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Author Topic: AGGF part 2  (Read 558030 times)
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High Order
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« Reply #1545 on: May 06, 2008, 04:28:14 PM »

Yeah, just like the AB parts. Just plug them and have fun!
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« Reply #1546 on: May 06, 2008, 05:03:36 PM »

It must run on my mother's side since my father wasn't a newtype. Also I'm going to test out the funnel system after I callibrate them properly with the V2.
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Things can always get worse...
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« Reply #1547 on: May 06, 2008, 06:35:50 PM »

The buffet's open in the Macross, if anyone's hungry.
We used the old city block, since it was one of the few places large enough for a stupidly huge mixed-ethnicity crowd.

Jaybee waves towards a very large and ornate door with an equally ornate staircase going up the side 
The door frame looks like solid gold, and the stairs are some form of crystal. The staircase ends at zentradi shoulder height, and connects to a crystalline upper floor that goes around the edge of the chamber.

Bridges with peoplemover belts cross above zentradi head height to a dozen islands inside the main area, each as large as a good-sized restaurant.

In the center of the room is a larger oval-shaped island set at zentradi waist height, with mountains of food stacked on it, and more human-sized tables elevated on a second tier at the standard miclone floor height.

The entire room glitters with synthetic gemstones and what appears to be precious metals(but is really just molded and painted plastic).

Miclones and humans up the stairs, full zentradi can just go straight through the door.
We put a lot of thought into the arrangements, I hope everyone's happy.

We put a lot LESS thought into the decor, in hindsight I think it's quite overdone. But dammit, we had a pile of CrystaFloor tiles, we were gonna use 'em.
Besides, the muckity-mucks need to see some proof we're celebrating in a politically appropriate manner, which is to say that we massively overdid everything and took all the fun out of it. 
But don't worry, the buffet is well-stocked and there's plenty of stories to tell. No one should have any trouble finding something fun to do. There's also booze stations tucked away all over the place, but don't tell the brass.

Britai: "I heard that. But I'll pretend I didn't if you'll point me to the nearest drink station. There's an awful lot of ground to cover in here."

Yeah... but it'll seem a lot less open once we get everyone in here.
The politicians never invite the people that do the actual fighting to these things. The troops deserve to party too, and that takes a lot of space. 'Specially with the size of our force.

Now everyone get your asses in here and party!
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« Reply #1548 on: May 06, 2008, 08:42:23 PM »

Temps Glisse: Where'd Chaostic go?

(in a nearby bar)

Oh I'll drink one of you drink two. An heres a lad who'll drink with you and if you do as I have done you'll be a good companion!

(back to Temps)

Temps Glisse: well I'm sure he'll be fine Akedia is with him.

(in the bar)

Akedia : I'll drink four if you drink five hell I'll drink until I die and if you do as I have done you'll be a good companion!

everyone in the bar: Companion! Companion! You'll be a companion!

(back to Temps)

Temps Glisse: hey is that a Caramel Apple?
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« Reply #1549 on: May 06, 2008, 08:57:26 PM »

Hey, Ianator, want to listen to a rant about how I like working with the AGGF better than my previous job in the Solaris military?
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My current inventory is: One transforming katana, one flight suit, one Caster, various Caster shells, one gallant (including stock and barrel) and an optimistic attitude.
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« Reply #1550 on: May 06, 2008, 11:41:08 PM »

I guess. Come to think of it, everyone has more fun working with the AGGF than any other sort of military, right?
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« Reply #1551 on: May 06, 2008, 11:55:51 PM »

*Jaybee finds two of the Hawks and walks up, a glass in one hand and a chicken leg in the other*

Heh, you guys are sticking together?

Rachel: "We could get lost for days in here. At least this way we've got company."

Only until the party dies down. Be easy to find the door once everyone's out of the way.

Mason: "Like she said. Lost for days."


Anyways, enjoy having birth certificates that match your real age for another day or so.
Fold lag's gonna play hell with that pretty fast once you get down to business.

Rachel: "That why you refuse to say how old you are?"

Partially. I've spent so much time in fold space that my age is a LOT different depending on if you go by the calender or my local time. It can get confusing.

"The truth is he just doesn't want you to know he's older  than dirt."

And hello to you too, Carol. Say one more word and I tell them what YOUR birth certificate says.

Carol: "Do it and I'll make sure you spend the next month in a hospital."

Touchy, aren't we?
Anyways, life as a Phantom's gonna accrue a lot more fold time than the typical UNS job. So just consider how youthful you'll look on your fiftieth.
*Jaybee lowers his voice*
That's Max and Millia's secret, by the way. It's not that they aged well, it's just that they haven't aged yet.

*Rachel nods very seriously*
"Their secret is safe with us."

Now c'mon. Mingle a little!  Just hang around the buffet and swap stories with people. There's a miclone zentradi with a V-shaped scar on his cheek that has a few really good ones.

"How about you tell us some of YOUR stories? Then we don't have to move."

Well, most of mine are classified. I could probably tell you guys a few with your new transfers kicking in, but... *waves hand vaguely at the crowd* ...not in here.

*Jaybee lowers his voice again*
Besides, some of them might not sit well with our guests, even if they WERE cleared to hear them. I'm pretty sure I've pissed off most of the room at one point or another.

*Jaybee chugs what's left in his glass, and heads for a drink station*
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« Reply #1552 on: May 07, 2008, 08:04:15 AM »

I guess. Come to think of it, everyone has more fun working with the AGGF than any other sort of military, right?

Yeah, but think about having to work at a desk job when you have had several tons of training to pilot gears and other giant robots.
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My current inventory is: One transforming katana, one flight suit, one Caster, various Caster shells, one gallant (including stock and barrel) and an optimistic attitude.
Sume Gai
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« Reply #1553 on: May 07, 2008, 11:25:09 AM »

Guy: "Hey Gai!"

Hey when did you get back to earth, last we saw of GGG was when we left space?

Guy: "around two hours ago..."

really, good to see you.

Guy: "we couldn't say no after receiving the invitation; but tell me who's Idea was that missile invitation?"

I'd guess Jaybee....

now to change the subject did the brave corps come too?

Guy: "They are here it just took a little convincing to get them in the doors"

*Gai looks to see Volfogg Horyu Enryu Goldymarg and Mic all milling around with Zentradi.*

ah, so want to see if we can find Ryusei?

Guy "why?"

If you have to ask you've never been to a party with robots and Ryusei.

Guy: "I'll follow your lead."
« Last Edit: May 07, 2008, 11:29:50 AM by Sume Gai » IP Logged

If you are a man you'll do what's important before you grieve  -Captain Harlock
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« Reply #1554 on: May 07, 2008, 12:11:19 PM »

Great party too bad I can't get drunk.

Tomo: then you're the person who drags us back to our cabins

Nadesico: I agree with Tomo you are the one who is dragging us back.

I'm not getting out of this am I?

Tomo & Nadesico: Nope!

*starts crying at the unfairness of it all until seeing Latooni looking like she is lost

Are you okay Lat?

Latooni: Sakura! I'm looking for Giado and Garnet.

Knowing Giado he's trying to use the karaoke equipment and Garnet is yelling at him to stop

Latooni: (Laughs) You're right about that.

Any luck finding your schoolmates?

Latooni: no... but everybody says they are going to help me find them.

If you want to, send me some of the flight data and I will keep an eye out for them.

Latooni: I'll make sure to send you the data before we return to the far east brigade.
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Things can always get worse...
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« Reply #1555 on: May 07, 2008, 04:47:08 PM »

Derek:*Tanks his drink in a single shot* Ah, I love the booze. And the booze loves me.

Haruka: *Hands him another glass from behind the counter* Oh sure, you're having fun. I'm having to work, here.

Derek: Hey, you're the one who volunteered to help out with this, you know.

Haruka: And you're the one who volunteered to drink till you passed out, so we're even.

Masaki: I don't know which is funnier. Watching Giado and Fuyume fight over who gets to sing the next song, or Ryusei's reaction to seeing Fuyume in the first place.

Derek: I'd say the second one, but I know it's gonna end somewhere with Ryusei pestering us to let him hang out with Fuyume while she's in the Fei-Yen. The boy's got skill, but he has absolutely no idea how to handle women who aren't several stories tall and metalic.

Haruka: Hey, at least she's making friends.

Derek: This is true. *Knocks back the glass and slams it on the bar* Hit me.

Haruka: *Hands him another ready-made glass* 21.

Derek: Ah, Blackjack. The Ace of Spades is once again my friend.

Masaki: *Looks over at Haruka* Okay, seriously. You do know you're gonna make his liver explode, right?

Haruka: With what? I haven't given him anything alcoholic all night.

Masaki:......I'm sorry, I must have had too many already. What did you just say?

Haruka: I have not, nor have I ever at any point, served him alcohol. He's only 19. I don't know about where you're from, but that's considered underage for drinking on the moon.


Derek: Sheesh, Andoh. React a little more surprised, why don't you?

Masaki: But, he....I just....How...?!?

Haruka: Have you guys ever actually checked what it is he's drinking? Like, actually checked it out yourself?


Derek:*Hands Masaki his glass* Take a sip.

Masaki: *Takes it and drinks a little*........Soda?

Derek: *Takes it back* I'm an addict, alright. A caffiene addict. But you can't really just walk into a bar and say "Hey, I'll have something that WON'T get me flat out plastered!" in front of everyone. That's a bit disgraceful. So, I feign being a boozer.

Masaki: What about that Blue Wing Special, then?

Haruka: I'm a licensed bartender and chemistry was one of my best subjects in school. Think about it.

Masaki:.....You know, that makes perfect sense.

Derek: Exactly. Now, enjoy another drink with me. The party is still getting started!

Masaki:.....*Shrugs* Might as well. Things just keep getting interesting.
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dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
Sume Gai
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« Reply #1556 on: May 07, 2008, 05:26:39 PM »

*Gai and Guy approach the Bar*

There he is, over there. Let's have a seat and watch with some drinks.

Guy: "sure"

Hey Haruka, Give me something light; I'll most likely be working clean up later.

Guy: "same here"

*Haruka brings the drinks then moves on to deal with other customers; most of the party is watching as Ryusei talks animatedly with Fuyume*

Guy: "you're right this is great entertainment."

Oh no I think she just challenged him to Karaoke...

Guy: "you're kidding"

No he's going to sing; what will it be?

*the theme for Gekiganger 3 starts playing as Ryusei takes the mic*

This is too good; someone start recording.
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If you are a man you'll do what's important before you grieve  -Captain Harlock
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« Reply #1557 on: May 07, 2008, 10:03:05 PM »

Oh man, you guys. Setting the hall's cameras to record in hi-def has got to be the best (and least keep losing my favorite wrench-inest) idea I've ever had!

Hey, Masaki. You ever wonder how ol' Fu-chan would react to your girlfriend's mech?

"Well, she would proba- HEY! She's not my girlfriend!"

And why not?

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Posts: 1326

« Reply #1558 on: May 08, 2008, 12:06:41 AM »

Actually, Haruka, we're on a UNS ship. Legal drinking age in here is 16. Anyone they'll let behind a flight stick can drink.
Not that I really care. Long as he's enjoying the party. Just wanted to stave off any possible arguments with the guests.

*A slightly intoxicated Jaybee wanders the terrace*

Hey, Goldymarg! Wazzup?

"Watchin' Ryusei make a fool out of himself. Boy can't carry a tune to save his life. Just glad he's not singin' our's. This is good oil, ya know?"

Yeah, that IS some pretty ugly karaoke.
Sorry 'bout the fuss at the door, by the way.

"'S all right. I coulda just made a new one if they kept arguing."

Whoawhoa... keep it down! Punching holes in the walls is NOT going to fly in here!

"Why not? There's plenty of spares."

NO! Just... NO! Anyways, I SWEAR I told them to let everyone... shit, did I forget to specify mechanoids counted in that.

"Shouldn't need saying! We saved the friggin' planet too!"

'S right, it oughta be unnerstoo...
What the hell is Mic doing?!

'Marg: "Looks like he's transforming."

Yeah, I got that part. It's the WHY I'm more worried about.

"Ryusei! Fei-chan! Mic wants to sing with his friends too! DISK K! SET ON!"

*Jaybee sobers up rapidly*
Ummm.... is that safe in here?

'Marg: "Can't see why not. The boy's got lousy taste in music, but that's not really a crime."

No, I mean... his CDs usually end up causing explosions and such.

"Oh, that? Naw, that one's just a standard karaoke CD. Well, as standard as twelve-foot CDs get."

Oh, good.

Mic: "Hit me baby one more time!"

Oh, sweet merciful Althena... we've got a prepubescent robo-rockstar blasting pop tunes now?

*Three zentradi grab Barbarian's wing and jerk down hard*

" WhoawhoawhoaWHOAAAA!"
*Mic wavers, loses his balance, and crashes to the floor. The zents high-five each other*

Oy... You wanna play bouncer for a little while?


*The zents look over at Goldymarg, stop laughing as they realize a very large and very angry robot is stomping towards them, and sprint away through the crowd*

"Aww, nuts. I'll never cut through this crowd fast enough."

*'Marg stops and gives Mic a hand up. Jaybee sees a scuffle start, then watches as the ground-level crowd snags the karaoke vandals and holds them until a bouncer arrives*

One more problem solved.

You okay, Mic?

"All OK! Small fall! Thank you, friend Jaybee!"
Good to hear. Do me a favor and avoid the pop, okay? Nobody likes Britney Spears.


You know any Fire Bomber?

"Better believe it!"
*Mic flashes a thumbs-up, then leaps back onto Barbarian*
Start with Holy Lonely Light!
"You got it! DOUBLE-VWEE!"

Now we're talkin'.

*Enryu walks up, an improbable coating of dirt on his armor*
"Great party!"
Thanks. Where'd the dirt come from?
"Those craps that flipped Mic over."
Ah, you the one that snagged 'em? Good job!
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« Reply #1559 on: May 08, 2008, 06:04:43 AM »

(Watches Lat's reaction to Ryusei and how he is acting)

What's wrong Lat?

Latooni: N-nothing!

Garnet: What are the two of you talking about?

I thought I saw Lat blush-

Latooni: I wasn't blushing at Ryusei!


I didn't say Ryusei Lat you said it. So you have a crush on him?

Latooni: (Blushing heavily) yes but, I don't like how he goes crazy over every unique robot that he sees.

If you like him that much and want to be with him you should try telling how you feel because if you wait too long you may have some competition.

Garnet: If anything Ryusei is one of those guys who don't notice things like that unless someone tells them.

Latooni: So you are saying that I should tell him?

Garnet: If you are serious about being with him tell him but, I don't want to push you into any relationship.

Garnet speaks the truth and most relationships were two people are forced together by outside parties usually fail.
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Things can always get worse...
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