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Title: Hourai High Major Bug -- Gust Skill
Post by: dragomorph on June 23, 2012, 11:47:45 AM
I read through the readme pretty carefully and did not see anything about this, so I figured I would mention it here.

For whatever reason, Hinako's Gust skill is dangerously bugged in Hourai High.  If you're lucky, it'll just have a bit of garbled text at the end of the first hit and keep going.  However, on multiple occasions I've had the game range from simply freezing on me to scrambling in a particularly epic example of a crash when I have attempted to use it.  To confirm it did not relate to the text speed bug, I slowed the text down to the minimum of 1, but the bug still occurred.

Obviously, this is not a major bug, since you could go pretty much the whole game without using the skill.  However, it is still a major concern.  If it's not something that can be fixed easily, would it be possible to at least mention in the readme not to use this skill?  Alternatively, does it sound like it could also be an emulator issue?  I have been using SNES9X 1.53.  Sorry to be a bother.