Gao or not, it behaves a little fishy. Damn thing defies all sense of logic. Why are we whispering, anyways?"

Shishioh: "Well, if you REALLY want to know, I guess we can bend the rules a little..."

Diagrams come out, explanations of maglev trains and gravity manipulation start issuing forth. 15 minutes later...


"This is all background, though. We haven't even gotten to the relevant part yet!"

This is some sick game, isn't it? Just... forget I asked. I'm begging you.

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Post by: alaras on November 13, 2008, 10:38:02 AM
Though burning with curiosity, Matt didn't really want to get his ass kicked that day, so he stayed in the bar and had a few drinks.

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Post by: Sakura77 on November 13, 2008, 11:01:29 AM
*After dodging patrols for hours Sakura finally starts heading to the meeting place*

I wonder why there were so many patrols in that area?

'Who knows? Maybe they lost something?'

Probably, let's keep going.

(OOC: Is it too early to bring the school in (Arado,Seolla, Ouka)?)

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Post by: Sume Gai on November 13, 2008, 04:21:41 PM
(OOC: yes they are fulfilling their OG2 roles right now anyway.)

with the transfer complete the Doctor Shishioh bids his farewells.  soon after the Duragreiz takes it's leave of the mysterious facility. soon rendezvousing with the fleet gathered on the other side.of the Satellite camouflage and the whole group sets out west towards japan and central asia.

Tell me does anyone think the  DC Remnants would mid if we took one of their bases?

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Post by: alaras on November 13, 2008, 04:41:18 PM
"They might, but I don't!  I hope this means you have a plan to give them a good ass-whipping!"

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Post by: Derek on November 13, 2008, 05:13:00 PM
Plans? Please, we don't need plans.

I'm all for hitting a DC base, by the way. Word on the network is Operation Mole Hunt's going south fast. The Hagane seems like the only ship in the whole damn EFA that knows what they're doing, so if we can find a way to take some pressure of them, the better.

Besides, I have my own score to settle with the DC, and I want some damn answers.

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Post by: alaras on November 13, 2008, 05:16:16 PM
"Don't be so hasty.  If we screw this up, we might not get another chance.  Something ain't right about how fast they gathered these resources, and I doubt that even with help from Isurugi and other such companies would they be able to amass such a force as quickly as they did.  They use weapons that aren't meant to exist.  Am I the only one who finds this to be fucked up?"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 13, 2008, 05:28:08 PM
(Alaras, just out of curiosity, you DO understand the concept of "In-Character Information", right?)

In the last two weeks, I've stared down the gun barrel of a mobile suit that not only shouldn't still exist, but shouldn't still exist because I'M the one that destroyed it in the first place. I don't care if they've got weird mechs or another Gunbuster. The DC can't beat us. Period.

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Post by: alaras on November 13, 2008, 05:34:26 PM
"It all seems rather odd to me, but I was only referring to their sheer numbers.  They have too many pilots and mechs for it to be a plausible revival.  They were DEVASTATED in the last war.  Add in those weird plant-corpse things and we're fucked.  Let's just hit that base as hard as we can, before they can put up a defense.  If Chris is in good shape, he should go as a Tekkaman if possible.  I'll start off by hitting them with a Black Hole Cluster, and if they send out reinforcements, I can disengage the Gunner module and beat them off with the TK Fang Slasher.  You guys should focus on storming the base and securing control."

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Post by: Sakura77 on November 13, 2008, 05:35:26 PM
Commander Gai do you want me to return to the ship or continue to the meeting place?

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Post by: Sume Gai on November 13, 2008, 06:22:04 PM
(OoC: jumping the gun a bit?)

alright Alaras/ we don't have any clue what were up against yet.  I don't want you making judgments before we know anything and anyway you haven't seen enough combat to make those calls anyway and in case you missed the memo Chris will be in no shape to fight for a while.

Sakura do whatever you think is best.

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Post by: Derek on November 13, 2008, 07:03:31 PM
Alright, we've got some time before we get to the closest thing resembling a base. In the meantime, I'm gonna work on getting my gear in order. Starting with the pink-haired one. Fuyume, head out onto the deck. I'll be there in a minute with the Skychaser.

"Hai, Derek-sama!"

I never thought I'd live long enough to be the one giving a Tutorial Mode, honestly.

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Post by: JayBee on November 14, 2008, 01:16:51 AM
I'm all for busting some heads. Let's get some intel on that base.
Wait, collecting intel means I sneak around in the Blitz doesn't it?
This plan just keeps getting better.

But... don't give anyone ideas, Derek.
If they field a Gunbuster, I'm getting the hell out of Dodge.
Unless it's got a limiter.  In which case.... Phoenix Rising.
And THEN I get the hell out of Dodge, just in case their copy goes vanishing trooper on us like our's did in the sim.

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Post by: alaras on November 14, 2008, 09:59:19 AM
"Just one question.  If they DO field a Gunbuster, is there any way to either take away its advantage or soften the blow?"

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Post by: Sume Gai on November 14, 2008, 10:02:25 AM
No but I can assure you they don't have one

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Post by: Sakura77 on November 14, 2008, 12:16:28 PM
*A few hours after contacting Commander Gai, the Queen Gundam reaches the Duragreiz and docks*

It's good to be back. Astonage could you double check Queen? I think everything is okay but, I'd like a second opinion.

"Sure it's a mobile fighter right?"

Yeah, I just want to make sure everything is ready when I put it in combat. It hasn't seen a battle in 8 1/2 years.

"Don't worry It'll be ready for battle."


Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 15, 2008, 03:26:35 AM
"Just one question.  If they DO field a Gunbuster, is there any way to either take away its advantage or soften the blow?"
Hit it before it hits us. And hit it HARD.
Best chance would be if they field the individual Buster Machines. They look VERY vulnerable during combination, though we'd have a tiny window of opportunity before they finished and unleashed unholy hell on us.

Fortunately, it's damn near impossible to build ONE Gunbuster.
For the DC to have one, they'd have to steal our's.  They simply don't have the funds or resources for that kind of construction.

Just trust me on that one.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 15, 2008, 01:48:59 PM
Alright, now dodge!




Alright, last one. Strike a pose!


Annnnnd it all checks out. Fuyume's ready to go.

"That seemed more like you just flying around making sure she could hold a decent victory pose than anything else, Derek."

You should know me by now, Andoh. Looking awesome is just as important as being awesome.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 15, 2008, 02:58:24 PM
It's psychological warfare.
Start posing, and they KNOW you're just toying with them. Even if you aren't.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 15, 2008, 03:16:32 PM
I have to say that was very cute Derek. Jay do you know when we are going to attack? I'd like to at least keep the DC and anyone else from attacking populated areas.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 15, 2008, 03:54:58 PM
Shouldn't be too long now I just need to wait for-

a beeping console interrupts Gai who immediately goes to check it

alright looks like the DC have a pretty sizable force they bought a pair of Destoys off the Titans and the mainly have Lions, around 200, With 50 Garlions and 2 unlnown ( units as well as as some kind of planes ( and tanks (

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ianator on November 15, 2008, 04:11:44 PM
Is that...

Is that a walking tank?

I think I'm in love~

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 15, 2008, 04:23:53 PM
A few new mechs, a few new scrub model units, and two Destroys. Man, it almost feels like they want us to just walk in and take the base.

I guess we don't have much choice but to assist their suicidal wishes, now don't we?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 15, 2008, 04:37:09 PM
"Oooh, what shiny toys they have!  Can I break them now?"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Andrew on November 15, 2008, 04:42:06 PM
Gundam Kyrios, standing by.

I'm awaiting orders, sir.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 15, 2008, 04:49:27 PM
Astonage, is Queen ready to go?

"For the most part except for one thing I can't identify. The only thing that I have seen that is similar is Shining's Super Mode trigger."

That thing. I don't plan to use it since I always wind up in the infirmary after using it because it is so taxing on my body.

"So it's a super mode huh?"

More or less. I'm going to launch if need be. Thanks for your help.

No problem.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 15, 2008, 05:02:00 PM
Alright everyone I guess we don't need a plan of attack.  just be on guard.

Astonage ready the Phantom Gao

alright everyone lets go

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 15, 2008, 05:22:55 PM
Matt had the AM Gunner docked to the Huckebein, and launched.  He sent a transmission to all friendlies "Clear out!  I'm launching the Black Hole Cluster now!"  He focused his power, managing to immediately muster enough psychic power to control the T-link system and activate the superweapon, and fired it directly at their communications towers, leaving their defenses crippled.  He then separated from the Gunner, leaving it on autopilot and shouting an open challenge to the DC units: "Surrender before I count to three, or die!  One, two, three!"  Nobody surrendered, so he said "Aww, too bad!  Now I'll play with you and my shiny new toy! Please be sure to scream on an open channel; I want the satisfaction of hearing your despair!"  He launched the TK Fang Slasher, and controlled it with ease, easily destroying thirty Lions, ten Guarlions, three planes, and a tank before the slasher returned.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 15, 2008, 05:30:10 PM
(Dude. Do you not know the meaning of the term "playing realistically"?)

Derek: Ready, willing, and able to kick ass. Alexis, is the Alt ready to go?

Alexis: *Nods* Hai, Derek-sama. And the diagnostics turned up green. We can take the Tsubasa into battle, now!

Derek: Good girl. I'll leave things with you, then.

Alexis: *Salutes* You can count on me!

Derek: *Nods* Alright then. Everyone else, let's get going. *Heads up and gets in the Alt* And to honor my agreement and get my money from Jay, I'll start things off with this baby. Alteisen Blue, launching!

Fuyume: Wait up, Derek-sama! Fei-chan, launching!

Haruka: Don't think you're getting out there without me, you two. Gundam Alex, launching!

Masaki: Glad I came over here, so I could join in on this. Cybuster, launching!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 15, 2008, 05:43:36 PM
In response to the 008X both destroys turn their Chest cannons on him the blasts are sure to destroy the gunner frame; the follow this by launching their Incom arms and shoot the Spinning fang slasher from the sky

Gai is meanwhile on the deck of the Duragriez


Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 15, 2008, 06:00:19 PM
The pilot of one of the Destroys contacts Matt directly via open communications.  "So, this is where my disgraceful son has been!"  As Matt ejected the Huckebein, losing the Gunner frame in the process, and used the G territory and his own piloting ability to try evading the Incoms, he said, "Shit, you're not only incompetent, Dad, but a TRAITOR?!  No wonder Mom divorced your sorry ass!"  This back-and-forth continued as Matt eventually managed to hit the other Destroy's power supply when there was a small opening and disable the mech.  His father, however, was still going strong, and the two ranged-fighting specialists continued to shoot it out against each other.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 15, 2008, 06:48:58 PM
Derek: Leaning a bit right, not like I didn't expect that. Balancers to compensate, check. Thrust propulsion, check.  Steel Beowulf, check.  ( Alright. Time to earn that money.

*Just overhead, a Guarlion zips around, attempting to hit the Alt with it's railgun. The Alt simply looks over at it and turns.*

Derek: And you're first. Eat hot lead!

*The Alt hits the jets and dashes forward, ignoring the shots fired at it. At the last second, it jumps straight into the air, plowing stake first into the enemy mech. By the time they come down, there isn't much left of the DC unit to hit the ground.*

Derek: *Gets off the Guarlion just before it explodes* Have I mentioned how damn satisfying that is? No wonder Kyosuke still does this job.

Masaki: *Fighting another Guarlion and his Lion buddies* Hey Derek, if you're done warming up, we could use the backup!

Derek: On it. Let's go, Blue!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 15, 2008, 07:57:48 PM
Time to see if I can use Queen like I used to.

*Three DC pilots using Guarlions notice the new gundam arriving and decide to attack before it can cause trouble*


*As the first one draws near, Queen executes a powerful jump and gives it a power ax kick causing Queen's foot to go straight through the Guarlion*

One down, two to go

*Deciding to play it safe the other two Guarlions start firing at a distance, The Queen in response activates it's Bees(basically strike shields) and sends them at the first Guarlion hitting it a total of nine times before it explodes*

You're the last one!

*Queen activates it's jet and blasts forward while drawing it's Claymore. Pulling the blade down low, Queen pulls the blade up and across once then does it again cutting in an X and then finishes with an overhead slash splitting the Guarlion in two*

The Queen hasn't changed and neither have I. Time to get to work.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 15, 2008, 08:17:21 PM
On the fair end of the battlefield a squad of DC unit's form up in a attempt to break away from the main battle.

DC Commander: From up men, we'll go get some reinforcements. Then we'll come back and take care of this scum.
…..: Trying to run, now that's just poor form.  Omega Cannon!!

Two Guarlion's explode from the shots , creating a large smoke screen as the other Pilots look back. 

Guarlion Pilot: Who's firing on us back here?

Almost on que, a white and silver Gust Lander comes barreling though the smoke. Standing on top is a red haired man in a black jacket, with a red scarf blowing behind him. If it wasn't odd enough to see a twenty-something man riding on top of a Gust Lander, he even has his arms crossed just for good measure.

Ash: There are twenty-one ways to make an entrance, this is number five!  Henshin!

Jumping into the air and landing into the open cockpit as the Gust Lander transforms into the Gungrust. The mech throws it's right arm back and it's left arm forward as the bright red twenty one shines on it's chest.

Ash: Ore Sanjou!! 

The Guarlion's don't take this displace two kindly as the immediately open fire upon this newcomer. The Gungrust jumps into the air as it draws it's calamity blade.

Ash: Let me show you how my aibou is different from a normal mech, because this Gungrust is Gungrust Type Twenty-one!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 15, 2008, 09:10:20 PM
"Matt, I should have made your mother abort or abandon you.  That was my mistake.  Your mistake was getting in that fucking cockpit!"  With that, the Destroy hit Matt from behind with the Incoms, disorienting Matt and rendering him unable to counterattack.  Systems started failing, and Matt tried to retreat, but to no avail.  His father fired the chest cannon, and scored a direct hit.  The Huckebein didn't go down, but was useless for further fighting.  "That's all I can take, but watch out for my old man!  He's got it in for us!"  Strangely, after this, the Destroy didn't try to finish Matt off.  He let his son retreat, though Matt couldn't figure out why.  He'd deal with it later.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 15, 2008, 09:25:41 PM
A white Grungust? Man, Irm's gonna be pissed.

*Boosting across the battlefield, the Alt manages to crash through and heat horn two of the tanks before stopping and hitting one of the Lions from behind with a claymore shot.*

Hey, you in the Super Robot! Name and affiliation, if you don't mind!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 15, 2008, 09:41:16 PM
Drives the Calamity blade through a couple lion's before looking up at the Blue Alt.

Ash: My name is Ash Rudel.  (pauses for a second)  My affiliation is…..

Slowly the Grungust twenty-one raises it's left arm up,  pointing it right at the Blue Alt.


The knuckle rockets off of the Grungust, making a large fist shape hole in the Guarlion trying to get a cheap shot on the Blue Alt. 

Ash: (The knuckle locks back into place) Justice.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 15, 2008, 09:44:11 PM
"That's great, but can you cover me?  I'm useless right now and my dad in that Destroy's trying to kill me!"  Matt continues trying to flee, his father continuing to shoot at him from a stationary position, laughing maniacally as he does so, taking a sadistic pleasure in making his son suffer.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 15, 2008, 10:34:12 PM
several Lions seeing the Crippled 008X trying to retreat cchase after railguns blazing.  Suddenly one of them is struck from the side as th Yellow claw of GaoFar digs into it's side sending it tumbling to the ground

Geez Archer you need to tone it down a bit else you won't get anything but death.

the remaining lions turn thier weapons on GaoFar who evades left before driving it;s claw into a second, destroying the cockpit.  Gao far promptly flips over it and passes between between the third and fourth who shoot each other square in the head.

Man the DC aren't very smart sometimes.

the last two seeing their teammates fall so pathetically retreat.

Well that won't do. now Bright FINAL FUSION (

everyone try not to make a mess of the base.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 15, 2008, 11:08:54 PM
I should've filed that abuse report when I had the chance!  Well, I'm calling mom when we get back.  Maybe she can help me fulfill my patricidal urges.  Matt retreated to the Duragriez, and apologized to the mechanics who would have to fix this.  He then took out his cell phone, and dialed a familiar number.  "Mom, we need to talk.  I'm on board the Duragriez, and Dad's turned traitor.  He tried to kill me, and-"  "WHAT?!  That fucking sonofabitch tried to fucking kill you?!  I'm sure you won't let your mother handle this, you always did prefer to fight everyone's battles.  I'll see what I can dig up for you.  Just give me a couple of days, and I'll make sure something's at your next port-of-call."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 16, 2008, 01:57:21 AM
Jaybee and Shara step out of the sim chamber discussing their practice, occasionally lapsing into argument.

Shara: "I still say- hey, where is everyone? "

This sounds like a rerun.

Someone walks by at a leisurely pace.

Hey, you care to tell us what's going on?

"You guys firewalled the sim again? You need to quit doing that."

What, we already launched the attack?!?!

Jaybee starts to run toward the hanger.

"Actually, it sounds like it's pretty much over already over. Got a new ally, too. I think. Some dude in a Grungust. Got style out the ears from what I hear."

But I ... we ...  they... huh?

So... what's left?

"Some tanks, some planes, a pair of Destroys, a few-"

Dibs on the Destroys!

Shara: "Jay, are you doing something stupid again?"

Not so much as last time. Up for a ride in the Gunner module?

Shara: "With pleasure."

"Ah, yeah.... the new guy, Archer... he's got a personal beef with one of them. I'm headed over to start working out a repair plan for the 008X. He got roughed up pretty bad."

We'll just have to balance the scales a bit, won't we?

Huckey Three, launching!

"Gunner, launching."

(OoC: I'm assuming the 008X uses a different gunner module than the Mk. 3. Partially due to different weapon loadouts, partially because the 008X's is a drone, and partially because I have plans for mine. :P )

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 16, 2008, 02:08:27 AM
Archer noticed Chris on his way out and sent him a quick message over open channel.  "Disable the Destroys if you want, but let the pilots live.  One of them's my old man, and I want to kill him myself.  If you capture him, leave him to me."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 16, 2008, 02:33:56 AM
(OoC: I assume that was intended for me)

Fair enough. I've got my own axes to grind. I'll try to drag him in. But if it's kill or be killed, I'll be killing.

He's probably got an escape planned anyways. The major villains always do.

The Huckey throws the fang slasher and bounces it between a few Lion remants as the Gunner strafes a tank

And now, docking GO!

"Roger. Opening interface port."

The Huckebein and Gunner module combine and boost after the less-damaged Destroy, weaving through anti-aircraft fire.

"So what's the plan?"

Fire at will?

"How, exactly,  is this any different than last time?"

Ummmm.... more firepower?

"Ugh. Whatever. We have a target lock. Going for the underside again?"

You betcha!

As they get in close range, the Destroy's attack pattern changes. And the Huckey braces itself as Jaybee squeezes the trigger.

G-impact, full burst!

The cannons on the Gunner module fire simultaneously, sending 4 beams of gravitons ripping into the Destroy's undercarriage, twisting it's left leg. It staggers around a bit, then regains it's balance and starts off again, a bit less steady, while the Huckebein  and Gunner separate as fire rips between them, where their combined form was sitting.

Hey, you ever seen a mech limp before?

"Not without a trace system. I think that's new code."

It's damned annoying code. ROCHE SABER!

And the Huckebein finishes the job by wedging an energy sword into the already-stressed knee. The leg fails and collapses as Jaybee flips backwards and out from under the falling mech.

Okay, I lie. This is just like last time.

"You don't say."

The Gunner module fires a few bursts of gravitons under the high side of the mech, finishing off the hip module. It collapses, then explodes.

I think that one had the nameless grunt pilot.

"What was your first clue? The fact that there's a Captain Archer ordering reinforcements to escort the other Destroy?"

Well, that certainly helped.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 16, 2008, 02:51:09 AM
Derek: Ash, huh? You got some guts, pulling the fire-over-the-shoulder trick on me. *Smirks and gives a thumbs up* Good thing for you, I find that to be pretty damn badass. See if you can keep up with us, and I'll buy you a few rounds later.

*Giving a two finger salute to the new guy, the Alt turns around and dashes back into the middle of the battlefield, stopping near the Alex. The ten or so Lions surrounding her don't take very kindly to it, however.*

Derek: Tough crowd. Hey 004, these guys giving you trouble?

Haruka: *Loads another clip into her rifle* Maybe. Are you offering to help?

Derek: Naturally. Hey, you wanna try a team-up move?

Haruka:.....You've got your finger on the "Fire All Ammo" button right now, don't you?

Derek: Yes. Yes I do.

Haruka: Sure, what the hell. Just give me a second to light this.

Derek: Again with the cigarettes? Jeez, what kind of a role model are you, anyway?

Haruka: The one with a big gun. *Lights up and takes a drag* Alright, now I'm ready. Targeting system, on! Maximum lock!

Derek: That's what I like to hear. Let's go!

*The two of them open up with every shot both mechs have, even dodging around each other to hit the targets. The Lions, naturally, don't have a prayer, and get wiped off the map almost instantly.*

Derek: *Unloads his whole stake clip into the last one* And this is why I always bet on the house winning.

Haruka: *Shakes her head and sighs* Gambling and card jokes. And I helped by naming mine the House Special....

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 16, 2008, 02:56:25 AM
(OOC: Jay: yes the 008X requires different energy transfer systems since it's gravitic energy is generated differently so different gunner and boxer parts
alaras: Chris you mean Jaybee right? since Chris is in like a coma and missing an arm.)

GaoFighGar Grabs a Garlion and rams it's knee into the mech


the mech is ripped it into two and GaoFighGar throws the two parts aside into more Lions.

who's next.

the Randgrith appears firing shots rapidly at GaoFighGar


GaoFighGar raises it's left arm and a barrier defects all shots aside

too bad you don't have any beam weapons else you'd already be dead.  BROKEN PHANTOM

the Chest opens briefly and a ring of yellow energy emerges. GaoFighGar's arm begins to sin and glow a pinkish color before being launched through the circle which travels with the spinning arm.  The arm impacts the the Chest of the green mech and pushes through the energy ring now missing until it bursts outward destroying the mech's remains  the arm meanwhile returns to GaoFighGar

I have to say this thing is a lot of fun

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 16, 2008, 02:58:03 AM
OOC: yes, I meant Jaybee, sorry bout that.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 16, 2008, 03:14:02 AM
Jaybee twitches and the Huckebein swings an arm up, catching a missile with his saber.

To heck with the second Destroy. I'm takin' that second walking tank instead.

Shara: "I'm gonna go take out some of those Lions if you don't need me. They're spoiling my sky. "

Sounds good. OPEN GET!

The Huckebein rockets out of the Gunner module as Shara groans. Both pilots take off in their respective directions, and a half-dozen Lions dive for the Huckebein as it falls towards the ground.

What on EARTH made you people think I was an easy target?

And all 6 Lions blow up in a hail of missiles, along with another 7 that were in range.

"Hey, those were mine!"

Cry me a river. There's plenty more where those came from.

And the Huckebein fires it's thrusters right as it hits the ground, and snaps a quick burst from the gravity rifle at the surviving Randgrith, barely dodging a cannon shot fired in response.

That cannon compensating for something? Honestly...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Andrew on November 16, 2008, 07:08:09 AM
*Kyrios is in bird mode, firing bullets at the Destroy*

Oh, right, Phase Shift armor on that thing.

*Transforms into mech mode, doing a backflip in the process, draws sword and slices off one of the Destroy's arms.*

I'm getting better at that, but my targeting needs to improve. I was aiming for the body.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 16, 2008, 11:48:06 AM
Derek: *Unloads his last shot into a Lion's face* Huh. You know, now that I think about it, those Lions seem to be pretty endless today. The other guys are almost dead and gone, but.... *Looks around a bit*......You don't think these guys took another idea from the Titans, do you?

Fuyume: Derek-sama, another group of Lion-sans just deployed from the northwest building! Ten in all!

Haruka: They just might have. You gonna go check it out?

Derek: After I switch suits. I got to waste my ammo on a single attack, so I'm happy. *Jets back towards the Tsubasa* Hey Jay, I'll be expecting that 250 when we're done here!


Derek: *Walks onto the bridge* Anything change out there?

Alexis: *Working at her station* Everyone's doing fine, but I'm picking up signals coming from the west. It looks like enemy reinforcements.

Derek: How many?

Alexis: Just one, Rhinoceros class. They're still a ways off, though. What should we do about it, Derek-sama?

Derek: Hmm....Signal the others, and start pulling forward. We're taking this base, Blue Wings style.

Alexis: *Nods* Aye aye, Derek-sama! *Starts working at the controls, then hits the comm* Mr. Bright-san, the Tsubasa is moving on the base on Derek-sama's orders. Please keep us covered!

Bright: *Over the comm* Roger that. Gunners, provide covering fire for the Tsubasa!

Alexis: Arigatou, Mr. Bright-san! Ha-chan, Masa-chan, can you give us an escort?

Haruka: Moving in on it, huh? I'll be right there.

Masaki: I'm on my way!

Derek: Alright. You know what to do. *Heads for the door*

Alexis: *Salutes* Hai, Derek-sama!

~Back outside~

Derek: Been awhile since I used this one. But what the hell, I'm in the mood for a little massacre. Launching Valsion Kai!

*As the Tsubasa begins to pull onto the battlefield proper, the Val Kai launches straight off it and jets right into a Lion, ripping it apart before dropping it to the ground. Naturally, this elicits a massive amount of chatter on the DC channel.*

Lion Pilot: That's...!!!!

Base Personel: It's a Valcion! They have a Valcion!

Guarlion Pilot: We're doomed!

Derek: Hahahaha! I LOVE getting this kind of reaction. Alright Val Kai, let's you and me go wreak some havoc!

*As it moves across the battlefield, the Val Kai launches Cross Smashers left and right. Most hit at least one, but even the ones that miss do a good job of clearing the hell out of the area they were shot at. And since no one in their right mind wants to go toe-to-toe with a Val Kai, Derek's progress across the base is completely unhindered until he reaches the northwest side.*

Derek: *Stops and looks around* Fuyume, this was the building, right?

Fuyume: *Jets up and stops* Hai, Derek-sama. They came out right....there! *Points at the three Lions emerging from within the building.*

Derek: I see it. *Moves up and wails on the first Lion, tossing it aside before turning around and slashing through the second.* Fuyume, take care of things out here for me, will you?

Fuyume: *Slashes through the last Lion, then turns and poses* You can count on me, Derek-sama!

Derek: I never get tired of hearing you girls say that.

*The Val Kai casually drops down to the ground, walks up to the doorway leading into the building, and rips it straight off before heading in.*

Fuyume: Good luck, Derek-sama!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 16, 2008, 01:34:01 PM
Matt's cell phone starts ringing again.  "Hello?"  "Hi, honey!  I couldn't find anything really suited for you in the company's supplies, so I'm sending something from my personal collection."  "Mom, you don't mean the ones you ordered from EOTI from before the first war, do you?"  "Of course I mean that!  What good is an original Valcion if it isn't used to kick ass?  Just call me when you know the next EFA base you're visiting, and I'll make sure it's there!  Love you!"  "Love you too, Mom, and thanks."  "Oh, and don't forget to nail your father with the Cross Smasher or Graviton Wave!  He deserves it for trying to kill you.  If he lives, though, rest assured I'll castrate him for what he did!"  "Mom, now you're just being creepy.  I got to go, they need me on standby to help in case the T-Link system's damaged.  Bye!"  He hung up, more than a little shaken at the thought of piloting his mom's Valcion from her DC days.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 16, 2008, 06:00:51 PM
You took to that thing faster than I expected, honestly. I'm not sure I got my money's worth. But a deal's a deal.

Jaybee slings the Fang Slasher and uses the T-Link system to arc it around to hit the back of the Randgrith. It bounces off the thick armor ineffectually.

Grrr.... this thing's pissing me off!
Boost tronium engine output to 70 percent!

The Huckebein leaps upwards as the Randgrith swings a huge knife, just barely dodging it. Firing his boosters, Jaybee lifts his mech high, pauses, strikes a pose...

T-Link Huckebein KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... and plunges towards the ground, right foot extended forward and wrapped in a green aura, crashing into the Randgrith's chest, deforming it greatly.

Hah! Take that!

As the Randgrith swings it's arm forward in a crude punch, the Huckebein ducks, swinging an energized fist upwards as it comes back out of the crouch, shattering the Randgrith's damaged chest armor.


And as it staggers, trying to regain it's balance, the Huckebein leaps forward...


...  and does a roundhouse kick into the chest panel, destroying the mech's internal systems. The Huckebein stands with it's palms pressed together and it's back to the Randgrith, coolant steam pouring out of vents on the back of the shoulder blades as the enemy's mech explodes... and the head unit boosts clear, carrying the pilot to safety.

Mech warfare, Chuck Norris-style.
Reduce engine output to reasonable levels.

Wait, did the pilot just escape? Dammit!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ianator on November 16, 2008, 07:55:04 PM
Jay, did that thing just swing a giant pair of scissors at you?

...Please tell me there's a commander variant of those things.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 16, 2008, 08:00:21 PM
I think it did.

And if there isn't yet, I'm sure Char will paint one red and tweak it a bit as soon as he sees one. It's like his hobby or something.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 16, 2008, 08:14:54 PM
*After finishing up a couple dozen Lions, Sakura looks around trying to make sure if anyone needs any help*

Can't they come up with something more original than Lions?

*Suddenly Queen's sensor cables pick up a faint transmission*

"Reinforcements... SLDs and RGCs... 200 total... 5 minutes...we can hold"

Guys expect some reinforcements in about 5 minutes so wrap up what you are doing since we'll be having some company.

*With this being said the Queen spins around cutting apart a Lion who was trying to sneak up on her*

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 16, 2008, 08:20:03 PM
Having listened to the communications, Matt suddenly got a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.  "Is there anything ready to fly that I can use?  They won't be able to manage on their own with those numbers!"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 16, 2008, 08:48:08 PM

Astonage hears Archer's question as well as the situation he smiles then starts to snicker and finally is forced to lean against the wall as he breaks out in uncontrollable laughter

Astonage: "haha...your...kidding right... you don't think we can handle... hahaha... two Hundred?  Oh boy... you"'

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 16, 2008, 08:50:37 PM
Ash: Keep up…  (Laughs a bit) Hell I'll buy the round even if I can't keep up.

Looking over at his monitor for the current number of enemies on the field, and a print out of the communications.

Ash: A destroy, and keep the pilot alive… Great. WING GUST!!!

Quickly switching  his Grungust to Wing Gust mode, he jets off towards the destroy stopping a few feet from it and switch back to battle mode with it's arms crossed.

Ash:  You know you guys have been a pain in the ass today. I don't like that at all. Now I could stand here all day, trying to take you on in some witty banter, but I think….

The Grungust draws the Calamity blade from it's holster before running it's fingers across the blade making sparks before resting it on his shoulder.

Ash:  (grins) I'll just show you my Hissatsu Attack!

The Grungust tightens it's grip around the blade before firing off the knuckle, sword and all towards the Destroy. Normally a boost knuckle is powerful, but a Booster knuckle holding a calamity blade, that’s just crazy.  After a few seconds of this the knuckle toss the blade into the air before locking back onto the Grungust's arm.

Ash:  And Now…. (looks up as the Calamity blade crashes into the Destroy) Past Two, Dash!

With that the Grungust  leaps into the air, striking a poses for a spit second before bring it's foot down on the handle of the blade, slicing off the remaining leg of the Destroy. Quickly pulling the blade out and sheathing it, the Type Twenty-one raises it's left hand flashing a victory sign before changing into Wing Gust and flying off to trash some more lions.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 16, 2008, 09:04:23 PM
Derek: *From inside the building* Hey, Alaras. Two hundred guys, and you're worried? Just one question for ya.

*A Cross Smasher fires out from the inside of the northwestern building's door, travelling all the way out to the approaching Rhinoceros and blowing the hell out of it completely. The Val Kai then walks out of the building, carrying the shredded remains of a single Lion in it's hand before tossing the wreck onto the ground and striking a badass pose.*

Derek: Just who in the hell do you think we are, anyway?

*On cue, the Aoi Tsubasa closes in on the command center of the base and aims several cannons straight at it.*

Alexis: *Over the loudspeaker* Attention, DC base personel. We would like to ask that you please surrender or run away now, or you'll leave us no choice but to blow you all into little tiny pieces. You have thirty seconds to think it over, okay?

*Within fifteen, a full retreat order is given and all the remaining units start getting the hell out of dodge. A minute or so later, so do a lot of the personel transports, obviously full of passengers as they leave.*

Derek: Well, I'd say that about does it for this fight. I claim this base in the name of Team Dai-AGGF!

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Post by: JayBee on November 16, 2008, 09:16:33 PM
Hey... did  this fight smell like a trap to anyone else?

Not so much the Destroys. God knows everyone and their monkey's uncle-in-law churns those out by the dozens.

But those armored things... my IFF says the IDed as Randgriths... were a new kind of pain in the rear.  And the constant waves of reinforcements tell me we either have lousy timing, or they were expecting company.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 16, 2008, 09:19:09 PM
"OK, how was I supposed to know you guys were used to facing overwhelming numbers at a time?  You saw how much trouble just ONE middle-aged pilot gave me.  Well, are we staying here for a while?  If so, I'll have my mom send her Valcion here for me to use.  I don't think a Huckebein's quite appropriate for dealing with that bastard who got away.  If not, she said she'd send it to the next base we stop at, It'll only take her 2 days to get it here, at most.  Oh, and if my dad was there, they probably WERE expecting us.  I found a tracer in my wallet this morning, and I'm pretty sure I know how it got there."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 16, 2008, 09:32:46 PM
(Hey Jay, do you have an AIM or something? It's rare for all of us to be online at the same time.)

Actually, I pinned down the reason for the constant Lion swarms. Production line, in the northwest building. I've got it shut off right now, with only a minimal amount of damage to it all. I guess they were using this base to field out mechs from outside Africa, but hey, their loss is our gain.

And Alaras, once again, who the hell do you think we are? I'll tell you who we are. We're the AGGF, the baddest ass group of mech jockeys to ever walk this earth or fly those stars. The Aerogaters couldn't stop us. The Neo-Titans couldn't stop us. Char frelling Aznable couldn't stop us. Hell, he joined in on our side, once or twice. These DC bozos wouldn't have a prayer even if the whole world joined them to try and beat us. Two hundred enemy units isn't a fight, it's a training excercise. And training is exactly what you need, if you want to run with us and survive to tell about it. And I suggest you spend a long, LONG time thinking about just what exactly it is you're here fighting for. Such petty reasons for fighting like glory or revenge....those are only gonna get you hurt, sooner or later.

"Well spoken, Captain."

Thank you, Haruka.

"Any time. And while you're in a talkative mood, we caught an officer who didn't get out in time. Maybe you and the other brass want to interogate him?"

I think I do. Show me the way.

"Aye aye, Captain."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ianator on November 16, 2008, 09:35:34 PM
Well said, Derek. Where do you think we got a bottomless supply of ZAFT Heavy Blades from? The battered frames of over a hundred GINNs, that's where. Somebody mind givin' this kid a rundown of our past "adventures" when we're done here?

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Post by: Sume Gai on November 16, 2008, 09:39:34 PM
hell when we visited Jupiter i took out half a fleet in a single blow. admittedly Za Powa was a big help but still...

tell me Alaras why the heck would your mother have a Valsion since only one was ever made and what flight path would it take to get here.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 16, 2008, 09:43:01 PM
"I got here as a result of an ACCIDENT, remember?  I originally fought so others wouldn't have to fight in my place.  Now, I'm fighting to make sure this family issue gets resolved.  I'll probably find another reason soon enough.  If anyone needs me, I'll be training in the simulators until I can't see straight.  Oh, and my mom happens to be rather wealthy, and she'd probably fly it here herself.  She ordered that thing from EOTI back when she was allied with the DC, but never actually used it.  I don't know how she had that connection either, but it's probably just a Valcion Kai with a few extra weapons built in.  She has exaggerated before."  With that, Matt headed off to do as he said he would, with the intent of staying in there for at least five hours if he could handle it.  He even set things so it would act as if the inertial compensators weren't working, just to make his training that much harder.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 16, 2008, 10:07:17 PM
Two hundred by itself is nothing for us remember I only caught parts of the message. The only reason why I recognized the codes pertains to the fact that one heavily damaged mech in my family's armory has a data log with those codes in it. Jaybee the Randgriths that were in the last battle are similar to the RGC series  While the earlier machines weren't that powerful the latest machine in the log was the RGC-033 which could give some of our machines a run for our money

If you guys want I think I can get a transmission with the log attached containing some of the design plans.I still am wondering why that machine was on mars...

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Post by: Ash Rudel on November 16, 2008, 10:41:41 PM
Realizing that the day has been won, Ash decides that he should introduce himself to the others on the Duragriez. Figuring he saw the most people launch from said ship. Landing in the hanger and jumping out of the Wing Gust. Ash talks a quick look around at the other mechs.
Ash: (whistles) They got some nice toys on this boat. 

Now upon closer inspection of a pilot who entered into the battle riding on top of a Gust lander, his jacket is a black leather jacket with what appears to be yellow chest armor. The bright red twenty-one on the armor glares a bit in the light. Top this with black jeans, white boots and gloves with a scarf, you get the impression that the man is some short of Rider fan-boy.

Ash: Well guess this is a good place to set up.

Ash adjusts his shades then  sits up the folding chair he was holding under his arm and takes a sit.

Ash: Now to wait for the warm welcome.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ianator on November 17, 2008, 12:23:43 AM
Seeing as everyone else is still outside, Ianator walks up to the newcomer in his folding chair...

I gotta say, those were some pretty slick moves out there. Name's Ianator, usual pilot of the R-3, but since its little black box is out for maintainence I've been helping with mid-battle repairs. I look forward to fighting alongside you.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Andrew on November 17, 2008, 01:59:46 AM
*Talking to the newbie*

I'm Andrew. I'm the primary pilot of the R-1, the Weltall, and the Kyrios. I lead the SRX team, and do various odd jobs around the base during down time.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 17, 2008, 02:22:50 AM
Derek Zerus Barona, ranking SIC of this outfit, Captain of the Aoi Tsubasa and the mercenary group Blue Wings, the guy driving that blue Alt earlier, and all round awesome bastard when I'm in the mood.

"Haruka Nagamoto, it's a pleasure. Ranking second in the Blue Wings, and the person responsible for dealing with this egomaniac's tab."

"Masaki Andoh, pilot of the Cybuster. These two here are Kuro and Shiro."

"Nice to meet you, meow!"

"Way to ease the new guy in, Shiro."

If you ever come onto the Tsubasa, you can meet the other two girls in my squad. I'm on my way to go do something mildly important right now, though, so it'll have to wait. I'll buy you that drink when I get back. C'mon, Haruka.

"After you, Captain. And welcome to the mad house, new guy. You look like you'll fit in just fine."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 17, 2008, 02:49:38 AM
Still training in the sims, Matt had no clue that the new guy was on board.  He tried to take on 200 foes at once in the 008X in the scenario, only to be shot down after dealing with 20 or so opponents each time.  If only I was good enough to help them, but I'm just a weak kid!  I can't even beat dad!  Not only do I have no family I can count on, but I've got no choice but to be alone!  The only reason I have for fighting is that I have nothing else to give.  I'm pathetic...  Matt walked over to the quarters he was assigned, either ignoring or not noticing any others he encountered on his way there.  Once inside, he locked the door, took a razorblade out of his pocket, and made a few discrete cuts in the skin on his thigh, just deep enough to bleed, yet too shallow to scar.  He fought back the tears as he tried to regain his composure, overly aware of how useless he was in the previous battle and enraged over it.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 17, 2008, 04:13:13 AM
after finishing fusion out Gai enters the hanger to find others crowded around the lavishly dressed new guy.  He passes Astonage who is still chuckling to himself and pushes his way over to the new guy.

Well met.  I'm Gai leader of this ragtag group of crazies, BFG lovers and otherwise dangerous people.  You my friend have some serious style.  so any reason you happen to be hanging around these parts?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 17, 2008, 04:34:02 AM
(OoC: Derek, I got my AIM and MSN plugged into my board profile now. May pull it back out later, if I start seeing spam.)

Jaybee and Shara walk across the hanger, arguing over some detail of the fight. They pause as they near the new Grungust

Yo, new guy. Ash, wasn't it? My name's Jaybee. UN Spacey.
I'm the resident-


Yes. That's what I was going to say. And this would be my faithful apprentice, Shara.

"Pffft. You wish. Pleasure to meet you."

Watch your step around her. She's a 1st-gen meltran, and prone to holding grudges.

"You know, there's one key part of talking about someone behind their back that you're missing here. "

Yeah, but I make an exception for you.

"I really should've stabbed you in the back when I had the chance."

Yup. But it's too late now. You promised not to kill me, except in the line of duty. And given we're on the same side now...

"I still say that entire duel was a farce."

But it was on your terms, and I was imposing a handicap on myself. So it was totally fair.

"The handicap was only because you're an idiot, and nearly killed yourself to avoid killing me. You should've just blown my head off in the hallway."

And I regret it every day, believe me.
I kid. She's good people. Just really fun to bait.

I like your style, Ash.
I'm not much of a tour guide, or I'd show ya around.
But when you get to the bar, tell 'em Jay sent you. Your first night's tab is on me.
You might get a few good stories while you're in there. God knows we have more than our share. Everyone talks about the Balmarian counteroffensive, but you don't hear much about the great Haro uprising of 2153.

"Are you entirely sure about that date there?"

Not in the slightest!  I'm so fold-lagged it's hard to remember what DECADE it is anymore.

"A likely story. I think you just like saying random numbers."

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone!

Hey, has anyone seen Archer lately?
He's had a rough introduction to our unique brand of chaos, and didn't seem to be taking it very well. I'm a little worried about the kid.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 17, 2008, 10:19:19 AM
here's hoping the kid isn't beating him self up over this.  When Dr. Radom gets word of this she'll handle that part.

Gai indicates the battered Huckebein

Astonage: "Well the good thing is we'll be able to fix it. though it'll take time."

Good I hate to think what Radom would do if we wrecked this one after how much begging it took to get her to help with it.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 17, 2008, 12:37:40 PM
I think I saw he heading towards the Sim.

 *For the first time Sakura really looks at the battered Huckebein*

That's going to take some work fixing it. At least Archer made it out alive it could have been a lot worse.

I'll be checking up on Kina if anyone needs me. By the way where are we headed next?

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Post by: alaras on November 17, 2008, 02:46:41 PM
Meanwhile, Matt was still in his quarters, now openly crying over his inability to stop his abusive father.  Maybe I should just leave.  No, Mom won't be able to take me in, and the other parent was never really an option.  What can I do?  I have nowhere I can go, and I'm too weak to help them.  Is there anything at all, or am I really just helpless at this point?!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 17, 2008, 03:58:53 PM
Ash exchanges a few hellos, laughs and handshakes with the crew before walking over to Astonage.

Ash: So looks like you’re the chief mechanic around here.

Astronage: You'd be right there new kid.

Ash: Well if you need any help just let me know. (gives a thumbs up) I'm a fellow mechanic myself, so I'll always be willing to help with the work load.

Astronage: That seems a little fishy kid. (crosses his arms) Everyone around here just seems to wreck everything I fix, not the other way around.

Ash: That reminds me. (Ash quickly pulls out a bottle of twelve year old scotch) My grandfather always said you should share the wealth with fellow mechanics. 

Astronage: (takes the bottle) You're alright kid. (pauses) What do you want?

Ash: (laughs) Maybe you could help me with a mod on twenty-one later , but I think I'll take a look around and then hit the bar.  Make sure no one touches twenty-one, he's got a bit of a temper.

Ash puts his hands in his pockets and walks off towards the bar whistling a tune.

Astronage: Strange kid. (takes a swig of the scotch) Ah, that's the good stuff.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 18, 2008, 05:23:00 PM
Thank you, Lieutenant. Sit tight, and we'll have you sent home shortly.

Well, the good news is, I got the control codes for that production line from our POW in there. A few adjustments, and we can have some working base defense drones up and going. I'm going to celebrate this by going to the bar.

"He's also going to go mope at the bar, since what he REALLY wanted to ask, the guy in there didn't know anything about."

Quiet, 004. I have a right to be depressed about that.

"Sure, and I have a right to get on you for it. You didn't actually expect to run straight into Rena right after making planetfall, did you?"

I can hope, dammit! Even if it would mean another stupid fight....

"Your hope is pretty hopeless sometimes, Derek."

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Post by: JayBee on November 19, 2008, 03:19:23 AM
Jaybee is standing in a grassy field. A girl with flowing hair is standing a few feet away, her back turned.

"I can't forgive you."

She turns to face Jay. Her face is a bare skull. The grassy field is burning, and her hair is pure flame.

"I'm dead, remember? You killed us all."


Jaybee screams as he lunges for her, and ... wakes up in his bed, covered in sweat.

God... a nightmare...

He gets out of bed and walks to his restroom, splashes some water on his face, and looks in the mirror.

I guess I can't put it behind me after all.

He leans against the wall, closes his eyes, and for a minute does nothing, just feeling the cold of the tiles seep into his body.

I just wish... 

He squeezes a fist tight.

I just wish I could say I'm sorry.
It wasn't my fault... but if I'd known...I never would've left it like that...

Shaking himself out of his melancholic reverie, he heads back into his room, steps to the closet, and gets dressed.

Well, I'm up now. May as well hit the sim. Too early for the bar.
Besides, drinking won't get my mind off that.

Reaching for the door, Jaybee stops.
Is that all I do anymore? Drink, fight, and talk shop with allies?

All my friends are in the business, and I can only think of two I could go to if I needed something nonviolent....
No, that's not true. Any of them would be glad to help if I came to them.
It's that I only TRUST two. I won't let anyone else close enough.

This isn't really living, is it? It's just... existing.

He lets go of the door handle, lets his hand fall.
I hate those dreams. I'm all mopey when I wake up. Can't stand being with myself when I'm like this

He starts back for his bed. As he passes a shelf, a thought stops him. He rests his hand on a single book tucked among all the trinkets. A genuine 20th-century printed book. Hardback novel, if he recalls the terms properly. The book is well-worn, though he's never read it. A tiny smile, full of bittersweet memories and more genuine warmth than any he's shown in public, touches his face as he runs his thumb along the spine.

I told her this was a waste of money, back when she collected them. That the electronic ones were better in every way, though plain text was dead no matter how you distributed it.
She just rolled her eyes, like I was the dumbest creature on the face of the galaxy. Then she forced me to take one. Her favorite, if I recall. Said I might understand if I ever sat down with one. I threatened to throw it in the trash. She knew I wouldn't, of course. Even if nothing had happened, it would've followed me wherever I went, even to Hell itself.

I suppose this is as good a night as any to see what she was talking about.

Jaybee sits down on his bed, back against the wall, and starts reading. Time slides by, and before he knows it, his alarm clock is buzzing. He stares in surprise at the device for a few moments, then tucks a nearby datachip between the pages and closes the book the 'chip's contacts extending out from the top. Setting it down on his nightstand, he heads out to greet the day. As the door opens, he pushes the evening aside, and the devil-may-care grin everyone around him knows settles onto his face.

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Post by: alaras on November 19, 2008, 09:35:59 AM
As night fell on the Duragreiz, Matt became even more depressed.  I'm completely useless to them.  I guess I should expect it, seeing as I'm just a kid.  I have nowhere to go, no reason to fight except revenge and survival, and no effective means of doing anything.  Even if mom can't take me in, she can give me a decent mech, and I can go on my own for a while, find a place to think things over.  I'm half-sick of these shadows, and I can't stay here while I'm like this.  Sorry, guys.  Matt called his mom again.  "Hey Mom."  "Matt, why are you calling so late?  I heard about the victory.  Is something wrong?"  "Yes, there is.  Instead of sending me that Valcion, can you give me one of those custom jobs?  Something that's fast with lots of guns and missiles?"  "Honey, I somehow get the feeling I'll regret this, but I'm sure you know what you're doing this time."  "Thanks!"  He hung up, and tried to sleep, as he planned his next actions, more than aware that he was too weak to stay.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: ChrisABlair on November 19, 2008, 01:43:53 PM
"Don't get up too quickly."


*Doc Uzuki gives a palm to Chris's shoulder forcing him down*

"I said, stay down, or next time, it's acupuncture."

You know acupuncture, doc?

"Only the type that keeps people down and relaxed."

You're scary, Citan.

"I know."

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Post by: Sakura77 on November 19, 2008, 02:16:12 PM
Kina are you okay?

"I'm still hurt pretty badly but I've healed enough that if I need to fight I can."

You shouldn't need to but if that machine appears again avoid it as long as you can and contact me immediately. I don't want you to die.

"Thank you Sakura-sama."

I'll see you later bye.

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Post by: JayBee on November 19, 2008, 02:24:48 PM
(OoC: And now let's break the drama chain!)

Jaybee's walking to the range, taking a slightly roundabout path, when he bumps into a familiar zentradi in the halls...

Shara! What's up?

Shara looks at him, confused.
"Are you... trying to... make small talk?"

Not really. Just being polite.
I'm headed to the firing range. Been spending entirely too much time in the sims. Need to maintain the rest of my skills.

"You're a bit out of the way for that, aren't you?"

Since it's more fun with some competition...

"And even more fun with some credits on the line..."

Spoken like a true ex-merc. You in?

"I already know your skill with a handgun is second to none, even without cybernetic augmentation. I enjoy a bit of friendly competition, but this wouldn't BE a competition."

I'll turn my optics off, and set the range for 1-hit targets. Precision isn't as important as speed in that mode, and we'll be on more or less even footing. Deal?

"Ah, why not? I DO need the practice. No credits, though. I'm not throwing away perfectly good money."

[iThe two start walking together.[/i]

Are you admitting there's something I'm BETTER AT than you?

"That depends. Are you TRYING to make me open fire before we reach the range?"

I retract the question.
But seriously.... I'm surprised you aren't better with a firearm. What happened to the legendary zentradi training?

"It's all in mecha and energy rifles. And it's focused on killing stuff, not that sharpshooting you're so fond of. "

And swordsmanship?

"That's a personal hobby, actually."

What sort of sidearm do you use, anyawys?

"I've got a standard UNS laser pistol."

Awww, that's no fun. I was hoping for something more exotic.

"It does what I need. We aren't all demented handgun snipers, you know?"


As the pair walks by Masaki...
"Hi guys! Geez... You could cut the romantic tension in this hall with a knife today."

Who asked you?!?!
Shara: "Lemme kill him, Jay! Just this once!"

"You better apologize, meow."
"Even if it's true, meow."

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Post by: alaras on November 19, 2008, 07:11:19 PM
OOC: I'll plug in my AIM, YIM, MSN stuff into my profile

That morning, Matt's cell phone woke him up.  It was his mother, again.  "Hi Mom."  "Hi, honey!  I decided that since you're going up against your father, you're going to need armor more than speed, and plenty of close-combat options.  What did he use last time?"  "A Destroy Gundam, but he mostly relied on the beam weapons and Incoms.  I'm kinda surprised he didn't use a bit-equipped model, but that's how he is.  Always did hate Newtypes and Psychodrivers.  Speaking of which, you can equip a T-link system to whatever you send my way, or a biosensor, or psy-commu, or whatever seems most appropriate.  I'm able to handle it."  "Good, I'll install a TK field generator and Warp Field generator on this Valcion Kai, then.  I even managed to find Bian's blueprint for the Graviton Wave he had on the original, and replicated it on your mech, but it drains a lot of power and you won't be able to use the defensive systems for the following ten minutes after firing it, so be careful with it.  Oh, and try not to get killed, sweetie.  You're my only son, and even if your father treated you like shit, I still love you!  I'll be there in six hours in a transport shuttle, so let the bridge Captain know, ok?"  "Got it, mom.  Love you."  "Love you too!  Bye!"  He hung up the phone and headed for the bridge.  Guess I'll stay for now, and see what happens.  When he arrived, he quietly told Bright "Excuse me, but my mom's coming in a transport with a mech for my personal use, said to give her about six hours.  Is that alright?"

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Post by: Ianator on November 19, 2008, 07:28:49 PM
Poke me on Yahoo doods!

There you are. I was starting to get worried about you. You went to bed way before everyone else, but it's already 10:30! ...Hey, what happened to your wrists?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 19, 2008, 09:58:14 PM
Ash slowly wakes up and promptly falls off of the barstools he was using for a makeshift bed. Looking around for a second and doing a double take as he remembers where he's at and what went on yesterday.

Ash: (yawns) The floor is surprising more comfortable then the bar stools. Hum… 10:30….Guess I let myself sleep in today.

Ash quickly hops up to his feet, and tosses his scarf behind him. He walks out of the bar and starts touring around the ship trying to find anything that looks remotely like a kitchen.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 19, 2008, 11:56:29 PM
-Eastern Europe-

A transport plain is flying over the landscape.  unassuming and seemingly ordinary. inside is the Valsion which Alaras requested and the confident woman who is his mother.

From behind the Craft a blue machine ( approaches quickly

???:"you sure this is the target?"

Yazan Gable was chasing the Plain and Archer's mother didn't yet know.  that quickly changed as two yellow beams fly pas t the craft.  A chase ensues but it is pointless a heavy transport had no way of escaping the high speed MS.  The Hambrabi closes quickly and with a precision attack disables the engines sending the plane into a glide; the pilot.cannot afford to release the controls at this point.

A mayday goes out but no one close enough to help will, because, this is DC territory...

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Post by: JayBee on November 20, 2008, 01:57:55 AM
Jaybee and Shara step out of the firing range, engaged in their usual banter.

Not bad. You almost beat me.

"It's that absurd sniper pistol you have. It's-"


"Is it?"

Yes. Why I carry a SAL-9 is anyone's guess.

"Didn't you say it was because you enjoy using your pistol for sniping."

Okay, so it's not a guess.
And you have to admit, the gun has style. 'S one reason I never moved to the Gallant. The other being it was huge even without the addon parts.

But anyways! You know as well as I do that the additional accuracy was basically useless for snap-firing. Stop making excuses and accept you lost. By a fairly slim margin, but lost nonetheless.

"Fine. Even with a handicap you beat me."

Don't consider it a handicap. Consider it a pure skill test.
You ready for lunch? My treat. Only right after THE COMPLETE ASSKICKING I GAVE YOU!

"Sure. I warn you, I'm a big eater when I'm mad."

Oh. Hmmm.... my wallet IS feeling pretty light lately.
You put up an excellent fight, milady. Your ass was at no time in the vicinity of my boot.

"Damn right!"

But seriously, I AM hungry.

The pair walk into the mess hall, grab some grub, and look for a table.

I miss Elzam.

"Yes, he DID make eating a bit more of an event."

If by event you mean pure heavenly bliss.
Hey, is that Ash over there? Let's go keep him company.

"That's not like you. What're you doing?"

What, I can't be friendly to the new guy with the interesting mech?

"That's what I thought. "

The two head over and sit down.

Hi Ash.
So... I've heard of the Grungust, Grungust 2, Grungust 3, even a Grungust 0. But I must've missed 4 through 21.

Besides, I'm always curious about a new mech. Especially when the pilot enters battle standing on it instead of in it.

So... there a story there? Or did you just paint a 21 on the front for grins?

"Real subtle there, Jay. Subtle like an orbital rocket launch."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 20, 2008, 08:02:45 AM
About an hour after his mother's ETA, Matt returns to the bridge and says "Mom should've been here by now.  I bet she shot down again.  I'm sure she wasn't piloting her transport herself, but that means she's out there with her Valcion, probably against numbers she's not used to facing.  She may know how to pilot a mech, but she's certainly no seasoned warrior.  So, can I deploy in something to find her, and save her if necessary?"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 20, 2008, 10:34:45 AM
Ash looks up as he finishes taking a bite of the large loaf of bread he snags as Jay and Shara set down at his table.

Ash: Oh, you want to hear about 21? (pauses for a second) Alright, I did eat up a good lot of food back here. So I guess I can tell you guys a story.  If you want to know my abiou , I'll have to start my story a little bit before. 

Ash waves his hands a bit and starts making a flashback sound.

Ash: What I thought it add to the drama? So when I was younger I lived on the Earth with my family. But as you all know, people like to start crap. So the Old man not wanting to risk things decided to move us all up into space and meet up with my grandfather. Long story short, I'm the only one who made it to my grandfather. (pauses for a second) After I recovered and things died down we moved back to the earth, and my grandfather got involved with TLI and the Grungust project.  As you might know there where five Grungust prototypes made. Irm has the first, Bullet had number three.  While I have number two. Grungust Type 1-2, but seeing as my grandfathers number is  twenty-one. Well you can see know why I call'em 21. (points to the 21 on his chest armor) So it's a family thing.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 20, 2008, 06:11:28 PM
Jaybee swallows a bite of food.
I see.

You ever get the guys responsible for your family?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 20, 2008, 06:59:59 PM
*At this point, Derek and Haruka calmly sit down at the table next to Jay and Shara*

I heard the backstory discussion and came running. That, and I was hungry. So go on.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 20, 2008, 07:02:29 PM
I hope you're enjoying those creds. You didn't make NEAR enough of a fool of yourself in the Alt for it to be a fair trade.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 20, 2008, 07:05:49 PM
To answer your question Jay no, I didn't get the guys.  When they attacked the transport only my younger sister and I were able to get into the escape pods.  I was so full of bullet holes I didn't think I was going to make it…  The rest is a blur too me. (puts his arms behind his head and looks up into the sky) The Last thing I remember seeing is my Grandfather's Zaku coming flying by and grabbing our  escape pod.  Few months later I woke up out of a comma, to find I was the only one left alive.

Ash takes a long drink before sitting the glass back down.

I was half dead when my Grandfather got me out of the escape pod, and my sister was barley clinging to life as well.  He made the hard choice…..and let me live. (slowly takes off his shades revealing one brown eye and one blue eye) This right eye is all that I have left of my old family life, a gift from my younger sister you could say.  (puts his shades back on) Now your probably asking yourself how I did survive…  My grandfather was a brilliant man, and had his hands in a lot of technology over the years. Not only a mechanic, he was a surgeon as well.  So  he used both of those skills, surgeon and mechanic to rebuild my broken body. (pops his knuckles loudly with an odd metal sound) And well, you know the rest of the story.

Ash slowly stands up and looks at the others

Now as to why I'm here.  (points at Derek) You. I need the help of the Blue wings and anyone else for that matter,  to get my bunker back from those DC bastards.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 20, 2008, 07:12:22 PM
Tragic backstory, followed by a direct request for my assistance. Sounds like we've got ourselves a job offer, 004.

"That it does, Captain. Alright, new guy. Start talking details, and we can talk about payment later."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 20, 2008, 07:21:57 PM
Now that’s what I call customer service. The mission is simple. Clear out the DC infestation in my underground bunker. .  Payment… (pulls out a sheet of paper and a pen and sits it front of Haruka) Just write down a number, and whatever I can't pay I'll pay you back in parts and man-hours.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 20, 2008, 07:46:52 PM
Jaybee sets his fork down, his appetite lost.
Had my family killed by a crazy too. I was in the UN Spacey academy when it happened, or I wouldn't be here today.

Not quite the same as seeing them gunned down right in front of you. But if any of your guys come my way, I'll send 'em on to you.

Good luck.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 20, 2008, 07:59:38 PM
Thanks Jay. That means a lot. (pats Jay on the shoulder) Next time you want a mech upgrade, it's on me.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 20, 2008, 08:51:57 PM
Hmm. What do you think, 004?

"I think Alexis was talking about refitting the Tsubasa's equipment in that "I'm gonna need the money from you first" kind of way she does."

Right. We'll do it, and I'll name the price later. Glad to be of help, Ash.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 20, 2008, 09:04:30 PM
Aww, hell...
You two mind a VF-1 with really big guns blasting holes in things?

If you don't, I'll tag along. Just for kicks. Had the mechanics do a 1X upgrade on my Stampede, and haven't had a chance to test the new engines out yet.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 20, 2008, 09:11:43 PM
The more people who want to inflict mass quantizes of senseless violence is always welcome. Besides someone needs to keep the DC busy while a few of us slip in to the bunker and raid my armory. If we attack'em from inside and outside, I know we can get my bunker back.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 20, 2008, 09:20:14 PM
Frustrated with Bright's unresponsive attitude, Matt headed down to the hangar to see what he could find to deploy in.  "Hey, guys!  Anyone willing to loan me a mech?  My mom apparently got shot down somewhere in Eastern Europe.  I have the IFF data, but she was going to bring me a Valcion Kai to use, so I'd like to go pick it up and save her ass before she does something stupid, ok?"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 20, 2008, 09:35:43 PM
Hey, Archer... don't you think you're being a BIT of a worrywart?

She's just a little late. There's no evidence she was shot down ANYWHERE yet. Just relax, I'm sure everything's fine.

ESPECIALLY if she's got a  Valcion to play with. That should be able to beat back any sort of trouble she MIGHT have run into.
We only roll ours out on special occasions, because it's just too absurdly overpowered. To be quite blunt, I don't trust myself with that kind of firepower, much less some of these OTHER goofballs.

(OoC: Hint, hint!)

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 21, 2008, 03:24:28 AM
I like to use it for scare tactics. There hasn't been a single intelligent opponent yet who stood his ground when I came charging at him with the Divine Blade.

Anyway, I'm gonna go run this little mission by Gai real quick, then we'll be on our way. Go ahead with Haruka to the Tsubasa, Ash, so you can give her the coordinates for your hideout. And you guys feel free to move your mechs onto the Tsubasa while you're at it, so we can leave soon. Hangar or deck, I don't care. Just stay away from that central hangar space near the bridge. Alexis is threatening deadly use of a large wrench on anyone who goes in that one. Something about "delicate control systems" and "half-finished reactor" and stuff like that.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 21, 2008, 03:38:52 AM
"Actually, I was more worried that she'd accidentally level a city or two after they piss her off.  Her temper's even more explosive than mine, and I'd rather NOT see her executed for crimes against humanity.  Besides, she wasn't flying IN the Valcion to get here, she's bringing it in a transport so she can fly back.  She should've gotten here two hours ago, and she hasn't.  It's only a six-hour trip from her starting position to reach us.  She happens to own a few properties near DC territory, and I worry she got shot down after checking on them.  I worry not for her, but for everyone in her path."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 21, 2008, 09:20:10 AM
I'm sitting this one out guys, there's something that's been bugging me for a while and I have to check it out with a few contacts. Hope everything goes well.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 21, 2008, 01:27:22 PM
Alright Derek. (writes down some numbers on the bill) Here Haruka, these should take us right outside of radar of my bunker. (puts his hands in his pockets) I'm going to go move 21 to Aoi Tsubasa's hanger. Something tells me we're going to have to make a dramatic entrance with this one.  (pauses for a second) Really? Throw a wrench at us? (starts to laugh) This sounds like it's going to be a hell of a ride.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 21, 2008, 01:33:50 PM
Half-finished reactor? You don't have to tell me twice.

Just tell me where the missile loader is, and I'll park next to it.
Or is this party Bring Your Own Ammo?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 21, 2008, 06:48:27 PM
May want to bring some extra stock, just in case. We haven't had too much time to stock the Tsubasa's supplies yet. Most of what we're using is stuff I commandeered from the Duragreiz when moving my mechs over.

Oh yeah, is Shara coming too?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 21, 2008, 07:23:21 PM
"Any spare mechs in the base I can use that were abandoned or simply not in use after the attack?  I really want to find Mom before she does something stupid, like vaporize Prague or piss off the Russians again.  Last time she was left to her own devices we had an angry mob, complete with torches and pitchforks, clamoring for our heads on pikes!  Hell, I'd even fly a Schwert there if I had to!"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 21, 2008, 07:23:59 PM
-eastern Europe-
-DC Airspace-

Indeed it turned out Archer's mother was quite a fighter even after a dozen lions she had yet to go down.  that is until he appeared.  in a repaired (or perhaps new) Destroy

Archer's mother: "Should have known you'd show up again you greedy stupid pig"

Archer's Father: "you, wench, have defied me far too many times.  I wanted to take care of that brat of a son first but then an idea hit one that I found all too pleasing."

AM:  "and what is that you conniving bastard?"

AF:  "why ruin the surprise you'll see soon enough..."

with that several more lions advanced and the mother responded with a cross smasher.  However what she didn't see was the Hambrabi fly in behind her and release it's sea serpent which wrapped around the head and began delivering a massixe jolt.  Archer's Mother was knocked unconcious as the machine was disabled.

AF: "Send the message, now!"

-new AGGF headquarters-

a beeping indicated the incoming message which was printed out on command Gai took it

that's not good...


the note that was handed to him read.

Son I have your bitch of a mother.  If you hope to see her alive again stay with the AGGF I promise she'll visit you in due time.

your Father.

P.S. If you come looking for her I promise I'll kill her before you can find us)

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 21, 2008, 08:11:03 PM
Thanks, Derek. I'll start getting a few cases of micromissiles moved over. This is a one-base strike, right?

Jaybee looks up and shouts across the hanger
Hey, Shara! You've got an invitation from Derek to bust some heads!

"Tell him I'll  be there!"

Bringin' your Valk, right?

"Unless someone has a better plan."

Not me. I'm takin' the Stampede myself.
Actually, scratch that. It's not a very good idea once I think about it.
I'm taking the VF-25 and super packs instead. Bit more aerodynamic, and more thrust to boot.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 21, 2008, 08:20:06 PM
Matt read the message, his face contorted with rage.  "He took her HOSTAGE?!  The worst part is, he really would do it.  Things haven't been good between them since the divorce, but I never thought he'd go that far.  I get the feeling they might do something stupid, like put her in her Valcion and use something like the GEIM system to make her kill me.  Then again, he is that petty.  If you don't need me to go on a mission, I'll be training in the sims till I can't move anything."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 22, 2008, 12:16:02 PM
Derek: Alright, everyone set? Good. Welcome to the Aoi Tsubasa, guys. Oh, before I forget, Ash, meet Alexis and Fuyume. Shara, Jay, also meet Alexis.

Alexis/Fuyume: *Both smile and bow* Konnichiwa, everybody! Thank you for being friends with Derek-sama!

Derek: ....Yes, they do have a tendancy to greet people in unison. And speak about me as if they're--

*Derek immediately stops as he looks over at both of the girls, who look at him for a second, then promptly blush and turn around, giggling. Masaki naturally goes hysterical again.*

Derek: *Facepalms* Let's....let's just go......

Haruka: *At the controls* Roger that, Captain. *Hits the comm* Tsubasa to base, we're taking off. We should have good news soon enough.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 22, 2008, 12:42:39 PM
Matt trained for another hour in the simulators, then went to adjust the T-link on the Huckebein.  Astonage calmly told him "Kid, at this rate, you may want to give up before Dr. Radom comes here.  If she finds out you did that to her Huckebein, she'll kill you, then hunt and kill your parents for bringing you into the world."  "Got it.  So, when will the Huckebein be combat-ready, and how long would it take to install a Hyper Jammer and equip the Boxer parts?  I have a certain pilot to kill.  Oh, and if we get anything with a bit or funnel weapon in, let me know.  I'll need it if I'm going to overcome those incoms."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 22, 2008, 04:41:47 PM
Ash: I really didn't go into much detail about this back there, but I'd better tell you guys what happened. So before we go blow the hell out of some DC, I'd better give you guys the rundown.

Ash looks around at the overs for a second before sighing.

Ash: No, there won't be a pop quiz after my story.  Anyway the best thing that I can assume is one of the DC's scouts picked up the energy signature of my bunker's reactor. With my bunker being below ground, and with three levels of junk inside, I don't get a good eletric bill down there. So  all of the power comes from an old reactor that my grandfather salvaged from an junker Albatross class.  The rest being solar power. 

Ash points up to the sky for dramatic effect before getting a few stares.

Ash: Moving on, I spent most of the night working on it before saying screw it and going to bed. Forgetting to turn the power settings on the thing down. (scratches the back of his head) That thing would of shown up on a radar like a campfire.  Needless to say I has a nice wake up call by a few friendly Lions and Barrelions knocking on my front door.  The decided to knock a little harder after my welcome mat blew a up a couple lions.  I only had enough time to hit the randomizer button on the main computer and double booster knuckle myself and exit as more troops showed up. Few days later you guys flew overhead and blew my tent away.  So I made my dramatic entrance, and one I realized that the Blue wings where part of this group…Well you know the rest of the story. 

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 22, 2008, 09:17:37 PM
*Sakura while in her room opens up an encrypted channel to an unknown location*

I hope that he's there or this will be for nothing

"Why are you calling me?"

I'm too far away from you to meet face-to-face Raven.

"I'll accept that for now. You want info right?"

Yes, I'm sure you already heard about the black mech that attacked me while the AGGF was in space. I was wondering if you've heard anything?

"Not too much except that it's a machine known as SSSFF Custom. It's based off another machine similar to the RGV that you guys recently fought."

I need an edge over this guy because even though I have Queen I can't rely on it's super mode to beat it.

"You'll need back up probably a master swordsman who is skilled at fighting high speed machines. I would suggest Sanger."

No one knows where he is, Elzam and him split after the defeat of the aerogaters.

"They'll pop back up. They're war veterans and two of the original members of the aggressors.  I'm sure the AGGF has realized that the DC are getting help from someone who isn't from this world?"

I'm sure some of us have because of the machines that the DC have used. Could you tell her that after this new war is over I'll take her to see the rest of the family?

"You made up with him?"

He's dead and I decided to bury the hatchet since mom had nothing to do with what he did.

"I'll tell her and expect that I'll know the details the next time we talk."

Thanks Raven.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 22, 2008, 10:59:35 PM
Furious with the AGGF's downtime, and with his mother being held hostage, Matt wandered the halls after finishing the adjustments to the Huckebein 008X.  Tears brimming his eyes, he slowly walked towards his quarters, both to cut himself again and to figure out a way to beat his father's apparent Newtype abilities.  He always seemed to hate Newtypes, and yet he is one himself.  I know Mom isn't, she's just a skilled pilot.  I have to save her, though.  If only I could find a way to go there and make it seem like a mission..."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ianator on November 23, 2008, 12:15:52 AM
Just as alaras rounded the corner to his room, he bumps into Ianator...

Well, looks like somebody's in a bad mood.

He places his hand on alaras's shoulder and leans in close to whisper...

If I see another scratch on your arm when you come out, I'll have Shara personally finish the job when she gets back. The AGGF doesn't need another sob story, let alone a wrist-slitter.

As Ianator releases his grip and continues on his walk and alaras enters his room, he notices a small, thrice-folded piece of paper in his collar. It reads...

Your Valk hasn't been shipped out yet; I managed to "requisition" an HOS jammer from an old friend and load it up. The keys are in the ignition.


P.S. If you decide to go through with this, don't you dare come back anything less than a man.

P.P.S. You might want to dispose of this when you're done reading it. Set it on fire, eat it...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 23, 2008, 12:47:47 AM
Matt noticed and read the paper, then took a lighter out of his pocket and quietly burned it.  He left a note for anyone who might find it, saying "Sorry guys, but I have some family affairs to take care of.  If you need me, I'm in Eastern Europe."  He then slipped into the hangar holding his VF-22, which was fully armed, and ready to go as promised.  He got in the cockpit, started it up, including the HOS Jammer, and blasted out of the base in Fighter mode, heading for his mom's last known location, hoping that there would be some nearby DC bases he could investigate...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 23, 2008, 01:36:04 AM
Pleasure to meet you, Alexis.
Shara: "Thank you for having us aboard.  I'd like to apologize for  the mess down there with the VFs. "

Yeah, we had a bit of trouble fitting the ammo crates in there without blocking the launch paths.
You know how it is with us missile whores, right?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 23, 2008, 10:05:34 PM
(laughs) You un spacey guys and your missiles.... Give me a giant sword powered by hot blooded fury anyday,

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 24, 2008, 12:19:59 AM
Meanwhile, somewhere in the wilds of Russia. Matt managed to find the transport his mother was using.  His passive scan picked up some nearby DC forces, so he went into Battroid mode and quietly picked them off one Lion at a time with his mech's arm lasers.  None of them, though, had his father's IFF, or his mother's, yet.  Once he managed to peg ten or so, mostly by sharpshooting, his sensors detected his father's IFF, and an incoming communication.  "So, you just couldn't resist, huh, boy?!  I told you I'd kill her if you didn't stay with AGGF!"  Matt decided to reply via laser comm to avoid giving his position away, "I was sent here with a mission to kill you and save mom.  I won't go back until I've completed it."  Using the dense cover of Siberia's snow-filled trees, Matt continued to attack his father from cover, mostly with the arm and head lasers.  Switching to GERWALK mode, he was able to easily evade most of Captain Archer's attacks, but he wasn't getting in many hits either.  He reverted to Battroid and took to the air, then in the style of so many SPACY pilots before him, fired a good 35 missiles at his old man.  The gundam pilot was able to shoot down around 10 and dodge another 9, but the remaining 16 slammed into him, rendering his MS inoperable.  Matt landed, and readied the gun kept inside the cockpit's survival kit as he closed in on the mech, the other enemies apparently deciding not to piss him off by attacking.  When he landed, he reverted to GERWALK, opened the cockpit, and shouted "DAD!  GET YOUR SORRY ASS IN THIS COCKPIT WITH ME, NOW!"  Surprisingly, Captain Archer complied after only two warning shots.  Matt then took off, and headed directly back to AGGF's base.  Upon arrival, he said "Archer to base, I've got a prisoner for you to interrogate!"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 24, 2008, 04:53:46 AM
(laughs) You un spacey guys and your missiles.... Give me a giant sword powered by hot blooded fury anyday,
I try to save the hotblooded fury for special occasions.

Ask someone about the T-Link Blade Works some day. I still get fanmail from Ryusei about that one.
And his team mates are STILL trying to convince him it's a bad idea.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 24, 2008, 11:47:57 AM
Remind me, was that move before or after you ran the Tronium engine up to 99%?

*Without any warning at all, Fuyume materializes next to Derek, smiling*


GAH--Where the--How the--No, I'm just....not gonna question this one. Just not doing it. *Sighs* Whatcha need, Fuyume-chan?

"Ha-chan wanted to let you know, we're getting close to the coordinates Ashi-kun gave us. Maybe you should go up to the bridge and talk to her?"

Yeah, probably a good idea. You go on ahead, Fuyume. We'll be right up.


*Fuyume quickly disappears, and Derek starts walking for the door.*

Before you ask, Ash, the answer is yes, Fuyume is an AI program, and yes, she really does make a point of being cute like that all the time. Now, c'mon guys. We can get the vague half-assed attempt at planning out of the way and figure out who needs to go blow the hell out of what.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 24, 2008, 03:39:12 PM
(Shakes a little from the Ashi-kun comment) Let's just say I've seen a few Ai's in my day, thought not many that look like japnese school girls. (looks at Derek for a second, whistles a bit) Lead the way Captain.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 24, 2008, 04:43:48 PM
Remind me, was that move before or after you ran the Tronium engine up to 99%?
After. Don't think the T-link would've had enough power for my craziness if it were at a safe level.

Moral of the story: There's no one better than me to strap to a nuclear bomb in a desperate situation.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 25, 2008, 09:50:40 AM
(OOC: alaras: This is the last warning me jay and derek are in consent that you need to tone things down and be more consistent)

The idiot boy had done it now.  he didn't even bother checking over his father so naturally he missed the disk that his father promptly inserted in Valkyrie's rear terminal.  in seconds the mech would nose dive; it's OS irrevocably damaged by the worm

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 25, 2008, 11:13:47 AM
*Having gotten bored Sakura has wandered to the sims*

There's nothing going on right now and with Derek and Jay away there's not much hotbloodedness spicing things up.

Let's see what I can cook up an terms of some action...

*Proving Sakura is extremely bored and crazy, she sets up 100 Guarlion Customs, 5 Grungusts, 25 Barrelions, 30 Huckebein MKII M, 2 Destroys, and the Alteisen and Weissritter.*

Now to set it to send 2 sets of reinforcements once there are only 5 machines lefts. Alright I'll load up Queen and get started.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 25, 2008, 11:55:16 AM
Warning lights started going off in the VF-22 as it started to nose-dive.  "You know, Dad, trying to kill me at the last second isn't going to help you much.  This is why I don't fly at high altitudes."  Matt managed to crash-land without completely totaling the craft (though it did sustain pretty heavy damage, it could still fly safely were it not for that OS problem, though fighting would be impossible), though the crash left him jarred and possibly with some cracked ribs.  Luckily, they were still in comms range for AGGF base, and the VF's survival kit had an emergency transmitter.  Matt kept trying different frequencies, sending out a mayday, hoping that the base would pick it up.  In the meantime, he kept his gun ready at all times, and one eye on that scheming father of his, who seemed to be unconscious.  Upon realizing this, he removed the heavier man from the cockpit, and carefully dragged him by his clothes to the ground to rest, not wanting his father to die before interrogating and possibly reconciling with him.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 25, 2008, 01:01:10 PM
*After a while Sakura has reduced the total number of machines from 164 to 57 leaving her with 10 Guarlions, the Grungasts, 17 Barrelions, 21 MK IIs, the Destroys and the Alt & Weiss*

Damn I can't get close enough to damage the gasts and the Alt because the rest of them are taking potshots.

'You forget about me?'

A secondary personality doesn't help right now!

'You forget I first manifested during combat shortly before we stopped using Queen. If we act as one mind instead of two we can use Queen without winding up in the infirmary.'

What do you mean?

'Our newtype abilities are required when piloting Queen in super mode but, our power was split between us even though we didn't realize that we were a newtype.'

But... alright let's do this like we did before.

'In the end neither of us will be left just the original, I just hope we won't go nuts.'

We won't too many people are waiting for us.

*While this has been going on the Alt and Weiss has maneuvered around Queen and are preparing to do the Rampage Ghost.*

I tire of these games, I'm bringing the fight to you!

*For the first time in 9 years Queen's super mode activates illuminating Queen in a green aura. Moving at high speeds Queen dodges the volley of attacks and brings it's beam saber and ignites it*

You're first Alt!

*Queen unleashes a series of slashes that are impossible to follow at the Alt slicing apart both arms and creates thick gouges on it's chest. Using the Alt as a platform Queen jumps up and spears the Weiss in the legs with it's shield taking them off and them and then rotates around slicing the Weiss in two vertically.*

Just a bunch of cannon fodder is left. I hope they're a challenge.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 25, 2008, 05:50:38 PM
Jaybee wanders the halls of the new and unfamiliar ship, looking for something. Seeing a familiar face, he stops to... shudder... AASK DIRECTIONS!

Hey, Derek. Got a question for ya.
Jaybee waves towards his sidearm.
This ship have a firing range, or should I just set some cans up on the flight deck?

Oh, and before I forget.... Alteisen's technically a Gespenst...
Wallet's a bit slim lately, but I'll give you thirty creds if you take something out with a Gespenst Kick next battle.
It's got enough mass to make the attack VERY effective, but mainly I just think it will look awesome beyond belief..

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 25, 2008, 10:47:01 PM
*With the aid of Queen's super mode, Sakura has tore apart 3 of the grungasts, the barrelions, guarlions, and most of the MK II Ms causing the two sets of reinforcements to arrive*

These guys were getting boring without the Alt and Weiss to spice things up. Now that the reinforcements are here I can have some more fun.

*The reinforcements contained Zeta, Double Zeta, Nu, EX-S Sentinel, a Big Zam, the Wildsaber,buster, and raupier, the upgraded Schutzwald, and the Jean Chevalier*

Maybe I shouldn't have set it up the way I did, that's a little too much firepower at once.

*As Sakura was saying this, the Zetas teamed up to pelt her with beams, Nu attacked with it's Funnels, Sentinel stayed back and waited, the Big Zam started charging, the Wilds went into a formation and started tag-teaming, Schutzwald just kept firing it's weapons and Chevalier held back*

I think Nu's first

*Queen used it's bees to try and intercept the fin funnels with limited success taking three out, allowing her self to take some hits Sakura broke through the funnels and while moving past Nu sliced at it's neck taking out it's arm at the shoulder and it's head disabling it.*

One down a whole lot to go I hope.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 26, 2008, 12:24:13 AM
And then a tiny subroutine left by certain people for their personal amusement activated. Every mech on the simulator battlefield turned into a yellow-and-black Nuclear Ball and rushed Sakura in a deadly wave of atomic kamikaze fire..

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: ChrisABlair on November 26, 2008, 08:57:37 AM
"I warned you Chris."

*Citan stands over Chris, who is stuck down by various acupuncture needles.*

I hate needles.

"You were the one who wanted to move when you are supposed to be resting."

But I can't move now.

"Good. Means I'll be able to have your new arm ready to go in no time." *Doc Uzuki  looks at Chris's stump* "Anesthetic or no anesthetic?"

Anesthetic, please.

"Well, shucks. Looks like we're out of anesthetic!"

You didn't even check!


Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 26, 2008, 07:15:26 PM
*Despite Sakura's best efforts, the nuclear balls destroy her and end the simulation*

That wasn't funny. Well it got rid of my boredom and I am able to use Queen's super mode. I suppose that I should see Citan to make sure there isn't any side effects from the re-merging. Also I wonder how powerful my newtype abilities are now?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 26, 2008, 09:32:43 PM
Sorry Jay, no firing range. Always considered it, but we didn't have the money when we built this baby. A lot of what you see around here was added post-construction, and there were always plans to put other stuff in. Maybe someday.

As for the Alt....Maybe next time. I need to start using my real mechs again, or I'm really gonna start losing my touch. The Alt and the Val Kai are damn fun and all, but they're both nigh-indestructable against normal enemies. Gives you a false sense of ability. I already know what I'm using for this mission, and against DC mechs, I won't be too much trouble for doing so.

Anyway, Haruka's probably getting pissed that we're not up there yet. C'mon.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 27, 2008, 01:04:07 AM
Oh yeah... briefing...
I guess shooting cans can wait.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 27, 2008, 01:45:24 PM
He's right. We should get this planed out so we can get those DC bastards before they start stealing my stuff. (raises his fist to the sky) If anyone of them touched my cd collection, there will be hell to pay.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 27, 2008, 02:55:07 PM
Matt, by now frustrated with the lack of response from AGGF, set the radio to broadcast an SOS signal, and managed to manually activate the VF-22's emergency beacon, which was thankfully installed separate from the OS.  With any luck, AGGF would send a rescue party before his dad woke up.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 27, 2008, 04:01:32 PM
A unknown tech notices an SOS signal and tells Bright about it

T:"Captain Bright I've detected an SOS and an emergency beacon recently."

B:"Are you sure it's one of ours?"

T:"I believe so but, I'm not sure should we send a crew out?"

B:"I want to run it by Gai before I do anything since we don't want anybody to get caught by the DC or Titans."

After hearing this, Bright goes to tell Gai about the beacon

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 27, 2008, 10:45:23 PM
Jaybee's PDA beeps.

'Scuse me a second.
I'll catch up.

Turning into a side corridor, he pops up the holovid.

Yo Mike. Whatcha need?

"I wanted to thank you. I LOVE security refreshes. Being lectured on basic password safety is my favorite thing in the whole entire world, you asshole."

Hey, I just reported the leak.
Turns out that base commander was a DC spy, too. So things could get even uglier.

"Oh god.... you could at least have the decency to come back home and take it like a man instead of running around blowing shit up while we get dumped on."

Right... Did you REALLY call just to bitch?

"No, actually. But since you answered and it didn't roll over... I figured I'd vent before I dropped the real message. Got a report on a recent sting that we're sending out to all the Phantoms. "

Oh? What about? These things usually wait.

"Yeah, well, this one's a bit unusual. Deals with black market cybernetics. We found some ... interesting... stuff. Apparently coming out of the Galaxy fleet, though we can't prove it yet.  Read the report as soon as you can."


"And... watch your back. This mess has me worried."

That bad?

"You have NO idea."

I'll pop it open tonight. Thanks for the heads-up. Out.

Clicking his PDA back off and slipping it into his pocket, he ducks back into the main corridor and resumes walking.

Wonder what that was all about...
Well, one problem at a time.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 28, 2008, 10:27:03 AM
"Finally. What the hell took you so long?"

This ship feels bigger than it used to. Anyway, what's it look like out there?

"However many DC it took to capture the place wasn't enough to hold it, apparently. They called in for reinforcements. Given Ash's estimate of how many attacked him and the Rhinoceros parked nearby, I'd say probably we're probably gonna be looking at fifty or sixty strong, and that's just mechs. I'm reading a bunch of those unidentified tanks and planes stationed nearby, as well."

So, standard fare for us.

"Well, yeah, actually. They don't seem to be hiding more than a few units at most inside the actual bunker. That's the part that has me puzzled."

Given who they stole the place from, I'm almost dead certain they just can't get in much farther. Ash has enough skill to make him a match for half the stuff we've seen the AGGF throw out, so it wouldn't surprise me if he had some nasty traps waiting for any would-be thieves and intruders. We'll have to ask him about it.

"Right. We should be within range soon, and they're probably starting to ping us on radar by now. Before we get any closer, I need to ask you one more time."

Yes, I AM using it. End of story.

"But why THAT one?"

I'm tired of borrowing the powers of those around me. If I'm going to get any stronger, I need to do it my own way.

"Fair enough. I won't bother trying to talk you out of it anymore. Just, try to be careful. It IS an antique, upgraded or not."

Yeah, yeah. Just go ahead and call Jay and Ash up here already.

"On it."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 28, 2008, 06:45:53 PM
Ash stood outside the door for a second listing to Haruka and Derek. Wonder for a second what they were talking bout before hearing his name come up. Slowly Ash pulls on his left glove looking at a metallic bracelet, running his hand over the lifeless display screen before deciding to walk in.

Ash: Seems to me that both of you have the right idea. (pauses for a second) Sorry, my hearing is better then a normal person.  That said, (calmly walks over to a panel and plugs a small computer into it) I worked on this for the last couple of days since I escaped form my bunker

The main monitor lights up with a 3d image of the bunker. Showing a list of entrances, the launching catapult,  exits,  and even the phone number of the place.  The video slow starts to place, giving a grand tour of the place. The hanger, the runway, Ash's mess of a room and some of the lower levels.
Ash: If they haven't made it into the lower levels yet… (crosses his arms)  I think I have an idea about that one, though I can't be sure.  (taps his foot) Now if Jay get up here, we can get this show on the road.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 28, 2008, 11:25:10 PM
A few hours passed, and Matt's father remained unconscious, with his hands carefully bound to ensure restraint while allowing blood circulation.  Matt monitored his breathing and vitals, having learned to do so while being trained to defend the museum ship.  So far, it didn't seem like his life was in any danger, but to be safe, Matt tied his father up to the point of total immobility, just in case he woke up ready to kill, but not before rifling through his clothes and putting all their contents into a compartment on the VF-22 for later examination.  He then took a disc out of that same compartment containing a diagnostic program, in the hopes of finding a way to fix the valkyrie, but when he tried to run it, nothing happened.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 29, 2008, 03:39:17 AM
Knocking ont eh door, Jaybee enters the briefing room.

This the place? ... Looks like it.
Sorry I'm late, I had to take a call. You know how it is.

Let's get this party started! Who brought the donuts?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 29, 2008, 09:51:51 AM
seemingly out of thin air a green and grey craft appeared in above Archer and his unconscious father atop it stood Gai

sorry to keep you waiting paper work and all that.

Gai sees the trashed VF and whistles

and it looks like you've  given me a lot more.  You do realize how stupid it was to go after this guy.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 29, 2008, 03:40:34 PM
Donuts? Jay i'll make us all a cake after this all said and done. (stops for a second after getting some odd looks) What can't a guy drive a super robot and know how to bake?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 29, 2008, 05:32:05 PM
"Yeah, I realize, but I didn't want to face my mother in combat later, so I figured we could interrogate him when he comes to.  Don't worry bout him, he's just unconscious, so make sure he's strapped down tight.  I put everything he had on him in a compartment, maybe you could use some of it."  Matt went over, retrieved the various disks, ID cards, credit cards, and his PDA, and gave them to Gai in a plastic baggie from the kit.  "If he doesn't talk, just play traditional Bavarian polka music.  He'll probably do ANYTHING to make it stop.  That, or just blast some of Fire Bomber's greatest hits until he cries."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on November 29, 2008, 07:33:01 PM
You'll be lucky if she's alive kid.  He didn't have her with him so more than likely she's the DC's hostage and now that he's out of the picture her life is hanging by a thread if they don't have a use for her..

Gai leaves the rest up to Archer's imagination as he checks the unconscious man's clothes, removing what looks like a plain button and crushing it

looks like someone put a tracker on the guy though I don't think it was more than that.  I think you've just found yourself in a very deep hole with no shovel.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 29, 2008, 09:48:14 PM
(Andrew, you're not actually on the Aoi Tsubasa, are you? We took off a page or two back on a mission.)

Ash, remind me to introduce you to Elzam Branstein if we ever run into him again. The man's got skill, style, and his cookies are unbelievable. He also has a ship with a giant drill on the bow, which automatically makes him even more badass.

"Sounds like a man after your own heart, Captain. Sorry my cooking can't compare to it."

Hey, I enjoy your cooking. But you've never had Elzam's cookies. Second best food I've ever had in my life, I swear.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on November 29, 2008, 09:52:41 PM
Commander Gai do you have anything for me to do? Citan cleared me after I got rid of my second personality and restored my newtype abilities. I'm mainly asking because I have nothing left to do.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 30, 2008, 03:28:28 AM
Elzam makes an amazing Fulshan Nectar, too.
One of... I think five people in the system that even touches the stuff.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on November 30, 2008, 08:00:07 AM
"Trust me, Commander, she's extremely useful to them alive, either for ransom or as a weapon.  They won't kill her, but they might try using things like a Psycho Gundam or GEIM system to force her to fight.  Besides, I KNOW she's still alive.  Can't explain how I know, but I do.  As much as he denies it, dad's still in love with her.  He wouldn't have authorized her death so lightly.  Even without all of that, she's still just a really wealthy civilian, not a soldier, and she and I are the only ones with the codes to start up her Valcion Kai, not to mention the only ones who know how to disable the security measures she installed separate from the OS which would bar entry to the cockpit.  They need her around just to operate the damn thing!"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: ChrisABlair on November 30, 2008, 12:24:07 PM
*Chris wakes up dreamily. He had passed out before the operation, but was surprised when he wasn't restricted by the acupuncture needles, and a new arm was attached to his body.*

"Good as new, Doc." *he smiles, pumping his new arm.*
"You Solarians sure have it good. You're a great doctor."

"Well, thanks, Chris. I have talked it over with the commander. He says you can resume duty starting today."


"Here's your work schedule. Don't get too overworked."

*Chris looks at the work schedule and is incredibly shocked.*

"I have to..."

"Yes. All of it."

"Ah, man...."

*Thus began Chris's rehabilitation. He started by doing maintenance with Astonage, then proceeded with mess hall duty, went back to the sick bay for a quick check up on his new arm, did sick bay duty, did inventory on supplies, wrote a report for Commander Gai and emailed it, worked at the bar as a host, and finally, organized recent data. He was especially interested in this Ash Rudel, who had a custom Grungust. Chris enjoyed mecha. He hadn't piloted one since he was tekkamanized, so he felt sad about that. He read reports until he was off duty then proceeded to his quarters and collapsed on his bed from fatigue.*

"I can't wait to see what the folks say about my arm. Hehe..."
*And he drifts off to sleep, without a care in the world.*

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 30, 2008, 02:01:34 PM
Haruka: *Checks the monitor* Alright, we're in range, and they're on alert. We've got incoming.

Derek: And that's our cue. *Hits the comm* Alright boys and girls, let's get this show on the road!

Masaki: *Over the comm* That's what I like to hear! Cybuster, launching!

Fuyume: Aaaah! Wait for me, Masa-chan! Fei-chan, launching!

Haruka: *Watches the Cybuster and Fei-Yen take off* And they're clear. I'll take care of things here, and join you after Alexis takes over for me.

Derek: Gotcha. I'll save a few for you. C'mon, boys, we've got work to do. *Heads out the door*

Haruka: Good luck, guys.


Derek: *Walks up and stops next to the mech he's using* He all ready to go, Alexis?

Alexis: *Finishes adjusting something, then closes the panel* Yup! But try and take it easy, okay Derek-sama? There's only so many adjustments I can do when it's been shut down for so long.

Derek: Ah, it'll be fine. You'll see. *Opens the cockpit and jumps in* Anyway, Haruka's waiting for you on the bridge. I want you to go up and give her a hand.

Alexis: Hai, Derek-sama! Good luck! *Heads for the bridge*

Derek: *Closes the cockpit*.....Been awhile since you and me had some fun, huh buddy? Don't worry, we'll make up for lost time. *Steps out onto the catapult* Alright, time to show these guys what the Blue Wings are REALLY made of. GM-R, launching!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 30, 2008, 02:23:38 PM
Ash stands there for second watching Derek take off in his GM-R before hoping into 21.

Ash: A GM, that guy is full of suprises. But don't have time to worry bout that now. (types in a few commands before turning the key) Alright aibou, lets go give'em some hell.

Ash quickly moves 21 onto the catapult, then runing a last minute system's check.

Ash: Everything is green. (tightens his grip around his controls) Here I come guys.  Grungust 21, Launching!!!!

21 fires out of the Aoi Tsubasa and switches over to wing gust mode, forming up behind the others

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on November 30, 2008, 02:52:37 PM
Jaybee walks around a missile crate in his EX Gear, then leaps up and flips, landing perfectly in the Vf-25'cockpit, watching the system tests as his exoskeleton itnerfaces with the variable fighter.

All systems green. VF-25, taking off.

There's a roar in the hanger as the fusion turbines spin up and start sucking air, then an even louder one as the super pack boosters ignite and the plane launches forward.

"You really shouldn't ignite the super packs in the hanger, Jay. VF-22, launching."

And a crimson Sturmvogel leaves the hanger, much more serenely.

Shara, he's in a GM. Anything he shoots, even before we get there, is a mark of shame against all of us. I'm hitting as soon as possible.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on November 30, 2008, 08:33:48 PM
*As the GM-R launches from the hangar, the backpack gear opens up and wings similar to the ones Deathscythe was wearing when it first dropped back down from orbit extend out. The result is a high speed GM flying straight into the oncoming Lion group, shieldramming straight into one and slamming it into two more behind it. Before any of them can recover, Masaki and Fuyume descend on the two, while Derek pulls out his beam gun and blows the first one into next weekend. Barona then strikes a pose while hovering.*

C'mon, don't be shy! The more I get to test out this Wing Pack, the easier it'll be to use the design to help kick your asses even harder later on!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on November 30, 2008, 09:04:20 PM
Flying past Derek and the others the wing gust fires off a couple missiles as a wake up call to the DC. Pulling back on the throttle, Ash pushes the engines of the  Wing gust to maxium output as it soars high into the sky before grining to himself. The Wing gust's engines die as it falls back towards the ground, quickly swifting into battle mode, picking up speed as it falls back towards the ground below


21 crushes a lion under it's foot, before throwing it's arms forward.


The booster knuckles grab hold of two lions, dragging them across the battlefield, before throwing them towards thier commrads.

Ash: (whistles as the fists lock back into place) Can't let Derek hog all the spotlight.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 01, 2008, 01:32:02 AM
A hail of missiles slams into an unsuspecting swarm of Lions, destroying eight of them shortly before a valkyrie rips through the pack, the sonic boom sending the survivors diving for cover. The VF-25 drops to GERWALK mode, sheds speed at an offensive rate, and comes rocketing back in battroid mode, knife drawn. A Lion damaged in the missile strike gets impaled.

Mmmm, I forgot how much fun it was to raise hell in a fighter jet.

Hey, Derek. Nice jet pack. Jealous of the Wildwurger?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on December 01, 2008, 08:58:44 AM
Don't be so sure of yourself kid.  Trying to get her to cooperate may be too much trouble; She's disposable to the DC without your old man around.

StealthGao sets down the damaged VF it would be a long  night just trying to figure out what was still usable.

get some rest I'll figure out what to do about your mother and locki up your father.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on December 01, 2008, 09:00:27 AM
I'll explain later, when we're not kicking severe amounts of ass.

*Spins around and shoots a Guarlion sneaking up from behind, before jetting upwards to avoid another one trying to Breaker him. Before the offending mech can recover, Derek boosts, flips, and delivers a heel drop kick straight through the back of the cockpit.*

I'm surprised, actually. This thing hasn't lost much agility under the gravity well. I guess the pack's worth the money.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on December 01, 2008, 02:31:06 PM
"Just one question.  Didn't the DC use mind control systems in the past?  Mom's known as a Newtype, so she's definitely susceptible to mind-control systems that take advantage of that fact, including the Psycho Gundam, and I once read a file on dad's computer about something called a GEIM system, though most of it was censored out.  Seemed like something that could be used to force the pilot to obey, and if they convinced her that my raid on the enemy failed and I was captured, she might cooperate in the hopes of protecting me.  Besides, the Valcion's the second-best weapon the DC ever made.  There's no way they'll be able to resist if they get an opportunity to use a pilot who has one."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on December 01, 2008, 02:41:05 PM
Ash: (kicks his display screen to get a clear picture) Damn things starting to act up, must of knocked something loose with that kick. (quickly spins 21 around as it swifts to Gust Lander) That dosn't work on me!

The Guarlion comeing from above Ash gets a rude suprise as it comes face to face with the cannons of the Gust Lander

Ash: That'll teach ya.
Reving the engine, the Gust Lander peals out towards a crowd of Lions. Ash pulls on a couple of levers and tighens his grip on the controls.

Ash: It may not be able to priece the heveans, but i can sure as hell take all of you down. DRILL ATTACK!!!!

The Gust Lander's energy drill starts to spin widly as Ash drives the Gust lander through the Lions. A few seconds later it flys out of the explosions now back in Wing Gust

Ash: Jay's right. (fires off the last of his missiles) It is fun to raise hell in a fighter jet. (does a barrell roll to dodge a few shots, a couple sratching the paint) Alright, now i'm mad.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 01, 2008, 03:30:47 PM
The VF-22 hovers in battroid mode, firing the buster rifles at some poor ground-punders in the tanks below it. As they explode, she returns the rifles to their hardpoints.

Hey, Shara.... I know it's easier to hit 'em that way, but I thought you were better than that.

She brings her right arm up and aims it straight at the VF-25. A laser pulse flashes out.

What the hell? Wait, I'm not dead...

Debris from a fighter plane behind Jaybee pelts the back of his battroid.


"Then pay less attention to me and more to them."

I had everything under control.

The VF-25 fires it's rifle at a Barrellion taking aim at the pair.

See? Wait, when did a Barrellion come over here?

"... I don't know."

Jaybee grins, and in a half-mocking voice...
Pay more attention to the enemy.

The VF-22 sends a few missiles after an incoming pair of Guarlions.

"Right, whatever. I'm ready to go for that Rhinoceros, personally."
Yeah, the boss is probably there. Hence the wall of Barrellions between us and it.

"You aren't... afraid of them, are you?"

No, just annoyed.
I'll keep the mechs busy, you go for the tank.


The two VFs shift to fighter mode and rocket towards the Barrrelions. Jaybee releases blasts the one in the center with missiles, and Shara flies through the explosion and out the other side. The Barrelion pilots seem unsure who to target, as their guns wobble uncertainly.

Oh, no. You boys don't get a choice.

Shifting to battroid mode, the VF-25 dives in and drives his knife through a Barrelion's secondary beam cannon, disabling the weapon. The flying guns all start locking onto Jay as Shara continues on, ignored.

Yeah, that's right! Avenge your fallen ally!

The VF-25 spins to the right and boosts upwards, firing the super packs to get out of the way FAST, and the first volley of high-velocity railgun slugs comes, tearing through the space the battroid occupied a fraction of a second ago, the shockwave jostling the lightly-built VF. Slapping a switch, Jaybee triggers... the CD player, of course. Information High rolls across the battlefield on an open comm channel.

You six REALLY think you can take me?
Gunpod fire pelts against the armor of one Barrelion.
You may have some luck against a big slow target like a battleship, but THIS is a totally different beast!

Beam fire slices through the air as Jaybee sends his VF dancing through the sky to shake target locks.

THAT'S more like it! HIT ME IF YOU CAN!

And on a private comm channel...

Hey, Shara... make it fast.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on December 01, 2008, 07:12:01 PM
As the battle rages on above, a few DC mechs linger in the bunker.

Lion Pilot: We just go the call, everyone pull back and provide back up.

With that the Lions rush towards topside, unaware that a camera that had been following them slowly turns off.

???4: Hey Hey! Looks like they left.

???2: Bout time, those bastards. Kame, how's topside?

???3: Sempai, looks like Ashy-boy is out there with some reinforcements.

???1: Ash-sama must of found the Blue wings.

???4: Really? Cool, I wonder if can get their autographs?

???2:  Ryuta don't worry bout that. Kame tell me...Did he do a Hisstastu attack….A Hisstastu Attack!

???3: Sempai….your properties really need to be fixed.

???1:  Kame, You said the DC forces where out of the main bay correct?

???2: Oi oi, Kuma what are you planning?

???1: I'm going to go out there and help Ash-sama. (pauses) In Outlaw-sama's gift.     

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 01, 2008, 10:35:53 PM
Jaybee acquires a missile lock, then mvoes to evade an object coming towards him. It explodes, flooding the air with mylar particles, scrambling his radar and targeting lasers.

Chaff? You sent CHAFF at me?

Flipping all his targeting sensors off, the VF-25 pilot flicks through the air, aiming his gunpod by eye straight down the railgun barrel of the foolish fool that launched countermeasures foolishly.


As he squeezes the trigger, slugs fly hard and fast, tearing down teh barrel, smashing electromagnetic rails, and ultimately ripping through the gun's breech and smashing the vulnerable innards.

That was just insulting.
Four down, three to go.

Hey, Shara. What's taking so long?

The Sturmvogel hovers in the air, depleted buster rifles smoking as they're returned to their charge points. The Rhinoceros is clearly damaged, but showing no signs of depelted capacity or imminent system failure. The battroid does a mid-air backflip, slashing a pair of missiles out of the air with beam sabers while hanging upside down.

"I'm not the one that put enough armor for a whole fleet on one vehicle! It takes TIME to burn through this mess! What I wouldn't give for a reaction missile right now."

Hey, this is a recapture mission, not scorched earth!

"A TACTICAL reaction missile."

That's better.

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Post by: Derek on December 02, 2008, 04:18:13 PM
Derek: You guys should just try siccing Ash on it. I bet that Grungust would tear straight through. *Looks around and notices he's surrounded* And a few more free kills for m--*Goes to fire his beam gun, only to realize it's empty*--Oh. Well, that makes things a little difficult.

*The GM suddenly spins and boosts into a Lion, bashing it with his shield for as he grabs the enemy's railgun and swings them both around. With a wrenching sound, Barona actually rips the railgun off the mech as it goes flying into the other Lions, then turns around, blasts the oncoming Guarlion with it, and then proceeds to shoot all four of the stunned Lions until everyone dies.*

Derek: *Shrugs and drops the busted railgun* Or not. I have to remember to thank Gai for that idea when we get back.

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Post by: JayBee on December 02, 2008, 05:49:00 PM

Man, I'm utterly sick of these guys...

Finishing strike!

Panels flip open on the VF-25 as Jaybee prepares for his final attack.


The VF-25 launches all it's missiles in one attack. The chaff mostly dispersed, they have little difficulty locking on to the surviving Barrelions, and all 3 explode in a quite satisfying manner.

What? You thought I'd added something fancier?
I'm not customizing the VF-25. It'd ruin the point of gathering performance data before the final rollout.

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Post by: Ash Rudel on December 02, 2008, 06:17:07 PM
Upon hearing his name over the open comm, Ash turns his attention to the rhino.  Soaring past Jay and Shara he waves form his cockpit, switch from Wing Gust to battle mode. Although the transformation takes a bit longer then normal.

Ash :  Need to oil this thing when I get back. (crosses his arms at looks at the Rhino) Well, you guys did make a good number of dents on this thing.  I'll just slice her up for you guys. Calamity Blade!

Ash waits for the blade to slide out of it's holster only to have a few lions rush at 21. 21 quickly hops backwards.

Ash: Guess I'll have to show you guys something different. BREAK CROSS!!!

With that 21's right arm opens up and starts dropping ninjas stars into the left hand as fast as Ash can throw them. Slicing up the lions and exploding on contact.

Ash: Didn’t know I had exploding shuriken did ya? (turns his attention back the to Rhino) Alright Jay I'm going to peel the armor right off this thing for you.  Alright abiou, Showtime!
Pulling back on a red lever in the cockpit, the Grungust digs it's feet into the ground and it slams it's fist together before pulling them to it's sides. The chest plate slowly opens up as the turbines on its shoulder's pull in raw energy.

Ash: 50%, 80%, 100% (grabs hold of a white joystick as it pops up) Here I go… FINAL BEAM!!!!!!!

21 let's loose a blast of burning white energy at the Rhino, blasting off pieces of it's armor. The chest plates slowly close afterwards, smoking a little.

Ash: Hum…Might have to change that voice command to Mega smasher instead.  (looks upward) Jay, Shara, your open can of DC is served.

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Post by: JayBee on December 02, 2008, 07:38:58 PM
Thanks! Looks like that sardine can's open and ready for eating now.
Shara, mind if I finish the job?

"Be my guest. I think there's some Lions feeling neglected over here."

Shara launches a laser through one's head module as she speaks.


Dodging anti-aircraft fire, Jaybee flies up in fighter mode, shifts to battroid as he gets close, crams the muzzle of his gunpod into a sizable gap in the armor and empties his clip into the Rhinoceros. He boosts back rapidly as mechanical grinding noises and electrical sparks start issuing forth, and after a few seconds the tank goes up in a large explosion.

I think that did it.

So... we killed the commander.
Second wave incoming or shameless retreat?

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Post by: Ash Rudel on December 02, 2008, 10:53:47 PM
After seeing their tank go up like a firecracker on the 4th of July the few remaining Guarlions, and a Barrelion, high tail it for the bunker.

Guarlion Captain: (As the mechs rush into the bunker) Alright, we'll lock ourselves in here to reinforcements arrive. Barrelion, stay outside the main door and don't stop firing.

Barrelion Pilot: Alright Captain.

The Barrelion turns around as the main door closes, getting a few puzzled looks from the DC forces.

Lion Pilot: Sir….did you do that? 

A hush falls over the DC Forces, as the door behind them slowly rises up. The door they had been trying to break into for a while. With a heavy footstep a single mech walks out.

???1: Nakru….Nakuze!!!

DC Forces: GET IT!!!!! (They dive at the new mech)

Moment's later the main door of the bunker opens up with lion parts  being tossed outside like cheap junk. The Barrelion turns around as this ( walks out from the bunker.

Barrelion Pilot: A Zaku….A stupid zaku!!! You'll pay for doing that to the Captain.

???1: My strength will make you cry….(the heat axe in it's hands starts to glow yellow) Wipe your tears with this.

The Barrelion beings to open fire on the yellow Zaku as it simple tosses it's heat axe into the air, then jumping after it till it catches it in midair. Then slices down full force on the Barrelion, slicing it in half as it lands. The smoke clears, and the zaku rests the axe on it's shoulder.

???1: Dynamic Chop.

Ash: (looks at the scene and laughs) Kintaros, great timing as usual.

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Post by: JayBee on December 03, 2008, 01:18:58 AM
Jaybee looks at the carnage in and around the bunker, and whistles.

Shara: "I'm still surprised they left a single Barrelion out there to guard the door after Jay's slaughter, but... it didn't really matter."

Yeah. I didn't even have time to get properly insulted.
Impressive work there, especially for a Zaku.

I'm guessing the mods on that go quite a bit beyond the obvious cosmetic ones?

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Post by: Derek on December 03, 2008, 08:48:25 PM
Derek: Oh, I trick out a GM, and you consider it a shame. He mods a Zaku so it has a finisher, and it's impressive. There's just no pleasing you people. *Looks over at Fuyume and Cybuster* You guys agree with me, right?

Fuyume: *If the Fei-Yen had eyes, they'd have stars for pupils* Kyaaaaaaaaaa~! That was so COOL!!!! You were sooooooo awesome, Zaku-san!

Cybuster: I hate to say it D, but that was pretty damn sweet to watch. I'm surprised, though. We usually shout the attack names either before or during the move, not after.

Derek:.....*Turns towards the Tsubasa* Alexis? Haruka? You guys agree with me, don't you?

Alexis: *Over the comm* Kyaaaaaaaaaa~! It's so COOL! You look sooooooo awesome, Zaku-san!

Haruka: Give it up Derek, you're not winning this one.

Derek:.......I see how it is. New guy comes along and no one cares about the resident badass anymore. Well, that's fine. I'm just gonna go eat ice cream and write on MySpace about how the universe is as black and empty as my soul, and other such things that you do when you're full of undeserved angst because you think your life sucks, despite having it better than 85% of the rest of the people out there. And another thing, I'm also gonna--

Alexis: *An alarm goes off over the comm* Incoming enemy units from the west, approaching fast! Counting, forty!

Derek: --Blow the living crap out of these guys for being in the wrong place at the wrong frelling time. *Turns to face the oncoming force* Bring it on you....*Gets a good look at the enemy forces approaching*....Am I seeing things, or are the DC forces getting backed up by GESPENSTS?!?!

*Indeed, the entire enemy force consists of blue Gepenst Mk-II Ms, surprisingly airborne no doubt thanks to having Tesla Drives. They hold position at the edge of attack range, waiting.*

Masaki:.......Yeah, okay, that's screwed up. Who the hell's driving those things?

Haruka: I heard something about the Hagane being attacked by a force using modified Gespenst Mk-IIs, but I didn't expect any of them to come our way.

Alexis: Be careful, everyone! Something seems really strange about those Gespy-chans. I can't tell what, but.....

*As if suddenly recieving a command to move, the enemy forces break position and start advancing.*

Derek: Whatever the deal is, I don't care. They're picking a fight with the wrong crowd. Masaki! Fuyume! *Pulls out a beam saber* Let's send these ghosts back to the graveyard!

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Post by: Sakura77 on December 03, 2008, 09:14:55 PM
Just as the Aoi Tsubasa is assaulted by ghosts, the Duragreiz starts picking up DC units on their radar

Tech: Captain Bright I am detecting DC units heading towards our position.

Bright: How long and how many?

Tech: I'd say 10-20 minutes away and I'm detecting at least 800 machines.

Bright: Just our luck, the DC decides to attack us here when the Aoi Tsubasa is away. Tell all the pilots to prep for battle.

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Post by: Ianator on December 03, 2008, 09:24:21 PM
Hmm, what's this? That's a lot of ghosts that want to play. Where's my R-3 when I need it?

Astonage, are those reinforcements to the Strike's frame done?

"Just finished!"

Right on time. Load 'er up. Pattern: Super Strike.

"I figured as much. Just be careful, okay?"


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Post by: Ash Rudel on December 03, 2008, 09:43:50 PM
Kintaros: (looks over at the Gespents) Ash-sama are those friends of yours too?

Ash: No Kintaros.  Gespent's that fly are never good, unless they are excluding a Gespent kick.  (types a few commands on his keyboard) Alright, Kin you listen to Derek and the others. (points towards Derek's Gm and the Aoi Tsubasa) I'm going to go get the others.

Kintaros: (The Zaku Axe slaps the sides of it's face in approval) Hai.

Kintaros storms off towards the others with his axe on his shoulder. Ash quickly moves his Grungust back into his bunker, closing the door behind him.

Ash: (hops out of 21 and looks around) Momo, Ura, Ryu  I'm back. (holds up his left arm, letting the light shine of his bracelet)

A beam a light shoots out form one of the cameras in the bunker hitting the bracelet. The lifeless displace screen slowly returns to life. Four tiny square appears on the screen, one red, one blue and one purple. The last square glows faintly yellow.  Ash smiles as he lowers his arm.

Ash: Miss me guys?

Ryutaros:  Ni-san welcome back.

Urataros: Ashy-boy you gave us quiet a scare.

Momotaros: Oi, enough of the welcome backs. Can't let Kuma hog all the fun.

Ash: Momo's right. After we rearm 21, we'll get back up there and help Kin.

Urataros: Small problem with that….

Ryutaros: Those mean guys broke the rearm station.

Ash: (sighs) Damn. I  guess I could just go out there with the blade and knuckle.

Urataros: Or you could use that.

Ash: (looks over at the side bay) That. (thinks for a second) But I didn't finish tuning it up.

Momotaross: Who cares, slap on the goggles and let's take it out for a spin.

Ash:  (takes off his shades, and reaches into his jacket pulling out a strange looking pair of goggle  shades)
Momotaros, let's go. (puts them on slowly, the black lenses turning a bright shade of red)

Momotaros: About time. Let's show them a true Climax.

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Post by: JayBee on December 03, 2008, 09:56:25 PM
Hey, Derek. I didn't say a tricked-out GM was a shame. I said you stealing our kills with it was.
We haven't had time to be bothered by the Zaku yet.

Speakin' of time... think we have enough to reload, Shara?

"Let's just break open the special crates."

Good call.

Jaybee and Shara land in the hanger, leap out, and stride over to a pair of large shipping crates half-hidden behind the cases of ammo and spare parts scattered about.  They key in the security codes and the doors slide up, revealing twin walls of styrofoam that immediately collapses.

SON OF A...!


I told them not to use peanuts!

"At least the cockpits are clear."

Shara climbs into her half-exposed vehicle as Jaybee grabs a ladder and hoists himself up to his own cockpit. As he opens the hatch and swings into the mech, Shara finishes her pre-launch checks, and her fighter comes to life with a dull roar and heads out, sending peanuts swirling in it's wake.

"I'll be sure and save you some kills, slowpoke!"

Jaybee shouts back, without looking up from the control panel in front of him.

Thanks! I'll try not to pass your score  too badly once I catch up!

Computer online. Base diagnostics completed. Shipping restranits disengaged. Generator stable. Weapon safeties disengaged.

There's a loud noise as several metal pins eject from the missile pods on the back and smack into the sides of the shipping crate before falling down into the sea of peanuts below.

All systems green. Let's get this show on the road!

The dark purple mech steps out of it's shipping container, and the foam kicked forward showers the deck as a cloud of particles rises up from the peanuts crushed beneath it's foot. A glow builds in the high-output thruster nozzles beneath the missile pods, the one major mod performed on the mech. Then a surge of energy rolls out, sending foam flying every which way as the machine launches forward at an almost reckless speed in pursuit of it's counterpart vehicle.

Huckebein mark 3, launching!

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Post by: Sakura77 on December 04, 2008, 09:04:14 AM
Astonage is the V2 ready to go?

Astonage: "The funnels haven't been recalibrated but, give us a minute and we'll get the Assault and Buster parts loaded."

After this battle I'll get the calibration done.

Astonage: "They're loaded, be careful out there."


Victory 2 Assault Buster Launching!

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Post by: Derek on December 04, 2008, 07:31:35 PM
You both are cleaning every single one of those wretched things out of my ship, you hear me? I'm serious!

*The GM dodges out of the way of several Slash Rippers fired from several different angles*

Man, these guys are tough. The Gespensts themselves are seriously modded out, but the pilots are what make them dangerous. These guys are almost uniform in their movements. No hesitation, no nothing. Are they AI drones or something?

*Narrowly avoids a split missile attack, then two more*

GAH! And they're not even letting me monologue!

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Post by: Ianator on December 04, 2008, 07:54:15 PM
Checking systems...

Schwert Gewehr, Midas Messer, Agni, fully charged. 120mm Vulcan, 350mm launchers, fully loaded. Deuterium battery, overcharged.

Ianator, Super Strike, launching!

Loaded with all three Striker Packs, the Gundam launches from the Durageiz... and promptly begins to lose altitude.

Damn... this thing's heavier than I thought. Gotta burn through all these guns so I can ditch the dead weight... let's get to it!

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Post by: Ash Rudel on December 04, 2008, 08:32:37 PM
Hearing Derek’s complaints Kintaros isn’t faring much better. Jumping and dodging out of the way he finally locks his heat axe on behind his waist.

Kintaros: Doskoi!!!

With a sumo shout the Kintaros catches two slash rippers in each hand, before throwing them back at their original owners.

Ash: (over the comm.) Kintaros clear the launching bay. We’re coming out.

Kintaros: Hai!

Kintaros runs forward pushing Gespents out of the way as the part of the bunker opens up revealing a catapult bay.

Momotaros: Launch!!!

(Cue Storm:

Kintaros dives out of the way as three jets launch from the bay soaring into the sky. Dodging slash rippers as they reach high altitude, before the three jets come flying back towards the ground. On cue a battle cry echoes.
Ash/Momotaros: (pulling back on a lever) CHANGE GETTER 1! Switch on!

The three getter machines quickly, but roughly combine into Getter One, landing on the ground near Kintaros. Kintaros stands up and stands back to back with Getter One.

Urataros: (In Getter jaguar) Sempai that was a bit rough.

Ryutaros: (In Getter bear) Let's do it again!

Momotaros: Kuma, looks like you left us some fun.

Kintaros: Of course  Momonoji.  (brandishes his axe and pops his neck)

Momotaros: Kame, Ryu, Boy. Let’s go.


Getter One grabs hold of the tomahawk as it shoots out of it’s shoulder. Together the Axe welding mechs rush towards the Gespent swarm.

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Post by: Sakura77 on December 04, 2008, 09:42:40 PM
I don't care if they are outdated, these things are modded up to wazoo!

The V2 dodges several slash rippers and split missiles while firing the mega beam rifle to try and reduce the numbers

We must have gotten on somebody's hit list because this is crazier than anything that the titans have done!

Finally getting some distance between the approaching Gespensts, the V2 locks onto a dozen targets with it's micro missiles damaging them but not destroying them

I was right, they have more armor than a Gespenst should have. This is going to be a long day...

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Post by: JayBee on December 05, 2008, 01:19:32 AM
The Huckebein and Gunner Module start raising hell. A pattern soon emerges in both the attacks and comm chatter.

Y're no fun, Derek. Left hip.

The Gunner module fires a missile into the hip of a Gespenst.

Shara: "Too easy. Right shoulder."

The Huckebein whips the gravity rifle up, fires it from the hip, blasting a Gespenst's arm off. Then it raises the rifle muzzle to it's face and mimes blowing smoke clear.

Whatever. Head module.

The Gunner does a barrel-roll, then pulls up and boosts skyward as machinegun fire traces towards it. Suddenly flipping in mid-air, it dives back down towards the surprised Gespenst, sending a G-impact blast straight onto the head of the unit... then through it and out the bottom.

Who's showing off, exactly?

"Get one in the back."

That's how it's gonna be, huh?

Jaybee glances at his sensors, and chooses one particularly bold Gespenst that's gotten closer than his comrades. Smiling, he flips a few switches.

I call stylish kill on this one.

The Huckebein spins to the side as a Jet Magnum rips through the space where it was hovering. As the Gespenst slides by, the Huckey's roche saber deploys. Holding the hilt backwards in it's left hand, the right resting on top of it, Jaybee drives the blade under his mech's arm and through the back of a very surprised Gespenst.

Masaki: "Hey, do you guys take ANYTHING seriously?"

They're FLYING GESPENSTS. I have my tolerances. And you don't get to play, because you have funnel hax.

"Wasn't gonna ask. AKASHIC BUSTER! By the way... for such a Huckebein fan, why don't you ever use Vanishing Trooper as your music?"

Mark 3 doesn't have a black hole engine. Neither did the Mark 2.
Only original Huckey pilots  have rights to that track. Everyone else settles for Ace Attacker.


No. I just don't particularly care for that tune... is that the Getter Robo?!

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Post by: Sakura77 on December 05, 2008, 11:04:08 AM
Through much work and effort, the ghosts have been reduced to 400 however the Gespensts seem to have analyzed the styles of the pilots and are starting to dodge more often

If I wasn't fighting for my life I would be impressed at the pilots of these Gespensts. 400 left? Spray Beam Pod is down to one volley, no missiles left, and most of my rifles are empty. How ironic.

As the Gespensts approach for another attack, the V2 activates it's Mega Beam Cannon and fires taking out 80 with one blast.

Fortunately the Mega Beam Cannon is ammo based and those dumb ghosts don't have I-fields or are beam coated. 2 shots from the cannon, 1 volley from the SBP and 4 shots from the VSBR then I'm down to sabers and the wings of light.

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Post by: Ash Rudel on December 05, 2008, 02:34:40 PM
Ash: It the Proto-Getter Jay, amazing what you can get after someone puts a ban on getter ray research. As for the color,  I just painted it like normal getter and tuned up the engine. (looks at the display screen) With any luck the duct tape and bubblegum on this thing will hold together.

Momotaros: You have no sense.  You always need a flashy paint job.

Kintaros: (slams two Gespents heads together) Right.

Momotaro: Kuma, out of the way. GETTER BE…

Urataros: Sempai it’s my turn. OPEN GET!

The three Getter machines split formation as Getter Jaguar takes the lead a head of them.

Urataros: Ryuta, Sempai, let’s go.

Ryutaros: Ok Kame-chan, but next it’s my turn.

Momotaros: Bastard Turtle, always stealing the best parts.

Urataros: CHANGE GETTER 2 Switch on!

The three Getter machines combine again, this time into Getter 2. After combing the mech lands beside Kintaros with it’s arms crossed.

Urataros: Won’t you mind, if I string you along? (Getter 2 quickly sideswipes a Gespent, plugging it’s drill into the back of it’s head, before dashing off towards the next)  Some people don’t know how to play nice!  (jumps back towards Kintaros) Kin-chan, Fastball Special if you please.

Kintaros: Coming up!

With that the Zaku Axe picks up Getter 2, spinning around before finally tossing it upwards into the air, right at a swarm of Gespents.

Urataros: (Getter two pulls back it’s drill arm) HURRICANE DRILL!!!

Getter 2 lets lose a storm of plasma energy at the Gepsents, flying through the storm as it dissipates, before landing back on the ground as the Gepsents exploded above.

Ash: (looks around as more Gepsents rush towards them) Looks like the fish are biting today Ura.

Urataros:  Correct Ashy-boy. They all just want to be strung along.

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Post by: Derek on December 05, 2008, 09:23:34 PM
Derek: A Getter. A frelling Getter. THIS is why I make a point of avoiding Japan. Damn Super Robots always stealing the spotlight!

Masaki: You hang out with me all the time, and I never hear you bitch.

Derek: That's cause you sit back and let me take all the glory like a good lackey, instead of going off and Cyflashing everything in sight before any of us can get to it.

*One of the enemy Gespensts pulls a beam sword and charges Derek from behind. Without even turning around, the GM dodges to the left, just as it's right fist comes straight up and slams into the Gespenst's "face". As the enemy mech reels from the blow, Derek calmly reaches over, grabs the hand holding the beam sword and shoves it into the cockpit.*

Derek: *Completely ignoring the kill* Seriously, what the hell. I can get the Grungust. Custom paint job, a little ego applied to the name, that's cool. I do it all the time. But what the hell is up with that Zaku? It has a freaking AXE on it's face! How is it even seeing through that, anyway?!?

*As he continues to rant, Derek turns around and vulcans another split missile barrage before it can hit him, then fires again at the other missile pod the Gespenst was readying, detonating it at point blank and destroying the mech. Without even slowing down, he then grabs another Mk-II that was charging him with a sword and jujutsu-flips it over his shoulder, slamming it straight to the ground before flipping up and delivering a crushing stomp to the cockpit. Even as the grounded mech explodes, Derek is already back up in the air.*

Derek: And I can't even BEGIN to go into what's wrong with there being a freaking Getter Robo on the field. I mean, for one, that research was banned for a reason, since people finally figured out that you just DON'T **** WITH GETTER RAYS, and two, it's a freaking Getter! What's next, are we gonna hear the drums go off and Mazinger Z's gonna crash the party?

*Dodging another sword charge, Derek punches the Gespenst in the face and then grabs it, swinging it around so it's in perfect position to take the Slash Rippers aimed from another one straight in the back. He then jets forward with his mech shield and slams it, ripper blades still jutting out, into the offending Gespenst and throws both of them down to oblivion. One final Gespesnt pulls a beam rifle and fires at him, which is avoided simply by Derek tilting his head to the side as the beam passes by harmlessly. He then turns around and glares at the enemy.*

Derek: Hey, do you mind?! I'm trying to monologue here!

*The GM charges, dodging left and right to avoid another few beam shots before closing range and shieldbashing the Gespenst, then spinning around and roundhouse kicking it so hard it actually removes the head. Before it can even start to fall backwards, he adjusts the way he's holding the shield so that it's horizontal across his arm. Pressing a trigger in the shield handle, he slams the bottom of the thing straight into the Gespenst just as the two hidden beam sabers mounted into the bottom activate, piercing straight through and effectively shield-shanking the mech for it's trouble. Derek then rips the blades away, disembowling the Gespenst right before it explodes.*

Derek: *Disengages the sabers* Tch. Assholes. How hard does a guy have to work to get some decent speaking lines around here, anyway?

Masaki: Holy CRAP, dude. Where the hell did THAT come from?!

Fuyume: *Actually hiding behind Cybuster, poking her head out timidly* Wow......You're scary when you're angry, Derek-sama.....

Haruka: *Over the comm* But if it works, it's fine by me. Alexis, what's the enemy reading looking like now.......Oh, goddammit Derek. She's hiding under the table because of you, you jackass!

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Post by: Sakura77 on December 05, 2008, 10:07:14 PM
This is insane... Why won't these things die.

While it has taken a long time only 75 ghosts left however the V2 is completely out of ammo

I hope some help arrives soon since I am stuck between a rock and a hard place here.

Four Gespensts charge at the V2 with beam sabers. The V2 dodges three of them and slips behind the fourth drawing it's own saber and shoving it into the cockpit.

Damn! That was too close for comfort. Duragreiz any news on reinforcements?

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Post by: JayBee on December 06, 2008, 12:56:40 AM
Hey, Shara...


If that's how Derek fights when he's mad, we need to piss him off more often.

"I want no part of this experiment."


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Post by: Ash Rudel on December 06, 2008, 02:55:54 PM
Momotaros: Man, that guy sounds pissed.

Ash: That’s the understatement of the day momo.

Urataros: Back in the game you two. DRILL MISSLE! (Fires off the drill of Getter 2, make a whole in a geaspent) Alright I've have my fun. Ryuta, take the stage.

Ryutaros: Yay yay. OPEN GET!!! CHANGE GETTER 3!!!

The Getter machines once again break formation, this time doing some tricky acrobatics before combing into Getter 3. Oddly enough Getter 3 raises it's left arm forward towards the gespents, two fingers stretched out like a gun.

Ryutaros: Mind if I beat you up? I don't hear an answer.

Kintaros: (pushing back Gepsents left and right) Ryuta a little help!

Ryutaros: Coming Kuma-chan.  Here we go, Ganseki Otoshi

Ash/Momotaros/Urataros: OH CRAP!!!!

Getter 3 slaps its arms on the ground, sending itself skyward. It so comes crashing back to the ground crushing part of a gepsent under it's tank threads. Before flipping over on it's hands. On cue the Zaku Axe jumps out of the way, as Getter 3 begins to spin around firing off machine gun fire at the Gespents. Getter 3 then spins on it's head with it's arms outstretched, sending the exploding Gespents falling back. As the smoke clears Getter 3 is seen leaning on it's one arm, looking like it just finished a break dance.

Kintaros: (laughs as Getter 3 rights it self) Nice dance Ryuta.

Ryutaro: (smiles) Thanks Kuma-chan.

Momotaros: (looks at Gespents still coming towards them) These guys don't get the hint.

Ash: Momo is right. Lets change back to Getter One and take'em down.

Ryutaros: Right, but first. GETTER MISSLE! (quickly fires the main missiles of Getter 3 at the Gepsents)

Ash/Momotaros: OPEN GET!

Kintaros: ATTACK!! (Rushes through the smoke swinging the heat axe)

The Getter machines fly towards the smoke quickly combing back into Getter one. In the cockpit Ash grabs hold of two gun controls, grinning like a madman as two Gatling guns pop out of the under side of Getter's arms and into it's hands.

Ash: Kin you take the ground, we're taking the sky.

Momotaros: GETTER WING! (Getter One takes flight at it's cape appears, before it beings to empty it's ammo all over the battlefield)

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Post by: ChrisABlair on December 06, 2008, 09:58:49 PM
"Hey, Chris, what are you doing?!"
*Astonage yells at Chris as Chris enters the Grungust Type III*

I'm going to help Sakura. After all, all we need is the Zankantou.

"Who do you you think you are, Sanger Zonvolt?!"

Who the hell do you think I am !? I'm Christoph Allen Blair, the Blade of Duragreiz!! There is nothing my blade cannot cut...oh.

"Stupid Sanger clone."

Shut it. This is Chris, let's do it!!

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Post by: alaras on December 06, 2008, 11:34:56 PM
Meanwhile, sitting in the hangar, Matt calmly asked Astonage where the Lions were kept, in the hopes of using one to back up the Aoi Tsubasa against this new threat.  He laughed and said "Kid, haven't you done enough damage yet?"

"Perhaps I have, but I'm tired of being useless.  If I can't be of use to AGGF, and I can't save my mother, then I'll leave.  I'm tired of being a burden."

Matt looked up the location of the 50 or so Lion Fs on the ship, went into the bay, and used the same virus disk his father had on him to wreck the lock on the door.  He then opened the hangar, got in a Lion, and took off for his grandfather's estate, hoping to get some more meaningful assistance in finding and saving his mother.

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Post by: JayBee on December 07, 2008, 01:38:51 AM
Gee... I don't care if it's been Nerf'ed, that Getter is making me feel inadequate.

Shara: "You're about to do something stupid, aren't you?"

Better believe it.

The Huckebein starts taking shots at distant Gespents, and after watching for a little while, the Gunner module dives in. They dance across the battlefield, striking and then ducking away to strike from different angles. After a few minutes...

Masaki: "Hey, guys... I'm all for having some fun, but... head vulcans? Really, shouldn't you be killing more of 'em?"

Patience, my dear Masaki...

Shara: "He has a plan... I think."

Masaki: "Rightie-o, then. I'll just watch the fireworks."

Good. Shouldn't be much longer.

Shara: "This good enough?"

Jaybee glances at his sensors. Several Gespents, while chasing after their attackers and being beaten away, have slowly been clustered together into a group.

I think they're clustered nicely. And they haven't even noticed yet. Get clear.

The Huckebein strikes a pose as the Gunner peels away. T-Link energy crackles between it's hands, forming into a staff, then forming a J-shaped hook on the end with a ball nestled in the curve at the base of the J. The Huckey holds the staff with both hands, one towards the back end, the other towards the front. Energy begins building in the ball, and a ring forms in front of the staff, out past the end of the J, and the Huckebein steps backwards, as if bracing itself.


And a beam of raw telekenetic force, inexplicably colored bright pink instad of the standard T-Link green, rips forth from the staff and plows into the massed Gespensts, throwing them about like so many children's toys.

"Jay, if you ever involve me in another magical girl homage, I will kill you on the spot. "

You're welcome to try. What's the score on that one?

"Looks like... 12 kills, and another 17 severely damaged. "

Jaybee grins as the staff evaporates.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

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Post by: Sume Gai on December 07, 2008, 01:39:52 AM

an other wise uneventful excursion suddenly changed as the Virus began to cascade through the systems aboard the ship.  One after one consoles died and the duragreiz began to sink eventually impacting the ground with a loud and jarring Crash.


there was no room on the Duragreiz that held 50 lions the room archer walked into was rather not a room but out an airlock the virus disabled the system that would have prevented this.

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Post by: Derek on December 07, 2008, 02:24:48 AM
(Way to go Alaras, you teamkilling fucktard.)

Jay, remind me later on to ask you why that shot was pink. *Picks up a warning* What the.....

*From out of nowhere, another Gespenst jets up to Derek's GM and stops at dueling range. The mech stares him down for a minute, as if it's sizing up the situation at hand. Finally, Derek's console beeps as a transmitted text message from the enemy mech flashes across his monitor.*

"I want to test your strength. Show me what the Blue Wings can do."

*With that, the Gespenst draws its' beam sword and readies into a stance. The GM-R, not really having much of an option, shrugs and follows suit.*

One on one, huh? Fine by me. Let's dance!

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Post by: Ash Rudel on December 07, 2008, 09:19:20 PM
Ash: (looks over at Derek's GM) Looks like the big boss man is about to have his dual.

Urataros: We're out of bullets, what now?

Momotaros: Lets use the Stoner Sunshine!

Ash:  Momo we don't have the stoner sunshine. (Throws the guns behind the Getter) Guess we'll  just have to  use that. (hits the com) Everyone out of the way, lets hope the bubble gum on this thing holds.

Getter one lands back on the ground raises its arms up into the air. Energy starts to build around it's midsection , then floods back into the getter itself.

Ash/Momotaros: And now our Hisstastu attack. GETTER BEAM!!!!!

Getter one fires off a blast of purple/greenish energy towards a gespent. Quickly grabbing onto it's cape it surrounds itself with itself with it, breaking the large beam into tiny pinpoint streams taking out most of the remaining gespents. After the beam dissipates the Getter stands with it's arms crossed in a laidback pose.

Ash: Looks like it held after all. (Ash and the taros start to laugh as the right arm falls off)

Momotaros: Eh, it's just one arm, no big deal. (The left arm falls off as well)

Masaki: (looks over) Guess you weren't kidding about that thing being held together with bubblegum and duct tape.

Ryutaros: Ni-san the legs look like their going to give. (one leg falls off) Never mind..

Urataros: And we drained the battery with that last attack, we've barely got enough power to keep the lights on.

Momotaros: KUMA GET OVER HERE!!!

Ash: Momo's right, abandoned Getter!

Kintaros in the Zaku Axe quickly runs towards the Getter, opening it's cockpit so Ash can jump in, Ash takes a moment to buckle himself in as he looks at the broken Getter.

Ash: Don't worry buddy, I'll fix you up later. (looks down at his bracelet) Everyone make it?

Momotaros/Urataros/Ryutaros: All present and accounted for.

Kintaros: We're ready to go Ash-sama.

Ash: (flips a few switches as controls pop up around him) Manual setting go. (looks up at Derek's GM) Now watch boys, and lets see how the leader of the Blue Wings really fights.

(OOC: I was giving special permission to use Masaki for one line.)

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Post by: ChrisABlair on December 07, 2008, 10:28:34 PM
*Swings the Grungust's Zankantou through a multitude of Gespensts*

CHEEEEEEEEEEESTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! God, it feels great to swing this thing! *equips the drill and aims the arm*


Gee, I dunno why I didn't become a super robot pilot sooner! This is fun!

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Post by: Sakura77 on December 07, 2008, 11:23:15 PM
Thank god Chris. It's basically been just me and Ian out here for a while. I can't even use the wings of light since the V2 is nearly out of energy. With the Duragreiz the way it is I can't even get Queen.

As a slash ripper approaches the V2 it tries to dodge but ends up getting badly hit on it's right side

Damn it! I can't stay in the air much longer. I'm going to go back to the Duragreiz and see if I can get something to help you two out.

With this being said Sakura heads back to the disabled Duragreiz to see if there are any mechs to use

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Post by: Ianator on December 07, 2008, 11:32:02 PM
I gotcha. I'm starting to run a tad low myself...

As Ian pulls the trigger for his Agni again, the system harshly beeps back. He flips a switch as the Strike drops the Launcher Pack's cannon to the ground.

Scratch that - my BFG's outta juice. Time to get up close and personal. Schwert Gewehr, let's rock!

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Post by: Andrew on December 08, 2008, 12:05:24 AM
*Waking up*

Did I miss a scramble order? That's odd.

*Getting to hangar*

Gundam Kyrios, Launch.

*Seeing Ianator getting ready for melee*

Ian, need any help?

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Post by: JayBee on December 08, 2008, 04:02:04 AM
The Huckebein slings the Fang Slasher into a Gespenst, and Jaybee steers it into 2 or 3 more before bringing it back, striking as pose as he catches it.

This is really kinda boring.

Shara: "That stunt with the T-Link didn't seem to impress them at all. It seems they're only concerned with skill, not style."

Hey, that was PLENTY skillful!
I WAS hoping I could draw out any boss still hiding in the rubble, but it looks like Derek's got the only one available.

Honestly, a Gespenst versus a GM? Lamest fight ever.

"Only because we didn't duel in GINNs. And at least it's a FLYING Gespenst and a WINGED GM."

I assure you that I would've found a way to make GINN combat look good. It probably would've involved liberal use of the sword.

"It probably would've gotten you killed, too."

Given melee is YOUR specialty, and I nearly died ANYWAYS... you're probably right.

But the past is the past. In the present, we have a never-ending sea of Gespensts to kill!

*Insert Getter Beam here*

Hey, where'd they all go?

The Gunner module rolls to the left, firing a series of G-impact shots as it does so. Three Gespents are impaled.

""I think that's all of them."

So now we just sit back and watch Derek, I guess. Wonder who he's fighting. The cannon fodder don't usually get in duels.And they don't tend to last very long when they do.

"It doesn't matter, as long as he wins."

What if he doesn't?

"Then he needs more training to overcome his weakness. It still doesn't matter who he's fighting. I just abuse him in the simulator more that way."

Ah. Very practical of you.

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Post by: ChrisABlair on December 08, 2008, 07:54:23 AM
*The Grungust spins around swinging the zankantou at speeds that should be impossible for a super robot*
God... I'm a little...dizzy... But that doesn't matter!! DOUBLE DRILL KNUCKLE!! OMEGA BLASTER!! And last, but definitely not least, ZANKANTOU! ICHIMONJI!! GIRRIIIIIII!!!! There is nothing my imitation cannot cut!!

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Post by: Sakura77 on December 08, 2008, 11:16:55 AM
Astonage I need a machine!

Astonage: "Most of our machines are either in lock down or can't be accessed due to this virus that's crippling the ship!"

Is there any thing? I'll even take a Ginn if I have to!

Astonage: "Let's see... Kina's available except that she isn't fully repaired... wait Exia! Even though Ian usually uses it now he left in the Strike so it's available.

I don't have time for Avalanche so I'm taking it as is.

Having found a mech Sakura heads back out to help Ian, Chris and Andrew finish up the Gespensts

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Post by: alaras on December 08, 2008, 12:30:06 PM
Realizing that he screwed up again, Matt decided that he couldn't stay with the Duragreiz.  He boarded a JINN, and left the battlefield, heading for his grandfather's estate approximately a day's travel away.  On his mother's side, the family was a bunch of mech-obsessed otakus, and their collection of Real and Super robots was impressive by any standard.  His grandfather also had something better-armed than a transport shuttle to help them get from place to place, or so he hoped.  With any luck, he'd be able to find and rescue his mother and end his involvement in this war.  Of course, he'd probably get his ass kicked for screwing up so many times, but he had to delay that until he retrieved his mom and vaporized the fools who were holding her hostage or, worse, using her.  After setting the coordinates in the autopilot, he took his knife from his survival kit, cutting a shallow cross in the skin on his thigh, where nobody would be able to identify the self-inflicted wound.

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Post by: Chaostic on December 08, 2008, 01:21:30 PM
[incoming transmission]

???: Kukuku well done Guardians...I can see why I lost to you before but I digress. My name is Steven Grace.

the voice pauses before saying with udder disgust

Steve:"You know me better as Rafah of the Balmary Empire. Tell 'THAT MAN' that I will avenge Birger Sigurdr"

[end transmission]


Chaostic was in the Valhawk searching for the AGGF

Chaostic: Where the hell am I now!?

{OOC: I'm Baaaack hahaha and on my birthday too XD}

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Post by: Sakura77 on December 08, 2008, 02:11:09 PM
Sakura's return to the battlefield is heralded by Exia cutting apart a Gespenst using the GN Sword & GN Long blade

Dura's a mess, not even Tyria has done something like this! There's about 20 Gespensts left. Let's mop them up and hopefully get the Duragreiz back online because it's currently a sitting duck.

With this being said, Exia charges towards a group of Gespensts dodging two rippers before slicing two open across the cockpits, and parrying a beam saber before engaging the last one

(OOC: Welcome back, you may want to hold off on the balmars until we finish the Shadows, Einsts and what ever Jay has in store)

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Post by: Chaostic on December 08, 2008, 03:16:29 PM
(OOC: Welcome back, you may want to hold off on the balmars until we finish the Shadows, Einsts and what ever Jay has in store)

[OOC: He's with the Shadows now that he remembers who he is. as to how he ended up joining them lets just say a living aerogater was a hot commodity among a few organizations]

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Post by: ChrisABlair on December 08, 2008, 04:36:33 PM
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!! *He slices through three Gespys with ease*
Out... of... our... way!!!
*He fires the twin Drill Knuckles and enjoys the ensuing light show*
That never gets old.
(OoC: I dunno which is scarier: Me as a Tekkaman, or Me using the Grungust finally.By the way, happy birthday, ya lucky bastard.)

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Post by: Derek on December 08, 2008, 08:55:29 PM
(OoC: Gai didn't feel like writing this one, so it falls to me.)

~Duragreiz Bridge~

Bright: When I get my hands on whoever did this to my ship.....*Another alarm goes off* What now?!

Operator: Enemy contact, approaching fast!

Bright: Can we put it on screen?

Operator: Just a moment.....*The mech comes up on the main screen*

Bright: That's....!!!!


*A high-speed  White Mecha ( flies onto the battlefield and suddenly stops, surveying the scene. It glances over everything at least once before it finally locks on to the Grungust Type 3 running around with the Zankantou.*

?????: AGGF, hear me! I am Wodan....Wodan Ymir! The Sword of Magus! I challenge you all.....starting with the one who wields the Zankantou!

*The spikes on the mech's right shoulder suddenly detach and hover around to it's left hand, before suddenly sprouting a large sword handle. As it grabs the handle with both hands and swings it around in a ready position, a large blade begins to form out of it. Within a split-second, the mecha in question is how wielding a Zankantou of it's own. It swings the blade around so that it's holding it in just it's left hand, and charges the Type 3.*

Wodan: *As he charges, it almost appears as if his mech is screaming with him* Urrraaaaaaagggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Zankantou! Ichimonji-giri!

*Eyes glowing like a demon's, the White Mecha closes distance at an amazing speed, far beyond what Chris's Type 3 is able to keep up with. With a swing around it's body for momentum, the enemy mech brings the full power of it's Zankantou to bear and cleaves the Type 3's legs off at the knees. As the Grungust begins to topple under it's own unsupported weight, the white machine swings the giant blade around and beheads it, sending the head(And Chris with it, since the head's where the cockpit is on a Grungust) flying. He then stands over the fallen machine and raises his Zankantou straight up.*

Wodan: There is nothing my Zankantou cannot cut!

*With that victory cry, he brings the blade down and cleaves straight through the crippled body of the Type 3, then pulls away and jets back into the air before the entire machine explodes from the cleaved reactor. Reducing the Zankantou back into shoulder spikes, Wodan hovers above the remaints of the Grungust, his mech's arms folding as he waits.*

Wodan: Disappointing....Are any of you a more worthy challenge?

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Post by: ChrisABlair on December 08, 2008, 09:14:39 PM
Hey, asshole, I was starting to like this mech.... er... that's not a mech anymore... Hey, guys, just speaking from experience, but I think we're screwed.

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Post by: alaras on December 08, 2008, 09:18:01 PM
Hearing Wodan's proclamation, Matt cursed his weakness and took over from the autopilot, taking a wide turn around, since he had not yet gotten clear, and fired a short burst from long-range at the strange mech to distract it before quickly turning around and trying to flee once again away from the weakened AGGF, hopefully drawing Wodan Ymir away as well.  He maintained radio silence, ignoring whatever the others were saying, almost hoping that Wodan would kill him after giving the others enough time to escape.

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Post by: alaras on December 08, 2008, 09:41:34 PM
Seeing that he completely missed with his shots, and that his sword would be useless, Matt moved closer to the enemy, aimed carefully, and fired a long burst from his GINN's machine gun, doing minimal damage but apparently attracting the strange mech's attention long enough for him to get hit.  He readied himself for the inevitable retaliation that was likely to kill him, focusing all his efforts on serving as a decoy, and readying his sword as though it could actually defend against a Zankantou, despite knowing the futility of such an attempt.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: ChrisABlair on December 08, 2008, 09:46:58 PM
ARCHER!! You suicidal ass! TEK-SETTTERRRRR!!!

*Chris transforms into his Tekkaman form, though it looks strangely more powerful*

Full power, I am Tekkaman Justice!! Hear the call of my blade of light!!!
*He charges energy into his voltekkas and fires at the head*
Wodan Ymir, I'll never forgive you for destroying my toy... BUT I WOULD SLAUGHTER YOU IF YOU KILLED MY FRIENDS, NO MATTER HOW MUCH OF AN ASS THEY ARE!!!

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Post by: Ianator on December 08, 2008, 09:51:43 PM
Fine. You want a fight? You got one. Schwert Gewehr, rock on!

As if on cue, the beam sword cuts off.

Er... truce?

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Post by: Derek on December 08, 2008, 10:26:05 PM
(I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt, but not anymore. That post needs to disappear, Sakura. NOW. Sanger's nowhere NEAR this side of the planet right now, and there's no way in hell he'd show up to save the AGGF's asses. Especially since he doesn't even HAVE the Type 3 yet. This isn't just a call from me, it's from Gai. Get rid of it, and anyone else who responded to it as well..)

*The white mecha took all the attacks in stride for a minute, barely flinching even after the Exia's attempts to do damage. The reason for this became apparent VERY quickly, as the mech's damage actually began to visibly repair itself, like any living organism would heal a wound.*

Wodan: You are no match for me with skills like this!

*Arming the drill knuckle on his left arm, Wodan turns towards the obviously suicidal GINN and fires, piercing it straight through the shoulder and taking off the entire arm and head, sending the mech spiralling to the ground with a crash. Without even waiting for the arm to return, he then charges forward and literally slugs the Tek'd out Chris with his right, knocking him down far enough to drop down on top of him and stomp him into and through the ground below.*

Wodan: *Draws out his Zankantou as he lifts back up and turns towards the Exia* I am Wodan Ymir! The Sword of Magus! Now, Gundam Pilot, you face my Zankantou!

*The mecha charges for Sakura, actually moving aside and clearing the Strike to get to her. With one diagonal slash, it removes both legs and the Exia's right arm clean off. It then swings around again and removes the other arm and half of Exia's head. As the Gundam starts to fall, he begins to swing around to disembowl the cockpit, but stops, letting the torso fall relatively safely to the ground.*

Wodan; How pathetic. Is this all the AGGF is capable of? I had hoped to find a worthy opponent when I heard of the one wielding the Zankantou, but that one was hardly worth the effort. You are all pathetic! No longer worth my time. I shall spare you this time, but if this is all you are capable of, pray that we never meet again.

*With that, the white mecha turned and sped off, the few remaining Gespensts following him. With all that, the battle was finally over.*

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Post by: alaras on December 08, 2008, 10:29:51 PM
Matt was a bit bruised and dizzy, though otherwise uninjured.  Of course, the GINN was trashed, and he had no way of getting it to work again.  Luckily, he realized that he was actually near one of his grandfather's tunnels that he had built throughout his property, which they were on the border of at the time.  There was no way he could get to the main entrance, but he figured that the high-speed transit system grandpa installed would work just fine.  He radioed the others "Guys, my grandfather's estate's near here, so I'm going to pay him a visit.  I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with some mechs and mechanics!"  With that, he lifted the barely-concealed manhole cover, climbed down, and stepped on the platform.  He sat down on the seat that came up behind him, strapped himself in, pushed the intercom button, and said "Grandpa, it's Matt.  We need to talk."

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Post by: Sume Gai on December 08, 2008, 11:01:31 PM

What a mess  how much have we just lost in this "simple" fight?

Bright: "we're not sure we've still got to sort out this virus mess."

yeah the Akagane is on it's way. we'll tow the Greiz back and fix it.  we're just lucky the mechs weren't infected.

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Post by: JayBee on December 09, 2008, 03:32:48 AM
Ignorant of the catastrophic events occurring back home, Jaybee sits leaning against a tree that survived the battle royale, his mech crouched down beside him. Shara has landed and opened her cockpit, but not removed her restraints. She looks a tad nervous, for some reason.

Hey, did you bring any popcorn?

"You're entirely too casual about this, you know."

Aww, c'mon. All the other pilots are dead or evacuated, and Derek seems to be keeping that last one occupied pretty well. We're perfectly safe out here.

"Unless debris or a missed shot comes flying this way."

As if to punctuate the sentence, a burst of machine-gun fire rips through the top of Jaybee's tree, scattering foliage and splintering wood. Jaybee jerks and freezes for a moment.

Ya know what? The ground's actually kinda hard here. I think the control seat in my Huckebein was more comfortable. Besides, it'll be easier to watch 'em with the sensors in my mech than just my naked eyes.

"Aren't your eyes cybernetically enhanced?"

Shut up. The ground's still rocky.

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Post by: Chaostic on December 09, 2008, 04:25:40 AM

"Ah! Finally I found you guys... Oh right I better let them know I'm near by."


Chaostic here I'll be arriving near the Duragreiz soon and I world greatly appreciate it if I could be briefed on the current situation after I land. Thank you .

[end transmission]

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Post by: Derek on December 09, 2008, 10:29:30 AM
*The GM and the Gespenst continue to sword duel for several minutes, going back and forth through swings, thrusts, and more than a few parries and dodges, breaking it up with the occasional head vulcan or machine gun barrage, such as the one that nearly hit Jay.*

Derek: Hey, that nearly hit my friend, you ass!

*Swinging the shield around, Derek activates the sabers in it and lunges for the Gespenst, catching it off-guard enough with the attack to at least knock the machine gun out of it's hands, though the mech itself dodges and remains undamaged.*

Derek: Good reflexes....Most people never see that coming, even when they know I have it.

*Bringing his beam sword up again, Derek continues the duel. The two of them charge straight at each other, but at the last second, both dodge to their left, "leap" up, and boost dash straight at each other, passing by and "landing" several feet away with their backs turned to one another. The gouge marks in both right shoulders suddenly start to spark, and both mechs are forced to let go of their beam swords as the arms go limp.*

Derek: Not bad. I guess we're going for a tie game?


*Clenching it's left fist, the Gespesnt's plasma stakes begin to visibly charge as it gathers power. Within seconds, the Jet Magnum goes active, and it charges. Derek avoids the punch from hitting anything critical, but his shield takes the full force of the blow and the entire top half shears off from the attack.*

Derek: GAH! You son of a--*Catches himself for a second, and breathes* Alright, You wanna play? Let's play.

*The GM lets go of the ruined shield, letting it fall off and show the rest of the left arm under it. Which, surprisingly enough, has plasma stakes of it's own built in. Bringing it up, Derek arms his own Jet Magnum to go.*

Derek: Never underestimate how interchangable Gespenst and GM parts are, pal! Jet Magnum R, let's gooooooo!!!!!

*The Gespenst, in response, re-arms his own Jet Magnum, and the two charge for one another. As they close in, they both hold their attacks until the last second, and as mirror images of each other, punch one another straight in the head before releasing the energy. Engaging in a giant robot version of a Cross-Counter, the two mechs effectively decapitate one another with the attacks.*

Derek:*Breathing heavily as he backs up, not listening to the alarms going off in the cockpit* Matched me again.....Who the hell IS this guy, anyway? *Hears a beep as something comes up on the screen* Huh?

"That's enough for today. We'll meet again, Blue Wings."

*Pulling away, the headless Gespenst turns and jets off, leaving the battlefield devoid of any enemy forces. The fighting appears to finally be over.*

Derek: *Sits back and pops open his cockpit* Sheesh. THAT was a workout. *Gets thrown a little as the mech shudders* Aw hell, don't tell me the pack went out!

Masaki: *Moves the Cybuster's hand in front of the cockpit for a second* Nah, it's just us. You looked like you could use the hand.

Fuyume: *Moves the Fei's hand into sight repeatedly, obviously waving* Uh huh! GM-sama looks REALLY bad from the outside, Derek-sama!

Derek: *Sits back and sighs* Thanks guys. Just drop me off on the Tsubasa for now. *Checks his comm* Hey, it's still working. Haruka, can you hear me?

Haruka: *Over the comm* Loud and clear, Captain. We're getting a call from HQ, wondering where the hell we are. Looks like they were attacked, too.

Derek: Alright, let's hurry this up then. Ash, I'm gonna assume you and your friends can hear me. We're gonna clean up our mess and get out of here, so consider this one on the house. Good luck with everything, alright?

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Post by: alaras on December 09, 2008, 11:34:08 AM
The transport Matt was on stopped at a mecha hangar that was even bigger than the one on the Duragreiz.  Of course, it was rather familiar to him, and as he got out of the transport, he was grabbed from behind in a firm hug.  "Andy?!"  "Yep!  How could you not call after that great time we had together?"  "I thought you decided it was a one-time thing!"  "Maybe, but I've had other thoughts since then, and now that you're fighting in this war, I'm worried about you!"  Andy turned Matt around, allowing him to see his childhood friend wearing a mechanic's outfit, the sleeves rolled up to show off the muscles he developed on the job.  Matt pulled Andy into a hug, then gave him a loving kiss on the lips before backing up and saying, "Alright, now where's grandpa?  I need him to help me out with a few things, especially now that the DC has Mom and her Valcion Kai."  "He's not here, but he said you could take any one mech with you, and that you could have a mechanic come with you as well, if they agree to do it."  "Well, then, will you come with me, Andy?"  "I'd love to."  The two best friends kissed again, then headed over to a computer to look up what mechs his mechaphile grandfather had in the hangar.

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Post by: Sakura77 on December 09, 2008, 12:55:14 PM
Ouch! Whatever made him stop attacking has my gratitude.

Citan: You're lucky that you only have a few bruised ribs and a slight concussion.

That's all? I am lucky then. How's the Dura?

Citan: Everyone is working on the problem. The Akagane is coming to tow us home and we've reached the Aoi Tsubasa and they're coming back soon as well. Also Astonage wants to see you.

Probably about the remains of Exia. Am I free to go?

Citan: Avoid the sims and piloting for a little while and I won't come after you.

Aright Doc.

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Post by: Chaostic on December 09, 2008, 01:38:49 PM
After landing Chaostic was shocked at the damage sustained from the resent battle

Chaostic: Wow this is almost as bad as the beating we took from Giga-chan!

deciding to speak to anyone he entered the hanger when he ran into Astonage whom gave him the details of the last battle

Astonage : Anything else?

Chaostic: Yeah, how's Mica doing?

Astonage: He's been a little lonely but otherwise fine

Chaostic: *nodding his head* Good good... oh hi Sakura looks like things have been quite rough lately eh?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on December 09, 2008, 02:40:59 PM
Ash: I hear ya Derek….Thanks everyone.

The Zaku Axe waves as the Aoi Tsubasa departs back towards base. Ash crosses his arms as Kintaros retakes command of the Zaku. Pulling down his goggles Ash looks up at the screen as the Aoi Tsubasa moves out of range.  Signing as Kintaros picks up the pieces of Proto Getter, before walking back into the bunker. The lights kick on as Ash jumps out of his cockpit, then slowly walks over to a cluttered desk and sits down in his old chair.

Ryutaros: What's wrong Ni-san? We got out house back, shouldn't you be happy?

Ash: (covers his left eye with his hand, looking up at the ceiling with his blue eye) I should be, but for some reason I'm not.

Urataros: Is it because what happened to Getter?

Ash: No, I can always fix anything we break.
Momotaros: Baka-ru, you should stop complaining then.

Kintaros: Momonoji, Ash-sama must of enjoyed working with someone besides us for once.

Ash: Maybe your right Kin.

Momotaros: If that’s the case why don't you just go find her. (Ash kicks over a photo on his desk)

Urataros: Sempai you really have no sense. You know why he sent her away.

Ryutaros: I really wanted to meet the blue wings. I wish we could of stayed with them.

Ash: (moves his hand and blinks) That’s right, what's stopping us. Guys start packing everything we need, I'm going to go pack up my things.

Momotaros: Eh?

Ash: (pokes his head out his door) It's moving day.

After a while of hectic packing the doors the bunker open up again Wing gust comes flying out first, followed by the Zaku Axe towing what appears to be a huge u-haul trailer behind it. Ash  quickly hits the open comm.

Ash: Ash to Aoi Tsubasa. There are twenty-one things a man needs in life, number one is good friends. So Ash and the Taros, requesting permission to come aboard.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on December 09, 2008, 03:05:21 PM
Don't remind me, who would have thought that Gespensts could take such a beating. Astonage you wanted to see me?

Astonage: Yeah, we've retrieved what's left of Exia but, the prognosis is bad. All that is left is the GN-Drive and the cockpit.

Citan wasn't kidding I was lucky. What are we going to do then?

Astonage: I don't know yet. Perhaps a new suit using the remains of Exia but, I don't know.

Even though I only piloted it for a while, I liked it so I'll support you if you can do anything.

Astonage: Alright I'll see what I can do.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Andrew on December 09, 2008, 03:55:45 PM
Archer, I'm calling you out for a duel! I do not accept people threatening my home or friends! Come and fight me, without a mech, if you dare!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: ChrisABlair on December 09, 2008, 05:44:00 PM
*Chris stepped out into the hanger, back in human form.*
Hey, it's Chaostic! How ya doin' bro?
*Then turning toward Astonage*
Is the head all that's left?

"Yep. And if you count the leg parts that were chopped off."

Hmm... Is there another?

"As far as I know, only three were developed at TLI. One of which was ours."

Shit. Is there anyway we could make one?


...You're making me cry, Astonage.

"I don't think there is another Grungust for you to pilot in this world."

Then build one!

"Are you insane, Chris? That would take lots of time and resources the AGGF doesn't even have, and let's not forget that we'd need the TLI's help on one. Plus you have your new Tekkaman form."

I guess...

"What did you call it again?"


*All the mechanics snicker*

"That's a ridiculously lame name."

Can you come up with better?!

"How about what they called you before... Cross, was it?"


"Shut up, you Super Robot Pilot Wannabe!"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on December 09, 2008, 05:58:17 PM
*Sitting casually on the shoulder of the GM-R still out on the deck of the Tsubasa, Derek watches the two mechs approaching.*

Derek: *Looks down to Haruka on the deck* Well, he wants a ride. What do you think?

Haruka: *Leaning against the GM-R's leg, smoking a cigarette* We've got the room, even with everything else on board. And he IS pretty good in a fight.

Derek: Fair enough. *Puts his hand to the earpiece on his visor* Yo, Ash. C'mon aboard, but we're on a time limit, so don't expect us to stop. We'll drop a loader if you need it.

Haruka: *Nods and takes another drag* How generous of you, Captain.

Derek: I'm too nice for my own good, I know.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on December 09, 2008, 06:03:30 PM
As he was about to decide on a mech to take with him, Matt's cell phone rang.  "Hello?"

"It's been four months since you went on that trip, and you never call, you never write, and you leave me to worry myself sick!"

"Oh, hi, Grandma.  How have you been?"

"Don't 'Hi, Grandma' me!  If I knew you'd end up piloting one of those facochta machines, I'd break your arms and legs to stop you from going!"

"Yes, Grandma."

The conversation went on, and Matt was strong-armed into staying for a few days.  With any luck, he wouldn't have to deal with his grandmother too much...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on December 09, 2008, 06:13:05 PM
Ash: Don't worry, just open the hanger and we'll do the rest.

Ash looks up as  one of the hanger doors opens up. The Wing gust switches to battle mode and lands on the edge with it's hand out stretched.

Ash: Alright Kin, toss it up.

Kintaros: Hai Ash-sama.

With that the Zaku Axe swings the trailer around tossing it up towards 21, not letting go of the handle it jets up with it. Quickly 21 pulls the trailer and the Zaku Axe inside the hanger as the door closes. Parking the both mechs in available spots, then  the trailer in front of them. Quickly hoping out of his Grungust Ash runs to the deck of the Aoi Tsubasa, until he's right in front of Derek's GM-R, looking right up at Derek.

Ash: So is it alright that I crash here for a while?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on December 09, 2008, 08:33:48 PM
Derek: *Looks down at Ash for a minute, then over to Haruka* Throw me that cigarette, would you?

Haruka: *Looks up at Derek, then takes a drag* No.

Derek: Fine, be that way. *Hears a beep on his visor and hits the comm* Go ahead, Alexis.

Alexis: *Over the ship's PA* Derek-sama, we're getting close to HQ.

Derek: Right. *Gets up and jumps down off the GM-R* C'mon guys, let's go see what kind of trouble they managed to get into while we were gone. *Heads on inside*

~Tsubasa Bridge~

Derek: *Walks in* Alright, we've got HQ on screen, so let's see what it looks li--

*The monitor starts to show the base over the rise, showing the battlefield and the Duragreiz in full unfortunate glory*

Derek: WHAT.

Haruka: THE.

Alexis: Fudgesicle! *Spins around so she's facing the others, eating a fudgesicle happily*

Derek/Haruka: *Looks at Alexis*

Alexis: *Looks at the two of them* Huh? *Spins around and sees the Duragreiz on the monitor, nearly choking on the fudgesicle as she does so* Wh-wh-what the hell?!? *Stands up and slams her hand down on the console, chomping the fudgesicle angrily as she types rapidly with one hand* What the hell happened?!? When I get my hands on whatever damn idiot trashed the Duragreiz, I'll.....!!!!!!!

Derek: *Visibly taken aback* Where in the world did you pick up language like that, anyway?

Alexis/Haruka: *Both turn and just LOOK at Derek*

Derek:......Oh. Right. *Looks over at Alexis* Still, that's no excuse to use profanity. *Gets thocked in the visor with the fudgesicle stick* Or you could just do that.

Alexis: *Turns back and starts attacking the console with both hands* I can't forgive anyone who would crash such a beautiful ship like the Duragreiz, Derek-sama. When I find them, I'll make sure they regret it!

Derek:.......Right, almost forgot about that mechaphilia. I'm just not gonna throw myself in front of that one anymore. *Turns back towards Ash* You and your friends are welcome aboard, but we're gonna have to start clearing things around first. Speaking of, where ARE your friends, anyway? I haven't seen them.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 09, 2008, 08:49:05 PM
There's not a single light on the thing... and are the hanger doors all blasted out from the inside?!?!


Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on December 09, 2008, 09:08:37 PM
Ash: Oh that’s right. (hits his hand in the palm of his other hand) I didn't really tell you about them. Guess it be better if they just introduced themselves. (raises his wrist) Hey guys you can come out now.

Ash's wrist glows brightly for a second before the glow dims. Seconds later what appears to be sand begins to fall out of Ash forming four piles on the ground. Slowly four figures rise out of the piles bit by bit at first appears to be some type of monsters but quickly shifting into human shape.  Dusting himself off Ash looks at the newly formed individuals. (

Momotaros: (ruffles the collar of his jacket before standing with his arms crossed) My name is Momotaros, or a least that’s what the kid calls me.

Ash: (taps Momotaros on the back of the head) Be nice momo, there letting us crash here.

Urataros: (adjusts his suit's tie, then his glasses) My My, (takes a step towards Haruka) My dear lady, won't you mind if I string you along? (kisses her hand before being pulled back by Kintaros)

Ash: Urataros, the flirt.

Kintaros: Kamenoji don't start your bad habits' again. (sets Urataros down then bows) My name is Kintaros, Blue Wing-taichi.

Ryutaros: (runs around looking) Yay Yay. Who what's this? What's that? (looks at the others, poking them lightly) Ne Ne,
Ni-san, she's a hologram too.

Ash: (sighs) And that’s Ryutaros, the youngest.

Ryutaros: (shakes Fuyume's  hand) Let's be friends kay?  Oh I know. (takes a few steps back)

Urataros: Ryuta don't.
Ryutaros snaps his fingers as a song begins to play over the loud speakers. ( He soon begins the break dance to the song.

Ash: (looks over at Derek) You said I could stay, no take backs.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on December 09, 2008, 10:22:57 PM
After checking the ship to see what still works, Sakura heads to the bar which is still open somehow

I need a drink, preferably something strong.

bartender: Coming up. This is really the pits, my best customers are out and Dura's a mess.

Derek and them just came back. I was on the bridge when they got into radar range. I still can't believe that we're this vulnerable.

Bartender: Here's your drink. Thanks for telling me that they're back. I get the feeling that they're going to want a drink.

Who wouldn't? The way the Dura is right now we're stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 09, 2008, 11:40:37 PM
Jaybee takes the Stampede Valk and flies over to the Durageiz. As he nears the blown-out  hanger door, he transforms to GERWALK mode and lands inside.

Hello! Anyone in here?

A flashlight beam bobs out.

"Over here."

You guys are all right?

"Yeah. We're fine. Be nice to have some power, but other than that..."

What happened?

"That idiot Archer happened. He used a computer virus to unlock a door so he could steal a GINN, and crashed the entire damn ship in the process!"

Jaybee rubs his forehead.

And I'm the luckly sysadmin that gets to clean everything up, right?

"Yup. Lucky for me I'm a simple grease monkey. I don't know squat about computers."

That's a lie and you know it.
So what happened to the doors?

"Ummm... we got attacked. A swarm of flying Gespensts, if you can believe that."

You too?

"Yeah. Anyways, with all the ship's systems down, our mechs had to literally punch their way out."

So the ship wasn't riddled with catastrophic explosions?

"Nope. I think everyone's fine. I could tell you for sure, but, you know, THE COMM PANELS WORKED."

Yeah, yeah.... I think I made a backup last week. Just gotta find the restore disks.

In the meantime... Why haven't you gotten the interior doors open?

"The manual overrides are jammed. The system's still pushing them shut, and the interconnect is binding."

Great. Lemme try something here....

Jaybee closes his eyes, raises a firewall, and tentatively lays a hand on the door lock panel to open a data connection. Almost immediately he flies back, as if he was struck with a sledgehammer.


Jaybee blinks up at the ceiling, then raises himself off the floor.
I'm... okay.
I think.

That's a pretty nasty virus. I don't think I'll be fixing ANYTHING that way.

Drawing his SAL-9, Jaybee blows the lock panel out of the door frame. As sparks gush forth and the mechanics look on in horror, he holsters the pistol, grabs a nearby crowbar, and jams it into the massive door's seam.

That should fix that. Now gimme a hand.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on December 10, 2008, 12:30:23 AM

The Operators on the Bridge were working their buts off with some success.  They had regained enviromental control and managed to open the higherlevel security doors which were around the Crew quarters and Bridge.  Naturally it had taken little time for the news of how and why the Duragreiz crashed needless to say no one aboard was amused.

Bright: "When I get my hands on that kid. he's going to receive a correct that even Kamille would be afraid of."

I'm sure you're hardly the only one.  This Virus has left a huge mess for everyone to clean up.

Bright: "and how exactly did the virus do this much damage?"

It was I think a very potent and complicated worm.  whoever made it was an expert among experts and it was inserted into a weak point in our system.

Bright: "the kid should have reported something like that rather than hiding it; this would be grounds fro a court marshal in pretty much any Military"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on December 10, 2008, 12:46:11 AM
Derek:......I almost know I'm gonna regret having agreed to this, but what the hell. Bring on the breakdancing AIs. It can't end any worse than the Gigalot mess did.

Haruka: Speaking of, it sounds like the Duragreiz is suffering from a virus problem. That kid Archer appears to be responsible.

Derek: So much rage, so few targets. Alright. Haruka, take Alexis and Fuyume and go see if you can help with that somehow. Ash, you're more than welcome to join in if you want. Andoh, you're with me.

Masaki: And what are we gonna do, exactly?

Derek: We're gonna go figure out where Archer scurried off to and kick his ass. C'mon.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Chaostic on December 10, 2008, 03:02:28 AM
"Chris I got something cool to show you later ok, I'm going to fix the virus problem."

Chaostic wanderers off after a while a shout of "Damn it's a smart one" can be heard from the general direction that he went.

[half an hour later]

"finally it's gone. God I hate the smart types"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 10, 2008, 03:16:46 AM
Ummm, Chaostic...
I don't know what you did, but... that was the restroom. Not the server room.

Hand dryers aren't computerized, even in this day and age.

Now gimme a hand opening this blast door.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Chaostic on December 10, 2008, 03:43:35 AM
"I know I was fixing Jim's(from R&D) laptop.. um... yeah the blast door. if you open the panel on the right hand side and cut the the forth red wire from the right and cross it with the green wire in the left the should override the controls"

after that chaostic starts to mumble to himself

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 10, 2008, 03:56:35 AM
I opened the panel... I'm not seeing any wires, though.

Jaybee waves his laser pistol in the gneral direction of the control panel in question, which is now a smoking hole in the wall.

Jaybee jams a crowbar into the seam of the door.
I've got the manual override engaged, but this thing's heavy.You wanna help me pull it open?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Chaostic on December 10, 2008, 04:54:35 AM
"Sure sure"

Chaostic helps Jaybee pry the door open

"I think we can squeeze though now!"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 10, 2008, 04:56:16 AM

Onward! To the server room!
Hey, anyone know how many blast doors there are between here and there?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on December 10, 2008, 09:00:50 AM
Haruka: *Casually leaning against the wall with her arms crossed, smoking a cigarette as she watches Jay and Chaostic* Quite a few, actually. Would you like some help, or are you two big strong men fine as is?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: ChrisABlair on December 10, 2008, 10:43:06 AM
*Walks in and stares at Jay and Chaostic*
Y'know, I could voltekka the doors.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on December 10, 2008, 11:13:07 AM
After drinking for a while Sakura starts to walk around looking for an opening to the disabled system

Where is an access point when you need one? Ahh here is one.

After accessing the system for a little while Sakura disconnects and shakes her head

Damn it! The person who made this is good, I'll leave it to Jay. Since I can't dent the virus I'll head to the server room and see how bad it is there.

Upon reaching the first set of blast doors, Sakura notices that they are pried open and then continues and sees Derek, Jay and Chaostic trying to open another

You know there is a manual override switch at each panel? Don't you?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Chaostic on December 10, 2008, 12:59:47 PM
Chaostic looks at Sakura and sighs

yeah but SOMEONE keeps shooting the panels off.

hell I might be able to use my nanites to interface the ships systems if I needed to.


Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: ChrisABlair on December 10, 2008, 01:11:59 PM
Do you want me to open the doors by blasting them or not?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 10, 2008, 03:35:43 PM
Haruka, I'll gladly accept another pair of hands. Especially a pair as lovely as your's.

Chris, please don't. Blast doors are expensive to replace, and you've blown enough stuff up already. They'll probably kill me if I ASK you to blow something up.

Blast doors also tend to scatter part of the blast back down the corridor, even when they fail. I'd like not to be on the receiving end.
Now if you'd care to put some of that cybernetic MUSCLE into moving this thing, by all means do so.

And the over-rides are jammed. You think I'm trying to pry a blast door open for FUN?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on December 10, 2008, 03:41:37 PM
Since they are jammed, we'll have to do it the old fashioned way.

Chris, do you really think that Bright will allow you to blow holes in the ship? Considering you blew up the hangar doors when leaving with the grungast.

Grabbing the crowbar, Sakura wedges it between the door and with Chris's help opens it enough to let a person through

How many more doors to we have left?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: ChrisABlair on December 10, 2008, 04:08:06 PM
Oh, gee, thanks for reminding me about the Grungust.... Y'know... *he says, heaving yet another blast door open* Astonage refused to build me a Grungust. Said there was NO WAY we could. Well, I'm sure with all the junk we pick up, we could build one, TLI or not. By the way, there sure are a lot of blast doors. Am I being too whiny?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 10, 2008, 04:31:36 PM
Given how things are going today, I'd say you're not whining enough, if anything.

So help me, when we catch that kid... 
I don't want to believe he was a traitor, but there's no possible way he could believe uploading a crippling computer virus into the ship was a good idea.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on December 10, 2008, 04:54:45 PM
Haruka: *Takes a drag of her cigarette as she walks with the others* Yes, Chris, to put it bluntly. You're also responsible for two out of four of the infirmary walls being destroyed, and why Citan now makes appointments ahead of time for pilots, since we seem to be keeping score. And Archer better hope Derek finds him before anyone else does.

*She taps the headset she's wearing on her left ear, to signify it.*

Haruka: Bright has NOT been feeling particularly nice about the vengence he has in mind if he gets ahold of the kid.

*She stops as they reach the next blast door, taking another drag as she motions towards it with her free hand*

Haruka: *Opens up the panel* Alexis, you two give this one a shot. Be careful, though.

Alexis: *Walks up from behind them, holding an open laptop and wearing a visorscreen over her glasses* Okay, Ha-chan. Fuyume-chan, are you ready?

Fuyume: *On the laptop screen* Hai, Alex-chan!

Alexis: Okay, but be careful. *Plugs the laptop up to the panel*

Fuyume: Downloading in three, two, on--*Something black suddenly comes flying across the screen and nearly hits her* EEEP!

Alexis: Aaahh!!! *Unplugs the wire as the entire panel starts to spark up angrily at her* What the--Fuyume-chan, daijoubu? Fuyume-chan?!

Fuyume: *Can be seen running back and forth across the screen crying as some black blob-looking thing is chasing after her* Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Help me, Alex-chaaaaaaaaaan~!!!!!

Alexis: Aaah!! Hang on, Fuyume-chan, let me start the anti-virus program!

*As Alexis immediately turns away and starts frantically typing on her laptop while trying to help Fuyume, Haruka calmly watches and takes another drag off the smoke.*

Haruka:.....Right. Back to Plan A.

*Taking one last drag off the cigarette, the bartender pulls out an empty cigarette pack and flicks the butt into it, puts the pack away, and then, in one motion, turns around, draws a gun, and proceeds to unload several shots into the panel.*

Haruka: *Holsters the gun as she looks at Jay, and shrugs* If it works, it works. Hand me the crowbar.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on December 10, 2008, 05:22:44 PM
what happens next surprises them. a Blue curved blade juts out the door seam as it's forced open from the other side.  standing there Is Gai and behind him is Bright clearly livid

well at least now we can get out, Hello everyone.

Bright: "It's a start  do any of you know where Archer is?"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Chaostic on December 10, 2008, 05:38:05 PM
Hey Alexis right? Would what you just tried work if a second AI was backing up Fuyume-chan? by the way your the one who built her right... I have to hear about you got her to work, it's simply amazing a Fei-Yen that functions in a open environment...

upon realizing  that he was babbling he stops

oh sorry, this isn't the best time for that is it hahaha anyway I'm call Chaostic nice ta meet cha

{insert Gai's post here}

um who's Archer

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on December 10, 2008, 05:41:16 PM
Haruka: *Nods at the two* Commander, Bright. Derek's looking for him now, but if the language he's using is any indication, Archer doesn't seem to be immediately nearby.

Alexis: *Finishes typing on the laptop and breathes a sigh of relief.* That was close. *Looks over* Oh, hi Mr. Gai-san and Mr. Bright-san!

Fuyume: *Still sniffing* That was really scary, Alex-chaaaaan......

Alexis: *Smiles at her* But you're okay now, so don't worry. And I wouldn't let some stupid ugly virus like that hurt you, you know that.

Fuyume: *Nods and smiles* Uh huh! I know you won't, Alex-chan!

Alexis: Uh huh! *Looks over as Chaostic introduces himself* Thanks, Mr. Chaostic-san! Nice to meet you too!

Haruka: *Looks back at the girls, then back to Gai and Bright* We're on our way to go deal with the virus problem, ourselves. But since you're here, this is probably the best time to ask if you have anything in the server room you don't want us to set fire to and replace later, if it comes down to it.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on December 10, 2008, 07:03:48 PM
Ash looks at what just transpired to Fuyume, whistling a bit. Uncrossing his arms he gestures for Alexis to pass the laptop.

Ash: (takes the laptop) That a girl. Stand back Fuyume your about to get some company in there. Momo, Ura, Kin, Ryu, Let's go.

After their role call Ash's wrist glows for second before sending a beam at Alexis laptop. Moment's later the four taro's appear on the screen. Momotaros looking annoyed, Kintaros standing up asleep, Urataros flirting with Fuyume and Ryutaros opening up files on the laptop.

Ash: Guys, fall in. (looks at Bright and Gai) I didn't introduce myself that well before. I'm Ash and , here are my partners, the Taros.

Urataros: (looks away from Fuyume) Yo.

Ryutaros: Hello!!! (waves then tapes Kintaros) Wake up Kuma-chan.

Kintaros: Z…Z.ZZZ.

Momotaros: Is that Bright? The Bright, the Bright Punching Bright? I expected you to be taller.

Ash: (coughs) Um, forgive him sir. That's Momotaros he's not as refined as everyone else.

Momotaros: I heard that.

Urataros: (taps Momotaros on the shoulder) I taught him that.

Ash: Urataros, the flirt. (Urataros blows a digital heart at Haruka)

Ryutaros: Ni-san Kuma-chan won't wake up.  Should I dance to wake him up?

Ash: No Ryu.  That’s Ryutaros the youngest of the four, and the sleeping giant next to him is Kintaros.  Well now that the intros are out of the way, you want me and my boys to help take care of this virus?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Chaostic on December 10, 2008, 07:17:08 PM
Nice to meet you! I'm Chaostic of the Lacrima Mercenaries.

Chaostic bows

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 10, 2008, 07:49:29 PM
I welcome the help.
Have 'em focus on opening the doors. And get the environmental controls back on. We need some airflow.

Meantime, we'll keep going the old-fashioned way.

As Jaybee grabs the crowbar and starts to pull, something hits him in the left shoulder, knocking him forward against the door. He presses back with his left arm, ignoring the pain in his shoulder, and spins around, dropping into a crouch and reaching for his pistol with his right hand. The gun is half out of it's holster before he identifies his assailant, and their weapon, now lying on the floor.


Jaybee lets go of his handgun as everyone stares, and waves to the familiar lump of metal on the floor, about 8 inches long and 6 wide, weighing maybe 4 pounds.

Shara: "That depends. Did you know Derek won't let us just shove the peanuts out of the hanger bay door?"

Jaybee sighs. "This day just keeps getting worse."

I thought we'd covered that before I left. Whatever. Feels like you just bruised the hell out of my shoulder, so you get to move the blast door now instead.

"Fine by me."

Shara steps forward, jamming her right shoulder into Jaybee's left as she squeezes by him.


Jaybee goes and leans against the wall as Shara begins pulling on the crowbar, and closes his eyes. "Why me?"

Meanwhile, on the NPC side of things...

Shara steps up to the crowbar and starts pulling. The work provides a welcome distraction from her thoughts.

Sure, she'd lobbed the spare fuel injector in anger, but she wasn't entirely sure why she was so mad.

When they'd seen the state of the Durageiz, and been unable to raise anyone, Jay'd asked her to start the cleanup while he went to see what was going on. Then taken off in the VF-25 before she could answer. She had rolled her eyes at his recklessness. The crew was all seasoned veterans, and more than capable of taking care of themselves. One more person running amok wouldn't make things better or worse.
A little after Jaybee'd disappeared into the hanger, she'd become concerned. Whatever had happened, it'd completely disabled the ship, and shredded the launch doors. What if something was still loose, causing more havoc?

Eventually, she  left her cleanup task and flew over in her own VF-22, landing in the same hanger Jaybee'd gone in through. She got a quick heads-up from the mechanics, then headed on to lend a hand.
She turned the corner as Haruka offered to lend a hand. Then spun around and headed away again when Jaybee responded. How could he be so flippant in a situation like this, she'd wondered. And she was pissed. More than usual.
She'd stalked all the way back to the hanger, snatched the hydrogen injector off a nearby workbench, come back, and hurled it because she wasn't any calmer.

It didn't really make much sense to her. There wasn't any real danger in letting his guard down at the time, and it wasn't affecting his work. And she was madder than ever. That made even less sense.

She pushed all that aside, and just put everything into the crowbar.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on December 10, 2008, 07:54:14 PM
Ah Alexis good to see you we might need someone with your talents right now operators on the bridge are trying to get the virus under control.  See if you can give them a hand?

Birght:  "Hello Mr. Rudel I've dealt with my share of impudence in the past so I'm used to it. Which reminds me you had a Grungust right? I was wondering if I could-"

Captain BrightI told you I wouldn't allow that.

Bright: "After what's he's done to my ship I'd call that being nice"

We can fix it; go right ahead Ash and Jay We've got the doors to the Bridge all sorted out and I can get the rest.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on December 10, 2008, 09:51:42 PM
I was right about that virus, an anti-A.I. system and rapid mutation. Also these doors are getting old why did we put so many doors between here and the server room?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 10, 2008, 10:26:27 PM
I think that was the last door, actually.

Jaybee walks to a blank section of wall, and rapidly taps a pattern. A panel slides back a half-inch and rolls to the side.

Shara: "You... stealthed the server room?"

Naw. Just a back door.

He walks through the short hallway, steps out into the main computer room, and looks around, reading a prominent sign. Shara follows him, after picking up the hydrogen injector off the floor.

In case of emergency, kick ass. Remind me not to redecorate while I'm drunk.
And put that injector back down!

Jaybee leaps up, and snaps his right foot out at a donkey painted on the wall, shattering the false wall and revealing a small safe. He keys in a password, and pulls out a keyboard, headset display, and a cartridge, about the size of a CD-ROM drive, with a handful of ports and a bank of LEDs on the front. Slapping it into the main server, he plugs in the keyboard and headset and pulls up a chair as the LED indicators flash test patterns, then settle down.

Right. Emergency diagnostic cartridge is seated and online.

Jaybee pulls on the headset as he sits down, then drops the keyboard in his lap and starts typing.

And the virus is already attacking the diag cart. Talk about aggressive.
Too bad there's no writable media in here for it to infect. I can clear the RAM just by flicking the reset button.
Na-nanana cain't hack this!

Jaybee's eyes flick back and forth as he glances at controls to activate them, and his fingers dance across the keyboard. Then suddenly, he sets the board down and leans back in the chair.

"Done already?"

Nope. Not even close. I just got set up.

"Then why are you stopping?"

You'll see in a little bit.
Now we wait.

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Post by: Sume Gai on December 10, 2008, 11:17:02 PM
well In the mean time I guess we should check out some info I found just before this whole mess.

Chaostic, Sakura, Chris, you three come with me.

Gai leads the Group over to the Akagane

Alright I have two things that need doing one is a recon job of another DC base to the northeast and the other is a transport mission.   Two of you will take what's left of the Exia to Africa where I believe the man who built it still resides hopefully he'll be willing to fix it since the Drive's still intact. 

Whoever doesn't go with the Transport group is coming with me to that base I'll conduct the actual search and you'll be my backup.  I have some suspicions  about that base and what the DC at large are doing.

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Post by: alaras on December 10, 2008, 11:55:30 PM
OOC: Hope nobody minds if I have fun with two OG mechs.  I doubt they'll survive too long against overwhelming odds.

While waiting for his grandmother to come down to the hangar, the alarm went off.  "What's going on?!"

"We're under attack!  It seems to be a mixed force.  30 Lions, 10 Barrellions, and 20 FLYING GESPENSTS?!"

"Crap!  Is anybody here a pilot?!"

"Only you and Andy know how to fly any of the mechs here, and the only one that's ready to fly is that Guarlion we installed a Hyper Jammer and Chakram Caster on, and a Gespenst Mk. II M with a Tesla Drive, a Beam Saber, two M15 Machine Guns, and a Metal Sword.  Both of them have slightly reinforced armor and have been modified for mobility and defense.  Hold them off until we can get out of here!"


Matt boarded the Guarlion while Andy boarded the Gespenst Mk. II.  They launched immediately, only to take cover immediately.  The comms room received a transmission.

"Attention!  This estate's mechs are now the property of the DC!  All staff who maintain and repair the mechs will now work for us as well, or face execution!  Surrender immediately and your lives will be spared."

That voice sounds somewhat familiar, but where have I heard her before?

Shaking his worries, Matt refocused his efforts on the enemy, and kept the Hyper Jammer active to improve his defenses.  He managed to clip a Lion's wing with a shot from the Autocannon, and it was forced to land, where Andy finished it off quickly with a few swipes of the Metal Sword.  Matt then activated the Sonic Breaker as he saw a Barrellion preparing to fire on the main house, charging it as it fired.  Though unable to prevent it from firing, the shot harmlessly discharged skywards.  He got away just in time to evade attacks from three other Barrellions, which hit the one he just rammed, rendering it unable to fire.  Meanwhile, Andy used the Split Missiles and machine guns for suppression fire, in order to buy more time for everyone to seal the mechs and evacuate according to plan.  Each of them just hoped to survive and buy enough time for the others to escape...

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Post by: Ianator on December 10, 2008, 11:56:02 PM
Ah... I finally found you guys...

Well, it looks like you're already working on fixing the software, Jay. Commander Gai, should I call down the Junk Guild to help us get this thing back in the air? No telling how many systems got wrecked when it hit the ground. At least it wasn't the Akagane - no telling the carnage that would've resulted from falling on top of its second bridge...

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Post by: Sakura77 on December 11, 2008, 10:40:06 AM
I'll take the transport mission, do I need to bring a mech just in case of an enemy attack?

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Post by: Chaostic on December 11, 2008, 10:54:26 AM
I sat down in the mess hall of the Akagane with Chris and Sakura for a quick meal before there mission

Wow the food here has improved... right where was I that's right so Sakura we know your going with the Exia so I asked the crew to unseal the Virtue for this mission. We can place the Akwos parts I modified on the Nadleeh if Kima is still under repairs(I'd like to hear the story behind that) that should fight your fighting style should you encounter some adversity.

Chris do you want the scouting mission or Exia escort?

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Post by: ChrisABlair on December 11, 2008, 02:38:17 PM
I think someone of my stature is more suited for scouting, but I'm sure I could do the Exia escort too. Hey Ash, can I borrow your Grung---

*Bright Bright Punches Chris*

Bright: Not... another.... word.

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Post by: Sakura77 on December 11, 2008, 03:29:20 PM
Actually I was thinking of using Queen since the blast doors in the hangar are unlocked now. The main reason why Kima is still under repairs is because the mech that damaged her had a blade coated with something that disrupts nano-machines. Since Kima uses nano-machines for repairs Astonage can't do much until they sort out. If you can do anything I'd appreciate it.

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Post by: Ash Rudel on December 11, 2008, 04:21:56 PM
Looks over at Chris for a second with a dead serious look on his face, very uncharacteristic of the usually cheery super robot.

Ash:  You touch my aibou and I won't have to worry about killing you. He will kill you. That being said I heard from Astronage and saw what's left of the Type 3. (pulls out a guest bag from TLI) As an honoree representative  of T.L.I. I hear by ban you from any use of  the Grungust model, any type whatsoever, for as long as you live and for all of eternity. This ban also includes your children, your children's children, any potential love interests, and most of all any alternate dimension versions of yourself. Also the most important one any alias of yourself that comes back with shades or a mask of some type. Loss of memory or brainwashing also counts in said category. This may not be appealed by any court in or out of this universe. This ban has already been recorded and sent back to the Chief and is printing out…..(pauses) right about now on his desk. Thank you for your time and please enjoy future items from T.L.I, expect the Grungust which your banned form, still. If that wasn't clear the only other option is a boot to the head, not from me, from 21. And he wears big boots. 

Ash smiles then turns back to the others looking at the laptop

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Post by: ChrisABlair on December 11, 2008, 06:01:12 PM
*Chris cries*

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Andrew on December 11, 2008, 06:50:30 PM
*Walks up to Chris and pats him on the shoulder in a comforting manner*

There, there, Chris. I'm sure we can find you another super robot to use. The Grungust isn't the only type out there.

*Stands up*

That being said, stay away from my R-1 and G-Sword.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Chaostic on December 11, 2008, 07:27:33 PM
don't worry man according to this if you train under master Rishu for a year that ruling will be overturned for now you can use Mica not even you could destroy him

Sakura could you take me to Kima I might me able to speed up her recovery a bit

{ooc: chris  man you logged out too soon right after you did Vic came back with a guy in a Black Frost suit to help him give out stuff}

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Post by: ChrisABlair on December 11, 2008, 08:38:18 PM
(ooc: Damn. My computer actually kicked me.)
Ha, at last! My dreams of being a super pilot could become a reality.

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Post by: Sakura77 on December 11, 2008, 11:18:59 PM
I'll take you to Kima, she's in one of the back hangars. Chris make sure that you're fully rested for the mission. For us lightning always seems to strike twice.

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Post by: Derek on December 11, 2008, 11:33:22 PM
(Behold, AGGF! The Joint Post!)

Haruka: I doubt it, Chris. I seem to remember TLI having this policy about breaking Grungusts. Namely, they don't let you back in one if you do. Now, if you're done, start clearing off. These kids have work to do. *Starts to head down the path towards the bridge* I'm gonna go help the operating crew. I'll be more useful up there.

Alexis: *Waves* Good luck, Ha-chan! *Takes her laptop back from Ash as they follow JayBee* So, the Taro-kuns are used to virus busting, huh Ashi-kun?

Ash: Yep, my grandfather originally made Kintaros to stop virus that would cripple his ship. Since I based the others on Kintaros code they all have virus busting in the core of their codes. All we have to do is load them into the server and they'll take care of the rest.

Momotaros: Oi, are we going to get paid for this?

Urataros: Sempai don't be stingy.

Ash: Momo you'll get to fight a bunch of virus and bring the ship back online… (sighs) Fine, I'll finish that coffee.exe program if you get this done. 

Momotaros: Damn straight.

*As they talk, the two of them enter the server room. Walking up to the main computer next to where Jay and Shara are, Alexis grabs a chair and sits down at it, placing the laptop in front of her.*

Alexis: Okay, if you're sure. *Taps a few keys on the keyboard* Alright, is everyone ready?

Momotaros: (Streching) Let's show that virus a true Climax.

Ryutaros: (points his hands like a couple guns) Bang Bang

Ash: (stands near Alexis looking down at the laptop) Alright guys, we're going to send you in a couple of minutes. (hits a few buttons on his bracelet) Everything's good to go on our end. Remember once you get in their try to take that thing out, but if you can't I want you all to pull out. (looks straight at Momotaros) Understand?

Momotaros: (waves his hand)  Yeah yeah, I get it. (looks at the others for a second before looking forward) Kame, Kuma, Brat. Let's go.

Alexis: Alright, getting ready for transfer. *Taps a few more keys*

Fuyume: *Looks over at the Taros, then at the screen* Um, Alex-chan? Do you want me to go with them?

Alexis: You stay right there, Fuyume-chan. You don't want another blob thing to try eating you, do you?

Fuyume: *Drops her head a little* I-iie.....

Alexis: Then just be a good girl for now, okay? You can help me out without having to go inside with them.

Fuyume: Okay, Alex-chan....

Alexis: Good. Now that that's settled, everyone get ready. *Plugs the laptop into the server* Transfer in! *Hits the command*

Ash: (hits a couple keys on the main computer) Alright doors open, you have a go. (A blue digital portal appears)

Momotaros: Let Go!!  Let's make those bastards cry.

Kintaros:  Nake…Nakeru….(runs in first, trampling over Momotaros) NAKERU-ZE!!

Urataros: Come back Kin-chan. (runs after him)

Ryutaros: (pulls Momotaros along) Come on Momotaros. ( pulls him through the portal)

Ash: (looks at the others) Um…they really do a good job…

Alexis/Fuyume:*Both sweatdrop a bit* We....we believe you, Ashi-kun.....

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Post by: Ash Rudel on December 12, 2008, 12:36:45 AM
Urataros: (standing on top of a rock)  Ah cyberspace.  Digital, crowded and a gateway to a domain different from the outside. I've been here my entire life, and yet  it never gets any easier seeing someone tear up the place.  Fear not my homeland, for I shall string along any harmful thing that has harmed you.

Momotaros: (Gets up and dusts himself off) Kame, that has to be one of your worst attempts to impress a girl yet.. (points over to a few random black blobs) Looks like we got some company.

Kintaros: (standing with his arms crossed) They appears harmless.

Ryutaros:  (picks one up and kicks it around like a hacky sack) This is pretty fun.

Urataros: (looks back at him) Ryuta what are you doing?

Ryutaros: Playing Kame-chan. (kicks it higher up) Heads up Momotaros. (kicks it towards Momotaros)

Momotaros: (catches the black blob) This is it? (tosses it from his one hand to his other hand) Not that bad. Guess everyone was over reacting. (The blob bites down on his hand) Son of….

Momotaros starts punching the virus blob, trying to loosen the death bite it has on his hand. His various attempts are to no avail. Urataros sighs watching him run back and forward.. Ryutaros simply falls to the ground laughing.

Momotaros:  Kuma get this thing off of me!

Kintaros:  Stand still Momonoji. (Pulls the blob off of Momotaro's hand) There.

Momotaros: (grits his teeth) Almost took my hand too Kuma. (grabs the virus and starts stomping down on it) Take that you son of a bitch.

Urataros: (standing behind Momotaros) Sempai…

Momotaros: Not now I'm busy. (keeps stomping)

Ryutaros: (standing by Urataros) Momotaros…..

Momotaros: What?
Kintaros:  (turns Momotaros around) That Momonoji.

The once calm swan of virus start piling together until they from a blob that towers over the taros. Looming over them like a kill tsunami of digital decay. Momotaros looks at the others before picking up the pulp of virus goo under his boot.

Momotaros: (puts his hand behind his head) My bad…..
(chunks the goo at the towering virus) RUN!!

The turn to run only to find their escape route cut off by a wall of black goo. The wall slowly closes in on them forcing the taros back to back. The four give each other a worried look for a  second, which quickly changes into a smile. Each of the taros throw they arms to the left side, before bringing them over their heads, then quickly pulling down their left arm before thrusting it towards the sky.

Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros, Ryutaros: HENSHIN!!!!!

The wall of goo covers them completely as their bodies start to glow white. The goo slowly starts to condense on itself until it's blow apart. Where once stood the human taros, now they stand in their oni forms, weapons in hand. 

(OOC: Taros weapons:

Momotaros: (wipes the goo off of his sword as he rests it on his shoulder) Next.

The Taros rush forward down the digital desert plan, almost as quickly more blobs begin to appear. Rather then attack the taros head on this time, they pile together melding into what appears to be a human sized Guarlion.  The viral Guarlion then splits into two more copies, raising their guns at the Taros.

Ryutaros: Incoming! (dives out of the way at the Guralion's open fire)

Momotaros: (slices a shell in half, letting the pieces soar past him) Don't give'em an inch.

Kintaros: (runs towards the Guralions, slicing their guns in half with his axe) Kamenoji go.

Urataros: Right Kin-chan. (throws his lance at a Guralion impaling it, before jumping into the air) URA Kick! (kicks his lance completely though the Guralion, causing it to explode.) Now Ryuta!

Ryutaros: (quickly jumps out from behind the rock and fires of a volley of shots at the other two Guralion's taking off their heads)

Momotaros: Kuma! (runs towards the Guralions dragging his sword across the ground making sparks) Hisstastu Attack, Momotaros Version! (slices the Guralions down the middle causing them to explode)  That the best they got?

Momotaros turns around on instinct as a massive army of viral mechs slowly marches towards them. The four taros stand near each other ,over looking the scene.

Ryutaros: You just had to said it Momotaros. You Baka.

Momotaros: I got the hundred on the left. You guys can take the hundred on the right.

Urataros: (raises his lance) Sempai if we live through this I'm going to make Ashy-boy reprogram you with a better sense of wit.

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Post by: JayBee on December 12, 2008, 01:11:40 AM
Jaybee's brow forrows, and his tongue sticks out the corner of his mouth as he focuses on his HUD, occasionally tapping a quick command into the keyboard as data pours in. Some is raw text, some is interpolated into graphics. A tiny thumbnail in the corner shows what Jaybee's personal interpretation of the cyberscape would look like, if he were brave enough or foolish enough to connect his cybernetics again.


Whoever coded this, it's a masterpiece. Adaptive, polymoprphic, stealthy(until it activates, anyways)... you name it, it does it.
No Visual Basic script kiddies here.

A few more commands, and a progress bar appears. It slowly starts filling up.

I have you now.
Jaybee announces, in his best Darth Vader impersonation. He keys in a few more commands, and the bar starts filling faster.

It's not good to be so active while the sysadmin watches, you dirty little bug.

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Post by: alaras on December 12, 2008, 01:20:00 AM
Meanwhile, back at Matt's grandfather's place, the battle raged on.  The Guarlion and Gespenst Mk. II took moderate damage after managing to take down the Barrellions, but the numbers were still too great, and they hadn't gotten the all clear signal yet.  Out of ideas, Matt turned on his SOS beacon, hoping that anyone, even someone as angry as Gai or Derek, would find it and help them for a little longer before kicking his ass as he deserved.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on December 12, 2008, 02:22:03 AM

*In an undisclosed location, a small number of people meet, the dim lighting of the room concealing most of their already unknown identities even further....*

??????: So, did you find anything?

Wodan: No. It was nowhere to be seen at that base.

?????: How disappointing. Maybe we just misunderstood the report?

??????: Hmph. Given that it's HIM we're talking about, I'd rather not take any chances.

?????: Do you really think he could have followed us here?

??????: I doubt it, but with him, anything's possible. Especially if it manages to cause us trouble. Are you sure we still know where he is on this side?

?????: They were seen heading north just under an hour ago, and he was definately with them. We'd know if he wasn't, anyway.

??????: Well, whatever the case is, I want to keep an eye out. If there's any chance at all that it really could be him, we'll need to do everything in our power to stop him before it gets out of hand. I don't want another blunder like last time.

?????: You sound just like he does. Always talking about HIM this and HE that.

??????: You're right. We've got other things to worry about right now. Since you were there, tell us. How strong were they?

Wodan: It was luck that they defeated most of the force. One vessel was crippled from some means, and the only forces to be seen were pathetic. I had hoped one of them would be a challenge, but he was the first one to fall to my blade.

?????: That just shows how much better you've gotten. I doubt even their full strength could have beaten you.

Wodan: Perhaps.

??????: But the end result is the same as before. No matter, then. We'll continue with the plan. Even with our dimished numbers, if the AGGF isn't any stronger than they were before, they're not worth trying to recruit. And if they get in our way again, we'll simply destroy them.

?????: Decisive, I see. Did you get all that?

Wodan: *Nods* Understood. If the AGGF interferes again, we shall eliminate them.

??????: Good. You're dismissed.

Wodan: *Nods and leaves the room*

?????: We're not taking them seriously this time, either?

??????: They're not even part of the EFA. Just a rogue bunch of loose cannons and mercenary fools. No different from the Hagane in many ways, but far less more promising. We defeated them easily enough before, after all.

?????: I suppose you're right.

???????: *Speaks up from the corner of the room* And I suppose you're wrong.

*Both figures whirl around to face the darkest corner of the room, where the voice came from. The speaker steps forward a bit so that he's slightly more illuminated than before, but only just enough that they can see the vague shadow of a smirk on his face.*

???????: To an extent, anyway.

??????: You! When did you get in here?!?

???????: Give me some credit. You think I'd be of any use to you if I couldn't do something as simple as this?

?????: You're worth what we pay you, alright. How did things go?

???????: It was....interesting. The force that went with me ended up getting wasted pretty easily, actually.

??????: You're joking. You lost that entire batch?

???????: I don't joke, Boss. And yes, they were pretty much fodder against them. Don't write the AGGF off as a bunch of weaklings just yet. I was keeping more than a few of them entertained, and the results can speak for themselves.

?????: I saw what happened to your Gespenst. They must have been tough.

???????: Actually, that was just from one guy.

??????: ONE pilot did that? To you?

???????: Not just any pilot either. When I saw him out there, I just couldn't help myself.

?????: Ah, so you've found him already?

???????: It wasn't hard. Fate seems to have kept a few of them together, this time. Lucky them.

?????: I'll have to speed up the repairs, then. Wouldn't want you to go back out and face him at only half strength, after all.

???????: Thanks, I appreciate it. And so will he, I'll bet.

??????: If there's nothing else, you can go. And next time you pull a stunt like this, I won't hesitate to have you killed.

???????: *Shrugs as he walks for the door* Right, right. No more sneaking up on the guy writing the checks. Got it.

*As the third person leaves the room, the first one turns back towards the second.*

??????: Hmph.

?????: What, you don't like him?

??????: I don't trust him. Even if he is a skilled mercenary, there's something about him I don't trust. He refuses to take off that visor....

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Post by: alaras on December 12, 2008, 02:57:45 AM
Now heavily damaged, and with half the Lions and Gespensts defeated, Andy tried to fire his machine guns again only to find he was out of ammo and missiles.  Matt found himself in a similar situation.  "So, is this all the security that the great Jigen Mitarashi can afford?  Pathetic!"  The familiar voice came on again, as one of the strange mechs from Matt's first real battle in AGGF came on to the battlefield.  "Who are you, and what are you doing here?!"

"I am Captain Sakura Kojiro, and you are?"

"Matthew Archer, Jigen Mitarashi's grandson!  How dare you attack his home like this!"

"Wait, you mean he had kids and grandkids?!  Never mind.  You've got guts for a kid.  Wanna join the DC?"

"Not a chance!  Now where's my mother?!  You bastards kidnapped her, and I won't stop killing your men till I get her back!"  To emphasize his point, he charged through the ranks with his Sonic Breaker, defeating another Lion and Gespenst.

"According to my files, Mitarashi's wife died after a stillbirth!  This just can't be!  All units, fall back!  I'll take this brat myself!"  Andy, of course, wasn't about to let that happen. 
"You fight my boyfriend, you fight me as well!  Ready to die, bitch?"

"Ha, so you're a faggot too, huh?  Too bad, I think we might have had some fun otherwise."

"Even if I was straight, I'd never go for a hag like you!  Besides, my grandma's still alive, you twat!"

Somehow angered by the weak insult, or maybe the fact that she said too much, Sakura got enraged and shouted "That's it, brat!  You die here!"

Andy began to charge his plasma stakes, while Matt activated the Sonic Breaker and started flying in circles around her as fast as he could.  The tanklike mecha had no apparent flight capabilities, and its pilot didn't seem too focused, though the latter couldn't be further from the truth.  Finally, Andy charged from above while Matt attacked from the side, Matt managing to graze her while Andy missed completely.  Meanwhile, the SOS beacon on Matt's communications system was still going strong...

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chaostic serveries the dinah with a understanding expression on his face

Well I can cut the remaining time in half but that's about all i can do for her sorry...  that reminds how did this happen... Ah! what about the one we found on the moon won't that guy attack Mao for it

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Post by: Sume Gai on December 12, 2008, 05:01:48 AM

else where sat a man reading a report his face showing clear agitation over it's contents

????????: "he wasn't there, but then; where is he? according to our info he's with them in this world in fact..."

the man threw the report on his desk as a knock came. his face was familiar, however, he is clearly someone we are meeting for the first time, he wear's an extravagant DC uniform clearly comfortable in a position of command.  He presses a button on the desk ushering the man outside in.

????????: "Report; technical officer"

TO: "We've reached 40% desired capacity and the rest of the plants will reach full capacity within the week "

????????: "Good and you have begun production of the gas?"

at this the officer looked down uncertainty showing on his face.  the Commander was clearly displeased.  the Technical Officer then doubled over with out warning grabbing at his head.  This commander was driving Mental stakes into the man who had displeased him with a great deal of 'force'.

????????: "well?"

TO: " Y-yes sir as you ordered but..."

????????: "But what solder?"

TO: "but why sir? why are you going behind your superiors backs?"

the pain stopped  as the commander began laughing; a cold wicked laugh.

????????: "I am assuring their plan's success.  I hardly believe they would care about the methods as long as their desires come to fruition.  now get back to work; I may not be so kind next time you question me."

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As the battle raged on, Matt and Andy barely managed to dent the armor on the mech.  "Kyahahahaha!  You actually thought you could beat me, fags?!  I'll end this now!"  The large cannon on the shoulder fired off a shot, taking off one of the Gespenst's arms.  "Andy!  You OK?"
"Yeah, I'm fine, but that was my Jet Magnum arm!"
Matt suddenly changed his countenance and everything seemed to move at only a quarter the usual speed.  Every one of the mech's attacks were evaded with relatively little difficulty as his berserk rage fueled his perception and reflexes.  Finally, after five minutes of this game of cat and mouse, Matt got enough distance and fired off his Chakram Caster.  It wrapped around the mech's left leg, and with a good tug, sliced clean through it.  The mech toppled backwards, and the pilot tried to flee.  "And where do you think YOU'RE going?"  Matt quickly raced over to Captain Kojirou, grabbing her with the Guarlion's hand, and holding her in place.  He sent a message to the main house.  "Tell everyone to come back.  We managed to hold them off!  Oh, and we have captives to turn over to AGGF or the Blue Wings, depending on who gets here first.  Please let them know, and do not surrender them to anyone else."  Nobody ejected from the Gespensts or Lions yet, and the Barrellions were so trashed that it was unlikely that any of them had survivors.  Matt got out of his Guarlion, held a gun to her head while Andy bound her wrists and ankles securely, then went over with the intent of doing the same to the pilot of a nearby Gespenst.  When they got the hatch open, they both reeled in shock.  The cockpit had nobody in it, and seemed to have no autopilot either.  "What the hell is this?  It had no autopilot, and yet nobody's inside!  We need to let them know!"

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*Even as the chaos of the battle started to die down, another two machines approached. The Cybuster, in Cybird form, and the Shining Gundam riding on top of it, soon reached the area and quickly approached.*

There you are, Archer. You have no idea how hard much of a pain it was to track you down.

*The Shining's head then turns just to the side and fires it's vulcan, hitting roughly five feet away from where Archer and his friend are standing as a warning shot.*

Hands up, now. You're under arrest.

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Matt put up his hands, as did Andy.  "Fine, but you may want to inspect those Gespensts.  They're the same as the ones we fought before, and they have a cockpit meant for a pilot, but look as though nobody was ever inside.  None of them could have escaped, especially since we managed to crush most of the hatches shut in the course of combat.  Also, you might want to take the Guarlion with you.  Our Gespenst kinda lost an arm, though, and we do have a prisoner for you to take with you, currently bound with rope.  She had some interesting musings about my family you might want to hear, such as the idea that my grandfather never had kids!  Finally, I recommend taking one of the Gespies with you, since they're still good for spare parts.   Oh, and I think my grandmother wants to meet you.  Refusing would probably result in her coming after us to beat us with her cane, so I suggest you humor her for all our sakes."

Andy then chimed in "I don't care if he's going to the brig, but I'm coming along with him!  I'm sure you could use an extra mechanic or pilot, right?"

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Sakura and Chaostic were inroute to the meeting place in Africa with the Exia remains when they received a transmission about Archer being captured

Hey Sakura what's the deal with with this Archer guy anyway?

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-Mitarashi Estate-

as if from nowhere a green and gray flag appears.

Michael: "Whoa?"

Masaki: " Where the hell did you come from ?!"

Michael: "well last thing I remember was I was drinking to celebrate the new base then wham I'm here and now."

Shiro: "Masaki does that all the time, Meow"

Masaki: "not like that I don't!!"

Michael: " yeah stuff like this started happening about a year and a half ago it's weird one moment I'm there next moment I'm here."

Masaki: "...
If you ever meet a red headed witch don't repeat what you just said"

Micheal: "Why?"

Masaki: "..."

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Michael, glad you could suddenly show up without warning. That makes escort duty easier on Masaki.

*The Shining reaches down and grabs Archer in one hand and the bound DC woman in the other, then steps back and looks across the entire area*

I don't know what kind of an operation you people are running out here, and frankly, I don't care. If ANYONE comes after us with the intention of freeing these two or causing us any problems whatsoever, the consequences will be quite severe. The AGGF doesn't enjoy this sort of thing, but we have very little tolerance for traitors and sabetours. So take the warning, and back off now.

*Having made his statement, Derek turns the Shining around and starts off from the estate back towards AGGF HQ, Michael and Andoh following close by as support. Within a minute, they're out of immediate range of the mansion.*

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More than annoyed, Andy ran over to the Guarlion and started it up.  He sent a communication to the fleeing Gundam.  "You can take him if you like, but I'm going with him.  No way in hell am I leaving him in the care of some trigger-happy psycho!"  He then took off, following the other mechs, evading anything they fire at him without retaliating.

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Derek: *Without so much as turning around* Ground him.

Masaki: Gotcha.

*Turning around, the Cybuster draws it's Zephyr Sword and charges the Guarlion, flying circles around the Guarlion a time or two before suddenly closing distance with the mech and slicing off both arms clean at the shoulder. He then punched the crippled mech square in the head with his left, then shoved it straight to the ground and dropped it just hard enough to bust the hell out of what was left of the machine without giving the pilot more than a few bruises. Satisfied, Masaki turned back around and returned to his previous flanking position, undeterred.*

Derek: *Still not paying attention* Your boyfriend's got guts, Archer. I'll give him that. But when I say something, I mean it. Next one that comes after us is getting shot for real.

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"You act like I had something to do with his actions.  I can't help it if he wants to come along.  Besides, I'm not a traitor, I'm just incompetent."

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"You act like I had something to do with his actions.  I can't help it if he wants to come along.  Besides, I'm not a traitor, I'm just incompetent."

That arguably makes things WORSE, not better. Traitor at least implies that you have a brain in your head.

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OOC: They haven't reached the others yet, it's just Matt, Derek, and Masaki.

"Well, I doubt you'll have anyone else coming for me.  If they decide not to kill me, I'm basically disowned now.  My mother's probably dead, my dad's a traitor, and I have no place I can go, since I certainly can't stay with AGGF due to my lack of skill, and Grandma's sure to say I'm no longer family now that you've arrested me.  Feel free to throw me into the ground or simply crush me if you decide I'm a traitor instead of a lost cause, Derek.  I won't hold it against you, and quite frankly, can't even care."

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Meanwhile, back in the Durageiz...

Man, this is taking forever....

Jaybee closes his eyes and reaches up to where the HUD visor is resting against his head.

"Just WHERE do you think you're going?"

And his hand is stopped about an inch away from his headset by a vice-like grip around his wrist as Shara speaks.

I was just gonna adj-
"Adjust your headset? Your hand's about 2 inches too high for that. You were about to link in."

I'll be able to gather data a lot faster that way. Besides, the antivirus process should be able to protect me at this point.

"It's not even a third done. Your HUD is transparent, you know. You're staying RIGHT HERE until it's at 100. Body AND mind."

Ash's guys are having all the fun.

Jaybee waves with his free hand at the space in the air where he perceives the cyberspace thumbnail window to be.

"They're doing their job, and counting on you to do your's."

Meh. Nothin' to do but wait right now. At least on that front.
Seeing Jaybee is relenting, Shara releases his hand.

Let's see what shape the system's in, beyond "pretty fuckin' bad."

His hand released, Jaybee rearranges  his windows with a few eyeflicks and keyboard commands. Most of the virus work is shuffled to the background, with just the progress bar and a line of status text left visible.

He rescales the cyberscape window, and smiles a little as he sees a faint spiderweb of white light tracing out across the swirling violet-and-black maelstrom passing for a sky in the window. The web is spreading slowly as the antivirus tries to crack the virus' defenses, and many lines have several holes where the virus attacked and corrupted the antivirus, but with every passing clock cycle the antivirus gathers more data to use against it's foe.

Moving on, Jaybee brings up a process monitor, and assigns color codes. One color for each of the 4 'taro processes, another for anything corrupted by the virus, and a third for anything native to the system.

That's a lot of virus.
Good to see the main kernel is unaffected. I'd be a lot more worried about those guys if it was.

Most of the other executables are thoroughly corrupted. We'll probably need to restore from a backup anyways.

Data files are almost untouched, though. Should be minimal data loss if we can copy it all off firs.... The comm log looks like it's been ballooning WAY out of proportion lately.
I knew there was a good reason we weren't just burning everything down and starting over!

Let's see what we can see!

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*As Archer starts to list off his problems, the Shining Gundam begins to pick up speed in it's stride, right up the the point where it just breaks out into a full run. Within minutes at that speed, they return to the AGGF base, headed right for where an armed unit is waiting to pick up the arrested pilots. What happens next, however, could probably be directly considered Archer's fault.

Without stopping, the Shining stoops down as it runs, and opens it's hands as it passes through the guards, who have naturally made a point to clear aside for the oncoming giant robot. The result is the two prisoners being dropped about six or seven feet to the ground, as opposed to the two-plus stories they would have fallen from a normal position. The Gundam continues running for a minute before suddenly spinning around and going into a skidding stop position, but before it ever even begins to slow down, the cockpit opens up and Derek jumps straight out. Before anyone can even blink, he hits the ground running, heading straight back for the assembled group.*


*An aura of righteous fury seems to emanate from the mercenary leader as he runs, aiming straight for Archer with his right hand raised. Naturally, the armed guards once again clear the hell out of the way of what's about to happen.*


*With that yell, the fist comes straight forward and Derek slugs Archer in the jaw so hard it literally sends him flying straight through the air a good ten feet before he hits the ground and continues to skid for another twenty or thirty before he finally stops. For all the momentum put into it, however, Matt's quite fortunate to only have a bruise to show for it. As he starts to get back up, Derek walks over, grabs him, and picks him up by the collar.*

I'm damned sick and tired of hearing you complain, Archer. Oh, your family life sucks. Boo freakin' hoo. We all have a sob story or five to throw out. The woman I love wants me dead. JayBee's lost BOTH of the worlds he might call home to a genocidal maniac. The Commander had to blow himself up to save us from a giant space cockroach. You think your life is that much worse than ours? Your problems don't sound so goddamned permanent to me.

*Barona lets Archer down and pushes him back a foot or two, right to where the guards are now waiting. As he thinks about what else he's about to say, he suddenly reaches a hand up to his visor and laughs. It's a harsh laugh, completely devoid of all emotion save sorrow and desperation.*

That's the trick, isn't it? As long as the other person's still alive, you can always make amends. Well, guess what? You're still alive, despite overwhelming reason for you not to be. And as far as we know, so's your mom. That means that things CAN be fixed, if you man up and take responsibility for fixing them. That's why you SHOULD care, you idiot. We don't have any reason to. And if you don't save your mother, who will? Think about it. Sargeant.


Take these two to the brig in HQ. Seperate cells. Hell, seperate blocks. I don't feel like going back and checking security tapes later to see if they had any discussions when no one else was looking.

"Yes sir!"

*With that, the two prisoners are marched off, straight for the brig. Derek simply watches for a minute, before turning and heading over towards where Masaki's waiting for him...*

"Nice punch. Where'd you learn that one?"

A guy I met one time hit me with it. I deserved it, too.

"Sounds like it. So, what now?

Now? Now, we go see if there's something we can do to help the virus problem. After you take a picture of me standing in front of Shining while it's still posed like that.

".....Yeah, that is a pretty awesome pose. How'd you get it to catch the pavement as it skidded away, anyway?"

Skill and practice, Andoh. That's all it ever comes down to.

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"Some things just can't be fixed.  My mother's dead, in all likelihood.  Gai was right about that.  My father's a traitor who's abused me since I was five.  As far as I know, all other family is either dead because of the war, in hiding, on a colony world, or otherwise no longer in contact.  My last caring family, my grandparents, will no longer let me have anything to do with them after that DC attack and that stunt you pulled!  Yeah, it's all my fault, because I'm either a fucking traitor or so incompetent that I should be dead anyway!  Please, don't stop with just one punch.  Give in to temptation.  Kill me.  Consider it an act of mercy to someone too weak to even end his own life."

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*The Sargeant leading the armed guards marching Archer and his friend calmly stops, produces a cloth, and proceeds to gag him with it.*

"I've only seen Captain Barona in action like that a few times, but I know this. When he tells someone to stop bitching, they better stop bitching."

*Satisfied, they continue on. A few minutes later, Archer is all alone in a jail cell. Still gagged.

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Alone in his cell, Matt reflects on the circumstances that got him there.  That school trip to a Museum Ship that got attacked.  His subsequent conscription into UNS's Galaxy Patrol.  Getting separated from the others who were still there as a result of that space-time anomaly.  Then he started to think of all the times he made life more difficult for AGGF, and his emotions built up to the point where he could do nothing to quell them.  Not even a tear was shed as he made up his mind that even if his life was spared, there was no way he could stay with them.  He knew his own weakness, and it was unforgivable.

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~Duragreiz Server Room~

Alexis: *Watching the system reports on her visorscreen* Wow, I guess the Taros-kuns really can do a good job. They're already 46% of the way towards the Server Core, where the virus is rooted.

Fuyume: *Staring at the report readout quietly*

Alexis:....? What's wrong, Fuyume-chan?

Fuyume:......I wanna help them, Alex-chan.....

Alexis: We've already seen how that went. Do you want to be put in danger again, Fuyume-chan?

Fuyume: W-well, no...but....

Alexis: Then let the Taros-kuns handle this. There's no reason for you to risk yourself in any way for this.

Fuyume: *Turns towards the screen* But, Alex-chan....!!

Alexis: I said NO, Fuyume-chan! You're not made for that kind of fighting, and you don't have any backup files! If something happens to you in here, you'll really die! I won't let you get into that kind of danger, do you understand me?

Fuyume: You....*Starts crying* You don't understand anything, Alex-chan!

Alexis: You're not going, and that's final! I won't let you.....*Starts tearing up as well* I don't want anyone else I care about to get hurt!

*The two of them continue to glare at each other across the laptop screen and cry, until a quiet chuckle sounds off from the doorway.*

Derek: *Steps into view* This reminds me of a story I heard, once.

Alexis/Fuyume: *Whirl towards him* Derek-sama!

Derek: *Waves as he continues talking* Once upon a time, there was a little girl. This girl wanted nothing more than to help her friends out in any way she could. One day, however, she asked her big brother if, instead of sitting in the caravan, she could ride into battle with them. Naturally, her brother refused. "It's too dangerous." He said. "What if something were to happen to you?"

Alexis: !!!!

Derek: But the little girl was adamant about wanting to help. She pleaded and pleaded with her brother to let her ride with them just once. And he just as adamantly refused to let her. "There's no reason for you to risk your life with us." He said. "I don't want one of the people I care about to get hurt."

Fuyume: Th-this.....sounds like....

Derek: Finally, a situation arose in which the little girl really could help out if she rode out into battle with the others. And you know what her brother did? He closed his eyes, patted her on the head, and made sure she had the best damn suit of armor she could get before going out with them. His own, if I recall.

Alexis: That was.....

Derek: The little girl nearly got herself killed out in the battlefield several times over, sure, but in the end, she saved everyone she cared about when she fired that explosive arrow into the enemy's powder kegs and destroyed them. It all worked out for the best, all because she wanted to help, and her big brother was willing to give her the chance to. *Smiles a little* You remember that story too, don't you Alexis?

Alexis: Derek-sama.....

Derek: You can't stop her from wanting to help. I sure couldn't. Times like this, all you can do is make sure they've got the best equipment you can give them, and wish them luck. It's all anyone can do.

Alexis:.....I.....I understand, Derek-sama. Just like you did when I....

Derek: Attagirl. You guys take care of things here. I'll be on the bridge helping Haruka and the others. Good luck!

*Derek turns around and walks out, and Alexis stares at the doorway as he leaves...*

Fuyume: Alex-chan....?

Alexis:......*Turns back towards the screen and wipes the tears off her face*.....Alright, Fuyume-chan. But let's make some anti-virus gear for you, first.

Fuyume: *Brightens up immediately* Hai, Alex-chan!

Alexis: *Turns to Ash* Ashi-kun, can you help me with this? The Taros-kuns were really good at this, and you're the ones who made them. I want Fuyume-chan to have all the power she can, if she's going in there after them.

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(OOC: AGGF Epic joint post, part 2)

Ash: Alright if she wants to fight we're gonna make sure she can give them some hell. Upload Command Prompt Pass.EXE  (holds up his bracelet shooting a beam at the main console) If Fuyume is anything like I think she is, I'm pretty sure we can rig this up to help her fight with the Taros. (starts to type on the main computer as roles of code trickles down the monitor) 

Alexis: *Reading the code as it passes by*....A modular synchronization? I think it can work, but the method seems so....strange.

Ash: Strange gets the job done Alexis.  I'm transmitting to code to you know, it's set for you to alter it to Fuyume's specs.

Alexis: Hmm.....*Starts typing at the keyboard* Adjust the shape to fit.....change the power balance a little......alter the sensor.....there! Okay, Fuyume-chan. I'm downloading it onto you now.

Fuyume: *Closes her eyes as the program is downloaded to her*........All checks, okay. It works, Alex-chan!

Ash: If your good to go I'm going to open the portal again. It should land you right by the Taros (looks at the screen) and looks like they could use the back up.

Alexis: Alright, we're opening the transfer. We're gonna send you directly to the Taros-kun, okay?

 Fuyume: *Nods* Ready when you are!

Ash/Alexis: GO!

Momotaros: (slices a Exia viral clone in half) Man, tricky bastards have starting using the data from the ship.

Ryutaros: (smacks a Hyaku Shiki viral clone across the face with the back of his gun ) These things are everywhere.

Urataros: (tips up a couple of Gespent viral clones with his rod) The lions where bad, but these things are worse.

Kintaros: (slices off the cannon of a Barrelion before kicking it into the crowd making a large explosion) We must press on for Ash-sama and the others Kamenoji.

Momotaros: That’s  easy for you to say Kuma. (ducks a few shots fire at him) I'm talking damn it! (punches though a  Lion viral clone's head) Damn it these things just keep coming.

Urataros: Sempai its not like  a solution to this is just going to fall out of the sky.

An faint girly scream echoes over the battlefield as everyone looks upward.

Fuyume: *Appears out of nowhere and falls straight down* Alex-chan, you didn't double-check the transfer position did youuuuuuuu~!!!!!

Momotaros: (looks around) Hey what you guys looking at? (looks up) What the?

Fuyume: *Lands directly on top of Momotaros* Itai....*Looks around at the others and smiles* Hi, guys! *Looks around again* Hey, where's Momo-chan?

Ryutaros: Fuyume-chan your setting on Momotaors….

Fuyume: Huh? *Looks down* Eheh....gomen nasai, Momo-chan......

Momotaros: (grumbles)

Urataros: Fuyume-chan what are you doing here?

Fuyume:  I came here to help, with this! (pulls out a small black train pass)

Urataro: The Pass!

Ryutaros: The Pass!

Kintaros: Z Z Z…The Pass!

Momotaros: (speaking with a mouth full of cyber sand) THE PASS!!

Fuyume: Um….how does this work anyway? (finally gets off of Momotaros)

Momotaros: Say Henshin girl.

Fuyume: Right. (turns and faces the viral mechs in front of her) Alexis-chan and Ashi-kun help make this so I could fight and I'll so them and Derek-sama what I can do. (throws both her arms to the left before bringing them over her head and pulling her left arm down then thrusting it back up) HENSHIN!!! (Fuyume looks down as a sliver belt with a large buckle and four buttons appears around her waist) Uh…Taros-taichi what do I do now?

Ryutaros: Use the pass Fuyume-chan! (ducks out of the way of a saber)

Fuyume: (looks at the pass, letting her arm falls beside her waist) Didn't I do that already?

As She turns to face the taros, accidently sliding the pass across the buckle. The white data swirls around Fuyume making her whole body glow white. The data circles around her from head to toe and with a bright flash where once stood the cyber ballerina now stood Fuyume Plat Form. Wearing a black under suit with white knee-high boots and matching gloves with a white mini skirt. Spread across the outfits are small pieces of grey armor, and around her face is a small black visor much like the one Derek wears.

Fuyume:  Oh this is cool. Derek-sama would be so proud of my visor. Now…  (rushes towards a lion) Fuyume Punch!!

The now armored Fuyume punches a lion in the face, only to pull her fist back and beings to blow on it.

Fuyume: Ow ow ow!!! (shakes her fist) This didn't work at all.  EKK! (runs away as a Lion's being to case after her)
Urataros: (fighting and looking on at the same time) She's not doing to well at this is she?

Ryutaros: Looks like she's got a….

Fuyume: (smacks a lion in the face with a broom)Ah no effect. (jumps back to dodge a saber slash)

 Momotaros: (head butts a Gepsent) Oi, Girl switch with me.

Fuyume:  How do I switch with you Momo-chan?

Momotaros: Hit the red button!

Fuyume: Button? (looks down at the belt and then hits the red button. Swiping the pass across the buckle as the symbol on her buckle turns a bright red. Giving off a tune which sounds like a bullet train)

Momotaros looking on grinning then begins running at Fuyume as the belt calls out "SWORD FORM" Momotaros body goes kinda ghostly as he collides with Fuyume. Red data swirls around her as  pieces of armor started appearing. Two red pieces attached themselves to her chest while yellow and black pieces were stuck to her back. Plain red and white shoulder plates appeared on her shoulders.  Lastly what looks like a red peach sliders over her visor it splits in half with the points extending before attaching itself to the black visor.
M-Fuyume: (throws her right arm behind her and her left arm forward) Ore Futabi Sanjou.

Kintaros: Looks like Ash-sama had back up for us all along.

M-Fuyume: Kuma you act we doubted the boy.

She reaches down as she pulls two of the black items hanging  from her belt and snaps them together. She then tosses the combined item into the air and pulls out the last two items. As it came back down, she attaches the two items to either side of the combined one. Then a  flash of light before a red sword blade came out of the top of the new weapon.

M-Fuyume: Now my blood is boiling!

She charges forward with her new sword  and slashes at the  viral lion, making sparks shoot from its armor. Not  stopping her assault as she attacked continuously. The other virus fire off shots but M-Fuyume dodges the attacks easily. The Lion then punches again  but M-Fuyume ducks underneath it before using and upward slash which sent the mech stumbling back.

M-Fuyume: Heh. If this is all you can do then I might as well finish this now.

Moving her hand behind her back the pass appears in her grip. Swipping it over her belt buckle again, the belt calls out "FULL CHARGE" Streams of red energy shot from the buckle and into the sword blade as it started to glow brightly.

M- Fuyume: Now, here's my hissatsu attack, part two!

The blade suddenly flew from the rest of the weapon and straight into the air. She uses an upward diagonal strike that was nowhere near mechs, but the blade could be seen coming from the sky. It dove through the ground before cutting right through the mechs in a diagonal strike. M-Fuyume then used another diagonal strike n the same manner.  Finally ending it with a single downward vertical strike which went right through the mechs, causing them to explode into tiny bits of data. M-Fuyume takes a neutral stance as the blade reattached itself to the rest of the sword. She looks at the area where the lions once stood with a look of satisfaction.

M-Fuyume: (raises the sword onto her shoulder) Who wants to see part three?

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Jaybee glances up from his work to comment.
Okay, FUYUME gets to join in on the fun and I'm stuck here poking a keyboard?  There ain't no justice!

"Can it and get back to work."


Jaybee flicks a few keys and switches from his dat arecovery workspace back to his antivirus workspace.

Well, data's coming in faster now, anyways.

Honestly, I have to admire whoever wrote this thing. It's an impressive piece of code.
Hell, if it was in stealth mode, it could totally replace entire executables without detection. Replicates their functionality and cruises along as if nothing ever happened.

A hint of a smile tugs at Jaybee's lips.

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(OOC: Epic joint post part 2, Dash!)

After M-Fuyume's assault a few of the viral mechs begin to fuse together back into blobs and began to change shape. A majority of the lions turn into Gepsents while a few turn into a few of the major AGGF mechs, the first one to step forward appears to be a viral Shinning Gundam armed with a Shishiou blade.

Urataros: (looks at the Shinning Gundam then M-Fuyume)Sempai let me have a go at that one.

M-Fuyume: Fine Kame, but you keep your hands where we can see them.

She presses the blue button on her belt, making the buckle light up blue before swiping the pass as the sound of a hollow drum begins to play. The belt calls out "ROD FORM" as Momotaros and the red armor are ejected out of Fuyume. The additional armor from before appeared once again. However  Instead of securing itself, it began to spin until a different configuration came up. The red chest plates  now aimed at her back while the yellow and black ones hovered over her chest. It then opened from the middle to reveal blue armor that was her new chest plates and shoulder pads that were thick. With a loud clank, the armor attached itself to her body. The final touch was a blue turtle with silver fins coming down the centre of her face. The turtle then split down the middle to reveal two orange hexagonal eyepieces. The two turtle pieces attached themselves to the sides of her visor before twisting so that the front turtle fins were pointing behind her.

U-Fuyume:  Would you mind, (flicks a lock of her hair) if I string you along?

The viral Shinning gundam wastes no time drawing it's Shishiou blade and slicing at U-Fuyume. She simply moves to the side, tripping up the viral gundam as it moves pass. Quickly she takes apart the sword that M-Fuyume used, tossing the items up into the air until the connect together in one line. They extend into a large rod which she catches when it falls down. Swinging it around before resting it on her shoulder. The viral gundam tries to slash at her again, only to have the blade knocked out of it's hands.

U-Fuyume: A true fisherman is a master of her tools.

U-Fuyume takes the opportunity to inflicts many hits on the gundam before kicking it back. The other taros give her a nod as they look on from their own fights. Quickly summoning the pass again she swipes it over the buckle. It shouts "FULL CHARGE" as Blue streams of energy passed into the rod. Holding it like a javelin, she takes aim at the viral gundam. Gripping it tightly, she throws the rod straight at her target. As the rod hits her  weapon seemed to vanish as a blue hexagonal field spread from the point of impact. The Shinning gundam is held in place as it tried to move, U-Fuyume starts running before she leaps high into the air. Her right foot extends as she comes back down and collides with the viral mech. The hexagonal field shatters as the Viral gundam  falls onto the ground. U-Fuyume turns her back as the viral mech explodes taking out the near by mechs behind it.

U-Fuyume: (stretches her arms a bit) Well that was fun.
Momotaros: (slices a Gespent in half) Show off! (ducks a jet magnum, letting it hit the Gespent behind him)

U-Fuyume: (puts her arms behind her back as she dodges a volley of punches from a viral Lancelot) Kin-chan I think it's your turn.

Kintaros:  Right! (starts running towards U-Fuyume)

U-Fuyume stands still for a second as Kintaros goes ghostly and collides with her. Passing through her, and pushing the Lancelot backwards and Urataros out. Kintaros falls back inside Fuyume as center of the buckle turned yellow while a strange new tune echoed from it, resembling a flute. Sliding the pass over the buckle, "AXE FORM!" calls out from the belt.. The armor hovers her body before swirling to a new configuration. The red plates attached to her back while the yellow and black ones connected with her chest. The shoulder plates also stick closer to her back, while round ones with red centers appeared form under them and attach her  shoulders. To complete the transformation, a white axe with a yellow blade slid down her face before the blades attached to her face into a triangular visor with a black slits in them. The form itself bares a resemblance to the Axe Zaku.
K-Fuyume: My strength will make you cry! (She raises her hand towards the sky as white napkins started to flutter to the ground) Wipe your tears with these!

She pops her neck before reaching to the items at her side.. She then attaches the pieces together before placing the fourth piece on the side of the top. A large axe blade extended from the configuration to make a battle axe. Not impressed the viral Lancelot starts slashing her  with all its might. Sparks fly from the impact, but K-Fuyume doesn't budge from the impact. It didn't even appear to hurt her. Wordlessly, she starts marching forward with her grip as strong as ever on her axe.

K-Fuyume: Hah!

She  soon  slashed upwards with her axe. The Viral Lancelot winced with pain as it was sent tumbling from the blow. The single blow had proven devastating on the viral mech  as it had a lot of speed, but wasn't used to actually getting hit. It soon started to run from the axe wielding girl. Gripping her pass firmly, the belt once again called out "FULL CHARGE!"  as yellow streams of energy raced from it into the axe. K-Fuyume  spreads her legs apart slightly before throwing her axe up into the air, sending it end over end straight up. Bending her knees  slightly before pouring her muscle into them and jumping an incredible height into the air.  She met the apex of her jump just as the axe was beginning to fall. Her hand  then clasped the handle and the blade of the axe erupted into yellow energy before  she began coming back down. The Viral Lancelot didn't even see it coming as K-Fuyume brought her weapon down and sliced it right down the middle. A yellow line was visible in the virus before it exploded in a into bits of data.

K-Fuyume: Dynamic Chop.

Momotaros: (setting on top of a pile of Gespent parts) Looks like that was the last one Kuma.

Kintaros ejects out of Fuyume, who's armor goes back to plat from as the others gather around.

Fuyume: (shakes her head a bit) That was different, but pretty fun.

Urataros: (takes a look around) It looks like our virus friends aren't reforming.

Kintaros: It's because my strength made them cry.

Momotaros: Blah!

Ryutaros: Aw man, I didn't get a turn.

The rocks behind them suddenly explode, sending our group of virus busters skidding across the ground. Slowly getting up as shots keep coming. Thinking quickly they take cover under sand ridge.

Momotaros: What the hell was that?!?!

Fuyume: That shot patteren… It couldn't be.. (slowly peaks her head enough to get a bead on the sniper) It's…..

Ryutaros: (pulls her down quickly as a shot almost hits her) Watch out Fuyume-chan!

Fuyume: …..

Kintaros: What's wrong Fuyume-sama?

Fuyume: It was bad enough when they used part of Derek-sama's data, but now Ha-chans. (grabs hold of Ryutaro's hand) Ryu-chan, help me fight this one.

Ryutaros: (flashes a peace sign) Hai.

Fuyume stands up pressing the purple button on her belt. A techno music tune plays as it lights up purple. Sliding the pass across it,  "GUN FOR M!"  Ryutaros jumps into her and on cue The additional pieces of armor soon appeared as and swirled around her It looked as if it was going to take a similar configuration to Sword Form. The yellow and black plates attached to her back while the red and white plates hit her shoulders. The front red plates, however, opened by joints near the top which have purple chest plates with silver sections on them. The shoulder horns had dragon's arms reaching up and looked like they were grasping purple orbs. When these plates finally became attached, a purple and gold dragon came slides down covering her visor. It had purple wings and a gold head with orange eyes and gold whiskers. When it covered her visor, the wings folded downward before pressing together and attached to her face. She now had a purple visor which doubled as horns and gold whiskers which followed their direction.

R-Fuyume: (quickly jumps to the top of the stand ridge) Mind if I beat you up? (quickly combines the black items on her belt into a gun) I don’t hear an answer!

Momotaros: I think she's pissed.

Urataros: What was your first clue sempai?

R-Fuyume starts running across the battlefield, dodging shots fired at her in what appears to be break dance moves.  The viral Alex finally chunks its sniper rifle at R-Fuyume, who easily shoots it down. The viral mech then jumps from it's snipping position and starts to empty it's machine guns at the two young a.i.s'.  R-Fuyume simply continues to dodge the assault, until the mech finally runs out of ammo. Notcing it out of ammo, she beings her counterattack. Quickly firing off a volley of shots. The viral mech is soon brought to it's knees.
R-Fuyume: Time to make you go Bang! (swipes the pass over the belt )

Purple streams of energy flew from the belt and into the gun. R-Fuyume  began to take careful aim at the mech while the orbs on her shoulder spikes began to glow bright purple as the energy collected. The Alex clone tries to move only to look on as R-Fuyume pulls the trigger. Instantly, the twin spheres of energy came out of her spikes and met with the barrel of the gun just as it fired. A somewhat larger sphere of energy launched from the gun and barreled down on viral gundam. It collided directly with its chest and  explodes in a giant fireball of data. R-Fuyume blows the smoke off of her gun, and turns to face the other taros with the gun outstretched.

R-Fuyume: That’s my Wild Shot.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Andrew on December 15, 2008, 04:24:41 PM
Is that the last of the virus?

*Looking through visor*

Good job, Fuyume.

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Post by: Sakura77 on December 15, 2008, 09:37:18 PM
Chaostic, how much longer till we get to where we are supposed to go?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 16, 2008, 12:53:48 AM
Jaybee types a few more commands.

Naw, there's plenty more work to be done. But it looks like this subnet is clear.

I'm at 68% on the antivirus.
Shouldn't be too much longer until I can turn it loose and purge the system.

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Post by: Sume Gai on December 16, 2008, 02:16:52 AM
-Russia DC base-

the cold northern base was blanketed with snow.  Many of the guards neglecting their patrols to stand near sources of heat as white flakes continue to fall

Less than a shadow moves through the cold; optic cloak creating little more than a slight distortion which anyone would blame on the flakes falling through the air.[/i]

this looks like a good enough place to get in.

a backdoor stands neglected as it's guard has stepped round the corner to be near a flaming oil drum.  Naturally the built in security would be enough to protect it from most who would try to enter. 

However the man under the cloak is not most.  A mechanical arm extends from underneath a device in hand, attaching it to the door the man waits as the device does it's work pressing several buttons to guide it along.  Soon the door makes a click as the lock is released and the shadow enters.

Once inside the man in the optic cloak silently closes the door making sure to leave no marks or signs save a single smaller device on the side of the outside lock.  he continues eventually finding himself in a factory

so they're producing those Gespensts here.

Indeed there were mechanical arms assembling Gespenst after Gespenst but something was odd only half the arms were actually working.  I t wasn't that they were damaged or that the assembly line was making incomplete products but, rather, half the arms had no use in the making of Gespensts. 

Then the Intruder noticed a group on another catwalk across from him.  among them stood a man who was clearly the commander.  The intruder focused his mechanical sensors on the group.  The Commander clearly marked by his extravagant uniform was talking to a young technical officer who semed to be giving a detailed report.

TO: as you can see this line is ready to make the switch on your orders.  it'll take about five hours to do. Line B is almost there and we've just gotten line C working on the Gespensts this morning.

Commander: "you are behind schedule speed up your work or else"

TO: But we can't we don-

the technical officer doubles over in pain before his sentence is even finished the Intruder Twinges as he realizes it's a mental attack; he is glad he made sure to keep up with his mental concealment training as the attack is the sign of a powerful newtype.

Commander: you heard me now get back to work!

the attack ceases and the Technical Officer  backs away a bit before turning and nearly dashing away the commander then turns his face finally becoming visible to the intruder.  The intruder recognizes the man, something about him is incredibly familiar, but even after going through lists of names he can't say why the man seems so familiar.

The intruder reminds him self of his purpose and continues hoping to find an unwatched terminnal somewhere within the base.  As he finally does he opens an encrypted channel to the outside

Chris I've found what I want Prepare to record some data for me.

The signal reaches the two machines perched on the outskirts of the base partly buried in the snow. one the Green Dynames is empty but the other, the unsealed Hyaku Shiki, contained Chris who had been instructed to wait there

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Honestly Sakura we should have been there a while ago and it feels like we been walking in circles too.

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Post by: ChrisABlair on December 16, 2008, 11:51:18 AM
Roger. Standing by.

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Post by: JayBee on December 16, 2008, 03:37:58 PM
Jaybee types some commands, his HUD hiding the frustration in his eyes from everyone else.

Dammit, why can't I find the original? If I could get a look at the base code instead of all the mutated copies, this would be a lot easier.
And how can this thing adapt so fast? It's ridiculous.

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By this time, Matt managed to get the gag off, and said to the guard, "Excuse me, but give this to the guys fixing the ship.  It's the original virus, so maybe it could help them."

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Post by: JayBee on December 16, 2008, 07:55:14 PM
The guard looks at Archer and rolls his eyes.

"Do you take us for complete idiots?
If it were up to me, we wouldn't have you in a comfy cell with a nice cushy bed right now. You'd be in the broom closet, if you were lucky enough to be feeling anything. You're a traitor and a saboteur, and you need to shut up before I make you."

Calling another guard over to cover him, the first guard opened the force field and stepped in. As his partner sealed the field up again, he took the disk from Archer, threw it to the ground, and stomped it to pieces.

"Honestly, can't they search these guys before they throw 'em in here?"

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Post by: alaras on December 16, 2008, 08:49:07 PM
Angered beyond his ability to comprehend, Matt's head started to throb.  As the guard left the cell, he doubled over in pain, much to the dismay of anyone around to witness it.  Both Matt and the guard lost consciousness simultaneously.

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Post by: JayBee on December 16, 2008, 08:54:54 PM

The second guard catches the first. Glancing at another pair of guards, he starts barking orders as he heads towards the door.

"Keep that bastard sedated until the commander gets back! I'm taking Jimmy to the medbay! And for god's sake, put on your PTK gear! God-damned psychics... what ELSE didn't they tell us about this monkey?"

(Editor's note: PTK=psychic/telekenetic)

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Post by: alaras on December 16, 2008, 09:13:14 PM
Shortly after losing consciousness, both Matt and the guard came to, Matt with a dazed look on his face.  "What happened?  Where am I?"  He then screamed as all the wounds he inflicted on himself started to reopen on their own, the blood seeping through his clothing and on to the floor.

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Post by: JayBee on December 16, 2008, 09:19:47 PM
"You're in your cell. Staring at a tranq gun."

A dart slips through the forcefield, striking Archer in his thigh. His screams subside rapidly.

"Damn... This is gonna be a long shift."

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Post by: alaras on December 16, 2008, 09:24:04 PM
The tranq dart struck Matt in one of his wounds, irritating it further as the wounds refused to heal.  It would soon be obvious to anyone who cared to look that he was in need of medical attention, as gashes began to appear on his arms and face, as though his body was attempting to kill itself.  The bleeding was profuse, and could easily lead to death if not addressed.  Still, it seemed unlikely that help would arrive.

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Post by: JayBee on December 16, 2008, 09:28:59 PM
Guard A: "Is our prisoner melting?"
Guard B: "Looks that way to me."
A: "You think we'll be in trouble if we let it happen?"
B: "Probably."
A: "Dammit, I was afraid you'd say that. Hey, you! Go get a doctor!"

A third guard leaves to head up to the medbay and bring back someone.

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Post by: Sume Gai on December 16, 2008, 09:30:05 PM
-Russian DC Production facility-

Gai Proceeded to transmit the data, information of the bases defenses layout and production abilities streamed through the link for about five minutes and to a hard disk in the Hyaku Shiki

mean while the commander had returned to his office and sat at his own computer when he noticed something.  a terminal on level C was being accessed and read through extremely quickly

Commander:  "guards get to terminal room 4 right away I think we have an intruder"

Gai had little time to spare as the guards burst in seconds after the data feed finished and the Optic cloak was reactivated.  moving with utmost care Gai slid inches around the gaurds who moved to inspect the terminal before reporting to their bass just as Gai left the room.

Guard: "sir no one's here"

Commander: "Idiots! that means I was right. red alert, scramble teamfour and search for MS in the area.

Gai slid out the door as team four, a group of 5 Gespensts launched from the hanger nearby.  Gai rushed toward the forest within which  the two machines waited

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Post by: alaras on December 16, 2008, 09:41:35 PM
As Matt's wounds worsened, the lights started to flicker, and he went into seizure-like convulsions, blood splattering everywhere.  His clothes shredded, revealing the full extent of the terrible and worsening damage being done to his body, new wounds violently appearing as though sliced open by some unseen blade.  Some of them spelled out the phrase "Suicide ain't so painless after all!" on his chest, suggesting a subconscious with a morbid sense of humor.  Any who dare to look at him are filled with an unnatural sense of terror, and an urge to worsen his suffering.

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Post by: JayBee on December 16, 2008, 09:57:02 PM
Fortunately for alaras, the guards are wearing full PTK gear, and immune to the mental effects of whatever's going on with him.

A: "Okay, THAT is some messed-up shit."
B: "I've never heard of a newtype awakening like this before..."
A: "I don't think he's an awakening newtype."
B: "Whatever it is, it's creepy as fuck. Where's that damn doctor?"
A: "Dunno. Hit the comm. Call and make sure he comes back in protective gear. I really don't like the look of this."

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Post by: alaras on December 16, 2008, 10:09:36 PM
Meanwhile, inside Archer's fucked-up mind, Matt finds himself tied up by an image of his father laughing maniacally as Matt feels all the pain his mind is inflicting on him.  This was what I wanted, albeit not at his hands, but at least it's not really him.  Why am I having these regrets?  That disk was my last hope for redemption, and now it's too late.  I'm ready to let go.  All I can do is hope the doctor doesn't make it.  After all, it would only delay my death, and even if they do find out I'm not a traitor, I'm still useless to everyone, and unwanted even by my family...  Suddenly, everything went bright, and he woke up, patting himself all over checking for injuries he was sure were there, only to find he was unharmed except for the needle which nobody bothered to remove.  Apparently, the whole thing was a hallucination induced by the drugs and what would seem to be his awakening.  He gently extracted it himself, and, still disturbed from what happened in his mind, and seeing looks of shock from armored guards, who seemed as surprised as he was that he was unharmed, retreated to a corner in his cell and cried in fetal position.  No matter what any of them did, even if they kicked him, he would do nothing but cry.

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Commander, I have my share of data here. I dunno if this is what we need, but I've returned to the mechs.
*Chris looked into the sky* Damn, and I thought this would be easy. Hurry, Gai!

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Post by: Sume Gai on December 17, 2008, 05:40:50 AM
-Russian DC Production facility-

Gai removes the optic cloak and stows it as he enters the forest adding an extra burst of speed from his mechanical legs. He reaches the machines soon after.

Dynames GN Camouflage membrane Dissolve; Exit Repose priority set Priority to Sume Gai.

the air shimmers and begins to break apart around the Dynames revealing the previously hidden machine. as Gai quickly boards.  the Blue Haro plugged into the machine reports the mech's Status

Haro: Ready to go; ready to go!

Chris, come on I don't want to start something this close to the base.

(whoever that Commander was, he's either smart or jumpy and neither would help us get away if we start a fight here.)

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Post by: ChrisABlair on December 17, 2008, 12:23:51 PM
Okay, sir. I'll obey.

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Post by: Sume Gai on December 18, 2008, 10:16:57 PM
Letting the Shiki go ahead the Dynames follows behind; the green particles hopefully obscuring the two from enemy sensors even as the snow storm worsens.

keep moving Chris hopefully the GN particles and snowstorm willl keep them off our trail.

-an hour later-

Indeed the Gespensts had lost their prey and returned thinking that they were jumping at shadows anyway.  the commander was waiting for them most displeased.  An evening of sever mental pain was awaiting them.

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Post by: Ash Rudel on December 18, 2008, 10:39:32 PM
(OOC: Epic Joint post part 3)

Momotaros: Nice work brats.

R-Fuyume: Baka Momotaros. (smacks him on the head)

Kintaros: (pulls out a map) Ash-sama's map should guide us to the control core.

Urataros: Kin-chan… (points to the area where the sand cuts off and changes to circuitry and large crystals) I think that’s the way.

R-Fuyume: Then let's go! (starts to run towards the core)

Momotaros: Slow down brat. (Runs after her)

The taros trek across the sand, not noticing tiny bits of data collecting behind them, then slowly disappearing into the ground. After a bit of a hike they reach the data core. A large pyramid crystal sit in the center, being slowly taken apart by the black globs they first fought. R-Fuyume fires off a few shots taking down some of the globs, before the jump behind the pyramid.

Urataros: Looks like it'll be easy sailing from here.

The taros look on as  data swirls around from behind the pyramid, along with tiny bits of data that seep up from the ground The data slowly combines together into a large blue energy core, slowly warping the area around it until it takes the shape of Shinning Gundam again. This time an all black color scheme rather then a normal paint job.  Cracks from along the body of the viral gundam, letting blue energy pour out like a fiery aura. It throws its against the data core, letting it's aura seep over it. Slowly the area surrounding the core changes from a clear circuitry setting into a black circuitry setting that pulsates with energy. The viral mech then reaches down and pulls a large sword from the circuitry, pulsating with the same said energy.

Momotaros: Oi, looks like the bastards want some more. Ryuta, time to switch. (jumps into Fuyume, pushing Ryutaros out and changing into Sword From)

M-Fuyume: (quickly puts her sword together while eyeing the gundam) With me there are no warning shots, from the start of this fight it will be all Climax.

M-Fuyume rushes towards the Viral Gundam with the other taros following close behind. The Viral shinning leaps back almost like it’s gliding across the ground, before colliding swords with M-Fuyume. The two exchanges blows as the other taros try to get in a few hard nocks. M-Fuyume finally manages to slice part of the mechs chest open before it back flips into the air, landing a few feet away from it's attackers.  It's body shifts as its changes into an all black Double Zeta Gundam. It looks down at the Taros, towering a few feet over them.

Ryutaros: Did that thing get bigger?

Urataros: Bigger and meaner looking Ryuta.

Kintaros: Momonoji, this one is mine. (pushes Momotaros out of Fuyume, jumping in causing her to go to Axe form)

K-Fuyume doesn’t even waste time forming her axe, she runs straight towards the ZZ clone and starts grappling with it. The viral ZZ starts to push her back, bringing her down to a knee, before Ryutaro's shoots it in it's head. The ZZ clone mealy reforms its head as it tosses K-Fuyume back.  Stepping forward it knocks both Momotaros and Urataros out of the way. Ryutaros keeps firing shots off at it, trying to slow it down. Finally pushing Ryutaros out of the way it sets it's sights up K-Fuyume.

K-Fuyume: MY STENGTH!!!!

With all her strength K-Fuyume rips a jagged piece of circuit rock from the ground, then procceds to shove it through ZZ's chest. She then beings to punch it further and further in until she finally upper cuts it, sending it falling back.

K-Fuyume: (falls to a knee breathing heavy) It will make you cry.

Ryutaros: (runs over to K-Fuyume) Kuma-chan, Fuyume-chan are you two okay?

K-Fuyume: (slowly gets back to her feet) We're fine Ryuta. (pops her neck, then points at the virus) This isn't over.

[i[The Taros gather around as the viral mech casts off its outer armor revealing a viral Cybuster underneath.  It wastes not time in changing into cybird and soaring at the taros. [/i]

Momotaros: OUT OF THE WAY!!! (They dive out of the way.

Diving out of the way, all but K-Fuyume. Urataros runs towards K-Fuyume, pushing Kintaros out who grabs onto Cybird, trying to hold it down. At the same time Fuyume goes rod from and fires off a string from her staff at the Cybird.

U-Fuyume: Alright Kin-chan I think I got it hooked.

Kintaros: Kame-noji  I don't know if I can hold it much longer…. (looses his footing letting Cybird soar)

U-Fuyume: Uh-oh…..

The viral Cybird takes to the air dragging U-Fuyume behind it. She holds on with her all might as the virus tries to shake her off.

Ryutaros: That’s not good.

Momotaros: At least she's not riding it like a hor… (looks on as U-Fuyume manages to ride the viral cybird) Never mind.

U-Fuyume: (holding on) This is fun and all, but I just don't have the time. (Shoves her rod into the back of Cybird's head)

The viral cybird goes into a free fall as U-Fuyume jumps off. The other taros quickly scramble and catch her before she hits the ground. Breathing a sigh of relief, the look over as the virus crashes back into the control core, exploding into black goo as it completely covers the core.

Ryutaros: That’s a bad thing isn't it?

Momotaros/Kintaros/U-Fuyume: Yes Ryuta that is a Very bad thing.

The core starts to collapse in on itself before it begins to grow. Large mechanical arms stretch out, then legs. The main body forms slowly, then lastly the head forms. This viral monster looks like a giant miasmas of robotics, the one clear things is its rather small head, which looks like a bald man. The virus takes a step forward, making the digital plane shake. The energy it then beings to fire off from it's own aura knocks Urataros out Fuyume, then sends all of them flying back.

Momotaros: What the hell is that bald monster?

Fuyume: He looks like Mr. Clean-san.

Ryutaros: Since when Mr. Clean was trying to kill us?

Urataros: Ryuta, fire at that thing!

Ryutaros: Do I have to?

Urataros: DO IT!

Ryutaros: Ok…. (He fires off at shot at the huge virus, which merely bounces off)

Momotaros: (looks at the shot as it recoils and lands a few feet from them) Ah crap.

Meanwhile back behind the computer screen, Ash and Alexis look on at the new viral development.

Alexis: *Watching the fight from her laptop* Nothing's working! At this rate, they....*Looks over at Ash*.....Already working on it, huh Ashi-kun?

Ash: Are you kidding me? I've been putting the finishing touches on this since they went it in. (finishes typing) Alright it's done.  ( looks at her) This time I'll teleport it in.

Alexis:  Okay, okay! *Pouts a little* Mess up the coordinates just once....

Ash:  Data locked, and dropped. (hits the enter key)

Back in Cyberspace the taros and Fuyume look on as the virus gets closer and closer. Every attack they try seems to only bounce back. Slowly staggering to their feet they look up at the huge monster, gritting their teeth.

Fuyume: Taros-taichi, you don’t have another brother do you? Maybe A Super-Special-Mega-Awesome-Taros?

Momotaros: What are you talking about, I'm right here.

Urataros: This is no time to joke sempai.

Kintaros: Kame-noji is right, we need more power.

Fuyume: But where are we going to get it? (A red cell phone like device appears out of nowhere and floats in front of her)

Fuyume and the Taros: Nani? (it beings to ring)

Fuyume: (answers the phone) Hello?

Alexis: *Over the phone* Ashi-kun says this is all you need to beat that bald creep, Fuyume-chan. Be careful!

Fuyume: Hai. (looks at the others) Taros-Taichi, lets go.

Fuyume and the Taros line up as she beings to hit the buttons on the phone. The buttons on the phone being to light up as it calls out the names of the Taros. "Momo, Ura, Kin, Ryu." The taros break into pieces of data, reforming into the masks the take on in the individuals forms.  Fuyume slaps the phone on top of the buckle as it calls out "CLIMAX FORM." Data shoots out from the end of the phone, strangely it takes the shape of a train track and covers her from head to toe. Once it dissipates her plain white armor has become red, with a more armored red chest plate with a train track turn table on the chest, and tracks running down the rest of the armor. The Taro's in their mask form's fly towards her. Urataros attaching to her right shoulder, Kintaros on her left, Ryutaros on her chest, and finally Momotaros on her black visor. His mask then splits open revealing another set of red lenses underneath. Fuyume runs her hand through her hair as streaks of red, blue, yellow and purple appear. As the transformations finishes a gold aura erupts around them, almost as if they are on fire.

M-Fuyume: Ore-Taichi Sanjo!!

Urataros: Well this is different.

Ryutaros: Let's beat that bad guy!

Kintaros: ZZZZ…..

The giant virus raises its hands, it's fingers turning into missiles which it fires at Climax group. M-Fuyume stands there with her arms on her hips as the missiles merely lands behind her. The virus lets out a animalistic roar as it charges at them. Pulling it's huge fist back, it brings it's fist down on M-Fuyume.  Laughing M-Fuyume reaches up with her right arm and holds the giants fist in place.

Kintaros: You won't break through this arm. (they slowly push the virus back, before jumping back) Fuyume-sama use this arm.

Fuyume: Hai Kin-chan!

Kintaros mask slides down Fuyume's arm till it reaches her fist, it turn turns around so the axe point it facing upward. Ryutaro's mask slides behind it, then lastly Urataros.  Pulling back she slashes across the virus arm, slicing a large gap in it. The Virus then jumps back as it's arm slowly regenerates itself.

Momotaros: We're going to be at this all day if this keeps going.

Ryutaros: Guys I think I know how to stop him from doing that. Let me take a shot.

Fuyume: You can do it Ryu-chan!

Ryu's mask opens up firing out about more or less a hundred purple missiles. The tops of these missiles then blow off, ending up with thousands of tiny missiles drilling into the large virus at once. The virus topples over, trying to regenerate but to no avail.
Urataros: That worked? Ryuta how did you do that?

Ryutaros: Ni-san taught me how to make codes work at random variable level. I just made my missiles keep fluxing their code till they broke though the viruses regenerative capability's.

Momotaros: You just winged it didn't you?

Ryutaros: Yep, just like Ni-san.

M-Fuyume:  Alright, time to cut that thing down to size. (draws her sword) Hisstastu attack, Climax version!

The blade of her sword glows mutable colors as it launches. The virus tries to block the flying blade, only to have it slice off it's arms and legs. Still towering over the taros, but no longer an immediate  threat. It roars at its current state while Momotaros snickers a bit.

Ryutaros: Let's take it out once and for all.

M-Fuyume: Right. (flips open the pass and hits the black button on the phone) Time for the final Climax. (a dramatic tune starts to play as she swipes the pass over the buckle twice before tossing it)

The logo of the belt appears in holographic form in front of them as it calls out "CHARGE AND UP!" Sticking her left leg forward Urataros mask slides from her arm to leg, followed by Ryutaros, and lastly Kintaros. Energy erupts from her other foot as she leaps high into the air. The swirling aura around her concentrates on her foot as the virus begins to fire off anything it can to try and stop them. The Taros and Fuyume let out hot blooded roar as the rip through the virus, landing a few feet behind it. She turns her head to the side as the creature lets out a scream, exploding into tiny bits of data. A second later, the Taros appear beside her, possing as well.

Momotaros: (looks back) I told you already, from start to finish we we're already at the Climax.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 19, 2008, 02:49:05 AM
Jaybee has long since set up the cyberscape view on a nearby display monitor for everyone to watch, and takes a moment to comment.

Welp. I guess they've definitely gotten the glory.
May as well deploy the cleanup crew.

Shara: "Umm, Jay... We've been over this. Transparent visor? That antivirus is only at 95 percent."

And it's gonna stay there. I can't find the original infection. There's a couple possibilities why, but the most likely is that the virus used self-modifying code, and the original is long gone.

Anyways, watch and be amazed as everything comes back up.

Jaybee presses a button, and the antivirus goes to work. The white lines tracing across the sky have long since formed into a regular grid, and beams of light descend down from several intersections. The grid lines flare and fade as they flow down the beams and strike the ground, forming large crystal growths that seem to glow with an inner light, forcing back the remnants of the virus as if the light was a physical pressure.

"That's it? They really DID steal the glory."

Rallying, the glops scattered around force up against the light. They start to burn away, but make it to the crystals, and cover them. The crystals' light is extinguished, then starst glowing again in a putrid purple. Jaybee smiles.

And THAT was your one mistake.

"Umm, Jay... it just ATE your antivirus."


"Are you insane?"

Just watch.
All right, the propagation's died down...

Jaybee types in a command and presses enter, then flips his visor up. All the glops explode in a fine mist of white light and evaporate.

"Ummm.... far be it from me to argue, but... What just happened?"

Remember the virus assimilated the functions of the programs it infected?
The antivirus had a kill command embedded in it, obscured so it didn't LOOK like one. Once the virus assimilated that, it was all over.

"Ahhh. Clever. I think."

Thank you. And trust me, it was very clever.

And then the ship's lighting fails, and red emergency lights come on, as the ground around Fuyume and the Taros explodes.

"And what part of your plan is that?"

It isn't.

Jaybee flips his HUD visor down and starts typing frantically.

Shit. Remember when I said the original virus being self-modifying was one possibility? This is another. The original embedded itself in the kernel, then went to sleep. It only reactivated when the infection was eliminated.

"Meaning what?"

Meaning that we're in deep shit. From here, it can infect the ship's reactor control system.

"That would be bad."

Jaybee touches his HUD visor.

I'm jacking in. I can't get a handle on it fast enough with the HUD and keyboard. Get everyone clear, just in case this doesn't work.

"You guys better pull out if things get too bad. The ship is replacable. Her crew isn't."

That a zentradi expression?

Shara notices Jaybee's grin, and rolls her eyes.

"Yes. That's exactly what it is."


This looks like a good memory address. Jacking in... now!

Jaybee closes his eyes. There's a sensation of falling.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 19, 2008, 03:10:47 AM
On the screen, a bolt of light pierces the purple-black sky and strikes the ground. As it fades, a human figure becomes visible in the light. 
The beam flickers and disappears, and Jaybee can be seen crouching, naked but androgynous(keeping this post PG instead of R). He's crouched, eyes closed, with his left hand on the ground and his right out to the side, and has a faint blue glow around him. He appears to be about 20 yards from Fuyume, the Taros, and the massive glob which burst forth from the ground. The blob shifts briefly, then refocuses on the AIs, having determined Jaybee isn't a threat.[/i]

Load antiviral routines.

Black lightning crackles along his body,  and a suit of armor forms. Made entirely of facets and flat faces, it looks like it was carved of pure obsidian, then polished to a mirror finish. Blue light glows out of the joints, and spreads across the armor, turning it sapphire. A red dot forms in the center of the helmet's face plate and slides up and to the sides, forming a chevron where eyes should be. Then it thickens, as if it's opening.

I feel something under my hand...

Yes, this is RIGHT where I want to be....

Jaybee raises his right hand high into the air, and his fist begins glowing white. Plunging it down, he buries his arm to the elbow in the ground, and yanks up a black tentacle. It wraps around his upper arm, and purple lightning crackles across his sapphire arm as he clenches the tentacle tighter, his fingers sinking into it. Suddenly, the tentacle ceases it's attack and begins thrashing to get away.

Not normal for a virus to try to retreat...
Wait... comm traffic?  A massive amount too...
No WONDER this thing was so hard to pin down! It's got an avatar function!

Jaybee rips a chunk out of the tentacle and throws it aside. The part above the rip falls off and evaporates. White lightning traces down from the wound into the tentacle, stopping after what appears to be 8 feet before it fizzles out. The blob turns it's attention from the AIs and starts moving towards Jaybee as he shouts to his allies.

Guys! The virus is being controlled by an outside intelligence! Treat it as a hacker!

A mechanical voice echoes out.

 "So you've figured it out, finally. Then we can end this charade here."

The blob begins shifting, then there's a flash of black, as if it was radiating shadow. A tremendous beam flashes out from the ball of shadow as Jaybee leaps up and back, hovering in the air on wings of blue energy. The fire slices along the ground, blasting a large crater out of the computer board terrain.

The HELL was that?

When the burst of unlight dies back, a large mech is standing where the blob was.

A Valcion! So Archer WAS a DC spy!

"That idiot's son unleashed the virus? HAHAHAHA!!!! I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. He's certainly not on our roster, though I can't argue against his results "

Rightie-o, then...  maybe he's NOT a traitor.

"Exactly. Just a fool. Now die."

Jaybee spins out of the way of a second faux cross smasher blast. The chevron across his face mask shifts into a sharper, more agressive angle.

You know what I hate about Valcions? They inspire overconfidence. Especially FAKE ones.

"What was that?"

You're trying to psyche me out. And doing it poorly.

Jaybee's wings dissipate, and he  drops to the ground. He presses both palms flat against the ground, then jerks the ground up. A shockwave ripples forward, terminating in a wall of spikes that slams forward into the Valcion, knocking it to the ground. As it falls, it shrivels a bit, until it stands roughly twice as high as the more human inhabitants of the cyberscape. As Jaybee rises, a protrusion grows out of his right forearm's armor. His left hand grabs it and pulls, and draws out a sapphire katana. The sword is an almost comical 8 feet long, with a strong aura of blue energy extending about a foot from the blade. He wraps both hands around the hilt and adopts a combat stance.


Jaybee runs towards the digital Valcion facsimile, the katana raised back over his shoulder.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Chaostic on December 19, 2008, 03:32:21 PM
Chaostic and Sakura had finally found there contact and and both were more then glad to except the offer of lodgings for the night.

as soon as they got to the base they were show there quarters and allowed to rest

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on December 19, 2008, 10:16:44 PM
the "base" that the two AGGF members have delivered the Exia's remains to is not escaping notice hidden in the rolling dunes nearby a scruffy red-haired man watches dispassionately

???: The AG-Whatzit is here so I guess it's time to start.

With that the man's machine ( hidden in the desert emerges and begins with a missile attack on the small base.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 20, 2008, 05:20:05 AM
Jaybee and the Valcion Mark Shorty trade blows rapidly. Jaybee leaps about like CG Yoda, striking from all directions. ChibiValcion just stands there, rotating just enough to catch sword with sword. Finally, Jaybee leaps away, landing about 15 feet away.

"Is that the best you can do?"

Typical cyberscape newbie.

"What did you say?!?!"

Well, you are. Taking this so literally.
You've been smashing away at me like we were actually fighting. I've been gathering data.

"Meaning what?"


"That makes less than... no... sense?"

Jaybee's blue aura shifts, and turns pure white, followed by his armor. The light is almost blinding, and any viral corruption near him curls back as if it's burning away. His sword shifts form, becoming straight and more broadsword-like as he strikes a pose. The Valcion steps backwards briefly.


He hoists his sword upwards in both hands, , then hurls it forward. It flies through the air like a javelin , then pierces the Valcion in the chest. A tangle of white threads crawl out over the mech's armor, insubstantial at first, but growing rapidly.

"What... what's happening... ?"

I know how your little worm works. And how to fry it utterly.
And I'm not above doing a cheesy anime reference while I'm at it.

The Valcion explodes in a flare of light that washes out across the cyberscape, purging all the viral corruption, leaving Jaybee and the five AIs standing alone.

I think we're done here. I'll see you guys back home.

Jaybee's eyeslit closes as his armor dematerializes, followed by his body.

(Editor's note: Any more Dancouga references, and I'll be obligated to upload the whole thing to YouTube.)

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Post by: JayBee on December 20, 2008, 05:27:10 AM
Jaybee opens his eyes. He starts to sit up in his chair, then realizes he isn't staring into his HUD visor, because someone tilted it up and is sitting across the room.

Hi. What happened to evacuating?

"We got everyone out aside from a few in the server room. I was going to help them, but it looks like they don't need it after all."

Dammit, Shara.
Thanks for the vote of confidence. I know you'd've taken off if you thought we weren't gonna make it.  And probably clobbered us into leaving with you.

"Nah. You're not worth the trouble. These other two, maybe. But getting the AIs out in time would've been hard, as I understand it."

A hint of a smile crosses Jaybee's face.
Now gimme a hand up, and find me some water. Reinstalling everything can wait until I've had a nap and a meal.

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Post by: Derek on December 20, 2008, 09:21:06 AM
Alexis: *Sits back as the AIs return to the laptop, and pumps her fist into the air* Yatta!

Derek: *From just outside the door* Yatta indeed. *Walks in* Glad to see we're not gonna have to drag you guys out after all.

Haruka: Or you, for that matter. What was that you said about hacking the engines and getting the ship as far away from here if it was really going to explode?

Derek: *Looks away sheepishly* Heh....anyway. You guys are all heroes. C'mon, let's get outta here. We can let the rest of the tech crew deal with reinstalling the system.

Alexis: *Nods* Hai, Derek-sama. *Unplugs her laptop* C'mon, Fuyu...*Looks at the screen*....Derek-sama, they're all asleep.

Derek: *Grins* Can't blame 'em. We'll sort it out later. C'mon, guys. You too, Ash.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 20, 2008, 03:18:15 PM
I'll do the reinstall. The rest of the tech crew is busy removing the optical drives from the doorknobs... or replacing the doorknobs I vaped. Either way.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on December 20, 2008, 03:54:55 PM
Ash: (raises his wrist) You guys have fun virus busting?

Momotaros: Oi, leave us alone we're trying to sleep.

Kintaros: Z.ZZ.Z. Nakru....ZZZZ

Urataros: Kin-chan stop snoaring.

Ryutaros: Night ni-san.

Ash: Nice work guys, now get some rest. (puts his hands in his pockets and follows after the others whistling a tune)

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 22, 2008, 03:15:53 AM
Nothin' like a hot meal after a day of virus busting.

Now let's see what we can recover...

Several hours pass as Jaybee copies data files off the system, turning file checkers loose on them to see if they're damaged or infected with viruses. When that's done, he grabs the backup cartridges and starts the restore process. And then he copies the recovered data over.

That went surprisingly well.

Jaybee begins prodding around his account to make sure everything's in order.

Well, it looks like everything's working.
Except my e-mail status is messed up. Got some old mails flagged as unread.

Well, no real harm done, I suppose.
There's an old shipping manifest from the Balmar war in my inbox... that's great....

Jaybee runs a few data integrity tests.

Well, it looks like it ACTUALLY belongs there. Must've missed it in the chaos back then.

He moves to delete it, then changes his mind for some reason.

Meh, I'm bored. Let's see what this was... Too late to be useful now, but what the hey.

Package from the Moon. Primarily spare parts... few boxes from Mao Industries in there... ah, this was back when we got my Huckey's Gunner Module...
Okay, I think I'd remember seeing THAT box.

Computer, locate shipment M7, crate serial MAO-13795.

"Crate status: factory-sealed. Current lcoation: armory."

Of COURSE it wound up in the armory. More specific, please.

An infernal buzzing racket pierces the air as an ancient dot-matrix impact printer fires up.

"Map printed."

That's not entirely what I asked for...
As he says this, Jaybee grabs the printout.
Ah-ha. That IS fairly out of the way, isn't it?


Well, I suppose I'll be needing some provisions if I'm gonna dig THIS one out.
Sometimes I wish our armory was consistent in it's respect for the laws of physics. Or at least more user-manipulable.

How long is this map good for?

"Map will fall below 75% accuracy in an estimated two days and seventeen hours."

I suppose I'd better get started on that, then. First thing tomorrow.

Run a final diagnostic sequence,  then return to normal operational status. Log any errors to my e-mail box.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on December 22, 2008, 03:23:59 AM

The Dynames and Shiki soon return and land in the base's main hanger.

Haro, Transfer that data to the private servers, with backups, and have it ready for analysis later.

Haro: "Data transfer, Transfer."

thanks; now I guess I have to deal with him but first,

Gai leaps down and heads over to the Duragreiz to get a status report.  Once that's done Bright and he discuss what to do about Archer

Bright: "He may not have done it on purpose but it was still a moment of idiocy for which he should be punished"

Fine then how bout we carry out a court marshal?

Bright: "(thinks for a moment)that would be a good start."

alright , I'll take care of the set-up you have him report to room 610 in 2 hours

Bright "I'll go get the Grungust..."

I already said I'd take care of the set up

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on December 22, 2008, 02:57:34 PM
When the guard came to take Matt to his court-marshal, he found it impossible to get Matt to cooperate, or even recognize that he was being spoken to.  The shock of his hallucinated injuries, followed by rather vivid flashbacks of unspeakable things that were done to him in the past, had managed to leave him an incoherent wreck that could only flinch and back away indiscriminately, and flail if grabbed.

Meanwhile, back at Mitarashi Estate, Andy had finished repairing his Gespenst Mk. II and the Guarlion, and sent a communication on his employer's behalf to AGGF offering supplies, spare parts, a couple of mechs, and a mechanic to help them out, as a thanks for taking Matt in under such unusual circumstances.  Of course, Andy planned on being that mechanic, and on bringing his Mk.II and the Guarlion, and merely hoped that Matt wasn't found guilty of treason.  He waited calmly for AGGF's reply, not really anticipating much of a response, if any.

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Post by: Andrew on December 22, 2008, 04:06:10 PM
*Checking from his station*

It looks like the moniter rooms are back up and running now.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on December 22, 2008, 08:59:39 PM
Jaybee stands at the entrance to The Armory, clad in his CVR-3 armor and seated on his Blowsperior, helmet slung under one arm.

Right. I think I'm ready. Let's do this.

As he swings the door open and steps in, he mutters under his breath.
So help me, if I get attacked by Haros, someone will die.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on December 23, 2008, 01:09:05 AM
*Into the brig walks Derek, having responded to the guard's call for some assistance regarding the matter of Archer*

What's the problem, Sargeant?

"Just what it looks like, Captain. He's been giving us nothing but trouble, and the Commander wants him at 610 ten minutes ago."

Completely unresponsive, then?

"He freaks out if we try and drag him along. I was thinking about just having him sedated, but you're the one in charge of this, sir."

Good call, Sargeant. Next time, feel free to do anything that isn't permanent. For this one, though....

*Derek walks into the open cell, looks at Archer, and calmly draws his ZB-34 handgun, pointing it at the boy's face and clicking the safety off*

Archer, I'm gonna be nice. You've got till the count of five to get off your ass and get to the court-marshal we have ready for you, or you're not going to like what happens. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

*Barona shrugs, as he's obviously drawn no reaction despite having a gun aimed at the boy's head. Then, without any warning, he swings around and pistol-whips Archer right in the face, knocking him off the bench and onto the floor.*

I'm getting tired of you, Archer. I keep trying to be nice, and all you're doing is acting like a spoiled child. Well, I'm done wasting my time with this BS. If you want to act like trash, we'll treat you like it. Sargeant, I want this prisoner at that court-martial immediately. You're authorized to subdue him in any way you see fit.

"Understood, sir. You heard the Captain, men. Taze him."

*At that command, two soldiers reach down and grab Archer by the arms and hoist him up onto his feet, while two others produce stunguns and begin to zap the hell out of him as he tries to flail about. With the Sargeant leading them, the entire group proceeds in this manner to the awaiting court-martial and deposit Archer there. Having accomplished his task, Derek continues on his way, before suddenly tapping to his visor comm.*

Go ahead, 004.

"Just wanted to let you know, there's someone calling us to offer support of some kind. Mitarashi, I think the name was. It's coming from the estate you and Masaki picked up Archer from."

Ah. Tell them we have no need for it. We're still debugging the Duragreiz after their last round of "assistance". Also inform them that, given our recent history with their grandson, we have very little reason to believe that any such help will be beneficial to us, and anyone who tries to "volunteer" to help us on their own will likely either be arrested or shot down outright if they violate our airspace. Remind them of the Guarlion that tried following us, if you need to.

"Feeling pretty diplomatic today, aren't we Derek? Not a single foul comment in the whole message."

Just send the reply and tell Alexis to make sure the Skychaser's ready. I'm going out for awhile.

"Roger that. Response sent, in those exact words."

Thank you, Haruka. I'm glad there are competent people around here we can count on.

"It's what I do."

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Matt couldn't respond as desired by any of them, still unable to determine what was real and what wasn't.  That blow to the head was an almost-welcome release from his paranoid delusions, and if he comes to, he follows silently, not daring to utter a sound.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on December 23, 2008, 02:06:49 AM
Shortly after getting the response, Matt's grandmother barged into the communications room, kicking the mechanic out and sending a reply.  "We don't care what you do with him, as long as he never comes back.  Let him know that he's been disowned for his stupidity.  You can execute him for all I care."

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Waking up to alarms, Sakura finds the nearest person and finds out that the base is under attack. Hearing this, Sakura heads to the hangar to get to Queen

Who in the hell declared hunting season on the AGGF!

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Post by: Sume Gai on December 23, 2008, 04:45:18 PM
-room 610-

As archer was dragged in to the room he would notice it had been set-up as an impromptu court room. A large oaken booth in which Gai set clearly presiding as the judge was the most eye-catching new feature;  two 'benches' one for the defense and another for the Prosecution, sat opposite each other in front of the judges booth.  Archer was led to a seat in the center of the two benches and facing the judge before the guards pulled back to the doors.

Both benches were empty but the stands behind them were full with the accused finally in place the trial began

Archer you have been accused of treachery in the first degree , two counts of insubordination and three counts of malicious negligence.  I believe the facts of the case are clear and am ready to pass judgment but for procedure's sake how do you plead?


The blue Enact fired it's last round of missiles at the hanger before dropping the added weight and drawing his blade rifle.

???: "hey AG-whatizit I get a nice bonus for each of your heads"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on December 23, 2008, 04:52:11 PM
Finally hearing what was being said to him, Matt said "I plead guilty to all charges, and would add several counts of criminal incompetence and one count of third-degree psychic assault."  His head was hung low, and it was impossible for Gai to see his eyes, but if he could, he'd see no life in them at all.  He'd see the face of a former spoiled brat who had come to realize what he is, and who was ready to die for what he had confessed to.  In fact, he was almost hoping for an execution, rather than being forced to continue to live as an incompetent mockery of a human being.  Any Newtype in the room would likely recoil in horror upon sensing the extreme pain and guilt he was willingly inflicting on himself, though many in that room might agree that he deserved far worse, and be tempted to deliver it themselves.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on December 23, 2008, 05:59:37 PM
-room 610-

so you plead guilty? You confess to have intentionally and willing ly sabotaged our Flagship in the name of the DC, twice neglected your duty without reason and thrice disobeyed direct orders.

Gai peered gravely down on the young pilot.

you realize that if you do this you will face an execution?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on December 23, 2008, 07:33:35 PM
"Even if my actions were not intentional, they were still treasonous and worsened an already-desperate situation.  No, they were not in the name of the DC, but regardless, an execution is already more than warranted.  I'm not only incompetent, but a risk to everyone in AGGF.  By all rights, I'm surprised I wasn't killed without trial.  It's more than justified.  Besides, it's the only way you can really get rid of me.  I'm probably not welcome at my grandfather's place, my mother's a hostage, and my father's a traitor.  I have no other living relatives, and in times of war, foster care may as well not exist.  Your only options for dealing with me are imprisonment, execution, kicking me out at some random location, or continuing to expose yourselves to the risk that I have already proven that I am.  I expect you to decide in a manner that best fits the needs of AGGF, regardless.  If that means my death, then at least I won't have to relive my past again like I did in that hallucination."  He looked up, his face unchanged from before, his eyes almost vacant and without any hope.  His voice was quiet and emotionless, as though he no longer had any motivation to survive, and knew of the futility of trying to redeem himself through further stupidity.  "For all of those reasons, the best thing I can do for everyone is plead guilty and accept my execution.  I'd rather be a corpse than a burden."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on December 23, 2008, 07:53:12 PM
-room 610-

very well then, you have left me no other recourse, unless someone else has objections you are hereby sentenced to death by Boosted Brightslap.

Gai raised the Gavel ready to strike the final blow; the blow that would seal the boy's fate

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Post by: ChrisABlair on December 23, 2008, 08:06:10 PM
Hold, Commander. I'd like to speak.
*Chris walks up to Matt and punches him in the face, knocking him over*
You piss me off, kid, you know that? You're throwing your life away that easily?! I'm a TEKKAMAN, and I realize that MY life sucks, but you throw your freaking pitty parties, and cry about how worthless you are. I want to see you stand tall, everything is in the past now. I've blown enough holes in the wall to know I cause trouble.
*Chris turns to Gai*
Commander, I'd like to take this boy under my care for a period of three days; if he shows no resolve to better himself, I'll allow the execution.

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Post by: Chaostic on December 23, 2008, 08:08:19 PM
Chaostic was out like a light and it didn't seem a nuclear blast would wake him when his eyes slowly opened and he got up from the spot on the floor where he slept. Sluggishly the made his way to the hanger and into the cockpit of the virtue.

Upon launching the bulky mech lurched forward moving at a snails pace

Chaostic: don't you know better then to wake the dead.

His voice had a unnatural echo to it as he spoke through the open com line.

Chaostic: I know that voice... Gary Biaggi the man who killed me...

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Post by: Sume Gai on December 23, 2008, 08:21:05 PM
-room 610-

Very well I shall withhold this trial's conclusion until after our next major mission. court is now in extended recess.

Gai banged the Gavel this time signalling the delay of the trial rather than Archer's end


???: hah! what'd you call me?  well it doesn't matter; you're wrong and you are about to die; you  AG-Whatizit.

With that the man raised the Blade and fired several shots at the Virtue.

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Post by: alaras on December 23, 2008, 08:42:46 PM
With the trial's conclusion, Matt turned to Chris and said only a few words: "You may have spared my life, but I can't stay here if allowed to live.  I've done far too much damage, and I'd rather just find someplace where I can stay out of the way that isn't a holding cell or prison.  I don't belong on a battlefield or battleship.  I don't have a family to return to.  I never had any friends.  I've been alone and mostly despised most of my life, and I probably deserve a lot worse than I've gotten.  I figure I've gotten off easy, and being pitied by you isn't helping.  I'd love to 'better myself', as you put it.  Still, my Newtype abilities acted up earlier when the guard destroyed the disk that caused this entire mess.  I wanted to hand it over in case it could help, but once again, I was shown exactly why I should abandon all hope of ever doing ANYTHING for someone else's sake.  I wound up accidentally attacking the guard with my emotions, I think, and possibly even trapping one or two in a hallucination.  Let me know when you relived your father and three of his subordinates doing unspeakable things to your five-year-old self.  I assure you the pain and horror are both quite exquisite."  By this point, Matt has a bright and vicious grin on his face, and projecting emotions potent enough to give any Newtype nearby a splitting headache, and possibly some non-Newtypes as well, with no way for safely controlling them.

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Post by: ChrisABlair on December 23, 2008, 08:49:36 PM
*Chris merely puts a hand on Matt's shoulder.*
Ever hear of Enhanced Humans? I went through that. I never knew my family, they just kept pumping drugs into my system. They put gunpowder in my food. I was forced to kill my only friends, and if it weren't for the Crimson Fang unit, who I adored as family, I would be a mindless soldier out killing everyone. So, I think, more than anyone on this ship, I know your pain.

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Angst24, the only channel that's all emo all the time, will be back after these important messages.

Jaybee is riding his Blowsperior at a high rate of speed through a corridor of crates. He slide around a corner, comes out of the turn, and slams on the brakes, skidding to a stop 5 feet away from a pile of crates.

Dammit, used to be able to drive straight through for another few miles. Ah well...

Jaybee rolls his bike back, then guns the throttle again, sending it flying towards the crate again. He thumbs a switch, and the bike pops a wheelie, then launches into the air. As he flies over the crate, his bike starts coming apart, and reforms around him. He strikes a pose in his power suit, then lands.

I guess from here out I walk.
Probably halfway there, anyways.

Clambering over boxes, Jaybee emerges from the twisting corridor near a crevasse, and shifts the Blowsperior back to bike mode. Looking down, one can see a massive pile of mobile suits about 15 feet down from the lip of the gap.

Oh, HELL no!

Jaybee walks over to a small object, picks it up, and studies it to make sure it's inactive.

Good. Still dead. Let's make sure it stays that way.

Jaybee throws the non-functional Haro into the air, spinkicks it as it starts to fall, then snatches his SAL-9 out of it's holster and blasts the Haro as it peaks. The top half of the foul device vaporizes, spiking the bottom half down into GINN Canyon.

Moving on now.

Jaybee rides his bike alongside the canyon ntil he reaches a large patch of clear space. He stops and adjusts some of the beacons placed around the edges.

Good to see the 'bots are still obeying the perimeter beacons around my little space. I'd go crazy if I couldn't just get away from everyone once in a while.

Jaybee drives off into another crate corridor, this one leading into an underground cave.

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"Of course I know about them.  I think they're still using some of the tech from those experiments, especially on my mom if she's still alive.  If that's the case, you know damn well why I'm not going to let myself be executed just yet.  Besides, if I don't get Mom back, I'll have nobody, and have only myself and my weakness to blame.  If I'm going to get started on setting things right, I should start now.  What should I do?"

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As he strides through an interesction, Jaybee suddenly jumps back as a robot strides through, carrying a pair of crates stacked in it's arms.

Hey! Watch where you're going! And get out of my way!

The robot, all smooth curves and almost egglike, continues on, ignoring Jaybee's complaints utterly.

Some day I'm gonna find wherever these 'bots come from, and fix their programming to something more useful than "randomly rearrange crates." Some day.

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After watching the "trial" play it's course, Ash made his way to the hanger to find Astronage. Having a few questions for the older mechanic.

Ash: Hey Astronage.

Astronage: Oh hey kid. You need something cause we're still a little busy.

Ash: When you guys get some free time, could you transport those type 3 parts over to the Aoi Tsubasa for me?

Astronage: Don't tell me your going to try to rebuild the type 3?

Ash: Nah, just a little side project. (crosses his arms) Besides you heard what I said to Chris didn’t you?

Astronage: Heard….I made a recording of that. (looks around) We'll get on it once we're done with the repairs.

Ash: No rush.  That Lancelot is free right?

Astronage: It's just sealed up. Why?

Ash: (starts walking towards the Lancelot) I feel like going for a joyride.

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(OOC:Is it okay for my OCs to use the Vincent Commander Type? If you guys don't want me to bring them in I'll figure something else out.)

Despite the Enact being a mass production model, Sakura and Chaostic are having quite a problem with it.

Just great, Chaostic is acting weird and this guy is skilled enough to dodge my attacks when I get close enough to attack.

Noticing that Chaostic is being lead into a position that leaves him wide open, Sakura starts heading towards the Virtue to defend it

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*Chris smiles* We fight. With the commander's permission, of course. I'm sure I could find something to pilot.
*Walks to the hangar*
Hey, Astonage!

"Yeah? Oh, it's Chris. What can I do for you?"

I need a mech to pilot, and I need something fast. I'm helping Archer get his mother back. Can you call up the commander and see what I can pilot?

"No Grungusts."

Dammit, I know!

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"Thanks.  I appreciate the help, but we don't have a clue as to where she is.  Thought I heard Dad muttering something about his subordinate taking off with his cash cow while we were flying back, though.  My guess is he was talking about Mom.  Are there any leaders of autonomous factions within the DC that might be able to do this?  And isn't there that small bit where the Commander hasn't decided on how to deal with me yet?"

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Post by: Derek on December 26, 2008, 10:15:30 PM

*Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location....*

???: And that concludes my report.

?????: Good. You were able to deliver the transmitter to her, then?

???: W17 should have had no problems retrieving it. Aurum 1 proved to be a suitable distraction for that end.

?????: Good work, W16. You're dismissed.

Echidna: *Nods* As you command, Mistress Lemon.

*As the subordinate leaves, the woman known as Lemon Browning sits back in her chair and ponders the situation. The pondering is cut short, however, when a loud throat-clearing is heard behind her. Whirling around in her chair, she spots a figure standing in the darkest corner of the room, mostly obsured by the dim lighting.*

???????: So, the "Slackers will be shot" rule doesn't apply to the senior staff, huh?

Lemon: *Sighs and takes a breath* It's just you. For a second, I thought Vindel had walked in.

???????: Nope, just me. Glad to see I can still get that reaction out of you, though.

Lemon: Unfortunately. Why don't you ever stand in the light, anyway? It's not like you're trying to hide your identity from me.

???????: I like the darkness. Besides, we ARE operating from the shadows, anyway. This sets the mood.

Lemon: Melodramatic as always. So, what did you need?

???????: Just felt like letting you know the old man's gonna make his speech soon.

Lemon: Already? So Desert Cross is already finished?

???????: Between Zankantou Boy tearing through what was left of the EFA forces and the Hagane and Shirogane making a break for Europe, we control all of Africa now. No better time to declare war on the world than after taking over a continent, I guess.

Lemon; The DC in this world's always had that kind of sense of drama. I heard Bian Zoldark made his original declaration right after Shu Shirakawa destroyed the entire Coatsland base by himself.

???????: Speaking of.....*Tosses a data disk to Lemon*

Lemon: *Catches it and looks at it* This is the information, then?

???????: Everything I could steal from the EFA databases about this "L5 Campaign" we keep hearing about. I was right about the AGGF being far more capable, here.

Lemon: Oh, really? How often do they show up in it?

???????: Once, as a dishonorable mention. Which, in EFA terms, means they probably did most of the work themselves.

Lemon: And the Hagane and Hiryu?

???????: A bit more credit, but not much. There were a couple recent upheavals in the ruling governments just before we got here, so a lot of the data I found was one-sided. The AGGF seems to have had some hand in that, too.

Lemon: Sounds like Vindel may have been wrong about them, after all. I'll let him know.

???????: Thanks. Who knows, maybe he'll actually pay me for doing the legwork on this one.

Lemon: If he doesn't, you know where to find me. He might not trust you, but I don't see a reason to think you'll turn on us at this stage. You're still interested in that guy, aren't you?

???????: Of course. I was loyal to you guys even before THIS scenario was brought up. But now that we're here, and I have a chance to see what he can do on this side....

Lemon: Don't go getting obsessed on me, now. It's bad enough with just Axel.

???????: Don't worry. I have no intentions of letting it cloud my judgement. He's not THAT important.

Lemon: Good to know. Was there anything else?

???????: Well, the base in Russia reported some potential issues regarding a spy in the last day or so. The commander is pretty sure they're gonna be hit.

Lemon: How paranoid. Yet, given who we're talking about, I don't doubt his intuition. I'll tell Vindel about it, unless you feel like going yourself.

???????: Nah, I'm good. I hate the cold, personally.

Lemon: You didn't strike me as the type to let weather bother you.

???????: *Shrugs* As long as I don't have to go, I don't care what gets away with it.

Lemon: Fair enough. If that's all, you're free to go.

???????: Alright. Catch ya later then, boss lady.

*A blink of an eye later, and the shadowed figure is already gone, the door on the other side of Lemon closing behind him. The woman spins her chair back around slowly and leans back in it, going back to her deep thought. Occassionally, she takes a glance at the data disk in her hand, considering the contents within....*

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Jaybee opens the throttle on his motorbike and just cruises for a while, reveling in the expanse of not-box corridors spread before him. Eventually, he reaches his destination... and more crates. Sliding to a stop, he drops the kickstand and steps off his bike.

Ah, here we are.

He starts reading tags, one after another, brushing dust of them in turn.

And this is it. Good ol' MAO-13795.
Crate manifest....
6 tronium engine coolant valves...
2 Huckebein wrist joints...
a spare Huckey elbow...
Ah, there we are. AMHB-002.

Hmmm.... where's a 'bot when you need one?

Jaybee drives around for a bit until he finds another of the rounded white service 'bots.

*ahem* Robot! I need a hand with crate MAO-13795.


I beg your pardon?


What sort of orders would those be? It looks to me like you're just standing around.

The robot plays back a recording of it's orders.
"Look, just stand there and don't get in my way!"

Jaybee tips up his helmet visor and rubs his forehead.
I told you that LAST YEAR. Now I'm telling you to MOVE.


Oh, I'll give you compliance...

Jaybee smacks a switch, and shifts his Blowsperior back to ride armor mode. Firing the jump jets, he rises up above the robot, and then drops down, his right hand extended toward the 'bot's head.

Time for some reprogramming, up close and personal!

As the robot tries to lean out of the way without moving his feet, the Blowsperior lands hard on the insufferable 'bot's left shoulder. A clacking noise can be heard as the 'bot's left wrist opens up and it begins raising it's arm. Jaybee lays his right hand against the machine's head, and opens a computer link through his cybernetics. The robot shudders, straightens up, and then starts walking forward.

Good boy.

Some time later, a large pair of doors shudders open in the hanger, and the iRobot staggers forward, Jaybee's hand pressed firmly to it's head. It sets the elusive long-lost crate from Mao Industries down on the floor, then freezes.

Hi guys!

"Not too often we see those 'bots doing something useful."

The real question is what happens when I lift my hand.


I dunno if I've actually reprogrammed this thing permanently or if I'm just over-riding it. If it's the latter, that left wrist will probably open up the rest of the way and lasers fly... maybe I'll walk him back through the door before I do that.

"We'd all appreciate it."

Right. I'll be back in a minute.

The robot staggers through the door, which slides shut. A few minutes later, the Blowsperior clomps out alone.

Freakin' 'bot. Went right back to just standing there as soon as I let go. I had to take back over and march it out of the hall so it wouldn't be in the way. I should've fragged it just on principle.

"So... did you want this gear equipped?"

Jaybee notices a torpedo casing peeking out of the ammo locker.

Scratch that.
[I've got a better idea.

Grinning like a madman, Jaybee transforms his power suit back to a motorcycle, sheds the armor suit it interfaces to, and starts explaining the plan. As he talks, Astonage gets interested.

"Well, it certainly sounds like a fun mod to implement. I'll get right on it."

Thanks. I'm gonna go to the range and blow some stuff up. I'll be back later.

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Slowly Chaostic's movements have been picking up speed as if becoming accustom to piloting the Gundam thus far the few attacks he attempted had helped rather then hindered there opponent but that was starting to change


a red glow surrounded the heavily armored real as it enters tras AM mode


Igniting his seconded beam saber he closed back in on the enact before it could react and sliced everything but the cockpit and left leg to ribbons.

as the enact spiraled out of control he turned his attention to Sakura

Chaostic: Now it's...

at this point he ejects from his mech, next thing he see is the base personal rushing him of to the medical ward. in his delirium he looks and Sakura and mumbles about beautiful red wings

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The AGGF pilot was clearly delusional in his efforts to force the Enact down.  the pilot dodged effortlessly flipping over the attacker as the Virtue smashed into the ground.

???: I don't know or care who you think I am but all I'm here for is the money you AG-whatsit .

the red haired mercenary drew the plasma saber and removed the downed gundam's head before kicking off it and heading for Sakura.

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Post by: Sakura77 on December 28, 2008, 08:29:31 PM
Realizing that Chaostic is down and the Enact is coming her way, Sakura understands that Super Mode is out of the question and that she doesn't have many options.

Damn it! He has the advantage and I have to keep an eye on Chaostic just incase he wants to attack him again.

???:You are such an idiot to have a machine that has only close ranged weapons. A good pilot has both!

Suddenly the Enact is shot at several times forcing it to dodge or be hit.Looking over, Sakura notices a black knightmare frame with it's assault rifle aimed at the Enact.

What are you doing here Raven?

Raven:I just finished delivering something when I discovered that you were fighting and came to help.

The problem with that statement is that you never come out to help.

Raven:"She" would skin me alive if you died.

Ah. Now I know why you came, the G Raven not working?

Raven:It raises too many questions when I use it, I had this Vincent Commander commissioned for doing things a little less noticeable.

Looks good with the Raven motif.


???:Who the hell are you!

Raven:Someone who doesn't exist.

With this being said, Sakura launched her bees to distract the Enact while Raven launched two slash harken before drawing one of his MSVs before dashing in close followed by Sakura.

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Post by: Sume Gai on December 31, 2008, 01:00:43 AM

the scruffy redheaded merc was enjoying this but even with a third opponent he could win

???: Heh you could have been fine had you left us be but if you try to keep me from my bonus you'll just have to die too.

as he speaks the pilot fires his 20mmVulcan at the incoming Bee's and evades the harkens from the Vincent.  the Pilot then switched the Plasma blade to i's sonic Knife form and blocked the MVS the two harmonic weapons hun in the beif clash before the larger mech flicked the Vincent's attack aside forcing the pilot to release the MVS or lose his arm.

The Enact then ascended upwards, over Sakura, he was about to attack the Queen again when a console within the Enact beeped.  The man not letting his guard down read the message before pulling away from his opponents.

???: you got lucky this time my employer just canceled his contract and trashing you isn't very profitable.

with that the Enact transformed and soared away back into the endless desert.

-Russian DC Production Facility-

the base commander's wrathful gaze was focused on a middle ranking officer, one of the ones who had been from the DC proper.  On his desk sat the report on a most interesting man, one Ali-al Saachez mercenary for hire.  The Commander spoke, a wicked pleasure in his voice; the officer visual squirmed under the unwavering gaze.

Commader: "he is on his way?"

officer: "Y-yessir; he confirmed the change of contract and is on his way here right now."

Commander: "good, now for you.  You're lucky you gave me something very interesting.  as such I'll let this recent misconduct slide... or not..."

Screams of agony soon filled the office and the corridor beyond as the man's mind was tortured till it broke.

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~Forested area, several kilometers due west of AGGF HQ~

*In the woods, near a parked Skychaser and hidden Cybuster, Derek and Masaki are taking it easy in a completely natural way for the two of them. That is, by trying to bash each other's brains out with heavy sticks.*

Derek: *Holding his stick in his right hand like a katana as he swings horizontally*...I can't see it. I really can't.

Masaki: *Holding his stick like a normal longsword as he dodges the swing, then goes for a vertical slash* Why? What's wrong with that one?

Derek: *Moves just to the left to avoid the slash before returning with a vertical of his own* Excellen has too much fun being in that "grey area". I couldn't ever see an evil version of her happening.

Masaki: *Just barely parries before jumping back to give himself some room* Ah, you're no fun. I don't see why she couldn't.

Derek: *Jumps backwards as well, doubling the distance* It'd be like an evil version of me. I'm already enough of a complete bastard as it is, so where else could an evil me go with it?

Masaki: He could start by paying his half of the check from time to time, I'll tell you that.

Derek: Oh, hardy har fricken har. *Grabs his jacket off a nearby tree branch and puts it on, tossing the stick in the process* I think that's enough for today.

Masaki: *Does the same with his own gear* Yeah, I'm beat. Call it a day?

Derek: Yeah. *Starts to walk towards the Skychaser, but stops* Actually, I just thought about something. What about an evil you?

Masaki: *Looks at Derek and grins* It'd never happen. I'm too lovable to go evil.

Derek: It's a hypothetical question, Andoh. I say you'd be gothic and creepy as hell.

Masaki: Sounds like a lot of fun. Anything else?

Derek: The words "Blackhole Cyflash" come to mind.

Masaki: Alright, now you're just making shit up to piss me off.

Derek: Ten bucks says that, if by some fluke of the universe we ever run into an alternate version of you, he'll be evil and have it.

Masaki: *Shrugs* Just to humor you, I'll take that bet. If we don't see it by the time we take out Shu, I win. Deal?

Derek: Deal. Now c'mon, we've been gone for a couple of hours now. The court marshal's probably over by now.

Masaki: Lead the way.

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Finding a large bit of open land a little bit from the base Ash sends the Lancelot soaring into the air. A thought quickly comes to his mind "Why do they build more giant robots with roller-skates?",  before it soars back towards the ground.  Ash maneuvers the Lancelot like he's going in a drift race, before circling around towards the hill, sending the white knight back into the air. Whistling a tune you veteran super robot pilot lands back on the ground once again and checks the power gauge.

Hm…still got some power left. Let see how much I can push this thing.

Ash laughs as the decides to see what the machine can really do.

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And off in the simulator...

"So... why exactly are we engaging in this bout of idiocy again?"

Because we CAN. And you lost our bet over in the rifle range.
Besides, I STILL want to know if it's doable.

"Right. I'll sit this one out. You have fun."

I guess that's fair, if you don't think you can handle it.

"You're just saying that to manipulate me. We both know I can handle it."

You'll have to prove it.

"Sigh.... fine. Computer, restore player mech two. "

All right! Aaaand... Begin simulation.

A pair of Blowsperiors, one in red with black highlights, the other black with blue trim, launch into action as a half-dozen Zaku 2s walk into an arena. The two bikes peel off in different directions, and boost upwards as the Zakus begin firing. Jaybee's black suit drives a blade through one Zaku's eye as it comes down, while Shara's boosts sideways to avoid a hastily-readied heat axe.

I'm ahead!

"That's not a kill, and you know it!"

As she lands, Shara whips up a laser rifle, firing several quick shots at the damaged Zaku, severing the vulnerable energy cables near it's knees. As it collapses to the ground, she boost-dashes forward and slashes her blades through one of the mech's elbows, causing it to crash to the ground. Spinning around, she delivers a quick series of strikes to the mech's back, and rockets skyward as it blows up.

"THAT'S a kill."

I concede the point.

Jaybee fires his missile salvo at another Zaku, damaging it  beyond operation.

Cheap shot, but we're even now. Ahead, if I get partial credit for your kill.

"Partial credit... Tell another joke."

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Having each scored another kill, Jaybee and Shara move in on the last two Zakus, which have grown more aggressive and harder to deal with.

"Did you leave the adaptive difficulty on?"

Of course not. I... crap.

"Nice one, genius."

Both power suits flip away as machine-gun fire peppers the ground they're standing on, and move into evasive action.

Not leaving a lot of openings any more, are they?

"We'll just have to make our own."

I've got a better idea.

Jaybee passes the plan over an "encrypted comm channel" as they continue bouncing around, trying to get a hit.

"Do you REALLY think that'll work?"

Given how pissed they are... it might.

"I guess it's worth a shot. If it actually works, I'm going to laugh, though."

Right. Let's go!

The two Blowsperiors launch an assault of their own, serving only to enrage the Zakus further. They boost around the arena like the Road Runner and Speedy Gonzales on meth, heading in opposite directions and dividing the attention of the two Zakus.


The two Blowsperiors kick off walls on opposite ends of the arena, and head towards the center as fast as possible, rocket packs flaring the whole way as machine gun fire traces towards the leaping mecha. The height of each jump varies As they near the center of the room, they pause for an instant, then leap exceptionally high, and the machine gun fire tracing behind them stitches along after them as both Zakus shoot each other in the chest. Jaybee strikes a pose as he lands, crouching with his blades extended to the sides and down. Shara stands upright, her hands on her stomach.


Told ya. They were getting too focused on hitting us.
So how do we score those kills?

"One each seems fair to me."

So we're tied at three and three...

"If it was a contest."

Is it ever NOT?

"Good point. Want a tiebreaker?"

Naw. I'm starving. I'll buy if you're hungry.

"You've got a deal. And I'll make you regret it."

One all-you-can-eat buffet, coming up!


Damn right! End simulation.

The arena, debris, and power suits fade out as the two head for the door, smiling as they trade verbal jabs.

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After retrieving Chaostic and the remains of Virtue, Sakura returns to the "base" and starts talking to Raven

Do you have any idea who that was?


Okay... even with her insisting, you wouldn't just appear to help me and then stick around. What's going on?

Raven:I have something for you to use on Kina so she fully repairs and won't be affected as bad as she was.  Also, I've had the Overboost rebuilt to be compatible with the V2.

The overboost? Wasn't the designed for the Impulse but was scrapped when it was discovered that it put too much stress on the pilot's body?

Raven:Yes but, one was completed and was used for a short time. I have had it redesigned for the V2 but, it's been set up so that only newtypes and psychodrivers can use it.

The V2 itself is suicide at 20G so why would I want some thing that would shatter every bone in my body if I used it?

Raven:It's not as dangerous as it was originally made to be, significant efforts have been made so that the pilot only feels half of the total Gs.

Which is?

Raven:42G. You know she was the one who insisted on having it adapted to the V2.

Leave it to Shirahime to insist that her "mother" needs something as dangerous as the Overboost. Where is she by the way?

Raven:She's nearby, after I leave here, we're going to get the Overboost and head towards the Duragreiz and the rest of your guy's ships.

After we are ready here, we'll leave and head back to the ships ourselves. Take care of her Raven.

Raven:I will and stay alive.

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Meanwhile, somewhere else...

DC Soldier: "Sir, the commander wishes to speak to you about the virus incident."

???: "I've already told him what happened. The person he assigned to the project was incompetent. And I took care of the problem."

DC: "We don't execute people for incompetence!"

???: "Well, maybe you SHOULD. Now move, I have things to do."

Shouldering aside the stunned trooper, the man strides off as the trooper falls to the floor. He appears to be in his late teens. His hair is shaved into a Patrick Stewart look. He wears a blue tunic with gold trim and buttons, and a black cape with a royal blue lining, which flaps behind him as his rapid, purposeful stride carries him down the hallway, and through a door. The luckless DC soldier blinks, then stands up and starts wondering what to do.

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-Africa base-

???????: *AHEM*

interrupting the conversation an old man with gray hair was standing to the side of Sakura and her friend.  his hands rest on a long oak cane

???????: "I am Doctor Hickman the proprietor of the GN drives.  I was going to repair the Exia for you but after that performance I think I've changed my mind I'll be keeping both it and the Virtue.  I don't think the AGGF needs them and besides I have uses for them."

the serious expression on his face left no room for arguments

Hickman: "I've arrange transportation for you two.  It will take you and that mech back to your Asia base."

again the stern expression made this into an unsubvertable order coupled with the fact that he quickly left the pilots alone with no time to object


the Enact from earlier followed the lighted runway even in the slackening snow entering into an underground which a large Blue machine a medium sized red machine and Hamgrabi.  the Red haired mercenary left his mech to be escorted by a notably nervous DC gopher. 

He soon found himself in a lounge with an equally vicious looking Blond haired man

???: "you the one who called me out here?"

Yazan: "nope. looks like the big boss around here wanted us both"

???: "I hope this is worth it I lost a good job to come here."

????????: Oh I assure you Mr. Saachez, what I have to say will no doubt interest you greatly.

the base commander smiled even as the two vicious men turned their gaze towards him

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~Duragreiz Bridge~

Bright: Status update.

Operator: Repairs to the hatches are at 95%, and three more blast doors need to be fixed. Oh, and the repairs are finally done on the infirmary walls.

Bright: Finally. Next time someone destroys my ship, I'm making a persona non grata list, starting with the pilots and working my way up from there.

Operator: Duly noted, sir. And I think we all agree.

Comm Officer: *Checks her station*....Sir, we're picking up a signal. It's being broadcast worldwide. *Her eyes widen as she checks the source* It's coming from the Earth Cradle!

Bright: Put it on screen! *His eyes widen as he sees the image* This is...!!!

~Aoi Tsubasa Lounge~

Derek: *Walks into the room, lacking any sort of shirt but still managing to dry his hair around his visor* Ah, showers. Every once in awhile, humanity does something right. *Stops and looks as he realizes the entire group is crowding around the lounge's TV*.....Okay, what's going on?

Haruka: *Wordlessly shifts over so he can get a look*

Derek: *Moves up to see* This had better be--Ah. Yeah, that'd do it.

~Being broadcast worldwide~

*A grim-faced man bearing scars from countless battles long past and wearing the uniform of a military colonel stands in front of the camera, his arms folded and his eyes closed. Finally, he opens his eyes and stares down the camera, and presumably the entire world audience, through it.*

Van: People of the Earth Sphere! I am Colonel Van Vat Tran, last surviving officer of the Divine Crusaders. Listen to what I have to say.

The Earth Sphere is in grave danger. From beyond the stars, alien beings lurk with the intention of destroying humanity, or worse, enslaving us for their own purposes. But rather than stand up and prepare to battle this threat, the world is in chaos. Entire military forces rise to power and fall into obscurity within mere months, and armed terrorists run rampant, doing as they please. The Neo-Titans forced the entire UNS military into exile to secure their own power, only to be wiped out themselves and reabsorbed into the EFA forces. But has the EFA done anything? No! An alien menace looms just over the horizon, and all they have done is throw away the lives of their soldiers in an ineffectual military campaign, and even now continue to exhaust valuable resources on fruitless endeavors. When the extraterrestrials return to this world, Brian Midcrid will no doubt cower at their feet, or behind his precious "Aegis Plan", while the rest of the world burns around him. Is this what we want? Is this the way we wish to see humanity end?

I refuse to accept such a fate!

The legendary Macross defeated the Zentradi, but they could do nothing about the actions of the treacherous humans who owed them everything. The miracle of the L5 Campaign against the Aerogaters will not happen a second time. If anyone is going to stand up for humanity's sake, it must be humanity itself! It was for that purpose that our founder, Dr. Bian Zoldark, created the Divine Crusaders in the first place. To prove to the world that we do not need the Shield of Aegis, when we can wield the Scythe of Harpe! If the ones in power will not help humanity, then they must be removed!

It is for that reason that I ask of all of you. Every man, woman, and child. Zentradi, or human. If you wish to protect the planet we all call home, I ask you to join your strength to mine. For the promise of a better tomorrow, I ask every one of you to come together, and join our cause! The dream that Bian Zoldark envisioned when he created the Divine Crusaders continues to smoulder in the ashes, and it is from those ashes that we rise again. For make no mistake, we are no mere remnants of the DC. We have been revitalized, even reborn! No, we are not the old Divine Crusaders...we are the new! We are....

*The camera pans back to show Van entirely, standing with the DC flag as a backdrop behind him*

The Neo Divine Crusaders....The Neo DC!!!

~Duragriez Bridge~

*As the speech ends and the broadcast starts to just show the NDC insignia onscreen, Bright sits down in his chair and sighs tiredly*

Operator: Captain...that was....

Bright: I know what that was. That was a declaration of war.

~Aoi Tsubasa Lounge~

Derek: *Sits down on the couch quietly, pondering the gravity of the situation*

Haruka: *Turns the TV off* Well, Captain?

Derek:.....*Stands up* Take this as a hint, guys. The screwing around is over. Van Vat Tran just issued a challenge to the world, and he's got the means to back it up. That means it's our turn to step up. Everyone get set and strap in. There's a storm on the horizon, and we're headed straight for it.

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-Gai's Office-

a simple button push killed the small desktop tv from which the speech had just played and was now emitting cheers from DC solders

as expected... I wonder if Doctor Zoldark would've support this?

-Russian DC base-

the Three had seen the broadcast at the commanders behest the screen it had been displayed on folded away as Ali-al Saaches spoke

Ali: "so you're offering me a job with the DC?"

????????: "not exactly you'll be working directly for me"

Yazan: "but aren't you with the DC? after all they're the ones who sign my paychecks"

????????: "not exactly Mr. Gable I'm with what you might call an Independent party.  Our goals are a little different but we need the DC and more specifically men like you"

Ali:  "as long as I get paid to fight I don't care what you want."

the commander wrote something on a sheet of paper and slid it over to the mercenary

????????: "Will this suffice, weekly of course"

Ali lifts the paper and whistles at the sum. he smiles as he makes it official

Ali: "when do I start? Boss."

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After hearing the broadcast, Sakura quickly had her and Chaostic's things into the transport and then put Chaostic in and started the transport and headed towards the rest of the AGGF

This is going to be bad, I know that everyone won't be sitting around after hearing that message. I better hurry and get us back.

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Having just woken up and turned on his television, only to see the broadcast, Ianator is already headed for the mess.

And thus the entire Earth Sphere is plunged into civil war once again.

Time for a bagel...

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Time for a bagel...

With cream cheese and honey butter.

I truly hope that people will not buy into his BS, but humanity rarely does the smart thing. The world is truly geared towards stupid people.

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A while after his joyride, Ash walks onto the bridge of the Aoi Tsubasa just in time to catch the boardcast of the Neo DC

Ah hell, there goes the planet.

Thinking for a second Ash quickly comes up a carefully, well thought out plan. Something that would bring a shinning light into this moment of darkness

Who wants pizza?

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*An entire sea of hands went up at the request for pizza*

Derek: Black olives on mine.

Haruka: I'll take the supreme.

Alexis: Strawberries and chocolate!

Fuyume: Me too!

Masaki: Pepperoni. Keep it simple.

Kuro/Shiro: Anchovies, meow!

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Shortly after the broadcast, Matt's cell phone went off.  "Hello?"

"Dude, did you see that broadcast?!"

"What broadcast, Dave?"

"Some 'Van Vat Tral' just declared war on the world and reinstated the DC!"

"You'd think I'd hear these things directly by now, huh?  Well, looks like they're the idiots who kidnapped my mom, then.  I'm stuck with AGGF for now, so I'll have to see what they decide to do with me before I act, especially since I don't have a mech at the moment."

"I'd help you out, but I don't own any."

"I know, I know.  Just go into hiding before they get interested in that new thing you were working on, and if you finish it, let me know."

"Got it."

Matt hung up on his eccentric friend, who claimed to be working on a new power armor that could fight on par with a VF-1.  He wasn't exactly anticipating results, so he turned to Chris and said "We might want to postpone that trip.  Seems someone's set up something called the Neo DC now and declared war on the world a la Zoldark.  Somehow, this feels like the wrong time to just take off on a selfish mission..."

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Ash: (starts to write down the order) Black olives, supreme. (looks over at Alexis and Fuyume) Strawberries and chocolate…… (shivers) Pepperoni and anchovies. Alright. (points towards the sky) To the kitchen!!!

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Ooh, wait for me! I wanna see how my pizza-twirling skills turn out when I'm not hooked up to a T-Link System.

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And so the endless waltz of history repeats itself again.

Shara: "Waltz of history? What the hell sort of idiocy is that?"

Well, you see... it's like... A waltz has three beats, and...

"No, don't try to explain. Shut up while you still have some shred of dignity left."

So harsh...
Guess it's time to get the guns out again.
Knew it was too quiet to last.

"I was bored out of my mind. Bring on the war."

Right, I forget. You're insanely trigger-happy.

"No, Jay. You forget that I was literally MADE for war.THIS is what gives my life meaning."

That's really depressing. Thank you for reminding me why we fought so hard against the Balmarians.

"Oh, you'd've liked it once they rewired your brain."

I like my brain as it is, thank you very much.

"Good. Besides, they wanted drones, not warriors."

And since I'd rather not dwell on this topic any longer.... you wanna give me a hand moving some stuff?

"That depends greatly on what sort of stuff."

I finally picked up a REAL weapons locker for sickbay. Doc might can smash robots with a wooden sword, but the rest of the staff isn't so lucky. And given the ship has a cyborg prone to going berserk and shooting holes in the sickbay, I thought they might want some light anti-mecha gear in there. Something they can immobilize a walking battle tank with.

"I want to see the video when they try to use it. That's all I ask in return. I've lost too much sleep to that nonsense."

You've got yourself a deal. Let's go.

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A couple hours later Ash returns from the kitchen to the bridge. The mech pilot is dressed in an outfit very different from his normal attire. Instead of his pilot suit he has on a white dress shirt and black vest almost making him look like a waiter, on top of all that he has on a white apron with bold red writing that says "Needs more Rider Kick." Balancing various personal pan versions of the crews order, he quickly sets them down in front of their resistant ordered.   Before sitting down himself with a deep dish pepperoni.

Ash: (holds up part of his pizza) Itakimasu!

Quickly finishing his pizza and saying something about "You guys can do the dishes." Ash pulls off his apron and walks out of the bridge. Eventually making his way to the hanger, he stands in front of 21.

Ash: Alright Abiou, time to give you a tune up. (shakes his wrist as the Taros fall out and appear on the floor) Naps over guys.

Momotaros: Five more miutes.

Kintaros: Z Z Z Z Z Z….

Ryutaros: Is it time for breakfast?

Urataros: Why did you wake me up, I was having such a nice dream about many lovely ladies.

Ash: (crosses his arms)

Momotaros: (slowly gets up) Fine. Kuma, Kame, Ryuta, let's go. Time to help the boy fix his little toy.

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A caped figure strides through the DC base, heading towards a meeting/

???: "Hello."

Lemon: "You're late, you know. I trust things are going well?"

?: "You've brought a quite intriguing device with you. Some of it seems familiar, but some of it I'm having to work the basic principles of operation as I go. And the core seems to be missing some critical components. I suppose if you had those, you wouldn't need me."

L: "Indeed. I hope this is meeting with more success than that project for the DC."

?: "That was due to incompetent assistance. One man failed to deliver the virus, and when it made it in through sheer chance, the other man assumed we'd already won. Then tipped our hand to the AGGF, so they know the DC is after them. Why the DC tolerates idiots like that is beyond me. In MY organization, they'd all be out an airlock."

L: "Speaking of which... where IS your organization right now?"

?: " *ahem* It seems some of my more trusted men had ambitions. When I went missing, they all lunged for the throne. Most of my equipment and men are gone."

 "Good people are so hard to find aren't they?"
Lemon smiles as she says this, and places an odd, but ever-so-slight emphasis on people.

?: "Androids aren't exactly trouble-free either, the way I hear it. "

Lemon's smile disappears instantly.
"What did you-"

?: "I fully expect you've bugged my office too. I don't trust you, you don't trust me. We're only here because we need a hand at the moment."

Lemon's smile returns.
 "I see the people in this world DO have teeth. I'll have to be more careful in the future."

The man grins.
"Please do. It makes life far more interesting. By the way... I have an attack plan that benefits all of us."

L: "All of us? I'm listening."

The man brings up a map of the area around the AGGF on his PDA, and starts pointing to spots while he talks.
?: "We can set a small force here, uncloaked. We set reinforcements here, *he points to a spot near the first force, and more forces here and here. *he points to two spots farther away from the first force, but far closer to the base."

L: "The other two forces won't be able to close in fast enough to close the trap."

?: "They're a second trap. If the AGGF deploys a small force to deal with our bait force, we can strike them down with the reinforcement team, removing at least one of their commanders. If they send their full might at the bait, they leave their base undefended, and-"

L: "We can steal their ships with these other forces!"

?: "Exactly. I'd like to include this mecha in the bait force."

Lemon looks at the PDA, then smiles.
L: "Have you looked at this unit's pilot?"

?: "I couldn't care less who flies it, as long as they can fight. Probably one of your robots anyways."

L: "No, this pilot's human.... partially, anyways."

Tapping a button she passes the PDA back to the claoked figure, and watches the look on his face.

L: "Even across dimensions, your destinies seem to intertwine. Perhaps fate has it's own - "

?: "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! Yes, he'll do nicely. "

L: "Then let's begin preperations."

?: "Yes. I DO wonder which net will close this time."

(OOC: Shouldn't be ??? too much longer now.)

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~HQ Kitchen~

Masaki: Man, Derek took off fast.

Haruka: He IS second-in-command, after all. With the Neo DC announcement, he needs to make sure we're ready in case they try to retake this base again. You saw how well we fared last time.

Masaki: Yeah. And Alexis went straight back to the ship to work on the mechs.

Haruka: Fuyume, naturally, went to help.

Masaki: *Nods* Yeah, things are getting busy for everyone. Which makes me wonder....*Holds up a plate* Why are WE doing the dishes?

Haruka: *Finishes scrubbing off another plate and hands it to Andoh* They needed to be done, and you didn't find something else to do fast enough. That's life.

Masaki: Yeah....

*The two of them continue to do dishes for several minutes in silence*

Masaki:.....So, what do you think about this NDC thing?

Haruka: *Shrugs* We're going to fight them, that much is assured. My thoughts on the subject don't really matter.

Masaki: Of course they do. Even if there's no choice in whether or not you fight, your thoughts and feelings on why you're fighting still matter. If you just stopped caring about it, then what's the point?

Haruka:....That's surprisingly pep-talkish of you, Masaki. Remind me to check the chemicals in this soap, later.

Masaki: Hah hah. Real funny.

Kuro: She's right, meow. We're usually the ones getting the pep-talk, not the other way around. *Finishes drying off a plate with the towel wrapped around her tail*

Shiro:....You missed a spot, meow.

Kuro: *Flicks her tail and throws the towel in Shiro's face*

Haruka: *Smirks as she hands off another plate* I won't argue your point, but it doesn't really matter. We're going to fight the Neo DC, and that just isn't going to change.

Masaki:.....Because Rena joined them, right?


Masaki: Derek likes to be mysterious, but he's really predictable when she's involved.

Haruka: *Nods* As long as he has reason to believe she joined the NDC, he'll go through every last one of them to find her. That's why my thoughts don't matter, because I know they won't change his decision any.

Masaki: Do you agree with it?

Haruka:....Anyone else, and I'd say no. But I trust him. Some.

Shiro: *Looks over at Kuro with the towel still on his head* What's that mean, anyway?

Kuro: It means she's coming along to make sure he doesn't get himself killed, meow.

Haruka: He's going to chase after her, no matter what we do. The best I can do is give him all the support I can and hope for the best. We'd give you the same help, if it came down to Shu.

Masaki: Ergh...

Kuro: Oh no, she said it.

Shiro: Cue depressed Masaki in three, two....

Masaki:.....How much....have you heard about that, anyway?

Haruka: Not much, but I know a blood vengance when I see one. You're usually pretty single-minded about it.

Masaki: *Stares at the plate in his hand*.....Shu left a lot of bodies in his wake, back in La Gias. Someone really important to me was among them. That's why I can't....

Haruka: *Puts her hand on Masaki's shoulder* I understand. Just don't think you'll have to do it alone.

Masaki:.....*Closes his eyes and puts the plate down in the water* Yeah. Derek and Jay have both said the same thing. And I appreciate it. *Laughs a little as he looks down at the water* Y'know, chasing Shu is what got me involved in the DC War in the first place.

Haruka: I remember hearing about it. The Hiryu spotted you on the way to the Coatsland base in Antarctica at first, then you got there just in time to save the SRX Team from being wiped off the map by the Granzon.

Shiro: Then we met the Hagane again at, uh, some island or another. I don't remember which one.

Kuro: There were a lot of islands out there, meow.

Haruka: *Nods* You took out the entire base's cannon grid with one Cyflash, which put you out just long enough for the Hagane to pick you up.

Masaki: *Winces* Yeah, not one of my better moments.

Kuro: They didn't get very long to talk to us before Masaki decided to take off again.

Masaki:....Yeah. The only reason I stuck with the Hagane was because Elzam told me to.

Haruka: Because Shu was a high-ranking DC officer, so you'd have a better chance getting to him in one piece if you went with a group.

Masaki: That was the excuse, but...

Haruka: But...?

Masaki: I've...had some time to think back on it. And yes, before you make any cracks, I DO think every once in awhile.

Haruka: Go on.

Masaki: The DC took the Feds completely by surprise, and the UCC completely took over space. They pretty much had the world by the throat, but...They didn't go for it. Even with all the firepower they had, all the chances they had to win the war, they lost to two ships, a handful of mechs, and the maniacs driving them. On two seperate fronts. At first, I thought it was because we were just that damned good, or maybe that damned lucky, but...

Haruka: As time went on, you started to suspect otherwise.

Masaki: I had a chance to think back on it. A lot of the officers in the DC were slimeballs. Tenzan Nakajima, Tempest Hawker, Alder Koch...Those assholes just wanted to kill as many people as they could. We wouldn't have lost to creeps like them on our worst day, but they would have thrown everything they could at us as soon as they realized we were a real threat. But the guys actually running the show....Elzam....Shu....and old man Zoldark himself? They almost opened the front door and let us walk right in.

Haruka: The official report said that the Kurogane did just enough damage to the Hagane to stop it's Tronium Cannon from hitting the main base.

Masaki: *Nods* Elzam didn't want us to just blow the place and walk. He wanted us to fight Bian, face to face. Zoldark said our fight with him would determine the Earth's fate. We all thought he was just talking about the DC, but even after he died, Alder took the remaints and kept fighting. That wasn't fate, it was just another jackass trying to take over the world. It wasn't until the Aerogaters showed up that I really got what the old man was talking about, at the end.

Haruka: About mankind standing up together against the alien invaders?

Masaki: *Nods*.....I dunno if I ever mentioned this, but I'm the one who actually killed him. Even at the end, knowing full well that death was waiting for him, all he wanted was for the rest of us to keep going. His one big regret was.....*Looks away, back into the water*....Ryune...

Haruka: His daughter. But, she joined up with you to help fight Alder's DC forces, didn't she?

Masaki:....Yeah. And she and I are actually pretty good friends. Sometimes, I wonder if she thinks of me as a little more than that. But I just....*Shakes his head* It's kinda hard sometimes, to look at her and not think to myself, "I'm the reason your dad's not around anymore."

Haruka: *Smirks, and pats Masaki on the shoulder again* A thoughtful gentleman, you are. Bian would have loved a son-in-law like you, I'm sure.

Masaki: Yeah, I guess--Wait, WHAT?! *Immediately backs away from Haruka, hands in front* WHOAWHOAWHOAWHOA--I dunno WHO you've been talking to, but she and I aren't--We haven't--IT'S NOT LIKE THAT, I SWEAR!!!!

Haruka: *Bursts out laughting* Ah, it's fun to tease you sometimes.

Masaki: You did that on purpose?! YOU SUCK!!

Haruka: *Smiles* And you're not depressed anymore, are you?

Masaki:.....Not really. Thanks, I guess.

Haruka: *Shrugs* It's what I do. So, what are you gonna do with the NDC?

Masaki: *Thinks about it for a second*....I don't know this Van Vat Tran guy, but whatever his excuses for doing it are, he's bringing another war down on the world, and using Bian Zoldark's name to do it. For his sake....and everyone else who died in that stupid war, no matter which side they were on....and, for her, too.....I won't let him get away with it. The real Divine Crusaders died with Bian Zoldark at Aideonus Island. Everyone else who's brought them back since are just fakes, cashing in on the name for their own plans. Those are the ones I can't forgive.

Haruka: So you'll be right there with us when we put an end to it.

Masaki: Hell yeah! It took three Akashic Busters to finally put old man Zoldark down. Anyone who tries to follow him better be ready to eat FOUR.

Haruka: Glad to hear it. But, before you go out and drop hellfire down on anyone....*Motions Masaki over*

Masaki: *Gets close*....Huh?

Haruka: *Points at the plate still sitting in the water* You missed a spot.

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Just as Chaostic was waking up from his odd slumber, the transport that he and Sakura are on arrives at HQ

Took you long enough Chaostic,  we're back at HQ. Dr. Hickman took Exia and Virtue saying that the AGGF doesn't need them. Well I'm off to report to Commander Gai after having Queen placed in the hangar. You may want to see the doc since you were acting very weird during the attack.

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OoC: Hey, there.  I saw this thread, and I figured you might want a character batting for the villain's side.  And then I had an interesting idea.

*A desolate wasteland in Syria.  Various large mobile armour of three types lie in awkward positions, some of them even upside down.  The pilots, garbed in fairly gaudy spacesuits are all unconscious, and two of them are even dead from breaking their seat belts and hitting the glass.

One of them, an older black haired corporal wearing a silver mask, slowly stirs and quickly contacts his squad mates.*

Corporal: Seripa!  Lorando!  You guys out there?

Seripa: Ungh... Five more minutes...


Tenma: Seripa, you're a Zeon soldier, wake up.  Lorando, you may address me as Ten.

Seripa: Aww, but you don't let me address you as Ten, Tenma.

Tenma: That's CORPORAL Tenma to you, Private.  Now the both of you, do a systems check.

Lorando: Everything is in working condition, sir!  Getter Ray output levels are normal, C-Parts are functional.

Seripa: Yeah, yeah, it's all working.  Are we gonna-

Tenma: Yes.  Form the Zaku-1!  Open the gate!  CHANGE ZAKU!

*The three mobile armours stack in the air and form a gigantic looking red Zaku I with a cape and longer helmet points.  It strikes a pose.*

Lorando: Zaku-I Change complete!

Seripa: I'm never going to get used to that sequence... yeeee...

Tenma: The others should get over the dimensional transfer soon.  In the meantime, we should head over to the checkpoint and establish contact with the Neo DC, as we were instructed.

Seripa: I don't get this whole mission, Corporal.  I thought there wouldn't be any war after the the collapse of the United Dinosaur Empire, the Aerogaters, and The Old Republic.

Lorando: As soldiers of Zeon, we shouldn't argue with our orders.

Tenma: They didn't tell me much, but we since Earth's so messed up after the war, we need somewhere to stuff the Earthnoids, and Earth-2 is perfect.  Unfortunately there's aliens and war here, so we're going to help the Neo DC sort this mess all out.  I'm just glad to be back in the cockpit again, wasting some mechs.

Seripa: Gee, it's a good thing this is a regular conversation and not extraneous exposition, Corporal.

Tenma: Shut up Seripa, don't be cute.  Here's the meeting point.

*The rather large and weighty Zaku-I lands quite firmly, breaking the ground beneath it.  A fairly generic DC officer, Officer Demes, in a Landgrith/Randgrith, contacts them.*

Demes: I take it you're the ones from the Zeon Extragalactic forces.  I'm Aetos Demes of the DC, Generic reception division.

Seripa: Oh, good, we got the right place.  I hate asking for directions.

Tenma: I told you to shut up, Private!  (over radio) Hail, Officer Demes.  I am Corporal Loh Tenma of the Expeditionary forces.  These two with me are privates Seripa and Lorando.  (not over radio) but if I had my way about it, you'd still be cadets!

Lorando: Reporting for duty!

Seripa: Uh, yo, reporting in!

Demes: Where is the rest of the squadron?

Tenma: About a, uh, "click"?  Yeah, a "click" northeast, over those mountains.  They're still dealing with the effects of dimensional crossing.

Demes: We'll send the Rhinoceros out to pick them up, sit tight.  Over and out.

Seripa: So, who are we fighting, again?

Lorando: They're called the EDF and the AGGF.  Didn't you listen at all during briefing?

Seripa: I was busy checking out the girls.  Skintight spacesuits are AMAZING!

Tenma: Heh.  I did the same thing in my first briefing.

Seripa: Really, Corporal?

Tenma: I got shot down by a dino-missle, and was hospitalized for a week.

Lorando: Around the time of the Minovsky crisis, right?

Tenma: I'm not that old, Lorando.

*Some time later, on the Rhinoceros...*

Demes: We are approaching the AGGF base.  This force is meant to act as bait for our main attack.

Tenma: I can live with that.

Demes: Another unit will fight alongside you, so do not be alarmed.

Lorando: The hatch is opening, sir!

Tenma: Zaku-1, move out!

Seripa: Uh, you're at the controls, Tenma.

Tenma: What's your point?  And call me Corporal.

Seripa: You don't really have to yell it out.

Tenma: Shut up, Seripa.  HEAT HAWK BOOMERANG!

*The Zaku-1s of the forces toss their gigantic heat hawks, which spin and rip apart the forests around the AGGF base, scrape up the sides of the installation, and then return perfectly to their hands.*

Seripa: (Whistles) You don't waste any time.

Lorando: That's why they call him The Tenderizer!

Tenma: That's right.  Now let's go carve someone up.

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Post by: Ianator on January 17, 2009, 03:26:48 AM
Newtype FLASH~!

Crap. Looks like we've got some uninvited guests.

Ianator gets up from his bed, grabs an antacid and a glass of water and contacts the command center.

Ops, this is Ian. Someone's making some hostile waves nearby, and I don't like where they're headed. I'm headed up.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on January 17, 2009, 03:33:35 AM
???: Are... those YOUR men?

Lemon: *blink* No. I've already brought all mine over. Besides, my people haven't even STARTED getting the mecha ready. You have some interesting requirements.

???: That's what I thought. And is that a... Getter Zaku?

Lemon: I think so. I can't help but wonder what kind of universe creates something like that.

???: It IS both awe-inspiring and terrifying at the same time. They seem to have landed in the wrong dimension.

Lemon: It DOES sound that way. They certainly THINK they're working for us.

???: Let's see what happens. This should be entertaining, if nothing else.

Lemon: Indeed. I wonder if there's any popcorn around...

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Post by: Derek on January 17, 2009, 10:35:12 AM
Derek: *Sitting out on the open cockpit door of the Shining, which is in turn sitting in the same position on the edge of the Tsubasa's deck* Well now. Wasn't expecting THAT. I guess we can test the waters, a bit. *Taps his comm* Fuyume-chan. Fire a few shots from the forward and port side cannons at that thing. If it can't dodge a few shots like that, I'm not even gonna consider going out there and fighting it myself.

Fuyume: Hai, Derek-sama! Ichi, Ni, Roku, fire!

*As ordered, several rounds of long-range beams are fired at the offending mech, intent on making this a very short attack.*

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Post by: TheTenderizer on January 17, 2009, 01:38:48 PM
Seripa: Hey, uh, does anyone else hear a buzzing noise?

*A Zaku Getter to the right of theirs is immediately hit with a long range beam.  The armour is thick enough to resist most of it, but it still manages to burn right through.*

Lorando: Multiple high-energy beams coming from one o'clock!

Tenma: Scramble!

*The Zaku-1 splits into the three Mobile armours.  One is red and resembles the Val Varo.  One is Blue and resembles the Apsalus.  The last one is green and doesn't really resemble any mobile armours, and doesn't look like it should even be flying.  By splitting apart, the three units deftly dodge the remainder of the barrage*

Seripa: Zaku-1 is too obvious and slow!  We'll have to use Zaku-2!

Lorando: Can't we use Zaku-3, sir?  The superior armour would-

Tenma: I hate to say it, private, but I think that the Zeon engineers made the Zaku-3 as a sick joke against soldiers everywhere.  Zaku-2 configuration!

Lorando/Tenma: Open the-

Tenma: Private, I give the orders here.  Open the gate!  Zaku-2 CHANGE!

Seripa: You never let us say anything.

*The three mobile armours stack up while avoiding shots to form a Gouf with a very large heat-drill arm and some sort of propeller hand*

Seripa: Now it's my time to shine!

Tenma: Just don't get us killed.

Lorando: This isn't like a simulation, Seripa.  Also, the barrage has stopped.  We've taken a single casualty, sir.

Seripa: Don't be such spoilsports.  Propeller cracker!  Prepare to submerge!

*The Zaku-2 releases the propellor, which carries a number of grenades as a bundle - not unlike a dandelion spore, which is carried over the AGGF base.  Another propeller quickly replaces the first one, and the drill begins to rotate rapidly.  The Zaku-2 begins to drill underground as the remaining Zaku Gettes cover them with heat hawks and more crackers.  The Zaku-2 drills straight through the bottom of the AGGF hangar, and the grenades begin to detonate over top of them.*

Seripa: Looks like we hit PAY DIRT!  ha ha ha!  Get it?

Tenma: Private, the Republic of Zeon has court-martials for those who make terrible puns.  Now start blowing things up.

Seripa:...Yes, sir.

Lorando: We've got company.

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Post by: Derek on January 17, 2009, 02:52:35 PM
Derek: Huh. Haven't seen floaters in awhile. *Flips backwards into the cockpit just as the Shining does the same, coming into a standing position.* Well, let's see. Base guns, target the ones on the right side. Fuyume, use short bursts and take out the ones on the left. Leave the center one alone. On my mark....Fire!

*As the grenade pod opens, a hail of gunfire opens up and takes out all but a single one in the middle. As it starts to fall out of the air, the Shining Gundam suddenly jumps back, dashes forward, and boost jumps straight off the ship towards it*

Derek: Been working on this idea for awhile, but I didn't think I'd get a chance to use it. Spinkick!

*Just as it is about to collide with the explosive, the Gundam suddenly flips around in midair and kicks the crap out of the grenade, sending it flying....directly at the Rhinoceros in the distance. The crew has just enough time to realize what's about to happen as it impacts straight into the bridge, destroying it entirely.*

Derek: *Lands with his arms crossed, watching the explosion* THAT was definately worth it.

Fuyume: Gooooooaaaaaallllll~!

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Post by: Sume Gai on January 17, 2009, 02:52:48 PM
(While I like your style  there is a need to make this fight quick as certain story events are about to take place.)
-AGGF Hanger-

Gai: " ya know it's not exactly a good Idea to show up right in the middle of your enemies Hanger when they are inside it as well."

as if in response the Eyes of the surrounding mechs flash in unison. and one of them, a Black and White Huckebein Boxer, steps forward.

Gai: "I hope you'll understand we're not exactly in the mood right now."

the larger fists begin to glow as a powerful barrier forms around them.


With a heavy swing the first fist Strikes out at the drill arm. the Field sure to break it upon impact

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Post by: Sakura77 on January 17, 2009, 03:21:45 PM
Sakura sitting in Dinah after using Raven's disc to repair Kina looks at the Getter knockoff and shakes her head

Whoever built that machine is either an idiot or a genius. Kina how are repairs going?

Kina: The disc that you used got rid of the virus and repaired many of my damaged systems. I'd say that I'm ready for combat since the only damaged areas were underneath the armor Sakura-sama.

100% then?

Kina: Pretty much except that the X-CANNON is not working yet.

Can't use it inside the base anyway. Since Commander Gai is working on the junk, target as many enemies as possible and take them out.

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Post by: TheTenderizer on January 17, 2009, 03:30:06 PM
OoC: Fair enough.  I thought you guys were making this up on the fly (though obviously there are arcs and whatnot).

Lorando: We're surrounded!

Seripa: What's that?

Tenma: Beats me.  Sink it, rookie!

Lorando: I think it's a close-combat type!  Don't let it-

Seripa: You wanna have a fistfight?  There's a drill on the front of this ship - I mean Zaku!  Eat it!

*The rapidly spinning drill and the punch collide head-on.  The energy barrier outmatches the heat generated, and the drill is snapped in two, albeit the larger bit of it getting lodged in the Boxer's fist.  Both mechs stumble from the drill breaking, but the Huckbein is clearly the decisive winner.*

Tenma: Quick, get some distance on it, kid!

Seripa: What just happened?

Lorando: I've analyzed the data!  I-It's a Huckbein!

Tenma: Nani?

Getter Zaku pilot: (Over radio) Corporal!  Something's wrong... the carrier's down!  I think there was a problem on the DC communication... Get out of there!

Tenma: Listen up, ladies, we need an escape route, and fast!

*The Zaku-2 maintains its distance from the Boxer and its glowing eyes*

Lorando: Sir, I've located a water channel for naval ships.  Can we-

Tenma: Yeah, yeah-form the Zaku-3!  We're getting out of here!

Seripa: Hey, you, the "Hackbeing" pilot!  Don't think this is over!  Mine is a drill that will pierce the heave-

Tenma: Not now!  Open the gate!  CHANGE ZAKU-3!

*The three mobile armours once again split off, firing blasts at whatever they can and dropping smoke for cover.  They then form up to create what seems to be a Kapool with really wide legs.*

Lorando: Finally... Zaku... (sniff) ZAKU-3 CHANGE COMPLETE, COLONEL!

Tenma: Shut up and get us out of here!


*The Zaku-3 launches a barrage of missiles from its chest at the ceiling, and makes a break for the waterway.*

Lorando: Man, that was close!

Seripa: Yeeeah, but now we're rich!

Tenma: Stop that.  Take us to DC headquarters, private.  We need to get this mess sorted out.

Seripa: Wait, how do we know where the DC headquarters is, sir?

Tenma: You're getting on my nerves, rookie.

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Jaybee heads to the Stampede Valk, grabs the boarding ladder, then pauses.

Hey, Shara.... Do we really need to do anything? It looks like they're making a run for it.

"Probably not, but I'm bored."

Fair enough.

Jaybee climbs into his Stampede, and as it starts up, he shifts it into battroid mode and stomps out of the hanger, walking around the hole where Zaku Robo entered.. Raising the right arm, he fires a particle cannon designed for ship-cracking at the retreating enemy mechs. The beam punches through the armor and grazes the generator, turning the robot into a fireball

Aerodynamics of a rock, but big guns are fun!

Shara's VF-22 flies past him, rattling his mech with a sonic boom. Shifting to GERWALK, she dives towards another mech, gouging it's armor with her beam talon mod and damaging a shoulder.

"Pick up the pace, slowpoke!!"

Look who's talking. My target's dead already. Pbbbbth.

And the last of the mechs sink into the water and vanish.


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Post by: Ianator on January 17, 2009, 05:20:28 PM
Getter Zakus? I gotta hand it to whoever made those, they sure know awesome. Wonder if I can make my Strikes combine...

Also, Commander Gai, when's my R-3 coming out of the shop?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on January 17, 2009, 06:30:02 PM
Unable to join in the fight, Matt simply watched dumbfounded as the Getter Zakus arrived, were trounced, and with a loud sigh, said "The cosmos have a sick sense of humor..."

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Post by: Ash Rudel on January 17, 2009, 07:56:55 PM
Ash: Alright Momo, give it some gas.

The engines of 21 roar to life as Ash stands beside them with a wretch tapping against it. He closes his eyes and sinks up his breathing with the sound of the tapping. Quickly opening his eyes he flips open a panel on the leg.

Ash: Looks like something came loose in one of the lower circuit boards during that last fight. (pokes his head in and starts to look around) Ryutaro's how the power levels?

Ryutaros: ( sitting on 21's shoulder) Fuel cell and back up power is ok Ni-san.

Kintaros: (sitting cross-legged in front of 21) Weapon systems are all ready as well Ash-sama.

Urataros: (looks over at the type 3 parts piled in the other side of the hanger) Ashy-boy what are you going to do with those?

Ash: (closes the panel and looks over at Urataros) Hitsmu De Su.

Momotaros: (jumps out of the cockpit and smacks Ash on the back of the head) That’s not funny Xellos.

Ash: (holds the back of his head) Damn it Momo.

Momotaros: (laughs)  Be happy I don't have my sword on me. (crosses his arms) So are we done yet, I want some coffee.

Urataros: Sempai, that’s all you think about.

Momotaros: Kame, didn't you say something bout wanting to chat up that bar girl?

Kintaros: I want to hit the weights Ash-sama.

Ryutaros: No No, Let's color with Fuyume-chan!

Ash: (sighs as the Taros start to argue with each other) This isn't going to end well.

The taros soon get in a dog-pile, punching and kicking each other. Swearing and saying whatever else to each other, before Urataros final looks up.

Urataros: What's that over there?

Momotaros, Kintaros, Ryutaros: Nani? (they all look over)

While the others are distracted Urataros leaps up and runs into Ash.  The others soon look back with grim looks on their faces.

U-Ash: (both his eyes glow blue as part of his hair streaks blue) This will do nicely. (looks down at his close) Time to change into something better, (starts to walk off) so I can string those lovely ladies along.

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Post by: Derek on January 18, 2009, 04:04:27 AM

Lemon: *Shrugs* Well, that didn't last too long. Oh well.

???: Interesting mechanical designs, though. They may be worth taking a look at.

Lemon: Probably. But for now, we might as well go start on the--*Stops and takes another look at the screen*

???: *Turns back just slightly, to look*

Lemon: *Goes to zoom the image in a bit, enhancing the view of the AGGF HQ* Is that....? *Zooms in even further, then again one more time, zeroing in on one select image* Is that Gundam....aiming a sniper rifle at the camera?

~Aoi Tsubasa Deck~

Derek: *In a reclined position inside the Shining Gundam*.....Yeah, I thought so.*

Haruka: *Appears on the Shining's vidscreen* Captain?

Derek: *Glances over briefly at the screen before going back to what he was doing* Something wrong, 004?

Haruka: Just wondering what you're doing out on the deck with my Boosted Rifle, that's all.

Derek: *Checks his aim one more time* Skeet shooting. Pull!

*The Gundam fires without hesitation. Several seconds later, there's an explosion high above the base as the flaming wreckage of a high-altitude spy plane falls from the sky and crashes several kilometers away.*

Haruka:.....Nice shot.

Derek: Thanks. Oh, hang on. Redundancy clause. Pull!

*Adjusting his aim by a few degress, Derek fires again, and causes a second spy plane to come blazing down into roughly the same area as the first one.*

Haruka:.....Should I be worried that you were just able to do that?

Derek: Not really. *Relaxes and puts the sniper rifle down*....Damn.

Haruka: Was there another one?

Derek: No, I just realized I should have flipped them off while I had the first one's attention. Missed an opportunity, there.


*Lemon is left completely speechless as she stares at the dead screen, while the slightest hint of a smile touches the mouth of the man standing next to her. A sudden laugh from the corner of the room, however, manages to get both individuals' attention.*

???????: *Standing in the darkest corner of the room, leaning against the wall* Didn't know he could do that, did you?

Lemon: When did you....*Looks across the room* The door is locked this time!

???????: And I wouldn't be much use to you at all if a locked door was all it took to stop me, now would I?

???: It seems you have a bit of a rodent problem in your office.

???????: *Shakes his head and shrugs* If I'm a rodent, then I guess that'd make you a cockroach, wouldn't it?

???: *Shrugs and smiles in response, not giving any other reaction*

Lemon: Alright you two, that's enough. I assume you had a reason for sneaking in like this.

???????: The bossman's tightening things up after old man Vat Tran's announcement, and that includes any possible security leaks. When I heard a secret meeting going on in here, I just HAD to see what it was all about.

Lemon: So you snuck into my office. Again.

???????: *Shrugs* You were busy watching that Getter Zaku monstrosity, so I figured you wouldn't mind.

???: Hear anything interesting while you were spying on your boss?

???????: Oh, lots of things. Most of which I don't consider important enough to make it back to the big man, but...I did hear one interesting thing, though. Something about a trap or two for the AGGF.

Lemon: How long have you been hiding in here, anyway?!

???????: The whole time, give or take a few minutes. I really didn't want to disturb you, but I just couldn't help laughing after watching Blue Wings there, on the monitor.

Lemon: *Sighs* So you heard about the plan. What about it?

???????: *Shrugs* Oh, I just thought it was an interesting plan, that's all. But I've spent enough time chatting, already. I need to get back to work. But before I do... *Casually walks over and deposits several listening and visual devices on the table in the open* It sure is a good thing you mentioned the bugs, you know. If Vindel had found out from someone that there was a leak in HIS base, of all places? *Shakes his head* I really wouldn't want to be the poor sucker on the end of THAT firing squad, no sir.

???: Wouldn't be my first execution.

???????: Then be glad, because the boss always checks the body afterwards. Well, see ya. *Calmly walks out the door*

Lemon: *Watches him leave* Now that that's done we, we should get to work ourselves...

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Post by: JayBee on January 18, 2009, 04:08:22 AM
Lemon and the claoked man step out into the hanger

Lemon: "What are you waiting for? Get the repair bays ready."

Technician: "Umm, are you sure about that? We really don't know anything ab-"

Lemon: "We know they're on our side, or at least some version of our side. They're willing to work with us. And they amuse me. So get the repair bays ready. Or I'll find someone else to do your job."

Tech: "Yes ma'am!"

The technician snaps a salute, and begins prepping the mechanics.

???: "And send someone out to pick up the pilots of the unit that got shot down! I don't want anyone other than us to know whatever they might know."

A Lion pilot leaps to action, not wasting time on a reply, lest he be deemed incompetent.

Lemon: "You know, if you shoot too many of them, they'll start deserting."

???: "Yes, but shooting one really lights a fire under everyone else."

Lemon: "True. Perhaps not the best for morale, but it IS good at motivating them."

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Post by: Sume Gai on January 18, 2009, 06:28:19 AM

Gai: "Well that work out rather well but Getter Zaku? I think I would have heard of something like that."

returning the 008X to it's berth, Boxer Frame still attached. Gai Opens a direct line to Astonage.

Gai: "Thanks for all the help you got this thing working again and were able to set up that nice trick with the eyes; Sorry bout the damage though."

Astonage: "Heh That was easy and don't worry bout the fist It just looks like the protective armor got damaged so it should be easy enough to repair in time."

Gai: "Good and the R-3?"

Astonage: "we managed to get it working again but if Ian keeps pushing the T-link like he normally does it won't hold up very long"

Gai: "good now can you patch me into the PA?"

Astonage does so in only a few seconds and soon Gai's voice rings through the base

Gai: "Listen up everyone! I'm sure you all saw that announcement from the Neo DC; well I have my own announcement to make.  We, the AGGF, will not accept the DC's second bid for power.  tomorrow we will make our first strike against them.  We shall be attacking a production facility in Russia.  It's exact Strength is uncertain but It is manned by a garrison about 500 strong of which 300 are Lion types and 200 are those new Gespensts we fought recently; further details are unclear.  anyone without a Mech should report to Astonage for a new mech assignment."

Ian - R-3
Archer - Strike

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Post by: alaras on January 18, 2009, 07:04:28 AM
"Well, all I can say is that even though these ghost mechs seem manned, when you down them, don't expect to find a pilot inside.  It's almost like they cremate themselves somehow, because all I found inside when I tried to capture one of the pilots was dust.  These aren't your ordinary DC pilots, so stay on guard at all times.  I'm more than certain they'd blow themselves up without hesitation to take us out if they can.  Also, which frames are available for the Strike?"

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Post by: Ianator on January 18, 2009, 02:28:04 PM
We've got three of the mechs and two Skygraspers, plus whatever packs you might need. Aile, Sword, Launcher, Lightning, IWSP, Noir... I also assume Asto's taken out the T-Link receptors for my little multi-mech escapades, right?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on January 18, 2009, 04:33:54 PM
"Well, I've heard of the first three, but those last ones?  I'm not a big fan of those first ones, and I've heard of IWSP before, though I'm not acquainted with all its armaments, but what's this 'Noir' pack?  Sounds like a potent one, but I'd rather know what it's got before I pick it."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ianator on January 18, 2009, 04:57:51 PM
Hang on, I've got the briefings around here somewhere...

Ah! Here we are. Here's the Integrated Weapons Striker Pack ( for the Rouge, which has a flight pack, twin railguns, two solid blades and a shield-mounted gatling gun. Then there's the Lightning Strike (, which has increased operation time and an EM cannon split between its arms. Finally, there's the Noir Striker (, which features linear cannons, beam blades and rocket anchors, and is usually mounted on the black Enhanced Strike.

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Post by: Derek on January 18, 2009, 05:01:06 PM
You're too paranoid, Archer. The Fei-Yen has a cockpit seat built into it, and we all know who drives that mech. Most machines are built from the start with intentions of being manned or unmanned, but you can stick an AI into suit that has a cockpit block. Removing or building in a cockpit is usually a major overhaul as well, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see it left alone. Given that it's the DC, the Gespensts were probably all stolen from somewhere anyway. Wouldn't surprise me if they just downloaded a group AI into them and used them like that.

Oh, and I'm done recovering the wreckage. A few pieces were left from those freaky Getter Zaku things, and two standard high-alt camera planes. They're working on fixing the rest of the landscaping and collapsing the remainder of that tunnel as we speak.

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Post by: Sume Gai on January 18, 2009, 05:50:24 PM

Behind Ianator Astonage speaks up, having something to add.

Astonage: "Commander told us not to give Archer any of the stronger packs on you're first sortie so you'll have to keep it to the original three I'd recommend the Aile personally; and Ianator; call me 'Asto' again and you'll be repairing your own mech next time."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on January 18, 2009, 07:26:05 PM
In reply to Derek's chiding, Matt calmly said "That's what I thought at first, but when we checked, there was no AI installed like that.  The rest of the systems and AI were intact, and I doubt the DC has any need to delete their autopilot AI when the mech goes down, so what does that leave us with?"  To Astonage, Matt said "Well, in that case, I'll take your advice.  The Aile's the most versatile out of these anyway, and I heard the Launcher pack's not very maneuverable."

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Post by: JayBee on January 19, 2009, 01:12:44 AM
Jaybee raises a hand.
Archer, if all you see in the cockpit is ash, that means it WAS an AI.
People aren't readily combustible, what with being mostly water. Anything that'll reduce a person to ash will do severe damage to the rest of the cockpit.

Most likely it's their next-generation AI, and they don't want us copying the new combat parameters. Keeps it from becoming obsolete quite so fast.
Not that it matters. New AIs blow up just as good as the old ones.

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Post by: ChrisABlair on January 19, 2009, 01:51:06 AM
Commander, with all due respect, sir, what the hell am I supposed to pilot? I'd rather not use my Tekkaman form, we all know what a monster that is, and the only mechs I've ever known to pilot were my Type-3 and a Gespenst Mk-II, and one was ruined by some samurai wannabe, and the other wrecked itself during fold escaping from the Tekkamen. And seeing as I'm banned from using a Grungust unit, what can I use?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on January 19, 2009, 01:58:51 AM
Pretty sure we can find you another Gespenst.

Or maybe we can get one of those old GINNs up and running again.

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Post by: Ash Rudel on January 19, 2009, 02:08:31 AM
(OOC: Joint post: As the Aoi Tsubasa turns..)

Haruka stood on the bridge, checking over a few things for the up coming mission. She paid little attention as the doors of the bridge opens  and someone walks in.

Haruka: (still at a console typing) Oh Derek, good you’re here. Did you remember reload my booster rifle this time?

The figure walks closer to Haruka while she continues to type.  Stopping a few inches from her, he flicks his hair and chuckles a bit.

U-Ash: I must say it is always such a lovely sight to see a girl hard at  work.

Haruka stops typing and quickly turns around. Rather then seeing Urataros she see's Ash, but not normal Ash. Instead of his standard pilot gear, he has on a black suit with a yellow tie and a pair of black glasses. If the pick up line hadn't tipped her off, the glowing blue eyes and streak of blue hair was more then enough proof.

Haruka: Urataros.

U-Ash: (takes a bow) In the flesh, (stands back up with a blue rose) So to speak.

Haruka: *Raises an eyebrow as she looks him over* Hmm. I suppose that trick you four did with Fuyume should have been a giveaway. Possession, then?

U-Ash: Ashy-boy's cybernetics do have more then one use my dear.

Haruka: He has my sympathies, if you're able to do this at will.

U-Ash: (laughs) Well now, we do have to be tricky if he doesn’t want us to. But who cares about Ashy-boy right now. (holds up the now  fake rose) How about I take you for a night on the town Haruka-chan?

Haruka: *Turns back to the console and goes back to working* i think not. You may have time to play around, but some of us are busy

U-Ash: (leans on the other side of her console) A moonlit boat ride then?  Or we could have some fun in your quarters? (flips over the console landing on his feet) This is the "Love Tsubasa" isn't it?

Haruka: *Immediately stops working, but doesn't turn*......You have five seconds to get lost.

U-Ash: (leans towards her) Now why  would I do that when the view her is so lovely.

*Two fingers tap U-Ash on the shoulder from behind*

U-Ash: (swaps the hand away) Not now, I'm busy.

*The hand reaches back up and taps U-Ash on the shoulder again, this time much more forcefully.*

U-Ash: I said I'm Busy!

Momotaros: (walks on to the bridge) Kame, you bastard. I knew you where up to something.

U-Ash: Wait…if Sempai is there then whos…. (turns around)

Derek: *Cracks his knuckles* Yes, Kame-baka. We all knew you were up to something.

U-Ash: Wha….why are you here?

Derek: The other two of you maniacs asked me to find Ash after you ran off with him. *Flicks a small strand of hair out of the way of his visor* And if I'd known what you intended on trying, I'd have brought flowers.

U-Ash: Flowers…For what?

Derek: For the funeral of course.

U-Ash quickly realizing  he is surrounded turns to make a run for it. Before he can make it Kintaros and Ryutaros grab onto his legs. He tries to shake them off, not noticing Momotaros getting a running start.

Momotaros: (runs and jumps into the air towards U-Ash) BANZAI!!! (crashes into U-Ash going inside)

U-Ash: Hah, Sempai looks like I still got complete control. (his body slowly turns back to face Derek) Oh crap.

Derek: *Pulls his fist back, then stops* You know, I'm really hesitant to just wall off and punch you, if only for Ash's sake.

Momotaros: (his voice comes out of Ash's mouth) Don't worry he won't feel a thing.

Ryutaros: Attack the tie for massive damage!

Derek: Ah, I see. Thank you. *Reels back and uppercuts U-Ash straight in the tie*

After Derek's punch Urataros is sent flying out of Ash's body, landing a few feet from Haruka. With Urataros out, Momotaros leaps out too. The remaining taros stand by Derek as Ash gets to his feet.

Ash: (holds his head and coughs) Who the hell hit me? (looks down at the suit he's wearing) DAMN IT URA!

Derek: (looks at  Momotaros) I thought you said he wouldn’t feel it.

Momotaros: (shrugs) I lied. (puts his hands behind his head) I do that sometimes.

Urataros: (gets up and dusts himself off) Sempai always ruining my fun. (pauses) Strange, I'm suddenly getting this feeling of imamate doom.

*Two fingers calmly tap Urataros on the shoulder from behind*

Derek: *Looks over*....Oh, right. Shoulda brought flowers.

Urataros: Not the flower joke ag...(turns around to see Haruka's fist)

Haruka: *Punches Ura and sends him flying across the room* You'd appreciate them. They're for your funeral, after all.

Ash:  You totally expected her to do that

Derek: I totally expected her to have ALREADY done that."

Momotaros: (looks at Urataros now twitching, holding up a white flag, then looks at Haruka) I like that girl. She's got class.

Ryutaros: And a good right hook.

Haruka: Thanks. *Rubs her hand a little* You need both to make it around here.

Ash: (holds up his wrist, as a beam fires from his bracelet hitting Urataros) Now stay asleep for a while Ura. (Urataros fades into the bracelet) Sorry a bout that Haruka. (looks at the others) Clean up around here will ya guys?

Kintaros: As you wish Ash-sama.

Momotaros: (Takes a sit in Derek's chair) Whatever.

Derek: *Promptly shoves Momotaros back out of the chair and sits down in it* Take care of what you need to, gentlemen.
We've still got stuff to do before we ship out on this next op.

Ash: (looks at the taros, then Derek as they salute) Roger that Captain. Now if you all excuse me, I'm getting out of this monkey suit. (walks out of the bridge)

The Taros follow Ash out the door as he pulls off the tie and slings the suit jacket over his shoulder.

Ryutaros: Sorry bout Kame-chan Ni-san.

Ash: It's not your fault, we all know how Ura can get sometimes.

Momotaros: Is that why you sent her away?

Ash: (stops and looks at Momotaros) Just drop it Momo.

Momotaros: (pats Ash on the shoulder) You know I'm just messing with ya kid.

Ash: Kin, Ryu,  Momo, go run another check on 21. Something tells me this fight is going to be a bumpy ride.

Ryutaros: Onee-chans word's ni-san?

Ash: (holds his hand over his right eye) Just a feeling.

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Post by: Ianator on January 19, 2009, 02:16:12 AM
Back in the Hangar...

Chris, why don't you take the Rouge or Noir? It'd make a good match to your new apprentice. I'd take the third one out if I wasn't needed for the SRX. Speaking of which, I need to go check out ol' 3's TK circuits, see if there isn't something that can be done to boost their strength a bit...

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Post by: Derek on January 19, 2009, 02:47:49 AM
~Aoi Tsubasa Bridge~

Derek: Now that the craziness is out of the way, how's everything going on the prep?

Haruka: *Has since returned to her station* We're all green, and most of the base reports are coming up green. Getting that drone line back up and running's taking a little longer than they thought it would, though.

Derek: Seriously? I spent half an hour out there setting up the computers for the AI. We've got five drone AI Lions and the Val Kai's master control protocols. What else do they actually need?

Haruka: I asked them just that. They said it's some kind of minor streamlining issue. The AI devices have the wrong plugs or something. The gist is, they have to modify the AI computers manually, which takes about twenty to thirty minutes each, as opposed to the two minutes it takes the rest of the line to put the full Lion together.

Derek: So they're just working on fixing the stockpile, then. I can accept that.

Haruka: You're sure it's a good idea to turn that drone line back on, Derek? I mean, even with the change in AIs...

Derek: I'm getting really tired of people sneakattacking this base and there only being two or three responses to it. Some base defense drones will give us some extra firepower to work with, or at least some extra targets for them to shoot at. And if they're all slaved to the Val Kai, that means we've got control over them, in case I need to play the role of AGGF HQ Defense Commander.

Haruka:.....You just want to use them on someone en masse like G-Bits, don't you?

Derek: The thought did cross my mind, yes.

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Jaybee is standing in the hanger, chattering as Shara tunes her VF-22. She is currently on the left side of the nose, removing a panel. He is leaning against the boarding ladder, and generally being a nuisance.
Whatcha think I should ride into Russia?

"Against Lions and Gespensts? We should probably all fly Balls, just to make it a fair fight."

That sounds like an extremely good-

"-example of sarcasm? Because I'm mocking you. If you want to commit suicide, by all means do so. Just don't expect anyone else to join in."


"Now quit making jokes and start getting ready like everyone else."

Snapping the access panel closed, Shara ducks under the plane and starts inspecting the front landing gear bay.

I should take the Stampede, just to be different.

"You did that last time."

Doesn't count.

"It's not my fault if you crash that thing trying to fly it in an atmosphere. Now remind me why we haven't thrown you out an airlock."

Because I'm not JUST some idiot that runs his mouth incessantly!
I got the skills to pay the bills!

Shara glances to the side for a moment, then moves like lightning.  Snapping a foot out, she catches Jaybee's leg and pulls it out from under him, then slides out from under her Sturmvogel and presses a hand into his shoulder as he tries to regain his balance, sending him crashing to the floor.  Planting a knee on his chest, she looks him straight in the eye.

"I. Am. Busy. Find someone else to annoy if you refuse to do any actual work."

Standing up, Shara moves off to mess with something on the aft of her plane.

What's with the attitude today?

Jaybee flips backwards, rolls, and stands up, then dusts himself off.

For the record, my stuff is all taken care of. And I really can't figure out what possible preparation your plane needs.

As Jaybee wanders out of the hanger. Shara rubs her forehead.
"De culture... How can one person POSSIBLY be so irritating?"

Masaki: "Yeah, he's not really in character today. And you're being unusually harsh."

Shara jumps in surprise.

Shara: "When did you get here?"

Masaki: "Just a few minutes ago. I'd say I was admiring the view if I didn't think I'd wind up in the medbay."

Kuro: "He got lost again, meow."

Shara: "Figures. Cybaster's in a different hanger. On a different ship, even."

Masaki: "I was getting that impression. I think he's compensating for something, and not in a manly sort of way."

Shara: "No, he's just being annoying. And I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that last part."

Masaki: "What ARE you doing to your mech, anyways?"

Shara: "Making some minor cold-weather adjustments that don't really need doing and getting away from annoying people that chatter incessantly."

Masaki: "So he's been bugging you all day? No wonder you're irritable."

Shara: "And what exactly is THAT supposed to mean?"

Masaki: "Exactly what it needs to. I think I'll head out now, before you do something I'll regret."

Shara: "Right. Get someone to guide you to your hangr this time."

Masaki: "I seem to get lost a lot more often when you and Jay are talking. I'm sure I'll be fine once I'm out of earshot and someone else is writing me."

Shiro: "I'm not, meow..."

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"Jay, I never said I thought the pilots were human, but the outline of the ashes was in a humanoid shape.  The motions and parameters were way higher than any AI designed so far, and their reactions were too fluid.  I'm not necessarily calling them androids or something else, either.  Just saying that they probably did have pilots, just not human ones.  I can't explain why I'm so certain, but that answer feels most correct.  If it is an AI, then it's so far above and beyond any previous one as to revolutionize the field.  I don't think they're that capable."

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Post by: Derek on January 19, 2009, 10:04:03 AM
~Tsubasa Bridge~

Derek: *Has been sitting in his chair quietly reading reports for awhile, contemplating."....Hmmm.

Haruka: *Doesn't turn to look as she works* Something on your mind?

Derek: Just glanced over some of the work schedules. Hmm...

Haruka:.....*Sighs* Just tell me who you want to open a channel to. The more you think about things, the less you do about them.

Derek: Fair enough. Patch us through to the Duragreiz.

*A minute later, Bright appears on the viewscreen*

Derek: Hey, Bright. How're things going?

Bright: *Nods* Derek. The last reports just came in. We're ready to go at any time.

Derek: Yeah, about that....

Bright: ? What's wrong?

Derek: I want the Duragreiz to stay here. Send whoever's going to Russia with us over to the Akagane.

Bright:....Are you sure?

Derek: Yeah. Wouldn't be a smart move of us to send all of our forces out when this base seems to be a fairly hot property. I'd like to know we've got someone watching the HQ so we can come back to it later. And besides, after all the crap that's happened to the 'Greiz lately, you guys could deserve a break.

Bright: That's awfully nice of you, Derek. I assume my request for us to get actual shore leave isn't going to be approved.

Derek: *Claps his hands together in front of him* Sorry, Bright. The NDC screws things up for everyone. As soon as things settle down, okay?

Bright: *Sighs* And this is one of the reasons I left the Federation. They expect us ALL to be workaholics...

Derek:....That hurts, Bright. It really does.

Bright:...Sorry. *Sighs* I really do appreciate it, Derek. God knows we could use some time off from this....

Derek: It's settled, then. Kick the freeloaders off onto the Akagane, and we're leaving the base command in your hands.

Bright: *Nods* Roger that. Duragreiz out.

*As Bright clicks off the viewscreen, Derek sits back in his chair and sighs*

Haruka: That WAS rather generous of you, especially after the Federation remark. I expected you to tell him off.

Derek: Nah, he's just irritable. I saw his request for leave RIGHT before Van made his speech.

Haruka: So you decided to try making it up to him?

Derek: If possible.

Haruka: You're getting mature in your old age, Derek.

Derek: Thanks. Make me feel special, why don't you.

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Post by: ChrisABlair on January 19, 2009, 03:21:51 PM
I could probably pilot Noir... IWSP too. Just give me a couple of hours in the sims and I'll be good to go!

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Post by: Ash Rudel on January 19, 2009, 04:46:11 PM
Ash soon walks out of his room back in his normal outfit. Throwing his scarf over his shoulder he makes his way to the hanger. He stands in front of 21 with his arms crossed looking it over, before glancing over at the Zaku A.X.E. He pulls his goggles up from his neck to rest slightly above his eyes.

Ash: Kintaros?

Kintaros: (appears beside him) Yes Ash-sama?

Ash: Make sure to stay close during this fight, ok.

Kintaros: Are you worried Ash-sama?

Ash: Just a feeling I can't shake.

Momotaros: (pops his head out of 21's cockpit) Oi, Boy, where you want me?

Ash: You're with my momo.

Momotaros: (hits his fists together) Alright, we're gonna kick some Neo DC ass.

Ryutaros:(appears behind Ash) What about me Nii-san?

Ash: (pats Ryutaros on the head) You stay on the ship and help out Alexis.

Ryutaros: So....Can I go play with Fuyume then?

Ash: Sure.

Ryutaros: (dances around) Yay yay! (runs out of the room)

Urataros: (his voice echoes from Ash's wrist) Ashy-boy...

Ash: Yeah Ura?

Urataros: Sorry about before.(pauses) Can I come out yet?

Ash: No, your still grounded Ura.

Urataros: Damn.

Momotaors: (laughs) Thats what you get Kame.  Besides that girls not your type anyway.

Kintaros: Is she your type Momonoji?

Momotaros: Are you kidding? That girls scaery.(slides back into 21's cockpit)

Ash: Least he was smart enough to say that when she wasn't around.

Kintaros: Hai. (bows) I will go double check Outlaw-sams's gift Ash-sama.

Ash: (leans againsts 21) Alright Kintaros. (looks back over at the Zaku) Got to keep Grandpa's mech in working order after all.

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"Same here.  I've never piloted a mobile suit like that before, so I'd better learn the controls before tomorrow.  Most of my work's been with VFs and the occasional Lion-series, Guarlion, or mass-produced Gespesnt.  The Aile's more suited for close, mid, and melee, right?  Looks like I'll have my work cut out for me..."

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Post by: ChrisABlair on January 19, 2009, 09:08:24 PM
I used to be a fighter pilot long before I piloted mecha, but I never flew one of the SDF's fancy Valkyrie fighters. Ah, I'll pour my soul into piloting Noir!

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Post by: Derek on January 19, 2009, 09:27:56 PM
Astronage: *Walks up* Hey Chris, the Commander let you use the Hyaku Shiki a few days ago, remember? We finished the re-adjustments for it. I'd stick with that for now, if I were you.

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Post by: Ianator on January 19, 2009, 09:50:14 PM
Hm. No love for the Strikes, it seems. Now to tend to my Flying Brick of Telekinetic Doom...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: ChrisABlair on January 20, 2009, 04:03:18 AM
*turns to Astonage* Ah, you're right! Perhaps I should stick with that.

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Post by: alaras on January 20, 2009, 09:19:17 AM
"If anyone needs me, I'll be using the simulators with Shara's data loaded into it.  I feel the need to train against a sadist."  With that, Matt headed over to the simulator, inputted the desired opponents, which were around 20 Zaku 3s, 15 Gespenst Mk IIs with flight capabilities and parameters like the ones he fought at his grandfather's place, 30 Lions, two Destroy Gundams, three Hambrabis, and one Valcion Kai, to appear in waves of identical troops, with the Valcion at the end.  As the simulator started up, Matt hoped he could prove himself to be capable of doing SOMETHING to help in the mission.

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Suddenly, a red Quedluun Rau appears and starts laying waste to the targets as Shara comes on the comm.

"First off, I wouldn't be caught DEAD in a Zaku. Don't even get me STARTED on those Destroys."

Spinning, the Rau points the guns on it's arm at Archer's mech.

"If you're going to use someone's combat data without asking, load it in the mechs it was gathered for."

Firing the gatling laser, she blow the arm off Archer's mech.

"Second, I'm NOT a sadist. Don't involve me in your sick mental games."

Boosting in close, the QRau rams a fist into the chest of Archer's mech.

"Third you damn well better ASK before using MY logs."

As the battered mech shudders, the chest cannons of the QRau swivel and lock on.

"Fourth, I'm WAY out of your league."

And a burst at extreme close range destroys the devastated machine. The simulator ends and the displays fade back to neutral as Shara heads for the door.

"Thinking you can solo two battalions of meltrandi aces is an insult to me and everyone that died on either side of the war. Load something more appropriate, rookie. Computer, lock my combat logs to my account only."

The door closes behind her, and Archer is alone again.

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Post by: alaras on January 21, 2009, 06:10:08 AM
Giving up on that idea, Archer uploaded data he got from his mother's time in the DC for Valcion, leaving the waves unaltered and using data he gathered on these new enemies for the other mechs.  "If I can't use their data, I'll use the best available to me.  I suppose I'll just prepare for my worst-case scenario and hope I don't have to fight my mother."

He reset the simulator, and 20 Zaku IIIs were scattered throughout the battlefield, each fighting to the maximum ability of the mech.  Matt used his Aile Strike's speed and Phaseshift armor to the max, focusing his evasion on beam attacks and making quick slices in the enemy with the beam saber, in addition to firing the vulcans to down a couple of suits.  After about 25 minutes, they were finished.

The Gespensts and ten Lions then appeared, beginning a long-range bombardment.  Matt focused on evading the missiles and getting in closer, but not being used to the controls just yet, a missile pegged him.  The damage was absorbed by the phaseshift armor, and after recovering from the impact, Matt started pegging them with the beam rifle, his favorite trick from his time with UNS Galaxy Patrol, though there he used a head laser or the beam guns on his 22's hands.  Soon enough, the Lions were down, and five of the Gespensts survived for close-quarters.  With the Aile's melee capabilities, that, too, wasn't too much of a problem, as Matt became accustomed to the controls rapidly.

The rest of the Lions showed up, easily beaten by his careful strafing and shooting.  At this point, Lions didn't really seem to pose a threat to him anymore, but he didn't let it get to his head, knowing what could happen next with the Destroys.

Sure enough, the Destroys started off with their incoms, and Matt was hard-pressed to evade the shots, but he managed to use his beam saber to slice off the cables, disabling the best weapon on the Destroy Gundam.  By then, he was close enough to finish them with good strikes from the twin swords, which he gleefully did, starting to laugh a bit maniacally.

That laughter cut short when he got electrocuted by a Hambrabi.  Quickly regaining his composure after being used to what his father used to do to him with a car battery, Matt stabbed the Hambrabi directly in the cockpit, and sliced off the tentacle.  He repeated the exercise twice, as the other two weren't too far away.  All in all, his Aile Strike was moderately damaged from the electrocution, and Matt wasn't in too much pain yet, just exhausted from all the fighting and strongly suspecting that the sim was going easy on him.  That, of course, was when IT appeared.

The Valcion Kai immediately fired off a Cross Smasher, just as his mother would, and it was all Matt could do to get out of the way and return fire with the beam rifle, which missed.  He knew better than to get close, given that hellish Divine Blade that his mother knew so well.  In his mind, he could imagine his mother screaming as he landed a successful hit, even though it did little damage.  It was reciprocated by another Cross Smasher, which Matt couldn't dodge in time.  He took the full force of the blow, and was instantly annihilated.

As the simulator shut down, Matt realized two things.  First, the sim WAS going easy on him, or else he had insufficient data on the enemy.  Second, there was no way he could ever beat his mother in her mech of choice on his own.

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Without any warning, the simulator door suddenly locked behind Archer and started back to life, a bright red message that said the following:


What happened next, depending on your point of view, could be considered hilarious or terrifying. As the simulation began, Archer realized immediately that he was sitting in just a cockpit block, surrounded in a large open field by most of the AGGF roster, and could look back and see that the mech standing right next to him was, in fact, a Valcion Kai. The Val Kai picked him up with his right hand and turned towards one of the other groups of mechs nearby.

It was as he was flung and started rolling across the ground at high speed towards the awaiting Alteisen that Archer realized he was about to take part in a game of AGGF Kickball. As the ball.

Several hours later, the game ended, 19-18 in the third set of extra innings, with a stunning final play by the Strike, sending the ball screaming out of the whole park, the fans cheering all the while. It's mission accomplished, the simulator shut off, unlocked, and refused to turn back on again.

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Post by: alaras on January 21, 2009, 10:32:52 AM
"Infinite energy code?  I didn't even know that sims came with those.  This is the LAST time I try to use this thing!"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Andrew on January 22, 2009, 06:24:51 AM
There is one exception to that penelty. If you are doing an infinite enemy rush, the inifinite energy setting is approved, due to the idea that you're just trying to see how long you can last. There are other limitations, however. No Super Robots (i.e. the Val Kai) and certain weapons are blocked as well if you are doing both.

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Post by: alaras on January 22, 2009, 07:08:46 AM
"There shouldn't even BE an infinite energy code!  You guys have sick minds!"  Matt left, more confused and frustrated than before, and headed for his quarters, trying to figure out how to deal with the enemies he'll have to face, as well as what to do if his guess about his mom was right.

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Post by: Derek on January 22, 2009, 12:12:31 PM

*One of the technicians on duty notices the argument and stands next to Andrew*

Techie: Uh, he IS aware the Strike E's got an operational time limit, right? Even with the upgrades over the original version, it's not fusion-powered or anything. At most, he'd have run out of power and crashed around the time he was finished with those Zaku IIIs. Especially with the way he was doing it.

Operator: *Walks up* Didja see how many hits he took, too? He was probably using the 10x health cheat, on top of it. I'm surprised the baseball game didn't kick on too.

Techie: Ah, we took the baseball game off for awhile, while someone updated it. Something about adding a quarter-kilometer tall mech with a baseball bat. *Shudders* Hate to see the poor sap who sets THAT one off.

~Aoi Tsubasa Bridge~

Derek: *Watching a security recording on his console*...Hmm.

Haruka: *Still working* What's the video of?

Derek: That big white son of a bitch that worked over the base while we were gone. It's got a drill knuckle and a Zankantou....and if I didn't know any better, I'd say that horn on it's head could probably be used as a weapon if you were stupid enough to get close.

Haruka: *Pulls up the recording on her own console*......Yeah, that looks offensive, alright. This thing looks similar to a Grungust in design.

Derek: *Nods* At first, I thought about mentioning that to Ash, but take a look.

Haruka: *Watches the part where it regenerates*.....That's not a TLI design.

Derek: Yeah. *Clicks the recording off* Well, if it comes after us again, we should at least have a little bit of a clue what to expect now. Hopefully.

Haruka: *Goes back to working* Hopefully. I hate it when we have to depend on that.

Derek: That's life. Oh yeah, how's everything else going?

Haruka: We've got most everything taken care of. The guys on the drone line have managed to put a few more together, and we had the five Lions you stole transfered off the Akagane.

Derek: Did someone do what I asked and actually went looking through GINN Canyon to see if any of them were still good?

Haruka: A few can be put on the line, but they'd need to be tuned up first. I've already had them start working on it.

Derek: *Nods* Good. They may be fodder, but if we're not using them for parts, we're gonna use them for something. Did you ever track down that roster?

Haruka: Finally. I'm working on it now.

Derek: Excellent. Let me know when it's ready.

Haruka: Aye aye.

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Post by: Derek on January 22, 2009, 02:04:38 PM
Haruka: *Stops typing* And done. Finally. This is as good as I'm going to get it without a raise.

Derek: Duly noted, 004. Send it out.

Roster Update:

-those marked with a * are sealed
-those marked with a ~ are commonly used by others

Arc Gurren-Lagann-Gideon Zhi
Gundam Double X – Sume Gai
Dunbine - Tyria
Hyaku Shiki - ChrisABlair
DeathScythe Hell - Derek
R-2 (Powered) - Basterd King
R-3 (Powered) - Ianator
R-Gun (Powered) - Chaostic
MP Nu Gundam - Dsvaun
VF-25 - JayBee
V2 Gundam - Sakura77
(Sword/Launcher/Aile/IWSP/Noir) Strike E - Archer
Grungust Type 21 - Ash

Fei-Yen - Fuyume
Cybuster - Masaki
GN Flag F - Michael
GN-X x2 - subordinate 1 & 2
Dinah - Kima
Gundam Alex - Haruka
VF 22 custom - Shara
Fenrir - Citan
Zaku II (Axe Form) - Kintaros

Battle ships:
Duragreiz - Nahal Argama Class - Bright Noa

SPD-1 ~
Z Gundam
Weltall(GSS) ~
ZZ Gundam
Huckebien 008X
Huckebein Mk-III + Mk-III Boxer Frame ~
AM Gunner ~
Gundam Kyrios ~
Queen Gundam ~

Metatron - Archangel Class - Murrue Ramius

Gespenst Mk-II S
Gundam Dynames
Infinite Justice

Akagane - Space Naoh class(shirogane bow) - Jamil Neate


Aoi Tsubasa - Downsized Minerva class - Derek Zerus Barona/Haruka Nagamoto/Alexis Kitashira

Alteisen (Blue)
Valsion Kai ~
Shining Gundam ~
Wing ZERO*
VF-1J (BW)*
GM-R -Damaged-

HQ - Base defense forces
Lion F x10 -Remote controled/AI drone units-
GINN x5 -Under maintainance-

Extra Gear
Tesla Drive
Boosted Hammer
Graviton Launcher
GN arms (type E)

(with Tallis/in space)

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Post by: JayBee on January 23, 2009, 05:13:40 AM
(OoC: Style revision 3! I'm trying out a more traditional writing style. It seems more suited to more elaborate posts. Not sure if I'll stick with it. Depends on how it feels.)

Jaybee was laying back on the bed in his quarters fidgeting with his PDA, when his computer terminal began buzzing, alerting him to an incoming hypercomm call. Rolling out of bed, he stepped over to the terminal and brought up the call. Seeing the freckled woman on the other side of the screen, he suddenly wished he'd let it roll over to the answering machine. He really wasn't feeling up to this right now.

"So what's everybody's favorite nomad up to these days?" Carol asked. In spite of himself, the corners of Jaybee's mouth curled upwards just a tiny bit.

"Not a lot. We're planning a raid on a DC base in Russia. I'm reviewing what intel we have on the area. And that joke still isn't funny."

"I saw your mouth twitch. It's funny, and you know it. "

"I'll never admit it."

"Fair enough. So... how are you?
Her voice carried genuine concern, a far cry from her usual light-hearted banter. Jaybee flashed a smile as he replied.

"Never better. It's a laugh a minute down here."

Carol threw an angry look down the comm signal.
"How long have we known each other, Jay? Even if I COULDN'T read a calendar, I can see right through that pathetic mask. Drop the bullshit now."

Jaybee considered pressing it a bit longer, then decided it was futile. She was right. They'd been friends far too long for him to fool her without a LOT of preparation. Letting the grin slide from his face, he looked her in the eye as he replied.
"Honestly, not half as good as I expected to be. I really thought it'd be different this year."

"Because you caught Rodriguez?"

"Yeah. I thought maybe I could put it behind me now. But..."
He hesitated, unsure how to put what he was feeling into words.

Carol picked the sentence up after a moment.
"But it's not different. The people you loved are still gone. There's still a gaping hole in there, and Rodriguez sure as hell won't fill it."

"Yeah, I think that's it. Where'd you pick that up, anyways?

Carol glanced around for a moment, then back at the screen.
"Batman." she replies, a little sheepishly.

Jaybee blinks, unsure he heard her properly.


And Jaybee laughed. It felt good, and striped some of the gloom off the day.
"Thanks. I needed that."

"I wasn't TRYING to... ah, whatever. I'd come by and share a drink if I could."

"It's okay. I'm good. By the way... where's Mike?
Jaybee asked the question that'd been on his mind since the first video frame came up. The two of them have come by every year, in person if they could, via the vidphones if they couldn't. Teleconferenced, even, for that brief period where they'd all been serving in different units.  But they'd always been together.

"He said to tell you he's sorry. Something came up at the last minute. He tried to get around it, but he just didn't have any option this time. He'll call as soon as he can."

"No hard feelings. If he can't make it, he can't make it. I understand."
Jaybee understood. He was out on an operation. Apparently one that couldn't wait for a day or two. Never a dull moment for a Phantom.

Then something clicked. The way Carol phrased that... this had happened before, and that they'd made the time anyways so they'd be there when he needed them. And for the first time, he understood exactly how much they'd given him. How often and how far had they bent their schedules to get those few minutes together every year? And how could he ever begin to repay them? 

"Carol... "

"Jay? I think we've got some interference. You don't sound too good."

And then Carol blinked as she saw something totally unexpected..
"Hey, are you c-" and then she stops. Regaining her composure, she starts over. "Never mind. Just some video artifacts. We've DEFINITELY got a connection problem here."

Jaybee smiles, knowing perfectly well that it's not artifacts, and appreciating that Carol's left him a way out.

"Yeah. I think you're right. Carol? Thank you. For everything. And Mike too. Tell me as soon as he gets back, please. "

"I will. You sure you're all right?"

"Yeah. Better than ever. And I mean it this time."

"You DO mean it, don't you? Well, all right. You know how to reach me."
And with that, she closed the connection.

The vidscreen faded out, but Jaybee just sat there for a few moments, thinking.

He'd known Mike from his first days at the academy, when they'd been assigned the same room. Carol'd shown up a little later, but not much. The three of them had rapidly become close friends.

And when a madman dropped a rock on Savara, they'd been there for him. God knows he'd tried to push them away, push everyone away. And they'd given him space. But they never gave up on him. They were there for him, they'd helped him find his feet again. And they'd been there for him every year since then, when that date rolled by on the calender and he got moody again.
They were better friends than he probably deserved, and he swore he'd start living up to that friendship.


How had they all wound up together as Phantoms, anyways? It was such an absurd coincidence, but none of them had ever once questioned it. It just seemed right. Had it been fate?
And then Jaybee laughed.
"Must be something wrong with me. Getting all emotional is bad enough, now I'm considering destiny as a real force? I better get me some fresh air."

Jaybee headed into the restroom, washed his face, then headed out to the mess hall, PDA in hand. Grabbing a meal to go, he headed outside to eat..

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*Waking up*

That was a good nights sleep. Today's going to be great. No idiot coworkers trashing the place for a week, no jobs that I have to do today, and I'm ready to cut loose and have a little fun today.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: TheTenderizer on January 24, 2009, 12:42:21 AM
OoC: Although it's true that the traditional writing style seems more "professional", you can describe just as much with script-style format if you desire, and are not really as held to doing so if you do not (it doesn't look as bad when not describing every hair on someone's body while they speak when in script).  One of the reasons I decided to come here is that script-style was permitted; it generally makes for better dialogue and much quicker writing in general, as well as a lack of ambiguity in terms of who's being referred to.

Also, abusing script format for fun and profit is really easy.  It's personal preference, really, but I find a looser format is much better for collaborative writing (and isn't that hard to switch over if you want to reformat it into a manuscript-style story so you can actually show it to someone and be all up on them about how it's EPIC and they'll never read it anyways).  

Also, I don't know where the base Lemon is at is, but I'm just going to assume it's not Russia.

(Underwater, the Zaku-3 zooms about the shoreline with a serious lack of grace by the propellers in its feet.  The mostly-green mech is stiff and fairly awkward looking, as if it is the clown of the three-mech circus that is the Getter Zaku.  Don't ask who is the strongman, and who's the bearded lady, and when you're going to get to see the elephants - I won't deal with that sort of talk, young man.)

Seripa: Can't you drive this thing any faster, Lo?

Lorando: Negative.  We're at the maximum safe velocity of this unit.

Seripa: Bu-

Tenma: You don't want to drive over the maximum safe velocity in Zaku-3.  The Tim Ray circuit can only do so much when dealing when a thermonuclear Getter Ray controller.  An' don't go bugging private Lorando when he's driving.  He gets really into it.

Seripa: But I'm bored, sir.

Tenma: Oh, wow.  When you signed up for the military, did you think you'd be actively engaged all day?  That the first goal of the armed forces of the republic of Zeon was to ENTERTAIN you?  I'm so sorry that we're not up to your standards, maggot.

Seripa: Jeez, just sayin'.  What do you do to pass the time, sir?

Tenma: If I'm with piloting with professionals, who shut up once in a while?  I like to do some thinking, rookie.  Failing that, I read a book.  Maybe if you read the instruction manual, you wouldn't lose to a short-range unit one-eighth our size.

Seripa: Th-that was!  

Tenma: You're quick, rookie, but you're not using your head.  Up is down, here; Bigger doesn't always mean better.  This is getting to be an old unit, too... it's powerful, but it's not as sturdy as I'd like it to be.  

Lorando: Sir!  We're getting a low-frequency aquatic transmission!

Tenma: What's it-

Lorando: It says to head to these co-ordinates which are not to be discussed out loud!

Tenma: Well, that's closer than our initial meeting point, and it seems the others have changed course.  Do the same, private.

Lorando: Aye-aye! (spins a wheel)

Seripa: Who do you think that is, boss?

Tenma: Probably those Neo DC chumps.  We can only hope they don't screw this up again.  They're in no position to be defending ANYTHING from space aliens, I think.

Seripa: It doesn't look like it's on land, proper.  Maybe it's a nuclear submarine!

Tenma: Shut up and read the manual, rookie.

Seripa: I can't find it.

Tenma: Check the glove compartment.

Seripa: You're joking, right?

Tenma: Yeah.  I don't care what you do, just keep quiet.

(Some time later, in the Neo DC hangar...)

(Tenma, Seripa and Lorando are with the rest of the Getter Zaku pilots - surrounded by Lemon and Neo DC soldiers with high caliber assault rifles)

Tenma: Reception at gunpoint.   Maybe there's some hope for these DC guys after all.

Lorando: Oh man, I knew I should have become an engineer like dad.

Seripa: Chill out, Lorando, we're with the Corporal.

Tenma: Actually, it's fine to piss yourselves, we're at gunpoint.  But keep your composure - you're soldiers, after all.

Seripa: Gee, thanks. (Seripa covers his face with one hand, twiddling his fingers anxiously) I wish they'd just shoot us already.

Lemon: Pilots of... whatever that machine is.  Would the senior officer step forward, please?

Lorando: That's you.

Tenma: No, that's the sarge.

Seripa: She said SENIOR.  You're at least ten years older than the s- (is punched in the face) Uwarhgh...

Tenma: Don't remind me, rookie.  (Stepping forward and cracking the knuckles on his left hand) Over here, miss.

Lemon: Come with me, you're going to answer some questions.

Tenma: Same to you.

(Lemon leads him along a number of sterilized corridors which become more and more futuristic-looking, until they enter a small, plain room with a desk.)

Tenma: Hm... Really '10s interior.

Lemon: This will do.  Now, what are you and your intriguing little robots doing here?  Who are you working for?

Tenma: This is a surprise.  Since our reception was so smooth before, I figured everyone knew we were coming.  We're here to work with the Neo DC - judging by the fact that you called us here, and that the soldiers out there have DC on their sleeves, I thought we'd gotten to the right place.

Lemon:  I'd think you were spies, but truth tends to be stranger than fiction... and no one in their right mind in this universe would ever make that suit you have out there.  It intrigues me... you'll have to let me take a look at the technology.

Tenma: It's survived more wars than you can imagine, miss.  You're free to look, but if you take anything apart we have to charge.  We've got our reasons for helping Earth-2, don't you worry.  By the way, we were told you have the facilities to communicate directly with other universes - we'll need to get communications officer Fury in on that.  He looks like a Dinosaur, but no one's perfect.

Lemon:...Quite.  Our technicians and facilities are at your service, uh...

Tenma: Corporal Tenma.  Call me Ten.  What's your name, and more importantly, are you single?

Lemon: Sorry handsome, but I'm not interested.  Tell the technicians that Lemon sent you.

Tenma: Shit.  Worth a try.


Seripa: Hey, Lo, has anything seemed... really wrong to you?

Lorando: You've been acting really weird.  Even more than usual.

Seripa: I don't know... it's like everything's wrong about this place.  Something deep inside me keeps telling me that.  Earth-2 is wrong.

Lorando: It's something out of a sci-fi book, alright.  You're not an R-Type, are you?

Seripa: I don't think so... I think this is different.  Black Technology.

Lorando: You're probably just overthinking things.  Wait, what am I saying?  You've never overthought anything in your life!

Seripa: There's a first for everything.

Lorando: Your issues aside, I have a bad feeling about all of this...

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Sume Gai

Preparations were finally complete;.the group would be heading out very soon.  As such Gai was making his way towards the Akagane when he spotted Andrew, someone who he had a message for

Gai: "hey Andrew. Domina Called a little while ago said she wanted to speak to you. You should probably call her back on the way there"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Andrew on January 24, 2009, 01:16:55 AM
*Hanging his head in exasperation*

I knew I was tempting fate by saying what I did this morning. I'll call her in my quarters on the ship.

Thank you, sir.

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Post by: JayBee on January 24, 2009, 01:39:35 AM
(OoC: We don't have a formal writing style. Long as it's legible, and some people have trouble adhering to even that rule. I'm just experimenting with my own style a bit, partially because script conversation feel awkward to type, for me anyways. I'll probably only use this for special occasions, but I wanna get some practice in. )

Roving the halls, Jaybee found Shara. "Hey, about earlier..." he began.

"I'm not in the mood for your antics. Take it somewhere else." she snapped back.

"I know, I was being a nuisance. It's been a rough day."

Shara blinked. "Masaki was right? "

Right about what?" Jaybee asked, confused.

"Never mind." Shara said, while contemplating Masaki's unexpected insightfulness.

"So... " Jaybee prompted. "Wanna hit the sims and start some snow-combat practice?"

"Knowing you, a blizzard's probably going to blow in as things start to get interesting." she muttered in reply.

"No, no... the blizzard is what MAKES things interesting." he shot back with a grin.

"You know I'm in no matter what insanity you throw out there, right? I need to unwind, and blowing you up sounds like a good way to do it." she replies, just a hint of humor in her voice.

"Versus match, then. Sounds good. What kind of mechs you want?"

And the two walk off, bouncing ideas back and forth.

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In his quarters near the comm unit

(To himself) Better get this over with.

*Making the call* This is Andrew from the AGGF making a call for Domina of the Elements. Are you there, Domina?

On the viewer, a young looking girl with pink hair and a bubbly personality answers

Seraphita: Hiii, Andrew. I'm sorry, but Domina's busy right now. Do you want me to take a message?

A: No, but do you know what she wanted to talk to me about, at least?

S: She said something about an enemy, but I can't remember.

A: Are either Talone or Kelvina there? And if they are, can I talk to one of them instead?

S: No, I'm sorry. Kelvina and Domina are working on some project together, which is why she isn't here either, and I have no idea where Talone is.

A: Just pass on my message when you see Domina, all right?

S: Ok. Bye bye.

* After ending the call* I want those last ten minutes of my life back please.

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"You don't look very happy, Captain."

I just checked the weather. There's a blizzard over the target coordinates and we're headed straight into it.

"Oh, right. You don't like cold weather."

Cold weather, I don't like. I HATE snow.

"Sorry. Anything I can do to help?"

Turn the heater up a little, please.

"Will do."

In the meantime, let's see what we're gonna do here. Hey Commander, what's our plan for this mission, anyway? We haven't put much thought into our mass destruction lately.

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Post by: Ash Rudel on January 26, 2009, 11:13:03 PM
 Cold eh. Well thats not that bad. (looks as Derek and Haruka give him a look) Don't worry I'm turtle free at the moment. (crosses his arms) He's grounded for a while. That reminds me. (reaches into his pocket and throws a blue scarf at Derek) Had one lying around so figured why not. Beat the cold and look threating at the same time.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on January 27, 2009, 12:36:08 AM
Ah, a scarf to go along with the duster jacket, large opaque visor, and full-length arm gauntlet. How do I look, 004?

"The scarf and duster are billowing in the wind."

That is correct.

"We're INSIDE."

Also correct.

"How in the HELL are you--"

What can I say? I know how to strike a pose.

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Post by: JayBee on January 27, 2009, 12:52:56 AM
Jaybee walks up and speaks. 

"Blizzard, huh?  That's good."

Seeing the looks tossed his way, he hurries to clarify, before someone hits him.

"Think about it. We know exactly where they are, and they have no clue whatsoever where we are, or even that we're coming. We have the advantage. "

Jaybee's grin is that of a predator closing in on it's prey.

"Now crank the ECM up and start prepping for low-visibility combat. Oh, this is gonna be FUN."

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Post by: alaras on January 27, 2009, 12:54:43 AM
"Excellent point.  We should be careful not to let our engines get too cold, though.  If those freeze up, it'll be a bitch to get them started again!"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on January 27, 2009, 01:53:38 AM
Jaybee blinks momentarily.

Ummm, unless I REALLY don't get what you're going for, but.... it's very difficult for a fusion generator to freeze up, given that they are, in fact, giant balls of fire.
Don't even get me started on tronium cores and black hole engines.

There aren't ancient internal-combustion devices we're dealing with.

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Post by: Andrew on January 27, 2009, 11:54:15 AM
Jaybee blinks momentarily.

Ummm, unless I REALLY don't get what you're going for, but.... it's very difficult for a fusion generator to freeze up, given that they are, in fact, giant balls of fire.
Don't even get me started on tronium cores and black hole engines.

There aren't ancient internal-combustion devices we're dealing with.

The most you have to do for prepairations for battle in snow is to make sure that you PERSONALLY are ready for an emergency ejection during the battle. Dress warmly, just in case.

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-Sume Gai-

Gai: "Jay's got it right; Derek crank up the ECM's and hit em hard and fast.  though I want you and the Aoi to wait a bit before entering the fight.  Just in case."


the Three were meeting again this time to deal with the approaching AGGF

Ali: "this looks like a real thrill so how many do you want me to take care of?"

????????: "None yet.  I have an errand for you to run go to these Coordinates and there will be a gift waiting for you You'll need something better than tha Enact to fight with us"

Yazan: "and what about me?"

????????: "you'll be with me and we'll try to do as much damage to them before we abandon this place"

Yazan: "Abandon? whywould we do that?"

????????: "this base served it's purpose, there is no concern over losing it now  after all our production facilities in the Cradle are up and running now thanks to that man"

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Post by: Derek on January 27, 2009, 07:42:23 PM
Derek: Well, that sounds like our cue. *Hits the comm* Alright boys and girls, let 'em have it!

Masaki: *Over the comm* About time! Cybuster, launching!

Fuyume: Fei-chan, launching!

Haruka: *Looks over at Derek* You're not going with them?

Derek: Not yet. I really don't want to go out in the cold if I don't have to. Have fun.

Haruka:.....Right. Fine, I'm taking off. Come on, Ash. *Heads for the door*

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Post by: Ash Rudel on January 27, 2009, 08:01:43 PM
Ash: Right.

He follows behind Haruka as they make thier way the hanger, before thier parths split as they make thier way to they machines. Hoping into Wing gust as the hatch closes he picks up a helmet and puts it on, as the machine roars to life.

Momotaros: (he apppears in a chibi oni form on the helmets hud) Using this thing again?

Ash: Figured we might need it. Kintaros come in.

Kintaros: Yes Ash-sama?

Ash: I want you to stand by for now. What for the right time to launch.

Kintaros: As you wish Ash-sama.

Ash: (pops his knuckles) Here we go, Wing Gust 21, launching!!!

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Post by: JayBee on January 27, 2009, 08:49:20 PM
Shara: "Thought you were gonna take a Valk today."

That was before the blizzard. Those winds and that visibility? No way I'm going airborne.


The VF-22 blasts out of the hanger and vanishes in the snowstorm.

Right. Anyways, launching.

The Huckebein steps to the edge of the hanger and leaps off into the snow. As it lands on the ground, Jaybee flicks his hand across the control panel, toggling  switches expertly. The screen goes from white to black as he kills the visible light cameras, then several colored blurs appear as he shifts thermal imaging and RADAR to the main screen, then take the shape of mechs as he overlays computer models based on the IFF signatures.

There we go.
Huckey 3, go!
Drawing a beam saber, but leaving it inactive for the moment, Jaybee stalks toward the nearest enemy, keeping the generator low to minimize his own thermal signature.

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Post by: JayBee on January 28, 2009, 02:33:25 AM
The Huckebein approachs a Gespenst in a crouch, saber held ready.

Just a little closer...

Closing to striking distance, Jaybee slams his controls and his mech springs into action. As the saber ignites, it's blade shining like a beacon in IR, the purple mech springs upwards and dashes forward. The Gespenst starts to turn, but the pilot never really stood a chance, and the saber cleaves the machine in two. As the explosion dies down, Jaybee deactivates his saber and sends his machine diving away as some of the luckless pilot's friends come to search for his killer.

Mmmmm.... How do I wanna press this?

Jaybee briefly considers bringing his gravity rifle online, tehn decides for a different approach. Toggling a few switches, his mech reaches for it's left forearm.

Fang Slasher, GO!

Hurling the oversized boomerang-like device outward, he moves quickly as the new mechs turn towards the weapon. Two of them are cut down as the rest send gunfire towards where the Huckebein used to be.

Three down, umpteen-bajillion to go. Let's leave these guys alone for a little while and find a new target, though. I wanna mess with their heads a bit before I raise the generator output and light myself up.

The Huckebein creeps away, a shadow in the storm, and seeks another target.

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Post by: Andrew on January 28, 2009, 02:57:46 AM
I can't believe I got delayed during the launch, but...
R-1, Launch

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Post by: alaras on January 28, 2009, 05:22:24 AM
"Ugh, I think I picked the wrong equipment for this mission.  Oh well.  Would it be possible to switch to the Launcher pack and delay my launch?  The Aile's not very useful under these conditions."

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Post by: ChrisABlair on January 28, 2009, 06:25:36 PM
"Chris Blair, Hyaku Shiki, launching!!"

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Post by: Derek on January 28, 2009, 09:33:51 PM
Masaki: You know...

*The Cybuster slowly creeps up on two Lions that are trying in vain to lock onto the few bits of pink they can find and then quickly runs them both through*

Masaki: This is almost too easy.

Fuyume: *Giggles* That makes twelve so far, Masa-chan!

Masaki: Thanks. C'mon, let's find some more.

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Post by: Sume Gai on January 28, 2009, 10:21:27 PM
-base CIC-

Officer: "We've lost lions 57 and 56"

Yazan: "'you sure ti's alright to let them keep coming like this??  I'd be happy to hunt them down."

????????: "it's fine, we'll let them come to us rather than fumble around in that snowstorm."


GaoFar descends on one Lion from above then follows by upper cutting it's companion with the claw rendering them both inoperable.

Gai: " they aren't even trying to fight back; even for rudimentary AI this is pathetic.  Its probably..."

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Post by: JayBee on January 29, 2009, 01:00:06 AM
I think I'm done for now.

Jaybee slaps a switch,  and the lights brighten as the Huckebein comes out of low power mode. Electricty hums through the system as capacitors charge. Snow begins melting off the armor plating as the cooling system dumps heat to the outside as the beam saber ignites and glows steadily.

Shara: "So you're through playing games?"

Damn right.

Six Gespensts turn towards the Huckebein suddenly flares up on their sensors.

"The vanishing trooper!"
"Send that monster back to hell!"
"Where did he come from?"

Not Huckey fans, I guess.
Well, let's get the party started.

The surprised Gespensts recover rapidly and begin pelting Jaybee's machine with fire, some of it deflected by the gravity wall system, some dodged. Jaybee points the Huckey's sword at the nearest mech.

One of you is right.

Firing the thrusters, he boosts forward and slashes the mech in two. spinning to the side, he cleaves the arm off another as he whips the gravity rifle up and fires at a third, grazing the chest armor as it dodges.

Oh, so one of you can actually drive?
"Quiet, vanisher!"

The Gespenst lunges forward with it's  jet magnum. The Huckebein deflects the attack with it's beam saber, the plasma stakes sliding across the blade.

Not bad.
But this isn't the vanisher.

The fang slasher energizes and launches, striking the Gespenst in the chest almost before it finishes unfolding. The surviving Gespents begin falling back as a Lion dives in to reinforce them. A gushing stream of energy pours down through the Lion, carving a gash into the ground.


Shara: "Nice trick with that parry."

I'd forgot you mounted that monstrosity of a gun to your Valk.

Shara: "It was your idea."

Don't remind me.

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Post by: Derek on January 29, 2009, 01:43:15 AM
~Tsubasa Bridge~

Derek: *Listening to the comms* Huh. I guess the Gespensts are being piloted after all. Shot down Archer's theory pretty quick, didn't it?

Alexis: *Working at the console* Derek-sama, the enemy's begining to respond to Jay-kun and Shara-chan's movements. They're starting to group up and head in that direction.

Derek: Good. Groups are always easier to deal with....if we've got the right gun for the job. Isn't that right, 004?

~Tsubasa Deck~

*The Alex is reclining on the deck of the ship in much the same way Derek was in the Shining just the day before, but with a different weapon in hand, a large rocket launcher-like device with an expanded barrel.*

Haruka: *Finishes lighting her cigarette* Sounds about right, Captain. Almost finished aiming this.

Derek: *Over the comm* Good. Fuyume? Masaki? How's it going out there?

Masaki: We're working them over to the target spot now. Give us another minute.

Fuyume: Over this way! Look at me! C'mon, play with us over here!

Haruka: *Grins a little as she aims* Gotta hand it to those two, they make an excellent distraction. I'm all set, Derek.

Derek: Good. You two, get out of there. Haruka, fire when ready.

Haruka: Roger that. Let's see if Seiya made it right this time. Firing, Brimstone Launcher!

*The Alex fires, and a single rocket shoots almost straight up into the air and continues up for several thousand feet before the fuel gives out and it begins to fall back to the ground. At about three hundred feet up, however, the shot falls apart and a single cylinder falls from it, headed straight towards about twenty of the enemy machines are grouped. The cylinder then suddenly stops plummetting, and begins spinning rapidly. Before any of the DC machines look up to realize, high powered beam shots begin firing from the cylinder at a downward angle as it spins, raining death straight down on every single one of them. After about thirty seconds of this constant fire, the cylinder finally runs out of power and falls to the ground harmlessly, surrounded by the scrapped mechs and craters it created.*

~Tsubasa Bridge~

Derek: Hahahaha! Just the kind of damage we were going for! Good job, guys!

Haruka: *Over the comm* Thanks. Too bad that was our only one.

Alexis: Yeah, it would've been nice if Seiya-chan had left a few more of those on the Tsubasa, but at least we know it works, right?

Derek: Yup. Alright everyone, keep going. Time to open up a can of Blue Wings brand Whoopass on these guys!

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Post by: alaras on January 29, 2009, 10:07:56 AM
"Screw the change in packs.  Archer, moving out!"  Canceling the request for a change in equipment, Matt launched into the battle, quickly firing his vulcans at some survivors.  They were pretty heavily damaged, so that was enough to finish them.  He then stayed on alert, somehow certain that he still had a role to play in this fight, though he couldn't see any enemies and his sensors weren't picking up anything, even with the ECM in effect.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on January 29, 2009, 08:31:08 PM
The blizzard continues to pour down upon the battlefield as mechas race across the field. A squad of lions fall back from the missile fire and timid vulcan assault. They from a circle in an attempt to  make a desperate retaliation attack.

Lion Commander: Alright men, We'll take these bastards out. For the glory of NEO DC!!!

lion pilots 1-3: YES SIR!

As soon as their group yell is down one lion is pulled back, a short yell is heard before a lion head falls before the group.

lion pilot #2: Sir they took out Harry! (a blade is driving through his cockpit) AWWW!!!

The second lion explodes as the others jump back, they begin firing into the air trying to hit their phantom assailant.  Out of the blizzard a swarm of shuriken's strike another lion causing it to fall onto the ground.

Lion Commander: Johnny!!!  (looks around) Show yourself bastard.

A pair of red eyes glow through the snowstorm as the Lion pullis it's first back it launches forward.

Lion Commander: Got you now. (Something grabs hold of the fist) What!?

Ash: Like that could take out  my 21.

The Grungust type 21 comes into clear view as it crushes the lion fist. Just as quickly he slices off the arm with the calamity blade as the lion falls back.

Lion Commander: Monsters…Your all monsters…

Momotaros: You don't know the half of it buddy. But you know what really pisses me off. (21 picks up the lion by its "commander horn") Assholes like you who think their char.

21 quickly throws the lion into the sky and raises its fist. Ash grins under his helmet as the boost knuckle fires off, busting through the lion. Jumping into the air as the knuckle reattaches, 21 switches back into wing gust.

Ash: Momo, I didn't know you where such a Char fan.

Momotaros: Oh don't get me wrong, I heard he's a real asshole. (pauses) But he was an asshole with class. Now lets go kill some more of these things before blue boy comes out and steals all the good parts.

Ash: (laughs) Right.  Here we go then! (pulls back on the thrusters rocketing forward)

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Picking off a few more Lions with his beam rifle, Matt started to wonder when his mech would reach its limit.  He set his sensors to passive mode and stayed low, hoping to take a more significant enemy by surprise, possibly even find some information about why the base seemed to have such weak defenses.  It just didn't make sense.  It was almost as though they WANTED to lose!

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Post by: Derek on January 30, 2009, 11:36:35 AM
How's it going out there?

"Enemy strength has been reduced to about 75% of the estimated numbers, Derek-sama. They're starting to fall back towards the base."

Hmm. They're turning tail a little faster than we expected. The hit and runs can't be bothering them this much, even if it IS a blizzard out there.

"The snow's starting to clear up a little, actually."

That makes me even more suspicious. Everyone's still close by, right?

"Umm....Everyone except the Strike. It's reading low sensor mode, and moving away from the ships."

Ergh. *Hits the comm* Archer, regroup back here. The blizzard's starting to slack up, and you're gonna make a nice target for them to start aiming at soon. Get back here before something bad happens to you.

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Post by: Sume Gai on January 30, 2009, 11:38:41 AM
-Russian NDC Base-

The Group had reached it's goal with little resistance so far which was odd to say the least.  The Snow was quickly lessening and visibility increased steadily as the Sun Rose.

Gai: "This is really weird why haven't they put up any serio-"

suddenly things changed as even through the interference hundreds of contacts appeared on the edges of the Base.  Flying Gespensts had surrounded the group on all sides.  to make matters worse an elevator in front of them opened up and the Valsion Kai and a  new machine ( painted in red appeared before them.

????????: "Welcome AGGF we've been waiting for you."

Gai: "Oh... Crap."

the Ashsaber took off towards Gai it's Halberd Launcher firing while the Valsion sliced at the smaller Alie Strike with the Divine Blade

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Matt didn't hear Derek's orders, as they came in garbled thanks to the storm.  As the ambush happened, Matt thought I KNEW it was a trap!  As the Valcion swept in to attack, Matt quickly jumped way back and launched a quick comm to it.  "MOM?!  Is that you?!  What the hell are you doing?!"  He continued to dodge the attacks, knowing he didn't stand a chance at countering such a behemoth, and nobody was close enough to provide backup as far as he could tell.  Besides, they had their own battles to fight.  As the Valcion took another swing at him, Matt managed to strafe out of the way, and attacked the blade itself with his beam saber, though it had no effect.  He quickly jumped back, not wanting to get pummeled.  The other enemy mechs, strangely, did not interfere all that much in their fight.  Perhaps they found it odd for a Valcion to focus on a mere Strike Gundam?  As the fight continued, Matt felt a cold emptiness in his heart, as though it was only his mother's body in that cockpit...

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The Valsion wasn't even phased by Archer's call it even began to mix in Cross Smashers with it's sword attacks.  As this continued the Pilot responded to Archer's hail.

?????:  "Real funny kid but I'm not your mom, I'm Yazan Gable and I'm here to kill as many of you as possible"

The Valsion followed this proclamation with a swift kick to the Strike, Meanwhile the Ashsaber continued a fierce offensive which kept Gai on the Ropes; acrobatically dodging shot after shot

????????: "Sume Gai how pathetic you are... How weak you are..."

Gai: "say that after you hit me"

????????: "humpf... as i thought you've let your mind get weak with lack of practice; not to mention how you've let pathetic allies drag you down "

The Ashsaber released it's Sword Breakers the bit like weapons flying to surround Gai.  They fired creating erratic webs of energy which even Gai was having a hard time evading.  Sensitive newtypes would feel a terrible yet slightly familiar presence spreading across the battlefield

'damn; who is this guy?'

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"So then, you're the bastard who kidnapped her?  That's HER Valcion!  WHERE IS SHE?!"  Matt didn't get much of a reply, and focused his attacks on the cockpit, trying to separate it by using the Aile's jumping capabilities, pulling out both beam sabers in a strike that was sadly deflected by the Divine Blade, which then swatted Matt aside as though he were merely a fly.  The Aile gave out at that moment, and the Phaseshift armor powered down.  Matt knew he didn't stand a chance from the moment he saw that mech, and it would take a miracle to get the Strike up and running again.  In that instant, the Valcion prepared to attack him one more time, and Matt did the only thing he could do other than beg for mercy or help.  He became enraged, and sought out Yazan's mind by instinct, flailing wildly in his mind hoping to make him suffer for whatever the monster did to his mother.  In the process, he started to sing, not really in possession of his wits or in any position to fight.  His song was a dark one, and anyone listening would be certain he had lost some of his mind, if not all of it, to battle fatigue.  "I want to mix your blood and put it in the ground, so you can never leave!  I want to earn your trust, your faith, your heart, you'll never be deceived!  Liar!  Liar!  Liar!  Liar!  Liar!  Liar!  Liar!  Liar!  Liar!  Liar!  Liar!  Liar!  Liar!  Liar!  Liar!  Liar!"  He continued singing that word, rage and pain seeping into the words, seemingly mixing even with his Newtype abilities as they reached out to attack the Valcion pilot.  He did not notice the presence due to being distracted, but it certainly contributed to his emotional disturbance.

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*Before the sword could come down on Archer's head, however, a battlecry suddenly cut through the field.*

"Here I come, to ruin your daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~!!!'

*Just in the nick of time, the other Val Kai suddenly came speeding in....and dropkicked the Strike, sending it flying into a nearby snowdrift just in time to dodge the blade.*

When I say get back to the ship before something bad happens, this is usually the sort of thing I'm talking about. Fuyume, get him out of here.

"Hai, Derek-sama!"

Masaki, cover them.

"On it!"

Good. Now, you there in the Val Kai, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Derek Zerus Barona, also known as the Blue Wings of Kyonoshi. Now, I don't know what the deal is between you and Archer, and I don't really care. But if you want to kick his ass, you better get in line behind the rest of us. Now let's rock!

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Matt returned to his senses after getting kicked, and radioed Derek with a quick message.  "That's my mother's Val Kai!  I don't know how he got into it, but I damn well want to find out!  He may have been involved in her capture!  Oh, and I couldn't hear a damn thing you were saying before you kicked me!  Too much interference!"  He started to notice that presence now that his rage was quieted, though it was thoroughly unfamiliar to him, and so he opened the on-board survival kit, hoping to find something more than a handgun he could use against that Valcion.  Sadly, there was nothing he could use, not even a flare launcher.  It seemed he'd have to wait for retrieval and hope for the best.

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the Valsion raisedd it's blade looking hungry for the blood of it's twin. Yazan began a fierce attack against Derek with the devine blade as he answered

Yazan: "Yeah I took this from that bitch your father wanted and it was easy for us to overwrite the OS itwas ours to begin with after all.  As for your mommy, I don't know and I don't care kid."

Yazan laughed as he continued to trade blows.

-Sume Gai/????????-

The Sword Breakers kept up fierce assault as Gai anaylized the situation.  He took shelter behind a hanger giving him temporary relief from the onslaught.

Gai:  "Archer don't get angry, don't lash out like a child. had Derek not stepped in your mind would have been fried eggs by now.  What good would that do your mother?"

Gai was going to explain that the still unnamed pilot in the Ashsaber was defending Yazan and had been about to flood Archer's mind with Newtype energy which would have left him worse than dead but siad pilot rounded the Building and opened fire with his Halberd launcher

????????: "I guess you aren't totally pathetic but I'm still stronger than you, after all you've done nothing other than dodge, and narrowly at that."

Gai evades just as the mysterious man has said narrowly. but the man's Sword Breakers are already headed for him and soon surround him leaving what seems to be no room for escape.

????????: "see, I have you already, goodbye."

Gai: "Idiot ( I haven't been dodging you all this time to save my life. I've just been buying time.  NOW!! STEALTH GAO!!!"

From above the black Stealth Jet releases a bomb which falls quickly before splitting open and showering the area around the two machines with silvery particles.  The man in the Ashsaber Surprised at Gai's words and actions only now remembered to fire his Sword Breakers. 

The beams rather than heading for the intended target begin to bounce erratically about the silver specs leaving Gai to escape as the Ashsaber writhed around its own beams .

Gai: "now then FINAL FUSION!!!!"

From above the Stealth Gao descended and from the earth at his feet the Drill Gao burst forth and from seemingly nowhere the Liner Gao folded as a rocket flew towards the other machines.  the four were engulfed in Green smoke and what emerged was GaoFighGar

(Sakura I know I didn't approve those units the Vincent may stay but the Grungust must go, The Hazel is up in the air though since someone else has plans for a Hazel please email or IM me at some point as there are some things that we need to sort out.)

Astonage: You do realize how ludicrous this Overboost is right? it's way too heavy will drain all your power way too quickly and if you use the boost itself you'll be crushed into pancakes along with the mech. right Sakura?

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Commander Gai, remember to try to capture Yazan alive. He needs to stand trial for his crimes against Neo-Shevat. I believe one of Domina's suggestions was to have him beheaded with his head placed on a pike in the center of the city for all to see.

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Matt didn't bother saying anything to Yazan directly, he just left an open message.  "Commander, please make sure there's something left of him for me to torture.  Death's too merciful for the likes of him, and I'm damn sure he's lying about what he knows.  The Val Kai's no good to us, probably, but we could use the spare parts, I bet.  If you can't let him live, give him a few extra moments of agony for me, OK?"

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Archer, that's enough of that! We don't torture people for fun!  We're the good guys, remember?

Shara's VF-22 weaves through the airborne enemies, wreaking havoc. A Gespenst, seemingly un-noticed, makes a move and drops into the Valk's 6.

Gespenst: "I have her! WHA-"

A beam from the Sturmvogel's rear-facing cannon cuts him short as it blows apart the Gespenst's shoulder, sending it spiraling down. With a flick of her wrist, Shara shifts the mech to GERWALK mode and sheds speed rapidly, slamming her forward against her restraints. The downed Gespenst's wingmen boost ahead of her and both take armcannon blasts, as the first Gespenst hits the ground.

Shara: "Amateurs."

Hey Shara!

"I'm sick of hearing their comm chatter! Huckebein this, Vanisher that!"

I haven't even killed that many. They seem to take my choice of mech personally. Wanna give me some cover fire for a minute? Just draw their attention for a lttile bit.

"I'll draw their attention all right."

The VF-22 shifts to battroid mode and drops like a rock. The beam wings and talons deploy as it falls. As it nears the ground, the engines fire and it touches down a little heavy, but not dangerously. She begins firing her arm cannons at everything nearby, and all eyes in Jaybee's vicinity are suddenly on Shara.

Thanks, I think.

"Don't mention it."

Akagane, this is Jaybee. Please fire the "special" missile on my mark.

"This is Akagane. Roger that. The package is locked and loaded."

Cue Ace Attacker, and...

As the music starts, a  large missile launches from one of the Akagane's missile tubes. Shortly after clearing the ship, the shell blows away, revealing a large flat purple device, with two blades on the forward end and a shaft sticking out of the back end. As it flies, the blades begin glowing, projecting a forcefield forward. Jaybee sends his Huckebein running, then boosts into the air. As the two machines near, the Huckebein grabs the shaft. And then flips up and lands on top, riding the platform like a surfboard, and the device begins to plunge downwards.

G-sword DRIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the pair of machines nears the ground, the sword-ish device levels off. The Huckebein leaps forward, landing a good bit ahead. The energy field from the fangs cuts a swath through the cannon fodder in it's way, littering the field with explosions and debris, only to be caught AGAIN by the Huckebein grabbing the shaft sticking out the back. The mech digs it's heels into the ground and drags the device to a stop. There's a flash as the surfboard/sword springs apart, and wraps itself around the Huckebein.

Shara: "Was all that REALLY necessary?"

Sure as hell was!

The Huckey adopts a martial arts stance.

Behold the true face of terror! The Huckebein Boxer!

Shara: "Riiiight. "

And her Valkyrie snatches it's buster rifles from their recharge points on the skirt armor, combines them, and sends a huge beam through another pack of cannon fodder.

"My way is much faster."


"They've started screaming about the 'crimson devil' on their comms. "

And 'that crazy pilot with the big gun' too, if I'm not mistaken.


(OoC: Yes, a fusion of the Dividing Driver ( and G-Sword Diver, OGs style ( is EXACTLY  what I'm going for. )

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"Sorry bout that little outburst.  If you need to borrow anything to interrogate him with, I know plenty bout S&M that could apply to making him talk.  I'm damn sure that he knows something about what happened to her.  After all, my mother left the DC because of an officer with his name!"

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Jaybee is so stunned by Archer's comment that he momentarily forgets about the battle raging around him.

You... wha-*CRASH!!!!!*

A Lion seizes the moment and tackles the Boxer from behind, sending it toppling forward to the ground..


Roundhouse Catapult KIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!!!!

Spinning up off the ground, the Huckey drives the blade on it's right foot into the Lion, then launches it into the air. Firing thrusters, Jaybee boosts up as the pilot tries to regain control.


And the Boxer brings both it's fists down in an overhead smash, shattering the Lion.

I think I can DEFINITELY say we don't need any of your "expertise." There's far more effective methods of interrogation than amateur play-torture, kid.

By the way... what you do in your bedroom is your own business, and I'll thank you to KEEP it that way.

Shara: "What about you and your Blowsperior? Hypocrite."

Don't make me use the Geist Crusher on YOU.

The Sturmvogel slashes a Gespenst apart with a pair of beam sabers, then flips to GERWALK and dodges a hail of gunfire from his buddies.

"You couldn't hit me if you tried."

Prove it. Hit the sim as soon as this is over. 50 credits.

"Sleep first. I don't want you claiming you lost because you were tired."

Add breakfast, to make your defeat all the more complete.


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"Well, focus on that battle, and we can compare notes afterwards, Shara.  I've got some ideas involving clamps and a car battery that can really do a number under the right circumstances.  But on a more serious note, he has a connection to my mother, former First Lieutenant Eri Mitarashi.  He's lying about not caring, at the very least."

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*Following orders, Fuyume has been carrying Archer's Strike back to the Akagane this whole time, But as soon as he started going into details on his, ahem, activities, she stopped in midair.*

Fuyume: Archer-san, you''re a.....

*With that, she immediately spun him around very quickly and chunked him straight through the air the rest of the way back to the ships.*

Fuyume: HENTAI!!!!

Masaki: *Kicks a Lion in the face and flies over to Fuyume* You okay?

Fuyume: *Flailing her arms like she's trying to get something slimy off them* EWW EWW EWW EWW EWW EWW EWW!!!! *Turns around and starts looking as teary-eyed as the Fei-Yen possibly can, up to and including sniffling* M-Masa-chaaaaaaan......Archer-san's a...a.... *Begins openly sobbing* He's a hentaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii......And I was touching hiiiiiiiim!!!!!

Masaki: *Sighs and pats the Fei-Yen on the head* It's okay. I'm sure Alexis can fix it somehow. In the meantime....*Launches Kuro and Shiro, who proceed to start shooting down a nearby Gespenst* Let's go waste some more of these guys. That should help get your mind off it.

Fuyume: *Sniffles a little* O-okay, Masa-chan. If you say so.

Masaki: Attagirl. *Suddenly stops and looks around* Ergh.

Fuyume: *Tilts her head to the side* Is something wrong, Masa-chan?

Masaki: I just....realized how much I sounded like Derek, just now.

Fuyume: *Giggles* Aw, is that all you're worried about? C'mon, let's go!

Masaki: *Sighs* If you say so....

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Matt just sighed, not bothering to defend himself and said "OK, so I'm a hentai.  Big deal.  Anything else that earns me getting kicked around that I should know about?  Wait, don't answer that, I actually want to live."  In the meantime, he gets out the gauze from the survival kit and checks his head for bleeding, almost certain he got a minor cut on his head from being slammed so hard.  Luckily, he had no injuries as of yet, but he was sure to regret his words later.

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Derek: You know guys, while I normally don't mind listening to the commentary we usually put out during a battle....

*The two Val Kais swing around and lock blades with each other, neither one giving an inch*

Derek: Couldja maybe NOT start going into details about your sexlives, please?!? I REALLY don't need to hear that kind of crap in the middle of a fight!

Yazan: Hahaha! Little rats, with such big mouths! I'll shut you all up, permanently!

(Cue Unavoidable Battle--Reincarnation Remix (

*The two Val Kais begin sword dueling for a minute or two, parrying most of each other's attacks until Derek, in the middle of a swing, suddenly lets go of his divine blade, catches it in his other hand, and spinkicks Yazan straight in the midsection.*

Yazan: What the--*Dodges a sudden Cross Smasher* You little bastard!

Derek: I never said I was gonna let you off easy, jackass. I've got my own bone to pick with Titan scum like you!

Yazan: Oh, so you're a spacenoid vermin too, are ya?

Derek: Lunarborn, and proud of it! *Spinkicks at Yazan again*

Yazan: *Dodges the kick, and begins slashing* Proud of what? Being born on a dead rock out in space? Don't make me laugh!

Derek: *Clashes with him again* Laugh all you want, I'll still kick your ass!

Yazan: *Brings up his Cross Smasher at point blank* Or you can just die!


*At just the last second, Derek dodges to the right, only losing some of the Val's shoulder armor to the attack. Yazan, however, immediately takes advantage and stabs forward with the blade, piercing straight through the point where the body and the damaged shoulder connect and almost severing it, and actually breaking through the cockpit wall*

Derek: Son of a--*Winces as the cockpit dome shatters from the impact* AGH!!

Yazan: HAHAHAHAHA!!!! How do you like that? Now, say goodnigh--His Val shudders suddenly*--Gah! What the hell?!?

*Taking quick advantage of the proximity, Derek is still able to jam his own blade straight through Yazan's left leg with the damaged arm and hold on, pinning him at close range.*

Derek: *Raises the Val's right arm up at Yazan's cockpit and smirks, bangs and scarf now billowing in the wind* This is how you're supposed to do it, asshole! CROSS SMASHEEEER!!!!!

Yazan: DAMN YOU--

*Yazan's Val Kai lets go of his divine blade and boosts backwards as hard as he can, successfully avoiding a killshot at the cost of his right arm and left leg.*

Yazan: ARRGH--You bastard!!!

Derek: I've been called worse things by better people. *Aims his Cross Smasher again* It's time we called you a fading memory.

Yazan: Grrr....I won't forget this, you hear me?!

*Yazan's Val Kai turns and starts to flee, while most of the nearby Gespensts all move in to cover him, preventing anyone from chasing after him. At the same time, Masaki and Fuyume quickly move to support Derek, preventing anyone else from taking any potshots as he falls back.*

Fuyume: Are you okay, Derek-sama?

Derek: I've got a bigass sword sticking through my cockpit, my left arm's not working, and I'm cold.

Masaki: You didn't shoot him when you had the chance. What gives, D?

Derek: One, I don't shoot people in the back like that. Ever. Two.... *Aims the Smasher at Masaki's face*

Masaki: WHAT'RE YOU--

Derek: *Presses the trigger, only for nothing to happen* Bang.

Masaki: AUGH--Eh?

Derek: He hit a reactor conduit. I've got just enough energy left to get back to the ship, and then this thing is going to sleep for awhile. C'mon guys, let's go before you have to carry me back. I'm freezing.

Masaki: That wasn't funny, Derek!

Fuyume: *Giggles* Your reaction really was funny, Masa-chan.

Masaki: *Facepalms* Argh....

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the minutes passed as Gai tried to close the distance between the two while the unknown pulled away using his remaining Sword Breakers and Halberd Launcher to keep Gai at bay

????????: "come on! attack me! I'd have killed you by now if our positions were switched."

Gai: "What do you know about me? you've already shown that you underestimated me once whats to say you haven't done it again."

?????????: "Prove to me that I have, in fact prove that your choice bake then was better."

Gai: (back then, does he mean...?)

the unknown man released his Sword Breakers again sending them towards either side of his foe

????????: "you can't dodge my attacks forever"

the Sword Breakers are about to fire their energy building up visibly, when suddenly, GaoFighGar leaps upwards and brings it's Right Knee, Drill spinning, into the closer of the two Sword Breakers destroying it as the entire machine flips sideways;. his leg falling only inches below the line of fire from the other bit.

Gai: "you have a point I guess I'll have to start countering them instead."

????????: "So you were holding back hoping for me to make a mistake? too bad I won't give you another shot."

before Gai can stop it the last Sword Breaker moves away positioning itself between the Two combatants and firing.  Gai pulls the right half of the mech aside letting the beam slip inches past the wings.  His right fist Closes.

Gai: "I see you figured out the GaoFighGar lacks many Long range attacks, but, it's not that I have none.  BROKEN PHANTOM!!!!"

The belly opens and a yellow ring appears in front of GaoFighGar, who thrusts it's right fist forward through it.  The fist detaches and with the ring flies towards the Sword Breaker;  the bit like weapon retaliates firing a beam at the Pink fist but it's attack is just scattered by the energy field surrounding the Punch.  The two meet and the fist Shatters the bit as it continues to it's real target the Ashsaber.

The unknown pilot is too late to dodge so he does the only thing he can, he raises the Halberd Launcher and fires at full power.  Even the fist's energy can't deflect the Halberd Launcher and the ring disappears soon followed by the fist itself.  The blast is now on target for the one armed GaoFighGar certainly enough to kill him if it hits.

Gai: "PROTECT WALL!!!!!!!"

GaoFighGar raises it's hand palm outwards and just before hitting him the blast stops as though hitting an invisible wall.  and then perpendicular to the attack a large Pink Star begins to form,   finishing as the Blast reaches it's end/  Then the star flies forward.right at the Ashsaber.  The Ashsaber drops it's gun and speeds upwards to escape; as the Star collides with the gun a massive explosion occurs, one which the Ashsaber barely avoids. It is at this time that Yazan is forced to flee.

????????: "tch.. well I guess that's the end of this. Sume Gai, I am Wan Fey Lo, I think you should know, You made the Wrong choice at Tellemaios.  I am  proof enough of that."

with those cryptic words the man flies away signaling for the remaining Gespensts to follow.

Gai: "Wha? how did? WAIT!! GET BACK HERE!!!"

it is too late, the hasty retreat leaves the AGGF unable to follow, besides, damages mean that following would be suicide.

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"So much for getting information.  Still, that was her mech, and the fact that a Titan was piloting it REALLY sits wrong with me.  She left before the Titans pulled their coup, mostly out of disgust when Yazan tried to bring her into it.  My entire family was born and raised on Earth, but this crap about superiority on either side makes us all sick.  It's also rather clear to me that I can't really do much for you guys either way.  I just get in the way or get shot down quickly, so unless anyone can find a spot where I can actually do some good, don't bother to look for me for the next few hours after we get back."

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Wing Gust flys pass Derek's group over looking what just happened. Quickly swifting back into battle mode and hover above them

Ash: Good to know the scarf paid off Derek.

Momotaros: What did i tell you....HE STOLD THE BEST PARTS!

Ash: Momo we still got that thing i snagged from base to try out/

Momotaros: (pauses) Why didn't you say before. Let's go bust some heads boy.

Ash/Momotaros: BOOST HAMMER!!!

Grungust type 21 quickly pulls out the boost hammer and begins to spin it around. Ash and Momotaros soon start taking down the lions around them.

Ash: (pulls the hammer back and launches it again) Ah. this is refreshing.

Momotaros: You mean after hearing that hentai speech? (pauses) Even Kame's not that bad.

Ash:  I don't know, remember that one time in Kyoto?(21 throws one of the lions into another one)

Momotaros: Don't remind me.

Ash: But I agree, theres just some things you don't want to hear over an open com line. (The boost hammer misses it's mark)

Momotaros: Oi, boy you missed that one. (pauses) You know what we need to do right?

Ash: Way a head of you Momo. (pulls back on the controls) This calls for....

As Ash pulls back on the controls energy starts to filter from the core of 21 thoughtout the mech's body, until going into the left leg. The lences on his helment glow bright red as a target screen appears on the hud, lining up the target. The words "RIDER KICK" flash over the screen as the mech dives towards the lion with it's foot outstreched.

Ash/Momotaros: GUNGRUST KICK!!!!!!

The lion dosen't know what hit it as 21 tears right through the mech, landing on the ground, making a decent size crater.

Momotaros: (laughs) Always needs more rider kick.

Ash: (looks up) And that is how you do a rider kick.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on February 02, 2009, 01:15:39 AM
Archer, let me remind you that I'm a Secret aagent man, secret aaagent man, they've given me a num-*BOOM!*

Shara: "Stop singing, or the next shot won't miss."

*ahem* Right. Anyways, among other things, I'm trained in interrogation techniques. You, on the other hand, are playing with a car battery. And appealing to SHARA to let you abuse with a valuable hostage for your own gratification after I shut you down. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think zentradi intelligence was ever renowned for it's advanced techniques.

"You would be correct. And I was never in intelligence anyways."

You're woefully underqualified and FAR too involved in the situation to be making torture calls.  I'm not even sure we should let you into the brig with the prisoner at this point, though I'm trusting the guards to keep you from trying anything.

You have ZERO input on questioning, starting from the moment you advocated torture for torture's sake.
I don't want to hear ONE MORE WORD about any "advanced interrogation procedures" you invented in your bedroom.

Now then....

The Boxer Frame raises a massive energy-shrouded fist, and plunges it into a concrete wall. As it collapses, a mech spins and raises a rifle, but the surprised pilot is off-guard and sluggish. The Boxer's other fist comes flying in an arc, delivering the World's Largest Hook and sending the formerly-grounded machine flying, it's chest armor shattered.

Let's have some fun while there's still fun left to be had!

Shara, no leveling the base until after we examine it.

The Sturmvogel pauses, lifts the Buster Rifle rifle from firing position, then seperates it and hangs the two halves back on the skirt armor as it kicks a Lion with the beam talons on it's feet.

"No fun at all, I tell you."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on February 02, 2009, 02:03:28 AM
"As you wish.  If anyone needs me, I'll be looking for a new line of work as soon as we get back, preferably in the civilian sector.  Apparently, I can't fight well enough to stay standing, have few other skills that are useful to a military force, and have no time to improve."  He opened the first-aid kit kept in pretty much every glove compartment, took out a painkiller, and popped it.  With the headache he got from being thrown, he needed it.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on February 02, 2009, 06:57:29 PM
Derek: Hey Archer, you remember the other day when I punched you so hard for going on a bitchfest, you flew ten feet through the air? I've still got enough energy left to do it again with the Val Kai here, so don't tempt me.

Masaki: Speaking of, we're here.

*The Val Kai sets down on the Tsubasa's deck, then turns around as Derek waves his escorts off.*

Derek: Alright guys, go finish up out there.

Fuyume: You sure you don't wanna come back out with us, Derek-sama?

Derek: Nah, I'm good. You kids have fun. *Turns around and heads into the hangar*

Masaki: *Shrugs* Well, let's go then.

Fuyume: Okay!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on February 02, 2009, 07:15:03 PM

Astonage having noticed something odd with the Queen Gundam calls Sakura down to the hangar

What do you need Astonage?

Astonage: I don't know why I've never noticed this before but, why is the cockpit reinforced with a Psychoframe?

It has a psychoframe? This is news to me, this is a guess but it might be needed to activate Queen's super mode since only newtypes and people with telekinetic abilities can activate it.

Astonage: It's not built like a normal psychoframe which was why I was asking. After finding it, I ran some tests and I think you may be correct but, the frame's eroding.

Eroding? Is that even possible? I know that frames require maintenance but eroding?

Astonage: It's possible. Since the frame is unique we can't replace it and if I fiddle with it too much it could fry your brain next time you use it.

Hmmm. Don't worry about it, if it fries it fries. Never liked Queen too much anyway too many bad memories. I only got it to match that masked man's machine.

Astonage: Even if you don't care if fries I do so I would recommend that only use Queen if you have to since you don't want it failing during battle.

Thanks for letting me know.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on February 02, 2009, 08:23:29 PM
"Don't worry, I'm done with that.  I'm just going to work on staying out of the way.  Besides, if he's in that Val Kai, Mom's probably dead or worse."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on February 02, 2009, 10:02:12 PM
Ash: Hey Archer. (Slams to Lions together) Would you do us all a favor, and quit your bitching. Some of of us are trying to actaully have a battle here. If you want to be emo, go get some ice cream, put on some linkin park, and start a live journal. Now go be a good boy and shut your com off. Maybe if your really good someone will take you to hot topic when we get back. (ducks a few shots) I doubt it, but you never know with this group. (fires off a double boost knuckle) But so help me, I hear you one more time I'm going to show you that my mech's not the only one who can Rider kick.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on February 02, 2009, 10:51:01 PM
Archer shut off his com, and took another painkiller for that headache which refused to quit.  After all, if one becomes useless, then one should be silent, or so he reasons.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: ChrisABlair on February 03, 2009, 12:51:38 AM
"This is Chris. Man, I can see why this mobile suit is so well recieved. The performance is amazing!!"
*he dodges three Lion-launched missiles and retaliated with four beam rifle shots, each one tearing through a different Lion*
"But, I could use some help. Hey Derek, are you free to get these four off my tail? However amazing the Hyaku Shiki is, I think four against one is totally unfair."
*A rail gun bullet scrapes against the shoulder of the Hyaku Shiki, knocking it off balance.*
*Chris wakes up, feeling a little unnerved*
"Am I really that unskilled that I need to ask for help?"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on February 03, 2009, 01:23:34 AM
I may not be Derek, but... TRACE MISSILE FULL BURST!

A cloud of missiles flies out of the Huckebein's back, curling towards the Hyaku Shiki, then swirling around it as the missiles chase the Lions. The Lions break off from chasing Chris and start dodging and shooting missiles down, ultimately in vain for all but one of them. As the final Lion boosts away, one arm damaged beyond use, Shara leaps upward and smashes it with a  pinpoint barrier uppercut.

I mean, nice shot.

"Thank you. I think."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Andrew on February 03, 2009, 07:50:18 AM
Has been shooting down Lions for most of the fight with G-Revolvers and T-Link Swords

There seems to be no end to these guys. I need to come back and reload, otherwise I'll be relying on my shocksnap, and that's not good in these conditions.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: TheTenderizer on February 03, 2009, 11:21:24 AM
OoC: I don't want to overstep my bounds, but it's pretty hard to pass up on evil.

(Suddenly in Archer's cockpit, a communication device besides his intercom system starts up.  An unfamiliar and gruff - but yet not unpleasant - man's voice.  There is a very faint Brazilian accent accompanying it.)

Voice: Matthew Archer.  Would you like to see your mother, kid?  Are you tired of being useless to those stuck-up AGGF aces?  Neo DC knows you aren't useless.  I know this sounds suspicious, but we want to protect the earth from the aliens every bit as much as you do - but we're not so stuck up as to not know the proper value of people like you.

(The voice paused for a second as the man coughed.  The voice was fairly confident - almost smug, but not quite.)

Voice: If you want power, purpose, and your parent, you will come to the abandoned Belarus airbase, alone.  If you come, we will teach the AGGF of their selfish arrogance, and when that day comes, perhaps they will help us defend the earth.  However, the choice is yours.  Can we expect to see you there, Mr. Archer?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on February 03, 2009, 03:28:16 PM
Archer reached for the device, not even sure how or why it was there, and said "I'll try to get there within three days.  If I am prevented from leaving base, I'm sure you can find a way to kidnap me, but be warned that I will NOT come willingly, even if you reveal yourself, and if you fail to capture me, all bets are off.  Besides, why should I trust my mother's captors?  I didn't inherit much of her talent, after all, if any, and I'm already on everyone's shit list.  If my mom's not with you, then I'm leaving right then and there."  In his mind, though, he was thinking If this is real, we could gain an advantage over the Neo DC by using me as a mole!  Of course, it's probably a trap meant to weaken AGGF further.  I'll discuss it with Captain Bright and the Commander when we get back.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: TheTenderizer on February 03, 2009, 05:36:44 PM
(The voice was not at all taken aback by Archer's reaction, and chuckled softly before replying.)

Voice: Fair enough, kid.  You'll meet your mother, you've got my word.  I know what you're thinking, but there's a lot less slimeballs in Neo DC than you might guess.  Remember that this choice is yours, and there's a place for you here.  We hope you'll make the right choice.

Goodbye, Mr. Archer.

(the device slowly shorts out and fizzles in the final throes of its life)

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Post by: Sume Gai on February 03, 2009, 09:03:38 PM
-Sume Gai-

Gai continues to fight still proving dangerous to any lion or gespenst that crosses him, however, those that have fought with him long enough might notice he's less aggressive, less fervent and quieter.  He Smashes a Gespenst's face in then drill Knee's it in the chest  before pulling back and letting the compromised reactor explode


behind his Sunglasses Jamil watches the fading battle until one of the operators speaks up.

Operator: "Captain, It's odd but there's a heat source under the suface that's getting steadily hotter."

Jamil: "What can you confirm he pattern?"

Operator: "it looks like a type 7 power generation system but it's way too hot to be-"

Jamil: "Order a retreat that base is about to blow; pull back NOW!!"

Several flares, indicating immediate withdrawal are fired as the Akagaine begins to pull back

-Sume gai-

Seeing the flare Gai begins to pull back somewhat half halfheartedly

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Post by: Derek on February 03, 2009, 09:30:05 PM
Masaki: *Spots the flares* Oh, that's always bad to see. C'mon Fuyume, let's get the hell out of here!!

Fuyume: Running time!!!! Wait up, Masa-chan! *Spots the 21 nearby* Ashi-kuuuuun! Don't leave me behind!

Ash: Damn it all. (Swifts to Wing Gust) Fuyume, hop on and hold on tight.

Momotaros: But I still wanna fight!

Ash: Momo you can fight after we out run a base exploding.

*With that, Fuyume jumps onto the 21, and the three make a mad dash for the Tsubasa.*

~Aoi Tsubasa Bridge~

Alexis: Energy readings are starting to get critical, Derek-sama!

Derek: Where the hell are they?!?

Haruka: They're setting down now.

Derek: Then let's start getting the hell out of here. The Akagane is already leaving the combat zone. *Hits the comm* Anyone else still on the field needs to get the hell over here before they get nuked, NOW!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on February 03, 2009, 10:02:18 PM
Shara, let's go!

"Already on it, groudpounder!"

The VF-22 shifts to fighter mode and boosts away, hauling a not-insignificant amount of ass.

I've got a tesla drive in here, remember?
But that may be a tad slow...

The Huckebein leaps up, ejects the Boxer frame, lands on teh purple surfboard of doom, and rides out of the area as fast as it can move.

"You look like an idiot, you know."

Jaybee starts humming Surfing USA

"And now you sound like one too."

Shut up.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on February 03, 2009, 10:07:09 PM
Matt switched on his communicator at seeing everyone else retreating and said "Um, OK, I guess I'll just stay put, then.  After all, Strike's out of commission, or I'd be hauling my sorry ass out of here with the rest of you.  I'm just not fast enough to outrun that kind of explosion on foot."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: ChrisABlair on February 03, 2009, 10:10:13 PM
"C'mon!" The Hyaku Shiki grabs onto the Strike, the closest mobile suit to him, and hauled ass.
"We're getting out of this alive!"

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on February 03, 2009, 10:17:45 PM
"Thanks for the assist!  Oh, and Commander, I've got something I need to discuss with you when we get back to base, away from prying eyes and ears.  I do hope you'll deign to listen."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on February 03, 2009, 10:57:07 PM
Hey, Chris... Why exactly did you pick up a damaged mech in the hanger, move it over two bays, and set it back down?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: ChrisABlair on February 03, 2009, 11:00:32 PM
"Hey, Jay... I really dunno."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on February 03, 2009, 11:19:00 PM
OOC: Didn't realize I was back in the hangar...

Archer realizes his eyes were closed shut, opens them, and realizes he was in the hangar all along.  "Um, never mind."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on February 03, 2009, 11:36:08 PM
(And that's why you should actually pay attention when I talk to you.)

~Aoi Tsubasa Bridge~

Derek: Who's left?

Alexis: The R-Wing's about to land on the deck, Derek-sama! That's everyone!

Derek: Good. 004, get us the hell out of here!

Haruka: Already on it! Leaving the combat zone in fifteen seconds!

Derek: *Sits back in his chair and sighs* Trust the maniacs to blow up their own base, hoping to take us with it. Sounds like a Titan plan, alright. Haruka, when we get clear, link up and dock with the Akagane. After a mess like that, I get the feeling that there's probably gonna be some kind of staff meeting.

Haruka: Roger that, Captain. We'll link up with the Akagane in a little under five minutes. We should be long clear of the explosion range by then.

Derek: Good.

Alexis: *Gets up* I'm gonna go ahead and start looking at the mechs, Derek-sama.

Derek: Thanks, Alexis. And, uh....Before you go down there.....

Alexis: *Smiles sweetly* I saw how the Val-Kai-kun looked, Derek-sama. I am very unhappy with you right now. *Walks out of the room*

Derek:....Yeah, I figured something like that....

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Post by: alaras on February 03, 2009, 11:45:34 PM
Matt got out of his now-trashed mech, trying not to make eye contact with a fairly irate Astonage, as he walked over to Gai.  "Um, as I was saying, there's something I need to discuss with you and Captain Bright that you may find interesting.  It may allow us to infiltrate the Neo DC, if we're lucky."

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Post by: Sume Gai on February 03, 2009, 11:49:47 PM
-Russian base-

The power generation unit reached critical mass; the Steel casing could no longer hold back the energy and the base erupted loudly and violently.  A mass of Steam and Smoke billowed upwards in a huge mushroom cloud

-Sume Gai-

on the deck of the Akagane, GaoFighGar watched the blast, hunched over supporting itself with one hand, before silently standing and walking into the hanger.   Getting down Gai seemed distracted but he heard archer's request

Gai: "Ah.. Archer I wanted to speak to you anyway.  come along."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on February 03, 2009, 11:56:00 PM
"Yes, of course."  Matt followed silently behind Gai, noticing his lack of focus, and wondering I wonder who that pilot was, to put him in that state of mind?  Definitely a Newtype, and probably someone he knew from a previous conflict.  Still, I need to remember to focus on what that Brazilian was saying.  I don't like the idea of joining, but it's better to try subterfuge and sabotage if it means I get to save my mom.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on February 04, 2009, 12:47:47 AM
Meanwhile, on the observation deck...

Man, that was a big explosion.


Kinda wish I was still out there, though.

"I... what?"

Can you imagine how awesome it would've looked if I'd been riding the G-Sword just ahead of the shockwave the whole way?

Shara slaps Jaybee in the back of the head.

"You're an idiot."

Oh, c'mon! That woulda been cool!

"I'll see you in the sim tomorrow. Those 50 credits are good as mine. Good night."

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on February 04, 2009, 01:44:17 AM
~Aoi Tsubasa Bridge~

Haruka: Docking procedure complete. We're connected to the Akagane.

Derek: Good. We're an easier target to aim at like this, but it's so much simpler to transfer things around when we're docked. And it's not like the two E Fields can't stack or anything. Alright, I'm gonna go over to the Aka. Take care of things over here, will you?

Haruka: It's what I'm here for. Have fun.

Derek: Thanks.

*Derek leaves the bridge and heads to the elevator. When he opens the door, however, he is forced to step back as Masaki staggers out, looking like he had just walked halfway across the country, and even propping himself up on a pipe he secured from who-knows-where, to complete the image.*

Masaki: *Breathing heavily, as well*

Derek: Do I even want to know?

Masaki: *Looks over and spots him* Haaah....haah....Derek....

*Without any warning, Andoh drops the pipe and suddenly grabs Derek by the collar, getting an inch away from his face and giving him the most serious death glare he possibly could.*


Derek: *Completely undisturbed by the proximity* I take it you ran into Alexis.

Masaki: I said hi. She reached over and hit EVERY SINGLE BUTTON ON THE ELEVATOR BEFORE GETTING OFF.

Derek: And you've been on a world tour of the ship since, huh?




Derek: That sucks. Now let me go if you value your hands.

Masaki:....Ergh. *Lets go* You owe me for this.

Derek: I'm aware. C'mon, we'll go hit the bar.

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Post by: Ash Rudel on February 04, 2009, 02:32:54 PM
Making sure to evade Alexis fit of  rage in the hanger, Ash quickly made a mad dash from the hanger to his trailer. Typing in a pass-code, he slips inside.  He warned him to shut up, but he didn't listen. After digging through a pile of junk he finds what he was looking for.  Moments later Ash rides out of the trailer on what looks like a Motospeeda, expect all white.

Ash: Momo, stay here. (puts on his helmet) I got some work to do.

Momotaros: Go kick his ass.

Ash: (nods) Will do

Revving the bikes engine, he rides out of the hanger and onto the ships deck. Taking a moment to judge the distant between the Tsubasa and Akagane, he peels out and launches himself skyward.  Pulling a couple of tricks in the air before he lands on the Akagane. Not wasting a second he drives off towards his target.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on February 04, 2009, 03:12:38 PM
~Akagane hallway~

Derek *Gets off the lift*:...And that, my friend, is why I'm not going anywhere near her for awhile.

Masaki: Yeesh. I knew you'd gotten hit pretty hard out there, but...

Derek: Makes all the times I've messed up 'Scythe and Shining look pretty simple in comparison, doesn't it?

Masaki: Yeah. *Looks down the hallway* Oh, there's Gai. *Looks again*....And Archer.

Derek: Oh, good. *Digs something out of his jacket pocket*

Masaki:...Derek, why did you have a camera on you?

Derek: It's all in the preparations, my friend. *Starts messing with the camera's settings* And I wanted to get this on tape.

Masaki: Wait, is there really about to be a--

Derek: I'm much more capable of predicting things than some people think. *Finishes setting up the camera* Now, let's watch.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on February 04, 2009, 03:14:28 PM

Ash: Outta the way, outta the way.

He yelled out as he drove pass crewmembers scrambling out of the way. He was on a mission…A mission to bring some justice. Normally Ash was very easy going, but today he was going to put his foot down.  Popping a wheelie he zooms passed Derek and Masaki, giving a thumbs up as he drives pass. He sees his target near the commander. Quickly setting his bike on auto, he stands up on the seat.

Ash: I WARNED YOU ARCHER!! (flips a switch on his belt, and a slight electrical charge runs down his leg) Here I go. (leaps into the air) RIDERRRRRRRR KICKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!

He summer slates into the air, ending with his foot out stretched. The electric taser built into the bottom of his boot starts to put off a fairly large amount of electricity. Finally reaching his target, his boot slams into Archer's chest. Not stopping there, he quickly kicks off Archer and leaps back into the air. Twisting around his second kick begins to swirl. Once again he connects with Archer, hitting him on the back this time, sending him crashing forward.  Bouncing off of his target he lands on his bike. He slightly turns letting his scarf flow in the wind, and flashes a thumbs up at Derek and Masaki, before driving off.

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Post by: Andrew on February 04, 2009, 03:21:47 PM
Having watched that from the far end of the hallway

What was that all about? Not that I'm complaining too much about Archer's injuries, but, woah...

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on February 04, 2009, 03:27:05 PM
Derek: *Got every single glorious second of it on tape* Haaaaaaahahahahahahahaha!!!

Masaki: Hahahahahah! Oh, man. That was great!

Derek: *Looks over* Oh, hey Andrew. Long story short, Archer REALLY needs to listen to people when they tell him things. C'mon, Andoh. I'm gonna go hijack a TV in the bar while I edit a soundtrack into this tape.

Masaki: What're we waiting for, let's go!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on February 04, 2009, 03:33:19 PM
Archer stood up silently, not even bothering to complain.  "OK, Commander, where can we talk and make sure we won't be interrupted short of an enemy attack?"  He was bruised and battered all over thanks to that attack, bleeding a little from his nose, and had two black eyes, but he didn't really care.  He stumbled on what could be a major opportunity to be useful for once, and he wasn't about to let a little something like getting his ass kicked get in the way of either saving his mother or undermining the Neo DC.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Andrew on February 04, 2009, 04:11:23 PM
Before going with Masaki and Derek

Archer, after your talk with Gai, go see doc in the infirmary. There is no way you didn't break something after that.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on February 04, 2009, 04:16:26 PM
"Oh, alright.  I feel fine, though."  Matt continued to follow Gai, not really concerned with what happened to him.  It looked and felt like crap, but he couldn't have sustained any major injuries if he was able to stand up and just shrug it off.  The two of them arrived in a room of Gai's choosing, and Matt said "Is this room soundproofed, and can I lock it?  I can't allow the others to hear what I have to say, or I'll get a lot worse than just a Rider Kick for it."

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Post by: ChrisABlair on February 04, 2009, 04:40:10 PM
How is it, Astonage?

"For what you usually do, the Hyaku Shiki is still in fantastic shape. A few scrapes, but other than that, it's still okay."

Thank god. I don't need random mobile suit developers like Anaheim or Morgenroete jumping down my throat.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on February 04, 2009, 06:08:18 PM
~Akagane Bar~

Derek: *Messing around with one of the TVs* Hmm. I think I've about got the timing right for the song. Whaddya think, Masa....*Turns around and looks at Andoh*.....What're you doing, anyway?

Masaki: *At the bar, writing on a piece of paper* Working on a letter. We've been so busy lately, I hadn't gotten around to it yet.

Derek: You write letters to people? *Thinks about it again* You write at all?

Masaki: *Looks over* Hey, I might not have much use for an education when all I do for a living is kill things with a giant robot, but I AM educated.

Derek: I didn't doubt you. Much. So, who're you writing to?

Masaki: A penpal of mine who lives in Nerima. He and I have been writing letters to each other for a long time. Hell, I've been getting them since before I even started chasing Shu.

Derek:.....Wait, that would mean....How the hell do letters go from Nerima to frelling La Gias, anyway?!?

Masaki: Never questioned it, myself. It's odd, I've never met the guy myself, but I feel a weird kind of kinship with him.

Derek: For your letters to get back and forth to one another through a dimensional barrier, I think I can see why. What's his name?

Masaki: Ryouga. He kinda freeloads at a martal arts dojo in Nerima. Tends to write about how much he hates this one Saotome guy. I guess he's his rival for a girl, or something. He doesn't actually give a lot of details on it.

Derek: Sounds like a lot of fun. Alright, have fun writing that, I'm almost done with this thing.

Masaki: Sure. Hey, you want me to mention you?

Derek: Only if you tell him I'm an awesome bastard signing your paychecks. Otherwise, I'm good.

Masaki: Sure thing.

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Post by: Sakura77 on February 04, 2009, 08:24:07 PM
-Duragreiz Bar-

Bartender: Did you know that the bar's TVs are set up to receive signals from the Akagane's bar and Aoi Tsubasa?

Who set that up?

Bartender: I'm not sure, though I'd bet money that Derek was the one that set it up.

We should ask Derek if he was the one when they get back. Is there anything on right now?

Bartender: Hey I'm getting a signal!

From who?

Bartender: The Akagane.

I wonder what's on.

As the signal comes in, Sakura orders another round and watches the incoming video on the bar's TV

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Post by: JayBee on February 04, 2009, 08:35:57 PM
Jaybee walks in, sits down, and orders some food and a drink.

Hey, Wheel of Fortune! Haven't seen this in ages!

You know, I had a cousin that won 50 grand on this back in the day. He choked in the bonus round. He almost cried as they slid his shiny new sports-hover back offstage. It was hilarious.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on February 04, 2009, 08:37:21 PM
(Sakura, you seriously pre-empted that one. Besides, the Tsubasa doesn't have a bar.)

Derek: *Waves at Jay without looking* Hey. The answer is "There's no place like home." *Stops working as he realizes something* Huh.

Masaki: *Looks up* What's wrong?

Derek: Oh, I just realized there's a piggyback signal on this TV. Hmm. *Reaches over behind the TV and disconnects a few wires* There.

Masaki:....And what did that do, exactly?

Derek: Keeps anyone else from watching this before I'm done with it. Kinda ruins the effort spent in making an awesome video if everyone else can see the raw.

Masaki: Gotcha.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on February 04, 2009, 11:16:43 PM
Jaybee stands up and stretches, then heads for the door.

Welp, time to get this party started.

Jaybee strides down teh corridors towards the sim chamber. As he reaches his destination, he finds Shara leaning against the wall.



Then let's do this. Earth environment, if you don't mind. I'm not quite ready to take the Boxer out in a low-G or null-G setting.

"Sure. Not that it matters."

Damn right. I'm gonna beat your ass so hard you can taste it.

"Talk is cheap. Computer, load my VF-22 and Jaybee's Huckebein with Boxer frame. Environment similar to our last operation. No AIs."

Computer: "Simulation configured."


Jaybee and Shara settle into their virtual cockpits.

Ten second count fine?

"Computer, begin ten-second countdown."

Comp: "Ten. Nine. Eight.

The computer counts down as the two make their final adjustments.

"... Two. One. Zero. Launch."

The Huckebein's boosters flare as it launches forward and up into the sky. The Sturmvogel's engines send it flying down a runway and into the air equally rapidly.

All right! Prepare to eat metal!

"The only thing you'll be eating is those words!"

That doesn't even make sense!

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Post by: Derek on February 04, 2009, 11:36:10 PM
~Akagane Bar~

Derek: And almost....almost.....*Checks the video one more time*....Got it.

Masaki: *Watches the test run* Man, I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing that.

Derek: I know I won't. Alright, let's get everyone in here. *Walks over and hits the PA* Attention, everyone. We will now begin showing a very special video recording in the bar, in celebration of our recent victory in battle. Anyone who wishes to see it is welcome to come on by and watch. Due to some minor, ah, equipment issues, I'm afraid the viewing is gonna be restricted to one TV in the bar, so no uploading and watching from your stations if you're on duty. But don't worry, we'll be playing it for the entire trip back to HQ, so you've got plenty of time to come watch. We'll begin the first showing in fifteen minutes, so don't be late! Barona, out. *Turns off the PA*

Masaki: We're holding a private viewing? I thought these TVs are all linked.

Derek: They are, but I'm already using this one, and I don't feel like reconnecting it.

Masaki: You sure? I remember hearing something about signal connections with the other ships, too.

Derek: Hey, if they didn't come with us on this mission, it's their own damn fault they don't get to join in the fun. I don't believe in stealing cable, anyway. They want to see it, they should pay for it like everyone else.

Masaki: *Shrugs* Can't really argue with that. We were the ones who went to the trouble of getting the video. It should be ours to show or distribute as we please, right?

Derek: Exactly. Anyone who doesn't like that can piss off, or carry a camera of their own. Now, let's get ready. This is gonna be a fun party.

Masaki: *Grins* I'll go get the snacks out of the storeroom.

Derek: Good man.

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Post by: alaras on February 04, 2009, 11:56:06 PM
Shortly after hearing the announcement:

"I guess they recorded my ass-whupping.  Let them have their fun.  It's harmless, after all."

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Post by: JayBee on February 05, 2009, 02:51:28 AM
The Huckebein and Sturmvogel rapidly head towards each other, but before they engage...

Just so we're clear... I can do anything I want as long as I HUCKEY SMASH you before you go down, right?

"The bet was just that you could hit me with the Geist Crusher. Any means necessary. On both sides."

Just makin' sure.

Without another word, the Huckey whips up the gravity rifle and fires two shots at Shara as she drops to GERWALK mode.  One splashes off a barrier disk on the arm shield, the other misses and Jaybee sends his machine into a spin as Shara counter-fires with an arm cannon. She boosts forward to press the offensive, switching to battroid mode and bringing her beam sabers up.

The Huckey boosts away from the first blade and catches the second with it's roche saber at the last instant, then launches the Fang Slasher. Shara spins to the side, releases the sabers, then lunges under the fang slasher with a barrier punch as the swords retract to their storage slots.

The Huckey's gravity wall absorbs part of the impact before it gives, and the fist scrapes across the purple machine's chest armor as the Fang Slasher returns, glancing off the -22's shoulder before docking on the Huckebein's arm. Both mechs boost backwards, placing a little space between them.

Without a word, the Boxer lunges forward, the blade on it's left foot glowing. The VF climbs and shifts to GERWALK mode as the Boxer's right arm comes up, glancing off the skirt armor. A rapidly-repositioned barrier disk absorbs part of the impact.

Shifting back to battroid, Shara somersaults over the Huckey and fires both arm cannons at it's back as it boosts down, splashing against the machine's massive shoulders after piercing the GWall.  The Huckebein spins around and fires the fang slasher, then launches several shots from the gravity rifle while the boomerang arcs through the air. Shara whips up a beam rifle and blasts the fang slasher with her right arm, while using the shield on the left to block rifle shots.
As she blocks the last shot, she fires a salvo of missiles. The Huckebein launches flares and dives for the ground, ejecting the Boxer module and landing on the G Sword shortly before crashing. Some of the missiles detonate on the flare, some crash into the ground after failing to turn, but most stay on the Huckebein's tail, dancing through the air and closing distance from several directions. As fast as he can, Jaybee sends his machine spinning on one foot, fires the head vulcans at the nearest missiles as he gets turned around backwards, and continues the spin, coming back around just in time to pull the surfboard up before it crashes into a wall... and right into the sights of a low-riding GERWALK on the other side.

Leaping foward as missiles crash into the wall and arm lasers arc towards him, Jaybee fires a few more bursts from the gravity rifle, then casts it aside as it empties and the Boxer module wraps back around the Huckebein.

As the Valkyrie spins around and comes back for another strike, it shifts to battroid mode. Firing a full salvo of trace missiles, the Boxer spins around, lands and skids backwards. As countermeasures activate, Shara fires her head cannon and both arm cannons, blasting  missiles coming in from multiple directions.


Shara's head snaps upward at this comment, the first real words spoken since the fight began. She'd lost the Huckebein while dealing with the missiles, and Jaybee had brought it back to her faster than she'd thought possible. The head turret locks on and starts firing as the last of the missiles splash against the arm shields, burning armor as the Boxer abandons all attempts at defense and brings it's fists up, clasping them together .


Shara boosts forward and raises an arm, aiming for the mech's shoulders. The glowing fists begin coming down, lasers splashing off the forcefield surrounding them. Shara brings her other arm up to shield against the fists as she continues firing. They crash into the pinpoint barriers on the shield, glance off, then skip across the head module, ripping the laser barrel off and denting the head's shroud, but they fail to score a decisive kill as the Valk escapes, crashing into the snow-covered landscape and rolling for a good distance before stopping against a wall. The two mechs sit still for several seconds, their pilots breathing heavily.

I think.... that counts.

"You... did hit."

Not as well as... I'd like,  but a hit.

"I guess I lose."

End sim.

The snow evaporates into static, then fades away. The two release the catches on their simulator modules, then slowly extract themselves. Jaybee misses as he comes out and staggers for a step before catching himself, then taking a few deep breaths as Shara steps up, looking as sweaty as Jaybee felt..

"The missiles were just cover. "

Bingo. The explosions and your own chaff hid me for a second. Was the best opening I'd get.


You nearly got me. Any more damage and I would've gone down.

"Bah. Should've used both arm cannons at the end."

Now let's go see what that party Derek announced earlier was about.
Jaybee wipes some sweat off his brow and flicks it to the side, then catches a damp towel Shara tosses from near the door and wipes his face properly as she takes a long drink from a sports bottle she brought in.
We can clean up later. After they throw us out for stinkin' up the joint.

Shara laughs, not her usual sharp, derisive laugh, but a genuinely amused one.

"That sounds like as good a plan as any. Now move it. I'm thirsty."

Looking at the clothes he came in with, Jaybee decides wearing their flightsuits a little longer won't kill anyone, and heads for the door, snatching Shara's bottle as he comes near and sucking the last of the water out, ducking as she makes a halfhearted attempt to clonk him with her fist.

Thanks for leaving me some. Surprised that fist didn't move faster.

"I'm in too good a mood right now. That was a good fight."

Jaybee opens the door, then holds it.
Likewise. After you.

The door closes behind the two as they head towards the Akagane's bar.

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Post by: Sume Gai on February 05, 2009, 05:09:45 AM
((sorry bout the wait alaras))
-Sume Gai-

Gai shook aside whatever was bothering, temporarily at the least.

Gai: "Archer as I'm sure you remember I agreed to delay your sentence from that court marshal earlier.  That grace period is over and I am ready to announce my final verdict on that.  Nothing you have to say can alter what I have to say.  Are you ready to hear it?"

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Post by: Andrew on February 05, 2009, 09:28:40 AM
Derek, can't we do a deal where we make and release a DVD with commentary from the observers and sell it for like 50 or more credits? Proceeds could go towards getting Archer a new brain.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: alaras on February 05, 2009, 11:00:39 AM
"Yes, I'm ready, and depending on what your decision is, I may or may not be able to assist you with my information."  Matt didn't say anything else.  After all, he knew he couldn't influence anything, and if found guilty, he wouldn't bother to divulge being contacted by someone claiming to be in the Neo DC.

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Post by: Ash Rudel on February 05, 2009, 08:07:58 PM
After deliverying two tramatic ridder kicks to the resident emo kid, Ash drove arond the ship on his bike getting a few looks from the crewmemebers. Knowing Derek and Masaki, he figured they where in the bar setting up the tv. Zooming through the kitchen and grabing soon food to go, he soon makes his way into the bar, skidding to a stop in the middle of the bar.

Ash: (takes off his helment) Roll that beatiful bean footage.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Andrew on February 05, 2009, 08:18:12 PM
Ash, I'm trying to convince them to make a DVD with commentary. Could you help me convince them that it's a good idea?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sume Gai on February 05, 2009, 08:22:25 PM
Gai: "I had already decided on a verdict before if you recall.  However I was unable to announce it due to your pleading guilty.  I believe my initial verdict was correct."

Gai let archer absorb this before continuing

Gai: "you are innocent of any intentional damages against the AGGF; however you did cause severe damages becuase you acted without thinking.  In addition, you are still childish, you lash out, act rashly, don't listen to advice and simply aren't suited to working in the organization.  

As such I'm hereby releasing you from the AGGF; you may remain here till you recover from you injuries and will be given transport to anywhere you wish within the earth sphere"

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Post by: Ash Rudel on February 05, 2009, 08:25:13 PM
I don't know Andrew. You'll have to talk to Derek on that one. (flashes a peace sign) I'm just the star of this picture.

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Post by: alaras on February 05, 2009, 09:01:24 PM
"Understood.  Then please drop me near the abandoned airbase in Belarus.  If you do that, I can still be of use to you guys as a mole.  Someone from the Neo DC contacted me during that last fight.  You'll find a communicator in the cockpit of the Strike Gundam, I don't know who planted it or when they did.  It's probably a trap, of course, but I said I'd be there within three days, and my injuries aren't nearly as bad as they seem.  You've actually helped that other aspect along quite nicely by releasing me, as I was going to ask you to fake doing so anyway.  As it stands, if I show up injured, it may actually make me more believable if I play the pity card, and that recording Derek made of me getting Rider Kicked will probably go viral soon.  I hope they enjoy the profits.  Now, unless you have anything else to say, I should probably start packing."  Through all of this, Matt was rather calm, focusing only on the fact that his plan has been facilitated rather easily, and allowed him to possibly save his mother from the enemy.  After listening to anything else Gai might have to say to him, Matt walks off, wandering about the ship, avoiding the hangar at all costs as he tries to contemplate his next move.  This isn't right, but if I can reunite with Mom, and trick them into thinking I just want to stop fighting, it may work in my favor without me having to be duplicitous.  Of course, if all of this is contingent on me joining the NDC, then I'll fight them from the inside, and do whatever I can to make AGGF's job easier.

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Post by: Derek on February 05, 2009, 09:20:13 PM
Derek: I have no plans to make a DVD of this video....yet. Give me a few more weeks to get some more awesome videos, and I might make a compilation. In the meantime, now that the guest of honor is here, it's time we start this party!

*The gathered crowd cheers as one as Derek walks over to the TV and starts up the video. The now-edited-in song is timed perfectly with the moment where Ash guns his motorcycle towards Archer, and the crowd starts singing with it.*









*As the video finishes, the crowd goes even louder with it's cheers, until Derek finally gets them to settle down.*

And now, it's time for my favorite part of this video. Let's watch it, in SUPER SLOW MOTION!!!!


*Replaying the video, Derek stops at the exact second the first kick connects with Archer, laughing almost hysterically.*

Masaki: What's up, D?

Derek: Hahahahaha....Oh, I just love this part. Ash, you really are a devious bastard, you know that?

Masaki: Oh yeah! This was the taser kick, wasn't it?

Derek: That it is, Masaki! And you guys know what a taser does, right?


Derek: And you can't feel much pain when you're already tased, can you guys?


Masaki: So, what happens when that taze wears off?


Derek: *Laughs again* Exactly! Now, to finish watching in SUPER SLOW MOTION!!!!

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Post by: alaras on February 05, 2009, 09:24:25 PM
After walking away from Gai:

Matt's wanderings take him to the bar, where the clip's still playing.  He notices, then walks over to Derek and Masaki with a genuine smile, and says "Well, I'm glad to see you're enjoying yourselves a bit.  Have fun while you can.  I'll be cheering you guys on from the sidelines.  If you're ever in Belarus, feel free to drop in!"  On his way out, Matt commented to Ash "Thanks for going easy on the taser there.  Hope you feel better now."  With that, he walked away far more cheerful than he arrived, and sure enough of himself that he could handle what was to come next.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ash Rudel on February 05, 2009, 09:46:01 PM
Ash: (ingores Archers comment's and looks at Derek) I'm glad someone realized the brillance of that kick combo. (pauses for a second)  With that swirling kick....I'm guessing I broke four of his ribs. Archer make think he's all fine and cheerful. But he  should be feeling , and the after effects of the first kick, right

A faint scream is heard as Ash crosses his arms and laughs as he gets a round of applause.

Ash: Snide little bastard. (sighs) Guess I should of put a little more Gar in that kick.

Masaki: (looks back at the video then at Ash) Hey Ash, can you teach me how to rider kick?

Ash: You willing to go through painstaking cybernetic operations that may very well cost you your hummanity?

Masaki: Uh....

Ash: I'm just screwing with ya. But you'll need a scarf. (crosses his arms) Really, go get one.

Masaki: Ok..... (runs to the storeroom)

Ash: (walks over to Derek and pats him on the shoulder) Good choice on the song by the way. (laughs a bit as he walks back to his bike) Now who wants to see me to crazy bike tricks?

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Post by: alaras on February 05, 2009, 09:51:08 PM
When Ash heard that scream:

Matt was walking towards the sick bay, when he tripped, letting out a yelp of surprise.  He landed directly on his chest, and coughed forcefully as he landed, a bit of blood issuing forth from his mouth as he did so.  As he tried to get up, the pain proved unbearable, as though his hallucination from a few days prior was taking place all over his torso, and he passed out where he lay.  A bit of blood trickled down his lips, and began to pool on the floor.

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Post by: Sume Gai on February 05, 2009, 10:18:06 PM
Gai: "No!! I will not let you spy for us; you would put yourself and us in even more danger. now I promise you'll soon feel that kick so I'd suggest you get to sick bay"

Gai dismissed Archer without any further delay and began to think again about what Wan had said.


Citan saw the boy fall and rushed to his aid it wasn't long before they realized how badly he was injured his insides were mush and several ribs were busted badly.   It would be a long night.

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Post by: alaras on February 05, 2009, 11:09:29 PM
In Matt's mind:

By now completely unconscious, Matt found himself standing in the middle of a place where he could see nothing.  He heard laughter all around him, and started to see people as well.  They were his classmates, laughing and playing, without him, on his first day at his new school.  He was always the freak, the weirdo.  Nobody really wanted much to do with him, all because he didn't really catch on to social cues, and couldn't tell when someone was mocking him. 

Things seemed to fast-forward a bit,  It was that afternoon, when he went back home to his father.  It was the day his mother left to join the DC, and his father had received plenty of therapy from the bottle.  That was the first time he experienced how deeply a child could be defiled.  Again, it seemed to fast-forward, but much more this time.

It was about a year ago, at Jigen Mitarashi's estate.  Matt's mom had already returned after leaving the DC over the actions of a Titan she called "that fucking retarded-monkeyshit Yazan", and Matt had gone to visit his grandparents.  There was a new mecha mechanic/apprentice engineer there, no older than Matt.  "Hi, I'm Andy, pleasure to finally meet you!"  They became fast friends, somehow, and Matt saw that one time together, after which he and Andy had trouble speaking to each other.  "Sorry, Andy.  I should've talked to you about that night sooner."  Of course, there was no response.  He was only seeing it in his mind.

Another flashback, this time of the event that started his involvement with UN SPACY, started to form in his mind, still catatonic from his injuries.  It was the day they arrived on the museum ship, the name of which he still couldn't remember.  They were touring the Aviation Museum, and suddenly the evacuation alarm went off, and everyone was being rushed to shelters.  As Matt tried to run to safety, he and one boy who lived onboard the ship fell behind, crashing into each other and losing sight of the others.  The other boy boarded a VF-5000, and Matt got in the VF-22, each starting up their mech while Matt's teacher and the curator's daughter tried to get the VF-11 and VF-19 ready to fight, since the shelters had all already been closed off.  As they headed out, there was a lone Nousgadgel-Ger moving towards the museum, causing destruction as it approached.  Matt quickly transformed to Battroid mode, took careful aim, and fired the arm and head lasers at the enemy, startling him and causing him to flee.  That was his first sortie, and the first time he wounded another living thing.  It would not be his last, as he killed at least 12 Zentraedi pilots in the course of his time defending the ship.

The memories stopped coming to him, he couldn't take any more of them.  Everything faded to black, and he no longer even dreamed, though he was still alive.

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Post by: JayBee on February 05, 2009, 11:19:37 PM
You guys are a bit sadistic, you know?
He had it coming, don't get me wrong. But this is a bit over the top.

Shara cuts in before Jaybee can say any more.
"Let them have their fun. As you said, he had it coming. And personally, I would have executed him after that virus incident. No questions asked. A few cracked ribs and some public humiliation is getting off light."

Touche. I'd actually forgotten about that clusterfuck for a second. Everyone, continue.
Barkeep! Toss me another glass!

The bartender looks over, raises an eyebrow, and asks a question.
"Since when do you drink water in here?"

Since I came here straight from the sims.

The bartender throws a sports drink over.

i hate this stuff, you know.

Jaybee pops the top off and drinks anyways.

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Post by: Sume Gai on February 06, 2009, 02:55:59 AM
Gai soon entered the bar, whatever was distracting him was still there for the truly observant to see but he acted rather casual as he took a seat at the bar.

Gai: "I have to say you made that look even more painful than it seemed in person Derek.  I just got word that Archer will need two solid days of nano-treatments and ether healing before he'll heal up.  you'd better at least apologize to Doc for all the extra work you've given him." 

Gai relayed his drink order through a simple hand gesture while he spoke.  It was in front of him soon after he finished speaking and he lifted, it taking a sip before staring pensively at his reflection.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on February 06, 2009, 03:30:16 AM
Jaybee finishes his drink, this time something a little harder than Gatorade, then heads for the door.

I'm gonna go take a shower and change clothes before I stink this place up too bad.

The bartender raises an eyebrow, then throws a rag. It lands across Jaybee's face.

"You'll wipe that stool before you leave, thank you very much. Put your sweaty ass down on my furniture and expect me to clean it up?"

I'm wearing pants. I wasn't aware this joint was THAT casual.

"I think you got ass sweat on my chair anyways."

I think my flight suit is rated for hard vacuum. It better NOT be leaking sweat.

While the great ass-sweat debate rages, Shara drops a few credits on the counter and heads for the door.

"I'll see you guys later. Gonna get some sword practice in."

Geez, aren't you tired?

The door closes as Jaybee asks this, leaving his question unanswered. Then he turns back to the bartender.

Hey! How come she didn't have to wipe HER chair?

"You've already got the rag. And her pants look better."

The bartender glances at the door for a moment, then turns back to the rest of the crew.

Remind me not to come up here in flightsuits next time.

"Good call. Shower next time, too. You ARE stinkin' up the place."

Flicking the rag at the bartender's head, who tilts his head to the side and catches it with a minimum of motion, Jaybee leaves and heads back to the sim area to grab his clothes out of the prep area and then back to his quarters for a shower. But before he leaves, he turns to Gai...

Hey, chief. No offense, but you looked a little slow out there today. You-
Jay picks up on Gai's mood, and decides to drop the point. Thinking that everyone's allowed their "down" days, even the ones you'd never expect it from, he changes direction in mid-sentence, almost without pausing.
-need someone to practice with, I'm sure I can find something suitable for you to bang on in the sim. Don't want ya gettin' sloppy with too much AI practice.

Pausing at the door as he leaves, he flips a few extra credits to the bartender, and makes a slight motion indicating it's for Gai's tab.

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Post by: Derek on February 06, 2009, 01:41:03 PM
I'll apologize to Doc for making him work, but I hold no sympathies for the fact that it's Archer in there under the knife.

And, let's be honest here. Ash's taser kick or not, he really should have gone straight to see Citan after being kicked. I know if a cybernetically-enhanced Rider fanboy like Ashy-boy here kicked me in the chest and back so hard I crashed into wall, the Doc would be the first person I'd go see. If he's so stupid that he honestly didn't think anything was wrong with him after that kick, I think he deserves every ounce of pain coming to him.

"Wow, Derek. That's, uh, slightly nastier of you than usual."

I wasted one of my best punches on him, so I don't feel like being nice about it. Now, since we're talking about all this, let's watch that video again!

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Post by: Andrew on February 06, 2009, 09:47:11 PM
Seeing the video is right before the first kick lands

Derek, could you pause it right there?

Derek obliges

In a deep southern accent: It was just then when Ennis figured out he pushed one of the Duke boys too far.

Back to normal: Ok, hit it.

Video resumes

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Post by: Derek on February 06, 2009, 10:36:32 PM
Derek: Ah, that's some good watchin'. *His comm beeps* Eh? *Checks it* Go ahead, 004.

Haruka: *Over the comm* We're on approach to HQ, Derek. I assumed you'd want to know.

Derek: You assumed correctly. Thank you, Haruka. *Goes over to the TV* Sorry guys, but I'm afraid the show is over. *Disconnects the camera, much to the dismay off the crowd* Hey, you guys all knew it was a private viewing. I've got a ship to get back to, so I've gotta take my camera with me. C'mon, Andoh.

Masaki: Right. See ya, guys. *Follows Derek out of the bar* Since we're getting within several thousand feet of the Tsubasa again, I assume you have some kind of plan to deal with Alexis?

Derek: *Sighs loudly* No, I hadn't thought that far ahead. Thanks for reminding me, you jerk.

Haruka: You should probably figure it out soon. She wants to talk to you about something.

Derek: *Stops at that* Auuuugh. This is gonna suuuuuck......

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Post by: Sume Gai on February 07, 2009, 02:49:11 AM
(OOC: sorry tenderizer but yazan is under my jurisdiction and he is a) no longer a titan and b) has no authority over Archers mom)

-Wan Fey Lo-

the Ashsaber is flying after the damaged but operable Valsion Kai. ahead lies a Rhinoceros land battleship taking in the remaining Gespensts and soon the Val Kai and Ashsaber.  once on board the two dismount to be greeted by Ali

Ali: "Hey boss; It seems you had a rough trip"

Wan: "I admit we took more damages than expected but it is well within limits.  that base was about to become redundant anyway.  So have you gotten what I sent you after."

Ali: "yeah and thanks for the present it'll come in handy against those AG-whatiz"

Wan: "I do hope so"

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Post by: Derek on February 07, 2009, 09:16:20 AM
~Aoi Tsubasa hallway~

*With the Tsubasa and Akagane now finally docked back at HQ, Derek and Masaki stop to plan how they're going to accomplish their next astounding feat.*

Masaki: You're so screwed.

Derek: *Groans* I'm aware.

Masaki: You're SO screwed, in fact, that it's dangerous for ME to be around you right now.

Derek: How so? She wasn't angry at you.

Masaki: Uh, hello? Chased me with a wrench twice?

Derek: Oh, right. Indescriminate rage.

Masaki: Yeah. I should probably get out of here before you come up with some plan like making me put on a visor and jacket and go out there as you, hoping she'll wear herself out kicking my ass.

Derek: Masaki, we're friends. You know I wouldn't do that to you.

Masaki: You wouldn't? Really?

Derek: Absolutely. I'd just take you with me and use you as a shield if she started throwing stuff.

Masaki:....Yeah, somehow, I expected that. Remind me how we're "friends", again?

Derek: You keep sticking around, even after all the crap that happens to you around here. If that's not friendship, it's a pretty twisted case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Masaki:....*Shrugs* Eh, can't argue with the facts. So, what's the plan?

Derek: I have an idea in mind, but we're gonna need to do this with as much finesse and grace as possible.....

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Post by: Ash Rudel on February 07, 2009, 06:50:13 PM
After the party ending Ash made his way back to the Tsubasa. Keeping away from the hanger, he made his way to his "room". Leaving his bike outside the door, he sit his helment on his bed as Momotaros appeared

Momotaros: (laughing) Way to kick his ass kid.

Ash: I learned from the best Momo.

Momotaros: (points to himself) Damn straight you did.

Ash: (looks around) Where's Kintaros and Ryu?

Momotaros: (crosses his arms and leans against the wall) Kuma fell asleep in the hanger, and the brat is coloring with his new playmate.

Ash: I see. Good to see everyones getting along here. (looks at his wrist) Ura, I know you've been awake this whole time, so I'll cut you a deal. Don't hit on Haruka for a week and you can get out.

Urataros: Deal!

Ash: Alright, you cab come out. (shakes his wrist and Urataros falls out materalzing on the floor)

Urataros: (stands up and fixes his tie) Sempai, Ashy-boy. (nods and walks out of the room)

Ash/Momotaros: (both look at each other) HAHAHAHAHHA

Momotaros: Oi, boy you heard the mecha otaku girls pissed right?

Ash: I figured as much judging by Derek's Val Kai.

Momotaros: Good, then you won't mind if do this. (Jumps into Ash)

Ash: Damn it momo!!!

Moment's later M-Ash steps outside of the room, now dressed in a pair of black leather pants, a red t-shirt and a biker's jacket. Poping his knuckles he rests a wooden sword on his shoulder.

M-Ash: Don't worry boy, i'm just gonna barrow your body for a bit. We've been here long enough and I still havn't had a chance to fight blue boy. (snickers) And when that girls done with him, he'll be looking for a good fight.

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~Aoi Tsubasa Hangar~

*Around one of the corners of the hangar, a curious sight appears. Derek's visor, tied onto a lead pipe with a piece of string. The visor is held out around the corner for several seconds, before being shook a little, to test any responses. After about ten seconds of nothing happening, the visor is pulled back around the corner.*

Masaki: *With his back to Derek, checking the hallway behind them* "We'll tie it to a pipe and see if she attacks it." Brilliant plan there, D. SO MUCH finesse and grace required for that.

Derek: *Unties his visor from the pipe and puts it back on quickly* Hey, it was either that or make good on my promise to use you as a shield. I figured this plan was a little less painful.

Masaki: Yeah, I guess. Alright, let's go find her. *Walks past Derek and turns the corner* I don't see why you're that worried. I mean, she can't still be--

*Andoh suddenly stops talking at the same time a large THUMP sound is heard, like a body falling to the ground. Derek winces involuntarily in response.*

Derek: *To himself* I should run right now, and not let Masaki's sacrifice be in vain. *Shakes his head* Too bad Cybuster doesn't have that kind of credibility with me. *Turns the corner, hands up* I surrender, don't shoot.

*As Derek turns the corner, he's met with Alexis standing over Masaki, who, in the span of three seconds, has already managed to get tied up and gagged, in addition to a large lump on his head and swirly eyes.*

Derek: The urge to sweatdrop is overwhelming....

Alexis: *Brandishes her wrench threateningly* Hello, Derek-sama. I wanted to talk to you.

Derek: Y-yeah, I gathered that.....

Alexis: *Takes a step forward*

Derek: *Takes a step back* Wait just a second now! I've got something for you. *Pulls a box of pocky out of his pocket and holds it out for her*

Alexis: *Stops as she sees the pocky* Eh?

Derek: *Quickly moves forward, deposits it in her hand, and backs off* Vanilla flavor too. Your favorite, right?

Alexis: *Checks it* Yeah....but....

Derek: And I didn't forget to say it.....*Claps his hands together in front of him*....Gomen nasai?

*Alexis considers the words spoken to her, looking between the box of pocky in her hands and Derek for a minute, She finally pockets the pocky, jumps forward, and glomps Derek.*

Alexis: Aw, I can't ever stay mad at you, Derek-sama!

Derek: *Sighs in relief even through the glomp* Thank Luna for that....*Nods over to Masaki* Is he gonna be okay?

Alexis: *Lets go of Derek, walks over to Masaki, and pokes him in the head* Masa-chan? Daijoubu?

Masaki: *@_@* Aaaaah.....hold it right there.....Shu.....This time....I'm gonna......

Derek: He'll be fine. Anyway, what did you need me for?

Alexis: *Turns to Derek and pumps her fist into the air* I wanted to let you know, Proto-R's ready!

Derek: Already? With everything else that's been going on?Where the hell have you been finding time to sleep?

Alexis: Fuyume-chan and Ha-chan keep finding me asleep down here. I haven't been back up to my room in two days. *Blushes a little* Ha-chan told me I need a bath, too....

Derek: *Scratches the back of his head* Yeah, I wasn't gonna say anything, but....*Shrugs* If you know, you know. Go clean up first.

Alexis: Eh? Demo....

Derek: You told me it's ready because you want to give it a test run, right?

Alexis: Hai...

Derek: You won't be supervising it from here, you'll be doing it from the bridge. And considering that, it's a pretty safe bet that Haruka will hate me far less if you don't have oil in your hair or smell like instant ramen and reactor coolant. Okay?

Alexis: Hai, Derek-sama. I'll let you know when I'm ready, then.

*As Alexis walks off, Derek scratches his head and sighs again.*

Derek: I don't trust anyone else with some of these machines, but the girl takes even less care of herself than I do, sometimes. Gotta keep reminding her that she's not living on the street anymore. And she really does look cute when she's cleaned up....*Looks over at Masaki, then walks over and unties him*....Deadbeat lost boys say what?

Masaki: *Still @_@*.....What....?

Derek: Ah, you'll be fine. Eventually. *Stands back up* Now, to find something to kill some time....

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Entering his room, Andrew discovered that he had a large amount of messages waiting for him

Message 1: Domina: "We got your message call us back, bye."
Message 2: Domina: "I thought this would be a better time, but I guess it isn't. Bye."
Message 3: Domina: "Where are you anyway. I know you don't go out that often. Call me back, bye."
Message 4: Domina: "Alright you have a social life now. I get it. I need you to call me back, soon."
Message 5: Domina: "Listen here. I have something I have to tell you, and I need to tell it to you directly. Where are you?"
Message 6: Domina: "Alright, you SOB, WHERE ARE YOU?!? I've been trying for several days to get a hold of you, so the least you can do is answer."
Message 6: Domina: "That's it! If you won't answer then I'm going to go there and find you. See you soon."
Message 7: Kelvina: "We heard about what happened in Russia. Don't worry about Domina, I was able to calm her down and convince her not to go, through methods I'd rather not discuss. Talk to you later."

After hearing those messages Andrew needed to sit down I feel like I dodged a bullet there. I wonder what she had to tell me, anyway.

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(OOC: This week on Joint post threater)

M-Ash runs around the ship trying to find Derek, looking all over until he finds him on the deck. Catching his breath and regaining his composer he raises his wooden sword and points it at Derek

M-Ash:  Hey Blue-boy, I've been looking all over for you.  It's bout time you and me had a match.

Derek: *Turns and glances behind him* Hmm? Oh, hey Momo. Eh, sure. I need to kill some time.

M-Ash: (pops his knuckles) I'm glad you agree with me. This will be goo…(his body starts to shake) Damn…Not before it even starts…. (Momotaros comes flying out of Ash's body)

Ash: Damn it Momo, I hate when you do that. You wanna play with Derek, do it yourself.

Momotaros: Fine. (looks at Derek) Oi, Blue-boy, name your game.

Derek: *Thinks about it for a second* Hmm....I have to admit, a real fight wouldn't be as fun with you like that.... How about a practice match, then?

Momotaros: Fine fine. (pops his shoulder) Surprised your fangirl didn't leave any scratches on you.

Derek: *Shrugs* I run like hell when she's mad at me, but I DO know how to calm her down. Besides, you shoulda seen Cybuster. Went down in three seconds flat.

Ash: Feel bad for Masaki. (crosses his arms behind his head) Something tells me I don't want to be near this "practice match," so I'm going to go take a nap. (starts to walk off) Don't kill each other.

Momotaros: I'm getting tired of waiting, what's your game blue-boy? But let me warn you, I don't do any cheap shots, from start to finish I'm already at the climax.

Derek: Yeah, yeah, I know your speech. Let's see... Since I don't feel like having my skull caved in if you manage a lucky hit, we'll use practice gear. First one to land, say, two hits wins. Sound good?

Momotaros: Sounds easy enough. (waves his hand) Ready when you are.

Derek: Right. *Taps his comm* Hey Fuyume, Momotaros and I are gonna have a sparring match on the deck. Can you bring us some practice weapons?

Fuyume: *Appears almost instantly, holding color-coded shinais in each hand* Hai, Derek-sama! Here they are!

Momotaros: (takes the red one) Thanks. (ruffles Fuyume's hair a bit) Now stay back and watch me take him out.

Derek: *Takes the blue one* Thank you, Fuyume-chan. Step back, and watch Momo here eat his words.

Fuyume:*Nods and moves away from the two* Ganbaru, Momo-chan, Derek-sama!

Derek: Thanks. *Swings his shinai around and holds it in his left hand, like a sheathed weapon* Ready?

Momotaros: (gets in a similar stance as Derek) Let me show you my Histasu attack, part 1.

Urataros: (appears between the two swordsmen) Very well then, I shall act as referee.

Derek: *Nods* Fine by me.

Momotaros: Just stay out of the way Kame.

Urataros: Alright. Gentleman. (looks at them both) And i use that term loosely. FIGHT! (jumps back)

Momotaros: (Jumps upward and smashes his shinai at Derek's head)

Derek: *Immediately brings his shinai up into an underhand guard to block, then continues his momentum to swing at Momo horizontally*

Momotaros: (pushes back, landing back on the ground) You're making this interesting after all. (rushes at Derek dragging his shinani across the ground) But my bloods not boiling yet.

Derek: Heh. Likewise, I'm just getting warmed up! *Flips his shinai around, before rushing at Momo with an overhead swing*

Momotaros: (throws up his shinai quickly, barely blocking Derek's shot) Good. We see eye to ey on this one. (starts trying to push Derek back)

Urataros: Would one of you just hit the other one already.

Momotaros/Derek: SHUT UP KAME!

Derek: The kame-yarou's right, though. We should get this going. *Smirks, just before spinning to his left to Momo's side, letting his shinai go slack as the AI passes him, before swinging back around with a hit aimed across Momo's shoulder blades*

Momotaros: (turns around quickly letting the shot hit him in the chest) A real swordman dosn't take a shot in the back.

Urataros: Point, Barona

Fuyume: *Now wearing a pink cheerleader's outfit and holding blue pompoms* Yay, yay! Go Derek-sama, go!

Derek: *Steps back a few paces, slinging his shinai over his shoulder* Hmm, I underestimated you a bit. Thought you were just a brawler.

Momotaros: (pops his shoulder) Sure I like to brawl, I can tell you do to. (puts his shinai near his waist) Come.

Derek: *Flips his shinai down into a sheathed position* Giving me the first move this time, huh? How generous. *Charges forward, pulling the shinai into a straight vertical position as he moves in*

Momotaros: DASH! (quickly draws his shinai taking a quick step forward, and smacking Derek in the wrist)

Urataros: Point, Sempai?!

Fuyume: *Flips the pompoms around so that they're red* Yay, yay, Go Momo-chan, go!

 Derek: Tch. *Passes by before turning around and resheathing his shinai* That would have taken my whole hand in a real fight. Shows how much more I need to train.

Momotaros: My bad, next time I'll aim for your head. (rests his shinai on his shoulder) Or maybe i should just work on your hair first?

Fuyume: ....Momo-chan said a bad thing.

Derek:....I was gonna say that I'm impressed, but now you just went and ticked me off a little. So I'll settle for kicking your ass instead. *Shifts his stance slightly so his right foot is in front* Round 3.

Momotaros: Final point. But I should let you now,(tosses his shinai to his right hand) I not left handed

Derek: Fair enough. So I should warn you, then. *Leans back into a ready stance with his right hand on the grip* Neither am I.

Momotaros: (grins as he dashes forward and thrusts his sword at Derek's chest)

Derek: *Smirks as he dashes and draws his shinai into a slash at Momo's midsection*

*As the two shinais collide they end up flying in the air, blow smacking Urataros in the face. Without a moment's hesatation Momotaros and Derek turn towards each other, Drawing back  punching each other in the face*

Fuyume: *Immediately flips one pompom around so it's blue and raises them both up* Cross-Counter!

Momotaros: (gritting his teeth) You're a bastard blue-boy, I like that.

Derek: *Grins at that* You're not too shabby yourself, oni. You sure we didn't plan this just to hit the turtle?

Momotaros: (laughs) You catch on quick to eh?

Derek: I still owed him for Haruka. *Lets go of the cross-counter and steps back* You're pretty damn good, Momo. I haven't had this much of a workout in ages.

Momotaros: (pops his jaw) Then you would of liked the Old man then. Now he was crazy.

Derek: *Laughs a little* If you guys and Ash are an indication, I bet he was. We'll have to do this again sometime.

Momotaros: Fine, but next time i'm taking you down blue boy.

Derek: Hah! You aren't the first to say that, and you won't be the last. *Holds his hand out* Any time you want to go at it again, let me know. I'll keep the bamboo sticks ready.

Momotaros: (slaps his hand) Good. Now lets go drink till we can't see colors anymore. (looks at Fuyume) Girl, Coffee.

Fuyume: *Has switched into a waitress outfit with coffee in hand* Hai! One Momo-chan special!

Momotaros: (takes the coffee, and blows some of the steam off) Arigato. (takes a long sip) Now thats a good cup of coffee.

Derek: *Checks his comm* And that's my cue to go. I'll catch you guys later. *Turns and heads inside*

Fuyume: I'm coming too Derek-sama. *follows behind him*

Momotaros: (finishes his coffee, then grabs Urataro's by the leg) Let's go see what the brats up to Kame.

Urataros: (being dragged along) The irony of this is astounding.

Momotaros: Ah, shut up before I throw you overboard.

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OoC: Don't be sorry, Gai, my mistake.  And now for the strangest character ever introduced as an enemy is probably just about anything.

(Three days ago, at an unspecified Neo DC Base, two unspecified officers are slacking off and drinking whiskey together)

Unspecified DC Officer 1: And then we haven't gotten the chain out since!  Ah, ha ha!  I'm tellin' ya, man.

Unspecified DC Officer 2: I think your jokes might be better if they weren't just punchlines, Unspecified DC Officer 1.

Unspecified DC Officer 1: No, but it was like, a chain of fate, and-

Unspecified DC Officer 2: Just no.  That's not deep.  Not at-

Unspecified DC Officer 1: Sc-screw you, man... that was good, admit it.

Unspecified DC Officer 2: Uhhhh... Yeah, so, you heard about that Commander Crisp guy, right?

Unspecified DC Officer 1: Who?  Oh, yeah, riight...  dat's... that's the one in the old pilot suit, right?  Th' Brazilian...

Unspecified DC Officer 2: We've gotta give him someone.  Our best pilot.

Unspecified DC Officer 1: Whadda-what?  You serious?

Unspecified DC Officer 2: It's ridiculous.  We don't have the luxury to be starting side projects.  I don't hav-

Unspecified DC Officer 1: Hold - hold on, buddy... don't worry 'bout a thing.  I got jus' the guy, an' this really works out fer us.

Unspecified DC Officer 2: Really?  I guess I owe you one.

(Fast forward to present time, a DC-owned building in Belarus.  Commander Crisp, a man encased head-to-toe in an old jet-fighter's suit, sits at a fairly sturdy round table in a small room with a map on the wall behind him.  Despite his apparel, he wears DC officer sleeves proudly, and at his hip rests a silver pocketwatch and revolver - this is a man who cares about appearances.

Perched on the top of another chair is a small, green-plumed parakeet, who preens his feathers with his beak.)

Crisp: I thought I told someone to bring in the recruit.

(Suddenly, the parakeet turns its head ninety degrees - not facing Crisp, but looking at him.  It begins to speak, but its voice is low and raspy like a mercenary's.)

Parakeet: Yer' lookin' at him, Tin Man.  Th' name's Verde.  Now, tell me who I gotta kill, pops.

(Although the visor covered most of Crisp's face, his mouth was visible as he bit his lip during an extended silence.)

Crisp: I suppose this would explain the personal special configuration for your Barrelion cockpit.  I take it that the DC hasn't been able to utilize you particularly well.

Verde: You k'n say that again, boss.  But if y'say it too many times, an' try to get me t'a learn the words, I'll cut you and yer' whole family.  I'm a familiar, I ain' no bird, goddit?

Crisp: You do understand that you're threatening a superior officer.  If you have the skills, I have no issue with you being the first member of this team, but this is war, and I need to be able to rely on you.

Verde: If you pay the bills, I'll do whaddever ya say, boss.  Unless it involv's crackers.

Crisp: According to the papers, your skills are top notch, but you're prone to... "biting" and looking up and down at yourself in a mirror.

Verde: We ain' none of us perfect.

Crisp: You know who we're up against, right?

Verde: Some real heavy boppers.  The AGGF.  Yea', I heard o' them.  I'll take care of 'em for ya.

Crisp: You're hired.  From this day forward, you are a member of the Anti-AGGF Garrison Force, or the AAGF.  Now, if you-  Are you-?

(Verde cuts Crisp a fairly hard look as he lights up a full-sized cigarette in his beak with his talon)

Verde: Yeah, wanna make something of it?

Crisp: ...Dismissed.

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After the return and finishing his drink Gai did something rather unusual he returned to his quarters and tried to sleep.  it was most unusual because as a cyborg he needed little to no sleep.  as he slept a dream that he had hoped long since dispelled came to him.

In a room decorated like a laboratory but with screens surrounding the walls stand two people. On the screens a Gundam X is shown darting about as a Large Black Psycho Gundam follows.  One of the people is easily recognized as Gai several years younger and the other is one that most of the AGGF would recognize as Dr. Rodriguez; Gai has a gun leveled at the man across from him.

Rodriguez  "Go ahead shoot me if you're willing to let all of them die."

Gai :"Damn you!"

Rodriguez: "If I die the gas will be released but.... if you stay here... your friend will die"

Rodriguez nods nonchalantly at one of the monitors as the X evades another blast from the Psycho's Finger Beam cannons.

Rodriguez (smiles): "Of course if -she- keeps fighting like that we'll all die when the colony collapses.  So how are we to die? such fun isn't it?"

Gai can do nothing but grit his teeth; he was weighing the lifes of the 2 million in the colony vs his old friend but then something changed outside.  On the monitors the GX drew it's powerful saber and charged the raging machine.  It's pilot skillfully evaded another pair of blasts that scorched the ground around him and jumped 'skyward'. 

The X brought it's saber down at the massive black head, cutting deeply into it, but the Psycho retaliated It's hand raised and fired a powerful blast into the X's lower chest.  It was a tie mutual destruction.

Gai: "NiCK!?"

Rodriguez: "oh my, seems he's dead"

Gai tightened his grip and glared coldly at Rodriguez

Gai: "you'll pay for this"

Rodriguez: "you'll have to catch me first"

the doctor Began to Glow and then vanished entirely as his built-in Fold system spirited him far away.

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As Matt's healing continued, he gained some lucidity, though couldn't feel anything going on or gain any awareness of his surroundings thanks to the nanomachines and ether healing.  Of course, he began to think.  AGGF's got at least one enemy infiltrator, allied with the Neo DC.  How else could that communicator be planted in the Strike's cockpit?  I'll tell Gai bout the rat, as a parting gift, but maybe that Brazilian guy was right.  Maybe I am on the wrong side, if I'm getting Rider Kicked and nearly killed as a subordinate, and nobody cares.  Apparently, attempted murder of a squadmate is acceptable here, so I'm better off elsewhere.  I'll tell them to drop me in the town nearest the Belarus airbase, and tell them I have a penpal around there who can get me a job.  At the very least, they did promise me transport to anywhere in the Earth Sphere.  I'll just remind Gai of that if I have to.  He didn't think much more before losing consciousness again, drifting off into another dreamless slumber.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned section of the base...

???: Damnit!  That kid actually took the offer?  I'm surprised.  He stayed nice to those guys even after the cyborg nearly killed him!  Can I return to base yet?

Crisp: You know your assignment, and no, you can't come back yet.  Just be careful.  After all, if they'd do that to one of their own, imagine what they'd do to an enemy spy...

???: Yes, sir.  If the kid's as bright as you say, he already knows that there's an enemy in their midst.

Crisp: You think he'll rat you out?

???: Even if he does, nobody would pay enough attention to look into it.  They're idiots.

Crisp: Very well.  Continue as before.

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Making his way back to his room, taro’s free. He laid down on his bed and stared up at the ceiling. Desperate for sleep that just wouldn’t come; His mind began to drift to thoughts of the last few weeks. After only having the taros as company for a long time he was finally around over people. A bunch of crazy, loose-cannons, but they all seem to be good at heart. Expect Archer, and sadly he just doesn’t get it. 

Did it really get bad enough to rider kick him?

In short, he thought to himself, yes. After having to help clean up his mess and the way he ignore the other pilots, it was the right thing to do.  Gai warned him, Derek warned him, and I warned him. Yet he stayed in his own little world while his comrades’ lives were on the line. That is no way for someone to act around here.

But am I really any better…

His mind quickly started to replay the battles he’s had up till now. Trying to one up Derek with 21, racing Masaki even thought he know he’d probably loose, reclaiming his bunker, and most recently the strike against the Neo-DC.  He had shown up out of nowhere in the middle of a battle, quoting his grandfather and blasting DC troops to high hell. 

What’s next? Where do I go from here?

Slowly, but surely sleep finally caught up the young pilot, as he began to close his eyes a faint image of a girl appeared as his eye lids became heavy. He reached his hand upward, almost as if trying to grab the image as it faded. His arm fell beside him as his body finally gave out to sleep.  A single word escaped his lips as his mind drifted into the blackness of dreams.


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Somewhere in the Armory, just past GINN Canyon, a black Blowsperior rests in a clearing. Jaybee leans against a crate, sipping a can of Petit Cola as a vending machine wanders off, shouting "Cora! Cora!" to the vast expanse of crates and maintainence 'bots. He's shed his body armor and is wearing a denim jacket over a t-shirt and a worn pair of jeans.

Ahhh... that's good stuff.
We really need to figure out who the DC has on the inside here. But they're too damn good at covering their tracks. I can't find any evidence they even have someone here.

A few feet away, a young woman in a simple sweatsuit sits in a fold-up chair, next to a hovercycle with a bottle of water.

"So why are you even sure they HAVE someone here?"

Jaybee sighs.
You're not thinking, Shara.

"Excuse me for not being paranoid."

Remember the virus incident? That was PLANNED by the DC. It got bungled to Hell and back before our boy Archer fixed it for them.

"So Archer's the spy. Kick him out an exterior hatch so we can all be rid of him. "

Under normal circumstances I'd agree, but our suspect is covering his tracks. Archer's doing a hell of a good job ATTRACTING suspicion, so at best he's a decoy to distract us from whoever the REAL threat is.

But he basically told us we had a spy as soon as he came aboard, so I'm fairly sure he's clean.

"I don't remember that. Why are you defending that idiot?"

Because he's innocent, of this charge at least. It was right after our sim run in the Gunbuster. He started talking about the thing like it was common knowledge.

"Oh, that. Wasn't that one of your handlers keeping tabs on you?"

Jaybee chucks his empty can at Shara. She snatches it out of the air and flips it over her shoulder.

No, it wasn't my "handlers." For one, I don't HAVE handlers.

"You could probably use some, though."

Jaybee ignores the shot and keeps talking.

Two, Archer doesn't have any Phantoms connections.
And three, being a Phantom won't get you information about the Gunbuster. I tried.

"Really? That's a damn scary mech on it's own. Throwing some cloak-and-dagger crap around it doesn't help."

Yeah. I know. You could probably write an entire holoseries about the Gunbuster. A long-running one, too.
But that's not the point. The point is he got this information from his father's computer. A base commander shouldn't have had access to anything even MENTIONING the Gunbuster. The initial investigation pointed towards a simple, if tremendous, clerical error. But since we know his father was with the DC now, it was likely far more sinister than that.

"You're saying he got our mech roster from the DC? But that would mean the spy was there long before.... oh."

Exactly. We never did find who hacked his security clearance on the UN Spacey side, OR who fed him information from our side. On our side, I'm pretty sure one of our mechanics is crooked, given the sort of information he had. But I can't pin it down to anyone.

"So THAT'S why you're always down there during maintanence cycles. "

It wouldn't be the first time we've had this sort of problem. Sadly, we have way too much turnaround on our crew to keep security as tight as I'd like it.
But I've always believed in keeping the mechanics on your good side anyways. I know my way around a tool box, so I may as well pitch in.

"You were on a repair crew?"
Shara laughs softly.
" I have a hard time picturing you in a mechanic position."

Naw. I'm not support crew material.
I've done a few zero-support missions, though. Not with anything as complex as a VF-1, but give me an old  Spartan and a plasma torch and I can have that baby running like the day she rolled off the assembly line.

Shara rolls her eyes.
"Right, right. You're the master of everything. I got that, you can quit bragging."

Hey, you asked.
Anyways, we should probably head back. I didn't pack a lunch, and that vending machine is long gone. 'Sides, you know how gossip starts.

"This is a nice little corner you've got yourself here. I wouldn't have pegged you for the brooding anti-social type."

I can't even hear myself think sometimes with all the antics going on out there. Alexis is on a rampage trying to club people to death with a crescent wrench last I heard.

"Aww, is you scared of da widdle girl?"

Deathly. Now c'mon.

Slapping on the last of his body armor, Jaybee starts up the Blowsperior, pops a wheelie, and drives off. A few moments later, Shara's hoverbike heads after him.

A few minutes later, the air in the clearing shimmers and wavers for a moment before regaining it's usual state of air-ness.

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Due to having nothing to do, Sakura started wandering the base trying to find something to do when she found out that her mother is calling her. Wondering why her mother was calling her Sakura made her way to the communications room.

Artesia: Sakura I'm calling you because Nadesico and Aria are heading to the AGGF's HQ to join up with you for the time being because I've got a bad feeling and I don't want to have them here when hell breaks loose.

I understand why you're sending them here but, are you sure that you won't need any extra help?

Artesia: Don't worry, I've called a couple of old friends to help me out. I mainly want them out of here because the mansion isn't easy to defend. They both have mobile suits so they're armed.

Are they due soon?

Artesia: They'll be there in a couple of hours.

I'll see them then, I hope you stay well until we talk again mother. I'll take care of them. Love you.

Artesia: Love you too and stay safe.

Having ended the call with her mother, Sakura went to inform Either Gai, JayBee or Derek that two more people will be at the base.

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~Aoi Tsubasa Central Hangar~

Alexis: Well, what do you think of it so far, Derek-sama?

*Derek looks up at the machine, an unreadable look on his face. The mech itself stands about as tall as any standard Gundam model, though a bit thinner than most, due to the obviously mismatched and unfinished metalic grey armor along the torso and arms. Several sections along the arms are, in fact, missing, and there aren't any shoulder pads to speak of at all. In contrast, the legs are totally finished, and painted the exact same shade of blue as the GM-R. Considering that they actually ARE, in fact, the GM-R's legs, it isn't that surprising to see. The body armor, though striped down the sides in blue, is also lacking in completion similar to the arms, without even any kind of jets or vernier placement on the back. The head would be in similar condition, however, were it not for a visor identical to Derek's covering the eye cameras. All in all, it certainly looks like a half-finished prototype mobile suit, while still maintaining that certain Blue Wings style.*

Derek:....I feel like I should be concerned that you cannibalized my GM-R for spare parts.

Alexis: Sorry, Derek-sama. Do you want me to put them back?

Derek: Nah, it's fine. I think....It's probably time I started moving on, anyway. *Chuckles a little* At least, I know that's what Haruka would say.

Alexis: *Nods* Okay, Derek-sama.

Derek: Alright, so is there anything else we need to do before starting this?

Alexis: *Shakes her head* Just climb in, and turn it on. Your Shishio Blade is right over there, so go ahead and grab it on your way out to the deck.

Derek: Alright. Let's get this started, then.

~Aoi Tsubasa Deck~

*Several minutes later, the Proto-R unit walks out onto the deck, Shishio at it's side. It stops on the center of the deck.*

Alexis: *Over the comm* Are you ready, Derek-sama?

Derek: *Standing in a trace cockpit* Any time. I wasn't expecting you to adopt the mobile trace system so readily, though.

Alexis: It works for the initial version, but try not to push it too hard. This whole test is to see what the motion control system can handle, for now.

Derek: Gotcha.

Alexis: Now, whenever you're ready.

Derek: *Nods* Let's see what BWZ can do, then. Proto-R, activate!

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Post by: JayBee on February 11, 2009, 03:04:42 AM
Jaybee finds Sakura and, after the situation is explained...

You want us to babysit? Wait, they have mechs?!?! You want to put them on the front lines?!?!?!

Sakura, do you remember when that Grungust bootleg showed up last time? I believe it one-shotted you. What do you think will happen if the pilot comes knocking again?

I cannot in good conscience approve this. We are possibly the single unsafest place on Earth right now.

Jaybee pauses as something sinks in..

Wait... you said they're already on their way, didn't you?
Granas help us all...


Has your family ever heard of calling before they come to visit?

I've got half a mind to load them onto a shuttle and send them back the way they came as soon as they get here. I may still do it after they have a meal and get some rest.

I'm not going to lock them out when they get here, but...
If they DO stay, and I make no guarantees, they most certainly will NOT be participating in any combat.

And in the future, your family should probably ask BEFORE they come to visit. Are we clear on this?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on February 11, 2009, 09:23:29 AM
Jay I actually agree with you on this. Normally I wouldn't accept them during times like this but, something has my mother seriously spooked if she sending my sisters here of all places. She has over a dozen places for our family to hide on earth and in space so if she's sending them here something's very wrong.

pausing for a second, Sakura pulls out a disc

This is the complete record of my family's history including my parent's war record including which sides they were on. There's also enough there to get me executed via firing squad. It's all the dark secrets that my family has.

I understand if you don't want them to stay however, I am going to keep an eye on them so if they leave so do I

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Post by: Ash Rudel on February 11, 2009, 02:18:38 PM
Ash slowly opened his eyes as his status screen appeared. He mental began checking over his cybernetics, seeing everything was ok, he slowly got out of bed. Normally he would of wanted more then a quick nap, but sleeping around the Tsubasa usally ended up meaning trouble. He tapped his wrist as he grabed his normal gear

Ash: Momo, come in.

Momotaros: (voice comes over his com) What?

Ash: Are you four keeping out of trouble?

Momotaros: What do you think....(pauses) Smartass.

Ash: (ties on his scarf) Where are you four anyway?

Momotaros: In the hanger. Brats drawing pictures of the crew, Kame and I are playing poker.

Ash: (throws on his jacket and clicks it together) Kintaros not with you three?

Momotaros: Stupid bear fell asleep when you told him to wait.

Ash: (sighs and picks up his helment) I'll  be right there.

Walking out of his room he makes his way towards the hanger. Still trying to shrug off the dream he had, he punches the wall sliightly, making a  dent. Looking from side the side, he quickly picks up a piece of sheet metal sitting in the hall and leans it against the wall. Before running like hell to the hanger.

Ash: (walks into the hanger) Yo.

Momotaros: (throws down a couple of cards not looking) You want in?

Ash: Nah. (walks past them and looks at the type 3 parts) I think i'm going to work on whats left of that drill knuckle.

Ryutaros: (walks up to Ash) Ni-san look look. (holds up a picture) You think Blue-san, Ha-chan, Lexy-chan and Fuyume-chan will like my picture?

Ash: (looks at the picture, then pats Ryutaros on the head) It's fine Ryu. (looks again) Where's Masaki?

Ryutaro: I drew him, but he got lost.

Ash: ..... (hands the drawing back) Wake up Kintaros soon, or he'll sleep all day. (walks over to his tools and looks at the drill knuckle) Time to get cracking on that.

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Post by: Derek on February 11, 2009, 03:13:12 PM
~Aoi Tsubasa Deck~

*For a few minutes, the Proto-R does a few simple movement excercises, focusing naturally on the arms and body.*

Alexis: *Over the loudspeaker* Okay, Derek-sama. No problems from 25% synchro so far. How does it feel?

Derek: *Also loudspeaking* Slow as hell, but I guess that's the point of these beta versions. And you said the glitches I'm getting ARE within the projections?

Alexis: Yup! Some of the connections aren't quite finished yet, but I needed to see if they worked at all before I went any further.

Derek: *Shrugs* Fair enough. At least most of the sensor set seems to be working. I guess I had the right idea putting some of this stuff into the 'Scythe when I had the chance.

Alexis: Yeah, the data from that really helped me out. The arms, too. We're only testing the movement controls now, but since we've tested the equipment designs in advance, I won't have to spend extra time working on it later on.

Derek: Freelance work at it's finest. *Moves his shoulder around a little bit* Alright, I'm warmed up.

Alexis: Okay. Increase synchro rate to 30%, and we'll work on reaction speed. Are you ready?

Derek: Yeah. Synchro rate, 30%. Ready for next phase--GUH!!

*Without any warning, the Proto-R lurches forward as if struck, while several areas across the exterior suddenly spark a bit in reaction.*

Alexis: !!!! Derek-sama! Are you okay?! Derek-sama!

Derek: need to shout. *Straightens up and puts a hand to his stomach* Gah...Damn, that force feedback hurts. And this is the unfinished version, too....

Alexis: Hmm....I guess the system can't take any more output as it is. But that's okay, Derek-sama! We're already at double the expected limit, so it's no problem.

Derek: Good to know. If I'm gonna be a lab rat, I at least get to be the one that accomplishes something before being set on fire.

Alexis: Uh huh. That's enough for today then, I guess. We can start working on the rest later. Come on back in, Derek-sama.

Derek: Sure. Might as well...*Something on the far end of his peripheral vision moves*,,,,Huh?

????: *Loudly, over a loudspeaker* Aw, you're done already?

*Without any further warning than the man's voice, a mobile suit suddenly bursts into the air from the treeline at the edge of the base perimeter, and blasts forwards at incredible speed.*

????: Don't go in yet, Barona. This party's just getting STARTED!!!

Derek: What the--GAH!!

*Derek has just enough time to turn and spot what appears to be a green GP-01fb model headed straight for him before it crashes into him, wraps it's arms around his shoulders, and takes off with him just as quickly as it appeared.*

Alexis: DEREK-SAMA!!!!

????: Sorry, but I already asked for this dance. But you can enjoy the party anyway. Light 'em up, boys!

*As soon as the green mech leaves the HQ airspace with the Proto-R in tow, a squad of 50 Guarlions move onto the scene from the direction he left in, while another two groups of 50 Lion Vs each appear on opposite sides of the perimeter headed for the base and opening fire at will.*

~Aoi Tsubasa Hangar~

Masaki: *Had just walked into the hangar in time to see Derek get jacked* Son of a BITCH! Kuro! Shiro!

Kuro: Ready, meow!

Shiro: Let's go, meow!

Masaki: *Jumps into the Cybuster* Bridge, you hear me? What the hell just happened?!?

Alexis:*Over the comm* That machine just swooped in and kidnapped Derek-sama!

Masaki: I saw that part! Any idea why?

Haruka: *Over the comm* It doesn't matter, he left friends behind! Take care of them!

Masaki: *Nods* Got it! Cybuster, launching!

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Post by: Andrew on February 11, 2009, 03:31:32 PM
Watching the events that unfolded.

Crap. We need to help Derek.

Watching the Lions attack

Double crap. We need to protect the base, and rescue Derek.

Over the PA The base is under attack. All fighters to your mechs. I repeat, the base is under attack. This is not a drill.

Running down to the hangar Get the Weltall ready for me!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on February 11, 2009, 03:42:28 PM
Having hear the announcement, Sakura headed towards the hangar

I swear somebody has declared hunting season on the AGGF. This isn't good especially with Aria and Nadesico coming. I know that Nadesico has battle experience but, I don't know about Aria.

Reaching the hangar, Sakura heads towards the V2

Kina! Launch and help fend off the enemy! I'm going to engage the Guarlions and hopefully take them out quick enough to follow Masaki!

V2 launching!

Kina:Dinah launching!

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Post by: Ianator on February 11, 2009, 03:48:52 PM
While in the simulator, trying to keep his funnel-manipulating skills from stagnating, the alarm goes off...

Aww, and I almost beat my high score. Hundred Zakus in five minutes, why do you taunt me so? Sims to hangar, this is Ianator. Get my flying brick of doom ready, I'll be heading out in a few minutes.

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Post by: alaras on February 11, 2009, 03:55:03 PM
As the sirens went off, the sound penetrated Matt's mind, though he could not react in any way.  An alarm?  Have they decided to kidnap me by force?  I was hoping they'd wait until I heal, but I'll take what I can get.  It's not likely I'd be able to get back in contact with that guy again until we meet face-to-face, but at the very least, if it's really you guys, SHOOT THAT FUCKING GRUNGUST DOWN!

Meanwhile, in the maintenance bay:

???: [thinking]Crap!  Nobody told me they were coming to attack today!  I hope Crisp isn't going to extract the kid, he's still injured too much to move!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Andrew on February 11, 2009, 04:00:16 PM
Getting into Weltall

Weltall, LAUNCH!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: ChrisABlair on February 11, 2009, 07:00:25 PM
Let's go, Hyaku Shiki! Chris, launching!!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Ianator on February 11, 2009, 07:05:14 PM
Plus parts, check.
TK Laser Cannon, check.
Strike Swords, six ready. Check.

Ianator, R-3 Powered, ready to rock!

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on February 11, 2009, 08:17:53 PM
Jaybee finishes the checks on his EX-Gear, and straps in.

Don't worry about packs. The guns'll be enough.

Boosting into the air and flipping, Jaybee lands in the cockpit of his VF and rushes through system checks.

All green. VF-25, launching!

As he takes off, he glances down at his rear camera and sees Shara flipping her hair up and pulling her flight helmet over it as she steps onto the VF-22's boarding ladder.

Pick up the pace, slowpoke! I had a power suit to strap on and I still beat you!

Flicking Jaybee off with one hand, Shara pulls herself into the cockpit and starts the system checks.

"VF-22, taking off."

The Sturmvogel boosts out of the hanger, a little lighter than usual.

Aren't there supposed to be some guns on the bottom?

"They pulled the buster rifles earlier for recalibration. They were telling me that while you suited up."


A Lion V dives, rail gun spitting at the VF-25 as Jaybee shifts it to GERWALK, rapidly shedding speed as his gunpod comes up.

Shit! I don't have time for this!

The Lion jets to the side, the 25 shifts back to fighter mode as a pair of Guarlions comes in behind it, and the jet flashes through the air in the ancient dance of death known as a dogfight.

Meanwhile, Shara rolls to the side, transforms to battroid, and fires an arm cannon at a Guarlion while blocking shots from two more with the shield on her other arm, boosting down and away as another Lion V comes around to shoot her in the back.

"They're skilled, I give them that much."

That they are. You see Derek and his fanboy anywheret?

"I'm otherwise occupied."

Same here. DAMMIT!

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Post by: TheTenderizer on February 11, 2009, 08:49:10 PM
(A day or so ago...)

Verde: Boss, the phone's fer' ya.  I'd bring it here, buddit weighs more'n I do.

Crisp: I've got one here.  (Crisp picks the old-fashioned non-videscreen phone up.)  Yes.  This is him.  Say again, private?  Slow down, Jonas.  He mobilized?  I see.  Thanks.  I'm on it.

Verde: Got a job, boss?

Crisp: Someone got impatient, and he's going to attack the AGGF already.  This explains Demes' blunder.  Our team and our suits aren't ready, but we're going to go anyways.

(Verde licks his beak)

Verde: Th' suits ain' ready yet, numbnuts.  'Sides, who cares if some idiot's jumpin' th' gun?

Crisp: That's why we'll take a standard Lion F, Petty Officer.  Come with me; Although I'm being ordered to join, we'll want to scope out the AGGF's fighting as much as possible anyways.  This is a good opportunity; I doubt we'll win, but maybe we can save some soldiers or get in a lucky down.

Verde: Whaddever.  You jus' better not get shot down in som' lousy Lion.

Crisp:  The Lion is a fine mobile suit in the right hands, but my V is still being modified.  There's always the chance we'll have to fight someone.  Just be ready.  There's no point waiting here in case the one we're waiting for gets killed anyways.

Verde: Whaddever ya say, tin man.

(Verde flies onto the commander's suited shoulder while he strides out of the room.  The two of them quickly get off the ground, and leave for a rendezvous point in Turkey)

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Post by: Derek on February 11, 2009, 09:49:05 PM
*The Cybuster zips through the battlefield rather quickly, slashing a Guarlion before it can even aim at him, then turning around and launching missiles into a Lion V nearby*

Masaki: Dammit! Get out of my way, you stupid--*Shudders a bit as he takes a railgun hit*--GAH!

*The offending Lion is quickly blown apart by a Heart Beam, however, as Fuyume quickly jets up*

Fuyume: Masa-chan, are you okay?

Masaki: I'll be fine, thanks.

Fuyume: *Dodges to the side as a Lion comes at her with it's assault blade, then slashes it in half* Masa-chan, I think these guys are all AI units. They're not very strong at all, and Ha-chan says she can't hear anyone talking.

Masak: *Launches Kuro and Shiro before turning around and slashing an oncoming Guarlion* Yeah, I kinda got that. These guys are just decoys. Dammit, while we're stuck here.....Screw it, I'm going for it. Take care of things here.

Fuyume: Hai! *Turns and bow guns down a Guarlion* Be careful!

*Recalling the familiars, Masaki goes into Cybird and flies straight into the center of the massed Guarlions at the edge of the field, before transforming back.*

Masaki: Eat this, you scrap bastards! CYFLASH!!!!

*As could be expected, the Cyflash instantly destroys most of the remaining Guarlions in a single brilliant moment. Before any of the surviving mechs can focus on him, though, Masaki switches back to Cybird and takes off again, headed out of the perimeter zone as fast as he can.*

Fuyume: Good luck....

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Post by: JayBee on February 11, 2009, 09:54:27 PM
Jaybee catches a Lion V's elbow with his VF-25's knife, then snatches the rail gun out of the air and shoots the Lion with it.

Masaki's such a showoff.

"Look who's talking."

Shara fires a missile salvo, and rolls away as a half-dozen Guarlions dodge in vain before going up in smoke.

"I like how they don't even TRY to shoot the missiles down."

Yeah, it's pretty sad.

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Post by: Ianator on February 11, 2009, 09:58:09 PM
The ensuing flash from Cybuster is enough to momentarily distract two Guarlions closing in on R3P, just enough for a pair of Strike Swords to have their way with them.

Oooh, pretty. I wonder if he does carniva-AGH! I'm monologuing here!

Ianator pulls his mech and yanks one Heavy Blade out of a Guarlion before slicing the offender in twain.

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Post by: Andrew on February 11, 2009, 09:59:48 PM
Seeing several Lion Vs in a tight formation Andrew decides to take them down

Alright, it's time that you learned why you don't travel in a formation like that. SHADOW DRAGON!

A large dragon made of darkness and shadows flies toward the Lion Vs striking each of them and destroying all but one.

I need to get more practice in. I can just finish that one off, though.

Flies in to finish the job

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Post by: Ash Rudel on February 11, 2009, 10:00:09 PM
Ash looks up from his work after hearing all the action going outside. Whiping off his toys, he looked over at Ryutaros and the others. Momotaros puts a hand to his ear then shurgs his shoulders.

Ash: Guys whats going on?

Ryutaros: Well Saki-san and Fuyume-chan ran out of here in a hurry. Didn't you notice Ni-san?

Ash: (clicks his teeth together) Had my internal radio playing. (taps his wirst) Hey Alexis, whats going on?

Alexis: Some wierd guy just kidnapped Derek-sama, and he left a bunch of guys to attack the base, and why haven't you launched yet?!?

Ash: (looks at the taros for a second, before jumping from the drill knuckle to 21's open cockpit) He'd better knock off some rent after this stunt. Eveyone fall in. (holds up his wrists as four beams  of light hit it) Grungust 21, Launching!  

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Sakura77 on February 11, 2009, 11:15:31 PM
Jay! I'm going to go after that guy along with Masaki! I'm probably the only one who can catch up with them. If they show up just keep them here until we get back.

After saying this Sakura engages the Minovsky Drive and shoots after Masaki

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Post by: ChrisABlair on February 11, 2009, 11:26:07 PM
*Chris's Hyaku Shiki is seized upon by three Lions, which are handled through unique swordplay*
Why does it always end up this way?

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on February 11, 2009, 11:44:58 PM

The VF-25 boosts forward as a Lion tries to ram it, then spins around and fires the hip-mounted beam guns through the Lion .

Hey, Sakura...
Damn. How did she manage to slip loose with all these Lions still dancing around?

"I have no idea. "

 She DOES know that the V2 isn't anywhere NEAR as fast as the Cybuster, right?

"Doesn't seem to. De culture, WE aren't even as fast as Cybuster."

Shara's Sturmvogel swings it's beamsabers at a Lion, driving it back. Jaybee takes the opportunity to return to fighter mode and fires some more shots at another Lion.

Well, I really wish she'd realized that before she left, because there's still a lot of goons out here.

"There weren't that many to start. How can there still be a lot?"

That's a.... very good question. Hey, anyone keeping score on the kills out here?

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Post by: Derek on February 12, 2009, 12:01:36 AM
~HQ Airspace~

*Before Sakura can leave the perimeter, another fifty Guarlions launch into the air around her, completely blocking her way and forcing her to back off if she doesn't want to be completely surrounded. Clearly, the instigator of this attack expected people to try to jump to Derek's aid, and planned accordingly.*

~Approximately 15 kilometers west of AGGF HQ~

*The green GP-01, with Derek still in tow, continues speeding along, before, having gotten far enough away to do so, finally slows down and drops the Proto-R onto an open field.*

Derek: *Lands on his feet, albeit roughly* Agh... *Turns to face his attacker* You treat all your dance partners like this, or am I special?

*As the enemy mech lands, it becomes clear to anyone that the machine, while it may have once been a  GP01-Fb Gundam Full Vernian "Zephyranthes" ( model, has since been heavily modified. The legs, in particular, have had much of their exterior armor removed, with sets of vernier jets along the back of them in a vertical line, three to a leg. In addition, the body seems slimmer by a little bit as well, and the area around the cockpit seems to be different, as if the machine is missing the Core Block system. The shoulders are more rounded, and the entire machine is painted in dark green with a silver trim, It crosses it's arms as it stares Derek down, menacingly.*

????: You're a lot of things, Barona. Special isn't one of them.

Derek: And you're terrible at hiding your identity, 006. Or is it just Kanzaki, now?

Kanzaki: Heh. *His machine takes a bow* Kanzaki Seiyokaze, mercenary extraordinare. That's me. It's been what, almost three years? How ya been, Derek?

Derek: *Shrugs* Could be better. One of my former subordinates just grabbed me off the deck of my own ship during a prototype test and dropped me about a hundred feet, but other than that, I haven't had much to complain about lately. You?

Kanzaki: *Shrugs as well* Oh, something kinda like that. Got a sweet paying gig recently, working for a guy named Van Vat Tran. Know him?

Derek: Heard of him. He's that guy from that thing in that place, right?

Kanzaki: Yup, that's him. Oh, and I ran into Rena, too.

Derek: *Sighs*.....Yeah, I figured that's what this was about. I assume you're here to do something about that.

Kanzaki: Yup. *Draws a beam saber and ignites it, the color of the blade a matching green to the suit* I don't play fair like she does, you know that. The weak and defenseless targets are perfect for me.

Derek: I remember. *Draws the Shishio Blade and assumes a ready pose* I suppose the first move is yours.

Kanzaki: Heh....*Charges forward* You supposed right!!!

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Post by: Ash Rudel on February 12, 2009, 12:10:16 AM
Ash: Damn it Sakura, can't you go anywhere without having a lot of guys wanting to try to kill you. (fires off a few missles into the swarm of Guarlions)

Momotaros: Screw the kid games, let's brust through.

Ryutaros: Re-routing energy now.

Urataros: Thrusters at full output.

Ash: Alright, (pulls back on the thrusters) Maxium burn....


Wing Gust begins to spin as energy builds in front of it. Tearing a way through the Guarlions, before it fizzles out. Taking the opertunity, Ash sends the wing gust higher into the sky. Trying to get a good view of the battle at hand.

Ash: Looks like Jay and Shara have that covered....(turns his head and quickly dodges a few shots from the Guarlions)  Derek can wait.

Urataros: Shouldn't we be more worried about him?

Ash: (dodging shots and fireing off his own) Are you kidding, it's Derek. (quickly switches to battle mode) Besides Masaki will be there in a second. (looks over and sees Sakura's mech) Would you leave this to us.

Kintaros: Ash-sama, lets use that attack.

Ash: Right Kin.


21 fires off both of it's boost knuckles at once, but this time the plams of the hands are wide open. One pushes the v2 back towards the others, then locks back into place. The other one, rather then going through the Guarlions, they push them back, before relocking back on 21. Already in motion Ash grabs the nearest Guarlion and tosses it into  another one. Fliping a switch he fires off 21's eye lasers hittng the Guarlions power core, before flying back.

Momotaros: Alright, Who's next?

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Post by: TheTenderizer on February 12, 2009, 01:14:02 AM
(Just really deploying now, Crisp observes the platoon of Guarlions being violated by a rapidly spinning push.  Suddenly, a giant metal hand clasps around one of them, and closes on it rapidly - the Guarlion attempts to activate its boost drive, but its struggle is useless in the vice-like grip.

 The giant machine does not pause or hesitate, moving and whipping the machine at one of its allies like a Javelin.  Its eyes light up with a terrible brilliance, and pilots are blinded as brilliant beams rip the guarlions a new one.  It turns and challenges its foes, an invincible behemoth of modern science that stands on the fallen troops - an imposing sight that makes even the staunchest of pilots shudder from.

Well, almost.)

Verde: Whadda piece o' shit.  Waste that sucker.

Crisp: Guarlions!  Get to the air! 

(Some of the pilots react, jumping and climbing while the rest stay frozen.  One fires a poorly aimed volley of shots, most of which miss, but another of which is consumed by the TK field.)

Grunt: I didn't want this!

(Crisp immediately barrages the Grungust's general area with its entire repertoire of missles - two at a time, and while flying backwards very quickly.)

Verde: Th' hell ar' ya doin?  Yer' gonna need those.

Crisp: I'll need those Guarlions more.  Once they've got a clear shot at his back, we've got a chance.

Verde: Why you playin' bait?  We're gonna get raped if we're hit by that thing.

Crisp: I don't think it has much on aerial units, and since it pushed its support away, it's severely outnumbered and surrounded. 

(The lion Type F quickly climbs in order to avoid a one-dimensional counterattack.  Verde holds on for dear life from the change in acceleration.)

Verde: Next tim', I'll get t'a drive.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: JayBee on February 12, 2009, 01:34:06 AM
More reinforcements?
This is getting out of hand.

"Mmmm.... this should do it."

The VF-22 fires all it's remaining missiles, and Jaybee sists back and watches as Shara's salvo corkscrews through the air, the cloud splitting up and chasing the various mechs as they try to get away. The inevitable happens eventually, as the first missile detonates and a curtain of fireballs rapidly spreads across the sky.

It's really beautiful, in a strange kinda way.

"If you say so."

I do.

Ya know.... I don't trust Masaki to actually FIND Derek. Or make it back here. We should probably start a search.

"For all the good it'll do us."

Hey, we may stumble upon Derek.
You guys think can handle this wave on your own, right?

The two VFs dart off, and start a search pattern in the direction of Derek's and Masaki's last known heading. Jaybee fires one last burst of gunfire at a Lion that tries to slow them down.

Title: Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
Post by: Derek on February 12, 2009, 01:53:30 AM
~HQ Battlefield~

*Three Guarlion survivors of Ash's attack are quickly mowed down by bow gun shots as Fuyume boosts in to support the Grungust, striking down another one as she does so.*

Fuyume: Ashi-kun, I know Nijuichi-san can take a lot of damage, but you shouldn't stand out in front like this. It makes you a really big target!

*The irony of a pink mech telling a Grungust he stands out isn't lost on the world, as two more Guarlions charge at the Fei-Yen from opposite sides. Fuyume turns and shoots one down, but before she can turn around and hit the other, it's suddenly sniped through the chest and explodes*

Haruka: *Loads another clip into her rifle as she walks forward* You're both hopeless, sometimes. *Reaches up without looking and fires her left arm gatling at one of the last Lions, taking it out* But you know, if even ONE single person here understood how to use caution during a fight, I'd be out of a job.

*The Alex brings it's rifle to bear, aims, and snipes down the last four Guarlions trying to get away, finishing the group off completely. Without hesitating, she then turns and unloads another two shots at the pair of Lions still harrassing the northern end of the field, and then turns and takes out the last pair on the south end. Reloading her rifle again, she takes a few more steps forward and then begins firing at the Lion F, which has at this point become the last target left on the field.*

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Post by: TheTenderizer on February 12, 2009, 02:50:08 AM
(The lion is only able to watch helplessly as the Guarlions are mowed down by the ambush, not even firing a single shot in response.)

Crisp: It's... like before.  It's just like before.  I think I've seen enough, here.  Taken completely by surprise despite radar warnings.  That Grungust is dangerous, but not because it's strong.  I've definitely seen enough.

(More are gunned down, and a blaze ignites the sky a long way away)

Verde: You won't be seein' anything m if you don't move yer' ass!

Crisp: I'm quite aware, Petty Officer.

(Crisp hip-fires back at the Alex on the ground while retreating, swerving to the sides while moving backwards to dodge the volley.  He quickly turns, and seeing no ally signals nearby, activates the ASRS system and heads to the nearest base.)

Crisp: I didn't survive the DC war because I was careless.  Those two are particularly dangerous - the one in the Gundam, and the one in the pink mech - They're not impossibly skilled, but they exhibit the capacity to back one another up.

Verde: Yer' sayin' that like it's impressive, or somethin'. 

Crisp: Our troops did not exhibit that capacity today.  I'd get to the bottom of how they're being trained, but I think Van will probably take whoever he can get.  They weren't even attacked while reloading.  Who's still wasting our manpower on these suicide missions?

Verde: Ya gotta point, chief.  War's a bitch, but we didn't do anythin', either.

Crisp: In the end, I couldn't save a single pilot.  I couldn't read from far away enough to warn them, and the armaments on this mech are insufficient for running distraction or covering fire.  I won't forget these pilots' sacrifices.

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-Michael Snow-

Michael: "Bah, by the time I get this thing running; you guys have already cleared the field.""

the Grey and Green GN Flag Flips left as it brings it's GN lance-rifle to bare on the missiles that are streaking towards the Grungust.  the orange particles shreding the missiles with ease.

Michael: "Man next time we have an off base mission remind me to go..."

-Sume Gai-

Gai watched the battle unfolding on his desk top display.  He still seemed out of it, the dream from earlier having worsened things.  He had considered launching but as it was he didn't feel up to the task and either way things were clearly winding down

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In the sick room:

The sirens died down and everything seemed to calm down.  Matt was still unconscious, still healing, but still lucid, and he heard the sirens stop.  The battle's over, I guess.  My guess is those idiots failed to do anything, but I guess they weren't trying to extract me, or else their spy already told them not to.  Almost makes me wish the Einst would tear them apart already, or maybe that Alfimi girl, even if she gives me a sense of total and overwhelming doom.

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As R-3 slices one last Lion with its beam sword, it looks over the field.

Looks like that's the last of them - I'll be heading back shortly. And did anyone get a good look at that Lion V? Its loadout suggests it was a commander, and it definitely fought differently. My TK also picked up two beings inside, but one of them felt... strange. Like it wasn't quite human.

...Meh. Ianator, returning to base.

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Just as Sakura was returning to base she received a transmission.

???:Young ones such as your sisters shouldn't be out alone during times like this.


???:I'm currently working with that man who crippled that ES of yours. Bring a mech we'll finish what we started long ago.

My sisters will be there correct?

???:They're civilians not soldiers, I'd only give them to the DC over my dead body. Also I won't do anything to them either we're the last ones and I'm going to keep it that way.

Just the two of us. Standard rules?

???:Standard. I'll be waiting at the base.

With the communication ended, Sakura could be seen shaking and holding her head.

How could he? It doesn't matter I guess... Queen will have to do since it'll be a battle of skill not speed. I have to get ready.

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Finishing his group with a well placed fire attack

That's the last of them here.

Andrew, returning to base.

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~HQ field~

Haruka: *Sidesteps the shots fired at her, not bothering to shoot back* That was easier than I thought it'd be.

Fuyume: Ha-chan, I'm gonna go help Masa-chan and Jay-kun. We need to find Derek-sama!

*Before anyone else can respond, the Fei-Yen turns and takes off in the direction everyone else has gone, as fast as she can.*

Haruka: *Sighs* I'm not even going to bother. *Sets the Alex to start moving back to base before opening the cockpit door and lighting a cigarette* Alexis, is the transport ready?

*A Tausendfuessler taxis out of one of the base hangars nearby, and opens the hatch so the Alex can get in.*

Alexis: *Over the Tausend's loudspeaker* C'mon, Ha-chan! Let's go!

Haruka: Alright, already. Calm down. *Climbs into the back of the Tausend* Let's go.

Alexis: Right! T7, taking off!

~Western battlefield~

*The battle between the leader of the Blue Wings and his former subordinate rages, but it's very obvious who exactly is going to win at the rate it's going.*

Kanzaki: *Barely even tries to block a slash, but still has no problems with it* This is really pretty sad, Derek. I know it's half-finished, but you just HAVE to be screwing around with me.

Derek: *Growls intelligibly as he backs up, ready for another attack* Dammit, he's right....This IS pathetic. Coming from the guy in a custom mech, that's really arrogant. Where'd you get that thing, anyway?

Kanzaki: Oh, Zephyr, here? Found him in a junkyard awhile back. *Shrugs* Parts of him, anyway. The NDC guys fixed him up real good, don'cha think? Even changed it up to meet my, ahem, exacting standards.

Derek: They couldn't rebuild it completely, so you just started making it up as you went along.

Kanzaki: *Shrugs* Yeah, but my version sounds better. But don't be fooled, Derek. *The "Zephyr" lifts up into the air and hovers exactly seven feet off the ground while assuming another attack stance* THIS part was my idea all along!

*The Zephyr charges forward at high speed, forcing Derek to dive to the side as quickly as the Proto-R will allow. Even as he does, though, Kanzaki's machine raises it's feet up and "kicks" the air, instantly reversing direction and charging for him again, forcing him to block this time. The force of the impact is enough to push the Proto-R across the ground, gouging the field where his feet are dug in trying to give him footing.*

Derek: GAH! You put a Tesla Drive in there, too! *Pushes off the beam weapon and slashes horizontally at Kanzaki* That's just greedy!

Kanzaki: *Laughs as he flies backwards effortlessly, even doing a backflip to show off.* Not just one, either. One in the body, both legs, and both arms. This baby can go anywhere, anytime!

Derek: FIVE Tesla Drives?! How in the hell...?!

Kanzaki: Did you forget? The DC are the ones who first made Tesla Drive-equipped mechs in the first place. It'd stand to reason that they could do a lot with the technology. Zephyr here's so damn precise, I could probably run a whole triathalon in the sky!

Derek:.....*Shrugs* I can't really argue with that. I guess I should have known you'd figure out a way to reach the sky with your own two hands.

Kanzaki: *Grins* Riding the wind the whole way. Yup, that's me alright. *Brings his saber up* Now, enough dialoguing! *Dashes forward*

Derek: No choice. I'm just gonna have to boost it and hope it doesn't kill me in the process. Increase synchro rate to 40%. Engage!

*As the Zephyr comes in, the Proto-R swings up and blocks with the Shishio at a far better speed than it had previously, then takes the advantage and spins to the left, in almost the exact move Derek had used on Momotaros earlier in the day. Rather than go for a kill, however, he hesitates for just a split second. The delay is enough for Kanzaki to turn around again....only to get booted in the chest and sent flying.*

Kanzaki: Gaaaaaah! *Crashes into the ground about twenty feet away* Itai....*Sits up and shakes his fist at Derek angrily* That hurt, you bastard!

Derek: *Puts his foot down* It was supposed to--GAH!

*Just as before, the prototype unit suddenly reels from the boost in output being run through it, the force of the exterior sparking enough to actually dislodge one of the haphazardly-attached pieces of armor on the left arm.*

Derek: *Winces as he tries to straighten back up* K'so.....

Kanzaki: Eh? *Gets back to his feet* Interesting....I guess the kiddo wasn't as far along with it as I thought she'd be. You must be in a lot of pain right now, huh?

Derek: *Finally straightens up, still wincing* Kinda, a little, maybe....

Kanzaki: I see. Well, I guess we should wrap this up, then. Wouldn't want even a bastard like you to suffer.

*Deactivating his beam saber, Kanzaki then depresses a small button hidden in the weapon. The outer casing actually breaks apart to reveal a more streamlined green cylinder underneath, and a long staff extends out of the back. When he turns the weapon back on, the blade activates in a different shape. Effectively, he has turned his weapon from a beam saber into a beam glaive (, much like that carried by the Gundam Shenlong. Armed with his new weapon, he holds it in a ready position.*

Kanzaki: *Grins* Don't worry. I'll make it quick.

Derek: That's what they all say. *Takes his stance* Time for round two.

Kanzaki: *Starts to hover in the air again* The wind howls from the west, Barona. *Charges forward* It's time you see the destruction that blows in with it!!!

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Having returned to base, Sakura seeks out Astonage

Astonage, I'm taking Queen. I need to deal with something that has come up.

Astonage: I thought your sisters were coming?

That's the problem, somebody from my past has taken them. If JayBee was here I'd tell him but, I don't have time to wait. The person who has taken them is the leader of the group Chrome Nightmare.

Hearing the name Astonage narrows his eyes and looks ready to kill

Astonage: Chrome Nightmare! I need to know now what's going on!

Shortly after I left my family years ago, I ran into them and wound up joining them. I'm sure you're aware that they were all supposedly killed years ago right?

With Astonage's nod Sakura continues

I was the one who killed them. While we were all skilled, we worked in 4-man squads to cover up our weaknesses however alone most of us had trouble fighting a highly skilled opponent by ourselves. I was amongst the top five pilots which put me above the rest.  It took me some time to take them all down but, I should have made sure that they were all killed.

Astonage: You missed one didn't you?

The leader he didn't die. He's taken my sisters and he wants one final fight under standard rules.

Astonage: Why should I believe you? Chrome Nightmare killed many people mostly innocents.

He agreed with me that we all needed to perish. We had done too many terrible things,he believed that the last one standing should try to redeem our unit. He won't touch my sisters as long as I agree to finish it.

Astonage: Give me the location of your fight. I'm going to tell JayBee what you are doing. I'm going to recommend that you're given a few days to end this however, whatever happens after that is up to Gai.

Thank you. Here's the location, I'll be leaving now.

Having said what she needed to say, Sakura starts up Queen and leaves HQ

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The 21 crossed it's arms as Ash pondered the situation. Seeing the others take off, he wanted to go with him, but then another thought crossed his mind. Seeing Haruka and Alexis take off in a transport ship, something sparked in the young pilots mind.

Ash: Who the hell is watching the ship? (looks over and sees the ten Lion-F  drones in formation around it) Ah, drones.  Alright boys We're going to go babysit the Tsubasa from the inside.

Momotaros: But we we're just getting to the good parts.

Ryutaros: I didn't even get to shoot yet.

Ash: There there guys, we'll have more fun later.

Switching back to wing gust, Ash flys past the drones and lands in the hanger of the Tsubasa. Jumping out of the cockpit and landing on the ground as the Taros appear beside him

Urataros: Ashy-boy, I don't know if you noticed...But it seems a lot of those shots where coming our way today.

Ash: We'll most poeple do hate white mecha. I mean look at all the crap the gundam gets from people.

Ryutaros: Is that why you painted yours white ni-san?

Ash: No, Grandfather had this idea about white. (holds his hand up to the sky pointing) If people will fear the white devil, then they'll fear anything white.

Momotaros: What does that mean anyway?

Ash: (sratches his head) Don't know, old zeon saying I guess.

Kintaros: Outlaw-sama had many sayings Ash-sama.

Ash: (nods and walks over to a pannel and types on the keys) Urataros, keep a watch in the system. In case something bugs up, I want you to be on top of it.

Urataros: Very well then. (snaps his fingers and disappears into the system)

Momotaros: If Kames going in there, I'm keeping an eye on him.
(jumps into the system after him)

Ash: ..... (looks around) Where did Kin go?

Ryutaros: Kuma-chan said he was going to take another nap.

Ash: (sighs) Alright Ryu, looks like you can help me work on those type 3 parts.

Ryutaros: Hai hai!

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Aaand another one's done. If anyone needs me, I'll be in the sims.

Also, I can't remember what that ever-changing labyrinth under the base is called...

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After a decent amount of traveling, Sakura reached Chrome Nightmare's old base. Awaiting her at the entrance to the base was the leader in his mech The Earthquake Naga Gundam (

Where are they Jaeger.

Jaeger: They're in the dorms and I locked the doors so no one can get in or out without the password. You know what it is right?

Yeah, I remember. You explain anything?

Jaeger:No I thought the winner should tell them. I left their machines in the underground hangar and I left a Tausendfuessler to transport.

Standard rules are what we are going by correct?

Jaeger: Yes, no rules really except kill your opponent anything less is insulting to our unit.

I'll abide by the rules.

As soon as Sakura finished her statement she drew her beam saber and jumped backwards outside Naga's range and launched her bees and then rushed in hoping for a solid strike. Dodging one bee and cutting down two others Jaeger swung his heat axe downwards forcing Sakura to dodge or get cleaved in two.

Jaeger: Those weapons won't work against me! Your sword and shield vs my Axe and claw!

His reaction speed! It's faster than before...  Even with super mode this will be difficult.

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I have you now!

Slamming the throttle to full, the VF-25 rockets over a ridge and into sight of a single bright mech

I found 'im!

Shara: "Do we need to signal for a medic?"

Not Derek. I found Masaki.

S: "You're joking."

Seriously. Masaki, say hi to the nice lady.

Masaki: "You already sent a search party? I just left!"

S: "I refuse to believe you found Masaki before Derek."

M: "What is WITH you people? It's not like I'm not a ghost or anything!"

Kid, I've seen ghosts that were easier to catch. You remain the only person in the history of everything to get lost on a GUIDED TOUR.

M: "I'm never gonna live that down, am I?"

"He's right, though, nyau."

Now stay in my sight until we catch up to Derek.

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OoC: Hey, Ianator, not to be anal, but Crisp was using a Lion F  (specified) with standard armaments (16 rockets was a misunderstanding, but 15 seems like kind of a weird number anyways); he was also one of a hundred (and one?) Neo DC troops. What's written is written, though.

(Crisp stands against a wall while a technician repairs the ASRS on his lion)

Technician: Wow, you didn't have to use ASRS.  You've burned this guy right out, hun.

Crisp: Better safe than sorry.  You should be glad you got any back.

Technician: Wait, you mean-

Crisp: So you haven't hea-

Technician: Vinsanda... no...

Crisp: I'm sorry for your loss.  He was a Guarlion pilot, wasn't he?

Technician: H-how do you...?

Crisp: He fought to the last.  When his suit exploded, I could have sworn I heard a name over the com.  I couldn't save him.
You are excused from your duty; go get some rest.

Technician: hnnff... No.

Crisp: Pardon?

Technician: No.  This is no time to cry.  He fought, and I will too.  I'll fix your Lion... and I'll fix a whole lot more than that, too... I'll fix all sorts of...

(As she walks off, Verde flaps over to Crisp)

Crisp: You're late.

Verde:  Sorry bos', I was jus' off not lyin' to widows.

Crisp: I thought I was lying, but now I'm not entirely sure.  Report.

Verde: 'S jus' like ya said, boss.  Weren't many DC mechs nowhere.  I found a real weird bunch, thoug'... I'm thinkin' they're combiners.  They-

Crisp: Take me to them.  (thinking) This is just as I thought... the shadow Mirrors didn't lift a finger in that last battle.  This bodes badly for the Neo DC - I may have another enemy... (/thinking)

Verde: Look, thes' things here.

(The Mobile armours that make up the Getter Zaku sit in the air over a pool of water, attached to the ceiling by long, thick steel cables.  Suddenly, a hand grabs Verde and squeezes him fairly tightly.  Verde procures a switchblade from Anti-Spiral knows where, and flicks it open with his talons, holding it to the man's jaw.  The man is Tenma, and he shakes Verde so that he drops the knife quite easily, which earns him a bite on the hand.)

Verde: Yer' makin' the biggest mistake of yer' life, skinsack.

Tenma: Typical dinosaur behaviour.  Just because you've evolved past scales doesn't mean I'm any less inclined to crush you into KFC, though I'm not actually sure what it is.

Serippa: They're the sponsor.  You''ve got to say their name a bunch of times.

Tenma: My brain must be getting soft from hanging around you, private.  Good to see you're feeling better.

Serippa: Something about this universe doesn't sit right with me.  They keep mentioning all this "Newtype" nonsense, and talking about "bits" or "synchro systems".  They don't announce their attacks all the time, either.  And an-

Crisp: Excuse me, gentlemen.  That's my bird.

Tenma: Who the hell are you supposed to be?  It's not Halloween, you know.

Verde: Lemme go, little man.  I've seen stronger grips from amputees.

Tenma: shut up before-

Crisp: That bird you have in your hand happens to be a soldier, and I will have you court-martialed if you continue this.

Tenma: Hrnfh.  What's with the suit.

Crisp: What's with the mask?

Tenma: Fine, I see how it is.  

Crisp: I go by "Crisp".  Now, tell me about that robot of yours...

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~Western battlefield~

(Cue The Answer (

*The two machines stand facing each other, staring one another down. While the Zephyr is hovering unbothered, the Proto-R is actually breathing heavily, signifying the toll this battle is starting to take on it's pilot.*

Kanzaki: *Hasn't missed the body language* Heh. Getting tired, Derek?

Derek: *Grits his teeth and straightens his shoulders* Hardly. I'm enjoying the excercise.

Kanzaki: Good. *Charges forward* I'd hate to think you weren't having fun!!

*Derek dodges the initial thrust, then quickly ducks to avoid a quick slash at his head. Kanzaki takes the opportunity to "jump" up and bring his spear straight down, forcing Barona to roll to the side to avoid being skewered. Derek has just enough time to roll back onto his feet, however, before he's suddenly kicked in the chest and sent crashing about twenty meters away.*

Kanzaki: *Sighs, and swings his spear back around to rest on his shoulder* This is really starting to get boring. And you used to be able to kick my ass. *Shrugs* What happened, man? You used to be cool.

Derek: *Manages back onto his feet, albeit shakily* I'm...still cool. I've always been cool.

Kanzaki: Derek, you're arguing with me about whether or not you're still cool. I think that pretty much blows it for you right there.

Derek: Whatever. *Straightens himself into a stance again* Are you going to fight me, or not?

Kanzaki: *Sighs again, and scratches the back of his head* Man, what's the point? You already lost.

Derek: What?

*Without warning, the Zephyr dashes forwards again, intending on colliding with Derek. Barona goes for a defensive swing, but hesitates when he realizes that Kanzaki isn't bringing his spear around to strike. This hesitation is all it takes for the green mech to spin around and kick him in the chest again.*

Kanzaki: Now just what in the hell was that? You aren't even trying!

Derek: *Manages back onto his feet again* Grr...

Kanzaki: This is pathetic. *Slams his spear into the ground and stops hovering* This is really freaking pathetic. You had a perfect shot at me, and you blew it! You hesitated! *Walks towards Derek and stops three feet away.* C'mon, you stupid bastard. I'm right here. Hit me!

Derek: What the hell are you....?

*Without any warning, Kanzaki suddenly punches Derek straight in the face, knocking him down and making him drop the Shishio. Kicking the sword away, he then starts beating the crap out of Derek while he's down.*

Kanzaki: *While still attacking him* THIS is what I'm talking about! You used to be a freaking terror, man! Someone got in your way, pissed you off, tried to shoot you, you didn't even so much as blink. You just took 'em out. You were a guy I could respect! But now, look at you. It isn't the machine that's weak, it's you! BECAUSE YOU WON'T FIGHT ME! *Kicks him in the chest again* You used to be a cold-hearted bastard, Derek. You looked out for your own, and to hell with the rest of the world. If I'd pulled this stunt three years ago, you'd have killed me right out for it. After all, that's what you did to Rei! *Kicks him one more time, then stops* You lost that edge, man. I'm sitting here beating you to death, and you're not even trying to fight back.

Derek: Agh.... Dammit.....he's right......I'm not even trying to fight him. I'm just....

Kanzaki: *Tchs, and turns away* This isn't fun anymore. I don't see why you haven't let Rena kill you long before this. You obviously aren't the same guy we used to work for. *Looks over a little as he checks something* And my decoy drones are all wiped out, so your pals are gonna be here soon. Guess I better wrap this up. *Sighs* Man, what a let down. And here, I was hoping you wouldn't hold back BECAUSE it was me.

Derek: *Struggles on the ground, almost unable to move* Idiot....It's because it's you that I'm.....

"Never hesitate, Derek. If this is the path you've chosen, then walk it proudly. If you ever falter, if you ever let this battle break your resolve....

....Then my death will have been for nothing."

*The long forgotten voice cuts through Derek's thoughts like a knife, and the words Kanzaki has spoken finally sink in. Gritting his teeth, he begins to get to his feet, fighting through the pain coursing through his body.*

Derek: That day, that hour, that moment, that second....I'll never atone for that sin. But giving up now....That would just be letting them all down. That would be letting HER down. That would be....letting myself down. Is that what you want? Is that how you want your life to end, Derek? No...No, it isn't! Override all safety protocols. Maximum synchro rate. Engage.

Computer: *Beeps a severe warning* WARNING. All exterior armor will be released. Estimated time before sensory shock: 60 seconds. Is this acceptable?

Derek: Yes. Engage!

Computer: Confirmed. Fifteen seconds to maximum output.

*Energy starts to gather underneath the exterior armor of the Proto-R as Derek finally stands up, causing Kanzaki to turn around as he notices*

Kanzaki: Eh? What're you...

Derek: You're right...Kanz. I wasn't fighting you. Let me....apologize. *Smirks as the Proto-R actually starts glowing from the energy buildup* A friend of mine taught me a trick the other day, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Computer: *Beeps* Maximum output reached. Releasing exterior armor.

Derek: Just what I wanted to hear. CAST OFF!!!

(Cue Mass Destruction--(Reincarnation Remix) (

*The energy releases, and every single bit of exterior armor on the arms and body are jettisoned at high speed, several pieces hitting Kanzaki and knocking him away. As the green mech stands up, he takes a look at the Proto-R's form. Every single wire and piece of machinery on the prototype machine is now exposed, even to the point where the cockpit door is now missing and Derek stands exposed inside. The only thing still on the machine is the visor on the head, as if symbolizing Derek's own resolve, even as he stands injured. The Proto-R reaches over and picks up the Shishio Blade, bringing it to bear.*

Derek: You want to fight? Let's fight. This time, I won't hold back.

Kanzaki: *Gets up* Heh....finally. *Grabs his spear and brings it up* I've been waiting for you to wake up. C'mon then! Show me what the leader of the Blue Wings can really do!

*With that, the two machines charge at one another. The Proto-R, for all it's exposed and sparking, is easily able to keep up with the Zephyr's attacks, dodging several thrusts in a row before spinning to the left and moving to slash. Kanzaki spins to react, only to see Derek throw his sword skywards, then punch him in the face. As he staggers, Barona spins around and kicks him in the chest again, then catches his sword, brings it up, and thrusts straight through Kanzaki's right hand. The Zephyr drops his spear as his hand explodes, and he backs away quickly before Derek can follow up.*

Kanzaki: GAAAH!!! God DAMN, that hurt! AGH! *Clutches the stump with his left* Son of a...You hit one of the Drives! Bastard!

Derek: *Kicks the spear off the ground and into his left hand* You shouldn't have told me you had them. The only place you could put them and have such precision would be if they were in the hands and feet. *Tosses the spear back to him* Now, are you ready to finish this?

Kanzaki: *Catches it* I'd love to....but our time's up.

*Kanzaki jumps and takes off into the air, just in time to dodge a volley of shots from Kuro and Shiro as they fly by. Right behind them, Masaki, accompanied by Jay and Shara, come speeding onto the battlefield.*

Masaki: Bastard! *Starts to chase after him* You think we'd just let you come strolling in and kill off one of our friends?!

Kanzaki: The thought crossed my mind, But you take care of Derek, first. I'm pretty sure he's about to kill himself from overload.

Masaki: Eh?

Derek: Kanzaki! We're not done here!

Kanzaki: Yeah, we are.

Derek: What--*The Proto-R shudders violently and Derek falls to his knees* GAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

Masaki: Derek!!! *Immediately turns around and heads back*

Computer: Sensory overload imminent. Activating auto-safety shutdown.

*The Proto-R shuts down where it rests, Derek passing out instantly from the sheer amount of pain running through his body. Andoh lands next to it to cover him.*

Kanzaki: See? Told you to watch out for--Whoa! *The Zephyr dodges aside a sudden Heart Beam, followed by a missile volley.* Where the heck did that come from?

Fuyume: *Jets in, firing the bow gun* Back off! We won't let you hurt Derek-sama!

Alexis: *Fires another missile volley from the Tausendfessler* You're gonna regret messing with us!

*Kanzaki dodges both attacks, then suddenly gets clipped in the shoulder, fired from Haruka as she falls from the Tausend, landing next to Derek and Masaki.*

Haruka: *Aims the rifle again* Gutsy move, starting a fight with the Blue Wings. I hope you have a will ready. *Fires again*

Kanzaki: *Dodges the shot and laughs* Wanted my CD collection early, didja Haru?

Haruka: *Freezes immediately at the sound of Kanzaki's voice* Masou ka....Kanzaki! What the hell are you DOING?!?

Alexis: NANI?!? It's Kanz-kun?!

Kanzaki: *Shrugs* Same thing you are, I suppose. What I think is right. But since the gang's all here, I don't have to let Derek break the news to you. I'm in the NDC, and yes, I WAS trying to kill Derek while he was weak and defenseless. Since that's failed, I'm gonna take off now. See ya!

Haruka: Wait! Goddammit, Kanzaki, WAIT!!!

*With a cheerful wave, the Zephyr turns and engages full speed, taking off. The Alex hesitates for a minute before suddenly aiming up and firing, but it's for naught, as he's already long gone, before Haruka drops the rifle to the ground uselessly*

Alexis: *Lands the Tausend* I don't believe it....Kanz-kun....Why would he....?

Masaki:.....C'mon, let's get Derek back to base before anything else tries to kill us.

Fuyume: *Lands next to him to help* That guy....who was he?

Haruka: Dammit....You stupid bastard.....THIS ISN'T WHAT WE AGREED TO DO, YOU ASSHOLE!!!!

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-Sume Gai-

about an hour had passsed since the battle ended Derek had long since been brought into Doc's care   Gai had cone to learn of the severity of the injuries/

Citan: "Well overall he seems like he'll be fine, Nothing broken but everything is bruised or battered. He doesn't need Nano-treatment or ether therapy which is good since Archer's currently hogging both.

In  short He'll be hurting but he'll make it without any serious problems."

Gai: "Thanks Doc..."

The reliefe that flooded Gai's Face didn't last long and was soon replaced witha measure of hesitation before he spoke again

Gai: "Could you give me a few seconds alone with him?"

Citan nodded and quietly left the room, Haruka and Alexis had already left and the only other person besides Gai and Derek Was Archer who was out cold in the Nano-therapy tube Gai Approached the bed quietly his head lowered.  He stood in silence for a few moments before speaking.

Gai: "Derek, I'm sorry, I-I Chose not to act for fear that I would choose wrongly once again."

Gai 's fist clenched as he continued

Gai: "And because of that you nearly ended up dead.  I can't do that any longer.  That was the mistake I made back then, I didn't act when I could and it cost me a dear friend.  I blamed it on the military for ignoring the situation in that colony but it was my fault.

I'm not going to make that same mistake. I refuse! From now on I'll act even if there isn't a right choice."

as the oath was finished two drops struck the floor at Gai's feet.He turned away face still lowered and began to leave.  He managed to raise his head as he exited and nodded to Citan who stood outside the door as he passed. Citan then silently reentered the Medical ward.

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~HQ Infirmary~

*A moment after Gai leaves, the sound of a slow clap is heard in the room. Citan looks over to see it coming from Derek, as he starts to sit up.*

Derek: Gotta admit, he makes a guy want to get up and work.

Citan: That he does. How do you feel?

Derek: Lousy, thanks for asking. How long was I out?

Citan: A little over an hour. The girls are all quite worried about you.

Derek: Can't say I blame them. *Gets up and gets off the bed, immediately regretting it* Itai itai itai itai itai.....

Citan: You ARE aware of how lucky you are to not be seriously injured, right?

Derek: *Winces* Yeah, that crossed my mind. I'll be fine, though.

Citan: I wonder about that, sometimes. *Shrugs* Well, no matter. If you want to go, I will not stop you.

Derek: Thanks, Doc. I'll stop back by later. *Heads out*

~Earth Cradle Airspace~

*The Zephyr flies across the sand, headed for it's destination at the NDC's home base. Kanzaki, inside the cockpit, growls as he checks the recorded logs from the other units participating in the operation.*

Kanzaki: Bastards....And things had been going so well, too....

DC Control: *Over the comm* Westwind 1, you're cleared to land. Continue present course.

Kanzaki: *Shifts tone immediately* Thanks. Go ahead and tell the repair crew they've got a long night ahead of them.

DC Control: What, you got busted up that badly?

Kanzaki: *Laughs* Nah, just lost a hand. But I hate to see my baby hurt, ya know?

DC Control: I'll let them know. Come on in, Westwind 1.

Kanzaki: Roger that.

~Earth Cradle~

*Dropping off his machine at the hangar, Kanzaki storms his way through the facility, headed straight for the office of a certain NDC officer. Reaching the office, he shoves past the guard and practically kicks his way in, walking straight up to the desk and slamming his hands down on it.*

Kanzaki: I believe you owe me an explanation, Colonel.

Van Vat Tran: *Looks up at Kanzaki inquisitively* Is something the matter, Mr. Seiyokaze?

Kanzaki: *Sneers* You could say that. I want to know why you didn't trust me.

Van: Why, did something go wrong?

Kanzaki: We agreed, right? The only backup I needed were drone AIs, and that's all you were gonna give me. Fifty Guarlions, a hundred Lion Vs. I set them in place myself. That was it.

Van: *Nods* That's what I remember agreeing to, yes.

Kanzaki: Then explain where the extra men came from!

Van: What do you mean?

Kanzaki: I was checking the logs on my way back. An extra squad of Guarlions took part in that attack. MANNED Guarlions. Those guys didn't stand a chance, but SOMEONE ordered them to attack anyway, without even mentioning it to me!

Van: Ah, that. One of our other officers seemed to decide you were acting on your own, and took it upon himself to join in. I didn't order it. If I'd known about it before he left, I would have stopped him myself.

Kanzaki: *Growls* What kind of IDIOT--This was exactly the reason why I said drones only! Those men were slaughtered out there, even worse than the AI units were!

Van: *Sighs* I'm aware, Mr. Seiyokaze. I thought keeping your assignment a secret would be the right thing to do, given your circumstances as a former member of the Blue Wings, but I suppose I was wrong. I'm having it looked into. I'm sorry. I know you specifically requested the details of this mission, and I apologize for what happened. If you wish to be angry with me, I don't blame you.

Kanzaki: *Sighs, and lifts his hands off the desk* No, you're a decent enough guy. I believe you, Colonel. I'm just so.....Dammit. Those men didn't have to die. Find whoever was responsible for this and see to it that they stay the hell out of my operations from here on out. I don't care WHAT kind of authority he thinks he has. It wasn't his call to make.

Van: *Nods* I understand. I'll take care of it.

Kanzaki: Thank you. *Turns and starts to walk out of the office* I won't bill you for the job, by the way. Consider it a thank you for the mission.

*Leaving Van's office, Kanzaki starts to wander the hallways for some time, before he finally passes a person and stops just behind her.*

Kanzaki: Done and done. I'll expect my money by the end of the night.

Lemon: *Chuckles* It's already there. You were a big help, you know.

Kanzaki: It's what I do. *Continues walking*

*Kanzaki walks on and away, while Lemon continues in the direction she was going. As she passes an intersection, she stops again and glances behind her.*

Lemon: Done. All according to plan, right?

???????: *Leaning against the wall in the shadows* Exactly as I said he would.

Lemon: *Nods* Kind of a nice guy. I like him.

???????: He's useful enough. Go on, before someone spots you.

Lemon: *Nods* See ya later.

*As Lemon walks away, the man chuckles a bit and walks away as well.*

???????: All according to plan....

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While both pilots were fighting with their all, neither have been able to land any decisive blows only glancing strikes. Remembering what Astonage said about Queen's psychoframe Sakura has avoided using Super Mode so far.

Jaeger: I'm surprised that our fight has lasted this long. Usually fights only last ten minutes or so for us.

Sakura: We're close in skill and both of our machines are close range so neither has the advantage.

Jaeger: You're right. Both of our machines are close range which leaves us even.

Sakura: One of us has to give sometime.

Jaeger: It's only a matter of time before one of us makes a mistake.

Sakura: Switches her beam saber for her claymore Perhaps this will do more damage than my saber.

Moving quickly Sakura bypasses Jaeger's Heat Axe, she barely leaps over the magnum cross crusher to dig her blade into Naga's left shoulder however three of Naga's antennas struck Queen tearing off some armor and forcing Sakura to back off leaving her blade behind.

Jaeger: Pretty good blade if it can cut into Naga's armor like butter. It's armor is thicker than most MS's.

Sakura: It's better suited however, it's heavier than most blades. It's actually more weight than my arm can handle.

Jaeger: smirking It won't be that easy Sakura!

Taking initiative Jaeger rushed forward swinging his axe downwards as he moves. Unfortunately for Sakura, Naga's antennas had caused enough damage so that she moved too slowly and had to use her shield to block Jaeger's axe.

Sakura: straining Damn it! It's either lose my arm or get cut in half!

Pulling back sharply, the Heat Axe split her shield in two and tore apart her hand leaving her with a mostly crippled MS.

Jaeger: I have the upper hand now Sakura. You're a sitting duck!

Sakura: Wrong! I have one trump card left! Implement Super Mode!

Surprising Jaeger, Queen lit up in a torrent of green energy enveloping it. Unlike in the sim, Sakura engaged the super mode at 100% revealing a glowing green and white Queen with it's sensor cables acting as wings.

Jaeger: What the hell is that Sakura!

Sakura: This is Queen's Super Mode! This fight has gone on for far too long!

drawing her beam saber, she bolted past Jaeger's axe and his arm off at the shoulder joint completely removing it's arm.

Sakura: What's wrong! No more smart remarks! I'll send you to meet the rest of our unit!

Jaeger: What the hell happened to you! It sounds like you're insane now!

Sakura: I noticed long ago that I always go a little psychotic when I activate super mode! It's due to my newtype powers syncing with the psychoframe which isn't aligned with my mind!

Jaeger: That explains your weird behavior. Instead of not working, your mind is forced to adapt to the frame's setting causing your weird behavior.

Sakura: Frame hasn't been worked on since I quit using it years ago so it's eroding! To tell the truth 100% is forbidden since it causes unrepairable damage to machine and pilot. My powers will probably short out for a few weeks after this but, it's worth it. They mean everything to me! This battle is over Jaeger!

Not even waiting for a reply, Sakura shot forward with her beam saber aimed at Naga's cockpit. Jaeger attempted to retaliate but, he missed Queen's torso when she moved up. It wasn't without merit because he took out it's legs but, it didn't seem to matter much since Sakura come back down and slammed her beam saber directly into Naga's cockpit killing Jaeger instantly. Utilizing what little power was left, Sakura headed towards the hangar and haphazardly landed to disembark.

Sakura: It's over... Tries to move Ahhh! Sakura clutches her ribs while feeling a massive migraine comming on. If I remember right, the hangar a few corridors and then I'm at the dorms.

While she is in great pain, Sakura drags herself out of the remains of her gundam and starts shuffling slowly towards the dorms.

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~Aoi Tsubasa Bridge~

*Even with only Alexis in the room, the mood is pretty obviously down as she works at her station, reading the data reports from the Proto-R's test run. That changes instantly, as the door opens and Derek walks in.*

Derek: Hey, Alexis. How's it go--AAAAAAAGH!

*Needless to say, Alexis didn't hesitate to glomp him so hard they both went crashing back out of the room.*

Alexis: *Still glomping him* Derek-sama! You're okay!

Derek: *In a lot of pain as a result* That's....debatable....itaaaaaaai......

*A minute later, both of them are back inside. Derek sits down in his chair carefully.*

Alexis: *Hands clapped together in front of her* Gomen nasai, Derek-sama. Daijoubu?

Derek: *Lifts up his visor and massages his temple* I'm fine, Alexis. Thanks. So, what happened after I passed out?

Alexis: Um....*Looks away*......

Derek:.....*Sighs* Go ahead and say it.

Alexis: Derek-sama.....was it really Kanz-kun?

Derek:.....*Sighs and flips his visor down, sitting back in the chair* was.

Alexis: But....why would he....?

Derek: I intend on finding that out for myself. For now, though, I have another job for you, okay?

Alexis: Hai, Derek-sama. What do you need?

Derek: Have you finished compiling the recorded data from the Proto-R?

Alexis: Almost. I was about to start logging it in.

Derek: Okay. Hold off on that for now. In fact, pull the data completely off the Tsubasa's computer. Keep it on your person until I say otherwise.

Alexis: Huh? But, why would you want me to do that?

Derek: "I guess the kiddo wasn't as far along with it as I thought she'd be."

Alexis: Eh?

Derek: Kanzaki KNEW about the Proto-R. He knew exactly what it was capable of, and when we were gonna test it out.

Alexis: But, then that would mean.....*The implications sink in*....AAAAAH!!!! You don't mean....someone actually......

Derek: *Nods* We've got a mole somewhere in this outfit, and I intend on finding him. To do that, though, we need to figure out just how far the tunnels go. Take the Tsubasa completely off the AGGF's network, then start a full sweep of the ship, both physical and cyber. I want everything that even SEEMS like it might be spying on us found and care of. We can trace it back to our mystery spy after that.

Alexis: *Salutes* Hai, Derek-sama! Fuyume-chan and I will get right on it!

Derek: Good. And get Ash and the Taros on it, too. This'll go a lot faster with their help.

Alexis: *Nods* Understood. *Hits the comm* Fuyume-chan, please come up to the bridge.

Derek: *Grins* Alright. We'll find this creep and put him down but good. In the meantime, though, I need to have a talk with Haruka. Any idea where she is?

Alexis: She seemed depressed, Derek-sama. Maybe she's in her room?

Derek: I'll go look. *Gets up and walks to the door* Thanks, Alexis.

*Derek opens the door and walks out into the hallway, turning the corner and disappearing from sight for a moment.*

Fuyume: *Outside in the hall* DEREK-SAMA~!!!!

*With a squeal and surprised shout, Derek and Fuyume both go flying past the still opened doorway, crashing loudly.*


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Alexis: *without turning around* Momo-chan, Ura-chan, go tell Ashi-kun to come and help.

Momotaros: (pops his head out of the near-by console) How did she know?

Urataros: (pops out of the console and leans on it) It would appear that Boku-chan has very good tastes. (slides his glasses back into place) But i knew that already.

Momotaros: (grabs Urataros and pulls him back into the console) Oh we're not doing this dance again?

Alexis: *titls her head to the side* Oro?

Moments later the two taros appear in the hanger looking around for Ash. Oddly enough 21 is in battle mode, leaning on one knee, with power cables running out the chest. Following the cables they find them connected to one of the type 3's drill knuckles, with Ryutaros sitting on top

Momotaros: Brat what are you doing up there?

Ryutaros: (sitting cross legged leaning back and forward) I'm helping.

Ash: (pokes out from under the drill) Alright, that should do it. (stands up and dust himself off.) Alright Kintaros give it some gas.

Kintaros: (voice comes out from 21's speaker) Hai Ash-sama. (energy starts to pour from 21 into the drill causing it to spin)

Ash: Well, least it still works.

Ryutaros: The rockets worth two. (hits a button and the rockets start to turn on)


Momotaros: (pulls the cables out) Bakas, the lot of ya.

Urataros: (sighs) Anyway. Lexy-chan wants us to all help out with some data removal and tracing.

Ash: (sratches his chin) I see. (looks back at the drill knuckle) Fine, let's go. (waves his hand) Let's see what she wants us to do. (puts his hands in his pockets as the five walk off)

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*Chris sends a transmission to the Aoi Tsubasa, dressed in a different uniform and wearing sunglasses* Hello, Derek Barona. My name is Rialb Sirhc. I'm a new pilot in the AGGF. *Takes off the sunglasses and smiles* Good to see you back, man.

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Ash and co, after a bit of treking through the ship finaly make it to meet Alexis and Fuyume. The two girls wave as they all walk into the room

Ash: Alright little boss lady, what'cha need me and my boys?

Alexis: Okay, Ashi-kun. You, Kin-chan, and Ryu-chan can sweep the ship for surveillance devices, while Momo-chan and Ura-chan help me and Fuyume-chan with the computer systems, okay?

Ash: Sounds like a plan.. (looks at Momotaros and Urataros) You heard the lady.

Momotaros: (waves his hand) Yeah, yeah I hear ya. (grabs Urataros and they dive into the system)

Urataros: (pops his head out of the console) Umm...Ashy-boy I think you want to read this message that never went through.

Ash: (walks over to the console and looks at the screen) What... Rialb Sirhic..... (crosses his arms and sighs)

Alexis: Rialb Sirhic...Who's that Ashi-kun?

Ash: Momo, you wanna feild this one?

Momotaros: (pops his head out of the console as well) That guy that the boy over there banned from the Grungust thinks he's a Char now.

Ryutaros: (tilts his head to the side) But Ni-san didn't he try to be Zanger-sama and get beat up by the scary horn man?

Ash: Yeah thats right he did. I think Derek still has that on file somewhere. (stops for a second) But you know, I could always use some Hyaku Shiki parts.

Ryutaros: Thats mean ni-san....Give it a  bigger gun and paint it purple.

Momotaros: No No.  Make sure you paint it red for me, then give it a big sword.

Urataros: Sempai it would be better suited for me.  A nice blue trim with a beam lance would be exclent.

Ash: Guys, he still hasn't lost it...yet.

Kintaros: But he should learn. (pops his neck) A real man relies on his own strength, not the image of another man. (everyone nods in agreement)

Fuyume: *giggles* Kuma-chan is really smart when he's not sleeping isn't he?

Ash: ...Thats an intersting way to put it Fuyume-chan.

Ryutaros: (pulls out his bubble gun) Let's go check the rest of the ship ni-san. Maybe we'll find somethng cool. (waves his arms around) Let's go lets go let's go.

Ash:  Ok, ok(nods)  We'll be back in a bit then. (they start to walk out the door)

Alexis: *standing by Fuyume typing* Oh. Ashi-kun remember to fix the wall when your done. Derek-sama really gets mad when someone breaks the wall.

Ash: (looks at Kintaros and Ryutaros) How did she know?

Momotaros: You couldn't find a spy if he was right in front of you Kame.

Urataros: Sempai you one to talk, you couldn't even figure out it was me who ate your pudding.

Momotaros: You bastard! (drags him out of the pannel and starts trying to beat him up)

Alexis: ....... Bakas *She quickly punches them, then picks them up by the collar and tosses them out) On second thought, take them with you Ashi-kun. Leave Kin-chan and Ryu-chan.

Ash: (looks down at Momotaros and Urataros) Alright.

Momotaros: She's got...a good left...that Mecha otaku fangirl...

Urataros: (lying on his face) The floor is very comfy....I beleve I will stay here for a while.

Ryutaros: (pouts) But i wanted to go with Ni-san.

Ash: (pats Ryutaros on the head) Don't worry, i'll bring you back somethng. No go help Fuyume-chan and Kintaros,

Ryutaros: Ok.... Coming Kuma-chan. (drags Kintaros inside)

Ash: (drags Momotaros and Urataros by thier feet) We're should we start guys?

Urataros: Boku-chan's room of course.

Momotaros: The lock will be pretty tough, even for Blue Boy's security.

Urataros: And I don't think even I could talk my way past the sentinel gun Boku-chan has set up in the corner.

Ash: Derek's room...really guys?

Urataros/Momotaros: Twenty-bucks if you can make it inside, only getting shot once.

Ash: You're on.

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*Chris is laying in his room, when a message on his laptop appears.*
What's this?

"If you desire true power, and another chance... proceed to these coordinates...."

*A set of coordinates flash across the screen, along with several orders from the unknown sender. Chris dashes to the hanger and asks for a small fighter plane.*
This is Chris. Command, do I have clearance for launch? With your permission, I'd like to perform a solo recon op.

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-Duragreiz Bridge-

Bright receives the message and takes a few moments to consider before giving the go ahead

Bright: "Fine just send us the coordinates before you leave."

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GA-LX-25-G-001... This is a relatively uninhabited area... But sir! I need to see this!

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-Duragreiz Bridge-

Bright:" that will do *the Line to Chris is cut and Bright turns to the rest of the bridge* Any word from Sakura yet?"

Operator: "no, and we just lost the Queen's signal"

Bright: "what?!! when?"

Operator: "Just a few minutes ago"

Bright: "Why wasn't I informed immediately?"

Operator: "I-"

Bright: "never mind See if someone's available to go check it out on the double."

Gai: "I'll take care of it;.I haven't had the Zeta out in a long while."

Bright turns to find Gai had entered in the middle of the conversation.  He seemed a lot better than he had been after returning from the Russia mission but bright still had some concerns

Bright: "Are you sure Gai?" 

Gai: "Yes I am If you think I need extra help I'll take Chris with me."

Bright: "No that's not it.... .... go right ahead her last know coordinates were RX-EW-23-T-030."

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Shortly after disembarking from her gundam, Sakura discovered that she was hurt more than what she had realized initially. Shortly after the adrenaline ran out, so did her legs causing her crumble to the floor.

This is a real fine mess I've gotten myself into. Hopefully somebody comes since it'll take forever for me to reach my sisters at this rate.

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*Chris lands his plane in a vast desert where one man and a strange mecha stands behind him. Chris opens the cockpit.*

???:Could you switch off all transmitters too? Just a sign of trust.

*Chris reluctantly switches all transmitters and other related options off*

Who are you?

???:My name is Dr. Egrett Feff, and I've come to offer you, Cristoph Allen Blair, the chance of a life time.

Egrett? As in the scientist, Egrett from EOTI? What would you need with a lackluster pilot like me?

Egrett: That couldn't be far from the truth, Lt. Blair. You are far from lackluster, it's just that the type of machines you pilot do not bring out your true potential. Take this machine behind me for instance, the prototype of my precious Bergelmir. Maybe not fit for you, but it certainly exceeds the standards for most Personal Troopers and mobile suits.

It certainly looks different.

Egrett: Ah, but you know that performance is just as important as looks. The Bergelmir could stand toe-to-toe with even the forces of the Hiryu and Hagane, or at least it will when it's complete.

That's impossible. Those two ships are miraculously unbeatable.

Egrett: Luck can only carry you so far, Lieutenant. Eventually, they will have to fall.

It's hard to believe. But even the unsinkable Titanic was sunk by an iceberg. But to get back on track, why have you called me out here?

Egrett: As cliched as it sounds, I'm going to give you a offer you cannot even begin to refuse. I want you to join us at the Neo DC. Your strength can be tempered into an even stronger sword if you join us.

The Neo DC? You're mad, I'd never betray my friends!

Egrett: Ah, but did you ever stop and think that your  friends might just be the ones to do the betraying?


Egrett: As it is, you are ridiculed, often making you the laughing stock of the AGGF. Your mechs have a tendency of being destroyed. You often stand out as the one who causes disaster, even among your protege Matthew Archer.

How do you know all this?

Egrett: We have people everywhere.

...Why me?

Egrett: Of the AGGF, you are the one who is constantly given the short end of the stick. But with the Neo DC, you could become an unstoppable force, and none could possibly stand in your way.

Hm. It's temping.

Egrett: Of course. I'm offering you all the power you could desire, including your own custom unit.

A custom unit? I was never offered that, even when I was a Federation ace.

Egrett: See, the benefits are worth it. I will give you what you desire, and then, maybe even more than you do.

...I'll come.

Egrett: Excellent. *Egrett takes out a small pocket device* Do not worry, Chris. This will merely take care of the nanite tracking machines the AGGF or the Federation may have installed into your bloodstream.

*Egrett pushes the device to Chris' arm and injects something into him*

Egrett: What I have injected into you is something I've been studying. Machine Cells. With this, you have become an immortal fighter. (Now thinking) And my willing guinea pig.

Egrett (Speaking to Chris): Come. There is a seat in the Proto-Bergelmir.

*Chris follows Egrett to the Bergelmir. When they enter, Egrett aims its rifle at the plane Chris came in on and fires, destroying it*

Egrett(Thinking): Now, let's see. Let's see if the AGGF has what it takes  to fight against a former comrade.


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((OOC: Chris we'd better discuss this  Email or AIM me))
the GN Flag F followed and the Zeta soon reached the abandoned base to find the wreak of the two Gundams, a quick check found the Queens cockpit completely empty.

Micheal: "I guess she's somewhere on base"

Sume Gai: "fan out we'll find her"

Indeed it didn't take long to locate the obviously injured pilot limping  towards an abandoned building; Gai Set the Zeta down and climbed out, offering his support to Sakura.

Gai: "So what happened here?"

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Meanwhile, back at base in the medbay...

"Well, your cybernetics all seem to be in working order, and your organic parts are in excellent shape. So physically, you're more fit than anyone has a right to be. Now, I'd like to talk about your PTK test results."

Why? Haven't awakened, end of story.

"Actually, that's why I wanted to talk about them. You HAVE awakened."

Since when?

"Hard to say, since some people refuse to come in for their regular exams. I would guess your little TK stunt towards the end of the Balmar war knocked things open. But that's just a guess."

I would think I'd've noticed if I suddenly became telepathic.

"If you were newtype-weighted, yes. Psychodrivers have a whole  spectrum of capabilities, and newtypes are on one end of the spectrum. Very powerful in terms of telepathy, precognition, and such, but little to no telekenetic abilities relative to more balanced psychodrivers."

As I know. What's the point?

"Well, you seem to be an an anti-newtype. TK-wise, you're very powerful, but your ESP is almost negligible. It's simply not strong enough to be consciously perceptible. Maybe a heightened sense of intuition, more accurate hunches. "

Jaybee blinks.

So.... no newtype flash?

"You'd be lucky to get even a spider-sense."

Is this normal?

"Non-ESP psychodrivers are difficult to detect. There could be millions out there going un-noticed. I've never heard of one. In your case, though, I'm fairly certain it isn't normal. Your TK waves have a distinctive energy signature, making it very easy to trace the source of your imbalance."

Why do I get the feeling this is going somewhere unpleasant?

"Either your heightened intuition is steering you right, or you're just a fast learner. The signature in question is native to Jupiter."

The Power...

"I don't know if it's acting as an amplifier, or if it just skewed your native balance. But it does seem to be responsible in some way."

I guess there's no way to tell.

"Given we know virtually nothing about The Power. that seems a fair assessment. It also makes it difficult to predict what might happen in the future."

So what? You're saying I might go Akira and kill everyone?

"No." Citan smiles. "Just that you should come in for your exams more often."

Bah. I can't stand exam rooms.

"I make house calls."


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Sakura explained to Gai that she used to be in Chrome Nightmare and even though she thought she had killed them all, somehow the leader had survived. Then she told him that Jaeger had taken her sisters and had demanded one final fight she had obliged him and after the fight she's been trying to reach the dorms where they are held

I know that what I did was stupid on all accounts but, my sister mean a lot to me. If you can get me to the hangar, I can get you a map to the dorms to get them. Once there all you would have to do is input the code to undo the lock which is No More Nightmares. There's a Tausendfuessler to use for transport. We can use that for my sisters mechs and what's left of Queen.

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As the three made their way through the hallways, they came to realize a simple fact. This ship had a lot of hallways for such a small ship. After checking numerous hallways, they finally stood in front of Derek's door. Staring at it for a while, almost as if it was going to attack them, Ash slowly reached for the door handle, before pulling his hand back.

Momotaros: What's wrong?

Ash: (looks at Urataros) Ura, you see the amount of locks in this door.

Urataros: Yes. (leans forward) Looks to be a fair amount of encryption on those as well.

Momotaros: The sentry gun I hear charging in the back doesn’t bode to well either.

Ash: You know what, we're leaving Derek's room along.

Momotaros: I thought you wanted twenty bucks?

Ash: (crosses his arms) I prefer living. Besides the only money you guys have is what I have in my wallet.

Momotaros/Urataros: He saw through our plan. 

Ash:  Hum…(looks at two of the doors closet near Derek) We're not touching these either.

Urataros: Why, something wrong with them too?

Ash: (touches the door nearest to Derek's) This must belong to another member of the blue wings. (closes his eyes) A bad feeling lingers  in this room, and the other one….

 Momotaros: (throws is arms up in the air) Damn you and your spidey-sense. Who's room can we check then?

Ash: (points to the room with the word MASAKI written in bold green print) That one.

The three of them run towards Masaki's door and easily get inside, a few screams are heard as the door closes behind them. A few minutes later the trio come rushing out the door and slam it close behind them before crashing on the floor.

Ash: What the hell was that?


Urataros: (slowly gets up and dusts himself off) I saw paradise in that room. So many girls, so little time. (hangs his head low and pounds his fist against the wall) I fear I shall never find such a place again. Truly it was a Shangri-La.

Ash:  (helps Momotaros to his feet) Let's never speak of this room again.

Urataros: But..

Ash: Never.

Urataros: Fine. (pouts) Can we check Haruka-chan's room next?

Ash: Fine. But you don't touch anything.

Moments later they find themselves in Haruka's room. Which is a lot more normal looking and cleaner then Masaki's. Momotaros plops down on the bed and begins to look at a photo album from the desk. Urataros looks at the numerous bottles of liquor sitting on the nightstand. Ash takes a seat and picks up her cell-phone.

Ash: This room…seems normal…

Urataros: (tips over a empty liquor bottle) A little too normal Ashy-boy.

Momotaros: (sits up) I KNEW IT!

Ash: What Momo?

Momotaros: (holds up a photo) She fills out a two piece quit well.

Urataros: Sempai that’s my line! (leans on the closet door and falls inside it) It would appear that she likes the green stripped kind.

Momotaros: Kame you're going to get us killed!

Ash: Get out of their Ura. (holds up the phone) And help me retrieve this file.

Momotaros: Eh? Cellphone?

Ash: Yes Momo. I figured "Hey, why not look into something useful rather then her underwear draw."

Urataros: I take offence to that. There is always something useful to be known about a girls underwear.

Ash: (tosses the phone at Ura) Decode this.
Urataros: (catches the phone and looks at the screen for a minute) Cracking code….hum…. Appears the data is to corrupted.

Ash: Damn. (sits back down) Wait a minute… (moves a few magazines around and finds a small laptop) Momo, help me hack this.

Momotaros: Fine. (tosses the album aside and leaps into the air, jumping into the laptop)

Ash: (looks at the screen as it turns on with Momotaros leaning on the side of the window) Looks pretty blank…Might be a dummy screen.

Momotaros: All of these files will take to much time to go through.

Urataros: Sempai, is there an instant messenger program?

Ash: Good thinking Ura. (starts typing) Look, she has Aim.

Momotaros: Give me a second. (runs over to the icon and kicks it a few times, making a chat window pop up) There. (dusts off his hands)

Ash: Hum.. "Sniper_Girl_04 wrote I'm getting tired of waiting on you. Hurry it up."

Momotaros: Sniper_Girl_04? Who the hell is that?

Urataros: Wait…someone responded to her.

Ash: Kaze_Boy_06 wrote "All according to plan. Don't worry babe." (leans back in the chair as Momotaros leaps out of the laptop) This is getting a little confusing.

Momotaros: Doesn’t the bar chick use a sniper rifle a lot?

Urataros: Well no doubt that the write is Haruka-chan, (leans on his hand) but who is the other fellow?

Ash: (stands up) Something we'd better bring up with Derek and Alexis. Let's go check the last room and report back to them.

The two taros nod as the three exit the room. Walking across the hall they stand in front of a pink door. Looking at each other, they each put on a pair of shades as Ash opens the door

Momotaros: Ah! So much pink….

Urataros: (covers his eyes) It's blinding.

Ash: Watch your step.

Momotaros: Wha? (trips over a wretch) Who leaves a wrench in the floor?

Urataros: Haha, he said watch your step sempai. (get hit by an engine block) ….It would appear I am trapped…

Ash: (looks around) Not that I expect  Alexis of having anything in her room…But what is with that! (points to a large picture of Derek, drawn as a Bishy)

Momotaros: And the official Blue wing pajamas with his face on it.

Ash: Your making that up. (looks over at what Momotaros is holding) You're not making that up….

Urataros: Matching slippers. (points under the bed)

Ash: This is crazy….This is insane…(picks up the Derek plushie) And why is this plushie so adorable?!?

Momotaros: Boy, lets run away from this crazy mixed up room.

Ash: Right, I'd rather go back to Masaki's room.

Urataros: Can we?

Ash/Momotaros: NO!

Ash: We're just going to talk to Alexis, then Derek. (sighs)Then try to wipe these last couple hours from our minds. (walks out of the room)

Urataros: I think they make a pill for that?

Momotaros: What red or blue?

Urataros: (sighs) That was bad sempai.

Ash: (from down the hall) More walkin, less bad matrix jokes.

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~Aoi Tsubasa Deck~

*Derek walks out onto the deck, looking around. Spotting the person he's searching for, he walks over.*

Derek: *Stops behind Haruka silently*

Haruka: *Sitting on the edge of the deck*......I know you're there, Derek.

Derek: *Shrugs* Eh, I was trying to think of something witty to say, but it's not really the mood for it.

Haruka: Thanks for being considerate.

*The silence persists for another moment, neither one of them wanting to say what needs to be said.*

Derek:.....*Sighs, and scratches the back of his head* We both know what happened, I guess. No sense worrying about it now. C'mon, we've still got work to do.

*Silently, Haruka gets up and starts to walk with him back into the ship. About halfway across the deck, however, Derek stops and lets her walk past him, thinking about something.*

Derek: You know, there is one thing that's bugging me......

Haruka: *Stops walking* What's wrong?

Derek: Just.....something Kanz said is still bothering me. It just seemed like, oh, I dunno....*Glances up directly at Haruka* Like he was testing me, the same way you did.


Derek: And you gotta admit, he had DAMN good timing. The second we weren't thinking about it, bam. He just swoops right in and takes off with me in the unarmed prototype. Even left a whole slew of guys behind to make sure people wouldn't disturb us while he tried to kill me. That took some planning on Kanz's part, don'cha think?

Haruka: *Nods slowly*.....Agreed.

Derek: The way I see it, the only way Kanz could have pulled this one off by himself would be if he snuck in every single one of those mechs by himself, then hunkered down and staked us out, waiting for an opening and hoping none of us noticed a hundred and fifty machines hiding just on the edge of the perimeter.

Haruka: *Nods again* That does sound like a possibility.

Derek: *Shakes his head* Not really. The risk of getting caught is astoundingly high. Even with Kanzaki's complete disregard for caution and his penchant for drama, even he wouldn't do something so reckless just on the off chance he'd catch me outside with my guard down.


Derek: No, I think another scenario played out. We've already got some pretty big suspicions that there's at least one spy on the base. It wouldn't surprise me to hear that someone was leaking information on us out to the NDC. But even that doesn't totally account for what Seiyokaze said to me.

Haruka: Which was.....?

Derek: "I guess the kiddo wasn't as far along with it as I thought she'd be."

Haruka: !!!

Derek: Strange thing to say, given that the only people who were supposed to know she was building it work on this ship. Wouldn't you agree, 004?


Derek: *Sighs* I'm blind, Haruka. I'm not STUPID. Anyone who bothers to look can see how your "plan" was supposed to work. We reunite the Blue Wings, and one by one, I redeem myself to everyone. As I do, you all, at your own discretion, return the divided BWZ blueprints, and we put the machine together. That was how it was supposed to work, right?


Derek: You didn't intend on rejoining me back at Kyris. In fact, if the Neo-Titans hadn't tried to kill you, you probably still wouldn't have come back, even by now. And you certainly hadn't planned on giving me the blueprints, but I was so damned insistant that you didn't have much of a choice. But even then......*Sighs* I thought you trusted me, Haruka. I really did. And even if you didn't, I never expected things to go like this. Even if it's all part of some grand plan, it's still the most reckless thing I think I've ever seen you do.


Derek:......The fact that you refuse to deny any of this doesn't look good for you, 004. I WANT to trust you, Haruka, but I can't do that if you don't help me. Talk to me, here.


Derek: Listen to me, Haruka. Right now, I have this whole ship locked down and being gone over with a fine-toothed comb to find any evidence of spying on this ship. Sooner or later, someone's going to find something, and at this point, you're the prime suspect. If ANY of it leads back to you, I won't be able to help you. You understand this, don't you? Don't you?


Derek: Haruka! *His comm beeps and he checks it* Yeah? Alexis? Uh huh.....*Sighs*.....I see.....thanks. I'll take care of it.

*Derek pauses for a long moment, as he considers things. He thinks about everything that has happened up to this point....and what reasons were behind them. With a heavy heart, he reaches the only conclusion he can, and draws his gun, leveling it on Haruka's back.*

Derek: Alexis says that Ash has found evidence that you were secretly communicating with someone on your computer. I imagine that it won't be too hard for them to figure out where the communications were going. Haruka Nagamoto, under reasonable suspicion of espionage, I am hereby placing you under arrest. Until this is cleared up, you're staying in the brig. Please give me your gun, 004.

Haruka: *Still silent, she slowly draws her gun from it's holster and places it on the ground next to her.*

Derek:.....Both guns.

Haruka: *Shrugs, then reaches down and removes the gun at her ankle and places it on the ground.*

Derek: *Moves forward cautiously and picks up both weapons* Let's go.

*Without a word between the two of them, they enter the ship and head to one of the lower decks, passing down a disused hallway until they reach a room at the very end. Punching in the code on the door, Derek opens up the room and motions Haruka inside.*

Derek: We could have solved this, Haruka. All you had to do was just say from the start that you were still talking to Kanz, and we could have figured all this out. As it is now.....I don't know. If Gai wants you tried for this, I'm not going to be able to stop him. *Looks her straight in the eyes, pleadingly* It's not too late. Just give me something--ANYTHING--to work with here, and I don't have to do this. Don't MAKE me do this, Haruka. Please.

Haruka: *Stares Derek straight back, coldly* Just close the door. You look pathetic.

*Wordlessly, Derek closes the door on her, and slowly walks away. As soon as it closes in her face, the cold mask instantly falls away, and Haruka sits down against the door. Digging around in her pocket, she pulls out her last cigarette and lights it up. As she smokes, she can't help but stare at at her lighter, a dark green Zippo with a wing design etched into the metal...*

Haruka:.....Stupid bastard.....This is all your fault.....

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Somewhere in Matt's mind, a conversation between Matt Archer and what would seem to any telepathic intruder to be his doppelganger ensues:

Matt: Great, so I'm still not dead?

???: Got that right.  You're just out cold with shattered ribs and some seriously fucked-up insides.

Matt: Oh, how lovely.  Well, at least Gai kicked me out, so I don't have to stay anymore.  Still, I'd bet he won't let me use that free ride to go to Belarus.  With Mom still in Neo DC custody, and that missed text from Andy I didn't check before the mission, I'm betting Grandma's decided to kick me out for real this time.

???: Probably.  I'm just another aspect of you, so I only know what you know on that matter.  Thanks for never naming me, by the way, jackass.

Matt: Sorry bout that.  Since you can clearly form opinions, even if they're just another side of me, maybe you should name yourself.

???: Fine, then you can call me Other.

Matt: Okay.  Now, since you clearly have the edge on my conscious self as far as planning goes, what would you suggest as a plan B if I/we end up right and Gai nixes the travel plans to Belarus?

Other: Well, you/I happen to be fully aware that there's no place and no person who can take you in.  None of us kids were ever registered as enlistees or draftees.  After all, the minimum enlistment age is 16, and your/our 15th birthday only just passed.  When you/we were flung into that distortion, the records were definitely arranged to cover it up, most likely stating you as a visitor to the museum ship who died during one of our sorties.  Except for people you/we contacted directly, most people assume you/we died, and nobody likes it when dead people turn up alive.  It makes the agency that reports your death look bad.

Matt: So, what can I do, then, and how did Grandma know I was using a mech?

Other: Your/our actions during that first attack were probably kept unaltered in the reports, since they had to somehow explain why a Zentraedi raiding party would manage to wipe out almost all their pilots, infiltrate the facility, and somehow be driven off by a single person in the museum's VF-22, which had already been leaked to the Galaxy Network before UNS's censors could get their shit together.  Now, as for what to do, either fade into the background and give up on this pointless effort of saving Mom, or go renegade, acquire one of Grandpa's Guarlion Customs, and make your/our own damn way to Belarus if you/we can.

Matt: Guess I know my decision then.  Sorry, Grandpa, but it looks like I can't come home to stay just yet.  Hope you finished the tuneups you kept saying you were working on...

Other: For now, just focus on getting better.  Their doctor's clearly doing something right, since I don't have to work as hard now to block the pain, and it's all healing way faster than your body could do on its own.  Also, your/our injuries would've killed you/us if he hadn't found you/us when he did.  At least thank him and apologize for the trouble before you board the shuttle.

Matt: Yes, Mom...

Other: Can it, smartass!

Matt: Alright, alright!  Jeez, never knew my subconscious was such a prick!

Other:  I'm just the first layer of that.  There's at least twenty of us, probably more.  I/You did it instinctively in order to move on after all that shit Captain Archer and his men did to you/us when you/we were still a kid.  Now stop bothering me.  It could interfere with your recovery.

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Piddling around with his computer, Jaybee decides to pull up some of the public records, and see what sort of red flags the AGGF has generated lately.

Hey, looks like Archer's been updated recently. Wonder what banditry and chaos has been appended to his... deceased? I think I'd've heard about that. He sure wasn't when we met him, and last I haerd Doc was predicting a full recovery.

Jaybee spends a little time poking at the database.
Dead for two weeks, backdated to before he joined us? Despite his appearing in the official action reports to this day?
Man, this is the sloppiest hack I've ever seen.

Trace through 2 proxies, and that takes us back... to that museum Archer was working at.

Another edit a few days later... There we go, a home address!
His colony administration... oh, joy, a corrupt colony. Welp, they're semi-autonomous. But once you start bit-twiddling the master UNG records, you leave colonial jurisdiction...
Jaybee grins.
The game is afoot!
L'see.... I think it was connection mode 7... haven't done a lot of cybercrime work. Suppose I should forward this to Carol, but I'm bored. 'Sides, this is easy.

And after a little while bouncing off an encrypted Phantoms proxy...
Ahhh, private e-mails. Always fun when some bungler leaves a record of their plans in an unsecure location.
He was worried about the kid's age? So he had him deleted? Of all the stupid... 

I suppose I could turn the tables and "kill" HIM, but... naw. He's too high profile to just vanish.

A quick e-mail and some database tweaking later...
There we go.  Records fixed. I'm sure Archer will be glad to know he's not dead on paper. If he grew up in this colony, he probably expected it. Looks like they've pulled this shit a few times before. Kid's lucky he wound up here instead of back home, I suppose.

NOW Carol gets to play. Wonder what she's gonna do to 'em...
I think these guys are due an audit.  Probably at gunpoint before it's over.
Oh, how I'd like to be the infiltrator for that one. Pity I'm occupied.

She'll probably call up Bill. He's good at this sort of job.
Better make a memo to hit him up for highlights in a few months.

(OoC: Hey, alaras.... you know if your records showed you as dead, we would've had a lot more questions a lot faster, right? You should assume a basic background check was one of the first things that we'd've done. Especially since I'm UNS. And we shipped your plane back.)

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OOC: One thing, Jay.  He was never on a colony.  The ship was a refitted Meltrandi Battle Cruiser with no weapons and a hollowed-out cargo hold with a suburban town inside, including the museum.  He was born and raised on Earth, and was on the ship on a field trip, as can be observed in the flashbacks.  He and his classmates arrived by shuttle.  He was reported dead mostly to cover up the fact that they had drafted his entire class and forcibly reinstated their ex-military chaperone to deal with the emergency.  Besides, not everyone on the ship was so willing to do it.  Originally, they never registered anything, so it could take some time to make it fit, especially if they couldn't send any fold communications at the time.  Any address on a colony would've been a forgery designed to deflect attention.  The ship's part of a UNG initiative to preserve culture amongst the outlying colony worlds, and the town's mostly focused around the museum, and relies on supplies gathered from its ports of call.  Finally, the reason the ship has all of that is that they're a UNG-sponsored comprehensive aerospace museum, with fully functional mechs and non-operable full-scale replicas of the prototypes.  After all, can't talk about the YF-21 without mentioning its descendant, the VF-22.

PS: Even though there HAVE been younger pilots, most of them either lied about their age, were not directly with UNS/NUNS (in case you bring up Luca Angeloni, an SMS pilot with special dispensation, or Mylene Jenius, who was still a civilian even though she was part of Sound Force),  As for why he'd want to do it, he only came to these conclusions because he's got nothing else to do but think while he's out cold.  If he were still up and fighting, he wouldn't have time to do so.

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(OOC: That makes slightly less than no sense.
Why would a suburban town have a special-ops fighter, much less a top-of-the-line one?  Suburban towns are not self-sufficient, meaning that they will, by necessity, have a large support infrastructure. An unarmed vessel will need an escort fleet, not a handful of fighters. Why is such a small museum worth taking a fold trip to visit? And why were you so anxious to return a highly-valuable fighter plane to people who forced you to fight against your will and you're certain digitally executed you afterwards? 
To point out the worst offenses.

And "15 is too young" is a poor excuse for your background, since there's established pilots in Macross that young, and even younger. I wasn't considering Mylene. Her MOM, however... and her adopted sister.)

Jaybee stepped out of his quarters after a rousing game of Counterhack, and headed towards the bar, because it served better food than the mess hall.

Yo, barkeep! Can I get a Petit Cola and a nice thick juicy steak?

"Thought you didn't eat steak. Some sort of superstition like the pineapple salad. "

Don't say the P word!

"Like I said. Superstitions to the extreme."

Whatever. You got that steak?


Oh yeah. And a side of mashed potatos.

"Coming right up. Where's your lady, anyways?"

Beg pard?

"That gorgeous meltrandi you're always with."

We're not ALWAYS... besides, she's not 'my lady.'

" You can't possibly expect me to believe that. If you two spent any more time together, you'd have to share quarters."

H-HEY!!! What are you insinuating?!?!?!

"Sorry. Poor choice of words. Just meant that you're almost always together when you're out in public. And I don't think a day's gone by that you two haven't hit the simulators, the shooting range, or some other hot social spot for dysfunctional mercenaries."

That's pro... I'm not a merce... look, are you gonna grill me all day, or the steak?

"Forget I said anything."

I will, but only because you can't do squat in this place if you're unwilling to enter the bar.

Jaybee slides the bartender some cash.

Keep the change. And if you value your life, don't try this line of conversation with he makes some quote marks with his fingers my lady.

"Believe me, I ain't stupid. That's why I grilled you instead. "

The bartender grins as he pockets the cash.

"She left about ten minutes ago. She's got a sparring deal goin' with the Doc."

She's cheating on me with Uzuki?

"'Fraid so. Want somethin' harder than coke?"

Naw, I'm good.  Toss me another coke, would ya?

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With Gai and Micheal's help, Sakura freed her sisters and loaded the Tausendfuessler with Nadesico and Aria's machines and Queen's remains. Fortunately they encountered no one on their return trip to HQ.

Commander Gai, I'll leave my fate in your hands. I'm not going to try to defend my actions since there is a lot of evidence. As you know JayBee has the disc containing my family's dark secrets, you may do what you wish with it. I'm going to see the doctor to receive medical aid and then answer any questions my sisters have.

Knowing the outcome of her actions wouldn't be good, Sakura resigned herself as she was taken to the medical ward.

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Pages from the Journal Ian the Celestial Tear

you recently recently received a torn up journal in the mail

Haha if the Astral Tears knew I still had this they laugh till the cows come home as the saying goes. It's been three days since I left the Guardian Force and the the feeling in the pit of my stomach wouldn't leave.

from what you can tell about the next few readable pages the author was reminiscent of the time spent in the bar with Derek and Jaybee

I am still amazed by the transformation the Medius Locus underwent after I completely disconnected Mica from it.

he goes on to describe the Medius Lucus(kai) transforming into the Medius Lucus(form 2)

and while on the subject Mica also final created a digital arbiter, it strongly resembles Sume Gai before the Gigarot incident. Once I told him about this he seemed generally surprised.

it continues to go on the till it ends five days after Chaostic's departure.

two days from the end of the journal

Chaostic: damn at this rate I'm never getting back into space!!!!

Thug: is that the guy

Suit: Yeah that's him...just stick to the plan

A little while later in a near by alley way

Thug: hey pal give me a hand here, I lost the ring I bought my girl.

Chaostic: (well atleast some people are happy) Sure

Chaostic: ah I found it

Gang member: Nice rock we'll be taken that!

a short while later

Chaostic: (damn he passed out... how many of these guys are they..)

the goodnatured Chaostic intent on fleeing places the thug over his shoulder only to be injected with a unknown substance

Chaostic: ah! Damn ... what... did you...

the thugs fist strike with the back of Chaostic's head and then as he falls the thugs knee impact Chaostic's chin

Thug: your nice buddy sorry we had to do this but, ya'know business is business after all.

(ooc: sorry I started rushing it in the end and this is not the last you seen of me and Mica. I captured not dead and I'm also going to suffer a case of amnesia)

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(Hey Jay, this is about as set as my access is gonna be, for awhile. Might as well get going with it.)


???????: *Sitting at a console in a naturally darkened room, checking reports* Hmm, let's see.....I'd say, by now, he'll have found her out. That'll make the next step easy. Now, let's start arranging the next part..... *A small report suddenly appears on the screen, catching his attention.* What...?! This is.....*Chuckles a bit* I see....*Sits back in the chair* It's all starting to come together, then. I wonder how people will respond to it, this time?

*The man simply continues to laugh to himself, in the dark....*

~Aoi Tsubasa Bridge~

*The mood is definately gloomy on the bridge following the news of Haruka's arrest, as Derek sits brooding in his chair with his eyes closed, while Alexis continues to carry out her assignment along with the others.*

Alexis: *Types a few commands in, then hits the execute button* Okay, engine controls are all clear. Kin-chan, Ryu-chan, have you found anything?

Kintaros: Nothing yet Alexis-chan.

Ryutaros: Ne ne, theres a lot of data to go through. Right? I don't hear an answer.

Alexis: Okay. Keep at it, you two. *Looks over at the screen on the next console* What about you, Fuyume-chan?

Fuyume: *The console flashes pink as a chibi-Fuyume flashes the peace sign* Found one! There's a data watcher in the comm networking subroutines, Alex-chan! Anything we share with the AGGF network gets leaked!

Alexis: Good work, Fuyume-chan! Take care of it, okay?

Fuyume: *Salutes* Hai, Alex-chan!

Alexis: *Hits the comm* Ashi-kun, have you guys found anything so far?

Ash: We found something. We're bringing it up for you guys to look at.

Alexis: Understood. *Turns around and looks at Derek* Derek-sama, we're at about 90% done so far. Should I start working on putting us back on the AGGF network?

Derek:.......*In a sort of heavy monotone, without opening his eyes* Have they checked the entire ship?

Alexis: *Nods* Uh huh.

Derek:........The computers?

Alexis: We're working on it now. *Looks over* Right, Kin-chan? Ryu-chan?

Ryutaros: Why is there so many game-roms on here?

Kintaros: The Strenght of this firewall will make you cry.

Alexis:....Still working on it. See?



Derek:.......Did you check ALL of the computers?

Alexis: *Thinks for a minute* Um.....I don't think I understand the question, Derek-sama. We've been working through the Tsubasa's system, and--

Derek: Laptops.

Alexis:.....*Blinks* Eh?

Derek: Check your laptop.

Alexis: Oh, okay. *Pulls out her laptop and starts it up*


Alexis: Huh?

Derek: All the possibilities, and it never occured to you to check your own personal computer?

Alexis: Um.....*Looks away*....No, it didn't....

Derek:.....I'm disappointed. That kind of mistake could get someone seriously hurt, or worse.

Alexis: *Visibly hurt by that statement* D-Derek-sama....

Derek: We're dealing with spies, here, and they don't play fair like the rest of us do. Don't take ANYTHING for granted, do you understand me?


Derek: Good. Now finish up. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can get the rest of the base cleaned up.

Alexis: *Nods slowly* Understood, Derek-sama.....

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The Neo DC are all idiots, he thought as he worked. Bian Zoldark had been a man to respect, but these new leaders were just in it to build their own personal empire.

How many operations had they bungled critically? Or succeeded through mere chance, like the virus fiasco. All their agent had to do was go to a bar and pass a disk on. Instead he jumped in a Destroy to engage in a stupid grudge match and blow his cover. And when the virus infection started against all possible odds, the DC played the tired "explain the entire plan to everybody because they're all going to die" routine.

And they'd been throwing up big flashing neon "You have a spy" signs far too often. That kidnapping stunt was the last straw. The AGGF was getting serious about security. If things kept up this way, he was certain they'd find him.

Of course, what he was doing now would expose him as surely as the DC's bungling, but at least this way he knew that he'd done SOMETHING. And it was on his terms. Since he KNEW something was going down, he knew to get the hell out of Dodge. Preferably before anyone realized something had happened. He was fairly sure his work would go un-noticed until it was too late.

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~Aoi Tsubasa Bridge~

*Not all of five minutes after starting her scan, Alexis lets out a strangled cry of shock and rage, drawing the attention of most of the bridge.*

Alexis: I can't believe it! There IS...!!!!

Fuyume: Whaaaaaa?!?! B-but, Alex-chan, how...?

Derek:.......The virus left it.

Alexis: The virus....? *Her eyes widen as she puts it together* AAAAH!!! So, then, when the Duragreiz was infected, and we tried to open the blast door....

Fuyume: Uwaaaaa!! That mean blob thingie that tried to eat me infected the laptop?!

Alexis: It didn't infect anything, but it left behind a data syphon program. Anything I put on the laptop could be.....AAAAAH!!!!

Derek: Figured it out, I see.

Alexis: So, this is how Kanz-kun knew about the Proto-R....?

Derek: Possibly. Certainly one of the ways he could have gone about it. It shows how far this goes.

Alexis: So, what do we do, Derek-sama?

Derek:.....I think we've gotten far enough that we can put the ship back on the network. As soon as we do, however, I want you to follow the spy program you found earlier and either trace it or shut it down.

Alexis: *Nods* Hai, Derek-sama. *Turns back towards the console and starts typing in commands* We should be back on the network in about five or six minutes.

Derek: *Nods, saying nothing*

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In the hanger of Neo DC and Shadow-Mirrors' shared base, Lemon speaks with the caped man.

"The machines are ready. Are you sure you need this many AND the Thrudgelmir in reserve?" she asks, not for the first time..

"If things go wrong, even the Thrudgelmir won't be enough. You saw what they did in Russia."  His voice is flat, as if he's uninterested in the conversation.

"Says the man flying THAT into combat." Lemon gestures towards a heavily-modified GM (, and a pair of Balls parked next to it.

"Misdirection and confusion. Your people built it to my specifications, so you know it's not as deplorable as it appears."

"It's still a walking joke. And not a funny one." She scowls, as if her lack of amusement is the problem more than the machine itself, then continues. " In any case, Buchanan is already en route."

As he boards his GM,  the young man stretches briefly before he starts the machine booting."I must say, this body is FAR more comfortable than my old one. I might have to thank that boy before I'm through with him."

The Balls beside the Juggler boost free of their maintainence racks,  docking neatly on the back of the GM.  "Form up into your units and move out." he orders, as he steps forward and out of the hanger.


Some time later, in the AGGF base....

"Why am I flying the surveillance drone again?" Jaybee asks, a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"Because everyone has to do some real work from time to time. I thought you were a professional, McQuade." Bright snaps back.

Sighing, Jaybee resumes monitoring the scans. "Yeah, but I never really cared for patrols. And THIS could be totally automated." Flicking the controls, Jaybee sends the drone through a roll and loop, then  continues on with the patrol, when something catches his eye on the sensors. Adjusting the drone's heading, he sends it to investigate.
"You see something?" Bright asks, a note of tension in his voice despite the patrol perimeter being well away from the base.

"I think so. Got an unusual heat signature for a  second there. Headed to check it right... heeeeello."

Bright rises from his chair to come look over Jaybee's shoulder. "What do you have?"

"About 25 mechs. It's no scouting party, but I'll be damned if they can take us with a force like that."

"Probably the same people that sent that Grungust clone after us."

"Ah, yeah. I saw the vids from that fight. What'd the IFF code read as, a Thrudgelmir? You guys got smacked around pretty badly, in any case. I think the people driving that are the only ones in the system justified in underestimating us."

"It.... wasn't our brightest hour." Bright says, a hint of embarrassment in his voice.

"Not much you could've done at the time. Sure we lost a Grungust, but everyone lived. That's what counts. And we'll pay 'em back one of these days. The Thudelmir driver and the virus author both. I'm going for an overflight. Shifting to full stealth mode."

The drone slows down as it's engines shift to a cooler, quieter, and less powerful mode. Jaybee glances at the scans as the drone gets closer.

"Lions and Gespensts, it looks like." Bright notes, reading over Jaybee's shoulder.

"Yup. Fifteen Lions, ten Gesps. That's just insulting, really. And.... there's some kind of one-off in there too. Circling around for another pass. Probably the commander's machi- Is that a white Huckebein? ... No, scratch that. It's some kind of mobile suit. A Gundam Boxer, ( of all things."

The  Gundam tilts it's head up, it's eyes fixed on the drone. For a moment, Jaybee gets the strange impression that the unseen pilot is looking him straight in the eye  through the cameras of their machines. The illusion collapses back to a mech looking at a flying sensor platform as the Hazel raises it's rifle and fires, destroying the drone. Jaybee leans back in his chair for a moment.

"Well?" Bright asks, breaking the silence.

"We could just ignore them. They're basically no threat. But that Huckebein bootleg rubs me the wrong way. I think I'm gonna go show 'em what the REAL Boxer can do." Jaybee states.

Bright refrains from pointing out that the Huckbein was heavily inspired by the Gundam, instead merely grunting as Jaybee hits the comm panel and calls up the hanger.

"Get the Huckebein ready. I'm headed out."

Astonage's voice comes back over the comm. "Roger." As he disconnects, he can be heard issuing orders to his crew. Jaybee slips out of the recon chair and heads for the door.

"You sure yon don't want a scramble?" Bright asks as the door opens.

"Isn't thirteen to one better than usual in the AGGF?"

"You do have a point." Bright concedes.

As the door closes behind Jaybee, Bright runs the conversation in his head again.
"Weren't there twenty-six of them?" He smiles as he fixes the equation. "I wonder if he realizes he didn't say anything. Well, I suppose where one goes, the other follows."

Tapping the comm, Bright finishes things up.
"Computer, contact Shara Kis'ney. Hello, miss Kis'ney. I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

Shara pauses the melee simulator and sets her sword to the side.
"Nothing important. "

"Good. You're needed in the hanger. We found a small strike force headed this way. 26 mechs. McQuade's headed out in the Huckebein, he'll brief you there."

"Tell the hanger to have the Gunner module ready. Out."

"I think he's using the Boxer module, actually." Bright says, an instant after Shara closes the connection. "Oh well, she'll find out soon enough."

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(wherever the hell Chaostic is)

Chaostic: huh....wha...

Voice: Ah our guest has awoken, it's time for more experiments.

Chaostic: Hnnnnnnn AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Voice: Hm...interesting...

(now back to your regular scheduled program)

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Surprisingly Sakura's injuries weren't as serious as first thought,with minimal effort she had healed nicely and was then confined to quarters until further notice. She was surprised by the fact that her sisters hadn't asked about why they were kidnapped yet.

Sakura was sitting on her bed wondering about what her sisters think about her when she heard a knock on her door.

"Who is it?"

Nadesico: "It's us, we want to talk to you."

"Come in, the door's open."

Nadesico: "How are you doing?"

"Things have been better. Any word on mom yet?"

Aria: "No, we were thinking about what happened and we don't care what you did in the past. You came for us and that's all that matters."

"But.." Nadesico: "No buts. I'm sure that Commander of yours won't do much since you haven't done anything bad since you've joined the AGGF."