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  Sengoku BASARA YouTube translation
« on: January 21, 2012, 03:45:37 PM » by Kagekaze
I have a (very small) translation project on YouTube and I wanted to throw this up to see if I could get any feedback on it.

I can't get the direct link to the playlist right now as I'm at work (youtube blocked), but if you go to my channel you'll see a Playlist called "Let's Play! Sengoku BASARA".

It's billed as a "Let's Play" project, but it's also a work in progress translation.  I only have 1  story mode done (Date Masamune) and my translation work is dubious at best, but It's a project I've enjoyed.

Oda Nobunaga's stage I'm especially happy with and would love to hear feedback on.  Unfortunately, it's not easy to get people to leave comments on YouTube unless there's a flame war going on. :D  So if any of you check it out, please thumb up/down and leave a comment here or on YT.

I don't speak Japanese but I can read hiragana/katakana and through creative google searching I can sometimes find the Kanji I can't do a lookup on.  I translate using personal knowledge, Google Translate, a translation guide on GameFAQs, and my dictionary software (edict) on NJstar Japanese WP.  I combine all these into something that should look and sound right.  I am mostly trying to stick to the style of translation seen in the recent English release of Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes.

Because of my inexperience, it took me a long time to do each video.  I'm hoping to finish more soon and maybe even move on to Sengoku BASARA 2.  BASARA 2 has a much better story mode and thus an easier to follow translation guide, so that project might just be more of putting the already translated work into a video format so it's all in one spot and easy to put together for those who never got to try the game.

Honestly I'd just love to see the game given a translation project one day, but due to cutscenes without subtitles, the work required would be massive and I just don't ever see it happening.  Thankfully that hasn't stopped the translation of games like Tales of Phantasia.

Forgive the wall of text/rambling.  Just really hoping to see what people think of the project.
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