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Game Name ›› The Great Battle 5
Published on ›› December 22nd, '95
Developed by ›› Sun L
Published by ›› Banpresto
Platform ›› SNES
Genre ›› Action
First Release ›› March 5th, '18
Current Version ›› 1.20
Released on ›› March 29th, '18

Download ››   v1.20 Patch (downloaded 1130 times)
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The Great Battle 5

The Great Battle 5 follows Roar, investigating the disappearance of shipping and refugee transport vessels after they left the cowboy world of Garcia. In a departure the game asks you to pick *one* partner instead of giving you 3-4 characters at all times. Each partner also has a unique route through the game, increasing the game´s replayabiliy a bit. It´s still a sidescroller, but exchanges the Compatible Kaiser battle segments with Wild Guns style shooting gallery bits.

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