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Title: Hourai Gakuen no Bouken! black screen
Post by: Iwant on June 01, 2012, 09:56:03 AM
I'm starting a new thread, as this problem here seems different from the one mentioned in the topic below.  The bug happens on the island your plane to Africa crashes on, westward of the second screen, the one where lava is scattered around ( ).  When I attempt to go South-East, what appears to be a cutscene is triggered ; my team makes a few steps forward and... black screen.

It's still about a black screen, but changing text speed doesn't solve anything.  I'm using zSNES, but switching to snes9x doesn't help.  My ROM is a clean 2MB one, and I've made tests with both patched and patch-in-the-same-folder version. What's strange is the ROM reacts randomly: Sometimes it just freezes, sometimes the sound keeps playing and I've even seen a weird glitched screen once.

Config: zSNES 1.51 on a Windows 7 (64bits) laptop.