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Game Name ›› Chaos World
Published on ›› October 25th, '91
Published by ›› Natsume
Platform ›› NES
Genre ›› RPG
First Release ›› March 7th, '01
Current Version ›› 0.97
Released on ›› March 7th, '01

Download ››   v0.97 Patch (downloaded 1124 times)
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Chaos World

Chaos World is an RPG for the NES/Famicom which was -way- ahead of its time. Fourteen playable characters, an Adventurers´ Guild which Final Fantasy Tactics ripped off for its tavern jobs, twenty hours of gameplay, create your own character, a night/day cycle, an involving storyline... I could go on forever about the game. It seriously deserves your play time, so go play instead of wasting your time reading this :)

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