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Game Name ›› Super Robot Wars 4
Japanese Name ›› Dai 4 Ji Super Robot Taisen
Published on ›› March 17th, '95
Developed by ›› Winkysoft
Published by ›› Banpresto
Platform ›› SNES
Genre ›› Strategy/RPG
Total Progress ›› 60%
Super Robot Wars 4

(This information is second-hand. It might or might not be accurate, and if it is inaccurate it will be replaced as soon as a better summary can be found.) Super Robot Wars 4 features the return of the aliens from SRW3, who have become known as the "Inspectors." They´re back to retrieve some of the technology they left behind - the capability to use a singularity, or black hole, as a robot´s power source. The main character´s unit, which starts off as a lowly Gespenst, is powered by the black hole engine developed by Shuu Shirakawa using the alien technology. The gameplay has improved substantially from SRW3 and EX; SRW4 introduces a new system for counterattacking on a situational basis that becomes the core of the SRW series from then on. It´s also much prettier!

Script is, for the most part, fully translated at this point, but I´m focusing my efforts on getting SRW Gaiden ready before I really buckle down and get to work on this. In the meantime, if anyone´s reading this and has experience in dealing with the SPC700 and would like to help me reverse-engineer the highlighting in the karaoke mode, please contact me ASAP!

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