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Game Name ›› Esper Dream 2
Published on ›› June 26th, '92
Published by ›› Konami
Platform ›› NES
Genre ›› Action/RPG
First Release ›› September 12th, '06
Current Version ›› 1.00
Released on ›› September 12th, '06

Download ››   v1.00 Patch (downloaded 1123 times)
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Esper Dream 2

Esper Dream 2 is a nifty action/rpg by Konami. The five rings of the Book Worlds have been stolen, and it´s up to our ESP-endowed bookworm hero to find them and save the day! The game itself is fairly neat. You visit a number of different worlds, each symbolized by a bookcase, each very different from the last. A battle sequence is initiated when you come in contact with the feet - you´re taken to a small arena where you have to destroy your enemies, Zelda-style. It´s pretty fun!

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