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Game Name ›› Cosmo Genesis
Published on ›› December 23rd, '86
Published by ›› ASCII
Platform ›› NES
Genre ›› Shooter
First Release ›› June 18th, '00
Current Version ›› 1.10
Released on ›› June 18th, '00

Download ››   v1.10 Patch (downloaded 877 times)
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Cosmo Genesis

This game is a fairly neat shooter. You go around from planet to planet, getting upgrades for your starfighter, then you go and blast the crap out of the invading fleet. I don´t think anyone´s ever beaten it though... it´s a decent game, worth a try anyway.

And before anyone asks, yes, I know now that this was released stateside as Star Voyager, but did not know when I produced the patch. Them´s the breaks, eh? Good thing I didn´t spend too much time on it...

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