project "Solid Runner"
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Game Name ›› Solid Runner
Published on ›› March 28th, '97
Developed by ›› Sting
Published by ›› ASCII
Platform ›› SNES
Genre ›› RPG
Total Progress ›› 20%
Solid Runner

Solid Runner´s cool. It´s an RPG, and although combat is always (I think) one-on-one, they throw all sorts of new ideas out into the system and make it so that you only have to make at most two keystrokes for a normal attack with -any- of your four main weapons. The combat system´s really cool that way, and it´s interesting enough that the fact that it´s always one-on-one doesn´t really seem relevant. So far, a script dumper´s been written, although it´s not prepped to dump the text yet (see Blue Sphere :P) and it´s gonna be a real bitch to reinsert. But on the bright side, I can use as much space as I want for the text ^_^

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