project "Sylvan Tale"
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Game Name ›› Sylvan Tale
Published on ›› January 27th, '94
Published by ›› SEGA
Platform ›› GG
Genre ›› Action/RPG
First Release ›› April 19th, '01
Current Version ›› 1.01
Released on ›› September 8th, '01

Download ››   v1.01 Patch (downloaded 1120 times)
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Sylvan Tale

Sylvan Tale... this game is amazing. It´s kind of a Zelda clone, but you get all sorts of special abilities and junk. The script (courtesy of Shih Tzu´s scriptwriting) is also excellent and as of this project´s release, is easily my favorite of all the scripts I´ve had to insert. Do NOT pass this amazing gem by!

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