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Gon is really angry
 right now.




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  Re: AGGF part 2
« Reply #1410 on: April 24, 2008, 09:54:44 PM » by Derek The Blue Wings of Kyonoshi
« Last Edit: April 24, 2008, 09:58:13 PM by Derek »
(That's a little auto-y, Gai. I mean, he just said he intends on staying both against us and actually a threat, and you just kinda kicked him aside without an effort.)

Bright: We're through the re-entry!

Fuyume: Energy spikes detected! We don't have much time left!

Derek: *Over the comm* Roger that. GP-02 Physallis, leaving the hangar. Just keep us steady while I take this shot, alright?


*Out on the Duragriez's deck*

Derek:*Steps out onto the deck with a little difficulty* Sheesh. You'd think the armor class of this thing would make it harder to be pushed around by the high speed, wouldn't you?

Bright: Sorry we can't do this in nicer conditions. We're pushing our safety limits as it is.

Derek: Descent speeds are pretty harsh. Alright, I'm gonna take the shot.

Fuyume: Alert! Gravity tremors detected at close proximity!


(Cue "Cannon Ball"

*Two Flowers suddenly warp in on both sides of the Duragreiz, and start firing. Most of the shots miss, but a few hit enough to cause the ship to shudder violently.*

Derek: GAH! Not now, you bastards!

Masaki: On it! Cybuster, launching!

*The Cybuster launches out of the hangar and immediately jets into the immediate vicinity of the port side Flower, sword swinging. The other ship, undeterred, continues firing on the Duragreiz. One shot manages to strike one of the engines and causes the ship to begin an uncontrollable shudder.*

Derek: Son of a--

Fuyume: Don't worry, I'll get it! Fei-chan, launching!

*The Fei-Yen immediately takes off and starts strafing the other Flower with Bowgun shots, before dashing in with her own sword. Both enemy vessels are forced to disengage from the Duragriez, but the damage is already done.*

Derek: Damn turbulance!

Bright: They hit one of our stabilizers, Derek! At this speed, there's nothing we can do to stop this shaking!

Derek: So much for that idea. Alright, time to improvise. Make sure to pick us up when you can.

Bright: What are you--

*Without any warning, the GP-02 jumps, allowing the difference in velocities to distance himself away from the Duragriez. Inside the cockpit, Barona allows himself a smirk.*

Derek: Hey Focker, I hope you can hear me. Whatever you guys do, just don't screw up. I'd hate to have wasted a perfectly good attack name on this.

*As it falls, the Phys pulls out it's launcher and starts to aim the shot. One second, then two, then three....and lock on is confirmed.*

Derek:*Activates the loudspeaker* By special request, we've got one more performance for everyone! A finale act I like to call.....JUDGEMENT ARROW!!!!!!

*With a press of the trigger, the missile fires. The recoil is enough to actually send the GP-02 into a spin as it continues to fall, though Derek manages to regain control after a few seconds. Soon after, the burning remains of the two Flowers fall past him, and about ten seconds after that, both the Cybuster and the Fei-Yen swoop in and grab Derek, all three of them boosting upwards to slow their fall before they crash into the water below.....*

dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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  Re: AGGF part 2
« Reply #1411 on: April 24, 2008, 10:46:27 PM » by Sume Gai AGGF Master
« Last Edit: April 24, 2008, 10:48:58 PM by Sume Gai »
*the Zeta descends and connects to the array*

it's time to finish this!

*Shinku begins to play*

* the missile flies straight and true smashing through the sheild and into the side of Septagent*

everyone place your hopes into that missile!!!

*the missile begins to glow brilliantly and dig into Septagent.  the minutes stretch by as slow as possible and the missile slowly inches towards it's goal*

Almost... there....

*as everyone strains; enemies appear around the Focker*

Max:"let us handle them"

*Max, Millia, Shara, and the bartender all launch from the duragreiz to intercept*

Kyosuke: "I won't let them have all the fun"

* the Alt and Weis arrive and join the fray*

Latooni: "I may not have TK but I can still fight"

*the Wildraubtier and several Geistpenst's piloted by Katina, Russel, and Kai also move to intercept"

Sanger: "let me show you the power of my blade!"

*the Grungust Type 3 slices several bugs and joins in*

If you are a man you'll do what's important before you grieve  -Captain Harlock
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  Re: AGGF part 2
« Reply #1412 on: April 24, 2008, 11:12:45 PM » by JayBee That's how I roll.
And flip the switch NOW!

*The hum in the simulator room shifts as the combined will of everyone pours through the machinery. A few modules make some sick noises, and a spark or two flies, but things hold together... somehow.*

Narrator: Meanwhile, back on the bridge:

Carol: "Dammit, I wish they'd given us more advance notice. I'm used to aiming at stationary objects. Or large ones."

Mike: "Just shut up and focus."

C: "Right, right..."

*The main comm antenna emits a powerful surge of energy. As it strikes the atmosphere, the air around it ionizes, making it visible as a bright pink lance through the sky. When it hits the missile, a green flare erupts around it, then shifts up to white and expands outwards, creating a giant flaming meteor.*

Narrator: And in the simulator observation room, which now hosts a very large T-Link system.

"Tighten the focus on that regulator! We're too sloppy over here!"
"Yes, sir!"
"We're way over tolerances on this unit!"
"Just keep it running for a few more minutes!"
*a small fire breaks out, and two engineers slap bypass switches while a third snatches an extinguisher*

*the fireball pulls back down, turning the missile into a flaming lance more appropriate to Derek's attack name. It rips through the air, strikes the Septagent and shudders. Then the drill bit kicks in and it begins digging into the crystalline mass, slowly at first, but rapidly accelerating.*

Carol: "We've lost line of sight."

Mike: "Keep targeting the entry point! Don't stop until you see an explosion!"

C: "I think we might be baking the Septagent more than we are energizing the missile. Not that that's really a bad thing. Ya know, this is a LOT more fun than targetting interstellar comm relays. I may start picking up gunner shifts."

*The missile detonates, shattering the Septagent, then immolating it. The entire crater is bathed in nuclear and telekinetic fire. The crimson beam  begins to flicker, then dies.*

C: "Aaaand we're out. Gonna need a new interstellar comm amp. This one just burned up."

*Jaybee staggers into the bridge, coated in soot and coughing*
We're gonna need a new simulator too. Something gave out right after the missile blew up. Well, damn near everything gave out.
So... it worked?

Sheryl: "Like a charm, sir! You should've seen it!"

I'll grab the sensor logs later.
Everyone's alive, so we're already ahead of the game.

Now... can we get a report on that crater?

Sheryl: "Should be coming up within a minute. And... Wow. That's a LOT of glass..."

Any sign of the Septagent?

S: "No sir. I'm trying to get the Durageiz on the short-range comm to confirm, but it looks like it worked. Also, no word on the Physallis yet."


S: "You didn't hear?"

No, I was in the simulator. What happened?

Mike: "The Durageiz was attacked. Their stabilizers failed, and Derek-"
Jumped off and into freefall towards a supercharged thermonuclear device. That sounds about right. I'd've done the same thing, probably.

I wouldn't worry too much. The Physallis was specifically designed to handle short-range nuclear detonations. Right?

Carol: "I'm not sure this was within the design parameters..."

Just let me have my false front of confidence.

"Right. I'm sure he's okay. He's too stubborn to die. Not like that."

Thank you.

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  Re: AGGF part 2
« Reply #1413 on: April 24, 2008, 11:34:35 PM » by Ianator is Gaius Baltar.
Oh, my head... Well, at least it's not as bad as before. That was quite a pretty rose, if I do say myself. I'm going to go rig up a recon Striker Pack so I can check this place, and every square inch around Aidoneus, for Z-Crystal growth.

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  Re: AGGF part 2
« Reply #1414 on: April 24, 2008, 11:42:46 PM » by Sume Gai AGGF Master
no, definitely not dead.

worn out maybe but dead, no; that's not his style

and besides he was with Masaki and Fuyume; they might be lost but I know they are alive.

Bright how's the Duragreiz?

Bright: " It'll take some work but we should be able to get her flying again"

what of the Kurogane and Hiryu?

Kyosuke "both of them are back with the Metatron"

I'll start looking for Derek.. anyone is welcome to join me but you're all off duty till further notice. 

If you are a man you'll do what's important before you grieve  -Captain Harlock
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  Re: AGGF part 2
« Reply #1415 on: April 24, 2008, 11:57:47 PM » by Derek The Blue Wings of Kyonoshi
« Last Edit: April 25, 2008, 12:00:57 AM by Derek »
*In the water near the impact point and well within the blast zone of the "arrow", a large shadow begins to show underneath the surface, growing larger. Finally, it bursts into sight, revealing itself to be both the Cybuster and the Fei-Yen, lifting a damaged GP-02. The signs of the blast against the Gundam's body is obvious, with charring all over the body, most of the head and left shoulder booster destroyed, and the right leg completely gone below the knee. The worst looking part is the shield in it's left hand, which appeared to have taken most of the damage by itself. The abdomen area which houses the cockpit, however, is completely unscathed. The two other machines start towing the Phys towards where the Duragriez is coming down to meet them.*

Masaki: That.....was a hell of a trip.

Kuro: I'm just glad we're still alive, meow.....

Shiro: If Derek hadn't blocked with his shield, then we might not have made it through that.

Fuyume: Are you doing okay, Derek-sama?

Derek: I'm a little more worried about Phys here, but yeah, I think the most I took from all that was a sunburn.

MasakI: You're lucky you weren't nuked like a cheap burrito!

Derek: Well, sorry. Last I checked, you guys weren't nuke-proof.

Masaki: Which is why I appreciate the fact that you basically shielded both of us at serious expense to your own suit, but it still doesn't change the fact that you shielded both of us at serious expense to your own suit. If that shield had given out on you, I'd be having this conversation to a salvage op, not a rescue mission.

Derek: But it didn't, and that's the important thing. We're all still perfectly alive, and we're officially even more badass than when we started, for pulling all that off. I can live with being towed back to the ship for that.

Masaki: You wouldn't be saying that if YOU were the one carrying this thing, you fat ass!

Fuyume: He's right, Derek-sama! GP-02-san is REALLY heavy, even now!

Derek: Well, fortunately for you two, we're here.

*Right on time, the three mechs manage onto the deck of the Duragriez, before both Masaki's and Fuyume's boosters finally give out on them and they have to land on the deck.*

Masaki: Sheesh. We better be getting serious vacation time for all this.

Derek: I hear that one. *Thinks for a second, then grins* But you have to admit. For all things considered, that explosion was absolutely beautiful.

Masaki: *Cracks a smile* Oh yeah, totally worth it.

dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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  Re: AGGF part 2
« Reply #1416 on: April 25, 2008, 12:12:43 AM » by Sume Gai AGGF Master
good to see you made it back Derek;

now then I'm reducing duty to half watch; when we're sure that thing is gone; I'll let everyone have some leave.

for now you, Masaki and Fuyume are on leave; get some rest.

ready the Wildblade I'll start the search.

If you are a man you'll do what's important before you grieve  -Captain Harlock
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  Re: AGGF part 2
« Reply #1417 on: April 25, 2008, 12:29:03 AM » by JayBee That's how I roll.
Gah... I'd love to help,, but I've got a killer headache.

I'm gonna check on everyone that was in the sim chamber, then hit the sack.

*Jaybee wanders back towards the disaster area that used to be a simulator*

Okay... how exactly did you get here?

Elzam: You have objections?

*Jaybee grabs a cookie and a glass of juice*
Hell no. I just want to know how you got here.

E: "Trombe. What did you think?"

I don't even try to guess anymore.
How's everyone doing?

E: "A lot better now that they have cookies."

*Jaybee snatches a second cookie, and starts scanning the crowd*
I can imagine. These are incredible.
Did we really have that many people in the sim?

"No. A lot of them were in the halls. I think they helped, but with the burned hardware, it'd be hard to check exactly how much was coming from where. I'm fairly sure some are only here for the cookies."

Well, they're good cookies. I say good only because I don't think I know the words to properly describe them.
"Good is fine."
Ah, there she is. Excuse me a moment.

*Jaybee snatches a pair of cookies and a glass of juice, then press through the crowd to Aya, who's leaning exhaustedly against a wall*
Well, you've gone above and beyond the call of duty. Here. Elzam baked cookies.
"So that's why the hall's so crowded."
*She smiles tiredly. Jaybee offers her an arm to lean on.*

Now c'mon. If you don't lay down and get some rest, I'm gonna order the medical crew to sedate you. I probably oughta drag you down there anyways.

Is sedated on the Metatron. Hmmm, I never thought to ask if they had a stasis chamber over there... Anyways, the guys down on Earth are banned from setting foot on the ship until we get some explanation for how she wound up with the Balmarians that convinces me they're trustworthy.

"It was Ingram. He was... spying on us the whole time."

I'm not convinced it stopped there. People don't just up and disappear from high-profile projects without raising some eyebrows. Now c'mon. You need to rest for a little while. Lay down for two hours, and I'll personally fly you to the Metatron to check on her.

"Thank you."

Don't mention it. All right people, coming through. Move aside. Don't make me pull rank.... *sigh*
*Jaybee smacks the intercom, and pages the hall he's standing in*
All right folks, see me over here by Sim 3's door? you've got five seconds to get out of my way, or I order Elzam and his cookies back to the Kurogane!

There. Come now, milady. Let us away for the moment. Thy chariot shall be ready shortly.

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  Re: AGGF part 2
« Reply #1418 on: April 25, 2008, 02:43:51 AM » by JayBee That's how I roll.
« Last Edit: April 25, 2008, 02:45:23 AM by JayBee »
Almost time to wake her up. Better get down there.

"Hey, I worked just as hard as Aya. Why didn't you bring ME any cookies? You have a thing for our dear leader?"

You know it's not like that, Ryusei.

"Yeah, I'm just playin'. The Banpreios is a bit sturdier than the original SRX, but she's still holding it together through sheer force of will. I can't even imagine the kind of focus that takes. I'll readily admit that she has the hardest job of anyone on the team."

So... what's up? I don't think we've had a chance to catch up yet.

"Not much. Test-drive a few prototype mecha, get attacked by evil aliens, save all of humanity twice in one day, then eat some really good cookies. You know, the usual."

*Jaybee grins*
Yeah, the same ol' boring every day.
Seriously, though... you say the Banpreios isn't complete yet? And it performs like THAT?

"Well, most of what's left is the individual mecha. The super robot parts are all there. When things went bad, we more or less combined the parts by hand, then welded everything together. You know, just to get it out in the field."

So you're driving a combiner that can't combine?

"Pretty much. To be honest, it's not THAT big a drawback. The SRX series takes too long to combine and separate anyways. The Banpreios does it about 30 percent faster than the original, at least on paper, but it's still pretty slow. We won't be pulling any separate-and-recombine dodges like you and Shara were until at LEAST mark 3. Probably not even then."

Wait, you've already got a third one planned?

"Yeah. There's design work for the fourth one being done already, too.  *sigh* We're fighting tooth and nail for the budget, though. With the advances made in machines like the Huckebein III, it's harder to justify the cost and complexity of the SRX project now. Especially since it's so dependent on high-level psychodrivers, and probably always will be."

Yeah... Certainly, the results speak for themselves, and the spinoff products have more than paid for the SRX project. But it's a LOT of resources to invest in a handful of machines.
I've seen projects get axed for less. A few I was pretty fond of, too.

*The two lapse into silence for a moment*

"So... how's the whole James Bond thing treating you lately?"

Not too bad. Current assignment's been pretty crazy. Never a dull moment.
I still can't get decent food in the Sol system, but other than that, I can't complain.

"You have an odd definition of decent food."

Bah. Elzam likes it.

"He likes ANYTHING if it means he gets to cook it, though."

Not the point. The point is I'm right and you're wrong, so nyah!

"In your dreams. So... you and the meltrandi chick an item?"

Shara? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
No. We are most certainly not "an item." And she'll probably stab you for suggesting it. I'm still single, despite Carol's continued attempts to change that.
How about you? Things going well with Latooni?
Actually, never mind. There's probably something seriously wrong with my life that I'm sitting here discussing romance with someone young enough to be my... hell, maybe grandson at this point.

"How old ARE you , anyways?"

That, my boy, is a secret to everybody.
Now let's get your boss up. She'll kill me if I just leave her be.

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  Re: AGGF part 2
« Reply #1419 on: April 25, 2008, 06:51:48 AM » by Sakura77 Lost Newtype Child
*limps out of the burnt out sim with a migraine

Hello JayBee, Ryusei. I'll be heading to medical for some high powered asprin then to bed. If anybody needs me thats where I will be. When my sister comes by tell her we will talk later.

Things can always get worse...
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  Re: AGGF part 2
« Reply #1420 on: April 25, 2008, 07:55:42 AM » by Chaostic Dark, Light, Shadow, Time, Chaos, PIKE
(in the recroom of the Metatron)


....but you can't swim in ice cream....

(else where)

Fiona: One-san lets play this! *hold up a holographic board game*

Mors Certissima: ok it looks like fun.

Raul: Haro-dam you play too!

Haro-dam: Haro!
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  Re: AGGF part 2
« Reply #1421 on: April 25, 2008, 09:15:39 AM » by Sume Gai AGGF Master
I finished the initial survey; returning to the Metatron.  It looks clear but I want to stick around for a while just to be safe.

Merrue: "sounds good, I'll release all pilots from duty, if thats alright with you."

Go ahead, and let the bridge crew get some rest too.

Merrue: "Roger that, <over the PA>: All hands switch to Half watch for the time being.  Also all pilots are on leave till further notice

*land and exits the Zeta*

Oh Elzam; I though you were on the Focker.

Elzam: "I was, but it wouldn't be fair if I only brought them food"

you'll get no complaints from me; so, what do you have?

Elzam: "Creme Brulee, the group on the Focker finished all the cookies"

and the Duragreiz?

Elzam: "that's my next stop, I have a Cake for them"

sounds good; Before I forget Daitetsu invited us to his quarters later tonight.

Elzam: "I wonder what he's got this time"

don't know; see you later then.

Elzam: "very well."

If you are a man you'll do what's important before you grieve  -Captain Harlock
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  Re: AGGF part 2
« Reply #1422 on: April 25, 2008, 05:26:59 PM » by Derek The Blue Wings of Kyonoshi
Well, that was a fun recon. Yeah, the island is totally trashed, but it doesn't look like anything survived the Arrow.

"You were actually paying attention to the recon? It looked to me like you were just having fun doing loops and crap in your plane."

Hey, I haven't been able to take the Skychaser out since we took out Bask. Can't fault me for wanting to fly my plane around a bit.

"I guess I can't. Where'd you learn moves like that, anyway?"

Back when I first left home as a mercenary, I did a few jobs for Spacey as a shuttle pilot. This was back when they still had a lot of throw in the Sphere, obviously. Somewhere along the way, someone suggested I start doing VF missions, and I got some training in piloting a Veritech. You've seen how JayBee flies those things.

"So, for all your preference to use mobile suits, you started out in a VF?"

A VF-1J, to be exact. You're wrong about my preferences, by the way.

"Oh really?"

Yeah. It's not that I prefer suits, we just don't have any spares Spacey mechs to kick around. I'll admit, I probably couldn't top JayBee if I tried, but I can at least fly them if I needed to.

"You learn something every day, I guess."

dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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  Re: AGGF part 2
« Reply #1423 on: April 25, 2008, 05:49:16 PM » by Ianator is Gaius Baltar.
Actually, I've got a few contacts in the Junk Guild. A little while back I got an offer on a full squad of old VF-1s from a scuttled ARMD. If I'd known there was such a demand for variable fighters, I would've taken him up and given them VF-X upgrades.

I wonder if he's still got them on offer...

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  Re: AGGF part 2
« Reply #1424 on: April 25, 2008, 05:58:51 PM » by Sume Gai AGGF Master
I've always had a bit of a grudge with Valks

sure I'll pilot them and think they're good machines

but they took my  RX-78[G] and scraped him for Valkyrie parts when UNS started mass production.

he was only about 30% original material in the end but we fought together for a long time.

If you are a man you'll do what's important before you grieve  -Captain Harlock
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