project "GD Leen"
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Game Name ›› GD Leen
Published on ›› May 28th, '91
Published by ›› Seta
Platform ›› SNES
Genre ›› RPG
Total Progress ›› 5%
GD Leen

GDLeen is the first RPG ever for the Super Famicom. And while because of that it´s not exactly the BEST RPG for the SFC, it´s still not that bad. The music, especially, stands out in my opinion ^_^ Anyway, the game needs a font decompressor (and maybe a VWF, 8x8 VWFs are leet) but a table has been built anyway. Eien Ni Hen has stepped forward to translate the script, as soon as I can figure out how my decompressor works...

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