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Gon is really angry
 right now.




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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #810 on: March 24, 2009, 02:33:33 AM » by ChrisABlair
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It'd better be damn.... WHAT?! Breakfa--
*he runs to the latrine and does something, loudly*
*he looked down and noticed the well-prepared meal*
You said you got something for the pounding in my head? It felt like I was on the wrong end of the Goldion Hammer.

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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #811 on: March 24, 2009, 03:36:51 AM » by alaras
"Yeah, it's in that glass on the table.  Just pinch your nose and down it in one gulp, trust me on this one.  Oh, and don't let it come back up.  If you need something to drink, drink water.  It'll help with the rest of the hangover symptoms."  Matt sat down, and began to eat his portion, which was a bit smaller than Chris's.  He never did have much of an appetite...
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #812 on: March 24, 2009, 05:21:21 PM » by ChrisABlair
What the hell is it, an egg?
*he gulps it down in one go, but not before gagging*
What the fu--- I don't even WANNA drink anymore, if this is the shit I have to go through! *He flings the glass into the wall, shattering it into many pieces, adding to his headache*

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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #813 on: March 24, 2009, 05:24:30 PM » by alaras
"That's why I told you to down it all at once.  Now, have some breakfast.  I slaved over a hot stove out of the kindness of my heart, and the least you can do is have something to eat!  It'll help your hangover and get that taste out of your mouth, too."  Without being asked, Matt located a broom and dustpan and swept up the broken glass.  "Next time, I'm using the plastic cups.  You can't be trusted with glass."
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #814 on: March 24, 2009, 05:27:19 PM » by ChrisABlair
What are you, my mother?
*he begins to eat, and as he eats, the awful taste in his mouth seems to disappear*
It's not bad. It's incredibly tasty, in fact.

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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #815 on: March 24, 2009, 05:35:09 PM » by alaras
"Told you.  Now, if you need any help with the splitting headache, aniki, let me know.  I have this massage technique I use that makes those pains melt away.  Oh, and I'm seriously getting you paper cups for the next time.  If you can't help throwing whatever I put your prairie oyster in, then I should put it in something that isn't fragile."
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #816 on: March 24, 2009, 05:36:49 PM » by ChrisABlair
I'd prefer a sexy woman handling my massage, but it couldn't hurt. As for that cup remark...

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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #817 on: March 24, 2009, 05:44:47 PM » by alaras
"Yeah, yeah, I'll call in a stripper carrying who-knows-what to drop in on the Earth Cradle, that'll go over just great with Colonel Vat Tran."  Matt, having finished his breakfast, put his dishes in the sink, quickly washed them, then walked over and started to gently massage the temples on Chris's forehead.  He could feel Chris's facial muscles relax under his deft fingers, and discretely moved closer, almost hugging Chris as he tried to ease the headache while simultaneously trying to snuggle into Chris's back without pissing him off.  I'm so glad that Chris-aniki's here!  Maybe now we can really do something bout those morons Gai keeps around!
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #818 on: March 24, 2009, 10:57:34 PM » by Derek The Blue Wings of Kyonoshi
~Western China Airspace~


Landing his Zephyr on the deck of the now moving Tsubasa, Kanzaki looked for a clear spot and put down the disabled Fei-Yen without ceremony. Catching up had been a little bit of work, he had to admit. Wasn't expecting them to get going this soon.

"Then again, it DOES mean we're ahead of schedule..." He mused to himself as he walked the Zephyr into the hangar bay, past the other Gespensts still on duty, and the shut down mechs of the other two officers participating in this little operation. Jumping out of his own mech, he tossed a wave at the soldiers on patrol as he headed for the lift.

Things were about to get fun.


~Aoi Tsubasa Lounge~


"I think I know what you're gonna say." Haruka spoke, sitting on the couch next to Alexis. Despite everything that had happened, she didn't honestly seem too impressed by the situation. "But go ahead, let's hear it."

"Business as usual, Haruka? So like you." Rena said with a smile, sitting across from them in one of the chairs. "So tell me. After sitting in that cell for who-knows-how long, how much do you think your "trust" matters to Derek, now?"

"That's....that's not fair!" Alexis suddenly shouted, standing up. "Ha-chan was....Ha-chan was the one sending messages in secret! It was AFTER we found out about it that Derek-sama locked her up!"

Rena immediately turned to the younger girl and glared. "Really, now?" She asked coldly. "Did you actually talk to her, or was this just what your precious "Derek-sama" told you?" An angry sneer crossed her face as she stood up. "I don't expect you to see past your little bias, Jou-chan, but don't forget that I was going to leave you there with him. The only reason you're even here right now is because of Haruka's mercy, so do yourself a favor. Sit down and be quiet, and let the adults talk, hmm?"

"That's more than enough." Haruka said levelly, causing both women to look over at her. "YOU would do just as well to remember who you're talking to, Rena." Taking her lighter out, she flipped the lid up, then back down. As soon as it clicked shut, her eyes immediately locked on to the blue haired girl in a glare. "Whatever reasons I have for being where I am aren't your concern. If you can't even see past YOUR bias enough to see that, then there is nothing more for us to discuss." Standing up, the older woman reached her hand over in front of Alexis, to guard her. "And please keep in mind that it was MY condition that Alexis is here, bias or not. You may not seem to care about her feelings anymore, but I do."

Rena was left speechless for several seconds after the rebuke. Finally, she turned her back on the both of them and walked over to the door. "I don't know why I expected you to understand. Neither of you have any idea what I've gone through."

"Oh, put a sock in it." Haruka snapped, finally sounding angry. "I swear, all three of you have always shared that damn martyr complex, and I'm sick and tired of watching it. If you want to have a deathmatch with him, then just go ahead and do it. But stop trying to get the rest of us to sympathize with you, when all you're doing is just assuaging your own ego!"

"How dare you....!" Whirling, Rena immediately marched right back across the room, raising her hand up and aiming a slap right at Haruka's face. "None of you have any idea what it felt like to lose Rei!"

Alexis closed her eyes just before the impact, then realized a few seconds later that it hadn't come. Opening her eyes, she realized why. Rena was finding it difficult to force her hand past Haruka's own. Before it could happen, the older woman's other hand came up in reprisal and slapped Rena across the face instead.

"If I ever hear you say that again, you will be lucky if a slap is all you recieve for it." Haruka's tone carried nothing short of pure rage in it. "He was your brother. He was OUR brother. I can't even begin to imagine how ashamed of you he'd be, if he heard that."

Backing away from the two of them and holding her cheek, Rena chose to glare at them. "You don't understand at all, and you never will." She spat, before turning around and storming out of the room, locking the door behind her.

As soon as the door locked, Haruka closed her eyes again and sat down, crossing her arms and sighing. "Stupid....You try talking to Seiya, and tell me I don't understand...." She muttered, reaching up and massaging her temple.

Sitting down next to her, Alexis looked worried. "Ha-chan...."

"Don't worry about it, Alexis. I'm just a little tired." Haruka said with another sigh. "My spare pack of smokes is sitting over in the drawer under the TV. Would you mind getting it for me?"

Alexis nodded, getting up and walking over to the TV stand as instructed. As soon as her back was turned, Haruka then reached down at her feet, grabbing something from under the couch.

"Found it, Ha-chan."

"Attagirl. Now, come here and help me with this...."

dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #819 on: March 24, 2009, 11:05:56 PM » by Ash Rudel aka Blackjack
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A hush had fallen over the hanger, only a few of the soldiers where standing guard. With the crew already captured it didn't make sense to guard their mechs. Inside the cockpit of Ash's Grungust Momotaros and Urataros sat, looking over the footage of what had happened.

Momotaros: Cheap bastards, they even knocked out the girl.

Urataros: I'm sure Fuyume-chan is fine Sempai.

Momotaros: Kame, did you lock up the mechs on your side?

Urataros: Hai. What about you sempai? (pauses) You weren't seen where you?

Momotaros: (waves his hand) Oi, who do you take me for?  I'm not like the kid or the bear.

Urataros: Speaking of which, (pushes his glasses up) where is Kin-chan?

Momotaros: Let Kuma handle himself. (looks back at the screen) They got the brat, the boy, and that blue bastard locked up. They'll be fine.

Urataros: Sempai….

Momotaros: Fine, we'll go get them.  (taps his fingers against the console) Now how are we going to get a ride down there.

Urataros: (re-watching some of the video footage) Sempai look at this! (points the moment when the soldier punches Ash)

Momotaros: So? The kid got sucker punched.

Urataros: No listen to the sound.

Momotaros: Eh? (listens closely as the video plays) Clang? People don't go clang. (pauses and grins) Kame, let's go.

Urataros: Where are we going Sempai?

Momotaros: (hits his fist together) We're jacking us a ride.

 Moments later the pair jump from the cockpit into a nearby camera. The wait until a single robotic solider makes way under the camera. Wasting no time, they make their move.

Momotaros: BANZAI! (pulls Urataros along as they crash into the solider)

Inside they find themselves in a vast cyberspace. Rushing towards the center they find a control panel, with the soldier's A.I. running the controls. It looks at the two taros for a second before opening it's mouth.

W A.I.: Body has been compromised. Preparing to engage Code ATA.  (reaches over to press a red button)

Momotaros: (quickly throws his sword at the a.i. slicing it's head off of it's shoulders) I love doing that. (walks behind the console and kicks the a.i out of the way) This chairs mine. (takes a seat and puts his feet up on the console)

Voice: Code ATA  activated.

Momotaros: (looks around as the cyberspace setting color changes from white to red) Nani?

Urataros: (pushes Momotaros out of the way and types furiously at keyboard) SEMPAI YOU BAKA!

Momotaros:  (gets up and dusts himself off) Oi, what'd I do?

Urataros: You activated the body's self destruct feature!

Momotaros: SHUT IT DOWN KAME!   

Urataros: (typing faster) I can't shut it down, and activating
the code locked ways to escape…

Momotaros: (throws his arms up) What kinda bastard puts a self-destruct button on a dashboard?!?!

Urataros: (sighs) That's it, I'm not dying here with you….There! (a large green floating crystal appears floating above them)

Momotaros: And what is that?

Urataros: The detonation program.  (looks at the clock) We don't have much time to get rid of it.

Momotaros: (quickly throws his sword up at it, only to have it bounce back) That's….not a good sign.

Urataros: Our normal weapons won't work on this thing, it's to heavy encrypted.

Momotaros: (starches his head) What would the boy do?

Urataros: What would Ashy-boy do?

Momotaros/Urataros: (look at each other for a moment) Moar Rider Kick!

The two taros quickly jump over the console and get a running start. Racing back towards it as the counter reaches it's last ten seconds. Gaining enough speed the two jump into the air, flipping until their right and leg legs are extending. Letting out a loud scream as the counter hits five.


Crashing through the crystal, they land back behind the console. Looking up the crystal starts to crack, as the counter keeps going. Just as the counter reaches one, the crystal explodes into tiny fragments, raining down upon the two taros.[i/]

Urataros: (breathes heavy) We did it.

Momotaros: Yes. (sits back down in the chair) And we must never speak of this moment.

Urataros: Agreed. (starts typing again) Let's get his piece of junk moving.

Momotaros: (grabs hold of the joysticks, and pulls down the handbrake) For once Kame, I agree with you.  (pulls back on the joysticks) But first.

Moving back from the inside of the W's head to outside. It's body slowly begins to move. Throwing it's right arm back and it's left arm forward, it takes on a distinctive pose.

Momotaros: (voice filters out of the W's mouth) Ore Sanjou!

Obachan said this.....My evolution is faster than the light. Nothing in the whole universe can keep up with my evolution.
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #820 on: April 01, 2009, 10:21:47 PM » by Derek The Blue Wings of Kyonoshi
~Aoi Tsubasa Hangar~


Having secured the ship and set it on it's westernly course for the Cradle, the commander walked out into the hangar, intent on examining the rest of his catch while he had a few quiet moments. Someone had done a very good job on security, locking down all of the mechs as they had. What's more, from the W's report, it looked like there was more than one lockdown code being used, so even if they cracked one, they'd still have to spend even more time unlocking the other half of the machines before they could all be secured.

That didn't stop him from at least seeing just what all they'd caught, however, so he began walking through the place, looking around. Several Gundam models, which he had expected, given the former captain's innane facination with the thing, and an old Valkyrie model, which definately took him back a few years. A Valcion Kai undergoing serious repairs, which matched up with Wan's report of the attack on the base in Russia, and a Grungust and a horrific-looking custom Zaku, which he himself remembered seeing awhile ago.

He almost laughed when he saw the blue Alteisen. THAT had caused Vindel and Lemon to fly into an almost complete panic when they first heard about it, which had prompted W15's subsequent visit to the AGGF base. It was quite amusing to find out that it was just a copy of the Gespenst Mk. III with a custom paintjob. A bit disappointing though, the commander mused. He'd only ever gotten to fight Beowulf's cronies, and never the man himself. Even ignoring Axel's severe obsession with him, he must have been incredibly powerful if even half the stories were true. Oh well. Perhaps he could arrange himself a fight with this world's version, Kyosuke Nanbu, later on. He'd have to do something to waylay Axel for awhile, though....

All that internal musing came to a stop when he entered the door into the central hangar, and saw what was inside. The Proto-R had been completely fried out due to Derek overloading it during his battle with Kanzaki, but the machine was still mostly intact at the moment. The commander stared at it for a good minute before turning away. No sense dwelling on the past, he thought...just as he turned and saw the Wing Zero in the corner. Walking over to it, he stared at the shut down machine for another minute. Even after all the misery this single machine had caused, that fool still hung onto it....

Before allowing himself another second of reminiscence, the commander quickly turned away, heading into the nearest shadow and seemingly jumping from shadow to shadow, crossing back to the lift quickly. He had seen all he needed to see here. Anything further would just be baggage, which he had no time to waste on.

He had to prepare for the next stage of the plan.


~Aoi Tsubasa Hallway~


Stepping out of his old room, Kanzaki coughed harshly and waved his hand around his face quickly. "Jeez...ya think they coulda at least dusted in there every once in awhile..." He commented out loud, mostly for his own benefit. None of the soldiers seemed to really give much of a damn one way or the other what he was doing, so it left things pretty lonely on that end. Without much else to do at the moment, he was entertaining the thought of going and finding a broom from one of the closets somewhere when he heard the sound of someone stomping down the hallway angrily.

Ducking back into his room and closing the door, Kanzaki just barely missed being in the way as Rena stormed by, obviously not in the mood to talk to anyone else after her conversation with Haruka. She tromped through to the near end of the hall, stopping in front of her own room and going inside.

Stepping back out of his room, Kanzaki looked down the hall and considered things. With a shrug, he turned and started the other way, towards the lift. As he turned the corner to it, though, he almost tripped over something lying in the hallway. Looking down, he realized it was actually Derek's ARC Visor, apparently just thrown away down the hall or against a wall or some other such form of abuse. With a shrug, he raised his foot up over it. "I always did want to do this." He said to himself with a smirk.

And just like that, the foot came straight down.


~Aoi Tsubasa Brig~


The holding cell was very quiet, save for the sound of the bullet hitting the ground as Ash pulled it from Derek's shoulder exposed shoulder. Luckily for the trio, he kept a few tools in his boots, in case of an emergency such as this. Finishing the patchup job by bandaging up the wound, Ash sat back down. pausing for a second before turning towards Derek. "Well, that should do it for your shoulder. Your eyes are in terrible shape, though."

"Thanks, I never noticed." Barona replied casually, pulling his jacket back up over the injury. "Now let's focus on something we can actually fix."

Looking at Derek, then over to Ryutaros, Ash raises his hand as if to say something very profound...before dropping it with a shrug. "I got nothing."

"Nii-san..." Ryutaros said quietly, with a bit of a whine in his tone. "You've been hanging around Momotaros too long."

"Well, it's not a good situation." Derek remarked casually, crossing his arms and straightening his back against the wall. "We were lured out into the middle of nowhere without any backup, ambushed by two of my former subordinates out for my blood, had our defenses systematically shut down or blasted, then got captured by a small army of robotic soldiers after they boarded the ship. Add in Haruka working with Kanzaki, Rena shooting me and then blinding me for good measure, and who knows what else is going on while we're stuck down here, and it all adds up to a pretty bleak scenario indeed."

"Nice recap." Ash and Ryutaros said in perfect sync before they began to laugh.


~Aoi Tsubasa Brig Hallway~


Standing outside the cell door ignoring the laughter from inside, a single Model W stood guard, unmoving. A minute later, another one turned the corner, heading for the cell. It would be unremarkable, were it not for the fact that the W walking down the hall was moving somewhat erratically, as if trying to look official.

Urataros: (looking up from his console) Can't you drive this thing Sempai?

Momotaros: (Not bothering to look)  It's not my fault i can't drive a stick. (Kicks down the handbrake, and flips back a couple levers) Looks like it'd settled down.

Urataros: What's the plan Sempai?

Momotaros: Normal I'd say we bash this little hot rod into the other one, but…

Urataros: But?

Momotaros: Seeing as I'm still getting the kinks outta this piece of junk, (looks over at Urataros) Kame time for you to lie.

Urataros: (picks up the microphone) It was the part I was born to play. (clears his throat) I'm here to escort the prisoners to a new location. Move aside.

Model W: (stands perfectly still)

Urataros: I repeat, move aside. As your senior office you will obey my commands.

Model W: (goes on ignoring Urataros)

Momotaros: Kame, your losing your touch.

Urataros: Sempai. (sits the mic down) RAM HIS ASS!

Momotaros: Well I didn't want to try to stay quiet.  (hits the gas, crashing the W into the other W) But why mess with a good thing? (the two W's crash into the door)


Without much warning at all, something suddenly impacted against the cell door loudly, causing all three occupants to turn their heads towards the noise.

"....The hell?" Derek said in reaction, before getting up and walking over to the door. Taking a second to make sure his hand was on the doorpad, he entered in the code to open it and stepped aside, allowing the two struggling soldiers to fall into the cell at his feet. "Do I even want to know?"

"If i didn't expect one or more of the Taros to pop out of those things..." Ash crossed his arms and looked down. "I would have to be worried."

 "Ash-sama, it is good to hear you are alright." The up-till-now-silent Model W said.

"Kuma....Have you been in there this whole time?" Momotaros asked as his voice cracked a little.

"Why yes, Momonoji." Kintaros laughed at little. "I commandeered one of these bodies after they attacked."

"They made the mistake of trying to get into Grandpa's Zaku, didn't they?" Ash said with a grin.

"Hai, but they did not expect to deal with my strength. It made them cry." Kintaros said, flexing the arm of the model W.

"Aw, I want a robot, too. Nii-san, help me steal a robot!" Ryutaros shouted as he jumped up and down in the cell.

Sighing, Ash patted the young AI on the head. "Later, Ryu." Ash looked over at Derek. "We've got more important matters to deal with, don't we?"

"Yup. We've given these guys about an hour, now. I'd say that's enough of a headstart. Now, we take back this ship, and show these jackasses what messing with the Blue Wings gets ya. But first, my favorite part of these plans."

Stepping past the Taros-controlled robots, Derek walked out into the hallway and looked back in at the others, grinning like a madman.


dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #821 on: April 12, 2009, 06:33:21 AM » by JayBee That's how I roll.
Meanwhile, back in the base's detention area...

A handful of guards are parked at a station near Richard's cell. A few chuckles can be heard.

Guard A: "Ya know, he may get lucky. Shara could decide to take his manhood instead of his life."

Guard B: "That'd be REALLY lucky. She may just give up in frustration when she can't find it."

A bit more laughter, as the guards continue taking shots at their prisoner, until the guard captain comes around a corner.
"I don't think that's very funny. And heckling the prisoners is pretty low. All of you, get back to your posts. Now!"

The captain walks up to the cell as the guards scatter.
"And as for you... report from the medbay is that Doc's gonna be working all night to make sure Shara doesn't die on us. If we didn't have as fine a doctor as we do, she'd already be gone. As-is, I'm told that if she makes it 'till morning, she should be fine. I hope for your sake she does."

"Doesn't make much difference, does it?" Richard replied. "The trial won't be any prettier. At least I don't have to worry about that meat cleaver she calls a weapon."

The captain looked at him funny.
"If she doesn't make it, I'd think the trial' would be the least of your concerns. McQuade is mad as hell, and I don't know WHY you'd want to make things worse on that front."

"He already had his chance. He passed it up."

"He's also only just now realizing what everyone else knew for months. I'd wager he's a tad unstable right now. If he snaps and decides a steaming-hot serving of revenge sounds like a good idea after all... you know as much about his background as the rest of us. He's GOOD at getting into places he isn't supposed to be. "

Richard just looked at the guard for a moment. "He wouldn't attack you guys, would he?" he asked, nervousness in his voice. "You've done nothing to him."

"He wouldn't have to take the guards. It's a lot easier to break INTO a jail than out of one. I'd probably borrow a light cutting torch from the maintainence bay and drop into the air vents, myself. There's a few places from there you can get in easily. Who knows where Jay would strike from. But hey.... maybe he's got a more level head than he lets on. Wouldn't be the first time he surprised us." The captain shrugged. " I probably wouldn't bet my life on it, but you already have."

"What happened to not taunting the prisoner?" Richard asked weakly.

"I'm not taunting you. Just telling you where you stand. If you'll excuse me... "
The captain headed out, pausing to say a few words with one of the guards first.

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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #822 on: April 12, 2009, 05:05:18 PM » by alaras
Earth Cradle, Chris's quarters:

After cleaning up after the two of them, Matt noticed some drawings on Chris's table.  "Oh, what's this?  Designs for a new mech, but the specs are off the charts!  No human could hope to pilot this without cybernetic implants, top-notch reflexes, and that high-energy system would require a psychodriver with severe psychological trauma to pilot it, or there'd be no way to generate enough energy!  What the hell were you planning with this, and just where were you going to find someone to do this with you?  I doubt many would be willing, and most don't have the sheer psychological strength and trauma needed for this.  Still, if you need a backup, I'd volunteer if allowed.  It seems like a project I could really do some damage with, Chris-aniki!"
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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #823 on: April 12, 2009, 09:59:43 PM » by ChrisABlair
A two-piloted mech? Yes, I do believe it could work!! Matt, we could have you undertake a series of surgeries that would lead to you being a co-pilot! *Chris looks at Matt with excitement* I need to make some changes to the design. Care to join me?

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  Re: AGGF arc 3 & 4
« Reply #824 on: April 12, 2009, 10:33:41 PM » by alaras
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"Do bears shit in the woods?  Of course I'm in!"  Matt, in his excitement, glomped Chris again eagerly.  "I can't wait to test it out on that baka Grungust pilot!"  Matt suddenly gets a chill through his spine though, as he recalls the word "surgeries" being mentioned.  With a much more apprehensive tone, he asked the two questions he wasn't sure he wanted to know the answers to.  "OK, what surgeries would I need, and who would be the surgeon?"
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