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Game Name ›› Madara
Japanese Name ›› Moryo Senki Madara
Published on ›› March 30th, '90
Published by ›› Konami
Platform ›› NES
Genre ›› RPG
First Release ›› September 26th, '06
Current Version ›› 1.00
Released on ›› September 26th, '06

Download ››   v1.00 Patch (downloaded 1132 times)
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Madara is an... interesting little oldschool RPG. The plot follows Madara, who was found floating in a river with a fair number of his body parts chopped off. Mechanical replacements are forged, and on his 15th birthday he is sent off to recover his real body and real strength to depose the evil Emperor Miroku and save the Fuduraku continent from the ever-advancing forces of the Moki armies. It´s a fairly simple plot, but it´s not without its twists. It´s also a fairly difficult game, especially towards the end. Don´t expect an easy ride on this one!

Sporting an incredible soundtrack (especially for an NES game) Madara´s battle system finds its characters acting, for the most part, autonomously. You can intervene and give orders at any time, though. It´s fairly intuitive once you get used to it. The patch is out, so go play!

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