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Author Topic: AGGF arc 3 & 4  (Read 371380 times)
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Ash Rudel
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« Reply #390 on: December 11, 2008, 11:21:56 AM »

Looks over at Chris for a second with a dead serious look on his face, very uncharacteristic of the usually cheery super robot.

Ash:  You touch my aibou and I won't have to worry about killing you. He will kill you. That being said I heard from Astronage and saw what's left of the Type 3. (pulls out a guest bag from TLI) As an honoree representative  of T.L.I. I hear by ban you from any use of  the Grungust model, any type whatsoever, for as long as you live and for all of eternity. This ban also includes your children, your children's children, any potential love interests, and most of all any alternate dimension versions of yourself. Also the most important one any alias of yourself that comes back with shades or a mask of some type. Loss of memory or brainwashing also counts in said category. This may not be appealed by any court in or out of this universe. This ban has already been recorded and sent back to the Chief and is printing out…..(pauses) right about now on his desk. Thank you for your time and please enjoy future items from T.L.I, expect the Grungust which your banned form, still. If that wasn't clear the only other option is a boot to the head, not from me, from 21. And he wears big boots. 

Ash smiles then turns back to the others looking at the laptop
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Obachan said this.....My evolution is faster than the light. Nothing in the whole universe can keep up with my evolution.
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« Reply #391 on: December 11, 2008, 01:01:12 PM »

*Chris cries*
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« Reply #392 on: December 11, 2008, 01:50:30 PM »

*Walks up to Chris and pats him on the shoulder in a comforting manner*

There, there, Chris. I'm sure we can find you another super robot to use. The Grungust isn't the only type out there.

*Stands up*

That being said, stay away from my R-1 and G-Sword.
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My current inventory is: One transforming katana, one flight suit, one Caster, various Caster shells, one gallant (including stock and barrel) and an optimistic attitude.
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« Reply #393 on: December 11, 2008, 02:27:33 PM »

don't worry man according to this if you train under master Rishu for a year that ruling will be overturned for now you can use Mica not even you could destroy him

Sakura could you take me to Kima I might me able to speed up her recovery a bit

{ooc: chris  man you logged out too soon right after you did Vic came back with a guy in a Black Frost suit to help him give out stuff}
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« Reply #394 on: December 11, 2008, 03:38:18 PM »

(ooc: Damn. My computer actually kicked me.)
Ha, at last! My dreams of being a super pilot could become a reality.
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« Reply #395 on: December 11, 2008, 06:18:59 PM »

I'll take you to Kima, she's in one of the back hangars. Chris make sure that you're fully rested for the mission. For us lightning always seems to strike twice.
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Things can always get worse...
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« Reply #396 on: December 11, 2008, 06:33:22 PM »

(Behold, AGGF! The Joint Post!)

Haruka: I doubt it, Chris. I seem to remember TLI having this policy about breaking Grungusts. Namely, they don't let you back in one if you do. Now, if you're done, start clearing off. These kids have work to do. *Starts to head down the path towards the bridge* I'm gonna go help the operating crew. I'll be more useful up there.

Alexis: *Waves* Good luck, Ha-chan! *Takes her laptop back from Ash as they follow JayBee* So, the Taro-kuns are used to virus busting, huh Ashi-kun?

Ash: Yep, my grandfather originally made Kintaros to stop virus that would cripple his ship. Since I based the others on Kintaros code they all have virus busting in the core of their codes. All we have to do is load them into the server and they'll take care of the rest.

Momotaros: Oi, are we going to get paid for this?

Urataros: Sempai don't be stingy.

Ash: Momo you'll get to fight a bunch of virus and bring the ship back online… (sighs) Fine, I'll finish that coffee.exe program if you get this done. 

Momotaros: Damn straight.

*As they talk, the two of them enter the server room. Walking up to the main computer next to where Jay and Shara are, Alexis grabs a chair and sits down at it, placing the laptop in front of her.*

Alexis: Okay, if you're sure. *Taps a few keys on the keyboard* Alright, is everyone ready?

Momotaros: (Streching) Let's show that virus a true Climax.

Ryutaros: (points his hands like a couple guns) Bang Bang

Ash: (stands near Alexis looking down at the laptop) Alright guys, we're going to send you in a couple of minutes. (hits a few buttons on his bracelet) Everything's good to go on our end. Remember once you get in their try to take that thing out, but if you can't I want you all to pull out. (looks straight at Momotaros) Understand?

Momotaros: (waves his hand)  Yeah yeah, I get it. (looks at the others for a second before looking forward) Kame, Kuma, Brat. Let's go.

Alexis: Alright, getting ready for transfer. *Taps a few more keys*

Fuyume: *Looks over at the Taros, then at the screen* Um, Alex-chan? Do you want me to go with them?

Alexis: You stay right there, Fuyume-chan. You don't want another blob thing to try eating you, do you?

Fuyume: *Drops her head a little* I-iie.....

Alexis: Then just be a good girl for now, okay? You can help me out without having to go inside with them.

Fuyume: Okay, Alex-chan....

Alexis: Good. Now that that's settled, everyone get ready. *Plugs the laptop into the server* Transfer in! *Hits the command*

Ash: (hits a couple keys on the main computer) Alright doors open, you have a go. (A blue digital portal appears)

Momotaros: Let Go!!  Let's make those bastards cry.

Kintaros:  Nake…Nakeru….(runs in first, trampling over Momotaros) NAKERU-ZE!!

Urataros: Come back Kin-chan. (runs after him)

Ryutaros: (pulls Momotaros along) Come on Momotaros. ( pulls him through the portal)

Ash: (looks at the others) Um…they really do a good job…

Alexis/Fuyume:*Both sweatdrop a bit* We....we believe you, Ashi-kun.....
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dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
Ash Rudel
Posts: 115

« Reply #397 on: December 11, 2008, 07:36:45 PM »

Urataros: (standing on top of a rock)  Ah cyberspace.  Digital, crowded and a gateway to a domain different from the outside. I've been here my entire life, and yet  it never gets any easier seeing someone tear up the place.  Fear not my homeland, for I shall string along any harmful thing that has harmed you.

Momotaros: (Gets up and dusts himself off) Kame, that has to be one of your worst attempts to impress a girl yet.. (points over to a few random black blobs) Looks like we got some company.

Kintaros: (standing with his arms crossed) They appears harmless.

Ryutaros:  (picks one up and kicks it around like a hacky sack) This is pretty fun.

Urataros: (looks back at him) Ryuta what are you doing?

Ryutaros: Playing Kame-chan. (kicks it higher up) Heads up Momotaros. (kicks it towards Momotaros)

Momotaros: (catches the black blob) This is it? (tosses it from his one hand to his other hand) Not that bad. Guess everyone was over reacting. (The blob bites down on his hand) Son of….

Momotaros starts punching the virus blob, trying to loosen the death bite it has on his hand. His various attempts are to no avail. Urataros sighs watching him run back and forward.. Ryutaros simply falls to the ground laughing.

Momotaros:  Kuma get this thing off of me!

Kintaros:  Stand still Momonoji. (Pulls the blob off of Momotaro's hand) There.

Momotaros: (grits his teeth) Almost took my hand too Kuma. (grabs the virus and starts stomping down on it) Take that you son of a bitch.

Urataros: (standing behind Momotaros) Sempai…

Momotaros: Not now I'm busy. (keeps stomping)

Ryutaros: (standing by Urataros) Momotaros…..

Momotaros: What?
Kintaros:  (turns Momotaros around) That Momonoji.

The once calm swan of virus start piling together until they from a blob that towers over the taros. Looming over them like a kill tsunami of digital decay. Momotaros looks at the others before picking up the pulp of virus goo under his boot.

Momotaros: (puts his hand behind his head) My bad…..
(chunks the goo at the towering virus) RUN!!

The turn to run only to find their escape route cut off by a wall of black goo. The wall slowly closes in on them forcing the taros back to back. The four give each other a worried look for a  second, which quickly changes into a smile. Each of the taros throw they arms to the left side, before bringing them over their heads, then quickly pulling down their left arm before thrusting it towards the sky.

Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros, Ryutaros: HENSHIN!!!!!

The wall of goo covers them completely as their bodies start to glow white. The goo slowly starts to condense on itself until it's blow apart. Where once stood the human taros, now they stand in their oni forms, weapons in hand. 

(OOC: Taros weapons:

Momotaros: (wipes the goo off of his sword as he rests it on his shoulder) Next.

The Taros rush forward down the digital desert plan, almost as quickly more blobs begin to appear. Rather then attack the taros head on this time, they pile together melding into what appears to be a human sized Guarlion.  The viral Guarlion then splits into two more copies, raising their guns at the Taros.

Ryutaros: Incoming! (dives out of the way at the Guralion's open fire)

Momotaros: (slices a shell in half, letting the pieces soar past him) Don't give'em an inch.

Kintaros: (runs towards the Guralions, slicing their guns in half with his axe) Kamenoji go.

Urataros: Right Kin-chan. (throws his lance at a Guralion impaling it, before jumping into the air) URA Kick! (kicks his lance completely though the Guralion, causing it to explode.) Now Ryuta!

Ryutaros: (quickly jumps out from behind the rock and fires of a volley of shots at the other two Guralion's taking off their heads)

Momotaros: Kuma! (runs towards the Guralions dragging his sword across the ground making sparks) Hisstastu Attack, Momotaros Version! (slices the Guralions down the middle causing them to explode)  That the best they got?

Momotaros turns around on instinct as a massive army of viral mechs slowly marches towards them. The four taros stand near each other ,over looking the scene.

Ryutaros: You just had to said it Momotaros. You Baka.

Momotaros: I got the hundred on the left. You guys can take the hundred on the right.

Urataros: (raises his lance) Sempai if we live through this I'm going to make Ashy-boy reprogram you with a better sense of wit.
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Obachan said this.....My evolution is faster than the light. Nothing in the whole universe can keep up with my evolution.
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« Reply #398 on: December 11, 2008, 08:11:40 PM »

Jaybee's brow forrows, and his tongue sticks out the corner of his mouth as he focuses on his HUD, occasionally tapping a quick command into the keyboard as data pours in. Some is raw text, some is interpolated into graphics. A tiny thumbnail in the corner shows what Jaybee's personal interpretation of the cyberscape would look like, if he were brave enough or foolish enough to connect his cybernetics again.


Whoever coded this, it's a masterpiece. Adaptive, polymoprphic, stealthy(until it activates, anyways)... you name it, it does it.
No Visual Basic script kiddies here.

A few more commands, and a progress bar appears. It slowly starts filling up.

I have you now.
Jaybee announces, in his best Darth Vader impersonation. He keys in a few more commands, and the bar starts filling faster.

It's not good to be so active while the sysadmin watches, you dirty little bug.
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« Reply #399 on: December 11, 2008, 08:20:00 PM »

Meanwhile, back at Matt's grandfather's place, the battle raged on.  The Guarlion and Gespenst Mk. II took moderate damage after managing to take down the Barrellions, but the numbers were still too great, and they hadn't gotten the all clear signal yet.  Out of ideas, Matt turned on his SOS beacon, hoping that anyone, even someone as angry as Gai or Derek, would find it and help them for a little longer before kicking his ass as he deserved.
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« Reply #400 on: December 11, 2008, 09:22:03 PM »


*In an undisclosed location, a small number of people meet, the dim lighting of the room concealing most of their already unknown identities even further....*

??????: So, did you find anything?

Wodan: No. It was nowhere to be seen at that base.

?????: How disappointing. Maybe we just misunderstood the report?

??????: Hmph. Given that it's HIM we're talking about, I'd rather not take any chances.

?????: Do you really think he could have followed us here?

??????: I doubt it, but with him, anything's possible. Especially if it manages to cause us trouble. Are you sure we still know where he is on this side?

?????: They were seen heading north just under an hour ago, and he was definately with them. We'd know if he wasn't, anyway.

??????: Well, whatever the case is, I want to keep an eye out. If there's any chance at all that it really could be him, we'll need to do everything in our power to stop him before it gets out of hand. I don't want another blunder like last time.

?????: You sound just like he does. Always talking about HIM this and HE that.

??????: You're right. We've got other things to worry about right now. Since you were there, tell us. How strong were they?

Wodan: It was luck that they defeated most of the force. One vessel was crippled from some means, and the only forces to be seen were pathetic. I had hoped one of them would be a challenge, but he was the first one to fall to my blade.

?????: That just shows how much better you've gotten. I doubt even their full strength could have beaten you.

Wodan: Perhaps.

??????: But the end result is the same as before. No matter, then. We'll continue with the plan. Even with our dimished numbers, if the AGGF isn't any stronger than they were before, they're not worth trying to recruit. And if they get in our way again, we'll simply destroy them.

?????: Decisive, I see. Did you get all that?

Wodan: *Nods* Understood. If the AGGF interferes again, we shall eliminate them.

??????: Good. You're dismissed.

Wodan: *Nods and leaves the room*

?????: We're not taking them seriously this time, either?

??????: They're not even part of the EFA. Just a rogue bunch of loose cannons and mercenary fools. No different from the Hagane in many ways, but far less more promising. We defeated them easily enough before, after all.

?????: I suppose you're right.

???????: *Speaks up from the corner of the room* And I suppose you're wrong.

*Both figures whirl around to face the darkest corner of the room, where the voice came from. The speaker steps forward a bit so that he's slightly more illuminated than before, but only just enough that they can see the vague shadow of a smirk on his face.*

???????: To an extent, anyway.

??????: You! When did you get in here?!?

???????: Give me some credit. You think I'd be of any use to you if I couldn't do something as simple as this?

?????: You're worth what we pay you, alright. How did things go?

???????: It was....interesting. The force that went with me ended up getting wasted pretty easily, actually.

??????: You're joking. You lost that entire batch?

???????: I don't joke, Boss. And yes, they were pretty much fodder against them. Don't write the AGGF off as a bunch of weaklings just yet. I was keeping more than a few of them entertained, and the results can speak for themselves.

?????: I saw what happened to your Gespenst. They must have been tough.

???????: Actually, that was just from one guy.

??????: ONE pilot did that? To you?

???????: Not just any pilot either. When I saw him out there, I just couldn't help myself.

?????: Ah, so you've found him already?

???????: It wasn't hard. Fate seems to have kept a few of them together, this time. Lucky them.

?????: I'll have to speed up the repairs, then. Wouldn't want you to go back out and face him at only half strength, after all.

???????: Thanks, I appreciate it. And so will he, I'll bet.

??????: If there's nothing else, you can go. And next time you pull a stunt like this, I won't hesitate to have you killed.

???????: *Shrugs as he walks for the door* Right, right. No more sneaking up on the guy writing the checks. Got it.

*As the third person leaves the room, the first one turns back towards the second.*

??????: Hmph.

?????: What, you don't like him?

??????: I don't trust him. Even if he is a skilled mercenary, there's something about him I don't trust. He refuses to take off that visor....
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dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
Posts: 332

« Reply #401 on: December 11, 2008, 09:57:45 PM »

Now heavily damaged, and with half the Lions and Gespensts defeated, Andy tried to fire his machine guns again only to find he was out of ammo and missiles.  Matt found himself in a similar situation.  "So, is this all the security that the great Jigen Mitarashi can afford?  Pathetic!"  The familiar voice came on again, as one of the strange mechs from Matt's first real battle in AGGF came on to the battlefield.  "Who are you, and what are you doing here?!"

"I am Captain Sakura Kojiro, and you are?"

"Matthew Archer, Jigen Mitarashi's grandson!  How dare you attack his home like this!"

"Wait, you mean he had kids and grandkids?!  Never mind.  You've got guts for a kid.  Wanna join the DC?"

"Not a chance!  Now where's my mother?!  You bastards kidnapped her, and I won't stop killing your men till I get her back!"  To emphasize his point, he charged through the ranks with his Sonic Breaker, defeating another Lion and Gespenst.

"According to my files, Mitarashi's wife died after a stillbirth!  This just can't be!  All units, fall back!  I'll take this brat myself!"  Andy, of course, wasn't about to let that happen. 
"You fight my boyfriend, you fight me as well!  Ready to die, bitch?"

"Ha, so you're a faggot too, huh?  Too bad, I think we might have had some fun otherwise."

"Even if I was straight, I'd never go for a hag like you!  Besides, my grandma's still alive, you twat!"

Somehow angered by the weak insult, or maybe the fact that she said too much, Sakura got enraged and shouted "That's it, brat!  You die here!"

Andy began to charge his plasma stakes, while Matt activated the Sonic Breaker and started flying in circles around her as fast as he could.  The tanklike mecha had no apparent flight capabilities, and its pilot didn't seem too focused, though the latter couldn't be further from the truth.  Finally, Andy charged from above while Matt attacked from the side, Matt managing to graze her while Andy missed completely.  Meanwhile, the SOS beacon on Matt's communications system was still going strong...
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Posts: 400

« Reply #402 on: December 11, 2008, 10:59:40 PM »

chaostic serveries the dinah with a understanding expression on his face

Well I can cut the remaining time in half but that's about all i can do for her sorry...  that reminds how did this happen... Ah! what about the one we found on the moon won't that guy attack Mao for it
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Sume Gai
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« Reply #403 on: December 12, 2008, 12:01:48 AM »


else where sat a man reading a report his face showing clear agitation over it's contents

????????: "he wasn't there, but then; where is he? according to our info he's with them in this world in fact..."

the man threw the report on his desk as a knock came. his face was familiar, however, he is clearly someone we are meeting for the first time, he wear's an extravagant DC uniform clearly comfortable in a position of command.  He presses a button on the desk ushering the man outside in.

????????: "Report; technical officer"

TO: "We've reached 40% desired capacity and the rest of the plants will reach full capacity within the week "

????????: "Good and you have begun production of the gas?"

at this the officer looked down uncertainty showing on his face.  the Commander was clearly displeased.  the Technical Officer then doubled over with out warning grabbing at his head.  This commander was driving Mental stakes into the man who had displeased him with a great deal of 'force'.

????????: "well?"

TO: " Y-yes sir as you ordered but..."

????????: "But what solder?"

TO: "but why sir? why are you going behind your superiors backs?"

the pain stopped  as the commander began laughing; a cold wicked laugh.

????????: "I am assuring their plan's success.  I hardly believe they would care about the methods as long as their desires come to fruition.  now get back to work; I may not be so kind next time you question me."
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If you are a man you'll do what's important before you grieve  -Captain Harlock
Posts: 332

« Reply #404 on: December 12, 2008, 01:59:41 AM »

As the battle raged on, Matt and Andy barely managed to dent the armor on the mech.  "Kyahahahaha!  You actually thought you could beat me, fags?!  I'll end this now!"  The large cannon on the shoulder fired off a shot, taking off one of the Gespenst's arms.  "Andy!  You OK?"
"Yeah, I'm fine, but that was my Jet Magnum arm!"
Matt suddenly changed his countenance and everything seemed to move at only a quarter the usual speed.  Every one of the mech's attacks were evaded with relatively little difficulty as his berserk rage fueled his perception and reflexes.  Finally, after five minutes of this game of cat and mouse, Matt got enough distance and fired off his Chakram Caster.  It wrapped around the mech's left leg, and with a good tug, sliced clean through it.  The mech toppled backwards, and the pilot tried to flee.  "And where do you think YOU'RE going?"  Matt quickly raced over to Captain Kojirou, grabbing her with the Guarlion's hand, and holding her in place.  He sent a message to the main house.  "Tell everyone to come back.  We managed to hold them off!  Oh, and we have captives to turn over to AGGF or the Blue Wings, depending on who gets here first.  Please let them know, and do not surrender them to anyone else."  Nobody ejected from the Gespensts or Lions yet, and the Barrellions were so trashed that it was unlikely that any of them had survivors.  Matt got out of his Guarlion, held a gun to her head while Andy bound her wrists and ankles securely, then went over with the intent of doing the same to the pilot of a nearby Gespenst.  When they got the hatch open, they both reeled in shock.  The cockpit had nobody in it, and seemed to have no autopilot either.  "What the hell is this?  It had no autopilot, and yet nobody's inside!  We need to let them know!"
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