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Title: Alpha gaiden patching problems
Post by: the cool guy on May 06, 2011, 12:08:58 PM
So i have tried to patch SRWAG. I converted my ISO to bin+cue. then i patched, and converted it back and it gave me glithy things. i also tried a patched bin+cue and convered it. I used 2 tools that works for it normally.
So i would like to ask someone to do another patch (i like Ups but Xdelta would be fine too) to an japanese ISO that translates it with aeon genesis' translation with voices working.
First i turned it into an ISO file. What i meant with glichy is a black screen with a little white thing near the middle. i tried 30 copies of the game so it might not be the file. note that some of these was patched BIN+cue.
That sums up things
Then the roms is all losing around one million bytes.
Thanks in advance.

Note: I took the text (Copy paste) from somewhere else so that can explain things