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Author Topic: AGGF arc 3 & 4  (Read 367303 times)
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« Reply #420 on: December 13, 2008, 04:05:10 PM »

~Duragreiz Server Room~

Alexis: *Watching the system reports on her visorscreen* Wow, I guess the Taros-kuns really can do a good job. They're already 46% of the way towards the Server Core, where the virus is rooted.

Fuyume: *Staring at the report readout quietly*

Alexis:....? What's wrong, Fuyume-chan?

Fuyume:......I wanna help them, Alex-chan.....

Alexis: We've already seen how that went. Do you want to be put in danger again, Fuyume-chan?

Fuyume: W-well, no...but....

Alexis: Then let the Taros-kuns handle this. There's no reason for you to risk yourself in any way for this.

Fuyume: *Turns towards the screen* But, Alex-chan....!!

Alexis: I said NO, Fuyume-chan! You're not made for that kind of fighting, and you don't have any backup files! If something happens to you in here, you'll really die! I won't let you get into that kind of danger, do you understand me?

Fuyume: You....*Starts crying* You don't understand anything, Alex-chan!

Alexis: You're not going, and that's final! I won't let you.....*Starts tearing up as well* I don't want anyone else I care about to get hurt!

*The two of them continue to glare at each other across the laptop screen and cry, until a quiet chuckle sounds off from the doorway.*

Derek: *Steps into view* This reminds me of a story I heard, once.

Alexis/Fuyume: *Whirl towards him* Derek-sama!

Derek: *Waves as he continues talking* Once upon a time, there was a little girl. This girl wanted nothing more than to help her friends out in any way she could. One day, however, she asked her big brother if, instead of sitting in the caravan, she could ride into battle with them. Naturally, her brother refused. "It's too dangerous." He said. "What if something were to happen to you?"

Alexis: !!!!

Derek: But the little girl was adamant about wanting to help. She pleaded and pleaded with her brother to let her ride with them just once. And he just as adamantly refused to let her. "There's no reason for you to risk your life with us." He said. "I don't want one of the people I care about to get hurt."

Fuyume: Th-this.....sounds like....

Derek: Finally, a situation arose in which the little girl really could help out if she rode out into battle with the others. And you know what her brother did? He closed his eyes, patted her on the head, and made sure she had the best damn suit of armor she could get before going out with them. His own, if I recall.

Alexis: That was.....

Derek: The little girl nearly got herself killed out in the battlefield several times over, sure, but in the end, she saved everyone she cared about when she fired that explosive arrow into the enemy's powder kegs and destroyed them. It all worked out for the best, all because she wanted to help, and her big brother was willing to give her the chance to. *Smiles a little* You remember that story too, don't you Alexis?

Alexis: Derek-sama.....

Derek: You can't stop her from wanting to help. I sure couldn't. Times like this, all you can do is make sure they've got the best equipment you can give them, and wish them luck. It's all anyone can do.

Alexis:.....I.....I understand, Derek-sama. Just like you did when I....

Derek: Attagirl. You guys take care of things here. I'll be on the bridge helping Haruka and the others. Good luck!

*Derek turns around and walks out, and Alexis stares at the doorway as he leaves...*

Fuyume: Alex-chan....?

Alexis:......*Turns back towards the screen and wipes the tears off her face*.....Alright, Fuyume-chan. But let's make some anti-virus gear for you, first.

Fuyume: *Brightens up immediately* Hai, Alex-chan!

Alexis: *Turns to Ash* Ashi-kun, can you help me with this? The Taros-kuns were really good at this, and you're the ones who made them. I want Fuyume-chan to have all the power she can, if she's going in there after them.
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dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
Ash Rudel
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« Reply #421 on: December 13, 2008, 06:42:01 PM »

(OOC: AGGF Epic joint post, part 2)

Ash: Alright if she wants to fight we're gonna make sure she can give them some hell. Upload Command Prompt Pass.EXE  (holds up his bracelet shooting a beam at the main console) If Fuyume is anything like I think she is, I'm pretty sure we can rig this up to help her fight with the Taros. (starts to type on the main computer as roles of code trickles down the monitor) 

Alexis: *Reading the code as it passes by*....A modular synchronization? I think it can work, but the method seems so....strange.

Ash: Strange gets the job done Alexis.  I'm transmitting to code to you know, it's set for you to alter it to Fuyume's specs.

Alexis: Hmm.....*Starts typing at the keyboard* Adjust the shape to fit.....change the power balance a little......alter the sensor.....there! Okay, Fuyume-chan. I'm downloading it onto you now.

Fuyume: *Closes her eyes as the program is downloaded to her*........All checks, okay. It works, Alex-chan!

Ash: If your good to go I'm going to open the portal again. It should land you right by the Taros (looks at the screen) and looks like they could use the back up.

Alexis: Alright, we're opening the transfer. We're gonna send you directly to the Taros-kun, okay?

 Fuyume: *Nods* Ready when you are!

Ash/Alexis: GO!

Momotaros: (slices a Exia viral clone in half) Man, tricky bastards have starting using the data from the ship.

Ryutaros: (smacks a Hyaku Shiki viral clone across the face with the back of his gun ) These things are everywhere.

Urataros: (tips up a couple of Gespent viral clones with his rod) The lions where bad, but these things are worse.

Kintaros: (slices off the cannon of a Barrelion before kicking it into the crowd making a large explosion) We must press on for Ash-sama and the others Kamenoji.

Momotaros: That’s  easy for you to say Kuma. (ducks a few shots fire at him) I'm talking damn it! (punches though a  Lion viral clone's head) Damn it these things just keep coming.

Urataros: Sempai its not like  a solution to this is just going to fall out of the sky.

An faint girly scream echoes over the battlefield as everyone looks upward.

Fuyume: *Appears out of nowhere and falls straight down* Alex-chan, you didn't double-check the transfer position did youuuuuuuu~!!!!!

Momotaros: (looks around) Hey what you guys looking at? (looks up) What the?

Fuyume: *Lands directly on top of Momotaros* Itai....*Looks around at the others and smiles* Hi, guys! *Looks around again* Hey, where's Momo-chan?

Ryutaros: Fuyume-chan your setting on Momotaors….

Fuyume: Huh? *Looks down* Eheh....gomen nasai, Momo-chan......

Momotaros: (grumbles)

Urataros: Fuyume-chan what are you doing here?

Fuyume:  I came here to help, with this! (pulls out a small black train pass)

Urataro: The Pass!

Ryutaros: The Pass!

Kintaros: Z Z Z…The Pass!

Momotaros: (speaking with a mouth full of cyber sand) THE PASS!!

Fuyume: Um….how does this work anyway? (finally gets off of Momotaros)

Momotaros: Say Henshin girl.

Fuyume: Right. (turns and faces the viral mechs in front of her) Alexis-chan and Ashi-kun help make this so I could fight and I'll so them and Derek-sama what I can do. (throws both her arms to the left before bringing them over her head and pulling her left arm down then thrusting it back up) HENSHIN!!! (Fuyume looks down as a sliver belt with a large buckle and four buttons appears around her waist) Uh…Taros-taichi what do I do now?

Ryutaros: Use the pass Fuyume-chan! (ducks out of the way of a saber)

Fuyume: (looks at the pass, letting her arm falls beside her waist) Didn't I do that already?

As She turns to face the taros, accidently sliding the pass across the buckle. The white data swirls around Fuyume making her whole body glow white. The data circles around her from head to toe and with a bright flash where once stood the cyber ballerina now stood Fuyume Plat Form. Wearing a black under suit with white knee-high boots and matching gloves with a white mini skirt. Spread across the outfits are small pieces of grey armor, and around her face is a small black visor much like the one Derek wears.

Fuyume:  Oh this is cool. Derek-sama would be so proud of my visor. Now…  (rushes towards a lion) Fuyume Punch!!

The now armored Fuyume punches a lion in the face, only to pull her fist back and beings to blow on it.

Fuyume: Ow ow ow!!! (shakes her fist) This didn't work at all.  EKK! (runs away as a Lion's being to case after her)
Urataros: (fighting and looking on at the same time) She's not doing to well at this is she?

Ryutaros: Looks like she's got a….

Fuyume: (smacks a lion in the face with a broom)Ah no effect. (jumps back to dodge a saber slash)

 Momotaros: (head butts a Gepsent) Oi, Girl switch with me.

Fuyume:  How do I switch with you Momo-chan?

Momotaros: Hit the red button!

Fuyume: Button? (looks down at the belt and then hits the red button. Swiping the pass across the buckle as the symbol on her buckle turns a bright red. Giving off a tune which sounds like a bullet train)

Momotaros looking on grinning then begins running at Fuyume as the belt calls out "SWORD FORM" Momotaros body goes kinda ghostly as he collides with Fuyume. Red data swirls around her as  pieces of armor started appearing. Two red pieces attached themselves to her chest while yellow and black pieces were stuck to her back. Plain red and white shoulder plates appeared on her shoulders.  Lastly what looks like a red peach sliders over her visor it splits in half with the points extending before attaching itself to the black visor.
M-Fuyume: (throws her right arm behind her and her left arm forward) Ore Futabi Sanjou.

Kintaros: Looks like Ash-sama had back up for us all along.

M-Fuyume: Kuma you act we doubted the boy.

She reaches down as she pulls two of the black items hanging  from her belt and snaps them together. She then tosses the combined item into the air and pulls out the last two items. As it came back down, she attaches the two items to either side of the combined one. Then a  flash of light before a red sword blade came out of the top of the new weapon.

M-Fuyume: Now my blood is boiling!

She charges forward with her new sword  and slashes at the  viral lion, making sparks shoot from its armor. Not  stopping her assault as she attacked continuously. The other virus fire off shots but M-Fuyume dodges the attacks easily. The Lion then punches again  but M-Fuyume ducks underneath it before using and upward slash which sent the mech stumbling back.

M-Fuyume: Heh. If this is all you can do then I might as well finish this now.

Moving her hand behind her back the pass appears in her grip. Swipping it over her belt buckle again, the belt calls out "FULL CHARGE" Streams of red energy shot from the buckle and into the sword blade as it started to glow brightly.

M- Fuyume: Now, here's my hissatsu attack, part two!

The blade suddenly flew from the rest of the weapon and straight into the air. She uses an upward diagonal strike that was nowhere near mechs, but the blade could be seen coming from the sky. It dove through the ground before cutting right through the mechs in a diagonal strike. M-Fuyume then used another diagonal strike n the same manner.  Finally ending it with a single downward vertical strike which went right through the mechs, causing them to explode into tiny bits of data. M-Fuyume takes a neutral stance as the blade reattached itself to the rest of the sword. She looks at the area where the lions once stood with a look of satisfaction.

M-Fuyume: (raises the sword onto her shoulder) Who wants to see part three?
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Obachan said this.....My evolution is faster than the light. Nothing in the whole universe can keep up with my evolution.
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« Reply #422 on: December 13, 2008, 09:15:03 PM »

Jaybee glances up from his work to comment.
Okay, FUYUME gets to join in on the fun and I'm stuck here poking a keyboard?  There ain't no justice!

"Can it and get back to work."


Jaybee flicks a few keys and switches from his dat arecovery workspace back to his antivirus workspace.

Well, data's coming in faster now, anyways.

Honestly, I have to admire whoever wrote this thing. It's an impressive piece of code.
Hell, if it was in stealth mode, it could totally replace entire executables without detection. Replicates their functionality and cruises along as if nothing ever happened.

A hint of a smile tugs at Jaybee's lips.
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Ash Rudel
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« Reply #423 on: December 15, 2008, 10:59:07 AM »

(OOC: Epic joint post part 2, Dash!)

After M-Fuyume's assault a few of the viral mechs begin to fuse together back into blobs and began to change shape. A majority of the lions turn into Gepsents while a few turn into a few of the major AGGF mechs, the first one to step forward appears to be a viral Shinning Gundam armed with a Shishiou blade.

Urataros: (looks at the Shinning Gundam then M-Fuyume)Sempai let me have a go at that one.

M-Fuyume: Fine Kame, but you keep your hands where we can see them.

She presses the blue button on her belt, making the buckle light up blue before swiping the pass as the sound of a hollow drum begins to play. The belt calls out "ROD FORM" as Momotaros and the red armor are ejected out of Fuyume. The additional armor from before appeared once again. However  Instead of securing itself, it began to spin until a different configuration came up. The red chest plates  now aimed at her back while the yellow and black ones hovered over her chest. It then opened from the middle to reveal blue armor that was her new chest plates and shoulder pads that were thick. With a loud clank, the armor attached itself to her body. The final touch was a blue turtle with silver fins coming down the centre of her face. The turtle then split down the middle to reveal two orange hexagonal eyepieces. The two turtle pieces attached themselves to the sides of her visor before twisting so that the front turtle fins were pointing behind her.

U-Fuyume:  Would you mind, (flicks a lock of her hair) if I string you along?

The viral Shinning gundam wastes no time drawing it's Shishiou blade and slicing at U-Fuyume. She simply moves to the side, tripping up the viral gundam as it moves pass. Quickly she takes apart the sword that M-Fuyume used, tossing the items up into the air until the connect together in one line. They extend into a large rod which she catches when it falls down. Swinging it around before resting it on her shoulder. The viral gundam tries to slash at her again, only to have the blade knocked out of it's hands.

U-Fuyume: A true fisherman is a master of her tools.

U-Fuyume takes the opportunity to inflicts many hits on the gundam before kicking it back. The other taros give her a nod as they look on from their own fights. Quickly summoning the pass again she swipes it over the buckle. It shouts "FULL CHARGE" as Blue streams of energy passed into the rod. Holding it like a javelin, she takes aim at the viral gundam. Gripping it tightly, she throws the rod straight at her target. As the rod hits her  weapon seemed to vanish as a blue hexagonal field spread from the point of impact. The Shinning gundam is held in place as it tried to move, U-Fuyume starts running before she leaps high into the air. Her right foot extends as she comes back down and collides with the viral mech. The hexagonal field shatters as the Viral gundam  falls onto the ground. U-Fuyume turns her back as the viral mech explodes taking out the near by mechs behind it.

U-Fuyume: (stretches her arms a bit) Well that was fun.
Momotaros: (slices a Gespent in half) Show off! (ducks a jet magnum, letting it hit the Gespent behind him)

U-Fuyume: (puts her arms behind her back as she dodges a volley of punches from a viral Lancelot) Kin-chan I think it's your turn.

Kintaros:  Right! (starts running towards U-Fuyume)

U-Fuyume stands still for a second as Kintaros goes ghostly and collides with her. Passing through her, and pushing the Lancelot backwards and Urataros out. Kintaros falls back inside Fuyume as center of the buckle turned yellow while a strange new tune echoed from it, resembling a flute. Sliding the pass over the buckle, "AXE FORM!" calls out from the belt.. The armor hovers her body before swirling to a new configuration. The red plates attached to her back while the yellow and black ones connected with her chest. The shoulder plates also stick closer to her back, while round ones with red centers appeared form under them and attach her  shoulders. To complete the transformation, a white axe with a yellow blade slid down her face before the blades attached to her face into a triangular visor with a black slits in them. The form itself bares a resemblance to the Axe Zaku.
K-Fuyume: My strength will make you cry! (She raises her hand towards the sky as white napkins started to flutter to the ground) Wipe your tears with these!

She pops her neck before reaching to the items at her side.. She then attaches the pieces together before placing the fourth piece on the side of the top. A large axe blade extended from the configuration to make a battle axe. Not impressed the viral Lancelot starts slashing her  with all its might. Sparks fly from the impact, but K-Fuyume doesn't budge from the impact. It didn't even appear to hurt her. Wordlessly, she starts marching forward with her grip as strong as ever on her axe.

K-Fuyume: Hah!

She  soon  slashed upwards with her axe. The Viral Lancelot winced with pain as it was sent tumbling from the blow. The single blow had proven devastating on the viral mech  as it had a lot of speed, but wasn't used to actually getting hit. It soon started to run from the axe wielding girl. Gripping her pass firmly, the belt once again called out "FULL CHARGE!"  as yellow streams of energy raced from it into the axe. K-Fuyume  spreads her legs apart slightly before throwing her axe up into the air, sending it end over end straight up. Bending her knees  slightly before pouring her muscle into them and jumping an incredible height into the air.  She met the apex of her jump just as the axe was beginning to fall. Her hand  then clasped the handle and the blade of the axe erupted into yellow energy before  she began coming back down. The Viral Lancelot didn't even see it coming as K-Fuyume brought her weapon down and sliced it right down the middle. A yellow line was visible in the virus before it exploded in a into bits of data.

K-Fuyume: Dynamic Chop.

Momotaros: (setting on top of a pile of Gespent parts) Looks like that was the last one Kuma.

Kintaros ejects out of Fuyume, who's armor goes back to plat from as the others gather around.

Fuyume: (shakes her head a bit) That was different, but pretty fun.

Urataros: (takes a look around) It looks like our virus friends aren't reforming.

Kintaros: It's because my strength made them cry.

Momotaros: Blah!

Ryutaros: Aw man, I didn't get a turn.

The rocks behind them suddenly explode, sending our group of virus busters skidding across the ground. Slowly getting up as shots keep coming. Thinking quickly they take cover under sand ridge.

Momotaros: What the hell was that?!?!

Fuyume: That shot patteren… It couldn't be.. (slowly peaks her head enough to get a bead on the sniper) It's…..

Ryutaros: (pulls her down quickly as a shot almost hits her) Watch out Fuyume-chan!

Fuyume: …..

Kintaros: What's wrong Fuyume-sama?

Fuyume: It was bad enough when they used part of Derek-sama's data, but now Ha-chans. (grabs hold of Ryutaro's hand) Ryu-chan, help me fight this one.

Ryutaros: (flashes a peace sign) Hai.

Fuyume stands up pressing the purple button on her belt. A techno music tune plays as it lights up purple. Sliding the pass across it,  "GUN FOR M!"  Ryutaros jumps into her and on cue The additional pieces of armor soon appeared as and swirled around her It looked as if it was going to take a similar configuration to Sword Form. The yellow and black plates attached to her back while the red and white plates hit her shoulders. The front red plates, however, opened by joints near the top which have purple chest plates with silver sections on them. The shoulder horns had dragon's arms reaching up and looked like they were grasping purple orbs. When these plates finally became attached, a purple and gold dragon came slides down covering her visor. It had purple wings and a gold head with orange eyes and gold whiskers. When it covered her visor, the wings folded downward before pressing together and attached to her face. She now had a purple visor which doubled as horns and gold whiskers which followed their direction.

R-Fuyume: (quickly jumps to the top of the stand ridge) Mind if I beat you up? (quickly combines the black items on her belt into a gun) I don’t hear an answer!

Momotaros: I think she's pissed.

Urataros: What was your first clue sempai?

R-Fuyume starts running across the battlefield, dodging shots fired at her in what appears to be break dance moves.  The viral Alex finally chunks its sniper rifle at R-Fuyume, who easily shoots it down. The viral mech then jumps from it's snipping position and starts to empty it's machine guns at the two young a.i.s'.  R-Fuyume simply continues to dodge the assault, until the mech finally runs out of ammo. Notcing it out of ammo, she beings her counterattack. Quickly firing off a volley of shots. The viral mech is soon brought to it's knees.
R-Fuyume: Time to make you go Bang! (swipes the pass over the belt )

Purple streams of energy flew from the belt and into the gun. R-Fuyume  began to take careful aim at the mech while the orbs on her shoulder spikes began to glow bright purple as the energy collected. The Alex clone tries to move only to look on as R-Fuyume pulls the trigger. Instantly, the twin spheres of energy came out of her spikes and met with the barrel of the gun just as it fired. A somewhat larger sphere of energy launched from the gun and barreled down on viral gundam. It collided directly with its chest and  explodes in a giant fireball of data. R-Fuyume blows the smoke off of her gun, and turns to face the other taros with the gun outstretched.

R-Fuyume: That’s my Wild Shot.
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Obachan said this.....My evolution is faster than the light. Nothing in the whole universe can keep up with my evolution.
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« Reply #424 on: December 15, 2008, 11:24:41 AM »

Is that the last of the virus?

*Looking through visor*

Good job, Fuyume.
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My current inventory is: One transforming katana, one flight suit, one Caster, various Caster shells, one gallant (including stock and barrel) and an optimistic attitude.
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« Reply #425 on: December 15, 2008, 04:37:18 PM »

Chaostic, how much longer till we get to where we are supposed to go?
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Things can always get worse...
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« Reply #426 on: December 15, 2008, 07:53:48 PM »

Jaybee types a few more commands.

Naw, there's plenty more work to be done. But it looks like this subnet is clear.

I'm at 68% on the antivirus.
Shouldn't be too much longer until I can turn it loose and purge the system.
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Sume Gai
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« Reply #427 on: December 15, 2008, 09:16:52 PM »

-Russia DC base-

the cold northern base was blanketed with snow.  Many of the guards neglecting their patrols to stand near sources of heat as white flakes continue to fall

Less than a shadow moves through the cold; optic cloak creating little more than a slight distortion which anyone would blame on the flakes falling through the air.[/i]

this looks like a good enough place to get in.

a backdoor stands neglected as it's guard has stepped round the corner to be near a flaming oil drum.  Naturally the built in security would be enough to protect it from most who would try to enter. 

However the man under the cloak is not most.  A mechanical arm extends from underneath a device in hand, attaching it to the door the man waits as the device does it's work pressing several buttons to guide it along.  Soon the door makes a click as the lock is released and the shadow enters.

Once inside the man in the optic cloak silently closes the door making sure to leave no marks or signs save a single smaller device on the side of the outside lock.  he continues eventually finding himself in a factory

so they're producing those Gespensts here.

Indeed there were mechanical arms assembling Gespenst after Gespenst but something was odd only half the arms were actually working.  I t wasn't that they were damaged or that the assembly line was making incomplete products but, rather, half the arms had no use in the making of Gespensts. 

Then the Intruder noticed a group on another catwalk across from him.  among them stood a man who was clearly the commander.  The intruder focused his mechanical sensors on the group.  The Commander clearly marked by his extravagant uniform was talking to a young technical officer who semed to be giving a detailed report.

TO: as you can see this line is ready to make the switch on your orders.  it'll take about five hours to do. Line B is almost there and we've just gotten line C working on the Gespensts this morning.

Commander: "you are behind schedule speed up your work or else"

TO: But we can't we don-

the technical officer doubles over in pain before his sentence is even finished the Intruder Twinges as he realizes it's a mental attack; he is glad he made sure to keep up with his mental concealment training as the attack is the sign of a powerful newtype.

Commander: you heard me now get back to work!

the attack ceases and the Technical Officer  backs away a bit before turning and nearly dashing away the commander then turns his face finally becoming visible to the intruder.  The intruder recognizes the man, something about him is incredibly familiar, but even after going through lists of names he can't say why the man seems so familiar.

The intruder reminds him self of his purpose and continues hoping to find an unwatched terminnal somewhere within the base.  As he finally does he opens an encrypted channel to the outside

Chris I've found what I want Prepare to record some data for me.

The signal reaches the two machines perched on the outskirts of the base partly buried in the snow. one the Green Dynames is empty but the other, the unsealed Hyaku Shiki, contained Chris who had been instructed to wait there
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If you are a man you'll do what's important before you grieve  -Captain Harlock
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« Reply #428 on: December 16, 2008, 12:23:02 AM »

Honestly Sakura we should have been there a while ago and it feels like we been walking in circles too.
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« Reply #429 on: December 16, 2008, 06:51:18 AM »

Roger. Standing by.
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« Reply #430 on: December 16, 2008, 10:37:58 AM »

Jaybee types some commands, his HUD hiding the frustration in his eyes from everyone else.

Dammit, why can't I find the original? If I could get a look at the base code instead of all the mutated copies, this would be a lot easier.
And how can this thing adapt so fast? It's ridiculous.
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« Reply #431 on: December 16, 2008, 02:44:06 PM »

By this time, Matt managed to get the gag off, and said to the guard, "Excuse me, but give this to the guys fixing the ship.  It's the original virus, so maybe it could help them."
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« Reply #432 on: December 16, 2008, 02:55:14 PM »

The guard looks at Archer and rolls his eyes.

"Do you take us for complete idiots?
If it were up to me, we wouldn't have you in a comfy cell with a nice cushy bed right now. You'd be in the broom closet, if you were lucky enough to be feeling anything. You're a traitor and a saboteur, and you need to shut up before I make you."

Calling another guard over to cover him, the first guard opened the force field and stepped in. As his partner sealed the field up again, he took the disk from Archer, threw it to the ground, and stomped it to pieces.

"Honestly, can't they search these guys before they throw 'em in here?"
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« Reply #433 on: December 16, 2008, 03:49:07 PM »

Angered beyond his ability to comprehend, Matt's head started to throb.  As the guard left the cell, he doubled over in pain, much to the dismay of anyone around to witness it.  Both Matt and the guard lost consciousness simultaneously.
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« Reply #434 on: December 16, 2008, 03:54:54 PM »


The second guard catches the first. Glancing at another pair of guards, he starts barking orders as he heads towards the door.

"Keep that bastard sedated until the commander gets back! I'm taking Jimmy to the medbay! And for god's sake, put on your PTK gear! God-damned psychics... what ELSE didn't they tell us about this monkey?"

(Editor's note: PTK=psychic/telekenetic)
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