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Author Topic: AGGF arc 3 & 4  (Read 367553 times)
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« Reply #195 on: November 17, 2008, 09:46:41 AM »

Meanwhile, Matt was still in his quarters, now openly crying over his inability to stop his abusive father.  Maybe I should just leave.  No, Mom won't be able to take me in, and the other parent was never really an option.  What can I do?  I have nowhere I can go, and I'm too weak to help them.  Is there anything at all, or am I really just helpless at this point?!
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Ash Rudel
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« Reply #196 on: November 17, 2008, 10:58:53 AM »

Ash exchanges a few hellos, laughs and handshakes with the crew before walking over to Astonage.

Ash: So looks like you’re the chief mechanic around here.

Astronage: You'd be right there new kid.

Ash: Well if you need any help just let me know. (gives a thumbs up) I'm a fellow mechanic myself, so I'll always be willing to help with the work load.

Astronage: That seems a little fishy kid. (crosses his arms) Everyone around here just seems to wreck everything I fix, not the other way around.

Ash: That reminds me. (Ash quickly pulls out a bottle of twelve year old scotch) My grandfather always said you should share the wealth with fellow mechanics. 

Astronage: (takes the bottle) You're alright kid. (pauses) What do you want?

Ash: (laughs) Maybe you could help me with a mod on twenty-one later , but I think I'll take a look around and then hit the bar.  Make sure no one touches twenty-one, he's got a bit of a temper.

Ash puts his hands in his pockets and walks off towards the bar whistling a tune.

Astronage: Strange kid. (takes a swig of the scotch) Ah, that's the good stuff.
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« Reply #197 on: November 18, 2008, 12:23:00 PM »

Thank you, Lieutenant. Sit tight, and we'll have you sent home shortly.

Well, the good news is, I got the control codes for that production line from our POW in there. A few adjustments, and we can have some working base defense drones up and going. I'm going to celebrate this by going to the bar.

"He's also going to go mope at the bar, since what he REALLY wanted to ask, the guy in there didn't know anything about."

Quiet, 004. I have a right to be depressed about that.

"Sure, and I have a right to get on you for it. You didn't actually expect to run straight into Rena right after making planetfall, did you?"

I can hope, dammit! Even if it would mean another stupid fight....

"Your hope is pretty hopeless sometimes, Derek."
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dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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« Reply #198 on: November 18, 2008, 10:19:23 PM »

Jaybee is standing in a grassy field. A girl with flowing hair is standing a few feet away, her back turned.

"I can't forgive you."

She turns to face Jay. Her face is a bare skull. The grassy field is burning, and her hair is pure flame.

"I'm dead, remember? You killed us all."


Jaybee screams as he lunges for her, and ... wakes up in his bed, covered in sweat.

God... a nightmare...

He gets out of bed and walks to his restroom, splashes some water on his face, and looks in the mirror.

I guess I can't put it behind me after all.

He leans against the wall, closes his eyes, and for a minute does nothing, just feeling the cold of the tiles seep into his body.

I just wish... 

He squeezes a fist tight.

I just wish I could say I'm sorry.
It wasn't my fault... but if I'd known...I never would've left it like that...

Shaking himself out of his melancholic reverie, he heads back into his room, steps to the closet, and gets dressed.

Well, I'm up now. May as well hit the sim. Too early for the bar.
Besides, drinking won't get my mind off that.

Reaching for the door, Jaybee stops.
Is that all I do anymore? Drink, fight, and talk shop with allies?

All my friends are in the business, and I can only think of two I could go to if I needed something nonviolent....
No, that's not true. Any of them would be glad to help if I came to them.
It's that I only TRUST two. I won't let anyone else close enough.

This isn't really living, is it? It's just... existing.

He lets go of the door handle, lets his hand fall.
I hate those dreams. I'm all mopey when I wake up. Can't stand being with myself when I'm like this

He starts back for his bed. As he passes a shelf, a thought stops him. He rests his hand on a single book tucked among all the trinkets. A genuine 20th-century printed book. Hardback novel, if he recalls the terms properly. The book is well-worn, though he's never read it. A tiny smile, full of bittersweet memories and more genuine warmth than any he's shown in public, touches his face as he runs his thumb along the spine.

I told her this was a waste of money, back when she collected them. That the electronic ones were better in every way, though plain text was dead no matter how you distributed it.
She just rolled her eyes, like I was the dumbest creature on the face of the galaxy. Then she forced me to take one. Her favorite, if I recall. Said I might understand if I ever sat down with one. I threatened to throw it in the trash. She knew I wouldn't, of course. Even if nothing had happened, it would've followed me wherever I went, even to Hell itself.

I suppose this is as good a night as any to see what she was talking about.

Jaybee sits down on his bed, back against the wall, and starts reading. Time slides by, and before he knows it, his alarm clock is buzzing. He stares in surprise at the device for a few moments, then tucks a nearby datachip between the pages and closes the book the 'chip's contacts extending out from the top. Setting it down on his nightstand, he heads out to greet the day. As the door opens, he pushes the evening aside, and the devil-may-care grin everyone around him knows settles onto his face.
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« Reply #199 on: November 19, 2008, 04:35:59 AM »

As night fell on the Duragreiz, Matt became even more depressed.  I'm completely useless to them.  I guess I should expect it, seeing as I'm just a kid.  I have nowhere to go, no reason to fight except revenge and survival, and no effective means of doing anything.  Even if mom can't take me in, she can give me a decent mech, and I can go on my own for a while, find a place to think things over.  I'm half-sick of these shadows, and I can't stay here while I'm like this.  Sorry, guys.  Matt called his mom again.  "Hey Mom."  "Matt, why are you calling so late?  I heard about the victory.  Is something wrong?"  "Yes, there is.  Instead of sending me that Valcion, can you give me one of those custom jobs?  Something that's fast with lots of guns and missiles?"  "Honey, I somehow get the feeling I'll regret this, but I'm sure you know what you're doing this time."  "Thanks!"  He hung up, and tried to sleep, as he planned his next actions, more than aware that he was too weak to stay.
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« Reply #200 on: November 19, 2008, 08:43:53 AM »

"Don't get up too quickly."


*Doc Uzuki gives a palm to Chris's shoulder forcing him down*

"I said, stay down, or next time, it's acupuncture."

You know acupuncture, doc?

"Only the type that keeps people down and relaxed."

You're scary, Citan.

"I know."
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« Reply #201 on: November 19, 2008, 09:16:12 AM »

Kina are you okay?

"I'm still hurt pretty badly but I've healed enough that if I need to fight I can."

You shouldn't need to but if that machine appears again avoid it as long as you can and contact me immediately. I don't want you to die.

"Thank you Sakura-sama."

I'll see you later bye.
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Things can always get worse...
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« Reply #202 on: November 19, 2008, 09:24:48 AM »

(OoC: And now let's break the drama chain!)

Jaybee's walking to the range, taking a slightly roundabout path, when he bumps into a familiar zentradi in the halls...

Shara! What's up?

Shara looks at him, confused.
"Are you... trying to... make small talk?"

Not really. Just being polite.
I'm headed to the firing range. Been spending entirely too much time in the sims. Need to maintain the rest of my skills.

"You're a bit out of the way for that, aren't you?"

Since it's more fun with some competition...

"And even more fun with some credits on the line..."

Spoken like a true ex-merc. You in?

"I already know your skill with a handgun is second to none, even without cybernetic augmentation. I enjoy a bit of friendly competition, but this wouldn't BE a competition."

I'll turn my optics off, and set the range for 1-hit targets. Precision isn't as important as speed in that mode, and we'll be on more or less even footing. Deal?

"Ah, why not? I DO need the practice. No credits, though. I'm not throwing away perfectly good money."

[iThe two start walking together.[/i]

Are you admitting there's something I'm BETTER AT than you?

"That depends. Are you TRYING to make me open fire before we reach the range?"

I retract the question.
But seriously.... I'm surprised you aren't better with a firearm. What happened to the legendary zentradi training?

"It's all in mecha and energy rifles. And it's focused on killing stuff, not that sharpshooting you're so fond of. "

And swordsmanship?

"That's a personal hobby, actually."

What sort of sidearm do you use, anyawys?

"I've got a standard UNS laser pistol."

Awww, that's no fun. I was hoping for something more exotic.

"It does what I need. We aren't all demented handgun snipers, you know?"


As the pair walks by Masaki...
"Hi guys! Geez... You could cut the romantic tension in this hall with a knife today."

Who asked you?!?!
Shara: "Lemme kill him, Jay! Just this once!"

"You better apologize, meow."
"Even if it's true, meow."
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« Reply #203 on: November 19, 2008, 02:11:19 PM »

OOC: I'll plug in my AIM, YIM, MSN stuff into my profile

That morning, Matt's cell phone woke him up.  It was his mother, again.  "Hi Mom."  "Hi, honey!  I decided that since you're going up against your father, you're going to need armor more than speed, and plenty of close-combat options.  What did he use last time?"  "A Destroy Gundam, but he mostly relied on the beam weapons and Incoms.  I'm kinda surprised he didn't use a bit-equipped model, but that's how he is.  Always did hate Newtypes and Psychodrivers.  Speaking of which, you can equip a T-link system to whatever you send my way, or a biosensor, or psy-commu, or whatever seems most appropriate.  I'm able to handle it."  "Good, I'll install a TK field generator and Warp Field generator on this Valcion Kai, then.  I even managed to find Bian's blueprint for the Graviton Wave he had on the original, and replicated it on your mech, but it drains a lot of power and you won't be able to use the defensive systems for the following ten minutes after firing it, so be careful with it.  Oh, and try not to get killed, sweetie.  You're my only son, and even if your father treated you like shit, I still love you!  I'll be there in six hours in a transport shuttle, so let the bridge Captain know, ok?"  "Got it, mom.  Love you."  "Love you too!  Bye!"  He hung up the phone and headed for the bridge.  Guess I'll stay for now, and see what happens.  When he arrived, he quietly told Bright "Excuse me, but my mom's coming in a transport with a mech for my personal use, said to give her about six hours.  Is that alright?"
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« Reply #204 on: November 19, 2008, 02:28:49 PM »

Poke me on Yahoo doods!

There you are. I was starting to get worried about you. You went to bed way before everyone else, but it's already 10:30! ...Hey, what happened to your wrists?
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Ash Rudel
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« Reply #205 on: November 19, 2008, 04:58:14 PM »

Ash slowly wakes up and promptly falls off of the barstools he was using for a makeshift bed. Looking around for a second and doing a double take as he remembers where he's at and what went on yesterday.

Ash: (yawns) The floor is surprising more comfortable then the bar stools. Hum… 10:30….Guess I let myself sleep in today.

Ash quickly hops up to his feet, and tosses his scarf behind him. He walks out of the bar and starts touring around the ship trying to find anything that looks remotely like a kitchen.
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Obachan said this.....My evolution is faster than the light. Nothing in the whole universe can keep up with my evolution.
Sume Gai
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« Reply #206 on: November 19, 2008, 06:56:29 PM »

-Eastern Europe-

A transport plain is flying over the landscape.  unassuming and seemingly ordinary. inside is the Valsion which Alaras requested and the confident woman who is his mother.

From behind the Craft a blue machine approaches quickly

???:"you sure this is the target?"

Yazan Gable was chasing the Plain and Archer's mother didn't yet know.  that quickly changed as two yellow beams fly pas t the craft.  A chase ensues but it is pointless a heavy transport had no way of escaping the high speed MS.  The Hambrabi closes quickly and with a precision attack disables the engines sending the plane into a glide; the pilot.cannot afford to release the controls at this point.

A mayday goes out but no one close enough to help will, because, this is DC territory...
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If you are a man you'll do what's important before you grieve  -Captain Harlock
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« Reply #207 on: November 19, 2008, 08:57:55 PM »

Jaybee and Shara step out of the firing range, engaged in their usual banter.

Not bad. You almost beat me.

"It's that absurd sniper pistol you have. It's-"


"Is it?"

Yes. Why I carry a SAL-9 is anyone's guess.

"Didn't you say it was because you enjoy using your pistol for sniping."

Okay, so it's not a guess.
And you have to admit, the gun has style. 'S one reason I never moved to the Gallant. The other being it was huge even without the addon parts.

But anyways! You know as well as I do that the additional accuracy was basically useless for snap-firing. Stop making excuses and accept you lost. By a fairly slim margin, but lost nonetheless.

"Fine. Even with a handicap you beat me."

Don't consider it a handicap. Consider it a pure skill test.
You ready for lunch? My treat. Only right after THE COMPLETE ASSKICKING I GAVE YOU!

"Sure. I warn you, I'm a big eater when I'm mad."

Oh. Hmmm.... my wallet IS feeling pretty light lately.
You put up an excellent fight, milady. Your ass was at no time in the vicinity of my boot.

"Damn right!"

But seriously, I AM hungry.

The pair walk into the mess hall, grab some grub, and look for a table.

I miss Elzam.

"Yes, he DID make eating a bit more of an event."

If by event you mean pure heavenly bliss.
Hey, is that Ash over there? Let's go keep him company.

"That's not like you. What're you doing?"

What, I can't be friendly to the new guy with the interesting mech?

"That's what I thought. "

The two head over and sit down.

Hi Ash.
So... I've heard of the Grungust, Grungust 2, Grungust 3, even a Grungust 0. But I must've missed 4 through 21.

Besides, I'm always curious about a new mech. Especially when the pilot enters battle standing on it instead of in it.

So... there a story there? Or did you just paint a 21 on the front for grins?

"Real subtle there, Jay. Subtle like an orbital rocket launch."
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« Reply #208 on: November 20, 2008, 03:02:45 AM »

About an hour after his mother's ETA, Matt returns to the bridge and says "Mom should've been here by now.  I bet she shot down again.  I'm sure she wasn't piloting her transport herself, but that means she's out there with her Valcion, probably against numbers she's not used to facing.  She may know how to pilot a mech, but she's certainly no seasoned warrior.  So, can I deploy in something to find her, and save her if necessary?"
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Ash Rudel
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« Reply #209 on: November 20, 2008, 05:34:45 AM »

Ash looks up as he finishes taking a bite of the large loaf of bread he snags as Jay and Shara set down at his table.

Ash: Oh, you want to hear about 21? (pauses for a second) Alright, I did eat up a good lot of food back here. So I guess I can tell you guys a story.  If you want to know my abiou , I'll have to start my story a little bit before. 

Ash waves his hands a bit and starts making a flashback sound.

Ash: What I thought it add to the drama? So when I was younger I lived on the Earth with my family. But as you all know, people like to start crap. So the Old man not wanting to risk things decided to move us all up into space and meet up with my grandfather. Long story short, I'm the only one who made it to my grandfather. (pauses for a second) After I recovered and things died down we moved back to the earth, and my grandfather got involved with TLI and the Grungust project.  As you might know there where five Grungust prototypes made. Irm has the first, Bullet had number three.  While I have number two. Grungust Type 1-2, but seeing as my grandfathers number is  twenty-one. Well you can see know why I call'em 21. (points to the 21 on his chest armor) So it's a family thing.
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Obachan said this.....My evolution is faster than the light. Nothing in the whole universe can keep up with my evolution.
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