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Title: Dark Law problem
Post by: Hermit on November 20, 2008, 02:44:12 AM
I started on the translated Dark Law: Meaning of Death (how cool a name is that, btw?) a few days ago, and I was starting to really enjoy the game when it hit a bug in the second scenario. There's a point where Ed says goodbye to Charon, and the screen fades to black, but then it doesn't fade back in. Since the first time it happened, I've tried running the game in multiple versions of ZSNES (1.36 the first time, then 1.51 and 1.337) and Snes9x (1.42 and 1.51), but I keep getting hung on that same spot so I'm not sure if it's an emu problem.
I think there might be something like a missing sound cue, likely to do with the low rumbling noise in that scene (I've also noticed a split-second lag when the game switches music tracks, but that seems harmless), but I don't know how to get around it. Any suggestions?

EDIT:  I must need a whack to the head. I just saw two older topics here that mentioned the exact same problem, and that they got past it by switching emulators. Does anybody know which one can fix it, and what version?

Title: Re: Dark Law problem
Post by: Hermit on November 21, 2008, 02:23:50 AM
After much swearing and gnashing of teeth, it turns out the solution was so obvious my question practically answered itself, so I'm doing the same. YAY I'M A MORON :D

ZSNES 1.51 did in fact do the trick. My problem was that I kept loading a savestate I had made right in front of the WARNING, SPOILER AHEAD! Gate of the Dead, but when I continued from my save file in the game itself, the scenario ran just peachy. At least now I can keep on trucking through this great little game, thanks to Gideon and company.

Sorry for the muchas dramas, but I wouldn't have been so irritated by that glitch if I wasn't enjoying the game so much, right?

Title: Re: Dark Law problem
Post by: JayBee on November 21, 2008, 03:09:33 AM
That'll do it.

Loading a state save is no different than never loading anything. It resets the emulated system to the EXACT conditions it was in when you made the state.

Which means that state saves save the conditions that cause crashes.