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Author Topic: AGGF arc 3 & 4  (Read 371418 times)
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Obviously, you'd need enhancements to handle the strain on the body during flight. So, as you said, I'm thinking cybernetics. And Dr. Feff would be performing the surgeries, everything is fine.
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Shit!  That's what I was afraid of!  Mom mentioned Feff once, said something about him being even crazier than Koch!  Still, he IS a top-notch surgeon, so at least I'll survive the surgeries with minimal trouble.  "Alright, then.  The rest of your designs seem to be good, but maybe we should try to have the mech utilize our natural abilities, including your power as Tekkaman Null.  Let Dr. Feff know about this, and recommend me.  I'll go under the knife, but just between us, I don't trust him.  Oh, and do be careful with those designs.  I wouldn't put it past Feff to do something crazy like install a GEIM system in this thing."
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~Aoi Tsubasa Bridge~


"Report." The commander spoke tersely, as he walked in from his trip to the hangar. "Have we been able to access the AGGF's network yet?"

"Negative, sir." The W soldier manning the comm system replied, without turning. "This ship was disconnected from the network prior to our attack. Without command access, we are not able to reconnect in any way."

"Command access, hmm...." The enemy leader repeated for a moment, before sitting down in the captain's chair. Reaching over to the console, he quickly input a code. "Try it now."

"Attempting to connect......Connection has been established." The W confirmed in a monotone. "We have connected to the AGGF network. Testing network security....Test complete. We have 158 seconds until the next regular network sweep."

"That's more than enough time. Begin checking the file records of the target. Once you've found it, download the approprate files and then cover our tracks. Disconnect as soon as you're finished."


Exactly 114 seconds later, the W turned towards the leader and nodded once. "Download complete. Virus upload complete in 8 seconds."

The commander nodded. "Disconnect from the network now. Things could get complicated if they detect us."


Sitting back in the chair, the commander smirked a little from under his mask. That entire episode had been a blunder twice over, but they could still profit from it, with this. And it was quite satisfying to know how easy it was for him to gain access to the ship's systems. The former owners of the vessel obviously hadn't given much thought to in-house security. But that was perfectly fine, with him. It made things MUCH easier....


~Aoi Tsubasa, Deck 5 Hallway~


Quietly sneaking along, Derek, Ash, and the Taros were making their way through the ship at a cautious pace, wary of any further encounters with the enemy robot soldiers while they were still mostly unequipped for another skirmish. To add to the precautions, they were also travelling in a formation that had been deemed perfectly acceptable by the leader of this little party.

Ash looked over the shoulders of the Taros-powered soldiers for a second, before stopping. "Hey Derek, why is it WE'RE in the front and you're ten feet behind us?"

From his position in the FAR far back row, Derek shrugged. "I'm blind, unarmed, and sporting a bullet wound. Two of those things, I can work around, but not having a gun or superhuman strength kinda clinches it for me. So you guys have fun up in the front, I'm gonna stay back here for now."

The two Taros soldiers stopped in front of the others up ahead, taking a look down around the next corner before looking back to the rest. "Ash-sama, it would appear that the next hallway is guarded." Kintaros said quietly.

Turning toward Momotaro's stolen soldier, Ash crossed his arms. "Got the hang of that thing yet, Momo?"

"Sempai..." Urataro's voice answered, "Is still working the bugs out."

"You guys take over this guy all the time, and he can actually fight back." Derek commented in disbelief, motioning at Ash. "What's so hard about driving a robot?"

"The boy's easy, but THIS stupid thing's got a damn stick shift!" Momotaros shouted as the robot threw its arms up in the air, mirroring his frustration.

"Shh! Not so loud, dammit!" Derek warned the AI quickly, motioning him to put his arms back down. "The last thing we need right this second--"

"Ash-sama, Blue Wings-san, it appears that those soldiers are now heading towards us." Kintaros interrupted calmly.

"....Is for them to hear you and come to investigate." Barona finished his sentence just a bit too late, then sighed loudly. "Dammit, Oni."

Ash sighed and took a step forward, before turning back to Derek. "If these things start screaming "EXTERMINATE!", we're running back to that cell." He said, completely serious.

"Duly noted." Derek agreed with a nod. "How many are there, Kuma?"

For a minute or so, Kintaros counted on his fingers before finally holding up three fingers. "It appears to be three, Blue Wings-san."

Derek held silent for a couple seconds, staring at the soldier-turned-bear. ".....You're not too good with math, are you, Kuma?"

"Kuma-chan was always better at P.E and Caligraphy." Ryutaros said with a bit of a grin. "Momo-baka ditches class, too."

"Can't say I blame him. I never got much out of the educational system, myself." Barona commented with a shrug. "Alright, here's an idea. How long do you three think you can hold them off?"

Slamming his fists together as he took postion behind the Taros-powered soldiers, Ash grinned and popped his arm. "How long do you need?"

"Long enough to get to the storage closet in the middle of the hallway." Derek replied, edging himself up against the wall. "Ryu, you're with me. Being blind in a hallway is cool, but being blind in a firefight is suicidal."

"You heard the man, boys." Ash placed his hands on the Taros-powered solders' backs. "Let's rush in there and give 'em hell!"

The three robotic soldiers were just about to turn the corner when they were suddenly ambushed by Ash and the Taros in a linebacker formation, who proceeded to tackle the tincan three-set and start shoving them down the hallway, back towards the lift. Taking the opportunity, Derek and Ryutaros quickly made a break for the closet in the middle and dashed inside.


Looking around the small space, the young AI turned to Derek with a quizzical look. "What are we looking for, Blues-san?"

With most of his attention to the closed door and the struggle outside, Derek absentmindedly handwaved towards a shelf with several boxes on it. "There's a black case over there. It should have a label on it."

Ryu quickly began checking the shelf in question. "Do you mean the one that says "DANGER: DO NOT OPEN" on it?"

Derek nodded. "Grab the one just to the left of that one."

Another second or two of looking. "The one labeled "Jailbreak Gear"?"

"Yeah, that's the one. Open it up and start putting it together for me."

Within a few moments the young AI had assembled the contents of the box. "Captain-san," Ryu held up the device. "You have such wonderful toys!"

Reaching over and picking an object out of a nearby box, Barona grinned. "Yeah, I get that a lot. Now, on my signal."


Having accomplished the goal of keeping the enemy soldiers busy long enough for Derek and Ryu to get into the room, Ash and the other Taros had since fallen back to the corner to engage in a firefight with them. Fortunately, the standard-issue guns that the machine soldiers were carrying had NOT been made with the possibility of someone taking control of the soldiers and using them against one another, so the bullets weren't exactly doing anything against the Taros. Unfortunately, the downside was that they weren't very effective against the enemies themselves, with the added handicap of not being quite as accurate with their own weaponry.

This power balance quickly shifted as the storage door opened and a hand quickly tossed a flashbomb into the hallway, right into the soldier's faces. The blinding flash was only there for a few seconds, but the effect was able to stun the robots long enough for Ryu to step out, aiming a large custom-looking rifle with an open barrel at them. With a manic grin on his face, he pulled the trigger. Rather than a large gunshot, however, there was a shrill sound, like an electromagnet powering up. Immediately after, a large shell fired out of the rifle at high speed, headed for the enemies. The speed of the shot was actually fast enough to pierce the chest armor of the soldier. As the machines began to process that one of them now had a large bullet sticking out of it's chest, the shell beeped once, and promptly engulfed all three of them in a massive fireball. By the time the explosion cleared, there was very little left of the three invading soldiers to speak of.

Turning the corner, Ash looked at the railgun, then to the smoking remaints of broken metal. He let out a low whistle, and grinned. "I'll be damned, you can kill 'em!"

Calmly stepping out into the hallway with his hand in his pocket, Derek laughed as he took a deep breath. "Ah, the smell of freshly owned asshole. So satisfying." Taking a new handgun out of his pocket and holding it up, he turned back towards the others and grinned. "Alright boys, gear's in here. Let's go kick these bastards off our ship once and for all, shall we?


"Sir. We have detected an explosion on one of the lower decks." The W manning one of the stations reported. "Deck 5, in front of the lift. Orders, sir?"

The commander let the barest hint of a smile onto his face as he pulled a small flash drive out of the console. "It begins...."


~Deck 3 Starboard Hallway~


The two guards detected the rising elevator and stood guard, ready to open fire on any intruders. As soon as the door opened and two more soldiers walked out onto the deck, they lowered their guard and turned away. Naturally, this allowed Derek and Ryutaros to flip around the corners from inside the lift and point blank the robots in the head with beam shots.

As the two machine soldiers fell to the ground with their heads completely riddled with holes, Derek spun his gun around and blew the imaginary smoke off the barrel. "Glad you told us about that self-destruct program, guys. They can't explode if they don't have a CPU to order it. And now that we know beams work, it's time we lobotomize the rest of them. Let's go!"


~Deck 3 Quarters~


The door opened and Rena stepped out into the hall, gun already drawn. The sound of an approaching firefight had alerted her quite well to the situation at hand. "Stubborn bastard...." She growled, checking her clip as she started towards the chaos. "He just doesn't know when to give up, does he?"

Before she could get very far, the lift behind her opened up, catching her attention. Kanzaki stepped out onto the deck and quickly walked past her, now carrying the naginata spear he had kept with him in the Zephyr, with the obvious intention of using it. "Let me handle this." He said casually, looking back at her with a grin. "It's been awhile since Hikou and I got to do our thing."

The mercenary girl stopped, considering Kanzaki's offer. Finally, she shrugged and holstered her gun. "Just don't screw up." She said, turning around and heading for the lift.

"Hey, it's me." The wind-themed mercenary defended himself. "I always know what I'm doing."

Rena shrugged her shoulders as the lift door started to close. "Sure, you do."

As soon as the door closed and the lift began moving, Kanzaki turned his focus towards the sounds of battle for a moment, before turning and walking into his own room nearby, closing the door behind him.

"Sure, I do. I know EXACTLY what I'm doing."


Hiding around the corner away from an oncoming hail of gunfire, Derek involuntarily squinted and held his gun forward towards Ash for inspection. "How's the charge?" He asked his partner, dodging aside a few more inches as another shot hit the corner near his head.

Ash looked down at the modfied firearm for a second. "Got one, maybe two shots left." He answered, just before swinging around the corner and firing a volley with the gun he'd picked up off one of the soldiers from farther back up the hallway. "Any more secret weapons hidden around here you could grab?"

Turning the corner, Derek quickly aimed in the general direction of the soldiers and fired twice, then outright tossed the weapon down the hallway. "Nah, the closest one's farther down, in--" His thought quickly cut off as he ducked back around the corner to avoid an incoming volley. "Gah, dammit all!" Sighing, he looked over in the others' direction. "Sorry guys. I'm not as much help like this as I'd like to be."

Cursing his stolen gun for a second before chunking at the nearest soldier, Ash ducked back around the corner and turned to Derek. "Hey man, if it wasn't for your Batman level of paranoia, we wouldn't have even gotten this far." Snapping his fingers at Ryutaros to step forward, he put his hand on Barona's shoulder and then started pulling him low. "Now, get down before he blows our heads off with that gun of yours."

Derek looked Ash straight in the eyes as he ducked with an expression of both gratitude and annoyance. "I don't know which is worse, the fact you just made a reference to a several hundred year old comic book character, or the fact that I recognized it." He then glanced over to the AI and nodded. "Light 'em up, Ryu!"

"Hai, Captain-san!" Ryutaros said as he quickly lined up a shot and pulled the trigger. However, unlike last time, all he got for it was the click. "...Click?"

"Click?" Derek repeated, looking up. "Did you bring that spare battery for the electromagnet like I told you to?"

"That square thing?" Momotaros asked as he looked at Derek. "I threw that thing at one of those things awhile back."

The response sunk in for a few seconds before Derek facepalmed. "Dammit, Oni!! Kame, will you hit him please?!"

Before Momotaros could respond, a loud crashing sound wass heard from the robot's mouth. "Alright Boku-chan, I hit him with the kitchen sink, as it were." Urataros said with a bit of a chuckle, while Momo's cursing could be heard in the background.

"Thank you." Derek nodded, standing up and reaching over towards the railgun. Feeling around it for a second, he found and ejected the shell that had been loaded into the barrel and held it out. "Alright, we'll do this the old fashioned way. Kuma!"

Kintaros nodded as he took the shell from Derek. "As you wish, Blue Wings-sama." Turning quickly around the corner, he pulled back and threw the shell into the chest of the nearest soldier hard enough that the explosive went straight off from the impact, not even bothering to impact the armor this time. The fireball effect was still more than enough to immolate the machines, clearing the way.

"Well, that worked." Derek finally said, as he stepped forward. "Alright, on to the next one."


"Sir, there has been another explosion, this one on Deck 3." The W at the main console reported, calculating the progress of the battle for the ship. "At present, a total of 29 units have ceased communicating."

"Faster than I expected." The commander spoke as he stood up. "Have you been able to contact Luna or Westwind?"

"Luna has abandoned Deck 3, and is awaiting orders." The W running the comms responded. "Westwind was last reported heading to Deck 3, but is not responding."

The commander nodded, and turned towards the door. "Tell her to head to Deck 4. Leave Westwind to whatever fate he's resigned himself to." Stopping at the door, he turned back to the robots manning the bridge. "No matter what happens, they must not be allowed to retake control of this ship. If you are unable to hold this room, you are all to activate Code ATA and destroy as many control stations as poossible."

"Understood." The Model Ws all answered in unison. "We will hold this room at all costs."

"Good. That's the kind of dedication I like to see." The leader of the attack said with a hint of satisfaction before he opened the door and walked out of the room, headed for the lift.

"Luna knows humans aren't capable of it...."
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dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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Meanwhile, back at the ranch... err, base...

The sun set hours ago, but the mechanics are still hard at work, most of them crawling through the AGGF's machines looking for signs of "tinkering."

One of the few on regular duty crawls out of the Huckebein's carcass, a charred box in hand. The tech walks up to Astonage and speaks. "Hey, boss. Want a new paperweight?"

Astonage blinks. "What was THAT?"

Tech: "Core of the T-Link system, I think."

Astonage:"Sheesh. Any more bad news?"

Tech: "There's a lot of scorched wiring in there. Preliminary structural tests are showing microfractures through the entire frame. Several actuators have failed, and the limbs are on the verge of collapse. I'd call it a total loss."

As if to punctuate the statement, a loud creaking noise came from behind them, followed by a crash as one of the Boxer module arms tore free and fell.

Astonage sighed. "And it's not even worth looking at the Gunner. I guess we won't be repairing this ourselves. "

Sitting down in a quiet alcove off the hanger, he opened up a comm channel and placed a call to Mao Industries. The secretary put him on hold for a few minutes.

"Mao Industries. Ring Mao speaking. It's rare that I get a call from the field instead of a politician. Especially at this hour."

"Sorry,  ma'am. I expected to leave a voice mail. Didn't mean  to disturb you. "

Ring smiled. "Don't worry. I'm still on Lunar time and wide awake. Wouldn't be in the office otherwise. So, is this a social call, or do we have business?"

"Business. We've had some... difficulties. The Gunner module, Boxer module, and Huckebein are all wrecked beyond our capacity to repair."

Ring blinked. "Those are all pretty robust pieces of equipment. What are you DOING to cause that much damage?"

Astonage described the day's events in brief.

"Sounds like a busy day. Your people are hard on my machines, but at least I get some field data. Let's see... my lunar facility is temporarily out of commission, but I think I can make some room for you at our Paris R&D lab. When are you planning on sending them out?"

"I'll have to get clearance, but If all goes well, we should be able to send it out sometime tomorrow afternoon. It is still tomorrow, isn't it?"

"For me. I think it's technically today for you guys. I'll let them know we've got some hardware coming. Just call when you send it out. If you could forward me the pilots' combat and PTK data, I can start adjusting the machines' performance profiles before we get the hardware. "

"All right. I'll get that to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your time."

"Don't mention it. "


Two hours later, Ring was sitting at her desk, looking at the data Astonage had forwarded.

"That much TK power? Through the Uranus system? No wonder it needs a total rebuild. I'm mildly surprised there's anything left to rebuild."

The combat data she'd received was remarkably comprehensive. Astonage had erred on the side of caution and forwarded all Jaybee and Shara's data, not just Huckebein and Gunner data. After discarding all the data from "arcade mode" sim combat, Ring had started working the raw data into a pilot profile.

"GS-X Gunstar live combat... I remember hearing about that fight.
Unspecified two-unit combiner simulation? Well, I can guess what THAT one is by the numbers. Not too many mechs that can solo a zentradi fleet, even in a sim.
They're both incredibly skilled. And they seem to work very well together... I wonder..."

Ring picked up a small datachip off her desk labeled "Huckebein III Project" and plugged it in. Pulling  up a file, she entered a few values, looked at the results, and smiled.

"That just might work."

Opening a budget spreadsheet, she rearranged some funds. Then she started a new e-mail.

Subject: Huckebein III Project
Body:  I'm approving construction of your original Armored Module. Sorry you can't be here. Call for details.
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~Aoi Tsubasa: Deck 3 Quarters~


"Well, how's it look?" Derek asked, as the Momo/Ura robot was glancing around the next corner. The group had reached the sleeping quarters by this point, and were taking things a bit more cautiously than before, now that they were down to one effective weapon between five bodies.

"Three of 'em." Momotaros said, looking at Derek. "Two patrolling, and one guarding your door. And I'm gonnna return that little favor to both you blue bastards later."

"Fair enough." Derek responded, ignoring the AI's threat. "One of them was by my door, you said?"

Ash crossed his arms and tilted his head to the side. "Why would they make sure to guard Derek's room?" He wondered out loud.

"Isn't it obvious?" Momotaros said as he patted Derek on the shoulder. "This blue bastard must have enough gear in there to blow up the whole damn ship!"

"Eh, not really." Derek corrected with a shrug. "It's probably just because my room's right at the corner where the hallway turns, so anyone standing there can see both ways. That's why I'd put a guard there, if it was me."

Momo was silent for a few seconds after that. "But, you do have a buncha guns and stuff stashed in there, right?" He asked, still hopeful. "Enough to level a city block or two?"

"I don't keep guns in my room." Barona spoke frankly, with another shrug. "They're everywhere else on the ship, so why should I keep any in there?"

Everyone stops for a second to look at each other before they all turn to face Derek and nod. "Touche'." They respond, in unison.

"But there is something in there I'd like to go ahead and grab, since we're down here." Derek continued, before they could move off topic. "It'll help us farther on down the line. Think you guys can take those two guards for me?"

Ryutaros held up his fingers and counted for a second before looking at Derek with a confused expression on his face. "Captain-san, I thought there were three guards?"

"Ah, right." Derek remembered with a nod. "Yeah, let me fix that." Turning the corner quickly, he spoke loud enough to be heard all the way down the hall. "Activate voice recognition code, AT-D Code 3, "Get away from my door, asshole!""

As all three of the soldiers turned in the direction of the captain of the ship, the voice code kicked into gear, and a machine gun turret positioned in the corner of the ceiling just above Derek's room activated. As the soldier standing guard below it began to react, the gun immediately began spraying it with several hundred rounds a minute of hot lead.

"Critical damage recieved." The soldier said as his legs began to give way. "Activating Code ATA."

Instantly, the machine self-destructed into a particularly large fireball, rocking the entire hallway with the force of the explosion and just about demolishing the corner area. The turret was instantly destroyed, and even the heavily locked door to Derek's room was knocked completely off from the explosion.

"There, that should do it." Derek said with a grin, hiding back around the corner just in time to avoid a hail of gunfire aimed at him. "Two guards."

Momotaros simply turned to Ash, covered his mouth a bit, pointed at Derek, and spoke in a low voice. "He's crazier then you are."

"We'll see about that." Ash harumphed, taking a look around the corner at the two guards, then turning his attention to the nearby wall. "There's a power coupling behind this section, isn't there?"

Derek took a second to press his hand against the wall, checking a few spots. "...Yeah, right about here." He finally said, pulling his hand away. "Why, what're you gonna do?"

"Something that's going to hurt a whole helluva lot." Ash grinned as he punched his fist into the wall. Once he had broken through, he grabbed ahold of the power coupling behind it. Instantly, several hundred thousand volts of electricity began coursing into his body, causing him to shudder violently as the energy raced through him. There was enough energy being drained that the lights in the entire hallway actually started to dim.

Finally, he let go and stepped away from the wall, electricity visibly arcing and sparking across his body, as well as noticable smoke drifting off his hands. Turning to the others, he flashed a thumbs up. "Okay, I'm ready to go. Let's do this."

The others were speechless for a few seconds, before Derek finally facepalmed. He didn't need to see to know exactly what had just happened. His sense of smell told him the whole story. "You are SO repairing these walls when we get back to base."

"Yeah, yeah. Just put it on my tab." Ash said with a handwave as he nodded to the others. "Alright boys, let's go!"

With that, he and the Taros all charged around the corner, the ones with robot bodies out in front while Ash and Ryutaros came in behind them. Not wanting to be left behind, Derek quickly followed, dashing after them.

As they reached the first of the two soldiers, Kintaros stepped ahead with his arms in a guarding stance, forearms out and protecting his face and chest from the gunfire. As he closed distance with the robot, he suddenly leaned forwards a bit, as if to kneel over. Just as he did, Ash suddenly jumped up onto his back and jumped off him, going into a spiral as he soared just short of hitting the ceiling. Slamming his fists together, the electricity began to noticably gather around his left hand as he pulled it back. "Eat this, you steel bastard! THUNDER FIST!!!!"

As he came down on the robot, Ash slammed his left fist right into its face, transfering all the electrical energy from the wall right into the machine's body. The robot soldier instantly reeled and began twitching violently as it was electrocuted, before finally going flying a good eight feet down the hall, crashing to the ground past the other soldier. It continued to twitch for another couple seconds before finally shutting down from the electrical overload.

The other soldier didn't fare much better, as Momo and Ura charged forward and punched it straight in the face as well, though not with the same electrical force as Ash's. They didn't have to, however, as Ryutaros leaped up and swung his gun around past Momo's shoulder, hanging on as he took aim. "Don't forget about me!" He said with a cheerful grin, right before pulling the trigger and blowing a large hole in the soldier's head with a single shot.

"Thanks, guys." Derek said with a wave as he bolted past, jumping over an outstretched arm on the ground and dashing into the darkness of his own room. The others gave themselves a quick congratulations at another successful skirmish....just before the door just next to Derek's opened and another soldier stepped out. Rather than aiming for them, however, it turned and headed into the open doorway after Derek.

Naturally, everyone's reaction immediately went something like "Oh, SHI--"


Passing into the darkness of his own room, Derek immediately slowed to a halt. Even without his sight, he knew exactly where everything in this room was, and always would. Stepping across to one section of the wall in particular, he placed his hand an object resting on a stand there. "It's been awhile since I needed this...." He said quietly, involuntarily looking in the direction of a picture he could no longer see, but knew was there.

As he paused, the robot soldier stepped into the room behind him and leveled its weapon at his back. Looking up, Derek's hand tighted around the object as he began to turn around. "But you know, absence makes the heart grow fonder."

Even without the night vision it possessed, the soldier could see Derek's movement as he turned around to face it, as the light from outside began to reflect off something in his hand. The last thing the soldier heard was Barona's voice, calmly speaking to no one else in the room that it could find.

"....Ikuzo, Aoiryu."


Even as Ash and the Taros charged for the door, there was a sound of metal rending, and a kick being applied to steel. As they reached the door, Ash suddenly had to dodge aside as the robot went flying past, crashing down the hallway with a rather large slash wound nearly bisecting it down the middle. As the machine exploded from a breached power core down the hallway, everyone turned to look into the door.

Derek calmly stepped out of the room, his left hand holding a blue laquered sword sheath decorated with what appeared to be an oriental dragon's body wrapped around the length of it. In his right hand, he held a katana, the blade tinted a cobalt blue, while the handle ended in the dragon's head. Slipping the sheath into one of the beltloops on his blue jeans, he then sheathed the blade and grinned at the others.

"Told you I don't keep any guns in my room." He said with a tone of definate satisfaction. "I never needed one."

Momotaros laughed as he walked over to Derek and messed with his hair. "I love this guy! He's crazy, a bastard, and he swings a sword as well as I do!"

Ash shook his head, then his fist to shuff off a little bit of excess electricity remaining. "Alright, you got your sword." He said casually as the group started walking down the hall towards the next lift. "What happens next?"

The doors on either side of the group suddenly opened and a total of four soldiers stepped out, guns trained on them. A fifth door opened, and someone spoke up from inside it.

"That would be where I come in."

Standing 6'3, with as thin a build as he had, the man didn't really look like much up close. His entire color scheme, from his lighter-shaded loose fitting pants, to the darker short-sleeved t-shirt and silk shirt worn unbuttoned over it, even to the sandals on his feet and the watch on his left wrist, followed a design of nothing but green and a few bits of white here and there. The only discrepancy to this entire image was the blue-tinted visor he was wearing over his eyes, which he pushed up into his hair to reveal the green irises underneath. The naginata spear he held resting on his shoulder went up almost as tall as his hair, which itself was extended upwards about seven inches from his actual head before spiking to the sides a bit. All told, Kanzaki looked pretty damn smug, given that he'd just managed to close a trap on the Blue Wings leader and his ragtag group of liberators.

"Man, you guys are a handful." He said with a shrug, looking at the entire group as they slowly turned to face him.  "Why can't you just stay in your cell and wait for the firing squad like you're supposed to?"

Derek just shrugged in response. "Game's not fun if you're not willing to go for the high score. You know that, Kanz."

"Uh, D? I know you can't see anything, but look around." Seiyokaze said, motioning at the soldiers around him. "These guys have you dead to rights, here." Switching the way he was holding his spear a bit, he grinned. I'd say the game's over."

As the two of them stared each other down for a second, Kanzaki winked once, still grinning. As soon as he did, he pulled back and then stabbed forward with his spear, impaling one of the soldiers in the back of the head. The others turned in his direction as he yanked the robot away and let it go flying down the hall behind him, which was more than enough time for Ash and the Taros to turn around and go for the two machines behind them, while Derek jumped forward and slashed through the face of the one still between him and Kanzaki. As the second soldier fell towards the first body and both of them exploded, the other two were already being dealt with, one of them receiving another Ryutaros single-shot to the CPU, while the final one found itself taking repeated blows to the head and body from three sides, before the two Taros-powered 'bots grabbed the enemy by the arms and Ash delievered the remainder of his electrical charge to its face, taking it out.

As the dust settled, Kanzaki grinned again and slung his naginata back over his shoulder. "That is, it would be if you didn't have an extra man in reserve."

Everyone else stared at the wind-themed man for a minute, before Derek finally laughed and offered his fist forward. "I knew I could count on you, 006. It's good to have you back, buddy."

Laughing, Kanz returned the brofist. "Once a Blue Wings, always a Blue Wings. Glad to be back, boss." Glancing up, he quickly remembered the visor and took it off. "Oh yeah, you probably need this back."

"Thanks." Derek said, taking the visor back and putting it on. "Ah, I feel whole again. How'd you get this back from Rena, anyway?"

Kanz thought for a second, thinking how to answer. "Well...."


"I always did want to do this."

And just like that, the foot came straight down...and quickly flipped under the headgear, kicking it up into the air, where a hand was waiting to catch it. "Hey cool, got it on the first try!" Kanzaki said with a grin as he put the visor on and headed back into his room.


"Eh, I picked it up off the ground." Kanz said simply, scratching the back of his head. "You know how she is."

Ash and the Taros looked at each other for a second, whispering amongst themselves before Ryutaros walked up to Kanz and looked straight up at him in awe. "Kaze-san is really tall." He said simply.

Kanz looked down at the AI and grinned. "Hey, nice'ta meet'cha too, kiddo." He said with a smile, reaching down and patting Ryu on the head. "Let's have fun, okay?"

Ash walked past Ryutaros, pausing in front of Kanz for a second. "Thanks." He said simply, before hitting him lightly in the shoulder with the last few volts of electricity. Walking towards the lift, he looked back to the others. "You ready for the next run?"

"Yup." Derek nodded, stepping forward. Now that he had his visor back, he finally looked like the bastard mercenary everyone knew him to be once again. "Next stop, Deck 2. Let's clear these sorry sons of bitches off my ship once and for all!"

Kanz laughed as he started walking. "Ah, this takes me back. Give us the order, boss. You know you wanna."

"....You're right, I do." Barona paused for a second, then looked towards the lift and pointed straight at it. "Blue Wings, charge!"


~Aoi Tsubasa: Deck 4 Hallway~


"What the hell's going on?" Rena growled, slamming her fist against the wall in frustration. "That bastard's gotten through two decks, and we're being ordered to retreat? What happened to taking over the Tsubasa?!?"

The Model W standing in front of her didn't offer any emotion in response. "It is the Commander's orders." It spoke in monotone, obviously unbothered by her anger. "We are to move to the mobile suit hangar and await further communication. Any further attempts to impede the target's progress are prohibited."

With another frustrated growl, she pushed past the soldier and started walking towards the hangar. This mysterious commander's actions didn't make the least bit of sense to her. He had recruited herself and Kanzaki for the task of taking over the Aoi Tsubasa, she had assumed, due to their intimate knowledge of the ship, but the way the initial attack had been planned out, he didn't really even need the help. On top of that, he had made a point of not even so much as showing his face in front of them this entire time, prefering to contact the two of them through text messages across a screen or via these strange robotic soldiers. That had been fine, as long as the plan was to simply capture the ship and settle things with the Black Wings once and for all, but she wasn't so sure of that anymore.

Taking over the ship had been easy enough, but it was after that that things went straight to hell. Even beaten, unarmed, and blind, Barona was still more than capable of squeaking his way out of certain defeat, as she had been unfortunate enough to witness firsthand more times than she really cared to count over the last three years. In fact, it was situations like this one where he was trapped in a corner that he was most dangerous, like a wounded animal of some kind. If this commander had enough ability to catch him in a trap in the first place, he should have been well aware of that fact. Instead, he merely chose to sit back and watch things play out, even while his entire plan was falling apart around him. The troop positions, for one, made absolutely no sense. There was absolutely minimal security on Deck 5, where they were being held, while most of the other floors were only stationed with a few scattered groups of soldiers. Even as that bastard was pulling a turnabout on them, the guards weren't being sent directly to stop him. If anything, several groups had actually been ordered AWAY from Barona's path of destruction, herself included. Instead of attacking him en masse, they were being sent down to the hangar, as far out of the way of his dash for the Bridge as possible. It was almost as if....

The realization struck her like a bullet. "He's just moving us around like chess pieces.... Like it's all just some kind of game...." She spoke out loud, quickly looking around to see if any of those robots were nearby to overhear her. Not seeing any, she picked up her pace nonetheless. This whole situation had stunk from the very beginning, and now, she was starting to understand why....
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dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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-Duragreiz: Sakura's Room-

Sakura: "Do you two now understand why I said that mom should be fine."

Nadesico: "I never knew that our family was that involved with so many events."

Aria: "Isn't there listening devices in the ship that would of picked up on our conversation?"

Sakura: "No there isn't any listening devices if there was I would have told you. In fact-

Suddenly Sakura's computer starts beeping which grabs her attention, as Sakura starts reading the alert that appeared on her computer she immediately opens up a channel to Bright.

Sakura: "Bright somebody is uploading a virus to HQ's system, I'm trying to find out where it's coming from using my computer but, this virus is fast."

Bright: "I want to know how you are finding this out however I'll contact Gai and remove the Dura from the system if Gai agrees. If you have more info contact Gai as soon as possible."

Sakura: "Alright, I'm going to get to work."

Nadesico: "How did you know that a virus is being uploaded?"

Sakura: "Remember I told Bright that I was part of Chrome Nightmare's intelligence division? After the Dura was crippled by a virus earlier, I put a few security programs of my own in the system after it was repaired. They are designed to hide in a system and alert me when it's being accessed by anyone."

Aria: "Can you stop it?"

Sakura: "Not from here, while my computer is good, I can't defend a whole network from a remote terminal. All I can do is slow it down slightly and find out who is doing this."

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Things can always get worse...
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Suddenly, Jaybee's PDA starts buzzing.

What NOW?
A network security breach?! How the hell did that  happen?
Firing up a few remote admin tools, Jaybee checks to see what exactly is going on, and pulls up a few logs.
And this network address is on-site.... belongs to...
Oh, for Christ's sake. I suppose that explains the performance issues we've been having.

Jaybee snarls as he jabs a few buttons, closing all non-essential ports on the internet side and most of the ones on the intranet side.

Now I have to go over everything and see what sort of damage has been done...
Dammit, I do NOT need this tonight!

Pull all Sakura's communications logs.

Replay this last one.
AGAIN? Didn't we JUST talk about this?

Jaybee opens an intercom channel to Sakura's room.

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3...
Hi, Sakura. How you doing?


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*While she understands that Jay is pissed beyond reason, Sakura decides to respond to Jay no matter what the cost*

Jay, if you want you can kill me later if it makes you feel better.
The reason why I called bright is because you wouldn't listen to anything I say if I said any thing and I don't know where Gai is right now because I couldn't reach him.
If you want to argue fine, but someone accessed the system and uploaded a virus without setting off the security hell my stuff didn't catch it until after the fact.
Even if my stuff corupted the security they shouldn't have been able to access HQ with all the extra security you, ash, and everybody else put in recently. Also right before you cut me off from the system I found out who the hell accessed us.
If you don't believe me that's fine but, the virus came from the Aoi Tsubasa's network. Check it if you don't believe me.
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Things can always get worse...
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*Chris stood before Egrett, plans in hand, and a specialized order from Colonel Van Vat Tran in the other*

Feff: "Are those the completed plans for the CBCSR-001?"

They sure are. And an order for Matt Archer's cybernetic implants. They'll be required, as this mech is off the scale in what it needs in a pilot.

*Feff looks over the plans, and then stares at Chris in disbelief*

"You want me to build this?"


"Well, I suppose it could be done. Have Mr. Archer here in two hours. The procedure will commence then."

You have no problem with my design?

"It actually surprised me how solid these plans are. I will personally correct any flaws in the man-machine interface, along with Dr. Setme. You're dismissed, commander."

Very well.
~Chris's Quarters~

You're signed up, kid. All orders approved. Make sure you're at the good doctor's lab in two hours.
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Within two hours, Matt was meeting with the good doctor, keeping his reservations to himself.  "Oh, Dr. Feff, I may as well let you know that the interface will need to be optimized for an autistic neurological type, but I'm sure that won't be much trouble as long as it's done in the initial calibrations."

"Of course.  Now, please come with me, and we can begin."  This kid's the perfect test subject for the new prototype cells, and I can always pin any side effects on the nanites if he questions it.  Kukuku...


The surgeries were a complete success, and Matt was in bed recovering.  Chris-aniki, I did it!  Now we can finally set things right!  Matt would have to rest for a week or so,
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A while back, before night fell...

As Rodrioguez's force came back from the failed ambush, Lemon stared in astonishment at the damage.

"So... would you care to explain this complete and utter rout?" she asked, as Rodriguez approached.

"I underestimated my quarry, and I pushed him too hard." Rodriguez replied, sounding surprisingly humble. "I didn't think he was capable of activating the Uranus system. The fault lies entirely with me, and I apologize."

Lemon blinked in surprise, though she maintained her composure.
"Do you have anything else to add to that?"

Rodriguez: "Your AI units performed admirably. They're smart enough to form tactics and adapt to changing situations, often faster than human pilots. And they don't have any of the flaws of humans. They don't try to prove themselves, they don't waste time questioning orders, they just do their job. It was a pleasure to command them."

Lemon: "Sometimes I wish they WOULD question orders occasionally. And nobody believes it when you suck up, so don't bother."

Rodriguez: "I recognize talent when I see it. You have a gift for AI programming. And whoever created the XN System is equally  talented. The Zweizergain should be mostly operational in the next few days, but the primary functionality is still eluding me. The original creator may be the only person capable of unlocking it."

Lemon: "At least the day hasn't been a total loss. We managed to capture one of the AGGF's ships."

Rodriguez: "Probably using the reinforcements you diverted from my strike."

L: "You said yourself they wouldn't be adequate if you needed them. "

R: "So I did. I AM curious how you managed to take a fully-manned and defended ship without a major offensive, though."

L: "We had inside information."


And back in something resembling the present...

Rodriguez was not happy.
Not because he'd lost. He'd lost on his terms.
Not because he had to apologize. He could accept when he failed.

He was being used as a pawn  in someone else's game, and not told there WAS a game. His reinforcements had been yanked out from under him without warning. And on an "inside information" gamble, no less.
Inside information never went well in his experience. The fact that the Aoi Tsubasa still hadn't arrived was probably a good indicator that this was no exception.

At least they were paying him well, he supposed, as he worked his way through the XN System data again, looking for the key that would make it all fit together.
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~Aoi Tsubasa: Deck 2 -- Inside Lift~

"Y'know, I just realized something." Kanzaki noted out loud, taking a look at his wristwatch, which was naturally green enough to match the rest of his wardrobe. "You guys took a pretty long time to get set for all this. It's like, after nine in the evening right now."

Ash looked at Kanz for second before crossing his arms and leaning against the side of the elevator. "Hey, can you pull a bullet out of a guy's shoulder, then rally a group into a frenzy in record time?" He looked back at Derek before looking at Kanz again. "I think not."

"It took him a little time to stop the bleeding." Derek stepped in. "Personally, I think we're doing pretty good. Besides, we work better after hours, you know that."

"Yeah, true. And we did kinda wait till late afternoon to start this whole adventure." Kanz agreed with a shrug. "Speaking of, I think we're ready for round two, yeah?"

"That we are." Barona nodded, moving out of immediate sight of the door behind Kintaros. "Shall we, then?"

"Kintaros..." Ash grinned "Let's show Wind Man here how we do our thing."

Kintaros nodded, then moved forward and pressed the "Door Open" button on the panel. As he did, Momotaros stepped in position as well, and everyone in the lift all prepared themselves for the ensuing battle....

....That never happened, as the lift opened without a single peep from any outside forces.

"....Well, THAT was anticlimactic." Kanzaki said, looking over the two AI bots for any sign of enemy contacts. What he saw caused his eyes to widen considerably, before ducking down and looking over at Ash. "If this is how you do your thing, I'm impressed. Not many guys I know around here get the bad guys to die BEFORE the fighting starts."

Derek blinked involuntarily under his visor at the remark. "What in the hell are you...?"

The question died in his throat as he looked over Kin's shoulder at the hallway, or what was left of it. The entire deck looked like a war zone, with scortch marks, bullet holes, the occasional robot piece laying around, and most prominently, entire sections of the area showing broken and shattered plating from having been the epicenters to some particularly large explosions. Judging from the patterns of the damage, the cause was clear: Someone had come through here like a raging war god, destroying every robot soldier in their path until there was nothing left.

Derek stepped out into the hallway without a word, or a curse, or any of his usual reactions. As everyone else cautiously stepped out behind him, his shoulders suddenly shook once, as if wracked by a single choked sob.

"My ship....." He spoke, sounding like a man who had just watched his winning lottery ticket burn to ashes. "Look what they did to my beautiful ship....."

Looking across the carnage, Momotaros stomped his foot down and banged his fist on the wall. "Someone always steals the good parts!!"

Sighing, Barona looked up, and started down the hall, picking his way carefully past the damaged parts of the floor. "C'mon, guys." He called back, still sounding a bit depressed. "Let's see if there's anything resembling an explanation for this mess."


~Aoi Tsubasa: Deck 2 -- Hallway~


As the group continued, making their way through what was now starting to look like less of a battle and more like the remaints of some kind of Mega Man level gone horribly wrong, Derek finally stopped at the corner and looked around. Seeing the leader halt, Kanzaki walked up and looked around the corner as well, letting out a low whistle.

"Damn." He said simply, taking a second look around. "And I thought MY parties ended badly."

"Aww..." Ryutaros whined, walking up. "But I didn't get any punch or pie!"

Momotaros quickly walked up and thwacked the young AI in the back of the head. "Baka." He said, just before being outright punched in the back of his own skull. "OW!!!"

Kintaros pulled away his own fist and glared at the other robot soldier as sternly as his own stolen body would allow. "Do not hit Ryuuta, Momonoji." He said levelly.

"Knock it off, you two." Derek shot back with a bit of irritation. "Let's check this out."

Walking forwards, the group began to scope out the next hallway on the ship, and what they found was definately no less destructive than the rest of the deck so far. Most of the more destructive spots were obviously a result of the robot soldiers going kamikaze in this case, however, as there were more scattered limbs about where it looked as if they'd been shot off. It was a contrast to the area near the lift, where the bodies had been deliberately shot to explode before they could suicide themselves, thereby causing a slightly less amount of collateral damage in the process.

"The self-destruct." Derek confirmed out loud, checking out one of the more violent scenes of destruction. "Those things are frelling nasty if they set that off. Didn't it have a code or something?"

"Oh yes, that code... ATA, was it?" Urataros voice paused a bit, remembering. "Sempai and I had a little "trouble" with that code."

"Ash To Ash." Kintaros spoke up calmly. "That is the full name of the self-destruct code."

"Ash To Ash...." Derek repeated, wondering over it for a minute. "Like, what they say during a funeral? That's a bit twisted." Standing up, he started looking around a bit more. "I suppose it makes a little sense, though. If you're about to die, it might as well be with something even somewhat meaningful."

"...Huh." Kanzaki suddenly looked over at the Kintaros robot. "How'd you know the code, anyway?"

"That is very simple." Kintaros replied calmly. "The control AI for this robot has been attempting to activate it ever since I restrained him. He repeats it every thirty seconds."

The rest of the group all looked at Kintaros without a single word between any of them for about fifteen seconds, before distancing themselves at least five more feet away from him in unison.
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dragonmasterjb0: Apparently, in the new series, Lina is arrested at one point on charges of being Lina Inverse.

The rest of the party, in typical Slayers fashion, gives a reaction to the effect of "Sounds reasonable."
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*Chris enters the post-op room where Matt is recovering. He's holding something in his hand*
I figured flowers were a bit too girly. Here.
*he hands a small portable computer to Matt, detailing the CBCSR-001's final stats and solo test results*
Truthfully, I never thought a combination robo would work half as well as my baby did. And it's all thanks to your help. *He pats Matt on the head* All we need know is a surefire weapon that can disable our enemy in an instant.
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"A surefire weapon, eh?  Well, I've got an idea.  I deliberately infected my PDA with that virus that crippled the Duragreiz before, while I was in prison.  I figured that someone would destroy the disc recklessly, and leave the device alone.  Why don't we design some nanites to upload it, put them in bullets, and use them in the high-speed combat mech's gun?  Those Bug Bullets should easily do the trick."
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Yeah, that'd do it. *Chris looks over the PDA* I think this might be what we need to show them our power. I'll give this to the mechanics and Dr. Feff immediately. I'm off. I've got some business that isn't taking care of a robot to do.
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