project "Sutte Hakkun"
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Game Name ›› Sutte Hakkun
Published on ›› August 1st, '98
Published by ›› Nintendo
Platform ›› SNES
Genre ›› Puzzle
Total Progress ›› 50%
Sutte Hakkun

Sutte Hakkun is a cute little puzzler about a sipper bird who takes on the shape and/or color of anything it drinks in. In doing so, it has the ability to move objects around or cause them to move or behave in different ways, and through this it can collect the rainbow shards in each level. Find all the rainbow shards, and you´ve completed the level!

Hacking-wise, Sutte Hakkun´s going to take a lot of work. There´s an ungodly amount of stuff stored as raw images in it, each of which need to be painted over to look good, their tilemaps redone as necessary. It´s slow going, but it´ll look good in the end!

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