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Author Topic: AGGF arc 3 & 4  (Read 367179 times)
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Ash Rudel
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« Reply #675 on: February 07, 2009, 01:50:13 PM »

After the party ending Ash made his way back to the Tsubasa. Keeping away from the hanger, he made his way to his "room". Leaving his bike outside the door, he sit his helment on his bed as Momotaros appeared

Momotaros: (laughing) Way to kick his ass kid.

Ash: I learned from the best Momo.

Momotaros: (points to himself) Damn straight you did.

Ash: (looks around) Where's Kintaros and Ryu?

Momotaros: (crosses his arms and leans against the wall) Kuma fell asleep in the hanger, and the brat is coloring with his new playmate.

Ash: I see. Good to see everyones getting along here. (looks at his wrist) Ura, I know you've been awake this whole time, so I'll cut you a deal. Don't hit on Haruka for a week and you can get out.

Urataros: Deal!

Ash: Alright, you cab come out. (shakes his wrist and Urataros falls out materalzing on the floor)

Urataros: (stands up and fixes his tie) Sempai, Ashy-boy. (nods and walks out of the room)

Ash/Momotaros: (both look at each other) HAHAHAHAHHA

Momotaros: Oi, boy you heard the mecha otaku girls pissed right?

Ash: I figured as much judging by Derek's Val Kai.

Momotaros: Good, then you won't mind if do this. (Jumps into Ash)

Ash: Damn it momo!!!

Moment's later M-Ash steps outside of the room, now dressed in a pair of black leather pants, a red t-shirt and a biker's jacket. Poping his knuckles he rests a wooden sword on his shoulder.

M-Ash: Don't worry boy, i'm just gonna barrow your body for a bit. We've been here long enough and I still havn't had a chance to fight blue boy. (snickers) And when that girls done with him, he'll be looking for a good fight.
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« Reply #676 on: February 07, 2009, 04:02:55 PM »

~Aoi Tsubasa Hangar~

*Around one of the corners of the hangar, a curious sight appears. Derek's visor, tied onto a lead pipe with a piece of string. The visor is held out around the corner for several seconds, before being shook a little, to test any responses. After about ten seconds of nothing happening, the visor is pulled back around the corner.*

Masaki: *With his back to Derek, checking the hallway behind them* "We'll tie it to a pipe and see if she attacks it." Brilliant plan there, D. SO MUCH finesse and grace required for that.

Derek: *Unties his visor from the pipe and puts it back on quickly* Hey, it was either that or make good on my promise to use you as a shield. I figured this plan was a little less painful.

Masaki: Yeah, I guess. Alright, let's go find her. *Walks past Derek and turns the corner* I don't see why you're that worried. I mean, she can't still be--

*Andoh suddenly stops talking at the same time a large THUMP sound is heard, like a body falling to the ground. Derek winces involuntarily in response.*

Derek: *To himself* I should run right now, and not let Masaki's sacrifice be in vain. *Shakes his head* Too bad Cybuster doesn't have that kind of credibility with me. *Turns the corner, hands up* I surrender, don't shoot.

*As Derek turns the corner, he's met with Alexis standing over Masaki, who, in the span of three seconds, has already managed to get tied up and gagged, in addition to a large lump on his head and swirly eyes.*

Derek: The urge to sweatdrop is overwhelming....

Alexis: *Brandishes her wrench threateningly* Hello, Derek-sama. I wanted to talk to you.

Derek: Y-yeah, I gathered that.....

Alexis: *Takes a step forward*

Derek: *Takes a step back* Wait just a second now! I've got something for you. *Pulls a box of pocky out of his pocket and holds it out for her*

Alexis: *Stops as she sees the pocky* Eh?

Derek: *Quickly moves forward, deposits it in her hand, and backs off* Vanilla flavor too. Your favorite, right?

Alexis: *Checks it* Yeah....but....

Derek: And I didn't forget to say it.....*Claps his hands together in front of him*....Gomen nasai?

*Alexis considers the words spoken to her, looking between the box of pocky in her hands and Derek for a minute, She finally pockets the pocky, jumps forward, and glomps Derek.*

Alexis: Aw, I can't ever stay mad at you, Derek-sama!

Derek: *Sighs in relief even through the glomp* Thank Luna for that....*Nods over to Masaki* Is he gonna be okay?

Alexis: *Lets go of Derek, walks over to Masaki, and pokes him in the head* Masa-chan? Daijoubu?

Masaki: *@_@* Aaaaah.....hold it right there.....Shu.....This time....I'm gonna......

Derek: He'll be fine. Anyway, what did you need me for?

Alexis: *Turns to Derek and pumps her fist into the air* I wanted to let you know, Proto-R's ready!

Derek: Already? With everything else that's been going on?Where the hell have you been finding time to sleep?

Alexis: Fuyume-chan and Ha-chan keep finding me asleep down here. I haven't been back up to my room in two days. *Blushes a little* Ha-chan told me I need a bath, too....

Derek: *Scratches the back of his head* Yeah, I wasn't gonna say anything, but....*Shrugs* If you know, you know. Go clean up first.

Alexis: Eh? Demo....

Derek: You told me it's ready because you want to give it a test run, right?

Alexis: Hai...

Derek: You won't be supervising it from here, you'll be doing it from the bridge. And considering that, it's a pretty safe bet that Haruka will hate me far less if you don't have oil in your hair or smell like instant ramen and reactor coolant. Okay?

Alexis: Hai, Derek-sama. I'll let you know when I'm ready, then.

*As Alexis walks off, Derek scratches his head and sighs again.*

Derek: I don't trust anyone else with some of these machines, but the girl takes even less care of herself than I do, sometimes. Gotta keep reminding her that she's not living on the street anymore. And she really does look cute when she's cleaned up....*Looks over at Masaki, then walks over and unties him*....Deadbeat lost boys say what?

Masaki: *Still @_@*.....What....?

Derek: Ah, you'll be fine. Eventually. *Stands back up* Now, to find something to kill some time....
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dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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« Reply #677 on: February 07, 2009, 06:24:54 PM »

Entering his room, Andrew discovered that he had a large amount of messages waiting for him

Message 1: Domina: "We got your message call us back, bye."
Message 2: Domina: "I thought this would be a better time, but I guess it isn't. Bye."
Message 3: Domina: "Where are you anyway. I know you don't go out that often. Call me back, bye."
Message 4: Domina: "Alright you have a social life now. I get it. I need you to call me back, soon."
Message 5: Domina: "Listen here. I have something I have to tell you, and I need to tell it to you directly. Where are you?"
Message 6: Domina: "Alright, you SOB, WHERE ARE YOU?!? I've been trying for several days to get a hold of you, so the least you can do is answer."
Message 6: Domina: "That's it! If you won't answer then I'm going to go there and find you. See you soon."
Message 7: Kelvina: "We heard about what happened in Russia. Don't worry about Domina, I was able to calm her down and convince her not to go, through methods I'd rather not discuss. Talk to you later."

After hearing those messages Andrew needed to sit down I feel like I dodged a bullet there. I wonder what she had to tell me, anyway.
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Ash Rudel
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« Reply #678 on: February 07, 2009, 08:49:02 PM »

(OOC: This week on Joint post threater)

M-Ash runs around the ship trying to find Derek, looking all over until he finds him on the deck. Catching his breath and regaining his composer he raises his wooden sword and points it at Derek

M-Ash:  Hey Blue-boy, I've been looking all over for you.  It's bout time you and me had a match.

Derek: *Turns and glances behind him* Hmm? Oh, hey Momo. Eh, sure. I need to kill some time.

M-Ash: (pops his knuckles) I'm glad you agree with me. This will be goo…(his body starts to shake) Damn…Not before it even starts…. (Momotaros comes flying out of Ash's body)

Ash: Damn it Momo, I hate when you do that. You wanna play with Derek, do it yourself.

Momotaros: Fine. (looks at Derek) Oi, Blue-boy, name your game.

Derek: *Thinks about it for a second* Hmm....I have to admit, a real fight wouldn't be as fun with you like that.... How about a practice match, then?

Momotaros: Fine fine. (pops his shoulder) Surprised your fangirl didn't leave any scratches on you.

Derek: *Shrugs* I run like hell when she's mad at me, but I DO know how to calm her down. Besides, you shoulda seen Cybuster. Went down in three seconds flat.

Ash: Feel bad for Masaki. (crosses his arms behind his head) Something tells me I don't want to be near this "practice match," so I'm going to go take a nap. (starts to walk off) Don't kill each other.

Momotaros: I'm getting tired of waiting, what's your game blue-boy? But let me warn you, I don't do any cheap shots, from start to finish I'm already at the climax.

Derek: Yeah, yeah, I know your speech. Let's see... Since I don't feel like having my skull caved in if you manage a lucky hit, we'll use practice gear. First one to land, say, two hits wins. Sound good?

Momotaros: Sounds easy enough. (waves his hand) Ready when you are.

Derek: Right. *Taps his comm* Hey Fuyume, Momotaros and I are gonna have a sparring match on the deck. Can you bring us some practice weapons?

Fuyume: *Appears almost instantly, holding color-coded shinais in each hand* Hai, Derek-sama! Here they are!

Momotaros: (takes the red one) Thanks. (ruffles Fuyume's hair a bit) Now stay back and watch me take him out.

Derek: *Takes the blue one* Thank you, Fuyume-chan. Step back, and watch Momo here eat his words.

Fuyume:*Nods and moves away from the two* Ganbaru, Momo-chan, Derek-sama!

Derek: Thanks. *Swings his shinai around and holds it in his left hand, like a sheathed weapon* Ready?

Momotaros: (gets in a similar stance as Derek) Let me show you my Histasu attack, part 1.

Urataros: (appears between the two swordsmen) Very well then, I shall act as referee.

Derek: *Nods* Fine by me.

Momotaros: Just stay out of the way Kame.

Urataros: Alright. Gentleman. (looks at them both) And i use that term loosely. FIGHT! (jumps back)

Momotaros: (Jumps upward and smashes his shinai at Derek's head)

Derek: *Immediately brings his shinai up into an underhand guard to block, then continues his momentum to swing at Momo horizontally*

Momotaros: (pushes back, landing back on the ground) You're making this interesting after all. (rushes at Derek dragging his shinani across the ground) But my bloods not boiling yet.

Derek: Heh. Likewise, I'm just getting warmed up! *Flips his shinai around, before rushing at Momo with an overhead swing*

Momotaros: (throws up his shinai quickly, barely blocking Derek's shot) Good. We see eye to ey on this one. (starts trying to push Derek back)

Urataros: Would one of you just hit the other one already.

Momotaros/Derek: SHUT UP KAME!

Derek: The kame-yarou's right, though. We should get this going. *Smirks, just before spinning to his left to Momo's side, letting his shinai go slack as the AI passes him, before swinging back around with a hit aimed across Momo's shoulder blades*

Momotaros: (turns around quickly letting the shot hit him in the chest) A real swordman dosn't take a shot in the back.

Urataros: Point, Barona

Fuyume: *Now wearing a pink cheerleader's outfit and holding blue pompoms* Yay, yay! Go Derek-sama, go!

Derek: *Steps back a few paces, slinging his shinai over his shoulder* Hmm, I underestimated you a bit. Thought you were just a brawler.

Momotaros: (pops his shoulder) Sure I like to brawl, I can tell you do to. (puts his shinai near his waist) Come.

Derek: *Flips his shinai down into a sheathed position* Giving me the first move this time, huh? How generous. *Charges forward, pulling the shinai into a straight vertical position as he moves in*

Momotaros: DASH! (quickly draws his shinai taking a quick step forward, and smacking Derek in the wrist)

Urataros: Point, Sempai?!

Fuyume: *Flips the pompoms around so that they're red* Yay, yay, Go Momo-chan, go!

 Derek: Tch. *Passes by before turning around and resheathing his shinai* That would have taken my whole hand in a real fight. Shows how much more I need to train.

Momotaros: My bad, next time I'll aim for your head. (rests his shinai on his shoulder) Or maybe i should just work on your hair first?

Fuyume: ....Momo-chan said a bad thing.

Derek:....I was gonna say that I'm impressed, but now you just went and ticked me off a little. So I'll settle for kicking your ass instead. *Shifts his stance slightly so his right foot is in front* Round 3.

Momotaros: Final point. But I should let you now,(tosses his shinai to his right hand) I not left handed

Derek: Fair enough. So I should warn you, then. *Leans back into a ready stance with his right hand on the grip* Neither am I.

Momotaros: (grins as he dashes forward and thrusts his sword at Derek's chest)

Derek: *Smirks as he dashes and draws his shinai into a slash at Momo's midsection*

*As the two shinais collide they end up flying in the air, blow smacking Urataros in the face. Without a moment's hesatation Momotaros and Derek turn towards each other, Drawing back  punching each other in the face*

Fuyume: *Immediately flips one pompom around so it's blue and raises them both up* Cross-Counter!

Momotaros: (gritting his teeth) You're a bastard blue-boy, I like that.

Derek: *Grins at that* You're not too shabby yourself, oni. You sure we didn't plan this just to hit the turtle?

Momotaros: (laughs) You catch on quick to eh?

Derek: I still owed him for Haruka. *Lets go of the cross-counter and steps back* You're pretty damn good, Momo. I haven't had this much of a workout in ages.

Momotaros: (pops his jaw) Then you would of liked the Old man then. Now he was crazy.

Derek: *Laughs a little* If you guys and Ash are an indication, I bet he was. We'll have to do this again sometime.

Momotaros: Fine, but next time i'm taking you down blue boy.

Derek: Hah! You aren't the first to say that, and you won't be the last. *Holds his hand out* Any time you want to go at it again, let me know. I'll keep the bamboo sticks ready.

Momotaros: (slaps his hand) Good. Now lets go drink till we can't see colors anymore. (looks at Fuyume) Girl, Coffee.

Fuyume: *Has switched into a waitress outfit with coffee in hand* Hai! One Momo-chan special!

Momotaros: (takes the coffee, and blows some of the steam off) Arigato. (takes a long sip) Now thats a good cup of coffee.

Derek: *Checks his comm* And that's my cue to go. I'll catch you guys later. *Turns and heads inside*

Fuyume: I'm coming too Derek-sama. *follows behind him*

Momotaros: (finishes his coffee, then grabs Urataro's by the leg) Let's go see what the brats up to Kame.

Urataros: (being dragged along) The irony of this is astounding.

Momotaros: Ah, shut up before I throw you overboard.
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« Reply #679 on: February 08, 2009, 11:35:36 AM »

OoC: Don't be sorry, Gai, my mistake.  And now for the strangest character ever introduced as an enemy is probably just about anything.

(Three days ago, at an unspecified Neo DC Base, two unspecified officers are slacking off and drinking whiskey together)

Unspecified DC Officer 1: And then we haven't gotten the chain out since!  Ah, ha ha!  I'm tellin' ya, man.

Unspecified DC Officer 2: I think your jokes might be better if they weren't just punchlines, Unspecified DC Officer 1.

Unspecified DC Officer 1: No, but it was like, a chain of fate, and-

Unspecified DC Officer 2: Just no.  That's not deep.  Not at-

Unspecified DC Officer 1: Sc-screw you, man... that was good, admit it.

Unspecified DC Officer 2: Uhhhh... Yeah, so, you heard about that Commander Crisp guy, right?

Unspecified DC Officer 1: Who?  Oh, yeah, riight...  dat's... that's the one in the old pilot suit, right?  Th' Brazilian...

Unspecified DC Officer 2: We've gotta give him someone.  Our best pilot.

Unspecified DC Officer 1: Whadda-what?  You serious?

Unspecified DC Officer 2: It's ridiculous.  We don't have the luxury to be starting side projects.  I don't hav-

Unspecified DC Officer 1: Hold - hold on, buddy... don't worry 'bout a thing.  I got jus' the guy, an' this really works out fer us.

Unspecified DC Officer 2: Really?  I guess I owe you one.

(Fast forward to present time, a DC-owned building in Belarus.  Commander Crisp, a man encased head-to-toe in an old jet-fighter's suit, sits at a fairly sturdy round table in a small room with a map on the wall behind him.  Despite his apparel, he wears DC officer sleeves proudly, and at his hip rests a silver pocketwatch and revolver - this is a man who cares about appearances.

Perched on the top of another chair is a small, green-plumed parakeet, who preens his feathers with his beak.)

Crisp: I thought I told someone to bring in the recruit.

(Suddenly, the parakeet turns its head ninety degrees - not facing Crisp, but looking at him.  It begins to speak, but its voice is low and raspy like a mercenary's.)

Parakeet: Yer' lookin' at him, Tin Man.  Th' name's Verde.  Now, tell me who I gotta kill, pops.

(Although the visor covered most of Crisp's face, his mouth was visible as he bit his lip during an extended silence.)

Crisp: I suppose this would explain the personal special configuration for your Barrelion cockpit.  I take it that the DC hasn't been able to utilize you particularly well.

Verde: You k'n say that again, boss.  But if y'say it too many times, an' try to get me t'a learn the words, I'll cut you and yer' whole family.  I'm a familiar, I ain' no bird, goddit?

Crisp: You do understand that you're threatening a superior officer.  If you have the skills, I have no issue with you being the first member of this team, but this is war, and I need to be able to rely on you.

Verde: If you pay the bills, I'll do whaddever ya say, boss.  Unless it involv's crackers.

Crisp: According to the papers, your skills are top notch, but you're prone to... "biting" and looking up and down at yourself in a mirror.

Verde: We ain' none of us perfect.

Crisp: You know who we're up against, right?

Verde: Some real heavy boppers.  The AGGF.  Yea', I heard o' them.  I'll take care of 'em for ya.

Crisp: You're hired.  From this day forward, you are a member of the Anti-AGGF Garrison Force, or the AAGF.  Now, if you-  Are you-?

(Verde cuts Crisp a fairly hard look as he lights up a full-sized cigarette in his beak with his talon)

Verde: Yeah, wanna make something of it?

Crisp: ...Dismissed.
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Tell no one
Sume Gai
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« Reply #680 on: February 08, 2009, 06:19:54 PM »

After the return and finishing his drink Gai did something rather unusual he returned to his quarters and tried to sleep.  it was most unusual because as a cyborg he needed little to no sleep.  as he slept a dream that he had hoped long since dispelled came to him.

In a room decorated like a laboratory but with screens surrounding the walls stand two people. On the screens a Gundam X is shown darting about as a Large Black Psycho Gundam follows.  One of the people is easily recognized as Gai several years younger and the other is one that most of the AGGF would recognize as Dr. Rodriguez; Gai has a gun leveled at the man across from him.

Rodriguez  "Go ahead shoot me if you're willing to let all of them die."

Gai :"Damn you!"

Rodriguez: "If I die the gas will be released but.... if you stay here... your friend will die"

Rodriguez nods nonchalantly at one of the monitors as the X evades another blast from the Psycho's Finger Beam cannons.

Rodriguez (smiles): "Of course if -she- keeps fighting like that we'll all die when the colony collapses.  So how are we to die? such fun isn't it?"

Gai can do nothing but grit his teeth; he was weighing the lifes of the 2 million in the colony vs his old friend but then something changed outside.  On the monitors the GX drew it's powerful saber and charged the raging machine.  It's pilot skillfully evaded another pair of blasts that scorched the ground around him and jumped 'skyward'. 

The X brought it's saber down at the massive black head, cutting deeply into it, but the Psycho retaliated It's hand raised and fired a powerful blast into the X's lower chest.  It was a tie mutual destruction.

Gai: "NiCK!?"

Rodriguez: "oh my, seems he's dead"

Gai tightened his grip and glared coldly at Rodriguez

Gai: "you'll pay for this"

Rodriguez: "you'll have to catch me first"

the doctor Began to Glow and then vanished entirely as his built-in Fold system spirited him far away.
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« Reply #681 on: February 08, 2009, 07:57:12 PM »

As Matt's healing continued, he gained some lucidity, though couldn't feel anything going on or gain any awareness of his surroundings thanks to the nanomachines and ether healing.  Of course, he began to think.  AGGF's got at least one enemy infiltrator, allied with the Neo DC.  How else could that communicator be planted in the Strike's cockpit?  I'll tell Gai bout the rat, as a parting gift, but maybe that Brazilian guy was right.  Maybe I am on the wrong side, if I'm getting Rider Kicked and nearly killed as a subordinate, and nobody cares.  Apparently, attempted murder of a squadmate is acceptable here, so I'm better off elsewhere.  I'll tell them to drop me in the town nearest the Belarus airbase, and tell them I have a penpal around there who can get me a job.  At the very least, they did promise me transport to anywhere in the Earth Sphere.  I'll just remind Gai of that if I have to.  He didn't think much more before losing consciousness again, drifting off into another dreamless slumber.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned section of the base...

???: Damnit!  That kid actually took the offer?  I'm surprised.  He stayed nice to those guys even after the cyborg nearly killed him!  Can I return to base yet?

Crisp: You know your assignment, and no, you can't come back yet.  Just be careful.  After all, if they'd do that to one of their own, imagine what they'd do to an enemy spy...

???: Yes, sir.  If the kid's as bright as you say, he already knows that there's an enemy in their midst.

Crisp: You think he'll rat you out?

???: Even if he does, nobody would pay enough attention to look into it.  They're idiots.

Crisp: Very well.  Continue as before.
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Ash Rudel
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« Reply #682 on: February 09, 2009, 04:23:32 AM »

Making his way back to his room, taro’s free. He laid down on his bed and stared up at the ceiling. Desperate for sleep that just wouldn’t come; His mind began to drift to thoughts of the last few weeks. After only having the taros as company for a long time he was finally around over people. A bunch of crazy, loose-cannons, but they all seem to be good at heart. Expect Archer, and sadly he just doesn’t get it. 

Did it really get bad enough to rider kick him?

In short, he thought to himself, yes. After having to help clean up his mess and the way he ignore the other pilots, it was the right thing to do.  Gai warned him, Derek warned him, and I warned him. Yet he stayed in his own little world while his comrades’ lives were on the line. That is no way for someone to act around here.

But am I really any better…

His mind quickly started to replay the battles he’s had up till now. Trying to one up Derek with 21, racing Masaki even thought he know he’d probably loose, reclaiming his bunker, and most recently the strike against the Neo-DC.  He had shown up out of nowhere in the middle of a battle, quoting his grandfather and blasting DC troops to high hell. 

What’s next? Where do I go from here?

Slowly, but surely sleep finally caught up the young pilot, as he began to close his eyes a faint image of a girl appeared as his eye lids became heavy. He reached his hand upward, almost as if trying to grab the image as it faded. His arm fell beside him as his body finally gave out to sleep.  A single word escaped his lips as his mind drifted into the blackness of dreams.


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« Reply #683 on: February 09, 2009, 10:50:51 PM »

Somewhere in the Armory, just past GINN Canyon, a black Blowsperior rests in a clearing. Jaybee leans against a crate, sipping a can of Petit Cola as a vending machine wanders off, shouting "Cora! Cora!" to the vast expanse of crates and maintainence 'bots. He's shed his body armor and is wearing a denim jacket over a t-shirt and a worn pair of jeans.

Ahhh... that's good stuff.
We really need to figure out who the DC has on the inside here. But they're too damn good at covering their tracks. I can't find any evidence they even have someone here.

A few feet away, a young woman in a simple sweatsuit sits in a fold-up chair, next to a hovercycle with a bottle of water.

"So why are you even sure they HAVE someone here?"

Jaybee sighs.
You're not thinking, Shara.

"Excuse me for not being paranoid."

Remember the virus incident? That was PLANNED by the DC. It got bungled to Hell and back before our boy Archer fixed it for them.

"So Archer's the spy. Kick him out an exterior hatch so we can all be rid of him. "

Under normal circumstances I'd agree, but our suspect is covering his tracks. Archer's doing a hell of a good job ATTRACTING suspicion, so at best he's a decoy to distract us from whoever the REAL threat is.

But he basically told us we had a spy as soon as he came aboard, so I'm fairly sure he's clean.

"I don't remember that. Why are you defending that idiot?"

Because he's innocent, of this charge at least. It was right after our sim run in the Gunbuster. He started talking about the thing like it was common knowledge.

"Oh, that. Wasn't that one of your handlers keeping tabs on you?"

Jaybee chucks his empty can at Shara. She snatches it out of the air and flips it over her shoulder.

No, it wasn't my "handlers." For one, I don't HAVE handlers.

"You could probably use some, though."

Jaybee ignores the shot and keeps talking.

Two, Archer doesn't have any Phantoms connections.
And three, being a Phantom won't get you information about the Gunbuster. I tried.

"Really? That's a damn scary mech on it's own. Throwing some cloak-and-dagger crap around it doesn't help."

Yeah. I know. You could probably write an entire holoseries about the Gunbuster. A long-running one, too.
But that's not the point. The point is he got this information from his father's computer. A base commander shouldn't have had access to anything even MENTIONING the Gunbuster. The initial investigation pointed towards a simple, if tremendous, clerical error. But since we know his father was with the DC now, it was likely far more sinister than that.

"You're saying he got our mech roster from the DC? But that would mean the spy was there long before.... oh."

Exactly. We never did find who hacked his security clearance on the UN Spacey side, OR who fed him information from our side. On our side, I'm pretty sure one of our mechanics is crooked, given the sort of information he had. But I can't pin it down to anyone.

"So THAT'S why you're always down there during maintanence cycles. "

It wouldn't be the first time we've had this sort of problem. Sadly, we have way too much turnaround on our crew to keep security as tight as I'd like it.
But I've always believed in keeping the mechanics on your good side anyways. I know my way around a tool box, so I may as well pitch in.

"You were on a repair crew?"
Shara laughs softly.
" I have a hard time picturing you in a mechanic position."

Naw. I'm not support crew material.
I've done a few zero-support missions, though. Not with anything as complex as a VF-1, but give me an old  Spartan and a plasma torch and I can have that baby running like the day she rolled off the assembly line.

Shara rolls her eyes.
"Right, right. You're the master of everything. I got that, you can quit bragging."

Hey, you asked.
Anyways, we should probably head back. I didn't pack a lunch, and that vending machine is long gone. 'Sides, you know how gossip starts.

"This is a nice little corner you've got yourself here. I wouldn't have pegged you for the brooding anti-social type."

I can't even hear myself think sometimes with all the antics going on out there. Alexis is on a rampage trying to club people to death with a crescent wrench last I heard.

"Aww, is you scared of da widdle girl?"

Deathly. Now c'mon.

Slapping on the last of his body armor, Jaybee starts up the Blowsperior, pops a wheelie, and drives off. A few moments later, Shara's hoverbike heads after him.

A few minutes later, the air in the clearing shimmers and wavers for a moment before regaining it's usual state of air-ness.
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« Reply #684 on: February 10, 2009, 01:15:19 PM »

Due to having nothing to do, Sakura started wandering the base trying to find something to do when she found out that her mother is calling her. Wondering why her mother was calling her Sakura made her way to the communications room.

Artesia: Sakura I'm calling you because Nadesico and Aria are heading to the AGGF's HQ to join up with you for the time being because I've got a bad feeling and I don't want to have them here when hell breaks loose.

I understand why you're sending them here but, are you sure that you won't need any extra help?

Artesia: Don't worry, I've called a couple of old friends to help me out. I mainly want them out of here because the mansion isn't easy to defend. They both have mobile suits so they're armed.

Are they due soon?

Artesia: They'll be there in a couple of hours.

I'll see them then, I hope you stay well until we talk again mother. I'll take care of them. Love you.

Artesia: Love you too and stay safe.

Having ended the call with her mother, Sakura went to inform Either Gai, JayBee or Derek that two more people will be at the base.
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Things can always get worse...
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« Reply #685 on: February 10, 2009, 02:13:12 PM »

~Aoi Tsubasa Central Hangar~

Alexis: Well, what do you think of it so far, Derek-sama?

*Derek looks up at the machine, an unreadable look on his face. The mech itself stands about as tall as any standard Gundam model, though a bit thinner than most, due to the obviously mismatched and unfinished metalic grey armor along the torso and arms. Several sections along the arms are, in fact, missing, and there aren't any shoulder pads to speak of at all. In contrast, the legs are totally finished, and painted the exact same shade of blue as the GM-R. Considering that they actually ARE, in fact, the GM-R's legs, it isn't that surprising to see. The body armor, though striped down the sides in blue, is also lacking in completion similar to the arms, without even any kind of jets or vernier placement on the back. The head would be in similar condition, however, were it not for a visor identical to Derek's covering the eye cameras. All in all, it certainly looks like a half-finished prototype mobile suit, while still maintaining that certain Blue Wings style.*

Derek:....I feel like I should be concerned that you cannibalized my GM-R for spare parts.

Alexis: Sorry, Derek-sama. Do you want me to put them back?

Derek: Nah, it's fine. I think....It's probably time I started moving on, anyway. *Chuckles a little* At least, I know that's what Haruka would say.

Alexis: *Nods* Okay, Derek-sama.

Derek: Alright, so is there anything else we need to do before starting this?

Alexis: *Shakes her head* Just climb in, and turn it on. Your Shishio Blade is right over there, so go ahead and grab it on your way out to the deck.

Derek: Alright. Let's get this started, then.

~Aoi Tsubasa Deck~

*Several minutes later, the Proto-R unit walks out onto the deck, Shishio at it's side. It stops on the center of the deck.*

Alexis: *Over the comm* Are you ready, Derek-sama?

Derek: *Standing in a trace cockpit* Any time. I wasn't expecting you to adopt the mobile trace system so readily, though.

Alexis: It works for the initial version, but try not to push it too hard. This whole test is to see what the motion control system can handle, for now.

Derek: Gotcha.

Alexis: Now, whenever you're ready.

Derek: *Nods* Let's see what BWZ can do, then. Proto-R, activate!
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dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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Jaybee finds Sakura and, after the situation is explained...

You want us to babysit? Wait, they have mechs?!?! You want to put them on the front lines?!?!?!

Sakura, do you remember when that Grungust bootleg showed up last time? I believe it one-shotted you. What do you think will happen if the pilot comes knocking again?

I cannot in good conscience approve this. We are possibly the single unsafest place on Earth right now.

Jaybee pauses as something sinks in..

Wait... you said they're already on their way, didn't you?
Granas help us all...


Has your family ever heard of calling before they come to visit?

I've got half a mind to load them onto a shuttle and send them back the way they came as soon as they get here. I may still do it after they have a meal and get some rest.

I'm not going to lock them out when they get here, but...
If they DO stay, and I make no guarantees, they most certainly will NOT be participating in any combat.

And in the future, your family should probably ask BEFORE they come to visit. Are we clear on this?
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Jay I actually agree with you on this. Normally I wouldn't accept them during times like this but, something has my mother seriously spooked if she sending my sisters here of all places. She has over a dozen places for our family to hide on earth and in space so if she's sending them here something's very wrong.

pausing for a second, Sakura pulls out a disc

This is the complete record of my family's history including my parent's war record including which sides they were on. There's also enough there to get me executed via firing squad. It's all the dark secrets that my family has.

I understand if you don't want them to stay however, I am going to keep an eye on them so if they leave so do I
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Things can always get worse...
Ash Rudel
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« Reply #688 on: February 11, 2009, 09:18:38 AM »

Ash slowly opened his eyes as his status screen appeared. He mental began checking over his cybernetics, seeing everything was ok, he slowly got out of bed. Normally he would of wanted more then a quick nap, but sleeping around the Tsubasa usally ended up meaning trouble. He tapped his wrist as he grabed his normal gear

Ash: Momo, come in.

Momotaros: (voice comes over his com) What?

Ash: Are you four keeping out of trouble?

Momotaros: What do you think....(pauses) Smartass.

Ash: (ties on his scarf) Where are you four anyway?

Momotaros: In the hanger. Brats drawing pictures of the crew, Kame and I are playing poker.

Ash: (throws on his jacket and clicks it together) Kintaros not with you three?

Momotaros: Stupid bear fell asleep when you told him to wait.

Ash: (sighs and picks up his helment) I'll  be right there.

Walking out of his room he makes his way towards the hanger. Still trying to shrug off the dream he had, he punches the wall sliightly, making a  dent. Looking from side the side, he quickly picks up a piece of sheet metal sitting in the hall and leans it against the wall. Before running like hell to the hanger.

Ash: (walks into the hanger) Yo.

Momotaros: (throws down a couple of cards not looking) You want in?

Ash: Nah. (walks past them and looks at the type 3 parts) I think i'm going to work on whats left of that drill knuckle.

Ryutaros: (walks up to Ash) Ni-san look look. (holds up a picture) You think Blue-san, Ha-chan, Lexy-chan and Fuyume-chan will like my picture?

Ash: (looks at the picture, then pats Ryutaros on the head) It's fine Ryu. (looks again) Where's Masaki?

Ryutaro: I drew him, but he got lost.

Ash: ..... (hands the drawing back) Wake up Kintaros soon, or he'll sleep all day. (walks over to his tools and looks at the drill knuckle) Time to get cracking on that.
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Obachan said this.....My evolution is faster than the light. Nothing in the whole universe can keep up with my evolution.
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~Aoi Tsubasa Deck~

*For a few minutes, the Proto-R does a few simple movement excercises, focusing naturally on the arms and body.*

Alexis: *Over the loudspeaker* Okay, Derek-sama. No problems from 25% synchro so far. How does it feel?

Derek: *Also loudspeaking* Slow as hell, but I guess that's the point of these beta versions. And you said the glitches I'm getting ARE within the projections?

Alexis: Yup! Some of the connections aren't quite finished yet, but I needed to see if they worked at all before I went any further.

Derek: *Shrugs* Fair enough. At least most of the sensor set seems to be working. I guess I had the right idea putting some of this stuff into the 'Scythe when I had the chance.

Alexis: Yeah, the data from that really helped me out. The arms, too. We're only testing the movement controls now, but since we've tested the equipment designs in advance, I won't have to spend extra time working on it later on.

Derek: Freelance work at it's finest. *Moves his shoulder around a little bit* Alright, I'm warmed up.

Alexis: Okay. Increase synchro rate to 30%, and we'll work on reaction speed. Are you ready?

Derek: Yeah. Synchro rate, 30%. Ready for next phase--GUH!!

*Without any warning, the Proto-R lurches forward as if struck, while several areas across the exterior suddenly spark a bit in reaction.*

Alexis: !!!! Derek-sama! Are you okay?! Derek-sama!

Derek: need to shout. *Straightens up and puts a hand to his stomach* Gah...Damn, that force feedback hurts. And this is the unfinished version, too....

Alexis: Hmm....I guess the system can't take any more output as it is. But that's okay, Derek-sama! We're already at double the expected limit, so it's no problem.

Derek: Good to know. If I'm gonna be a lab rat, I at least get to be the one that accomplishes something before being set on fire.

Alexis: Uh huh. That's enough for today then, I guess. We can start working on the rest later. Come on back in, Derek-sama.

Derek: Sure. Might as well...*Something on the far end of his peripheral vision moves*,,,,Huh?

????: *Loudly, over a loudspeaker* Aw, you're done already?

*Without any further warning than the man's voice, a mobile suit suddenly bursts into the air from the treeline at the edge of the base perimeter, and blasts forwards at incredible speed.*

????: Don't go in yet, Barona. This party's just getting STARTED!!!

Derek: What the--GAH!!

*Derek has just enough time to turn and spot what appears to be a green GP-01fb model headed straight for him before it crashes into him, wraps it's arms around his shoulders, and takes off with him just as quickly as it appeared.*

Alexis: DEREK-SAMA!!!!

????: Sorry, but I already asked for this dance. But you can enjoy the party anyway. Light 'em up, boys!

*As soon as the green mech leaves the HQ airspace with the Proto-R in tow, a squad of 50 Guarlions move onto the scene from the direction he left in, while another two groups of 50 Lion Vs each appear on opposite sides of the perimeter headed for the base and opening fire at will.*

~Aoi Tsubasa Hangar~

Masaki: *Had just walked into the hangar in time to see Derek get jacked* Son of a BITCH! Kuro! Shiro!

Kuro: Ready, meow!

Shiro: Let's go, meow!

Masaki: *Jumps into the Cybuster* Bridge, you hear me? What the hell just happened?!?

Alexis:*Over the comm* That machine just swooped in and kidnapped Derek-sama!

Masaki: I saw that part! Any idea why?

Haruka: *Over the comm* It doesn't matter, he left friends behind! Take care of them!

Masaki: *Nods* Got it! Cybuster, launching!
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dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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