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  Combat Heaven!
« on: December 22, 2007, 02:57:16 AM » by EaterBrain Shin Getter's Voice of Reason
WARNING: Do not underestimate a flash game! Not many PC or console games can compare to CH in gameplay quality.

The basic premise is that you're a single soldier in power armor against a legion of tanks (grunt & boss types), SAM vehicles, bomber planes, mecha (again, grunt & boss types), helicopters and  different types of infantry soldiers. Although the graphics are fairly simple the sprites are sufficiently detailed and the non-stop action doesn't really give you time to 'enjoy' the scenery.

In this game you can buy a large variety of weapons and booster-enabled armor(upgradeable), but most of them will need to be unlocked by completing a mission s (sometimes there are secret requirements).
The really interesting part is that each armor is unique and enables a different style of gameplay:
-Fang is fast, nimble and auto reloads your 2nd weapon, but it's the default armor and therefore the weakest.
-Gale has improved boost, special moves for close-combat weapons, but you can equip only one weapon with it.
-Javelin has high defense rating, a booster that enables long-distance flight, but it's slow as hell and won't auto-reload the 2n'd weapon.
-Horizon increases weapon range and enables auto-reload, but has weak defense.
-Cardinal is a well-balanced armor that doesn't waste energy while hovering (at any hight), but it has no auto-reload.

Most of the menus are in english but mission objectives and weapon\armor\mission objectives are all in japanese. Every weapon and armor can be sold for the exact amount of points you spent on it, so there's no problem with try-and-buy(although this is more like buy-try-return). Mission objectives are fairly easy to figure out, they can be:
-kill X enemies
-kill X enemies, go to checkpoint
-survive till time runs out,
-survive till time runs out, go to check point
-protect transport\crate\checkpoint till time runs out.
-kill boss

All missions have unlockable mini-bosses (you can beat a mission without even fighting the boss, but you'll miss out on something).

Try it, it's awesome.

If you have problems with the game, you can read here or ask me for some tips.

There's also Combat Heaven Next which is somewhat similar in concept but very different in gameplay. It seems to be a work in progress, but this only implies that it's somewhat short.
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