project "Dezaemon SFC"
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Game Name ›› Dezaemon SFC
Published on ›› September 20th, '94
Published by ›› Athena
Platform ›› SNES
Genre ›› Shooter (Creation Kit)
First Release ›› June 18th, '00
Current Version ›› 1.00
Released on ›› June 18th, '00

Download ››   v1.00 Patch (downloaded 1116 times)
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Dezaemon SFC

The SFC version of the NES create your own shooter game. It´s been improved on in so many ways, it´s almost impossible to describe them all. Overall, it´s a great game, I highly recommend it if you want to create your own game or even just play the sample game, Daioh Gale!

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