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Game Name ›› The Great Battle 3
Published on ›› March 26th, '93
Developed by ›› Sun L
Published by ›› Banpresto
Platform ›› SNES
Genre ›› Beatemup
First Release ›› March 5th, '18
Current Version ›› 1.10
Released on ›› March 13th, '18

Download ››   v1.10 Patch (downloaded 1123 times)
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The Great Battle 3

The Great Battle 3 is an immediate followup to Last Fighter Twin. The heroes crash-land on a medieval world on their way home from the final battle in LFT, and must stop the evil wizard Xan-El. It adds weapon levels and shop mechanics. Levels are shorter and unlike LFT the game does not have any alternate routes.

NOTE: The evil wizard Xan-El and the XN-L enemy from OG:MD have the same kana for their name. We´ve localized the name as XN-L in sci-fi contexts, and as Xan-El in fantasy contexts. This was a deliberate choice. It´s pronounced the same in both contexts, however.

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