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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #780 on: March 06, 2009, 05:19:12 PM » by Derek The Blue Wings of Kyonoshi
~Duragreiz Bridge~


"Captain Bright, we've finished accounting for the comm units." One of the bridge operators reported. "Six units are still completely unaccounted for."

"I see." Bright spoke, thinking about it. "Alright, let's shut those units off. Security Protocol S-576, Code 3."

"S-576, Code 3 acknowledged." The operator repeated, entering the command. "All six units are now permanently severed from the network."

'We can always get more comm units if we need to." Bright said in response. "Allowing possible enemies to hear our every spoken word, however...."


~Eastern China Airspace~


Archer's stolen comm unit suddenly went completely dead, and refused to start back up under any circumstances. Before he really had much time to ponder the implications of this, however, a silvery mech flew by at high speed, then suddenly stopped and turned around to look at the shuttle.

"Huh. Hey, isn't that the shuttle Archer was being taken off-base in?" Masaki wondered out loud from inside the Cybuster's cockpit. "Funny, I thought we were already past it."

"We WERE past it, meow." Kuro commented. "You just made a loop somewhere."

"Oh." Andoh said in reply, before shrugging. "Hey, now that I think about it, we never really said goodbye to him, did we?"

"What're you gonna do, Masaki?" Shiro asked cautiously. "We're not gonna shoot at him, are we?"

"Hmm.....It IS tempting.....Nah. I'm just gonna give him my regards."

The Cybuster flew along side the shuttle for a few seconds as it figured out which side of the plane Archer was on, then positioned itself in full view of the window and calmly flipped him the bird.

"Hey Archer!" Masaki's voice came in over the shuttle's radio. "Just wanted you to know, the AGGF says so long....and FUCK YOU!!"

With that, the Cybuster turned and took off again, headed in a northernly direction.


~Western China Airspace: Aoi Tsubasa Bridge~


Alexis was working at her station, when she noticed a strange blip on the radar. "Hmm? Derek-sama, there's something odd out there."

"Where? Put it on screen."

Complying, she put the radar screen up on the monitor. Roughly thirty kilometers northwest of their current position, there was an unidentified signal being detected. Judging from the distance away from the battle they were headed for, the Tsubasa would miss out on helping Jay and Shara entirely if they went to investigate.

"What should we do, Derek-sama?"

"Hmm...." Derek thought about it for a long minute. "Gai and the others already dashed off ahead of, what the hell." He finally concluded with a shrug. "They'll be fine for now. Besides...."

He let the thought trail off, leading everyone on the bridge to look at him inquisitively.

"....Huh? Oh, right. If the NDC's following the usual "Attack in waves" strategy, then it's possible they'll spring ANOTHER ambush. That might be what this is. If it is, then we can head it off before it ever starts. Let's go take care of it."

"Hai, Derek-sama." Alexis said with a nod, adjusting the ship's bearing as she did so. "Should we let them know?"

"No. We're off the network for a reason. The fewer people know about our plans right now, the better. Besides...." Derek's mouth twisted into a cruel smile. "I really DO hope it's an enemy force. I'm still in a lot of pain, and I'd just love to share it with someone right now. Other people would just get in the way of that."

The entire bridge fell silent at that, not really sure how to respond.

".....I'm kidding. Really."

dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #781 on: March 06, 2009, 08:08:51 PM » by alaras
Matt wasn't looking out the window when Masaki had Cybuster flip the bird, and didn't really give a crap about his message either.  Feeling's mutual, you little shit.  After he noticed the comm unit go dead, Matt just calmly left it under his seat.  Okay, I was meaning to give it back anyway, so they can keep it regardless.  Not like I'd have any use for it, but nobody ever asked me for it back, so what'd they expect?  Now that I know what happened to Chris-sempai, I've had my fill of all of them.  My part is done.
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #782 on: March 07, 2009, 03:32:04 AM » by JayBee That's how I roll.
Jaybee headed towards Rodriguez, diving forward under another Ball attack, only to get slammed in the back by  the Hazel's massive fist, crashing to the ground.

"I'm getting really tired of you." Jaybee griped, his Huckebein rolling onto it's back..

"Then die, scum." Buchanan replied, leveling his rifle.

Thumbing the head vulcans on, Jaybee blasted the rifle.
"Such hatred. Mad your Gundam's not as creative as you thought?" Firing the back boosters, he slid along the ground before leaping back to his feet, leaving a few chunks of metal behind, mostly from the damaged missile pods, but the Huckebein had definitely seen better days. Much of the armor was dented and scuffed where attacks had impacted, and several pieces on one of the Boxer module's shoulders had shattered when a Randgrith got lucky.

"Hatred is all I have for the likes of you."  The Hazel Gundam was frustratingly minty fresh. But then, it didn't have near as many guns pointed at it.

"The hell is that supposed to mean?" Jaybee asked, while wishing his gravity rifle still had some charges in it.

The Boxer lunged forward, a fist extended. As the Hazel moved to the side, Jaybee's mech dropped down and shifted into a footsweep that actually connected, though not well enough to actually trip the Gundam.

"It means what it means." Buchanan muttered, as Jaybee fired thrusters and turned up the Tesla drive, boosting away from the Hazel and off to some other part of the battlefield, slashing at a low-flying Lion with his roche saber on the way.

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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #783 on: March 09, 2009, 02:09:48 PM » by alaras
"Just as you asked, Belarus, in the middle of nowhere."

"Thanks.  I won't be in touch."

Matt disembarked in the cold snowy region, thankful that the base was built right on the outskirts, and the shuttle immediately launched, leaving him there alone,  I said I'd be there today, and it seems like the gate's wide open.  Guess I'll just head over there and negotiate mom's release, then see about joining.  Matt walked his way over to the airbase, where his mom and new job awaited him.
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #784 on: March 10, 2009, 08:11:08 PM » by TheTenderizer What is a flan?
The gate creaked as Matt swung it open and closed again.  It was a foggy morning in this part of Belarus, and visibility was poor, but the outline of a white-camouflage jeep could barely be seen coming towards him.  It stopped a good five meters from the young man, but it seemingly came out of nowhere.  Matt's mom stepped out of the back, seemingly unbound.  Crisp stepped out in his full suit, along with one guard that was so generic, he was original in being so.  Straight edge core, and all that.

Crisp: Ah, so we meet at last.  I've brought your mother as promised, as you can see.  I assume that you're just as frustrated with the AGGF as we are - their selfish behaviour will be the ruin of us all, along with the corruption in the EDF.  I will be straight to the point - will you join the ranks of the Neo DC, and fight against your former "allies" alongside us?

Tell no one
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #785 on: March 10, 2009, 08:33:46 PM » by alaras
"Sure, but only if you release my mom to resume her retired life.  Nobody in our family is happy with the EDF right now."  His mother piped up at that moment "I tried to tell them that I'm retired, but that asshole Yazan had me gagged.  Can I go home now?"  "I assure you, though, if she goes home, I'll enlist.  Mom, I'll have to ask you to lie for me.  Until this conflict's over, let her think I died in a covered-up friendly fire incident caused by a Grungust Type-1 pilot.  I'd rather not have her know I've joined the Neo DC."
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #786 on: March 10, 2009, 09:18:09 PM » by TheTenderizer What is a flan?
Crisp cocked an eyebrow - the mother-son reunion before him was almost all business - and strange business, at that.  He wasn't going to ask, however - it was rude, but they also had much more important things to do.

He also noted that Matt had not reacted to his appearance - either people were strange everywhere, or he simply hadn't put two-and-two together. 

Crisp: If you two are done, Mrs. Archer, Matthew.  I'm sorry to have kept you, but this is a war for our very survival, after all.    Take my vehicle.  My driver will take you to the airport.  It's the least I can do.

Incredibly generic guard: Yes, sir.  C'mon, ma'am.

Crisp motions to Matt to come closer.

Crisp: You've taken the first step.  Before you join in earnest, you must ask yourself whether or not you truly are committed to the cause.  Are you our assistant, or our assassin?  Secondly, you must ask yourself whether you have the discipline to contribute to our success. 

Although you will still retain a large amount of autonomy, free reign is not an option - to disobey orders is to endanger an ally or yourself.  Should you find yourself devoted to the cause and willing to take orders, then welcome to the initiative.  Otherwise, we've plenty of jeeps like the one your mother left on.

These are harsh questions - even though we are in desperate need of talented personnel, these are the sorts of questions a man should ask himself before enlisting as a soldier, and especially as a special operative.  Make your decision, son.

Tell no one
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #787 on: March 10, 2009, 09:31:15 PM » by alaras
"Just a second."  Matt walked over to his mother, giving her one last hug before they said their farewells.  "I already know what you're going to decide, honey.  I already know you've killed before, and that you'd have no trouble doing it again.  Please, just don't start to enjoy it!"  "Alright, Mom, I promise.  Just remember what I asked you to do.  Grandma's too senile to remember that she can look these things up, so she'll take your word for it.  If you think death is too strong, say that I'm MIA and presumed dead."  "Got it.  Now give me a kiss."  He gave her a kiss on the cheek, and said "Your ride's getting impatient.  If all goes well, I'll come home when this war's over.  Until then, goodbye."  Eri Mitarashi got into the truck, and it drove off.  "If I wasn't dedicated to this cause, I would have joined mom in the truck and hoped to convince my grandma to not kick me out.  However, AGGF nearly killed me.  As far as I'm concerned, their arrogance is beyond redemption.  Consider me your loyal subordinate."
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #788 on: March 10, 2009, 11:45:42 PM » by Derek The Blue Wings of Kyonoshi
« Last Edit: March 14, 2009, 03:45:38 PM by Derek »
~Aoi Tsubasa Bridge~


Things were quiet on the bridge, as everyone continued to work, keeping the occasional eye out on the horizon for anything strange. After a few minutes, Ash decided to break the silence.

"So, I was wondering....Can I drive?"

"NO." The reply was instananeous, and from two different directions.

"You guys are no fun at all, you know that?" Ash pouted a bit, crossing his arms.

"Oi, least you're not stuck looking at a damn radar screen." Momotaros said, as he leaned back in his chair.

 "Sempai, you said you wanted to be on radar, remember?" Urataros countered, as he held a pair of headphones near his ear, listening for any stray comm chatter.

"I thought "radar" was some kind of missile system!!" Momo shouted at the turtle, standing up from his station reflexively.

"You know, this ship isn't THAT undermanned." Derek spoke up, his eyes closed. "I'm sure I can find some floor scrubbers for you two to operate for awhile, if you're so bored up here. Would you rather we do that?"

The three voices sounded in unison.

"We'll be good."

For the first time in a little while, Barona smiled. "That's what I thought.



"Enemy battleship approaching. Confirmed IFF signal as the Aoi Tsubasa. It's them."

"Right on time. He always was good about being on time to his own funeral."

"Hold position. We don't move until things are in place."


"Roger that."

dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #789 on: March 11, 2009, 02:55:12 AM » by JayBee That's how I roll.
Finally, Jaybee manages to get free of the Hazel Gundam's interference long enough to do something he's wanted to do since the reinforcements first arrived. The Huckebein lunges towards Rodriguez' GM, roche saber slashing. The GM draws a beam saber and parries it.
"You can fight your own battles? I was worried this would be TOO easy."

"You SHOULD be worried, McQuade." Rodriguez replied, the Balls spinning to his assistance. Jaybee danced through the blasts, staying within striking distance of the GM the whole time. Rodriguez parried each attack expertly.

"Quit playing with your Balls and fight me properly!"

"Hmmm... I think not. Where has Hazel gotten to?"


Shara had to admit that Jay was right. The Gunner module had taken a few hits that probably would have destroyed her Valkyrie.

"Dammit, why doesn't this thing have a machine gun?" she snarled, chasing a Lion that dodged her last G-Impact shot.

He was right, but that didn't mean she was happy about it.

Diving towards her escaped prey, she lined the shot up again and fired. As the Lion exploded, she smiled.
The smile vanished as her fighter shuddered and warning lights lit up across the dash. Uttering a zentradi expletive that hadn't been translated, she slapped several controls, disabling a handful of failed systems and shifting to backups or workarounds, restoring control to her machine.

Pulling up, she started taking stock of her situation when a Barrelion that locked on during the dive fired. She'd managed to regain control fast enough that It wasn't a clean shot, but it smashed into the rear of her battered fighter nonetheless, sending it right back down to Earth and lighting up another round of warning lights. It didn't look like these were recoverable, not this low. With the ground rushing up, she reached down and yanked the eject lever.

Jaybee and Rodriguez stood about 60 feet apart. The concentrated efforts of the Ball bits had finally forced Jaybee to back up, but not before he'd landed a blow on the GM in front of him. A deep gouge scarred the machine's chest armor, which it ejected, revealing the more standard GM outline underneath the added armor.

Hearing a burst of zentradi over the comm, Jaybee brought up a window on the Gunner just as the Barrelion hit it.
Time seemed to slow to a crawl as he watched it fall.

A small puff on the side as Shara's ejection seat blasted out at the last second.

The Gunner struck the ground, a fireball sprouting from the impact like some hideous flower blooming.

The shockwave smashed into Shara's ejection seat, shaking it like a child's rattle.

Shara went limp.

"Shara? Are you there? Shara? SHARA?!?!" Jaybee screamed into the comm channel, static his only reply. A wave of emotion washed over him, as if a dam had broken inside him. Things he hadn't felt in a very long time, some he'd hoped to never feel again and some he hadn't believed he COULD feel anymore.

"Ah, good. That was an annoying unit." Rodriquez noted Shara's crash with a detached neutrality.

"Unit? She's not just some pawn in your game!" Jaybee bit out, his throat tight.

"I don't play anything as simple as chess." Rodriguez growled. Had he realized how close Jaybee was to snapping, he might've held his next words back. "But you're right. She doesn't seem to be part of anyone's game anymore."

"You... again... " Losing his grasp on language, Jaybee issued a wordless scream.

"Uranus system activated." the Huckebein's computer announced in a calming monotone, for anyone who cared to listen.  
      "KILL HIM NOW!" Rodriguez shouted, before the third syllable was out, whipping a beam rifle up.


As he came into position for another attack, Buchanan heard Jaybee shouting at Shara, and set the battle aside for a moment.
He could feel the anguish behind that voice. Whatever his crimes, this man had just lost someone important to him, and he hadn't even realized until it was too late.
A few seconds of peace wouldn't change the inevitable.

He glared fiercely when Rodriguez began speaking. The man had no sense of decency.

And when Rodriguez shouted an order, Buchanan leaped into action even as he blinked in surprise. He'd learned today that Rodriguez was scum, and that he was someone who considered every word he spoke. If he was throwing aside his controlled tone and his thirst for revenge and shouting an imprecise order like that, then it needed doing NOW.

The Hazel raised it's right arm, ready to blow the Boxer's back open. And as Buchanan felt the surge of psychic energy in the Huckebein, he wondered if it wasn't already too late.


"KILL HIM NOW!" Rodriguez shouted as he grabbed for his rifle, but it was already too late.
If he had to describe what was happening, he would say he was a blind man opening his eyes for the first time. He saw the world in a new light.
Gai and Sakura shining like brilliant flames, Rodriguez coated in an oily darkness, the odd gray half-lives that filled most of the enemy machines, the strangely familiar mind in the Gundam behind him, and a single faint flicker more important than all the rest... Shara wasn't dead.  

Lunging forward, the Boxer covered the space between them and delivered a vicious kick as Rodriguez' GM levelled it's rifle, sending it flying away as it fired into the air.

Spinning to the side, he dodged a beam fired from the Hazel's massive hand, smiling as his motion shoved the GM into the way and it blew an arm off. Turning the last few steps to face the charging Hazel, he saw the fist coming for his chest an instant before it actually moved.
He started to dodge, felt the Hazel pilot adjusting his aim, and changed his own dodge. The Hazel pilot hadn't counted on missing, and the small opening while he recovered was all Jaybee needed.

Placing of the Boxer's hands on the massive forearm of the Hazel and the other on it's outer shoulder, he pulled. Ignoring the ominous creaking of motivators pressed past their design limits, he ripped the massive Psyco Gundam arm off the Hazel, then spun around and slammed it into the other side of the machine, like a large bat. Metal shattered like ice as the collision sent the Gundam flying.

Dropping the remnants of the arm, he cast a dozen knives of telekenetic energy from his machine's hands, sending them flying after those insufferable bits dancing around him.
The Balls whipped off, diving and spinning and trying not to get hit, the daggers chasing after them through the sea of enemies, motes of light drizzling behind them as they danced through the silliest-looking Itano Circus ever seen. Three knives ripped through one Ball as two impaled another, the other 7 lost to collisions with Lions and Hucklebeins, and they exploded into miniature suns.

Stepping forward, the Boxer's foot crashed into the ground, which exploded outward. A Randgrith fired a shoulder cannon, the blast splashing off the Huckebein's TK field like a water balloon. A hint of smoke curled through the Huckebein's cockpit, but Jaybee didn't care. He could worry about trifles like that later.

"You want me? Come and take me!" he shouted at Rodriguez, stomping towards the damaged GM. Rodriguez' response was simple, as his GM split in two and a fighter launch at high speed away from the battlefield.


"I'll come back when you're feeling better. Tell your friends I said hello. All units, this operation is cancelled." Rodriguez said, his fighter vanishing over the nearby mountain ridge, the surviving reinforcements following, a pair of Huckebeins stopping to lift the battered Hazel Gundam away with them..

The Huckebein ran to catch up, only to have it's knee fail as it stomped down, sending it crashing to the ground.on hands and knees. There was a sickening sound of metal tearing, and the Boxer's left arm sheared off just below the shoulder, sending it lurching off onto it's side.

"Emergency shutdown initiated." the computer announced.

"NO! GET BACK UP! DAMN YOU!" Jaybee shouted at the computer, Rodriguez, and anyone else who cared to listen.
"Base, send an emergency medical team for Shara. And salvage crews for the Gunner and Huckebein. DAMMIT!"
Smashing a fist into the instrument cluster in front of him, Jaybee grabbed the emergency hatch release and hopped out of his machine. The emergency crews were already moving towards Shara's homing beacon. She'd landed well away from the battle. No way for him to make it there before they took off.

Pulling out a large package from a storage area under his seat, he unfolded an emergency motorcycle and headed back to base, tears flowing freely.


Back in the base hanger...

"Clear the deck! We've got wounded incoming!" Astonage shouted, waving crewmen to get the gear between the door and flight deck out of the way. "Salvage crews, move it! I want that tronium core secured ASAP!  Get the repair bays prepped!" He shot orders all around the hanger, more like a seasoned commander than an engineer.

Richard swore silently as he readied the heavy machinery in the repair bay. Once again the DC had screwed him over. He hadn't expected his work to pay off NEARLY this fast, and he wasn't lucky enough lately that he could count on that work going un-noticed until things calmed down enough for him to slip out.  

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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #790 on: March 11, 2009, 05:51:35 AM » by Sume Gai AGGF Master
((OOC: It's too early for her release. as such her situation is about to get a little more precarious))
Wan Fey Lo

Wan was as usual well informed thanks to his allies; they like him were not overly concerned with the loss at Russia. it mattered little now that the Cradle was fully operational.  Wan's ears had naturally heard of the defections from among the AGGF ranks and had come up with an idea.  All he needed was for someone to pick up a 'package' and that was why he had sent that man.


a second jeep pulled up alongside the one in which Miss Archer was in.  In the Drivers seat of this second jeep was a red headed man in a DC Officers uniform. He signaled for the other vehical to pull over and the Driver promptly complied.

???: Thanks for your cooperation.I was sent to deliver a message to you. I'm Lt. Commander Max Talon; My commander says he has a mission specifically for you.

Driver: "Sir i was instructed to dseliver this woman to her residence."

Max? : I can handle that for you now if you please your services are urgently needed.  DO this right and there's a special commendation in it for you.

the Driver looks back and forth unsure of what to do then after a few moments the promise of commendation overtakes his unease and he switches vehicles.

Driver: Where exactly do i need to go sir?

Max? rattles off some coordinates to the north then drives away without a second thought.  After they'd left the Driver and other vehicle far behind Max? turns to the woman in the passenger seat.

Max?: "greetings miss Archer I'd like to formally introduce myself.  I am Ali-al Saachez."

If you are a man you'll do what's important before you grieve  -Captain Harlock
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #791 on: March 12, 2009, 11:28:09 PM » by Andrew The Dragon Knight
Outside in the forest near the base, Andrew is in a state of meditation. He awakens and rechecks his supplies.

Zetasols, check. Gear call device, check. Decent sized space where potential damage can be minimized, check.

Looking around and mentally focusing on his task, Andrew starts preparing to attempt to create a new technique.

I know my Shadow Dragon can travel thorough the air with no problem. The problem is that attack is kind of obvious if you know that it's coming.

Open Ether Circuit! Shadow Dragon!

Instead of launching the attack into the air as he usually does, Andrew then places his hands on the ground and activates the spell.

The first attempt blows up in his face

I'm going to get this if it takes me all day.

With that, Andrew starts developing his newest ether.

My current inventory is: One transforming katana, one flight suit, one Caster, various Caster shells, one gallant (including stock and barrel) and an optimistic attitude.
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #792 on: March 13, 2009, 04:04:42 AM » by JayBee That's how I roll.
(Edit: New formula! Now with 50% less suck!)

Richard stood by the door to his quarters, which looked like a bomb had gone off. He'd hastily packed what he needed into the duffel bag slung over his shoulder, and was ready to go. Opening the door, he stepped into the corridor.

"Going somewhere?" a voice to his left asked. His heart sank as he saw Jaybee casually leaning against the wall next to his door, arms crossed over his chest, wearing a denim jacket and cowboy hat, of all things. He nodded towards the duffel bag.

"Was gonna sleep out under the stars tonight." Richard replied.

"Always liked the stars myself. Pity you gotta head so far out to see them nowadays.

"That hat makes you look like an idiot, you know." Richard replied, trying to stay calm. They hadn't had time to inspect the Gunner yet. It'd been utter chaos since the battle earlier in the day.

Jaybee scowled. "Tough. It was a gift from my brother. Anyways, you've been doing some off-duty work in the hanger lately. Your dedication is admirable, but we really need you to log your work. Makes life easier if everyone knows what everyone else has done."

"Yes, sir. I'll start a list first thing tomorrow. Good night, sir. " Richard took a step away from the door.

"What's the rush? Stars ain't goin' anywhere. We can make that list now." Jaybee shifted his arms ever so slightly, as he moved his right hand out of his left elbow. "Starting  with that work the cameras show you did on the Gunner two days ago. " he said.

Richard froze. He considered running for a second. He couldn't outrun McQuade, but with surprise on his side he might manage to lose him. Jaybee's right elbow moved a hair, and Richard remembered the laser pistol McQuade always carried. And the look in McQuade's eyes... no, running was a bad idea.

"You didn't bring a security team, so... " Richard asked, setting his bag down. This was either a good sign or a very bad one.

"Didn't need a team to catch you." Jaybee stated, matter-of-factly. "Been with us this long and you really think I'd just blast you? You haven't been paying attention."

"What do you-" Richard began, nervously.
"Answers." Jaybee interrupted. "Guards get in the way of a good conversation. You've been with us a long time. Since the Titans, wasn't it?"

"Yeah. Didn't care for their agenda, and I thought this was the best way to stop them. Seems you weren't any better, though." Richard said.

"You're gonna have to explain that, mister." Jaybee said, an edge in his voice.

Richard shook his head. "You wouldn't understand. None of you would. That's the problem."

"Try me."

"Let's just say that the DC made an offer at the right time, and leave it at that."

"'S that right? Wrecking individual mechs seems a waste of a good spy, to me."

"With the DC bungling left and right, I couldn't stay here. Should've just left, but I wanted to DO something. Figured I could get out after setting up that zentradi bit-" Jaybee snapped off the wall, grabbed the man's collar, and slammed him against the wall, holding him up off the ground.

"H-hey! What the hell?" Richard exclaimed, glancing down at Jaybee's free hand, where sparks arced across the fist's knuckles.

"If you don't know what you said, then you're the only person on-base that's slower than I am." Taking a deep breath, Jaybee unclenched his fist and tapped a comm panel. "I've got our saboteur. Send a team to pick him up."

"Thought you didn't need security."

"I'm not feeling very professional right now. That last comment's not sitting well, so I'm passing you to someone that IS feeling professional." Jaybee lowered the mechanic to the ground, but kept him pressed against the wall. "They can drag you down the hall, toss you in the brig, and figure out what to do with you while I work my grudge out on something other than your face. I can't very well tell Archer to stow it, and then go off and do exactly the same thing, can I? He's all yours, guys." Jaybee finished as a security team came running up. "Check his bag, too. You're lucky, Richard. The DC would've shot you on the spot if you'd pulled this shit with them."

Jaybee started to walk off, then paused. "'Course, Shara's gonna try to skin you alive once they let her out, so maybe getting shot isn't that bad."

"She's not dead?" Richard asked, confused.

"Takes more than that to kill one of us. Just be glad we have armed guards in the brig."

Jaybee wandered off. Shara's survival was a lot closer than he'd made it out as. Doc had banned him from the medbay for the evening, and he wasn't dumb enough to show his face in the hanger after trashing the Huckebein. Jaybee didn't have much to do other than go to bed, but he wasn't ready to sleep.

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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #793 on: March 13, 2009, 07:38:12 AM » by Sakura77 Lost Newtype Child
After finding out Shara was taken to the medical ward and that she was in the doc's hands Sakura sought out her sisters.

Nadesico: "Sakura we heard the battle got pretty bad."

Sakura: "Someone is currently in the medical ward for severe injuries. Bright this seems too well planned to be a simple attack from the DC. We all know that most of the DC are incompetent."

Bright: "I think we may have to take the initiative soon or this will happen again. As you are under watch I'd be careful of your own actions since everybody is on edge."

Sakura: "I'll keep that in mind but, I'm no fan of groups like the DC and the titans. I'll be showing my sisters a little bit of the ship and we'll be doing things together."

Aria: "Could we check on the person in the medical ward and wish them well?"

Sakura: "Most likely not the Doc is probably doing the most he can for her and we shouldn't get in his way."

As Sakura, Nadesico and Aria are about to leave the bridge Bright asks Sakura something

Bright: "I haven't seen the file that you gave Jay so sorry if I ask but, what was your designation in THAT unit?"

Sakura: "I don't mind you asking I was in the intelligence section doing a lot of black ops work I haven't gotten too rusty so if you need me to do something I can."

Bright: "Probably not at this time but, maybe if we need somebody to check hard to find stuff that the rest of us might miss."

Things can always get worse...
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #794 on: March 14, 2009, 11:56:22 AM » by Andrew The Dragon Knight
Back in the forest, Andrew is in a clearing surrounded by craters and fissures of varying length. He is exhausted, but happy as he finally finished what he started.

I think I'll call my new move, Shadow Fissure. I'm even more deadly on the ground.

Andrew returns to the base to rest and clean up.

My current inventory is: One transforming katana, one flight suit, one Caster, various Caster shells, one gallant (including stock and barrel) and an optimistic attitude.
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