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Author Topic: AGGF arc 3 & 4  (Read 358101 times)
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« Reply #435 on: December 16, 2008, 04:13:14 PM »

Shortly after losing consciousness, both Matt and the guard came to, Matt with a dazed look on his face.  "What happened?  Where am I?"  He then screamed as all the wounds he inflicted on himself started to reopen on their own, the blood seeping through his clothing and on to the floor.
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« Reply #436 on: December 16, 2008, 04:19:47 PM »

"You're in your cell. Staring at a tranq gun."

A dart slips through the forcefield, striking Archer in his thigh. His screams subside rapidly.

"Damn... This is gonna be a long shift."
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« Reply #437 on: December 16, 2008, 04:24:04 PM »

The tranq dart struck Matt in one of his wounds, irritating it further as the wounds refused to heal.  It would soon be obvious to anyone who cared to look that he was in need of medical attention, as gashes began to appear on his arms and face, as though his body was attempting to kill itself.  The bleeding was profuse, and could easily lead to death if not addressed.  Still, it seemed unlikely that help would arrive.
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« Reply #438 on: December 16, 2008, 04:28:59 PM »

Guard A: "Is our prisoner melting?"
Guard B: "Looks that way to me."
A: "You think we'll be in trouble if we let it happen?"
B: "Probably."
A: "Dammit, I was afraid you'd say that. Hey, you! Go get a doctor!"

A third guard leaves to head up to the medbay and bring back someone.

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Sume Gai
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« Reply #439 on: December 16, 2008, 04:30:05 PM »

-Russian DC Production facility-

Gai Proceeded to transmit the data, information of the bases defenses layout and production abilities streamed through the link for about five minutes and to a hard disk in the Hyaku Shiki

mean while the commander had returned to his office and sat at his own computer when he noticed something.  a terminal on level C was being accessed and read through extremely quickly

Commander:  "guards get to terminal room 4 right away I think we have an intruder"

Gai had little time to spare as the guards burst in seconds after the data feed finished and the Optic cloak was reactivated.  moving with utmost care Gai slid inches around the gaurds who moved to inspect the terminal before reporting to their bass just as Gai left the room.

Guard: "sir no one's here"

Commander: "Idiots! that means I was right. red alert, scramble teamfour and search for MS in the area.

Gai slid out the door as team four, a group of 5 Gespensts launched from the hanger nearby.  Gai rushed toward the forest within which  the two machines waited
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If you are a man you'll do what's important before you grieve  -Captain Harlock
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« Reply #440 on: December 16, 2008, 04:41:35 PM »

As Matt's wounds worsened, the lights started to flicker, and he went into seizure-like convulsions, blood splattering everywhere.  His clothes shredded, revealing the full extent of the terrible and worsening damage being done to his body, new wounds violently appearing as though sliced open by some unseen blade.  Some of them spelled out the phrase "Suicide ain't so painless after all!" on his chest, suggesting a subconscious with a morbid sense of humor.  Any who dare to look at him are filled with an unnatural sense of terror, and an urge to worsen his suffering.
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« Reply #441 on: December 16, 2008, 04:57:02 PM »

Fortunately for alaras, the guards are wearing full PTK gear, and immune to the mental effects of whatever's going on with him.

A: "Okay, THAT is some messed-up shit."
B: "I've never heard of a newtype awakening like this before..."
A: "I don't think he's an awakening newtype."
B: "Whatever it is, it's creepy as fuck. Where's that damn doctor?"
A: "Dunno. Hit the comm. Call and make sure he comes back in protective gear. I really don't like the look of this."
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« Reply #442 on: December 16, 2008, 05:09:36 PM »

Meanwhile, inside Archer's fucked-up mind, Matt finds himself tied up by an image of his father laughing maniacally as Matt feels all the pain his mind is inflicting on him.  This was what I wanted, albeit not at his hands, but at least it's not really him.  Why am I having these regrets?  That disk was my last hope for redemption, and now it's too late.  I'm ready to let go.  All I can do is hope the doctor doesn't make it.  After all, it would only delay my death, and even if they do find out I'm not a traitor, I'm still useless to everyone, and unwanted even by my family...  Suddenly, everything went bright, and he woke up, patting himself all over checking for injuries he was sure were there, only to find he was unharmed except for the needle which nobody bothered to remove.  Apparently, the whole thing was a hallucination induced by the drugs and what would seem to be his awakening.  He gently extracted it himself, and, still disturbed from what happened in his mind, and seeing looks of shock from armored guards, who seemed as surprised as he was that he was unharmed, retreated to a corner in his cell and cried in fetal position.  No matter what any of them did, even if they kicked him, he would do nothing but cry.
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« Reply #443 on: December 16, 2008, 07:23:07 PM »

Commander, I have my share of data here. I dunno if this is what we need, but I've returned to the mechs.
*Chris looked into the sky* Damn, and I thought this would be easy. Hurry, Gai!
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Sume Gai
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« Reply #444 on: December 17, 2008, 12:40:50 AM »

-Russian DC Production facility-

Gai removes the optic cloak and stows it as he enters the forest adding an extra burst of speed from his mechanical legs. He reaches the machines soon after.

Dynames GN Camouflage membrane Dissolve; Exit Repose priority set Priority to Sume Gai.

the air shimmers and begins to break apart around the Dynames revealing the previously hidden machine. as Gai quickly boards.  the Blue Haro plugged into the machine reports the mech's Status

Haro: Ready to go; ready to go!

Chris, come on I don't want to start something this close to the base.

(whoever that Commander was, he's either smart or jumpy and neither would help us get away if we start a fight here.)
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If you are a man you'll do what's important before you grieve  -Captain Harlock
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« Reply #445 on: December 17, 2008, 07:23:51 AM »

Okay, sir. I'll obey.
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Sume Gai
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« Reply #446 on: December 18, 2008, 05:16:57 PM »

Letting the Shiki go ahead the Dynames follows behind; the green particles hopefully obscuring the two from enemy sensors even as the snow storm worsens.

keep moving Chris hopefully the GN particles and snowstorm willl keep them off our trail.

-an hour later-

Indeed the Gespensts had lost their prey and returned thinking that they were jumping at shadows anyway.  the commander was waiting for them most displeased.  An evening of sever mental pain was awaiting them.
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If you are a man you'll do what's important before you grieve  -Captain Harlock
Ash Rudel
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« Reply #447 on: December 18, 2008, 05:39:32 PM »

(OOC: Epic Joint post part 3)

Momotaros: Nice work brats.

R-Fuyume: Baka Momotaros. (smacks him on the head)

Kintaros: (pulls out a map) Ash-sama's map should guide us to the control core.

Urataros: Kin-chan… (points to the area where the sand cuts off and changes to circuitry and large crystals) I think that’s the way.

R-Fuyume: Then let's go! (starts to run towards the core)

Momotaros: Slow down brat. (Runs after her)

The taros trek across the sand, not noticing tiny bits of data collecting behind them, then slowly disappearing into the ground. After a bit of a hike they reach the data core. A large pyramid crystal sit in the center, being slowly taken apart by the black globs they first fought. R-Fuyume fires off a few shots taking down some of the globs, before the jump behind the pyramid.

Urataros: Looks like it'll be easy sailing from here.

The taros look on as  data swirls around from behind the pyramid, along with tiny bits of data that seep up from the ground The data slowly combines together into a large blue energy core, slowly warping the area around it until it takes the shape of Shinning Gundam again. This time an all black color scheme rather then a normal paint job.  Cracks from along the body of the viral gundam, letting blue energy pour out like a fiery aura. It throws its against the data core, letting it's aura seep over it. Slowly the area surrounding the core changes from a clear circuitry setting into a black circuitry setting that pulsates with energy. The viral mech then reaches down and pulls a large sword from the circuitry, pulsating with the same said energy.

Momotaros: Oi, looks like the bastards want some more. Ryuta, time to switch. (jumps into Fuyume, pushing Ryutaros out and changing into Sword From)

M-Fuyume: (quickly puts her sword together while eyeing the gundam) With me there are no warning shots, from the start of this fight it will be all Climax.

M-Fuyume rushes towards the Viral Gundam with the other taros following close behind. The Viral shinning leaps back almost like it’s gliding across the ground, before colliding swords with M-Fuyume. The two exchanges blows as the other taros try to get in a few hard nocks. M-Fuyume finally manages to slice part of the mechs chest open before it back flips into the air, landing a few feet away from it's attackers.  It's body shifts as its changes into an all black Double Zeta Gundam. It looks down at the Taros, towering a few feet over them.

Ryutaros: Did that thing get bigger?

Urataros: Bigger and meaner looking Ryuta.

Kintaros: Momonoji, this one is mine. (pushes Momotaros out of Fuyume, jumping in causing her to go to Axe form)

K-Fuyume doesn’t even waste time forming her axe, she runs straight towards the ZZ clone and starts grappling with it. The viral ZZ starts to push her back, bringing her down to a knee, before Ryutaro's shoots it in it's head. The ZZ clone mealy reforms its head as it tosses K-Fuyume back.  Stepping forward it knocks both Momotaros and Urataros out of the way. Ryutaros keeps firing shots off at it, trying to slow it down. Finally pushing Ryutaros out of the way it sets it's sights up K-Fuyume.

K-Fuyume: MY STENGTH!!!!

With all her strength K-Fuyume rips a jagged piece of circuit rock from the ground, then procceds to shove it through ZZ's chest. She then beings to punch it further and further in until she finally upper cuts it, sending it falling back.

K-Fuyume: (falls to a knee breathing heavy) It will make you cry.

Ryutaros: (runs over to K-Fuyume) Kuma-chan, Fuyume-chan are you two okay?

K-Fuyume: (slowly gets back to her feet) We're fine Ryuta. (pops her neck, then points at the virus) This isn't over.

[i[The Taros gather around as the viral mech casts off its outer armor revealing a viral Cybuster underneath.  It wastes not time in changing into cybird and soaring at the taros. [/i]

Momotaros: OUT OF THE WAY!!! (They dive out of the way.

Diving out of the way, all but K-Fuyume. Urataros runs towards K-Fuyume, pushing Kintaros out who grabs onto Cybird, trying to hold it down. At the same time Fuyume goes rod from and fires off a string from her staff at the Cybird.

U-Fuyume: Alright Kin-chan I think I got it hooked.

Kintaros: Kame-noji  I don't know if I can hold it much longer…. (looses his footing letting Cybird soar)

U-Fuyume: Uh-oh…..

The viral Cybird takes to the air dragging U-Fuyume behind it. She holds on with her all might as the virus tries to shake her off.

Ryutaros: That’s not good.

Momotaros: At least she's not riding it like a hor… (looks on as U-Fuyume manages to ride the viral cybird) Never mind.

U-Fuyume: (holding on) This is fun and all, but I just don't have the time. (Shoves her rod into the back of Cybird's head)

The viral cybird goes into a free fall as U-Fuyume jumps off. The other taros quickly scramble and catch her before she hits the ground. Breathing a sigh of relief, the look over as the virus crashes back into the control core, exploding into black goo as it completely covers the core.

Ryutaros: That’s a bad thing isn't it?

Momotaros/Kintaros/U-Fuyume: Yes Ryuta that is a Very bad thing.

The core starts to collapse in on itself before it begins to grow. Large mechanical arms stretch out, then legs. The main body forms slowly, then lastly the head forms. This viral monster looks like a giant miasmas of robotics, the one clear things is its rather small head, which looks like a bald man. The virus takes a step forward, making the digital plane shake. The energy it then beings to fire off from it's own aura knocks Urataros out Fuyume, then sends all of them flying back.

Momotaros: What the hell is that bald monster?

Fuyume: He looks like Mr. Clean-san.

Ryutaros: Since when Mr. Clean was trying to kill us?

Urataros: Ryuta, fire at that thing!

Ryutaros: Do I have to?

Urataros: DO IT!

Ryutaros: Ok…. (He fires off at shot at the huge virus, which merely bounces off)

Momotaros: (looks at the shot as it recoils and lands a few feet from them) Ah crap.

Meanwhile back behind the computer screen, Ash and Alexis look on at the new viral development.

Alexis: *Watching the fight from her laptop* Nothing's working! At this rate, they....*Looks over at Ash*.....Already working on it, huh Ashi-kun?

Ash: Are you kidding me? I've been putting the finishing touches on this since they went it in. (finishes typing) Alright it's done.  ( looks at her) This time I'll teleport it in.

Alexis:  Okay, okay! *Pouts a little* Mess up the coordinates just once....

Ash:  Data locked, and dropped. (hits the enter key)

Back in Cyberspace the taros and Fuyume look on as the virus gets closer and closer. Every attack they try seems to only bounce back. Slowly staggering to their feet they look up at the huge monster, gritting their teeth.

Fuyume: Taros-taichi, you don’t have another brother do you? Maybe A Super-Special-Mega-Awesome-Taros?

Momotaros: What are you talking about, I'm right here.

Urataros: This is no time to joke sempai.

Kintaros: Kame-noji is right, we need more power.

Fuyume: But where are we going to get it? (A red cell phone like device appears out of nowhere and floats in front of her)

Fuyume and the Taros: Nani? (it beings to ring)

Fuyume: (answers the phone) Hello?

Alexis: *Over the phone* Ashi-kun says this is all you need to beat that bald creep, Fuyume-chan. Be careful!

Fuyume: Hai. (looks at the others) Taros-Taichi, lets go.

Fuyume and the Taros line up as she beings to hit the buttons on the phone. The buttons on the phone being to light up as it calls out the names of the Taros. "Momo, Ura, Kin, Ryu." The taros break into pieces of data, reforming into the masks the take on in the individuals forms.  Fuyume slaps the phone on top of the buckle as it calls out "CLIMAX FORM." Data shoots out from the end of the phone, strangely it takes the shape of a train track and covers her from head to toe. Once it dissipates her plain white armor has become red, with a more armored red chest plate with a train track turn table on the chest, and tracks running down the rest of the armor. The Taro's in their mask form's fly towards her. Urataros attaching to her right shoulder, Kintaros on her left, Ryutaros on her chest, and finally Momotaros on her black visor. His mask then splits open revealing another set of red lenses underneath. Fuyume runs her hand through her hair as streaks of red, blue, yellow and purple appear. As the transformations finishes a gold aura erupts around them, almost as if they are on fire.

M-Fuyume: Ore-Taichi Sanjo!!

Urataros: Well this is different.

Ryutaros: Let's beat that bad guy!

Kintaros: ZZZZ…..

The giant virus raises its hands, it's fingers turning into missiles which it fires at Climax group. M-Fuyume stands there with her arms on her hips as the missiles merely lands behind her. The virus lets out a animalistic roar as it charges at them. Pulling it's huge fist back, it brings it's fist down on M-Fuyume.  Laughing M-Fuyume reaches up with her right arm and holds the giants fist in place.

Kintaros: You won't break through this arm. (they slowly push the virus back, before jumping back) Fuyume-sama use this arm.

Fuyume: Hai Kin-chan!

Kintaros mask slides down Fuyume's arm till it reaches her fist, it turn turns around so the axe point it facing upward. Ryutaro's mask slides behind it, then lastly Urataros.  Pulling back she slashes across the virus arm, slicing a large gap in it. The Virus then jumps back as it's arm slowly regenerates itself.

Momotaros: We're going to be at this all day if this keeps going.

Ryutaros: Guys I think I know how to stop him from doing that. Let me take a shot.

Fuyume: You can do it Ryu-chan!

Ryu's mask opens up firing out about more or less a hundred purple missiles. The tops of these missiles then blow off, ending up with thousands of tiny missiles drilling into the large virus at once. The virus topples over, trying to regenerate but to no avail.
Urataros: That worked? Ryuta how did you do that?

Ryutaros: Ni-san taught me how to make codes work at random variable level. I just made my missiles keep fluxing their code till they broke though the viruses regenerative capability's.

Momotaros: You just winged it didn't you?

Ryutaros: Yep, just like Ni-san.

M-Fuyume:  Alright, time to cut that thing down to size. (draws her sword) Hisstastu attack, Climax version!

The blade of her sword glows mutable colors as it launches. The virus tries to block the flying blade, only to have it slice off it's arms and legs. Still towering over the taros, but no longer an immediate  threat. It roars at its current state while Momotaros snickers a bit.

Ryutaros: Let's take it out once and for all.

M-Fuyume: Right. (flips open the pass and hits the black button on the phone) Time for the final Climax. (a dramatic tune starts to play as she swipes the pass over the buckle twice before tossing it)

The logo of the belt appears in holographic form in front of them as it calls out "CHARGE AND UP!" Sticking her left leg forward Urataros mask slides from her arm to leg, followed by Ryutaros, and lastly Kintaros. Energy erupts from her other foot as she leaps high into the air. The swirling aura around her concentrates on her foot as the virus begins to fire off anything it can to try and stop them. The Taros and Fuyume let out hot blooded roar as the rip through the virus, landing a few feet behind it. She turns her head to the side as the creature lets out a scream, exploding into tiny bits of data. A second later, the Taros appear beside her, possing as well.

Momotaros: (looks back) I told you already, from start to finish we we're already at the Climax.
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Obachan said this.....My evolution is faster than the light. Nothing in the whole universe can keep up with my evolution.
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« Reply #448 on: December 18, 2008, 09:49:05 PM »

Jaybee has long since set up the cyberscape view on a nearby display monitor for everyone to watch, and takes a moment to comment.

Welp. I guess they've definitely gotten the glory.
May as well deploy the cleanup crew.

Shara: "Umm, Jay... We've been over this. Transparent visor? That antivirus is only at 95 percent."

And it's gonna stay there. I can't find the original infection. There's a couple possibilities why, but the most likely is that the virus used self-modifying code, and the original is long gone.

Anyways, watch and be amazed as everything comes back up.

Jaybee presses a button, and the antivirus goes to work. The white lines tracing across the sky have long since formed into a regular grid, and beams of light descend down from several intersections. The grid lines flare and fade as they flow down the beams and strike the ground, forming large crystal growths that seem to glow with an inner light, forcing back the remnants of the virus as if the light was a physical pressure.

"That's it? They really DID steal the glory."

Rallying, the glops scattered around force up against the light. They start to burn away, but make it to the crystals, and cover them. The crystals' light is extinguished, then starst glowing again in a putrid purple. Jaybee smiles.

And THAT was your one mistake.

"Umm, Jay... it just ATE your antivirus."


"Are you insane?"

Just watch.
All right, the propagation's died down...

Jaybee types in a command and presses enter, then flips his visor up. All the glops explode in a fine mist of white light and evaporate.

"Ummm.... far be it from me to argue, but... What just happened?"

Remember the virus assimilated the functions of the programs it infected?
The antivirus had a kill command embedded in it, obscured so it didn't LOOK like one. Once the virus assimilated that, it was all over.

"Ahhh. Clever. I think."

Thank you. And trust me, it was very clever.

And then the ship's lighting fails, and red emergency lights come on, as the ground around Fuyume and the Taros explodes.

"And what part of your plan is that?"

It isn't.

Jaybee flips his HUD visor down and starts typing frantically.

Shit. Remember when I said the original virus being self-modifying was one possibility? This is another. The original embedded itself in the kernel, then went to sleep. It only reactivated when the infection was eliminated.

"Meaning what?"

Meaning that we're in deep shit. From here, it can infect the ship's reactor control system.

"That would be bad."

Jaybee touches his HUD visor.

I'm jacking in. I can't get a handle on it fast enough with the HUD and keyboard. Get everyone clear, just in case this doesn't work.

"You guys better pull out if things get too bad. The ship is replacable. Her crew isn't."

That a zentradi expression?

Shara notices Jaybee's grin, and rolls her eyes.

"Yes. That's exactly what it is."


This looks like a good memory address. Jacking in... now!

Jaybee closes his eyes. There's a sensation of falling.
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« Reply #449 on: December 18, 2008, 10:10:47 PM »

On the screen, a bolt of light pierces the purple-black sky and strikes the ground. As it fades, a human figure becomes visible in the light. 
The beam flickers and disappears, and Jaybee can be seen crouching, naked but androgynous(keeping this post PG instead of R). He's crouched, eyes closed, with his left hand on the ground and his right out to the side, and has a faint blue glow around him. He appears to be about 20 yards from Fuyume, the Taros, and the massive glob which burst forth from the ground. The blob shifts briefly, then refocuses on the AIs, having determined Jaybee isn't a threat.[/i]

Load antiviral routines.

Black lightning crackles along his body,  and a suit of armor forms. Made entirely of facets and flat faces, it looks like it was carved of pure obsidian, then polished to a mirror finish. Blue light glows out of the joints, and spreads across the armor, turning it sapphire. A red dot forms in the center of the helmet's face plate and slides up and to the sides, forming a chevron where eyes should be. Then it thickens, as if it's opening.

I feel something under my hand...

Yes, this is RIGHT where I want to be....

Jaybee raises his right hand high into the air, and his fist begins glowing white. Plunging it down, he buries his arm to the elbow in the ground, and yanks up a black tentacle. It wraps around his upper arm, and purple lightning crackles across his sapphire arm as he clenches the tentacle tighter, his fingers sinking into it. Suddenly, the tentacle ceases it's attack and begins thrashing to get away.

Not normal for a virus to try to retreat...
Wait... comm traffic?  A massive amount too...
No WONDER this thing was so hard to pin down! It's got an avatar function!

Jaybee rips a chunk out of the tentacle and throws it aside. The part above the rip falls off and evaporates. White lightning traces down from the wound into the tentacle, stopping after what appears to be 8 feet before it fizzles out. The blob turns it's attention from the AIs and starts moving towards Jaybee as he shouts to his allies.

Guys! The virus is being controlled by an outside intelligence! Treat it as a hacker!

A mechanical voice echoes out.

 "So you've figured it out, finally. Then we can end this charade here."

The blob begins shifting, then there's a flash of black, as if it was radiating shadow. A tremendous beam flashes out from the ball of shadow as Jaybee leaps up and back, hovering in the air on wings of blue energy. The fire slices along the ground, blasting a large crater out of the computer board terrain.

The HELL was that?

When the burst of unlight dies back, a large mech is standing where the blob was.

A Valcion! So Archer WAS a DC spy!

"That idiot's son unleashed the virus? HAHAHAHA!!!! I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. He's certainly not on our roster, though I can't argue against his results "

Rightie-o, then...  maybe he's NOT a traitor.

"Exactly. Just a fool. Now die."

Jaybee spins out of the way of a second faux cross smasher blast. The chevron across his face mask shifts into a sharper, more agressive angle.

You know what I hate about Valcions? They inspire overconfidence. Especially FAKE ones.

"What was that?"

You're trying to psyche me out. And doing it poorly.

Jaybee's wings dissipate, and he  drops to the ground. He presses both palms flat against the ground, then jerks the ground up. A shockwave ripples forward, terminating in a wall of spikes that slams forward into the Valcion, knocking it to the ground. As it falls, it shrivels a bit, until it stands roughly twice as high as the more human inhabitants of the cyberscape. As Jaybee rises, a protrusion grows out of his right forearm's armor. His left hand grabs it and pulls, and draws out a sapphire katana. The sword is an almost comical 8 feet long, with a strong aura of blue energy extending about a foot from the blade. He wraps both hands around the hilt and adopts a combat stance.


Jaybee runs towards the digital Valcion facsimile, the katana raised back over his shoulder.
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