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Author Topic: AGGF arc 3 & 4  (Read 371335 times)
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Ash Rudel
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« Reply #720 on: February 12, 2009, 10:06:19 AM »

The 21 crossed it's arms as Ash pondered the situation. Seeing the others take off, he wanted to go with him, but then another thought crossed his mind. Seeing Haruka and Alexis take off in a transport ship, something sparked in the young pilots mind.

Ash: Who the hell is watching the ship? (looks over and sees the ten Lion-F  drones in formation around it) Ah, drones.  Alright boys We're going to go babysit the Tsubasa from the inside.

Momotaros: But we we're just getting to the good parts.

Ryutaros: I didn't even get to shoot yet.

Ash: There there guys, we'll have more fun later.

Switching back to wing gust, Ash flys past the drones and lands in the hanger of the Tsubasa. Jumping out of the cockpit and landing on the ground as the Taros appear beside him

Urataros: Ashy-boy, I don't know if you noticed...But it seems a lot of those shots where coming our way today.

Ash: We'll most poeple do hate white mecha. I mean look at all the crap the gundam gets from people.

Ryutaros: Is that why you painted yours white ni-san?

Ash: No, Grandfather had this idea about white. (holds his hand up to the sky pointing) If people will fear the white devil, then they'll fear anything white.

Momotaros: What does that mean anyway?

Ash: (sratches his head) Don't know, old zeon saying I guess.

Kintaros: Outlaw-sama had many sayings Ash-sama.

Ash: (nods and walks over to a pannel and types on the keys) Urataros, keep a watch in the system. In case something bugs up, I want you to be on top of it.

Urataros: Very well then. (snaps his fingers and disappears into the system)

Momotaros: If Kames going in there, I'm keeping an eye on him.
(jumps into the system after him)

Ash: ..... (looks around) Where did Kin go?

Ryutaros: Kuma-chan said he was going to take another nap.

Ash: (sighs) Alright Ryu, looks like you can help me work on those type 3 parts.

Ryutaros: Hai hai!
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Obachan said this.....My evolution is faster than the light. Nothing in the whole universe can keep up with my evolution.
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« Reply #721 on: February 12, 2009, 10:58:49 AM »

OOC @Sakura: Links can be made like such...

[a href="targetsite.web"]text goes here[/a]

...except replace the [] with <>.

Aaand another one's done. If anyone needs me, I'll be in the sims.

Also, I can't remember what that ever-changing labyrinth under the base is called...
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« Reply #722 on: February 12, 2009, 11:44:43 AM »

After a decent amount of traveling, Sakura reached Chrome Nightmare's old base. Awaiting her at the entrance to the base was the leader in his mech The Earthquake Naga Gundam

Where are they Jaeger.

Jaeger: They're in the dorms and I locked the doors so no one can get in or out without the password. You know what it is right?

Yeah, I remember. You explain anything?

Jaeger:No I thought the winner should tell them. I left their machines in the underground hangar and I left a Tausendfuessler to transport.

Standard rules are what we are going by correct?

Jaeger: Yes, no rules really except kill your opponent anything less is insulting to our unit.

I'll abide by the rules.

As soon as Sakura finished her statement she drew her beam saber and jumped backwards outside Naga's range and launched her bees and then rushed in hoping for a solid strike. Dodging one bee and cutting down two others Jaeger swung his heat axe downwards forcing Sakura to dodge or get cleaved in two.

Jaeger: Those weapons won't work against me! Your sword and shield vs my Axe and claw!

His reaction speed! It's faster than before...  Even with super mode this will be difficult.
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Things can always get worse...
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« Reply #723 on: February 12, 2009, 07:37:50 PM »

I have you now!

Slamming the throttle to full, the VF-25 rockets over a ridge and into sight of a single bright mech

I found 'im!

Shara: "Do we need to signal for a medic?"

Not Derek. I found Masaki.

S: "You're joking."

Seriously. Masaki, say hi to the nice lady.

Masaki: "You already sent a search party? I just left!"

S: "I refuse to believe you found Masaki before Derek."

M: "What is WITH you people? It's not like I'm not a ghost or anything!"

Kid, I've seen ghosts that were easier to catch. You remain the only person in the history of everything to get lost on a GUIDED TOUR.

M: "I'm never gonna live that down, am I?"

"He's right, though, nyau."

Now stay in my sight until we catch up to Derek.
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« Reply #724 on: February 13, 2009, 11:24:12 AM »

OoC: Hey, Ianator, not to be anal, but Crisp was using a Lion F  (specified) with standard armaments (16 rockets was a misunderstanding, but 15 seems like kind of a weird number anyways); he was also one of a hundred (and one?) Neo DC troops. What's written is written, though.

(Crisp stands against a wall while a technician repairs the ASRS on his lion)

Technician: Wow, you didn't have to use ASRS.  You've burned this guy right out, hun.

Crisp: Better safe than sorry.  You should be glad you got any back.

Technician: Wait, you mean-

Crisp: So you haven't hea-

Technician: Vinsanda... no...

Crisp: I'm sorry for your loss.  He was a Guarlion pilot, wasn't he?

Technician: H-how do you...?

Crisp: He fought to the last.  When his suit exploded, I could have sworn I heard a name over the com.  I couldn't save him.
You are excused from your duty; go get some rest.

Technician: hnnff... No.

Crisp: Pardon?

Technician: No.  This is no time to cry.  He fought, and I will too.  I'll fix your Lion... and I'll fix a whole lot more than that, too... I'll fix all sorts of...

(As she walks off, Verde flaps over to Crisp)

Crisp: You're late.

Verde:  Sorry bos', I was jus' off not lyin' to widows.

Crisp: I thought I was lying, but now I'm not entirely sure.  Report.

Verde: 'S jus' like ya said, boss.  Weren't many DC mechs nowhere.  I found a real weird bunch, thoug'... I'm thinkin' they're combiners.  They-

Crisp: Take me to them.  (thinking) This is just as I thought... the shadow Mirrors didn't lift a finger in that last battle.  This bodes badly for the Neo DC - I may have another enemy... (/thinking)

Verde: Look, thes' things here.

(The Mobile armours that make up the Getter Zaku sit in the air over a pool of water, attached to the ceiling by long, thick steel cables.  Suddenly, a hand grabs Verde and squeezes him fairly tightly.  Verde procures a switchblade from Anti-Spiral knows where, and flicks it open with his talons, holding it to the man's jaw.  The man is Tenma, and he shakes Verde so that he drops the knife quite easily, which earns him a bite on the hand.)

Verde: Yer' makin' the biggest mistake of yer' life, skinsack.

Tenma: Typical dinosaur behaviour.  Just because you've evolved past scales doesn't mean I'm any less inclined to crush you into KFC, though I'm not actually sure what it is.

Serippa: They're the sponsor.  You''ve got to say their name a bunch of times.

Tenma: My brain must be getting soft from hanging around you, private.  Good to see you're feeling better.

Serippa: Something about this universe doesn't sit right with me.  They keep mentioning all this "Newtype" nonsense, and talking about "bits" or "synchro systems".  They don't announce their attacks all the time, either.  And an-

Crisp: Excuse me, gentlemen.  That's my bird.

Tenma: Who the hell are you supposed to be?  It's not Halloween, you know.

Verde: Lemme go, little man.  I've seen stronger grips from amputees.

Tenma: shut up before-

Crisp: That bird you have in your hand happens to be a soldier, and I will have you court-martialed if you continue this.

Tenma: Hrnfh.  What's with the suit.

Crisp: What's with the mask?

Tenma: Fine, I see how it is.  

Crisp: I go by "Crisp".  Now, tell me about that robot of yours...
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Tell no one
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« Reply #725 on: February 13, 2009, 02:09:35 PM »

~Western battlefield~

(Cue The Answer)

*The two machines stand facing each other, staring one another down. While the Zephyr is hovering unbothered, the Proto-R is actually breathing heavily, signifying the toll this battle is starting to take on it's pilot.*

Kanzaki: *Hasn't missed the body language* Heh. Getting tired, Derek?

Derek: *Grits his teeth and straightens his shoulders* Hardly. I'm enjoying the excercise.

Kanzaki: Good. *Charges forward* I'd hate to think you weren't having fun!!

*Derek dodges the initial thrust, then quickly ducks to avoid a quick slash at his head. Kanzaki takes the opportunity to "jump" up and bring his spear straight down, forcing Barona to roll to the side to avoid being skewered. Derek has just enough time to roll back onto his feet, however, before he's suddenly kicked in the chest and sent crashing about twenty meters away.*

Kanzaki: *Sighs, and swings his spear back around to rest on his shoulder* This is really starting to get boring. And you used to be able to kick my ass. *Shrugs* What happened, man? You used to be cool.

Derek: *Manages back onto his feet, albeit shakily* I'm...still cool. I've always been cool.

Kanzaki: Derek, you're arguing with me about whether or not you're still cool. I think that pretty much blows it for you right there.

Derek: Whatever. *Straightens himself into a stance again* Are you going to fight me, or not?

Kanzaki: *Sighs again, and scratches the back of his head* Man, what's the point? You already lost.

Derek: What?

*Without warning, the Zephyr dashes forwards again, intending on colliding with Derek. Barona goes for a defensive swing, but hesitates when he realizes that Kanzaki isn't bringing his spear around to strike. This hesitation is all it takes for the green mech to spin around and kick him in the chest again.*

Kanzaki: Now just what in the hell was that? You aren't even trying!

Derek: *Manages back onto his feet again* Grr...

Kanzaki: This is pathetic. *Slams his spear into the ground and stops hovering* This is really freaking pathetic. You had a perfect shot at me, and you blew it! You hesitated! *Walks towards Derek and stops three feet away.* C'mon, you stupid bastard. I'm right here. Hit me!

Derek: What the hell are you....?

*Without any warning, Kanzaki suddenly punches Derek straight in the face, knocking him down and making him drop the Shishio. Kicking the sword away, he then starts beating the crap out of Derek while he's down.*

Kanzaki: *While still attacking him* THIS is what I'm talking about! You used to be a freaking terror, man! Someone got in your way, pissed you off, tried to shoot you, you didn't even so much as blink. You just took 'em out. You were a guy I could respect! But now, look at you. It isn't the machine that's weak, it's you! BECAUSE YOU WON'T FIGHT ME! *Kicks him in the chest again* You used to be a cold-hearted bastard, Derek. You looked out for your own, and to hell with the rest of the world. If I'd pulled this stunt three years ago, you'd have killed me right out for it. After all, that's what you did to Rei! *Kicks him one more time, then stops* You lost that edge, man. I'm sitting here beating you to death, and you're not even trying to fight back.

Derek: Agh.... Dammit.....he's right......I'm not even trying to fight him. I'm just....

Kanzaki: *Tchs, and turns away* This isn't fun anymore. I don't see why you haven't let Rena kill you long before this. You obviously aren't the same guy we used to work for. *Looks over a little as he checks something* And my decoy drones are all wiped out, so your pals are gonna be here soon. Guess I better wrap this up. *Sighs* Man, what a let down. And here, I was hoping you wouldn't hold back BECAUSE it was me.

Derek: *Struggles on the ground, almost unable to move* Idiot....It's because it's you that I'm.....

"Never hesitate, Derek. If this is the path you've chosen, then walk it proudly. If you ever falter, if you ever let this battle break your resolve....

....Then my death will have been for nothing."

*The long forgotten voice cuts through Derek's thoughts like a knife, and the words Kanzaki has spoken finally sink in. Gritting his teeth, he begins to get to his feet, fighting through the pain coursing through his body.*

Derek: That day, that hour, that moment, that second....I'll never atone for that sin. But giving up now....That would just be letting them all down. That would be letting HER down. That would be....letting myself down. Is that what you want? Is that how you want your life to end, Derek? No...No, it isn't! Override all safety protocols. Maximum synchro rate. Engage.

Computer: *Beeps a severe warning* WARNING. All exterior armor will be released. Estimated time before sensory shock: 60 seconds. Is this acceptable?

Derek: Yes. Engage!

Computer: Confirmed. Fifteen seconds to maximum output.

*Energy starts to gather underneath the exterior armor of the Proto-R as Derek finally stands up, causing Kanzaki to turn around as he notices*

Kanzaki: Eh? What're you...

Derek: You're right...Kanz. I wasn't fighting you. Let me....apologize. *Smirks as the Proto-R actually starts glowing from the energy buildup* A friend of mine taught me a trick the other day, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Computer: *Beeps* Maximum output reached. Releasing exterior armor.

Derek: Just what I wanted to hear. CAST OFF!!!

(Cue Mass Destruction--(Reincarnation Remix))

*The energy releases, and every single bit of exterior armor on the arms and body are jettisoned at high speed, several pieces hitting Kanzaki and knocking him away. As the green mech stands up, he takes a look at the Proto-R's form. Every single wire and piece of machinery on the prototype machine is now exposed, even to the point where the cockpit door is now missing and Derek stands exposed inside. The only thing still on the machine is the visor on the head, as if symbolizing Derek's own resolve, even as he stands injured. The Proto-R reaches over and picks up the Shishio Blade, bringing it to bear.*

Derek: You want to fight? Let's fight. This time, I won't hold back.

Kanzaki: *Gets up* Heh....finally. *Grabs his spear and brings it up* I've been waiting for you to wake up. C'mon then! Show me what the leader of the Blue Wings can really do!

*With that, the two machines charge at one another. The Proto-R, for all it's exposed and sparking, is easily able to keep up with the Zephyr's attacks, dodging several thrusts in a row before spinning to the left and moving to slash. Kanzaki spins to react, only to see Derek throw his sword skywards, then punch him in the face. As he staggers, Barona spins around and kicks him in the chest again, then catches his sword, brings it up, and thrusts straight through Kanzaki's right hand. The Zephyr drops his spear as his hand explodes, and he backs away quickly before Derek can follow up.*

Kanzaki: GAAAH!!! God DAMN, that hurt! AGH! *Clutches the stump with his left* Son of a...You hit one of the Drives! Bastard!

Derek: *Kicks the spear off the ground and into his left hand* You shouldn't have told me you had them. The only place you could put them and have such precision would be if they were in the hands and feet. *Tosses the spear back to him* Now, are you ready to finish this?

Kanzaki: *Catches it* I'd love to....but our time's up.

*Kanzaki jumps and takes off into the air, just in time to dodge a volley of shots from Kuro and Shiro as they fly by. Right behind them, Masaki, accompanied by Jay and Shara, come speeding onto the battlefield.*

Masaki: Bastard! *Starts to chase after him* You think we'd just let you come strolling in and kill off one of our friends?!

Kanzaki: The thought crossed my mind, But you take care of Derek, first. I'm pretty sure he's about to kill himself from overload.

Masaki: Eh?

Derek: Kanzaki! We're not done here!

Kanzaki: Yeah, we are.

Derek: What--*The Proto-R shudders violently and Derek falls to his knees* GAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

Masaki: Derek!!! *Immediately turns around and heads back*

Computer: Sensory overload imminent. Activating auto-safety shutdown.

*The Proto-R shuts down where it rests, Derek passing out instantly from the sheer amount of pain running through his body. Andoh lands next to it to cover him.*

Kanzaki: See? Told you to watch out for--Whoa! *The Zephyr dodges aside a sudden Heart Beam, followed by a missile volley.* Where the heck did that come from?

Fuyume: *Jets in, firing the bow gun* Back off! We won't let you hurt Derek-sama!

Alexis: *Fires another missile volley from the Tausendfessler* You're gonna regret messing with us!

*Kanzaki dodges both attacks, then suddenly gets clipped in the shoulder, fired from Haruka as she falls from the Tausend, landing next to Derek and Masaki.*

Haruka: *Aims the rifle again* Gutsy move, starting a fight with the Blue Wings. I hope you have a will ready. *Fires again*

Kanzaki: *Dodges the shot and laughs* Wanted my CD collection early, didja Haru?

Haruka: *Freezes immediately at the sound of Kanzaki's voice* Masou ka....Kanzaki! What the hell are you DOING?!?

Alexis: NANI?!? It's Kanz-kun?!

Kanzaki: *Shrugs* Same thing you are, I suppose. What I think is right. But since the gang's all here, I don't have to let Derek break the news to you. I'm in the NDC, and yes, I WAS trying to kill Derek while he was weak and defenseless. Since that's failed, I'm gonna take off now. See ya!

Haruka: Wait! Goddammit, Kanzaki, WAIT!!!

*With a cheerful wave, the Zephyr turns and engages full speed, taking off. The Alex hesitates for a minute before suddenly aiming up and firing, but it's for naught, as he's already long gone, before Haruka drops the rifle to the ground uselessly*

Alexis: *Lands the Tausend* I don't believe it....Kanz-kun....Why would he....?

Masaki:.....C'mon, let's get Derek back to base before anything else tries to kill us.

Fuyume: *Lands next to him to help* That guy....who was he?

Haruka: Dammit....You stupid bastard.....THIS ISN'T WHAT WE AGREED TO DO, YOU ASSHOLE!!!!
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dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
Sume Gai
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« Reply #726 on: February 13, 2009, 06:20:28 PM »

-Sume Gai-

about an hour had passsed since the battle ended Derek had long since been brought into Doc's care   Gai had cone to learn of the severity of the injuries/

Citan: "Well overall he seems like he'll be fine, Nothing broken but everything is bruised or battered. He doesn't need Nano-treatment or ether therapy which is good since Archer's currently hogging both.

In  short He'll be hurting but he'll make it without any serious problems."

Gai: "Thanks Doc..."

The reliefe that flooded Gai's Face didn't last long and was soon replaced witha measure of hesitation before he spoke again

Gai: "Could you give me a few seconds alone with him?"

Citan nodded and quietly left the room, Haruka and Alexis had already left and the only other person besides Gai and Derek Was Archer who was out cold in the Nano-therapy tube Gai Approached the bed quietly his head lowered.  He stood in silence for a few moments before speaking.

Gai: "Derek, I'm sorry, I-I Chose not to act for fear that I would choose wrongly once again."

Gai 's fist clenched as he continued

Gai: "And because of that you nearly ended up dead.  I can't do that any longer.  That was the mistake I made back then, I didn't act when I could and it cost me a dear friend.  I blamed it on the military for ignoring the situation in that colony but it was my fault.

I'm not going to make that same mistake. I refuse! From now on I'll act even if there isn't a right choice."

as the oath was finished two drops struck the floor at Gai's feet.He turned away face still lowered and began to leave.  He managed to raise his head as he exited and nodded to Citan who stood outside the door as he passed. Citan then silently reentered the Medical ward.
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If you are a man you'll do what's important before you grieve  -Captain Harlock
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« Reply #727 on: February 13, 2009, 06:37:26 PM »

~HQ Infirmary~

*A moment after Gai leaves, the sound of a slow clap is heard in the room. Citan looks over to see it coming from Derek, as he starts to sit up.*

Derek: Gotta admit, he makes a guy want to get up and work.

Citan: That he does. How do you feel?

Derek: Lousy, thanks for asking. How long was I out?

Citan: A little over an hour. The girls are all quite worried about you.

Derek: Can't say I blame them. *Gets up and gets off the bed, immediately regretting it* Itai itai itai itai itai.....

Citan: You ARE aware of how lucky you are to not be seriously injured, right?

Derek: *Winces* Yeah, that crossed my mind. I'll be fine, though.

Citan: I wonder about that, sometimes. *Shrugs* Well, no matter. If you want to go, I will not stop you.

Derek: Thanks, Doc. I'll stop back by later. *Heads out*

~Earth Cradle Airspace~

*The Zephyr flies across the sand, headed for it's destination at the NDC's home base. Kanzaki, inside the cockpit, growls as he checks the recorded logs from the other units participating in the operation.*

Kanzaki: Bastards....And things had been going so well, too....

DC Control: *Over the comm* Westwind 1, you're cleared to land. Continue present course.

Kanzaki: *Shifts tone immediately* Thanks. Go ahead and tell the repair crew they've got a long night ahead of them.

DC Control: What, you got busted up that badly?

Kanzaki: *Laughs* Nah, just lost a hand. But I hate to see my baby hurt, ya know?

DC Control: I'll let them know. Come on in, Westwind 1.

Kanzaki: Roger that.

~Earth Cradle~

*Dropping off his machine at the hangar, Kanzaki storms his way through the facility, headed straight for the office of a certain NDC officer. Reaching the office, he shoves past the guard and practically kicks his way in, walking straight up to the desk and slamming his hands down on it.*

Kanzaki: I believe you owe me an explanation, Colonel.

Van Vat Tran: *Looks up at Kanzaki inquisitively* Is something the matter, Mr. Seiyokaze?

Kanzaki: *Sneers* You could say that. I want to know why you didn't trust me.

Van: Why, did something go wrong?

Kanzaki: We agreed, right? The only backup I needed were drone AIs, and that's all you were gonna give me. Fifty Guarlions, a hundred Lion Vs. I set them in place myself. That was it.

Van: *Nods* That's what I remember agreeing to, yes.

Kanzaki: Then explain where the extra men came from!

Van: What do you mean?

Kanzaki: I was checking the logs on my way back. An extra squad of Guarlions took part in that attack. MANNED Guarlions. Those guys didn't stand a chance, but SOMEONE ordered them to attack anyway, without even mentioning it to me!

Van: Ah, that. One of our other officers seemed to decide you were acting on your own, and took it upon himself to join in. I didn't order it. If I'd known about it before he left, I would have stopped him myself.

Kanzaki: *Growls* What kind of IDIOT--This was exactly the reason why I said drones only! Those men were slaughtered out there, even worse than the AI units were!

Van: *Sighs* I'm aware, Mr. Seiyokaze. I thought keeping your assignment a secret would be the right thing to do, given your circumstances as a former member of the Blue Wings, but I suppose I was wrong. I'm having it looked into. I'm sorry. I know you specifically requested the details of this mission, and I apologize for what happened. If you wish to be angry with me, I don't blame you.

Kanzaki: *Sighs, and lifts his hands off the desk* No, you're a decent enough guy. I believe you, Colonel. I'm just so.....Dammit. Those men didn't have to die. Find whoever was responsible for this and see to it that they stay the hell out of my operations from here on out. I don't care WHAT kind of authority he thinks he has. It wasn't his call to make.

Van: *Nods* I understand. I'll take care of it.

Kanzaki: Thank you. *Turns and starts to walk out of the office* I won't bill you for the job, by the way. Consider it a thank you for the mission.

*Leaving Van's office, Kanzaki starts to wander the hallways for some time, before he finally passes a person and stops just behind her.*

Kanzaki: Done and done. I'll expect my money by the end of the night.

Lemon: *Chuckles* It's already there. You were a big help, you know.

Kanzaki: It's what I do. *Continues walking*

*Kanzaki walks on and away, while Lemon continues in the direction she was going. As she passes an intersection, she stops again and glances behind her.*

Lemon: Done. All according to plan, right?

???????: *Leaning against the wall in the shadows* Exactly as I said he would.

Lemon: *Nods* Kind of a nice guy. I like him.

???????: He's useful enough. Go on, before someone spots you.

Lemon: *Nods* See ya later.

*As Lemon walks away, the man chuckles a bit and walks away as well.*

???????: All according to plan....
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dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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« Reply #728 on: February 13, 2009, 07:54:53 PM »

While both pilots were fighting with their all, neither have been able to land any decisive blows only glancing strikes. Remembering what Astonage said about Queen's psychoframe Sakura has avoided using Super Mode so far.

Jaeger: I'm surprised that our fight has lasted this long. Usually fights only last ten minutes or so for us.

Sakura: We're close in skill and both of our machines are close range so neither has the advantage.

Jaeger: You're right. Both of our machines are close range which leaves us even.

Sakura: One of us has to give sometime.

Jaeger: It's only a matter of time before one of us makes a mistake.

Sakura: Switches her beam saber for her claymore Perhaps this will do more damage than my saber.

Moving quickly Sakura bypasses Jaeger's Heat Axe, she barely leaps over the magnum cross crusher to dig her blade into Naga's left shoulder however three of Naga's antennas struck Queen tearing off some armor and forcing Sakura to back off leaving her blade behind.

Jaeger: Pretty good blade if it can cut into Naga's armor like butter. It's armor is thicker than most MS's.

Sakura: It's better suited however, it's heavier than most blades. It's actually more weight than my arm can handle.

Jaeger: smirking It won't be that easy Sakura!

Taking initiative Jaeger rushed forward swinging his axe downwards as he moves. Unfortunately for Sakura, Naga's antennas had caused enough damage so that she moved too slowly and had to use her shield to block Jaeger's axe.

Sakura: straining Damn it! It's either lose my arm or get cut in half!

Pulling back sharply, the Heat Axe split her shield in two and tore apart her hand leaving her with a mostly crippled MS.

Jaeger: I have the upper hand now Sakura. You're a sitting duck!

Sakura: Wrong! I have one trump card left! Implement Super Mode!

Surprising Jaeger, Queen lit up in a torrent of green energy enveloping it. Unlike in the sim, Sakura engaged the super mode at 100% revealing a glowing green and white Queen with it's sensor cables acting as wings.

Jaeger: What the hell is that Sakura!

Sakura: This is Queen's Super Mode! This fight has gone on for far too long!

drawing her beam saber, she bolted past Jaeger's axe and his arm off at the shoulder joint completely removing it's arm.

Sakura: What's wrong! No more smart remarks! I'll send you to meet the rest of our unit!

Jaeger: What the hell happened to you! It sounds like you're insane now!

Sakura: I noticed long ago that I always go a little psychotic when I activate super mode! It's due to my newtype powers syncing with the psychoframe which isn't aligned with my mind!

Jaeger: That explains your weird behavior. Instead of not working, your mind is forced to adapt to the frame's setting causing your weird behavior.

Sakura: Frame hasn't been worked on since I quit using it years ago so it's eroding! To tell the truth 100% is forbidden since it causes unrepairable damage to machine and pilot. My powers will probably short out for a few weeks after this but, it's worth it. They mean everything to me! This battle is over Jaeger!

Not even waiting for a reply, Sakura shot forward with her beam saber aimed at Naga's cockpit. Jaeger attempted to retaliate but, he missed Queen's torso when she moved up. It wasn't without merit because he took out it's legs but, it didn't seem to matter much since Sakura come back down and slammed her beam saber directly into Naga's cockpit killing Jaeger instantly. Utilizing what little power was left, Sakura headed towards the hangar and haphazardly landed to disembark.

Sakura: It's over... Tries to move Ahhh! Sakura clutches her ribs while feeling a massive migraine comming on. If I remember right, the hangar a few corridors and then I'm at the dorms.

While she is in great pain, Sakura drags herself out of the remains of her gundam and starts shuffling slowly towards the dorms.
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Things can always get worse...
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« Reply #729 on: February 14, 2009, 10:30:58 AM »

~Aoi Tsubasa Bridge~

*Even with only Alexis in the room, the mood is pretty obviously down as she works at her station, reading the data reports from the Proto-R's test run. That changes instantly, as the door opens and Derek walks in.*

Derek: Hey, Alexis. How's it go--AAAAAAAGH!

*Needless to say, Alexis didn't hesitate to glomp him so hard they both went crashing back out of the room.*

Alexis: *Still glomping him* Derek-sama! You're okay!

Derek: *In a lot of pain as a result* That's....debatable....itaaaaaaai......

*A minute later, both of them are back inside. Derek sits down in his chair carefully.*

Alexis: *Hands clapped together in front of her* Gomen nasai, Derek-sama. Daijoubu?

Derek: *Lifts up his visor and massages his temple* I'm fine, Alexis. Thanks. So, what happened after I passed out?

Alexis: Um....*Looks away*......

Derek:.....*Sighs* Go ahead and say it.

Alexis: Derek-sama.....was it really Kanz-kun?

Derek:.....*Sighs and flips his visor down, sitting back in the chair* was.

Alexis: But....why would he....?

Derek: I intend on finding that out for myself. For now, though, I have another job for you, okay?

Alexis: Hai, Derek-sama. What do you need?

Derek: Have you finished compiling the recorded data from the Proto-R?

Alexis: Almost. I was about to start logging it in.

Derek: Okay. Hold off on that for now. In fact, pull the data completely off the Tsubasa's computer. Keep it on your person until I say otherwise.

Alexis: Huh? But, why would you want me to do that?

Derek: "I guess the kiddo wasn't as far along with it as I thought she'd be."

Alexis: Eh?

Derek: Kanzaki KNEW about the Proto-R. He knew exactly what it was capable of, and when we were gonna test it out.

Alexis: But, then that would mean.....*The implications sink in*....AAAAAH!!!! You don't mean....someone actually......

Derek: *Nods* We've got a mole somewhere in this outfit, and I intend on finding him. To do that, though, we need to figure out just how far the tunnels go. Take the Tsubasa completely off the AGGF's network, then start a full sweep of the ship, both physical and cyber. I want everything that even SEEMS like it might be spying on us found and care of. We can trace it back to our mystery spy after that.

Alexis: *Salutes* Hai, Derek-sama! Fuyume-chan and I will get right on it!

Derek: Good. And get Ash and the Taros on it, too. This'll go a lot faster with their help.

Alexis: *Nods* Understood. *Hits the comm* Fuyume-chan, please come up to the bridge.

Derek: *Grins* Alright. We'll find this creep and put him down but good. In the meantime, though, I need to have a talk with Haruka. Any idea where she is?

Alexis: She seemed depressed, Derek-sama. Maybe she's in her room?

Derek: I'll go look. *Gets up and walks to the door* Thanks, Alexis.

*Derek opens the door and walks out into the hallway, turning the corner and disappearing from sight for a moment.*

Fuyume: *Outside in the hall* DEREK-SAMA~!!!!

*With a squeal and surprised shout, Derek and Fuyume both go flying past the still opened doorway, crashing loudly.*

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dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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Alexis: *without turning around* Momo-chan, Ura-chan, go tell Ashi-kun to come and help.

Momotaros: (pops his head out of the near-by console) How did she know?

Urataros: (pops out of the console and leans on it) It would appear that Boku-chan has very good tastes. (slides his glasses back into place) But i knew that already.

Momotaros: (grabs Urataros and pulls him back into the console) Oh we're not doing this dance again?

Alexis: *titls her head to the side* Oro?

Moments later the two taros appear in the hanger looking around for Ash. Oddly enough 21 is in battle mode, leaning on one knee, with power cables running out the chest. Following the cables they find them connected to one of the type 3's drill knuckles, with Ryutaros sitting on top

Momotaros: Brat what are you doing up there?

Ryutaros: (sitting cross legged leaning back and forward) I'm helping.

Ash: (pokes out from under the drill) Alright, that should do it. (stands up and dust himself off.) Alright Kintaros give it some gas.

Kintaros: (voice comes out from 21's speaker) Hai Ash-sama. (energy starts to pour from 21 into the drill causing it to spin)

Ash: Well, least it still works.

Ryutaros: The rockets worth two. (hits a button and the rockets start to turn on)


Momotaros: (pulls the cables out) Bakas, the lot of ya.

Urataros: (sighs) Anyway. Lexy-chan wants us to all help out with some data removal and tracing.

Ash: (sratches his chin) I see. (looks back at the drill knuckle) Fine, let's go. (waves his hand) Let's see what she wants us to do. (puts his hands in his pockets as the five walk off)
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Obachan said this.....My evolution is faster than the light. Nothing in the whole universe can keep up with my evolution.
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*Chris sends a transmission to the Aoi Tsubasa, dressed in a different uniform and wearing sunglasses* Hello, Derek Barona. My name is Rialb Sirhc. I'm a new pilot in the AGGF. *Takes off the sunglasses and smiles* Good to see you back, man.
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Ash and co, after a bit of treking through the ship finaly make it to meet Alexis and Fuyume. The two girls wave as they all walk into the room

Ash: Alright little boss lady, what'cha need me and my boys?

Alexis: Okay, Ashi-kun. You, Kin-chan, and Ryu-chan can sweep the ship for surveillance devices, while Momo-chan and Ura-chan help me and Fuyume-chan with the computer systems, okay?

Ash: Sounds like a plan.. (looks at Momotaros and Urataros) You heard the lady.

Momotaros: (waves his hand) Yeah, yeah I hear ya. (grabs Urataros and they dive into the system)

Urataros: (pops his head out of the console) Umm...Ashy-boy I think you want to read this message that never went through.

Ash: (walks over to the console and looks at the screen) What... Rialb Sirhic..... (crosses his arms and sighs)

Alexis: Rialb Sirhic...Who's that Ashi-kun?

Ash: Momo, you wanna feild this one?

Momotaros: (pops his head out of the console as well) That guy that the boy over there banned from the Grungust thinks he's a Char now.

Ryutaros: (tilts his head to the side) But Ni-san didn't he try to be Zanger-sama and get beat up by the scary horn man?

Ash: Yeah thats right he did. I think Derek still has that on file somewhere. (stops for a second) But you know, I could always use some Hyaku Shiki parts.

Ryutaros: Thats mean ni-san....Give it a  bigger gun and paint it purple.

Momotaros: No No.  Make sure you paint it red for me, then give it a big sword.

Urataros: Sempai it would be better suited for me.  A nice blue trim with a beam lance would be exclent.

Ash: Guys, he still hasn't lost it...yet.

Kintaros: But he should learn. (pops his neck) A real man relies on his own strength, not the image of another man. (everyone nods in agreement)

Fuyume: *giggles* Kuma-chan is really smart when he's not sleeping isn't he?

Ash: ...Thats an intersting way to put it Fuyume-chan.

Ryutaros: (pulls out his bubble gun) Let's go check the rest of the ship ni-san. Maybe we'll find somethng cool. (waves his arms around) Let's go lets go let's go.

Ash:  Ok, ok(nods)  We'll be back in a bit then. (they start to walk out the door)

Alexis: *standing by Fuyume typing* Oh. Ashi-kun remember to fix the wall when your done. Derek-sama really gets mad when someone breaks the wall.

Ash: (looks at Kintaros and Ryutaros) How did she know?

Momotaros: You couldn't find a spy if he was right in front of you Kame.

Urataros: Sempai you one to talk, you couldn't even figure out it was me who ate your pudding.

Momotaros: You bastard! (drags him out of the pannel and starts trying to beat him up)

Alexis: ....... Bakas *She quickly punches them, then picks them up by the collar and tosses them out) On second thought, take them with you Ashi-kun. Leave Kin-chan and Ryu-chan.

Ash: (looks down at Momotaros and Urataros) Alright.

Momotaros: She's got...a good left...that Mecha otaku fangirl...

Urataros: (lying on his face) The floor is very comfy....I beleve I will stay here for a while.

Ryutaros: (pouts) But i wanted to go with Ni-san.

Ash: (pats Ryutaros on the head) Don't worry, i'll bring you back somethng. No go help Fuyume-chan and Kintaros,

Ryutaros: Ok.... Coming Kuma-chan. (drags Kintaros inside)

Ash: (drags Momotaros and Urataros by thier feet) We're should we start guys?

Urataros: Boku-chan's room of course.

Momotaros: The lock will be pretty tough, even for Blue Boy's security.

Urataros: And I don't think even I could talk my way past the sentinel gun Boku-chan has set up in the corner.

Ash: Derek's room...really guys?

Urataros/Momotaros: Twenty-bucks if you can make it inside, only getting shot once.

Ash: You're on.
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Obachan said this.....My evolution is faster than the light. Nothing in the whole universe can keep up with my evolution.
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*Chris is laying in his room, when a message on his laptop appears.*
What's this?

"If you desire true power, and another chance... proceed to these coordinates...."

*A set of coordinates flash across the screen, along with several orders from the unknown sender. Chris dashes to the hanger and asks for a small fighter plane.*
This is Chris. Command, do I have clearance for launch? With your permission, I'd like to perform a solo recon op.
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Sume Gai
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-Duragreiz Bridge-

Bright receives the message and takes a few moments to consider before giving the go ahead

Bright: "Fine just send us the coordinates before you leave."
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