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Title: Miscellaneous News ~ Site Updates, Discord, Etc
Post by: Gideon Zhi on April 04, 2018, 10:32:08 AM
Hi everyone,

There´s an awful lot to talk about, an awful lot that´s happened in the last few years that the site has been silent. Some of that´s personal and isn´t really appropriate for this feed, but there´s a ton of news on a bunch of different projects that needs to get shared, and a number of pages on the site are a little creaky with age as well. So for the next little while I´ll be posting updates on Mondays and on Thursdays with project news, with site infrastructure updates as they occur.

For today, you´ll note that I´ve removed the "wanted" link from the hotbar; the information in it was old and misleading, it was an extremely manual process to keep it up to date, and in general it is no longer needed. I´ve replaced it with an invite link to the Aeon Genesis discord. The rules are basically the same as the forum rules.

Of particular note is that several years ago I set up a task and bug tracker, and I´ve grown to greatly appreciate tickets in the system for keeping track of what needs to be done on a given project. The task lists aren´t exhaustive (in particular, one game only has two tasks: "translate the script" and "insert the script") but more get added as projects mature. Additionally, any updates to tickets on public projects are echoed to a channel on the discord. Consider the site to be big-picture news, while the ticket feed is much more fine-grain. You won´t see individual bug fix updates on the website, but if you´re interested in following the day-to-day, the discord is the way to go.

More soon!