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Title: Ys 5 Bug
Post by: ioev on August 15, 2018, 10:11:20 PM
Edit:  Got this all typed up and realized I should test against the original Japanese rom, and it turns out this bug is present there as well.  Weird :P

Finally gotten around to playing this one, and I've encountered a bug with the display in the Fluxstone menu.  It's not game breaking at all, and in fact only seems to activate once, and then it seems I can't activate it again.

To trigger the bug (which I've done on an sd2snes and snes9x) I load my savegame, go to the Fluxstone menu, unequip my only stone, then while selecting it again to equip it, try to scroll up or down, after which I can scroll endlessly in either direction getting all sorts of strange characters and item descriptions.  If I exit out of here and try again, it seems to act as expected, and doesn't allow me to scroll.  Strangely enough, if I reset the game, and try to replicate the bug, it won't happen.  It only occurs from a freshly initialized console?

Here's a screenshot, and a save state in the bugged state:
snes9x save state:

Probably not worth fixing since it doesn't break anything, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to report it.