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Author Topic: AGGF arc 3 & 4  (Read 367148 times)
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« Reply #900 on: May 17, 2009, 04:04:08 PM »

~Aoi Tsubasa Bridge: 9:56 AM~


"And that's the extent of the damages, Derek-sama." Alexis spoke, not looking up from the list she had just rattled off for him. "Most of the damages are all internal, and not many are actually causing problems, but the ones that are...."

"I think the ones that are speak for themselves." Derek finished the thought, motioning around from his folding lawn chair. He had given Alexis his own chair for something to sit on, but he still had to sit too, dammit. "How long will it take to get this fixed?"

"As long as I can still access the ship from here or from the engine room, we can make due without the bridge for now." The girl replied, finally looking up. "But our movement would be sluggish at best, and with our weapons out as well...."

"No taking the Tsubasa out for awhile, got it. Alright, go ahead and see about getting the comm open, so I can call Bright. We're gonna have to hitch a ride on the 'Greiz for awhile, it looks like...."


~Aoi Tsubasa Lounge: 10:28 AM~


"....So, you never told me why you did it." Haruka's tone was still soft, but it had developed some of her normal seriousness as well. "Why did you attack Derek like that, without telling me about it first?"

"Ah, that." Kanz sighed, putting the empty bottle down on the table and leaning back on the couch. "I'm sorry about that, Haru. I wanted to warn you, but I wasn't really given the chance. THOSE guys didn't give me much notice on the subject."

"THOSE guys?" Haruka repeated, giving the man a look. "You're doing that cryptic thing again."

"Sorry, but I honestly don't know that much about them." Seiyokaze shrugged apologetically. "They're some kind of sub-organization in the DC. Very black ops, very hush hush. I don't know any names." He glanced over at the hand still sticking out from behind the embedded door outside. "They're the ones who hired me to attack Derek, and they're behind yesterday's little romp, too."

Haruka thought about it for a few seconds, before she gave Kanz a very calculating look. "....How much DID they pay you, anyway?"

"It's not like that, Haru. I wasn't just bought out or anything." Kanzaki said quickly, not liking where this was starting to go. "They gave me a choice, the other day. Either I set up an ambush and attack Derek, or they drop a whole force on this place, with that big white guy with the giant sword leading the charge. I heard how that last encounter went for the AGGF, so I went ahead and bit the bullet." He looked her in the eyes as he continued. "I really didn't want to have to show up like that, Haruka. I mean it. Starting a fight with Derek like that wasn't how I wanted to settle things with him."

The bartender looked him square in the eye before shaking her head. "Bullshit, you didn't want to fight Derek. You know you can't lie to me." She said, sitting back. "But at least I know you're honest about the rest."

The two of them were silent for a minute, during which time Derek actually went past, dragging Momotaros and Urataros with him. "I appreciate you guys jumping in and helping like that, I really do." He said, as he crossed the open doorway without glancing in. "But now I'd like you two to actually UNLOCK the mechs, now that we need to start moving them!"

Kanzaki and Haruka both watched the spectacle quietly, listening as it thundered down the hallway to the lift. Finally, after all went silent again, Haruka casually got up and collected another two bottles of beer out of the fridge. Break time didn't sound like it was gonna last much longer.


~Earth Cradle: 9:36 AM~


In one of the darkened rooms of the Cradle, the masked man worked at a console, checking out the most recent events of things. Those aliens, the "Inspectors", had appeared in force, and Vat Tran was reacting accordingly. Axel had finally shown back up, and Vindel had even launched an attack on the EFA forces to satisfy his own curiosity regarding the strength of the Hiryu and Hagane groups. All in all, things seemed to be going just about as predicted....

His attention suddenly shifted to behind him, as he pulled a gun on the person walking into the room. "Oh, please. Don't be a hypocrite." Lemon Browning said with a snort, waving her hand at him like it didn't matter that he was armed. "After all the times you've snuck in, I'm allowed to walk in through the front door."

"....It is a bit rude, I guess." The man agreed after a minute, lowering his weapon. "But then again, you usually call me down when you want to talk to me."

"Vindel's in one of his moods, so I felt like getting out of the room." The woman said with a shrug, before walking over and checking the computer screen. "Keeping an eye on things, eh? How foresighted of you." She said with a sly tone. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you had been expecting last night's screw up."

"The Aoi Tsubasa's not much of a flagship." The masked man said with a shrug, not bothering to lie his way past the question. "And I doubt even cold dead fingers would be enough to make the Blue Wings let go of it. There's something to be said for being a packrat." He glanced over at Lemon, who was now openly reading over his shoulder. "There are better ships in this world for us, don't worry."

"In the meantime, we lost an entire batch and have to do some pretty major repairs to your R-Eins for what, exactly?" The woman asked him, straightening back up and giving him a serious look. "All you managed to do was to damage the ship and reunite them with a former comrade. Whom, I might add, I happened to like, and was considering offering a job to." She managed to sound hurt and offended at the same time, even while still being serious. "You know, I'm all for secret plans and backstabbing, but I'd appreciate at least knowing ahead of time that I'll need to dig the knife out.

"Hmm. I'll keep that in mind." The man replied, looking back at her. "Did you have any other grievances you wanted to address with me?"

"Not really, but...." She thought about it for a second. "It's been awhile since you saw them in action, hasn't it? What did you think?"

From under his mask, the man grinned. "They were....magnificent. Just as I remember."
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dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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« Reply #901 on: May 22, 2009, 02:11:25 AM »

Narrator: Previously on Aeon Genesis Guardian Force...

Rodriguez: "Surprised to see me?"

Jaybee: "Hey, Shara... when we get home, I owe you big for this mess."

Shara:  "And I'm gonna make you pay every last cent!"

Gundam pilot: " I don't take orders from terrorists. Just know that Buchanan sent you to Hell."

Jaybee: "Shara? SHARA?!?!"

Computer: "Uranus System online."

Security chief: " If she makes it 'till morning, she should be fine. I hope for your sake she does."


Shara started to open her eyes. The light plowed into her retinas like a speeding hover-transport, and she slammed her eyelids back down to slivers as she held up a hand.

"Doctor! She's coming around!" the nurse shouted.

"Can you keep it down? It feels like an army of Nous-Gers have been doing parade marches in my skull." As her eyes adjusted to the light, she glanced around. She was in the medbay, in the intensive care corner. And there were an annoying number of things hooked to her.

"What do you remember?" the nurse asked as she checked some equipment.

"We were in an ambush... the Gunner malfunctioned... I hit eject, and... " She trailed off.

"I'll take it from here, Jen. Call our chronic pacer."
Doctor Uzuki stepped out from behind a large rack as he spoke. 

"Awww, I wanted some time for girl talk..." she said as she stepped into the office and worked with the intercom.

"And you ejected far too late. You weren't anywhere near clear when the armored module detonated.  The shockwave nearly killed you. Hold still while I check this. It WOULD have killed you if you weren't a zentradi, or you had a lesser medical team. Looks good... . I'd recommend punching out earlier if I thought you'd listen. I think we're done. " The doctor began disconnecting sensor leads.

The nurse stepped back into the main medbay room as Citan finished up, an amused smile on her face. "He was off on the other side of the base. Based on his tone of voice, I'd give him 5 minutes." she said, as the doctor headed towards the cleanup area. " have to say, I'm jealous. "

"Huh?" Shara said. She was still feeling a little fuzzy, and she wondered what they'd pumped into her while she was unconscious.

"Doc skipped the good part of the story. When the explosion hit, Jay flipped out. Way I hear it, it was like a nuclear blast was walking through the battlefield for a few minutes. He wouldn't have gone berserker for me.  I didn't think he'd let anyone get close enough to really shake him."

"What ARE you talking about?" Shara asked. The fuzz was going away, but nothing she was hearing made any sense. "McQuade's a professional. He doesn't 'flip out.'"

"The way I hear it, he was screaming like a madman. And slapped a machine clear across the battlefield with it's own arm.  I missed the show, but gossip travels faster than hypercomm. "

"Shara, you seem fine, byt I'd like to keep you here for observation for a day or two. Witjh you out of the woods, Jennifer can take this watch. I'll be back later, after I take care of some pressing matters."

The door hissed open as Citan thumbed it open, and Jaybee slid to a stop on the other side.
"Doc! Thank you! Hi! I mean... You look horrible." Jaybee stammered, blurting words out.

"That's because I was up all night. I was just leaving to get some sleep and a meal. And you're welcome." Citan said, as he slipped out. Jaybee dashed through as soon as the door was clear.

"Hi, Jen! 'S been a while!" he blurted, as she stepped out of his way. He stopped by Shara's bed

"Thank god yo're okay! I thought-" Jaybee broke off.

"It takes more than that to kill me. I believe you've proven the theory yourself before."

"But I lo- amost lost a partner." Jaybee stuttered mid-sentence.

"You're not depending on me to watch your back TOO much, I hope. Nice hat, by the way." Shara fired a pair of jabs off as she nodded to the absurd cowboy hat her partner was wearing.

"No. I'm not relying on you. It's just... " pausing a moment to collect himself, he continued, in a more formal tone. "I'm glad you're all right. I'll see you later."
Standing up, Jaybee headed out, without rising to her bait.

"The heck was THAT?" Jennifer said, then looked over at Shara sitting up in her bed. "Well, what are you waiting for? Get up and follow him!"

"Aren't I still under observation?" Shara was still feeling very confused, and she didn't think it was the drugs anymore.

"Doc won't be back for at least 4 hours. Probably 6. Plenty of time to go knock some sense into that boy."

"I've been trying to do that for ages. I don't think another few hours will make a difference."

"This is a different kind of sense. Now GO!"

"All right, all right... " Shara muttered. Slipping out from under the blanket, she stepped into a changing area.

"Here's your clothes." Jennifer passed them through the door. "Hurry!"

"Why do people never seem to make any sense around here?" Shara asked herself as she traded the medical gown for something more to her tastes and headed for the door.

"Good luck!" Jennifer shouted as the door closed behind Shara. "Geez... and I thought he was bad with ME."
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« Reply #902 on: May 22, 2009, 06:54:15 AM »

~Aoi Tsubasa Lounge~

As he finished putting the spare blanket over Haruka's sleeping figure, Kanzaki couldn't help but look her over and smile a bit. For all the effort she made to be the "reliable" one of the group, the bartender was still pretty young herself, and still needed a break every once in awhile. It was really cute, even if he did have to spend twenty minutes moving out from under her after she'd fallen asleep leaning on his shoulder. As quietly as he could, he picked up the empty beer bottles and deposited them in the trash, then stepped out of the room and started picking his way down the hall to the lift.

Like all Blue Wings, Kanzaki was an insomniac. Even after a night like the last and tossing back a few, he was still awake enough to do some more work before he finally crashed out. First thing he figured he should do, as the door opened and he stepped onto the lift, was to find Derek and give him BWZ-03.

The whole BWZ was kind of a punishment, the more he thought about it. The mech design was originally Derek's own, something he'd apparently put together as a kid as a hobby. As the years had gone by, he'd gone back and updated the design over and over again, and finally, when they'd had the money, he'd actually suggested to the others to try building the thing for real. The timing was about as bad as it could get, as the Blue Wings fell apart not too long after. When they'd been investigating the field of that final battle, they recovered several things, Wing Zero and Derek's ARC among them. Alexis was able to salvage the plans off the ARC and started going over them herself, the girl's vastly superior mechanical sense improving just about every aspect of the machine over Derek's original amateur version.

When they had separated and gone their own ways, Haruka had made them all swear a pact. If they ever found their leader alive, it was their job to determine whether or not he was still the man they had followed as members of the Blue Wings. If he was, they would return to him a segment of the blueprints and follow him once more, no problem. If at any point they deemed him unworthy of that trust....

"Well, no point finishing that thought." Kanz cut himself off as the lift reached the deck he wanted. 'I already tried killing him, and it didn't work. No sense worrying about the rest. But I WILL get him to tell us what happened that night. I've seen Rena crying when she thought no one else was around too many times to ignore it any more...."

His thoughts cut short as the door opened and he stepped out, then realized he was suddenly confronted by a girl standing in the hallway. She was about 5'3 and thin, wearing a pink and white dress with a heart shape design on the front, and a skirt coming about halfway to her knees. She also had pink leggings that went all the way down to her matching shoes, a white bow tied on her back, and black fingerless gloves with pink trim on her forearms, a heart shape design showing prominently on the right glove. Parts of the outfit, Kanz noted, looked armored, most prominently the bottom of her shoes, her shoulders, and those gloves. Her hair, just as pink as the rest, was tied into two opposing tails that, even held upwards by the heart-tied ribbons at the base of each braid, still came down as far as her lower legs. She was glaring up at him through a transparent light green visor, designed so that it covered her eyes without actually hiding them, unlike Derek's fully opaque facemask. All in all, the girl looked strangely familiar...

Deciding to test the water, he gave the girl a cheerful wave. "Hi there, I don't think I've seen you around here before. I'm Kanzaki. What's your name?"

The girl continued to glare at him for a second, before walking straight up and kicking him in the knee. As Kanzaki yelped in pain and fell to the ground out of surprise, Fuyume walked onto the lift behind him and continued to glare. "I am NOT gonna call you Senpai." She said rudely, just before the door closed.

"My knees...My poor, poor knees...." Kanz sobbed from the ground, clutching his injured knee. He was right, that shoe had been armored. "Why do they always go for the knees?!?!"
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dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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Andrew is seen walking out of the armory carrying two medium-sized crates, covered in dust and cobwebs, with an annoyed expression on his face.

If anyone wants me I'll be in my quarters for a while.

Andrew walks off
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After hearing that her mother was alright, Sakura had stopped by the cafeteria to pick up some food and on the way back she saw Citan walking down a corridor with a serious expresson on his face.

I probably shouldn't talk to him, who knows maybe he's pissed at me like a lot of other people right now

Deciding that it wouldn't be a smart idea to talk to Citan at the moment Sakura returned to her room and gave her sisters the good news and their breakfast

Sakura: "Thank goodness mom's okay. How are you two doing?"

Aria: "We're doing okay, do you know how that woman is doing now?"

Sakura: "Shara? I don't know Jay has me practically cut-off from everything that going on right now. While I could find out, I'd rather not considering the circumstances."

Nadesico: "You have to admit that some of the things you did were stupid."

Sakura: "You're correct there, I'm an idiot and if you consider my track record I have troubles doing anything right."

Aria: "Stop right there! We've had this talk before, quit exaggerating your failures! If you keep this up, I'm considering finding Commander Gai and telling him what's going on with you so he can put you under observation because I'm worried that you're going to kill your self!"

Sakura: "I wouldn't kill myself what type of-"

Nadesico: "You wouldn't kill yourself outside of battle but, we don't want you to lose you to battle because you were too depressed to dodge an attack from an enemy."

Aria: "Why are you acting like this Sakura! While you were never there while we were growing up, you've done a lot of good things over the years and thinking back some of the stuff we got over the years must have come from you because father never got us anything and mother was careful to keep his attention off us."

Sakura: "Yes... Some of your gifts over the years were from me. I guessed what you wanted based on how I remembered you because I didn't dare go home with father there."

Nadesico: "He is gone, you have kept in contact with us eversince you came home. You are back in our lives and that is all that matters."

Sakura: "Aria... Nadeico..."

With her and Nadesico hugging Sakura, Aria continued to talk to reassure Sakura

"I know that he started training you when you were 10 but, you didn't wind up being like most child soldiers. Also you're not alone we're here and it doesn't matter to us that you're a newtype since Nadesico's a psychodriver and I wound up being a coordinator."

Comforted by her sisters and reassured that she wasn't a failure, Sakura let all of her bottled-up emotions and misconceptions go and wept. That moment helped her realize that she truly accepted and that she had found her way home
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Things can always get worse...
Ash Rudel
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« Reply #905 on: June 03, 2009, 06:34:39 PM »

The hanger of the Aoi Tsubasa was at last quiet after a night of jailbreaking and eventual mech unlocking. The Four Taros we're busy moving Mechas from the Tsubasa over to the Duragreiz while Ash stood quietly lost in his own thoughts.

"Run full system scan," The young cyborg said softly as his own internal computer began to scan his body.

It wasn't much of a hassle to keep his body in working order, but with the potental gigawatts he pushed through himself and the Kintaros possesion, he wasn't going to take a chance. He breathed a small sigh of relief when his status screen came up normal.

 "Ni-san! " Ryutaros shouted as he  appeared before he began waving his bubble-gun around. "We're almost doing moving the robos."

Ash pat the young A.i. on the head "Good job, that'll be less work for Derek and the others."

"Oi, we don't get enough credit" Momotarso shouted from halfway down the hanger. "Besides he stold all my good parts in that fight."

Ash looked at Momotaros for a second before sighing. Turning his attetion elsewhere he looked at the type 3 parts he had been working on before the ship jacking. Walking towards them Urataros popped out of the nearby console.

"Ashy-boy," Urataros said with his ussall swager "I've collected the data you requested."

"Did you uploaded it to the sever and contact Astronage like I asked?" Ash said with a slight grin.

"Both have been taken care of Ash-sama" Kintaros said appearing behind the cyborg, and smacking him on the back playfully.

"Alright, we might be get this to work after all." Ash smiled before hear his back pop "Damn it Kintaros...."

"Oi, Oi" Momotaros smacked Kintaros on the head. "Don't break the boy, I use him for fights."

Ash sighed as he poped his back into place "Nice to see ya cared Momo"
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« Reply #906 on: June 16, 2009, 04:45:28 PM »

~Duragriez Bridge~

"And that's the last of them, Derek-sama." Alexis reported over the comm, earning an unseen nod and smile from Derek for her effort. "We've got everything moved onto the ship, and Astronage-san's looking them over now."

"Thanks, Alexis. Keep at it." Barona said with a wave as the comm turned off. Looking over from his seat, he grinned. "Told you she does good work."

"I never doubted you, Derek. I know how helpful kids can be on a battleship." Bright replied, not looking up at first from the report he was skimming over. Finally, his eyes glanced over. "Remind me why you needed the lawn chair, please?"

Grinning some more, Derek raised his soda and nodded at him. "Wouldn't be fair for the tagalong to steal the Captain's seat, even if I do technically outrank you. So, I brought my own."

"As noble as that sounds, I don't quite buy it, coming from you." Bright shot back. "You don't let a little thing like who's ship it is stop you from stealing a chair."

Barona regarded the older Captain for a minute. "Alright, ya got me." He said, getting up from the chair. "I just felt like being nice."

"Ah, that explains it." Bright replied, thinking about it. "You've got a reputation to uphold, after all. I understand." Letting it drop, his gaze travelled to the newest item on Derek's person. "I'm still curious about the sword, though. You didn't explain that one, either."

"Read my report on just what the hell happened yesterday, once I finish writing it. You'll understand." Derek responded casually, his left arm moving slowly down to rest on the weapon. "Aoiryu's staying on me, after that mess."

"I'll take your word for it." Captain Noa replied with a nod. Derek hadn't said much about what had happened, but whatever it had been, he wasn't about to challenge it. "How bad does it look, anyway?"

"It could be worse. She still flies, just not very well." Derek said, shrugging his right shoulder. "I'm not taking the Tsubasa anywhere till at least the bridge is fixed."

"I see. Well, at least this is an arrangement we're used to." Bright said, looking back at his report. "I assume this is where you say something in parting and head off to take care of something else that needs doing?"

"You know me too well, Bright." Barona said with a laugh, headed for the door. "Later!"
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dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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« Reply #907 on: July 02, 2009, 09:54:40 AM »

*Over the PA system*

I need all SRX members to come to the training room immediatly. If I arrive before the two of you, I will be doing a Full workout. That includes the baseballs, the fireworks, and the rubber chicken. I will be showing up in one hour from now.
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« Reply #908 on: July 10, 2009, 01:59:15 AM »

(Ping! Anyone still alive?)

Somewhere in the Armory, near Ginn Canyon, Jaybee lay on the ground, deep in thought as he stared upwards. Unusually, he'd walked out here on foot. Gave him more time to think this way. There was a friendly twinkle in the lights above today, he noted for an instant. Then the whine of a powerful hovercycle broke the silence, gaining in volume as it approached.

"Dammit, I headed out here for some peace and quiet! What in KITT's name is it NOW?" he shouted as he rolled to his feet.


Shara was pissed. For a number of reasons, many of which didn't make sense. Which was yet another reason she was pissed.

How DARE he cut out like that! He could've at least told her how the battle went! Not that it mattered. Knowing wouldn't change the situation. And clearly he'd survived more or less uninjured... presumably the rest of the force had too.

And really, shouldn't he have stuck around for a little while and been polite company? Wasn't it customary to bring a gift to someone undergoing medical treatment? Sure, visitors just got in the way of the medics, and visiting hours didn't make much sense, but...

And why was she out looking for him anyways? She could use a day or two of rest to let her body finish healing itself. Even the most advanced technology only got you so far, and she was still sore. That asshole had her out wandering aimlessly looking for him when she could be recovering...  though she had a fairly decent guess where he went, hence the hovercycle from the motor pool.

Climbing over a pile of crates, she saw a faint ripple in the air near her destination, growing more pronounced by the second.
She brought the hovercycle's throttle to full. As the bike leapt forward, she toggled off a warning indicator and considered the merits of leaving him to whatever fate awaited as the bike rushed to his clearing. And if he wasn't there, she was going to be more pissed.

The wavering in the air was gaining the appearance of a solid object, as if the sky had been replaced with a slab of floating water.


Brushing himself off, Jaybee  he debated stalking off towards the disturbance. At the rate it was be coming closer, it was simpler to just wait. So he did, glaring at the most likely entrance to his clearing.

Maybe a minute later, the hoverbike bounded up over a crate and came sailing into the clearing. As it did, it swiveled and started headings toward Jaybee. There was a bright flash of light, and a deafening thunderclap of noise ripped through the air as he was struck in the chest and fell to the ground.


Rising up over the last obstacle, she glanced around, finding Jaybee(FINALLY!) and adjusting the bike to bring her to him.

The "water" in the sky seemed to crystalize. In that instant, she thought she saw something inside it, then it was washed out by a bright glow. Some sort of weapon, maybe? Who the hell would launch an attack on the armory? From INSIDE it, even!

In that instant, the bike neared Jaybee. Shara lept off, driving him to the ground as the light flashed out and sent a shockwave ripping into the area.


The flash blinded Jaybee for a moment. He lay on the ground, pinned under whatever hit him as his eyes rapidly re-adapted.

"Shara! What the HELL was that for?"

"See if I save your life again. That blast could've killed you!"

"If it was going to do that, it would've killed you instead. Appreciate the thought, though. And that's what counts. So we're even for that trap I led you into now?"

"Hardly. You got me shot down!"

"I did NOT! That was sabotage!"

"Whatever. The point is my flawless record is ruined!"

"Flawless? I shot you down twice."

"Once! I pulled back the other time!

"Retreat is the same as defeat. Which you're probably used to, if lil' ol' me can take you out twice in a row."

"Big words coming from the guy pinned to the ground!"

An awkward silence settled over the area for a moment.

"*ahem*... ummm... not that this isn't... I appreciate the thought, but... I think the danger's passed, so if you could get off me?"

"Right! Right!" Shara got off Jaybee rapidly. Her face felt hot. "Do you need a hand?" She reached out to help him up, then hesitated.

"I'm fine, I think. Are you all right?"

"Good as new, so to speak."

An unwelcome third voice, with mechanical overtones, intruded.
"I TOLD them we can't take LL-class deliveries! They never listen! Not even supposed to drop a shipment while we've got visitors! Look at this mess!" an armory robot muttered as it walked up, gesturing towards disrupted stacks of crates. "Beg your pardon, but could you move some of these pylons so I can start cleaning up that mess?" the 'bot asked, and pointed to the perimeter beacons.

Looking around, Jay and Shara realized the clearing had been turned into a bit of a junkyard. A handful of smaller mecha, some miscellaneous spare parts, a trio of what looked to be Lazer Tag guns... a pile of what could only be described as garbage had been dumped into the area.

"Yeah, sure. One second." Stepping forward, Jaybee flipped a switch, taking the array down. "You're a bit more talkative than the rest of the 'bots in here."

"Those dumb box-movers don't have the good sense to stay out of the way is all it is." the 'bot said as it stepped over the disabled barrier and started picking items up, somehow finding a logic in the mess and depositing some of the larger items in crates.  "Leave 'em alone and they just move boxes things around randomly. I'm riding them all day and they STILL drop crates Asimov knows where!"

"We'll just get out of your way, then." Shara said. She winced slightly as she moved to get the bike upright again.

"Hold on a second. " Jaybee stopper her. "You're still recovering from the accident yesterday. " In one smooth motion he righted the bike and slipped into the driver seat. "Take shotgun. Pleasure meeting you, bot-boss."

"Hey, that's my seat- you know what, it's not worth arguing. I don't think you can ride shotgun on a 'cycle, though." she corrected as she climbed onto the back.

"Whatever. Hold on." With that slight warning, he brought the bike's engine back to life and it lurched forward. "Aren't you supposed to still be in medical for observation? Oh god, you didn't kill Jenny, did you?"

Bristling, Shara bit out a reply. "No, I did NOT kill, maim, or otherwise injure Nurse Jennifer. She had the good sense to not try and keep me bedridden."  Shara conveniently omitted the part where she'd basically been thrown out of the medbay due to some bizarre social rule her driver was violating. Glancing around, she noticed that there were an awful lot of disturbed crates along  their path.

Jaybee'd noticed too, and whistled. "Hell of a mess. I hope it doesn't continue out of the hanger."

His wish was partially granted. The massive doors controlling access between the hanger and armory were smashed off their rails, but the hanger beyond was unharmed, though the men inside it were plenty rattled. The shipping crates in the middle of the room had been sealed, and a cargo ship sat in front of them, ramp extended. Packing the Huckebein had taken longer than anticipated, with no easy way to separate the shattered Boxer module from the equally twisted mech.

"What the HELL is that!" Astonage shouted, as the hovercycle landed in the middle of the floor. Jay looked where Astonage was pointing, out the hanger doors, past the area where the AGGF's ships were moored, and at a new ship parked near the forest on the base's edge. It was sleek, and would look quite small if it weren't for the fact that it towered over the trees near  it. It was a striking shade of blue, with white trim, including the characters TA-29 across it's side.

"Off-hand, it looks like a giant Formula-One race car."

"Big damn bolt of white rips my doors down and drops a friggin' battleship in my backyard and you're gonna be a smartass?" Astonage griped.

"Hey, all I know is there was a flash of light, and we've got a new ship on the tarmac. Presumably not hostile, since there's no fire." Jay said, then quietly appended "I guess that's what an LL-class delivery is."

"The scanners aren't showing any life in it. We were just prepping some drones for a more detailed sweep."

"Lemme grab my EX Gear. I'll help." Jaybee headed towards the heavy locker.

Shara slipped over to one of the control panels and gestured to the tech seated at it to relinquish his seat. "I'll take that drone. I assume you have other things to do."
The tech looked over at Astonage, who nodded and pointed to something somewhere in the hanger's vast confines.
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« Reply #909 on: July 27, 2009, 09:09:17 AM »

(OOC: I'm in the middle of moving so I can't respond much)

Sakura: "What was that!"

Aria: "Is the base under attack?"

Sakura: "No we would have heard something by now."

Nadesico: "Should we find out instead of guessing?"

Sakura: "We should either find Gai or Jay to find out what's happening."
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Things can always get worse...
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A Killer Whale sub docked near the Earth Cradle, and its passengers were quickly transported back to the Cradle.  A few hours later, back at Chris Blair's quarters:

Chris: Thanks again for bringing him back, buddy.

Matt: How could I refuse you, aniki?  There's no way you could be happy fighting your own brother, and the same goes for him.  I won't settle for anything less than your happiness.  Now, I'd better go pick Nate up before someone decides to work him over despite your orders.

Chris: Yeah, good idea.

Matt walked over to the brig, which was thankfully not too far away, and headed to Nathaniel Blair's cell.  The young man inside, only a few years older than Matt, was still unharmed, though clearly in a pissy mood.

Nate: So, they sent a kid to torture me?

Matt: Actually, I'm here to bring you to Chris-aniki.  Don't bother running, since I'll just catch you anyway, and it would upset him.  Now, I am prepared to acquire your cooperation, be it willingly or otherwise.  So, will you come quietly?

Nate: Seeing as I have no choice, I come as quietly as the dead.

Matt: Good, then I won't have to cuff you.

He opened the cell, and Nate walked alongside him to Chris's quarters.  They exchanged no words on the way, and Nate mostly just glared at Matt while being relatively ignored.  After a quick knock, Matt opened the door.

Matt: We're back.  I figure you won't let your brother run off, so I'll just go grab a bite to eat.  I know we just ate, but I'm hungry again!  Good luck with him!

With that, he left the room, and raced off to the mess hall to eat another huge meal that would alarm many grunt troops, especially the ones who noticed he never touched the meat.  Back at Chris's quarters:

Chris: Nate, I think there's a few things we need to talk about...
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(OOC:Is the AGGF Dead? P.S. I'm done moving)

After finding out that the big noise what a ship being teleported in, Sakura convinced her sisters to return to their rooms while she went to see Jaybee after retrieving data about the security systems that she put into HQ's system.

Sakura:"Jaybee, while I know that you are pissed at me, here is all the data concerning the programs I added to HQ's systems. If you don't want to believe me that's fine, just check, it'll help fix the system. I'll be with my sisters unless you or Gai have something for me to do."
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*at Chaostic's current location*

Researcher: what the hell is going on!

*sfx: boom crunch crash*

Solder: Prof. Mattheus the ships been sabotaged I have been ordered you and as many of the subjects as I could to the life boats(escape pods) but we have to hurry we wouldn't make it if we're drift too close to the earths gravity well

Mattheus: It's regrettable but ignore the specimen in cold sleep I'm already finish with them ..

*abit latter*

Mattheus: Damn the datapad!

*Matteus is seen leaving in the last escape pod clutching a damaged datapad*
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(OOC:Anyone alive?)

Sakura and her sisters were in her room because Sakura is still banned from many parts of HQ. They each were wondering when JayBee would clear Sakura.

Nadesico: "I wish we could do something even though this is a battleship I know that you guys do stuff when you are not on duty."

Sakura: "HQ and all of the ships are on alert still due to the various things that have happened lately. You guys can do some stuff that we sometimes do however I am still under watch."

Aria: "I don't want to leave you here by yourself. Wouldn't that make people wonder because there is no one to confirm that you're not doing anything you're not supposed to."

Nadesico: "If I don't do something different I'm going to go nuts so I'm going to do something later." With that said, Nadesico marched out of the room leaving Aria and Sakura gazing at the door like they had done something wrong.
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Things can always get worse...
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