project "Rockman 2 - Dr. Wily´s Riddle"
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Game Name ›› Rockman 2 - Dr. Wily´s Riddle
Published on ›› December 24th, '88
Published by ›› Capcom
Platform ›› NES
Genre ›› Platformer
First Release ›› March 7th, '00
Current Version ›› 1.00
Released on ›› March 7th, '00

Download ››   v1.00 Patch (downloaded 1118 times)
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Rockman 2 - Dr. Wily´s Riddle

I´m not proud of this project. It´s a good game, certainly, but this was the very first game I completely "translated"; to be honest, most of it´s either just carboncopied from the US release or made up names from my youth. The title screen (Dr. Wily´s Riddle) is correct, at least... Keep in mind that this was done when I was at the end of my rope and needed a project to show that I really could do translations, after four previous failures.

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