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Author Topic: AGGF arc 3 & 4  (Read 357753 times)
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« Reply #735 on: February 14, 2009, 08:03:06 PM »

GA-LX-25-G-001... This is a relatively uninhabited area... But sir! I need to see this!
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Sume Gai
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« Reply #736 on: February 15, 2009, 08:41:13 AM »

-Duragreiz Bridge-

Bright:" that will do *the Line to Chris is cut and Bright turns to the rest of the bridge* Any word from Sakura yet?"

Operator: "no, and we just lost the Queen's signal"

Bright: "what?!! when?"

Operator: "Just a few minutes ago"

Bright: "Why wasn't I informed immediately?"

Operator: "I-"

Bright: "never mind See if someone's available to go check it out on the double."

Gai: "I'll take care of it;.I haven't had the Zeta out in a long while."

Bright turns to find Gai had entered in the middle of the conversation.  He seemed a lot better than he had been after returning from the Russia mission but bright still had some concerns

Bright: "Are you sure Gai?" 

Gai: "Yes I am If you think I need extra help I'll take Chris with me."

Bright: "No that's not it.... .... go right ahead her last know coordinates were RX-EW-23-T-030."
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If you are a man you'll do what's important before you grieve  -Captain Harlock
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« Reply #737 on: February 15, 2009, 10:07:52 AM »

Shortly after disembarking from her gundam, Sakura discovered that she was hurt more than what she had realized initially. Shortly after the adrenaline ran out, so did her legs causing her crumble to the floor.

This is a real fine mess I've gotten myself into. Hopefully somebody comes since it'll take forever for me to reach my sisters at this rate.
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Things can always get worse...
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« Reply #738 on: February 15, 2009, 10:16:17 AM »

*Chris lands his plane in a vast desert where one man and a strange mecha stands behind him. Chris opens the cockpit.*

???:Could you switch off all transmitters too? Just a sign of trust.

*Chris reluctantly switches all transmitters and other related options off*

Who are you?

???:My name is Dr. Egrett Feff, and I've come to offer you, Cristoph Allen Blair, the chance of a life time.

Egrett? As in the scientist, Egrett from EOTI? What would you need with a lackluster pilot like me?

Egrett: That couldn't be far from the truth, Lt. Blair. You are far from lackluster, it's just that the type of machines you pilot do not bring out your true potential. Take this machine behind me for instance, the prototype of my precious Bergelmir. Maybe not fit for you, but it certainly exceeds the standards for most Personal Troopers and mobile suits.

It certainly looks different.

Egrett: Ah, but you know that performance is just as important as looks. The Bergelmir could stand toe-to-toe with even the forces of the Hiryu and Hagane, or at least it will when it's complete.

That's impossible. Those two ships are miraculously unbeatable.

Egrett: Luck can only carry you so far, Lieutenant. Eventually, they will have to fall.

It's hard to believe. But even the unsinkable Titanic was sunk by an iceberg. But to get back on track, why have you called me out here?

Egrett: As cliched as it sounds, I'm going to give you a offer you cannot even begin to refuse. I want you to join us at the Neo DC. Your strength can be tempered into an even stronger sword if you join us.

The Neo DC? You're mad, I'd never betray my friends!

Egrett: Ah, but did you ever stop and think that your  friends might just be the ones to do the betraying?


Egrett: As it is, you are ridiculed, often making you the laughing stock of the AGGF. Your mechs have a tendency of being destroyed. You often stand out as the one who causes disaster, even among your protege Matthew Archer.

How do you know all this?

Egrett: We have people everywhere.

...Why me?

Egrett: Of the AGGF, you are the one who is constantly given the short end of the stick. But with the Neo DC, you could become an unstoppable force, and none could possibly stand in your way.

Hm. It's temping.

Egrett: Of course. I'm offering you all the power you could desire, including your own custom unit.

A custom unit? I was never offered that, even when I was a Federation ace.

Egrett: See, the benefits are worth it. I will give you what you desire, and then, maybe even more than you do.

...I'll come.

Egrett: Excellent. *Egrett takes out a small pocket device* Do not worry, Chris. This will merely take care of the nanite tracking machines the AGGF or the Federation may have installed into your bloodstream.

*Egrett pushes the device to Chris' arm and injects something into him*

Egrett: What I have injected into you is something I've been studying. Machine Cells. With this, you have become an immortal fighter. (Now thinking) And my willing guinea pig.

Egrett (Speaking to Chris): Come. There is a seat in the Proto-Bergelmir.

*Chris follows Egrett to the Bergelmir. When they enter, Egrett aims its rifle at the plane Chris came in on and fires, destroying it*

Egrett(Thinking): Now, let's see. Let's see if the AGGF has what it takes  to fight against a former comrade.


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Sume Gai
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« Reply #739 on: February 15, 2009, 11:09:54 PM »

((OOC: Chris we'd better discuss this  Email or AIM me))
the GN Flag F followed and the Zeta soon reached the abandoned base to find the wreak of the two Gundams, a quick check found the Queens cockpit completely empty.

Micheal: "I guess she's somewhere on base"

Sume Gai: "fan out we'll find her"

Indeed it didn't take long to locate the obviously injured pilot limping  towards an abandoned building; Gai Set the Zeta down and climbed out, offering his support to Sakura.

Gai: "So what happened here?"
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If you are a man you'll do what's important before you grieve  -Captain Harlock
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« Reply #740 on: February 16, 2009, 12:55:00 AM »

Meanwhile, back at base in the medbay...

"Well, your cybernetics all seem to be in working order, and your organic parts are in excellent shape. So physically, you're more fit than anyone has a right to be. Now, I'd like to talk about your PTK test results."

Why? Haven't awakened, end of story.

"Actually, that's why I wanted to talk about them. You HAVE awakened."

Since when?

"Hard to say, since some people refuse to come in for their regular exams. I would guess your little TK stunt towards the end of the Balmar war knocked things open. But that's just a guess."

I would think I'd've noticed if I suddenly became telepathic.

"If you were newtype-weighted, yes. Psychodrivers have a whole  spectrum of capabilities, and newtypes are on one end of the spectrum. Very powerful in terms of telepathy, precognition, and such, but little to no telekenetic abilities relative to more balanced psychodrivers."

As I know. What's the point?

"Well, you seem to be an an anti-newtype. TK-wise, you're very powerful, but your ESP is almost negligible. It's simply not strong enough to be consciously perceptible. Maybe a heightened sense of intuition, more accurate hunches. "

Jaybee blinks.

So.... no newtype flash?

"You'd be lucky to get even a spider-sense."

Is this normal?

"Non-ESP psychodrivers are difficult to detect. There could be millions out there going un-noticed. I've never heard of one. In your case, though, I'm fairly certain it isn't normal. Your TK waves have a distinctive energy signature, making it very easy to trace the source of your imbalance."

Why do I get the feeling this is going somewhere unpleasant?

"Either your heightened intuition is steering you right, or you're just a fast learner. The signature in question is native to Jupiter."

The Power...

"I don't know if it's acting as an amplifier, or if it just skewed your native balance. But it does seem to be responsible in some way."

I guess there's no way to tell.

"Given we know virtually nothing about The Power. that seems a fair assessment. It also makes it difficult to predict what might happen in the future."

So what? You're saying I might go Akira and kill everyone?

"No." Citan smiles. "Just that you should come in for your exams more often."

Bah. I can't stand exam rooms.

"I make house calls."

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« Reply #741 on: February 16, 2009, 05:17:10 AM »

Sakura explained to Gai that she used to be in Chrome Nightmare and even though she thought she had killed them all, somehow the leader had survived. Then she told him that Jaeger had taken her sisters and had demanded one final fight she had obliged him and after the fight she's been trying to reach the dorms where they are held

I know that what I did was stupid on all accounts but, my sister mean a lot to me. If you can get me to the hangar, I can get you a map to the dorms to get them. Once there all you would have to do is input the code to undo the lock which is No More Nightmares. There's a Tausendfuessler to use for transport. We can use that for my sisters mechs and what's left of Queen.
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Things can always get worse...
Ash Rudel
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« Reply #742 on: February 16, 2009, 02:57:58 PM »

As the three made their way through the hallways, they came to realize a simple fact. This ship had a lot of hallways for such a small ship. After checking numerous hallways, they finally stood in front of Derek's door. Staring at it for a while, almost as if it was going to attack them, Ash slowly reached for the door handle, before pulling his hand back.

Momotaros: What's wrong?

Ash: (looks at Urataros) Ura, you see the amount of locks in this door.

Urataros: Yes. (leans forward) Looks to be a fair amount of encryption on those as well.

Momotaros: The sentry gun I hear charging in the back doesn’t bode to well either.

Ash: You know what, we're leaving Derek's room along.

Momotaros: I thought you wanted twenty bucks?

Ash: (crosses his arms) I prefer living. Besides the only money you guys have is what I have in my wallet.

Momotaros/Urataros: He saw through our plan. 

Ash:  Hum…(looks at two of the doors closet near Derek) We're not touching these either.

Urataros: Why, something wrong with them too?

Ash: (touches the door nearest to Derek's) This must belong to another member of the blue wings. (closes his eyes) A bad feeling lingers  in this room, and the other one….

 Momotaros: (throws is arms up in the air) Damn you and your spidey-sense. Who's room can we check then?

Ash: (points to the room with the word MASAKI written in bold green print) That one.

The three of them run towards Masaki's door and easily get inside, a few screams are heard as the door closes behind them. A few minutes later the trio come rushing out the door and slam it close behind them before crashing on the floor.

Ash: What the hell was that?


Urataros: (slowly gets up and dusts himself off) I saw paradise in that room. So many girls, so little time. (hangs his head low and pounds his fist against the wall) I fear I shall never find such a place again. Truly it was a Shangri-La.

Ash:  (helps Momotaros to his feet) Let's never speak of this room again.

Urataros: But..

Ash: Never.

Urataros: Fine. (pouts) Can we check Haruka-chan's room next?

Ash: Fine. But you don't touch anything.

Moments later they find themselves in Haruka's room. Which is a lot more normal looking and cleaner then Masaki's. Momotaros plops down on the bed and begins to look at a photo album from the desk. Urataros looks at the numerous bottles of liquor sitting on the nightstand. Ash takes a seat and picks up her cell-phone.

Ash: This room…seems normal…

Urataros: (tips over a empty liquor bottle) A little too normal Ashy-boy.

Momotaros: (sits up) I KNEW IT!

Ash: What Momo?

Momotaros: (holds up a photo) She fills out a two piece quit well.

Urataros: Sempai that’s my line! (leans on the closet door and falls inside it) It would appear that she likes the green stripped kind.

Momotaros: Kame you're going to get us killed!

Ash: Get out of their Ura. (holds up the phone) And help me retrieve this file.

Momotaros: Eh? Cellphone?

Ash: Yes Momo. I figured "Hey, why not look into something useful rather then her underwear draw."

Urataros: I take offence to that. There is always something useful to be known about a girls underwear.

Ash: (tosses the phone at Ura) Decode this.
Urataros: (catches the phone and looks at the screen for a minute) Cracking code….hum…. Appears the data is to corrupted.

Ash: Damn. (sits back down) Wait a minute… (moves a few magazines around and finds a small laptop) Momo, help me hack this.

Momotaros: Fine. (tosses the album aside and leaps into the air, jumping into the laptop)

Ash: (looks at the screen as it turns on with Momotaros leaning on the side of the window) Looks pretty blank…Might be a dummy screen.

Momotaros: All of these files will take to much time to go through.

Urataros: Sempai, is there an instant messenger program?

Ash: Good thinking Ura. (starts typing) Look, she has Aim.

Momotaros: Give me a second. (runs over to the icon and kicks it a few times, making a chat window pop up) There. (dusts off his hands)

Ash: Hum.. "Sniper_Girl_04 wrote I'm getting tired of waiting on you. Hurry it up."

Momotaros: Sniper_Girl_04? Who the hell is that?

Urataros: Wait…someone responded to her.

Ash: Kaze_Boy_06 wrote "All according to plan. Don't worry babe." (leans back in the chair as Momotaros leaps out of the laptop) This is getting a little confusing.

Momotaros: Doesn’t the bar chick use a sniper rifle a lot?

Urataros: Well no doubt that the write is Haruka-chan, (leans on his hand) but who is the other fellow?

Ash: (stands up) Something we'd better bring up with Derek and Alexis. Let's go check the last room and report back to them.

The two taros nod as the three exit the room. Walking across the hall they stand in front of a pink door. Looking at each other, they each put on a pair of shades as Ash opens the door

Momotaros: Ah! So much pink….

Urataros: (covers his eyes) It's blinding.

Ash: Watch your step.

Momotaros: Wha? (trips over a wretch) Who leaves a wrench in the floor?

Urataros: Haha, he said watch your step sempai. (get hit by an engine block) ….It would appear I am trapped…

Ash: (looks around) Not that I expect  Alexis of having anything in her room…But what is with that! (points to a large picture of Derek, drawn as a Bishy)

Momotaros: And the official Blue wing pajamas with his face on it.

Ash: Your making that up. (looks over at what Momotaros is holding) You're not making that up….

Urataros: Matching slippers. (points under the bed)

Ash: This is crazy….This is insane…(picks up the Derek plushie) And why is this plushie so adorable?!?

Momotaros: Boy, lets run away from this crazy mixed up room.

Ash: Right, I'd rather go back to Masaki's room.

Urataros: Can we?

Ash/Momotaros: NO!

Ash: We're just going to talk to Alexis, then Derek. (sighs)Then try to wipe these last couple hours from our minds. (walks out of the room)

Urataros: I think they make a pill for that?

Momotaros: What red or blue?

Urataros: (sighs) That was bad sempai.

Ash: (from down the hall) More walkin, less bad matrix jokes.
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Obachan said this.....My evolution is faster than the light. Nothing in the whole universe can keep up with my evolution.
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« Reply #743 on: February 16, 2009, 03:46:32 PM »

~Aoi Tsubasa Deck~

*Derek walks out onto the deck, looking around. Spotting the person he's searching for, he walks over.*

Derek: *Stops behind Haruka silently*

Haruka: *Sitting on the edge of the deck*......I know you're there, Derek.

Derek: *Shrugs* Eh, I was trying to think of something witty to say, but it's not really the mood for it.

Haruka: Thanks for being considerate.

*The silence persists for another moment, neither one of them wanting to say what needs to be said.*

Derek:.....*Sighs, and scratches the back of his head* We both know what happened, I guess. No sense worrying about it now. C'mon, we've still got work to do.

*Silently, Haruka gets up and starts to walk with him back into the ship. About halfway across the deck, however, Derek stops and lets her walk past him, thinking about something.*

Derek: You know, there is one thing that's bugging me......

Haruka: *Stops walking* What's wrong?

Derek: Just.....something Kanz said is still bothering me. It just seemed like, oh, I dunno....*Glances up directly at Haruka* Like he was testing me, the same way you did.


Derek: And you gotta admit, he had DAMN good timing. The second we weren't thinking about it, bam. He just swoops right in and takes off with me in the unarmed prototype. Even left a whole slew of guys behind to make sure people wouldn't disturb us while he tried to kill me. That took some planning on Kanz's part, don'cha think?

Haruka: *Nods slowly*.....Agreed.

Derek: The way I see it, the only way Kanz could have pulled this one off by himself would be if he snuck in every single one of those mechs by himself, then hunkered down and staked us out, waiting for an opening and hoping none of us noticed a hundred and fifty machines hiding just on the edge of the perimeter.

Haruka: *Nods again* That does sound like a possibility.

Derek: *Shakes his head* Not really. The risk of getting caught is astoundingly high. Even with Kanzaki's complete disregard for caution and his penchant for drama, even he wouldn't do something so reckless just on the off chance he'd catch me outside with my guard down.


Derek: No, I think another scenario played out. We've already got some pretty big suspicions that there's at least one spy on the base. It wouldn't surprise me to hear that someone was leaking information on us out to the NDC. But even that doesn't totally account for what Seiyokaze said to me.

Haruka: Which was.....?

Derek: "I guess the kiddo wasn't as far along with it as I thought she'd be."

Haruka: !!!

Derek: Strange thing to say, given that the only people who were supposed to know she was building it work on this ship. Wouldn't you agree, 004?


Derek: *Sighs* I'm blind, Haruka. I'm not STUPID. Anyone who bothers to look can see how your "plan" was supposed to work. We reunite the Blue Wings, and one by one, I redeem myself to everyone. As I do, you all, at your own discretion, return the divided BWZ blueprints, and we put the machine together. That was how it was supposed to work, right?


Derek: You didn't intend on rejoining me back at Kyris. In fact, if the Neo-Titans hadn't tried to kill you, you probably still wouldn't have come back, even by now. And you certainly hadn't planned on giving me the blueprints, but I was so damned insistant that you didn't have much of a choice. But even then......*Sighs* I thought you trusted me, Haruka. I really did. And even if you didn't, I never expected things to go like this. Even if it's all part of some grand plan, it's still the most reckless thing I think I've ever seen you do.


Derek:......The fact that you refuse to deny any of this doesn't look good for you, 004. I WANT to trust you, Haruka, but I can't do that if you don't help me. Talk to me, here.


Derek: Listen to me, Haruka. Right now, I have this whole ship locked down and being gone over with a fine-toothed comb to find any evidence of spying on this ship. Sooner or later, someone's going to find something, and at this point, you're the prime suspect. If ANY of it leads back to you, I won't be able to help you. You understand this, don't you? Don't you?


Derek: Haruka! *His comm beeps and he checks it* Yeah? Alexis? Uh huh.....*Sighs*.....I see.....thanks. I'll take care of it.

*Derek pauses for a long moment, as he considers things. He thinks about everything that has happened up to this point....and what reasons were behind them. With a heavy heart, he reaches the only conclusion he can, and draws his gun, leveling it on Haruka's back.*

Derek: Alexis says that Ash has found evidence that you were secretly communicating with someone on your computer. I imagine that it won't be too hard for them to figure out where the communications were going. Haruka Nagamoto, under reasonable suspicion of espionage, I am hereby placing you under arrest. Until this is cleared up, you're staying in the brig. Please give me your gun, 004.

Haruka: *Still silent, she slowly draws her gun from it's holster and places it on the ground next to her.*

Derek:.....Both guns.

Haruka: *Shrugs, then reaches down and removes the gun at her ankle and places it on the ground.*

Derek: *Moves forward cautiously and picks up both weapons* Let's go.

*Without a word between the two of them, they enter the ship and head to one of the lower decks, passing down a disused hallway until they reach a room at the very end. Punching in the code on the door, Derek opens up the room and motions Haruka inside.*

Derek: We could have solved this, Haruka. All you had to do was just say from the start that you were still talking to Kanz, and we could have figured all this out. As it is now.....I don't know. If Gai wants you tried for this, I'm not going to be able to stop him. *Looks her straight in the eyes, pleadingly* It's not too late. Just give me something--ANYTHING--to work with here, and I don't have to do this. Don't MAKE me do this, Haruka. Please.

Haruka: *Stares Derek straight back, coldly* Just close the door. You look pathetic.

*Wordlessly, Derek closes the door on her, and slowly walks away. As soon as it closes in her face, the cold mask instantly falls away, and Haruka sits down against the door. Digging around in her pocket, she pulls out her last cigarette and lights it up. As she smokes, she can't help but stare at at her lighter, a dark green Zippo with a wing design etched into the metal...*

Haruka:.....Stupid bastard.....This is all your fault.....
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dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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« Reply #744 on: February 18, 2009, 07:58:36 AM »

Somewhere in Matt's mind, a conversation between Matt Archer and what would seem to any telepathic intruder to be his doppelganger ensues:

Matt: Great, so I'm still not dead?

???: Got that right.  You're just out cold with shattered ribs and some seriously fucked-up insides.

Matt: Oh, how lovely.  Well, at least Gai kicked me out, so I don't have to stay anymore.  Still, I'd bet he won't let me use that free ride to go to Belarus.  With Mom still in Neo DC custody, and that missed text from Andy I didn't check before the mission, I'm betting Grandma's decided to kick me out for real this time.

???: Probably.  I'm just another aspect of you, so I only know what you know on that matter.  Thanks for never naming me, by the way, jackass.

Matt: Sorry bout that.  Since you can clearly form opinions, even if they're just another side of me, maybe you should name yourself.

???: Fine, then you can call me Other.

Matt: Okay.  Now, since you clearly have the edge on my conscious self as far as planning goes, what would you suggest as a plan B if I/we end up right and Gai nixes the travel plans to Belarus?

Other: Well, you/I happen to be fully aware that there's no place and no person who can take you in.  None of us kids were ever registered as enlistees or draftees.  After all, the minimum enlistment age is 16, and your/our 15th birthday only just passed.  When you/we were flung into that distortion, the records were definitely arranged to cover it up, most likely stating you as a visitor to the museum ship who died during one of our sorties.  Except for people you/we contacted directly, most people assume you/we died, and nobody likes it when dead people turn up alive.  It makes the agency that reports your death look bad.

Matt: So, what can I do, then, and how did Grandma know I was using a mech?

Other: Your/our actions during that first attack were probably kept unaltered in the reports, since they had to somehow explain why a Zentraedi raiding party would manage to wipe out almost all their pilots, infiltrate the facility, and somehow be driven off by a single person in the museum's VF-22, which had already been leaked to the Galaxy Network before UNS's censors could get their shit together.  Now, as for what to do, either fade into the background and give up on this pointless effort of saving Mom, or go renegade, acquire one of Grandpa's Guarlion Customs, and make your/our own damn way to Belarus if you/we can.

Matt: Guess I know my decision then.  Sorry, Grandpa, but it looks like I can't come home to stay just yet.  Hope you finished the tuneups you kept saying you were working on...

Other: For now, just focus on getting better.  Their doctor's clearly doing something right, since I don't have to work as hard now to block the pain, and it's all healing way faster than your body could do on its own.  Also, your/our injuries would've killed you/us if he hadn't found you/us when he did.  At least thank him and apologize for the trouble before you board the shuttle.

Matt: Yes, Mom...

Other: Can it, smartass!

Matt: Alright, alright!  Jeez, never knew my subconscious was such a prick!

Other:  I'm just the first layer of that.  There's at least twenty of us, probably more.  I/You did it instinctively in order to move on after all that shit Captain Archer and his men did to you/us when you/we were still a kid.  Now stop bothering me.  It could interfere with your recovery.
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« Reply #745 on: February 18, 2009, 07:26:20 PM »

Piddling around with his computer, Jaybee decides to pull up some of the public records, and see what sort of red flags the AGGF has generated lately.

Hey, looks like Archer's been updated recently. Wonder what banditry and chaos has been appended to his... deceased? I think I'd've heard about that. He sure wasn't when we met him, and last I haerd Doc was predicting a full recovery.

Jaybee spends a little time poking at the database.
Dead for two weeks, backdated to before he joined us? Despite his appearing in the official action reports to this day?
Man, this is the sloppiest hack I've ever seen.

Trace through 2 proxies, and that takes us back... to that museum Archer was working at.

Another edit a few days later... There we go, a home address!
His colony administration... oh, joy, a corrupt colony. Welp, they're semi-autonomous. But once you start bit-twiddling the master UNG records, you leave colonial jurisdiction...
Jaybee grins.
The game is afoot!
L'see.... I think it was connection mode 7... haven't done a lot of cybercrime work. Suppose I should forward this to Carol, but I'm bored. 'Sides, this is easy.

And after a little while bouncing off an encrypted Phantoms proxy...
Ahhh, private e-mails. Always fun when some bungler leaves a record of their plans in an unsecure location.
He was worried about the kid's age? So he had him deleted? Of all the stupid... 

I suppose I could turn the tables and "kill" HIM, but... naw. He's too high profile to just vanish.

A quick e-mail and some database tweaking later...
There we go.  Records fixed. I'm sure Archer will be glad to know he's not dead on paper. If he grew up in this colony, he probably expected it. Looks like they've pulled this shit a few times before. Kid's lucky he wound up here instead of back home, I suppose.

NOW Carol gets to play. Wonder what she's gonna do to 'em...
I think these guys are due an audit.  Probably at gunpoint before it's over.
Oh, how I'd like to be the infiltrator for that one. Pity I'm occupied.

She'll probably call up Bill. He's good at this sort of job.
Better make a memo to hit him up for highlights in a few months.

(OoC: Hey, alaras.... you know if your records showed you as dead, we would've had a lot more questions a lot faster, right? You should assume a basic background check was one of the first things that we'd've done. Especially since I'm UNS. And we shipped your plane back.)
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OOC: One thing, Jay.  He was never on a colony.  The ship was a refitted Meltrandi Battle Cruiser with no weapons and a hollowed-out cargo hold with a suburban town inside, including the museum.  He was born and raised on Earth, and was on the ship on a field trip, as can be observed in the flashbacks.  He and his classmates arrived by shuttle.  He was reported dead mostly to cover up the fact that they had drafted his entire class and forcibly reinstated their ex-military chaperone to deal with the emergency.  Besides, not everyone on the ship was so willing to do it.  Originally, they never registered anything, so it could take some time to make it fit, especially if they couldn't send any fold communications at the time.  Any address on a colony would've been a forgery designed to deflect attention.  The ship's part of a UNG initiative to preserve culture amongst the outlying colony worlds, and the town's mostly focused around the museum, and relies on supplies gathered from its ports of call.  Finally, the reason the ship has all of that is that they're a UNG-sponsored comprehensive aerospace museum, with fully functional mechs and non-operable full-scale replicas of the prototypes.  After all, can't talk about the YF-21 without mentioning its descendant, the VF-22.

PS: Even though there HAVE been younger pilots, most of them either lied about their age, were not directly with UNS/NUNS (in case you bring up Luca Angeloni, an SMS pilot with special dispensation, or Mylene Jenius, who was still a civilian even though she was part of Sound Force),  As for why he'd want to do it, he only came to these conclusions because he's got nothing else to do but think while he's out cold.  If he were still up and fighting, he wouldn't have time to do so.
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(OOC: That makes slightly less than no sense.
Why would a suburban town have a special-ops fighter, much less a top-of-the-line one?  Suburban towns are not self-sufficient, meaning that they will, by necessity, have a large support infrastructure. An unarmed vessel will need an escort fleet, not a handful of fighters. Why is such a small museum worth taking a fold trip to visit? And why were you so anxious to return a highly-valuable fighter plane to people who forced you to fight against your will and you're certain digitally executed you afterwards? 
To point out the worst offenses.

And "15 is too young" is a poor excuse for your background, since there's established pilots in Macross that young, and even younger. I wasn't considering Mylene. Her MOM, however... and her adopted sister.)

Jaybee stepped out of his quarters after a rousing game of Counterhack, and headed towards the bar, because it served better food than the mess hall.

Yo, barkeep! Can I get a Petit Cola and a nice thick juicy steak?

"Thought you didn't eat steak. Some sort of superstition like the pineapple salad. "

Don't say the P word!

"Like I said. Superstitions to the extreme."

Whatever. You got that steak?


Oh yeah. And a side of mashed potatos.

"Coming right up. Where's your lady, anyways?"

Beg pard?

"That gorgeous meltrandi you're always with."

We're not ALWAYS... besides, she's not 'my lady.'

" You can't possibly expect me to believe that. If you two spent any more time together, you'd have to share quarters."

H-HEY!!! What are you insinuating?!?!?!

"Sorry. Poor choice of words. Just meant that you're almost always together when you're out in public. And I don't think a day's gone by that you two haven't hit the simulators, the shooting range, or some other hot social spot for dysfunctional mercenaries."

That's pro... I'm not a merce... look, are you gonna grill me all day, or the steak?

"Forget I said anything."

I will, but only because you can't do squat in this place if you're unwilling to enter the bar.

Jaybee slides the bartender some cash.

Keep the change. And if you value your life, don't try this line of conversation with he makes some quote marks with his fingers my lady.

"Believe me, I ain't stupid. That's why I grilled you instead. "

The bartender grins as he pockets the cash.

"She left about ten minutes ago. She's got a sparring deal goin' with the Doc."

She's cheating on me with Uzuki?

"'Fraid so. Want somethin' harder than coke?"

Naw, I'm good.  Toss me another coke, would ya?
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With Gai and Micheal's help, Sakura freed her sisters and loaded the Tausendfuessler with Nadesico and Aria's machines and Queen's remains. Fortunately they encountered no one on their return trip to HQ.

Commander Gai, I'll leave my fate in your hands. I'm not going to try to defend my actions since there is a lot of evidence. As you know JayBee has the disc containing my family's dark secrets, you may do what you wish with it. I'm going to see the doctor to receive medical aid and then answer any questions my sisters have.

Knowing the outcome of her actions wouldn't be good, Sakura resigned herself as she was taken to the medical ward.
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Pages from the Journal Ian the Celestial Tear

you recently recently received a torn up journal in the mail

Haha if the Astral Tears knew I still had this they laugh till the cows come home as the saying goes. It's been three days since I left the Guardian Force and the the feeling in the pit of my stomach wouldn't leave.

from what you can tell about the next few readable pages the author was reminiscent of the time spent in the bar with Derek and Jaybee

I am still amazed by the transformation the Medius Locus underwent after I completely disconnected Mica from it.

he goes on to describe the Medius Lucus(kai) transforming into the Medius Lucus(form 2)

and while on the subject Mica also final created a digital arbiter, it strongly resembles Sume Gai before the Gigarot incident. Once I told him about this he seemed generally surprised.

it continues to go on the till it ends five days after Chaostic's departure.

two days from the end of the journal

Chaostic: damn at this rate I'm never getting back into space!!!!

Thug: is that the guy

Suit: Yeah that's him...just stick to the plan

A little while later in a near by alley way

Thug: hey pal give me a hand here, I lost the ring I bought my girl.

Chaostic: (well atleast some people are happy) Sure

Chaostic: ah I found it

Gang member: Nice rock we'll be taken that!

a short while later

Chaostic: (damn he passed out... how many of these guys are they..)

the goodnatured Chaostic intent on fleeing places the thug over his shoulder only to be injected with a unknown substance

Chaostic: ah! Damn ... what... did you...

the thugs fist strike with the back of Chaostic's head and then as he falls the thugs knee impact Chaostic's chin

Thug: your nice buddy sorry we had to do this but, ya'know business is business after all.

(ooc: sorry I started rushing it in the end and this is not the last you seen of me and Mica. I captured not dead and I'm also going to suffer a case of amnesia)
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