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Game Name ›› Directive - Solbrain
Japanese Name ›› Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain
Published on ›› October 26th, '91
Published by ›› Angel
Platform ›› NES
Genre ›› Action
First Release ›› August 25th, '00
Current Version ›› 1.01
Released on ›› August 25th, '00

Download ››   v1.01 Patch (downloaded 897 times)
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Directive - Solbrain

Well, originally, it was though that the game we recieved as Shatterhand was this in butchered form. It may be the other way around, I dunno. Either way, this game makes a lot more sense than Shatterhand does to someone who hasn´t read the manual to either anyway, and parts of it are slightly different. Other parts are TOTALLY different. It´s a fun game either way though :D

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