project "Ladystalker - The Apocalypse Engine"
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Game Name ›› Ladystalker - The Apocalypse Engine
Published on ›› April 1st, '95
Published by ›› J-Wing
Platform ›› SNES
Genre ›› Action/RPG
Total Progress ›› 55%
Ladystalker - The Apocalypse Engine

This is a rather silly action/RPG. I have no idea what the story´s about, something about "Death Island", but there certainly is plenty of hilarity. They manage to burn down a building in the first five minutes of the game! Gameplay´s similar to Landstalker, the game´s predecessory, although combat is random (though still action-based) and Lady acquires actual numerical experience instead of finding life tanks. I understand the game´s fairly short, as well. satsu´s translated the text, disnesquick provided the decompressor.

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