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Title: Release News ~ SRW Gaiden v1.01
Post by: Gideon Zhi on May 29, 2018, 01:32:41 PM
It´s been brought to my attention that the base ROM for the Super Robot Wars Gaiden translation was an overdump. Today I´m releasing v1.01, which uses the No-Intro ROM as a base. Fun fact: when the SRW Gaiden project started, the overdump was the only copy of the game available; No-Intro didn´t exist! The update also adds in the usual AGTP logo intro, and fixes a small handful of typos. There will likely be another patch at some point down the line to further fix any typos that may crop up, but beyond that there shouldn´t be anything of significance that would detract from anyone´s enjoyment. Play and have fun!