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›› Guardian of Paradise

Japanese Name ›› Rakuen no Guardian
Published by ›› Buster
Published on ›› September 9th, '05
Platform ›› Win
Genre ›› Action/RPG
First Release ›› June 26th, '06
Current Version ›› 1.01
Released on ›› August 28th, '06

Guardian of Paradise
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Within this section you will find, generally, scripts that I've dumped that need translation work, scripts that have been translated that need polishing, and various technical hurdles that I have been unable to overcome. If during your perusal of this section you see something within your power and wish to lend a hand, click the "Inquire About This" link to send me an email.

Keep in mind that the artifacts in this section may or may not be projects I am actively working on. If I post scripts which require translation assistance but you do not see the game in my actual projects list, this generally means that I am open to working on it should someone step forward and translate the scripts. Otherwise, it will remain absent from my Current Projects list. Anything I have in this list is immediately ready for work, but if it's not here, I'll probably need some extra time to dump (or redump) the text.

Also, take note that due to the rather alarming rate at which people who ask to help translate disappear, these projects will remain available for anyone with sufficient skill to request until their scripts are completed. If a file is finished, I will make a note of it under the game's heading, and it will no longer be distributed for translation.

This section is brand new, and as such, I'm not exactly sure how it'll work. As more scripts become available they'll be posted here, and as I find problems with the "system", as it were, the way this section works will be modified.

In short, if you think you're able to help, please do! Everyone will appreciate it!

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere Star Ocean: Blue Sphere Total Text Remaining: ~500 kilobytes (SJIS) dialogue in one file; accompanied by 4.7 megabytes of control codes
Translation Progress: Nothing done.
Description: The large amount of control information can be extremely daunting, especially when the script file is larger than the ROM itself. Translators should be dedicated and should be familiar both with Star Ocean in general and the Star Ocean: The Second Story characters and universe in specific.
Sample File: No samples available at the moment.
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Sugoro Quest ++ Dicenics Sugoro Quest ++ Dicenics Total Text Remaining: ~75 kilobytes sjis dialogue remains in four files
Translation Progress: 5/9 files done
Description: Sugoro Quest is a dice board game RPG. The script has plenty of kanji but it can be confusing at times, especially due to the play mechanic. There's also a lot of text hidden in graphical format in the game, which won't show up in the text dumps.
Sample File: No samples available at the moment.
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