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Title: Alpha Gaiden .48 Patch Problem
Post by: Todd134 on July 29, 2012, 05:03:10 PM
Hello, I have the 31.48 disk and I've followed the readme completely, and read gouki's guide on how to patch this disk, but I get a lua error when I try to patch the .bin file. Here is the error I get:

(EE) Lua object: Got an LUA error, inspecting stack.
(EE) 1: (String) GeneralException: Error opening file PATCHFILES\SLPS_031.48 for
 reading: Bad file descriptor
(EE) 2: (String) at =[C]:-1 ([top])
(EE) 3: (String) at =[C]:-1 (Input)
(EE) 4: (String) at srwag.lua:42 (mainpatch)
(EE) 5: (String) at Fifo:1 ([top])

Note: It seems that if I leave the line { ["name"] = "SLPS_031.47", ["file"] = "PATCHFILES\\SLPS_031.47" }, alone instead of changing it, the file patches successfully, however I get a black screen when trying to start the newly patched .bin file up. I am running vista. If I need to provide additional information please ask, and thanks in advance for any help.