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Game Name ›› Hero Chronicle
Japanese Name ›› herosenki
Published on ›› November 20th, '92
Developed by ›› Winkysoft
Published by ›› Banpresto
Platform ›› SNES
Genre ›› RPG
First Release ›› December 24th, '19
Current Version ›› 1.00
Released on ›› December 24th, '19

Download ››   v1.00 Patch (downloaded 1138 times)
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Hero Chronicle

Hero Senki is a crossover RPG. It is similar in style to Super Robot Wars but features tokusatsu characters such as Kamen Rider and Ultraman alongside Gundam characters. It is also the first appearance of Gilliam Jaeger, a dimension-hopping traveler who goes on to appear in several Super Robot War titles.

The translation is fully complete and without any known issues. Enjoy!

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